Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Visionary Dream of a Positive Future... Despite the Oil Spill


Thursday morning I had a dream that gave a very clear positive message about our future -- and the shared evolution we're all going through on the planet at this time!


While it is true that Drudge Report is very far-right and much too hate-oriented for my taste -- feeding a seemingly relentless need in its viewers for new hate -- I nonetheless track it because it is arguably one of the top two news sites in the world. 

Its other mega-counterpart has now become Huffington Post, which obviously trends much more to the left. However, I've seen propaganda in the alternative conspiracy media that is deliberately written to try to STOP people from going there, because many highly legitimate stories are emerging, which the powers that were do not approve of.

It's now happening on both sides of the political spectrum. The two biggest news sites in the world are not controlled by the insiders.

The big headline on Drudge Report today clearly shows that this genie cannot be put back in the bottle. There is no way that the power brokers will ever be able to pursue their dream of a New World Order.

Government requires consent of the governed. Fear-oriented occult politics MUST stay hidden in order to function. The wheels are falling off of the chariot of war even as we speak.

This is what I saw -- and again, it is so obvious that this is the point of no return:




I see myself as a wayshower. I've been saying this was coming for a long time, took many bullets without ever losing my dignity -- though I did admittedly get overly defensive -- and now I am happy to see everything I told you was going to happen actually coming true.


My 2012 Enigma manuscript is admittedly coming in a bit high on the page count. We're definitely looking at more than 500 manuscript pages, and some of it may have to be cut so the book doesn't turn into a giant box.

I'm not prepared to go into the specifics in writing at this point, but suffice it to say that the oil spill has created shifts in the collective consciousness of the Earth that have now unsealed the greatest mysteries of Atlantis.

As I write the pages, I am remembering how all these things worked -- and backing it up with clear, undeniable evidence from open sources.

I cannot begin to express how exciting it is to actually solve these mysteries.

There are so many pieces of data that I have had floating around in my head for so many years, and as I actually write the pages and put it all together, it becomes vastly more powerful than I thought it was going to be.

Granted, I had an outline of all the facts, and the outline is still holding true, about 60-70 percent -- but it's what's happening in the other 30-40 percent that is so amazing.

It's only once you actually commit it to writing that you realize the weak points and the missing things.

Also, I do feel that in some way I am connecting directly with the consciousness of the Earth, and am not being told the greatest mysteries until it is certain that I've actually gotten to that point in my creative process.

This has also had the effect of keeping the excitement and the productivity at a very high level.

Let's just say that I am now aware that what I have written is far more of a game-changer than I had anticipated. And next weekend, here in Los Angeles, anyone lucky enough to see me speak is going to hear the first talk I will be giving since I solved all the biggest mysteries.

By the time I do the crop circle trip for eight days at the end of July, the thoughts will be even more structured and refined in how I can present them. It's a very, very exciting time!


We've been addicted to oil much like heroin junkies. It is so obvious that this catastrophe is a massive metaphor saying that we have got to get off of the oil addiction, regardless of how much of a jones we have to go through -- how much of a sweating, convulsing, nightmare withdrawal, that is -- in the process. 

I quit using all mind-altering substances in 1992 and I know how hard it is to kick the habit. In this case we have something even more profound going on -- a worldwide addiction that has caused so many problems.

Every major war of the 20th century, right through into today, has had oil as a major factor, if not THE major factor.

This black gunk that we pump out of the Earth was singularly responsible for making a monster out of the Rockefeller faction, which then broke ranks with its original allies in the European 'Illuminati' and formed the opposite pole within the insider groups.

This very real war between the two factions of the planetary elite is a good thing, ultimately, because it means no one can agree on anything.

And now, there are ongoing, highly clear signs that the rest of the world has broken ranks with these groups, and both sides are struggling like mad to remain relevant -- much less to hold any power.

There are a wealth of working technologies that are right on the brink of coming out into the open. They will literally represent the fulfillment of science-fiction dreams come true when they arrive.

The effect this will have cannot even be calculated -- but it is obviously huge.

My visionary dream made it clear to me that the pain we're going through from the oil spill is dreadful, but it is akin to the final process of biting through that we have to endure.

You see, we've all become oil junkies, because we have no other choice at this point. And if you look at the overall amount of damage this addiction causes our planet every day, you will find that damage is far, far worse than what is being caused by the oil spill.

