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The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama

Wed. 6 / 18 / 08

Compelling, substantial new testimony has emerged that the Power Elite are not in control of Obama. Personal updates and analyses are also included for our regular readers!


[UPDATED June 7, 2013: The last two-thirds of this article were wiped out when we converted the older website pages into the CMS (Content Management System) format that we're now using.

This occurred approximately in 2009. The majority of this article has been unavailable ever since then.

Now that the subjects in this article have become highly current, with the exposure of the NSA data-mining and other scandals, we repaired this article by pulling an intact version of it out of Archive.org.

All broken links were replaced with Archive.org links as well. Slight edits have been made, including adding more headlines in all-caps for better readability.

Bear in mind that by the time this all came out in 2008, I'd been reading the "Voice of the White House" insider source steadily since at least 2000, if not 1999.

Although he is very sarcastic and can also be quite crude, he has repeatedly proved himself to have reliable intel.

I had observed many instances of stories that broke on TBRNews first and only later appeared in the mainstream media.

Therefore, when "Voice of the White House" said that Obama's victory secretly upset the Cabal, I paid attention.

All I did in this article is share the information from this trusted source.

This was the first time I'd ever seen such strong hatred for anything I'd written, and at the time it was rather overwhelming.

Nonetheless, the data from the TBRNews source is extremely valuable -- and worth our serious consideration.]



Did you notice the striking correlation between the sudden rise in gas prices and the end of the Hillary / Obama showdown?




I had an instinctive urge to fill up before this happened, while I still had a quarter-tank of gas. That was a good call!

Since I don't drive very much, the very next time I filled the tank, the price had shot up by a whopping 50 cents a gallon. Nothing like this has ever happened before -- for any of us -- and a lot of people are hurting.

When you see such a spontaneous change, know that you are being shown how unique and pivotal of a moment of human history you're in.

I recommend we not lose track of that in the melee of worrying about how we're going to pay our bills.

Prophecies have spoken of these times for thousands of years, from every spiritual tradition in written history.

Now is not the time to suddenly cave in to fear and lose track of the highly positive healing transformation we are being brought through as a planet. 

So many prophecies have shed light on what this time would be about. My own perspective, blending both science and spirit, has further refined this view.

This is why at events like the Conscious Life Expo this past February in Los Angeles, more people showed up for my events than any of the other known personalities in this metaphysics / 2012 / new consciousness field.

The consistent 120-email-a-day load, and ever-growing discussion forum, is not easy to manage, but it is an ongoing proof that you are responding favorably to our work -- and we thank you!



Events like the sudden gas price increase are excellent watermarks proving to even the most stubborn fence-sitters that this is NOT the same-old-same-old.

This is a rapidly changing world we are living in, right here, right now, today.

Such sweeping changes provide yet additional evidence that we are heading into some sort of focal-point in the not-too-distant future.

To me, such a blatant move by the Power Elite could potentially bring out the villagers with their torches and pitchforks.

If you really stop and think about it, this is yet another sign that the whole corrupt mess is creaking and groaning and ready to tumble over.

Much more evolved and equitable systems will rise to replace them, as I have written before.

This whole process is about a mass public awakening, and it's really working.

Things that people like me have been laboring to make public for years are now exploding out at an incredible speed, and this is still just the beginning.

People are waking up. And that's ultimately what this is all about.



Arguably a major focus of the Iraq war was to stabilize and control the gas prices, keeping them low so as to keep the public quiet and content.

This also allows them to decide who gets the gas and who doesn't, thereby keeping third-world countries from developing into any serious military threat.

The original TBRNews.org source, calling himself "Controlling the News,"  eventually turned out to have been an upper-level manager within Fox News. 

He made it clear that the main purpose of the war in Iraq was stabilizing and dropping the price of oil.

This wasn't a big secret. Sen. John Kerry openly discussed it in debates with Bush during the 2004 election.

According to the Controlling the News source, the Iraqi insurgents knew this was the goal. 

They deliberately sabotaged all available means for oil to be pulled out of the country. The original globalist plan rapidly spiraled into an unmitigated disaster.

