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  • "Salvatore Pais," who supposedly patented AG, free energy and room-temperature superconductors for the Navy, translates as "The Savior of Our Nation!" See update!! https://t.co/byRNdRIhXb
  • INCREDIBLE... Cosmic Secret hit #1 within 21 MINUTES of becoming available in the US! Read the update here! https://t.co/ICXlX24nKn https://t.co/uIkKtQZP1z
  • KABOOM! Brand new 6500-word article on imminent DECLAS, Disclosure and world-changing events! Anti-gravity and free-energy patents have ALREADY been declassified in preparation of amazing events to come! Don't miss it! https://t.co/ICXlX24nKn
  • Are you ready to see David's stunning case for Ascension in a feature film, with a Dream Team of researchers and insiders? Your wait will be over on November 19th, thanks to The Cosmic Secret! Trailer: https://t.co/ADYqAVEUGT Link to premiere: https://t.co/XbEaf1lnp9 https://t.co/GVulV5132s
  • Since many of you have asked, the book is going very well and I am just a few days away from the finish line. I am very much looking forward to jumping back into the game! In the meantime I do feel like "Awakening" will be my own Beethoven's Fifth.

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