We've become so immune to the problem that our 'body' is now having to manifest peak disease conditions in order for us to see it. And believe me, it is having a very dramatic effect.



I had a dream that tactfully but clearly explained to me that the reason why this particular mega-disaster was allowed to happen by the higher forces managing this planet is because it needs to.

There are two ways to take the 2012 prophecies. In one version, we have some cosmic wave of ecstasy that propels us all into a higher dimension as if by magic. If that's true, then believe me, I'm stoked -- I'll be one of those folks who help hold the gate open so everyone can make it through. 

In another version, which I have to equally consider as being true, we are responsible for making these prophecies come true.

Don't get me wrong -- connecting up with our human relatives is going to be very, very amazing. And the technologies we will use are spectacular.

I also have no doubt that the very fabric of Reality itself will change in some stupendous, breathtaking manner that we have not yet seen.

And I do feel there is incontrovertible evidence that this will lead to a rather sudden, quantum increase in human ability -- in all categories we normally would think of as 'paranormal'.

Someone recently compared me to Morpheus in the Matrix films -- telling you, the reader, that You Are the One.

I absolutely feel that is a fair comparison -- especially in light of what I've now accomplished in my book, where I can prove this is going to happen... far more than ever before.

I had a gorgeous dream that explained what was going on -- and I'd like to share it with you. I'm still on deadline, very close to being finished but definitely not there yet. Nonetheless, it was obvious that I should take a few hours and let you see this.



Here's the essence of what came through -- edited and cut for clarity and readability:

Thursday 6 / 17 / 10 – 7:18 am
-       In this dream I was back in an environment not unlike college
-       Specifically I was hanging around with suitemates from my first two years of college
-       However, we were in a situation that seemed almost like a clinical psychology center
-       There was a cold, corporate feeling to it in some ways
-       It reminded me of some of my most unpleasant jobs
-       There was an issue with painting the walls inside this office
-       It had yellow walls originally, but they were trying to paint them a grayish-black color -- like oil
-       There may have already been some talk about the oil spill, come to think of it
-       Anyway, they were trying to use this grayish-black oil-based paint on walls that had yellow water-based paint on them
-       The staff were still working in that space
-       They had tried a test-painting of one wall – but the problem was that the paint was not sticking
-       Everything was peeling off, bubbling and cracking
-       For whatever reason, they couldn’t make everyone leave the office while they did the work
-       I was the one who told them that the oil-based paint would not stick to the water-based paint and if they really wanted to do this, they’d have to strip everything first and then repaint
-       They realized I was right
-       They would have to strip down the old sunshine-colored paint and then paint the walls this gross, black, oil-based color, if that's what they wanted
-       The part I had not accounted for was that they planned on doing this while everyone was still working there
-       I asked them if there was going to be an issue with fumes and they said there definitely was
-       It seemed like a terrible thing to have to subject people to those fumes while they were all working, but he said that’s what had to be done at this point
-       There was also some connection with a sea turtle that my suitemate had as a pet
-       The sea turtle had already been injured somehow and it didn’t seem like he was taking enough care of it
-       Not long after this section I had a ‘false awakening’
-       I was in a room that was somewhat like my bedroom in the house I grew up in
-       It also had a variety of corporate-type elements to it – like college but also more like the clinical elements earlier
-       Anyway, I apparently had overslept
-       The idea was that school was almost finished – I literally only had Friday, then the following Monday and Tuesday before I would graduate
-       There was again a shaky feeling like I hadn’t been to all the classes but now I had run out of time
-       Attendance was an issue – whether I could get all my finals done, or whether I was prepared for them
-       I did think I might be missing some finals, but it also reminded me of when I got sick in college and I took them a little later than everyone else
-       For whatever reason, in this case I felt like I had been to enough of the classes that the teachers wouldn’t notice or care if I was late or absent one day
-       Nonetheless, my mother was in a classic state – criticizing me for sleeping when I should be going to class
-       It did seem like we were somehow working together on all of this
-       She asked me to look at the clock and see what time it was
-       It turns out it was 10:20 AM – so by typical HS standards I had definitely slept late
-       Then I had an epiphany
-       I remembered my current life now, and that I am NOT in any type of school anymore
-       As a professional, I make my own hours – and as long as I am consistent in my efforts when I do work, I can sleep whenever I choose
-       No one is forcing me to be on a schedule
-       Therefore I decided I was going to sleep more – and I actually did have a quasi-awakening, rolled it over and continued, hoping I’d remember the first part
-       When the dream then continued, I found myself in a cafeteria
-       It seemed to be the same environment – this combination university / corporate setting
-       Yes – as a matter of fact it also reminded me of the hospital I went to when my ex-girlfriend was hit by a car and almost died
-       There was also somewhat of a connection with the time I had to do jury duty recently, which really made me feel like a prisoner of the System
-       At first I was just focused on the food, and what I could get to eat
-       My suitemates again were around
-       Then the focus was on this play people were organizing
-       It was apparently going to be filmed, perhaps for YouTube
-       Once we shifted to this part, we were in an outdoor area that was expansive
-       There were trees in the distance but it also had a lot of pavement for a long way
-       Anyway, you had a woman as the main actor in the play
-       It did seem like there was a romantic element to the whole thing
-       However, the romance was more with herself – finding herself, rediscovering her gifts, and that she was a good person
-       I didn’t realize what the big punch line was going to be at first
-       At some point, once she reached that critical level of awareness within herself, she started levitating off of her chair in a seated position
-       She just went higher and higher into the sky – over 30 feet while I watched
-       In this case I could see it was all being done with fine, clear-colored wires -- but it was obviously meant to inspire people about their potential, where this could indeed become real
-       After we filmed this play together, we all seemed to be back in the cafeteria again – only this time there was a lot more people in there
-       It was quite a crowd
-       Strangely, all the people felt like they were being kept in prison
-       None of it was actually true, but they believed it -- so they stayed where they were, and felt miserable
-       It seemed like we needed to create something that could un-hypnotize them so they would actually leave their ‘prison’
-       Someone gave them the idea that if they all started doing this Native American humming chant, and a special dance, that they would out-resonate and overpower the guards
-       I was one of the first people approached with this idea and I started doing it
-       Sure enough, it caught on – the entire crowd began doing it
-       The next thing I know, I’m walking with a woman I did not recognize, and we were leading the entire group of them out of ‘prison’
-       I was at the front of the line – helping set the pace and the step, more or less
-       We marched right through the doors and there was no resistance by the police who were stationed there -- they never intended to resist
-       I led the group outside to the same area where we had been working on the play
-       This, again, was the one where the woman actually lifted into the air at the end, once she learned to love herself
-       Now I had this whole group behind me
-       There was a full-blown NASCAR-style race going on
-       It was huge – the entire area seemed to be filled with super-fast race cars
-       They were all going in the same general direction, from right to left
-       There was no traditional track, though – it was much wider than that
-       I couldn’t let the group get too close to all these cars as they were going at a furious speed
-       That meant there wouldn’t be a whole lot of space for us to gather outside
-       Furthermore, one of the cars came in to an area near where we already were for a pit stop
-       It had been damaged in the race and needed to be fixed up
-       My suitemate was there once again
-       Now he had his pet turtle with him in a cardboard box
-       I had already worried about this turtle before – that he wasn’t taking enough care of it
-       He took the turtle out of the box and told me he thought the turtle might be sick, but he wasn’t sure
-       I inspected the turtle and saw that it was wounded on the area next to where the left hind leg joins with the body
-       It looked like a sharp puncture wound had happened there
-       The turtle’s body had been trying to heal it, and had made some progress, but I also got the distinct sense that it was infected
-       I asked him if he’d ever treated this wound – and he wasn’t even aware it was still there
-       The problem with the turtle was something else
-       I said that this leg was infected
-       For whatever reason he didn’t want to bring the turtle to the vet – he didn’t feel like he had enough money or time, I guess
-       I told him that if the turtle was already sick for another reason, and he also hadn’t treated this infected wound, the turtle was probably going to die
-       It seemed like he had delayed it too long and at this point, even if he did take the turtle in, it would die anyway
-       I wished the turtle the best, and hoped my suitemate would learn something from this tragedy
-       After this I awoke



Humanity has already marched out of prison by the end of the dream. Now we're gathered at the point of Ascension -- but the cars are still there, making it dangerous for too many people to gather.

It is the tragedy of the loss of the turtle that ultimately clears up the problem with the cars, so more people can voluntarily leave their 'prison' of the mind and Ascend.