The Power Elite know that you have to keep an artificial bubble of prosperity in the public if you want them docile and easily led.

You do not want a sudden, massive inflation of gas prices, as this triggers revolutionary sentiment if left unchecked.



The skyrocketing gas prices we're now seeing show that the whole Power Elite game is unraveling. This is NOT a good idea at all.

This is an insane short-term cash grab... a last-ditch effort to bail out their sinking ship with a Dixie cup.

It won't work. Once their ship sinks, taking many of the bloated, greedy hyper-interconnected corporations along with it, we will be vastly better off. 

There's an element of spite and reproach in it as well. The timing of the event is what I'm noticing here.

The price spike occurred the very next morning after Hillary's campaign -- and their plans for control along with it -- came crashing down.




"With a very unpleasing sneezing and wheezing, the calliope crashed to the ground..."

- Bruce Springsteen, "Blinded By the Light"


People who are highly threatened and angry may do really, really ignorant and self-destructive things just for a little more revenge, out of spite. That's what this sudden price increase felt like to me.

It was as if, in a self-destructive "blaze of glory," angry globalists are 'punishing' the American people for not going with their pre-selected candidates. 

In the same sense it's an act of total paranoia.



The more recent TBRNews insider source, Voice of the White House, makes it clear that the Power Elite are socking away as much cash as possible in the short term. 

[June 2013: This insider appears to be the same person, who went from a job as a senior intelligence analyst at Fox News to working for the White House through the Bush Administration and on into the Obama administraiton.]

The power elite are apparently preparing themselves for what they see as a potentially crippling struggle -- in the face of Obama's potential presidency.

This whole situation has essentially caught them out of nowhere.

They are now desperately trying to stock up for winter with what few remaining nuts they can shake out of the scraggly, dehydrated trees of the public economy.

Like a drug addict, each new "hit" has less and less potency or effect.

Don't believe me? Fair enough. Here's the proof you're asking for, with certain sentences bolded and all-caps headlines added in for emphasis:




Washington, D.C., June 7, 2008: "We seem to be involved with more bubbles than a burlesque house.

There was the so-called “dot-com ” bubble of the 90‘s that was the result of the manipulations of a number of American stock brokers who deliberately inflated the stock prices of electronics companies that had no real assets.

Then we had the equally phony and rigged “housing ” bubble which, we now can see, was the result of criminal connivance between small mortgage companies and huge international banking houses. 

The dot-com swindle injured very few personally, but the housing collapse has injured, directly or indirectly, millions. No one cares about this.

The national economic manipulators have now moved into the oil, water and food markets with a wild rush.



Of course, the next bubble consists of creeps like the hedge-fund managers (pure Ponzi-schemes from the ground up), bankers and investors rushing to get their hands on what they, and many others, see as the greatest bubble of them all. 

[Their new target is] the control of food, water and fuel -- both domestically and overseas.

We know that increasingly, the prices of these elements have been steadily and sharply rising throughout the world.

This has caused, and is causing, terrible social and economic havoc in poorer countries such as Nicaragua and Guatemala in Central America, Haiti in the Caribbean and in India and neighboring Balgladesh.

And in Africa, there is near-disaster in both Ethiopia and Somalia with severe water and food shortages. African countries such as Liberia, Egypt, the Sudan, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya and Eritrea [are also suffering].

There have been food riots in Haiti and Egypt with threats of civil insurrections in India and throughout Southeast Asia, to include the Philippines.



The upward-spiraling price of crude oil is not the result of a shortage of oil.

It is estimated that the cost of a barrel of oil in the Middle East does not exceed 15 dollars.

The costs of a barrel of oil extracted from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, is on the order of $30. The price of crude oil is currently in excess of $130+ a barrel.

This market price is largely the result of the speculative onslaught completely controlled by the Anglo-American oil giants, including British Petroleum (BP), ExxonMobil, Chevron-Texaco, and Royal Dutch Shell.

All of this horrifying and financially devastating escalation is, without question, a process of deliberate and simultaneous market manipulation by the major Wall Street banks and financial houses. 

[They are doing this] in close cooperation and conjunction with the oil and natural gas dealers.