I leave it to you to discuss the rest of the implications of this dream, in the comments below, in our discussion forum and elsewhere. Don't forget that at my conferences, I go into detailed discussions about how you can analyze and understand your own dream!

I will just say that these dreams about being almost ready to graduate, but feeling I have a lot of catching-up to do, and I don't know if I can get it all done, are directly related to the 2012 prophecies and where the average person is right now, psychologically.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this work! I am delighted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback you're giving me about my music, now that I've released seventeen of the very best vocal songs from Wanderer Awakening, my mega-album, for 17.99!

It is very nice to finally start hearing a huge number of comments coming in about this work, because I do know exactly what I accomplished with it, and it's now just starting to see the beginning of its evolution.

In fact, my brother is going to be playing "Perfect Girl" at a big wedding party he's DJ'ing for tonight -- and we'll see how it goes over!

I've got my vocal chops working very well right now and look forward to performing these songs next weekend on a really good sound-system we're shipping in for this conference -- hope to see you there!


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I just have to say that you and Larry's creation 'Wanderer Awakening' is a pure treasure! I listen to the album in it's entirety every Sunday (a day I reserve as a relaxation and meditation day). I also made a playlist of some of my favorites to listen to off and on through-out the week. The other day, I purchased a 36" indoor trampoline to include that as part as my work-out routine. Decided to make a playlist of some of the faster paced selections (Perfect Girl, Cast Iron Girl, Singled Out, Listen to You, She Lies) from Wanderer Awakening to listen to during that part of the work-out. Had a blast and will incorporate that in all the time now! My favorite song? For some reason it's Singled Out. Can't get enough of that one and have even made it my ringtone.

Comments (205)   

#205 Kathie 2010-09-06 19:40
David - I would like to see you identify how you interpret key elements of your dream.

The turtle obviously represents something old - because turtles are a species as old as dinosaurs that are long extinct.

I hope you give us some hints about what this dream says to you, so we can benefit more from this posting.

Thank you, Kathie
#204 Moonsali 2010-08-10 02:13
I'm amazed at the negativity of some of these comments. Shine on David.

As if you aren't aware of the trappings of success as we all are. The info you give is priceless.

And to do this in joy of life is the cherry on top.

#203 Allison 2010-08-03 18:32
Have you considered the possibility of the turtle being Turtle Island???
#202 evie manoo 2010-07-19 06:58
You always say in your videos that you read all your mails, If so, You'll read this. There's no space on your f/b page, I just want to have access to all of your work, I read most of Edgar Cayce's books so it's only natural I will hang on to your work,,

Not for myself alone, but for all my f/b friends, we're trying to hold the door open also, If I could get to the door!! Please add me on f/b or something, Thank you David may All Your Good Dreams Come True!

[Moderator: Everything on David's Facebook page is mirrored on the fan page. There is nothing that appears on the Facebook page that does not go up on the fan
page. Additionally, there is no original work on David's Facebook page except to notify people when there is a blog update. Finally, all of David's comments and his page are visible even if you are not an official friend.

Here's the address of the fan page:

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#201 Gary Allison 2010-07-16 09:34
Dear David, Your dreams are as relevant now as ever. I understand that there has been editing for brevity and clarity.

As in all dreams whether while asleep or in waking consciousness, the point is to awaken from the dream, or become lucid in the dream and then become lucid in life.

I loved the reference as to time as Friday then Monday and Tuesday. I believe friday represented 2010 as the end of the week (decade) and then Monday represented 2011 and Tuesday represented 2012.

It certainly is a choice point. Graduation is the ascension and could be very much like the spirit of the earth ascending above the earth like a soul ascending or leaving the body to exist in a higher dimension and having those souls ready to ascend travel with the ascended earth.

I consider myself lucky to have spent time with you and hear you speak on numerous occasions.

Each one of us is The One. There is nobody else. We must free ourselves of all limitations, time, and judgments.

We are then truly the sons and daughters of the Source. Until we meet again. Cornelia sends her love.
#200 M 2010-07-15 20:50
In reference to the Morpheus comparison.
Wake up and do not be deceived. You have a choice, neither the blue or the red.

Be yourself...ther e is no ONE...
#199 M 2010-07-15 20:40
David, The illuminati film series, the Matrix...are you not aware that the choice is to not take the blue or red pill (they are both the same party)

No the choice is NOT to be the ONE. The choice is to BE. Everything about being overly sensitive to criticism is to shut down questions.

The questions are the answers. There are MANY who are working for the truth.

As I mentioned to you before... 333 is the symbol of the illuminati and their Luciferians ways. The pyramids and all seeing eye.

You are being elevated whether you like it or not for their purposes.

Ask yourself if you are on a Wash, Rinse Repeat cycle. Look at your own page. Have you noticed that the colour of your own eyes have changed?

So be aware that money and materialism...e go...fame...all of these are assorted drugs of choice.

LOVE is the way. However use discernment. Realize many come. Many go. Many.
#198 joe 2010-07-14 08:58
Ooga Booga!
#197 Kathie 2010-07-14 06:28
I wish I was better at deciphering your dream David.

My dream last night indicated to me that the new cap, although it was the very best (concrete) patch they could make - will fail.

The "repair" sat right in the living area of a relative in my dream-just as this oil mess sits right in the main living area of many Americans.

The reaction in my dream was - we must go - but there is no obvious place to go from here. I tried to put my pets in a safe place , but I didn't even know what to take to protect my family - even a pair of blankets seemed to be of no value.

I was disappointed, but not surprised this morning when the news was that more testing is needed before the new cap can be put into operation.
#196 Caroline 2010-07-10 14:25
Ah, your dream is like a koan, a teaching. Which door do you choose? One contains a lady behind it, the other contains a tiger.

Both lead to enlightenment. That is the paradox. Both involve free choice. Ha, ha!
#195 misscriss 2010-07-09 23:46
The turtle represents Earth in First Nations culture....They call North America Turtle Island. It's interesting that the puncture wound was in a certain area, seems it literally represents the puncture wound from the oil spill.

There's a lot in your dream that shows how much some people are really worried about their own agenda and blind to all else, but it's also interesting that there a so many people....

like your friend with the turtle who are concerned but don't really know what to do and when they learn what needs to be done they don't want to put the work into it because it's too inconvenient and hard.

Very much like the world at large(in non-judgement, we do the best we can)
Maybe your friend really didn't feel they were capable of providing such a healing, just like we feel that we are not capable.

One day we will realize that as human beings we have nothing to be ashamed of, that we are divine and that the Earth has been giving of herself to allow us to realize this.

We have a choice and hopefully our choice is to help ourselves and to heal our mother.
#194 Chris 2010-07-09 20:38

watch these 8 videos...
#193 Bonnie 2010-07-06 23:36
You know, it's amazing, how people are so eager to accuse us, the Grassroots, of bein addicted to oil.

Yes, accuse, the very ones who have been jerked around all these millennia and now, these modern decades.

We, would be very happy to change and move on to alternate methods, but we do HAVE to make a living by going to work every day.

I think any one that is willing to occuse us, is continuing the agenda of the elite....becaus e they're very eager to point fingers, and blame others.

There have been a myriads of alternate energy machines & engines invented in the last decades,
but everytime they're publicized, they're a flash in the pan.

The inventors are either
1 -bought out by the corporations and the invention shelved.
2-the inventory is threatened with his life andthat of his family.

This last happened just last month when the inventor was testing his new hydrogen engine, and there was an explosion in the building. Everybody escaped, only the inventor was killed.

Well, it seems that We, THe People, have had our head held under the water by the elite, for a long long time.

As for me, as a memeber of the Grasroot, I will NOT accept blame for our use of oil. will not bow my head humbly.
#192 sheila cotton 2010-07-06 12:53
I have had the most identical dream for years. Mostly about graduating.

I always thought it was because I couldn't grow up. Now I think it is about ascension (because I want that now for me and everyone) more so than wanting a relationship like I always searched for.

Out of this worldly prison. Or it could mean me and David should marry. hahahh just kidding. you have to admit he's quite the charm.

Yes, and what Kevin said- this is such important info. All of it and all of them teaching us A NEW REAL way of freedom. Through our Conscious.
#191 charie 2010-07-06 11:48
Hello David,
Did you see the MSNBC News in the late afternoon? I think the UFO disclosure is really coming very soon.