The increasing cost of gasoline pump prices is leading to the collapse of local-level economies, increased industrial concentration and a massive centralization of economic power in the hands of a small number of global corporations.

In turn, the rigged surges in gasoline have devastating effects on urban transit systems, schools and hospitals.

[It] is crippling the American trucking industry, intercontinental shipping, airline transportation, tourism, recreation and most public services.



According to William Engdahl,

"... At least 60% of the 128-per-barrel price of crude oil comes from unregulated futures speculation by hedge funds, banks and financial groups using the London ICE Futures and New York NYMEX futures exchanges and uncontrolled inter-bank or Over-The-Counter trading to avoid scrutiny.

US margin rules of the government's Commodity Futures Trading Commission allow speculators to buy a crude oil futures contract on the Nymex, by having to pay only 6% of the value of the contract.

At today's price of $128 per barrel, that means a futures trader only has to put up about $8 for every barrel. He borrows the other $120.

This extreme 'leverage' of 16 to 1 helps drive prices to wildly unrealistic levels and offsets bank losses in sub-prime and other disasters at the expense of the overall population.

The price of grain staples has increased by 88% since March 2007.

The price of wheat has increased by 181% over a three year period.

The price of rice has increased by 50% over the last three months.... ”



In addition, there is a large and growing movement in the United States to pull away from off-shoring American industry and services.

Although I tend to view allegations of conspiracies with great caution, I have been reading through reams of official reports, market evaluations and intelligence data for my position.

I go through this material on a daily, and sometimes more, basis, make notes with references and pass the reports up the line to my superiors.

I see a good deal of material which is either too sensitive or too complex for the media.

After ten years of this, I can state with great sincerity that there are indeed business and governmental plots and schemes....


And finally, our very own K street lobbyists are beginning to wonder if Obama will indeed block the huge sums of what is basically bribe money flowing from American business interests.

[This money goes] through the hands of the K Street lobbyists into the pockets of American legislative and government officials.

The American public? That great cash cow? Keep milking it until it runs dry, and then go and live in your nice vacation house you bought in Aruba with your stolen money. ”



Obviously we're dealing with real problems here -- problems causing a lot of suffering around the world. I'm not denying that in the least. 

However, it could be a lot worse. Far more innocent people could be killed in massive wars that have been almost completely thwarted -- such as a potential attack on Iran.

Elsewhere in the TBRNews archives, this same source indicates there is very little chance this will ever actually happen before the end of Bush's term:




Washington, D.C., May 29, 2008: “The one really positive result of Scott McCellan's expose' of Bush’s lying manipulations dragging us into a useless and very damaging war is to effectively block any attempt on the part of the Administration to fabricate similar reasons for a “preventive war” against Iran.

Cheney certainly wants to do this.

The Israelis are frantically pushing and shoving their co-religionists in the neocon movement to goad Bush into pulling their chestnuts out of the Middle East fire.

With the administration moving towards its final days, the time slot for a new war is getting smaller and smaller — and if the earlier, successful trickery has been exposed, another try won’t work.

Bush is not going to leave the Oval Office without performing more mischief to annoy and antagonize the public whom he views, rightly, as having deserted him.

An air strike on Tehran can be ordered by the president at any time, but they are now weighing the positive and negative sides.

The recent exposure of what practically everyone in the DC media recognizes was an outright lying fraud ought to keep the slavering warmongers in their cages until we have a new president.

If it’s McCain, there will be war for certain. He’s a genuine nut case and rabid for more war, a draft and military enforcement of domestic law and order.”  



Elsewhere we see that it’s very unlikely McCain will be able to win.

So let’s be glad that this ridiculous gas-price increase is the best "they" can do for now, as it definitely shows that major changes are coming.

It is my consistent view that these changes will turn out for the positive a lot sooner than most people think.

Thus, every time I fill up and pay more, I bless the process as being the catalyst that will potentially have a direct impact on the awakening of our society.

On a personal level, there was a correlation between this gas-price increase and a precipitous drop in our website orders by well over 50 percent.

To me, this is not an isolated event, but rather one personal story of what are probably millions of others occurring simultaneously.