Thanks for all the wonderful things you're doing to save not only our planet but the human.
#190 Kyle 2010-07-05 09:08
I hope we don't let the sea turtles go extinct in order to wake us up and get us off oil.
#189 InSpire 2010-07-04 07:39
LET's STOP & relax for one moment taking three big deep breaths
& INSTEAD allow ourselves to fully explore this visioning in-depth

THEN STOP any resistance or old beliefs arising as vision unfolds
& INSTEAD give yourself permission & freedom to sweetly behold

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP & imagine WHAT IF our thoughts co-create collectively
& INSTEAD we consciously co-create the World wanted conceptually

THEN STOP declaring we'll never fix world problems or live peacefully
& INSTEAD choose life as we know it today no longer exists thankfully

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP to identify & remove modus operandi no longer befitting
& INSTEAD pool talents & resources, encouraging new dreaming

THEN STOP fixing outdated regimes built on lies, greed & profitability
& INSTEAD start from scratch developing world-wide prosperity

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP debt-economy built upon lies, corruption, profit & greed
& INSTEAD help each other be sustained, respected, liberated & freed

THEN STOP supporting War on Terror politically & financially derived
& INSTEAD establish a Resource-Based Economy collectively contrived

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP financial, religious, military, corporate, government deception
& INSTEAD foster individual growth, mentoring & universal re-education

THEN STOP hostility, conflict, discord, controversy & strife addiction
& INSTEAD extend LOVE, kindness, forgiveness, charity & compassion

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP perpetuating unsustainable wasteful consumption scheming
& INSTEAD rebuild our communities promoting local sustainability

THEN STOP supporting deceitful systems & practices lacking integrity
& INSTEAD create renewable green solutions developed by global teaming

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP continuous depletion of Earth's most treasured resources
& INSTEAD reuse, recycle & build products warranted for life of course

THEN STOP GMO's destruction of Earth's precious Kingdoms, no remorse
& INSTEAD stimulate local food production & highest good of all life-force

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP fearing poverty, there's plenty to go around exponentially
& INSTEAD generosity begets more, our heart's connected intricately

THEN STOP wasting precious time hurting each others basic-101 security
& INSTEAD release suppressed medical cures & secreted technology

Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP tolerating harmful abuse touted in the name of a religion
& INSTEAD govern under LAW OF ONE holistic spiritual foundation

THEN STOP perpetuating disparaging division & illusion of separation
& INSTEAD implement service to others - as ONE Unified Global Vision
Together, we can co-create the World we want

LET's STOP depreciating Humanity, horribly wrong & truly no fun
& INSTEAD choose personal responsibility no matter what comes

THEN STOP feeling dejected & afraid of being personally shunned
& INSTEAD take on visioning process & not quitting until it's DONE

Together, YES WE CAN co-create the World we want
#188 anselmophil 2010-07-03 03:16

the lady that ascended at the theater is your effeminate qualities that everyone posses, it ascended meaning, you have mastered and overcome your feminine identity.

this does not necessarily mean your girl version of yourself but your recessive traits SUCH AS SLEEPING IN LATE. The reason why you had that dream after sleeping in is because now you were able to love yourself and allow yourself to sleep in instead of being strict like your mother and not sleeping in.

Your mother in the dream was your discipline self ingrained by your mom. ALSO the LADY that ascended also represented you love life, and your emotions. You've seen it evolve just like in theater and came to a point of mastery and ascended.

(I HAVE COME TO AWAKENING: where when ever someone dreams about flying it means he or she has overcome depression, troubles and overcome gravity, and has given you the ability to "fly")

You also see that everyone is in that state in the cafeteria, and you want to share your ascension to all your other relationships with other people. but afraid because of what others may think(THESE ARE THE GUARDS) but in the end you end up releasing everyone and the GUARDS WERE REALLY NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING.
#187 Myscha Aiken 2010-07-03 00:23
We are the one. This is something I began learning recently but it is true for all of us, those who know what is happening, and those who don't.
#186 Terra Wolfe 2010-07-01 16:00
I also have dreams within dreams three layers deep sometimes. So this hits home.

The gulf disaster seems very personal to me I am so bonded to animals and fish and birds, i feel their pain.

I hope that those who have designed a new space for us haven't forgotten the four legged, and feathered and fish.

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Wanderer Awakening

Are you a wanderer?  Find out in this two and a half hour musical adventure!