This only inspires us to push even harder, which is ultimately how we all are affected — causing many great changes to occur. 



I do feel Benjamin Fulford’s perspective is worth considering on matters like this as well.

He has repeatedly stated that a majority of other large countries in the world have formed an alliance, and are working together to weaken the American economy.

The American faction seems to be doing this with the gas prices, but as was said, this is an attempt to stave off other losses.

Those losses appear to be caused by a multi-faceted attack against the strength of the dollar by foreign elements with the safety and security of the world in mind.



This event sequence is allegedly being stage-managed by a positive international alliance. 

It must be allowed to run long enough to jump-start a slumbering populace into awareness of the hidden forces running their country. 

Once this becomes public knowledge, these shadowy forces will then be identified and rooted out.

Obviously, getting there is not easy. The process hurts everyone in the process, worldwide.

There is a willing sacrifice going on in order to provoke an awakening -- if this is indeed true.



Remember… rising American gas prices are exactly what the Power Elite do NOT want, if they desire to have any control over the people.

Such an attack on the money supply is "better and faster than bombs" in bringing down a rogue state.

Fulford’s testimony indicates that’s been the objective.

Therefore, I believe both things are happening. Profits are being taken. They are crippling the economy. And the Power Elite have no choice but to grab the cash.

There is compelling evidence that Fulford is in contact with a real group of people who are, at least partially, who they say they are, and are doing what they say they are doing.



Think about it… we have a Caucasian male who is fluent in Japanese. This carries a huge amount of weight over there, obviously. 

Fulford also came out of a high-level pedigree as Asia-Pacific editor for Forbes Magazine. 

Now he is writing articles exposing 9/11 and other doings of the Power Elite to a public hungry for the information.

Some people have criticized Fulford for his appearance, mannerisms, et cetera, but all the pieces line up.

This is particularly the case when he actually DID get interviews, documented on video, with the Japanese Prime Minister as well as David Rockefeller, while he was on an otherwise ‘secret’ trip to Japan to meet with the emperor.



Something really IS going on here. The alliance of forces outside the US government have organized and taken action.

They could have done a mass assassination of the key suspects, but they realized this would only create a pretext for outrageous wars and attacks.

Therefore, they are using the economic means instead.

Obama’s rise to power might not have ever occurred if the economic pain hadn't been so severe.

People vote for the "change" candidate when they’re not happy with the way things are going.





It continues to amaze me that more people who read these conspiracy-oriented articles don’t put the pieces together and see what’s happening here.

It’s as if they have battle fatigue -- and are so used to seeing things negatively that they don’t pick up on the fact that it’s all changing.  

Obama’s astonishing success is proof that the picture is changing.

I have had all of 2 or 3 negative emails about my views on this situation — which are typically profane and highly disrespectful — while receiving many hundreds of positive ones, so the criticism is well under 1 percent.



Again, for those few who become extremely enraged with me for discussing Obama, let me make one important point. 

I have been clearly and repeatedly instructed in my dreams that Obama is playing a positive and important role on this planet, and is not in the hands of the globalists.

I have documented and studied my dreams almost every morning since September 1992, and thus have a reliable, ongoing practice. 

There are many hundreds, if not thousands of cases where these dreams have proven to have astonishing accuracy in predicting future events -- even across many years of time.

Part of why I’m writing this article today is that we now have compelling insider testimony that helps support the validity of what these dreams have been saying. 

More interesting on a personal level is that these dreams also indicated I may have some direct involvement with Obama in helping transform our society in the future. 



This potential cooperation with other public figures could well be the result of our in-progress feature film CONVERGENCE. 

This gives the science of how we can create world peace -- by cultivating it within ourselves.

This is the ‘personal’ section, which you can skip if you’re only interested in the "global".

However, if we play our cards right, this film may well become part of the "global" lexicon down the road — just as "The Secret" did.

Many metaphysically-oriented people instinctively know that "peace within" creates "peace without", but soon there will be a feature film that PROVES it scientifically.

The overarching term for this new area of study is "consciousness science."

There has been an orchestrated campaign, predominantly from the far-right Republican elements in our secret government, to suppress public awareness of consciousness science.