Access Your Higher Self

Access Your Higher Self

Everyone has one!  Find out how you can Access Your Higher Self!

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The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

A tidal wave of incredible new intel came smashing in over the last two weeks and heavily affected the outcome of The Ascension Mysteries. The manuscript is now complete and...

April 2, 2016, 7:30 pm     Hits: 146,429

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Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!

Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!

High-level briefings have now revealed the Powers that Were are attempting to push for a "partial disclosure" timeline with a 100-year roll-out period. Thanks to the efforts of the Alliance, they...

March 6, 2016, 8:45 pm     Hits: 192,522

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Disclosure and Ascension: David Wilcock Live on Coast TONIGHT!

Disclosure and Ascension: David Wilcock Live on Coast TONIGHT!

Are we heading towards an official announcement that we are not alone? Is this part of a cosmic evolutionary leap we are going through? Hear David LIVE on Coast tonight...

December 8, 2015, 3:11 pm     Hits: 280,984

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  The downing of a Russian airliner, the "heart attack" of the founder of Russia Today in DC, the stunning UFO-like missile test over LA, the Paris shootings and the Turkish...

November 25, 2015, 6:30 am     Hits: 393,430

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Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence

Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence

Get ready for the wave! The "crown jewel" of our scientific research into Ascension has come in for a landing, quite unexpectedly, since we got to Canada on a writers'...

September 24, 2015, 1:00 am     Hits: 306,766

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Terrifying Global Events: Triggers for Mass Awakening?

Terrifying Global Events: Triggers for Mass Awakening?

The Alliance vs. Cabal battle for disclosure is really heating up. China just had a second "chemical explosion" right as the market is sliding into free-fall. The Dow dropped over 530...

August 24, 2015, 6:06 pm     Hits: 381,927

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COSMIC DISCLOSURE: Secret Space Program Insider Debut Videos!!

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: Secret Space Program Insider Debut Videos!!

YES! See the first FOUR videos of Cosmic Disclosure -- secret space program insider Corey Goode being interviewed by David Wilcock in a groundbreaking tell-all expose'! This is the story that...

July 22, 2015, 11:33 pm     Hits: 249,108

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Gripping New Adventure as Space Program Insider Tours Mars Colony

Gripping New Adventure as Space Program Insider Tours Mars Colony

On 6/20, space program insider Corey Goode was brought to Mars for a tour of a colony that is not supposed to exist. Fascinating new intel has come to light...

June 22, 2015, 10:13 pm     Hits: 260,905

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Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows, Transcript!

Secret Space Program Revealed: Two New Radio Shows, Transcript!

Over three hours of stunning new information about the Secret Space Program and the greater questions of spontaneous human evolution that are being raised for those "in the know!" Everything is...

June 14, 2015, 4:51 pm     Hits: 285,599

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Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure!

Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure!

The truth is far, far stranger than fiction. We can barely even imagine the world we will have once the Secret Space Program is exposed and the change is complete....

May 6, 2015, 12:00 pm     Hits: 331,953

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Celebrating the Graduation of Law of One Channel Carla Rueckert

Celebrating the Graduation of Law of One Channel Carla Rueckert

  The Law of One series is the spiritual foundation of everything we do here. On April 1, 2015, the woman who offered herself as the "instrument" for the Law of...

April 5, 2015, 12:48 pm     Hits: 226,591

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Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System-- Radio Show [Major Updates!]

Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System-- Radio Show [Major Updates!]

  Is the world going crazy or is it all part of a perfect plan? When it's David talking with George Noory, you already know where it's going. We will discuss...

February 25, 2015, 10:52 am     Hits: 277,619

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Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!

Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT!

  In the last four months, our knowledge about the secret space program has at least quadrupled, thanks to the arrival of new insiders. Now, for the first time ever, you...

February 7, 2015, 9:23 am     Hits: 213,687

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Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure!

Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure!

Just in time for the holidays, hear David's epic tour-de-force of disclosure on the secret space program, the impending defeat of the Cabal and the joint ET-human alliance fulfilling the...

December 25, 2014, 4:52 am     Hits: 313,912

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Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

After a much-needed ten-week sabbatical, here we are -- with a message of hope, positivity and a future far greater than our wildest expectations. In spite of the headlines we are...