This campaign is largely still working, but more and more articles are leaking out into the mainstream. The time is ripe for a revolution in how we see ourselves and our planet.

[June 6, 2013: My book The Source Field Investigations is a massive compilation of all this research, with over 1000 academic references.]



I am happy to report that as of this past Saturday, I finished the new page-one-rewrite of CONVERGENCE, coming in at just a whisker over 119 pages.

This is not a documentary like "The Secret" — it is a full-blown feature film, incorporating our breakthrough scientific information into a complex, seductive character drama.

The initial feedback from the ‘reads’ of key people has been incredibly positive — even triumphant. I am absolutely thrilled that we have finally gotten to this point.

[June 6, 2013: In February 2009, we attached Jim Hart, the A-list screenwriter of CONTACT, to the project. After four years of rewrites and revisions, we are finally on the verge of having the best possible script.]

This is the first time in three and a half years since we started doing this that I wrote a dramatic version of the script entirely on my own.

This is also the first script I have written with a robust knowledge of ‘structure’ and the deep intricacies and labyrinthine complexities of top-level filmic storytelling.

I have put an incredible amount of work into learning this craft over the last three and a half years. 

This includes detailed studies of some 13 different screenwriting books, eight different major script rewrites, and working with two different professors from the top film schools — USC, UCLA and the LA Film School.

[June 6, 2013: All of this knowledge became very important in the writing of the follow-up to my first book entitled The Synchronicity Key, due out in bookstores everywhere as of August 2013.]



Thanks to the ongoing cooperation with ‘higher forces’ and our own hard work and dedication to quality, it is likely that CONVERGENCE will have a significant impact.

I have been able to incorporate the scientific data into the story dynamics without it feeling force-fit.

That was one of the great challenges in keeping the story strictly dramatic and not at all veering into a documentary or docu-drama.

At this point we have a constellation of potential financing options we’re investigating, but until we get the script where we want it, we cannot fully move forward and give them our pitch.

With a few more tweaks, we should be there, and we now also have a robust budget projection, comprehensive marketing plan, and complete PPM (Private Placement Memorandum).



Let me briefly recap the data about Obama that I shared in an update to my last article, since many people read us by RSS and don’t get notified when we update existing articles: 




Remember — there are at least two definitive statements in the TBRNews.org archive, from a reputable insider source from the White House, clearly establishing that Obama is NOT in the hands of the globalists.

This is vitally important news for EVERYONE who is concerned about the direction that politics, American in particular, has been taking.  

The most definitive quote was published on March 13, 2008.

By slightly re-arranging the word order of the original sentence, which you can read in its initial form below, we get the following definitive quote from this trustworthy insider source:

"Obama is not in bed with the people who are the power elite.”


They are desperate to thwart his candidacy for that very reason.



One interesting point is that in this same entry, he discussed the impending release of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright tape as a coming reality.

This appeared on TBRNews the very same day that the story hit the mainstream press — beginning with a clip from Good Morning America.

Since it was still just a rumor at that point, the insider didn’t even know the pastor’s now-household name — only the crippling contents of the video itself.

This does not prove the insider had advance knowledge, but there have been several other cases where his updates telegraph newsworthy events days in advance.

This source is an insider, rubbing elbows with the Power Elite on a middle-management level, so sometimes he says inappropriate things.

Please bear in mind that we do not support the viewing of any soul, regardless of their orientation, with anything other than love and forgiveness, since we are all equal parts of the Creator.

With that being said, we will not sanitize the data to fit our own perspective.

Here is the bulk of the Voice of the White House source’s relevant public statements about the election -- and Obama’s position within it:  




Washington, D.C., February 24, 2008: “Politics is now all the vogue in the American press.

It doesn’t matter if the economy is going to hell in a hand basket, we all get to hear the latest thrilling news about the Oscars, JayLo’s babies, the latest Spears craziness, and, of course, Hillary and Obama dukeing it out in Texas.

The money here is on Obama. He has outfought, out-organized and out-talked Hillary.

I have met her and while she is very smart, she is a mean, conniving and establishment-bought and paid for witch. She hates men, is very sharp and totally a sell-out.

But the thing that shocks me is the elevation of John McCain to the Republican presidential nominee.

Inside the Beltway, McCain is known to be going over the edge mentally (see the Green Zone Follies below, ed.) and just another sleazy politician on the take…




Washington, D.C., March 13, 2008: “Interesting piece of news of the duplicity of everyone inside the Beltway.

The McCain people are terrified lest Crazy John’s religious nut preachers’ jabberings make serious trouble for him.

In a typical alliance, the Clinton people have given the McCain people some tapes of a very emotional Chicago black minister, attacking the white establishment for years of harassment of the black community.

[WILCOCK: Bear in mind that this was published on TBRNews.org BEFORE the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story actually broke. It actually DID break later this same day. I was shocked by the confirmation.]



The McCain people, in turn, using Karl Rove’s hate networks, are planning a Swift Boat type of attack on Obama to deflect public attention from McCain’s vicious friends in the religious right.

This is really interesting, if repulsive, because the black-stocking Republicans hate blacks, Asians, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, and liberals, equally.

While wishing to appear as supporters of blacks, the Clintons, both of them, are livid with rage that a black man is kicking Hillary’s huge ass.

She thought she would be a walk-in for the Democratic nomination.

Now that she sees her long sought-after prize slipping from her grip, she and her people have become so frantic that they have no problem dealing with McCain, or even the vile Bush toadies.



Ergo, the Hillary people turned over inflammatory tapes by a black minister, Obama’s pastor, to the enemy in order to destroy her enemy. This is the old Mafia slogan that says the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Hillary is known to be a sell-out to the business establishment while Obama is less certain in his allegiances, so the corporate structure will support her and McCain jointly, and do everything they can to trash him…

The real loser in all of this filth-flinging is the American public.

It goes almost without saying that we deserve better than both Republican and Democratic chronic and escalating vileness.

Why not address the issues? Why?

The Clinton people are in bed with the people who are the power elite and Obama is not.”




Washington , D.C. , March 27, 2008: “Any number of interesting subjects today.

First, we have incoming gen that the top Clinton people have been holding “substantive talks” with the McCain people, trying to stop Obama’s lead.

Much speculation on how they plan to do this, in stupid defiance of Obama’s unquestioned popular support.

If they pull off a typical back-door coup, they could risk a serious public explosion from millions of people who are sick to death of their lies and thieving manipulations…"




Washington , D.C. , May 15, 2008 : “The only thing spectacular now is the spectacular stupidity being exhibited by a White House enraged and frightened that the Republicans will be utterly crushed in November.

This is evident in their lashing out at Obama, accusing him of encouraging terrorism which is, of course, sheer nonsense….



It is truly an extraordinary, unprecedented social development to have a candidate who is "less certain in his allegiances" and not "in bed with the power elite"  secure the Democratic nomination like this.

You have now read the relevant quotes establishing that Obama is NOT a sell-out -- at least as far as this ten-year insider in the intel community is concerned.

All the important quotes from this source related to this critical subject have now been compiled herein. 

It is truly a shame that the conspiracy-oriented media is often lumping Obama in with the others, as he clearly is "not in bed with the power elite" to anywhere near the degree they would prefer.

I am thrilled to see our society shifting at the governmental level as part of the greater social changes paving the way for the fourth-density shift we’re heading through now.




The TBRNews entry from June 11, 2008 gives further support to the notion that Obama is not being manipulated by the globalists:

"The power elite have no real connection with him. There have been no previous briberies to hang over his head…"

Again, as we’ve said before, we do not want to speak negatively of anyone.

However, when dealing with a public figure who might be elected President, the passages about McCain are important enough that they need to be seen and written about.

This helps us understand the "big picture" of the social changes we’re going through right now in this election.

Remember that it’s a four-year term, and therefore this person will helm the ship during the final years before any alleged transformative event or events in 2012.

[June 7, 2013: Although these events did not reach culmination in 2012, the truth is now starting to be exposed on a much greater level as of June 2013.]

The key phrases from his June 11th, 2008 entry have been bolded:




You should note that there are individuals in this country who wield great but anonymous power.