October 27, 2014, 12:44 am     Hits: 526,943

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Personal Reflections on Robin Williams and Why Life is Worth Living

Personal Reflections on Robin Williams and Why Life is Worth Living

Many people have written in saying our work stopped them from killing themselves. Though we cannot change what happened to Robin, we do have control over the choices we make...

August 13, 2014, 12:35 pm     Hits: 213,795

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Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!

Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!

  21 million Russian-speaking people watched David Wilcock and Ben Fulford expose the secret war to defeat the "New World Order" being waged by an international alliance -- including the astonishing...

August 6, 2014, 6:42 pm     Hits: 289,492

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FULL EPISODE of David on Coast: The Global Initiation

FULL EPISODE of David on Coast: The Global Initiation

Enjoy David's long-awaited comeback to Coast to Coast AM as a full-length guest, discussing the global initiation we are all moving through, how it is being generated by mysterious cosmic...

July 31, 2014, 11:56 am     Hits: 193,475

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"White Hats" Go Public on Car Hacking by Remote Control!

"White Hats" Go Public on Car Hacking by Remote Control!

  On July 14, 2013, we leaked exclusive insider info revealing that all cars made since 2008 can be remote-controlled. Nearly a year later, a group calling themselves "White Hats" has...

May 30, 2014, 1:45 pm     Hits: 286,047

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Radio Show Mega-Download with David Wilcock!

Radio Show Mega-Download with David Wilcock!

    Join David in a two-and-a-half-hour epic journey through time and space -- covering Flight 370, interplanetary climate change, hidden world pyramids, the holographic universe, ghosts, the defeat of the Cabal...

May 7, 2014, 10:13 am     Hits: 232,745

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Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks the Cabal's Back?

Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks the Cabal's Back?

Flight 370 could have become the most devastating terrorist attack in recorded history. Could this Boeing 777 -- or one just like it -- have been used to murder the...

April 6, 2014, 12:12 pm     Hits: 549,834

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Decloaking Lucifer: A Holographic, Angry Child Throwing a Tantrum

Decloaking Lucifer: A Holographic, Angry Child Throwing a Tantrum

  There is undeniable, ever-increasing evidence that a Cabal of powerful world elites believe in and worship something they call "Lucifer." Is there any truth to the idea that an "opponent" exists...

February 7, 2014, 11:11 am     Hits: 353,397

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The Polar Vortex: A Physical Manifestation of the "Chilling Effect" of NSA Surve…

The Polar Vortex: A Physical Manifestation of the "Chilling Effect" of NSA Surveillance?

  The cornerstone of our scientific research here at Divine Cosmos is the idea that the universe is alive and conscious. Is the Earth responding to the mass "chilling effect" of...

January 23, 2014, 12:44 pm     Hits: 251,593

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The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn

The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn

  Media control, widespread apathy and brainwashing is no longer enough to prevent a mass public awakening. We are now seeing the ultimate example of a vast empire in decline. Its death...

November 24, 2013, 12:51 pm     Hits: 334,842

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David Wilcock Explains Cycles of History on NEW Radio Show!

David Wilcock Explains Cycles of History on NEW Radio Show!

  A radio show from Friday the 13th (interestingly enough) features David Wilcock discussing the cycles of history, and why the collapse and defeat of the negative agenda is utterly inevitable....

September 16, 2013, 11:44 pm     Hits: 300,714

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The Source Field Investigations

Image The Source Field Investigations

The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies

Based on a hugely popular Internet documentary, this exploration of historic signs and symbolism determines what the future holds for humanity come 2012.

Wanderer Awakening

Image Are you a Wanderer?

Find out by listening to this amazing, inspiring four-part musical adventure that could be your story!

David has teamed up with nine-time Grammy award winner Larry Seyer ( to bring you this amazing, inspiring four-part musical adventure!

The Science of Peace

ImageIs there a "consciousness field" of "radiant mind energy" that we all share? Could this be causing the changes we are now witnessing on the Earth and throughout the solar system? Does it have any effect on DNA, including complete species transformation?

Is this 'Mind Field' the ultimate answer to solving financial collapse, terrorism, violent crime and all manner of Earth Changes, leading to a true Science of Peace? ... Yes.

Conference Meditations

ImageWould you like to experience one of David's guided meditations without attending a conference?

In this 1.3 hour live recording, David guides you through three separate, individual meditations ranging in length from 19 minutes to over 33 minutes.

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