They are what, in earlier times, would be called the King Makers. They are very pragmatic, very rich businessmen whom C. Wright Mills called the Power Elite.

[June 7, 2013: Although the insider does not give the names here, he is obviously talking about Federal Reserve banking families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.]

They have been happy with Bush and Cheney because these two were very, very friendly to businessmen.

Tax breaks, stripping regulatory agencies of annoying investigators, huge governmental contracts for the fabricated war in Iraq.



Now, we have a new election. Obama is a mystery to them. He is very intelligent, very articulate and has run a magnificent campaign.

Obama has become a great political force in America -- and the Power Elite have no real connection with him.



There have been no previous briberies to hold over his head, so controlling a relatively unknown person is not as clear-cut.

McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is another matter. He is a man entirely in their pocket.

McCain loves money -- and hides behind the false Jessica Lynch-type fiction of a war hero. He was no such thing. 

[McCain] has been strongly suspected of cooperating with Soviet CIA people who interrogated him while he was a POW in Hanoi during the Vietnam war.

His one real asset is his wife, who has given him huge sums of money for his campaign, but his faults are probably enough to keep him out of the Oval Office.



There exists, and has been circulated, a military medical examination report on McCain.

I have a copy, as do many others, but I cannot have it put up on the internet because it is a personal medical record and as such, secure from exposure.

However, it is not illegal to discuss the thrust of the report. There is a discussion of McCain’s earlier melanoma which appears to be in remission but is not gone. His mental state is also covered.

There are some interesting passages that speak of “a sharp drop in function… deficits in global cognitive ability, episodic memory… deficits in verbal ability… words do not come as quickly as they once did…

"and under executive function… his decision making has become more challenging… recent recall is diminished… recent events quickly forgotten.

(McCain will make a flat statement of policy on television and three days later, when asked about it by a media reporter, will flatly, and angrily, deny ever having said it)…

[He] forgets common words while speaking or will substitute unusual words… has been forgetting recently learned information."

There are few secrets these days, and McCain’s problems are not unknown.

The point is, will McCain have a chance of becoming President and, in effect, give America a third term for Bush’s policies?....



That candidate McCain is under close and on-going professional clinical observation is without question.

Who can blame the King Makers for wanting to make absolutely certain they are not backing the wrong horse?

They now have a choice between a highly successful populist whose persona is a mystery, or a man whose physical and mental problems could cause them terrible future problems.

Reagan was suffering from Alzehimer’s in the last years of his presidency, but Reagan was very popular and relatively harmless.

McCain, on the other hand, is known to have a violent temper, and has recently insisted that Iran must be dealt with; that the useless Iraqi war must be continued, and that the Bush tax programs need to be kept in place.

That is on the positive side for the Power Elite.

On the negative side, it is obvious, very obvious, that McCain has serious physical and mental problems that would in all probability make a McCain presidency far, far worse than the last eight years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney."


The implications of that last sentence are huge. Remember that unless they further change the game somehow, it’s either one or the other — and either choice is rife with potential problems.

This is not a healthy, continually functional game for them — this is something that is highly jeopardized.



In this next passage from June 14, the difficult and unpleasant subject of a third option for the Power Elite — namely assassination — is directly brought up.

Why? As the excerpt says, Obama is "not safe" for the power elite, "and they are getting more afraid day by day that he might be serious" about shutting down their whole system.

What would make Obama unsafe for the power elite?

"If… the public ever really gets to know the astonishing extent of the arrogant thievery, there will be a great housecleaning."

Read it for yourself:




Washington, D.C. June 14, 2008 , “The American public, the voting public, has absolutely no idea of the degree and extent of rampant corruption at the highest levels of the current Administration and government. No idea.

Many, if not most, of our Congressmen take bribes; governmental agencies steal with both hands and their feet and it gets worse every day.

Cheney, who still has huge stock options in Halliburton, has pushed their stock up to the heavens with all kinds of governmental waste-money contracts as a good example. 

The Pentagon has stolen more money that the Oligarchs did in post-Yeltsin Russia.



Obama threatens to shut off the K Street co-conspirator “lobbyists” -- and they are getting more afraid day by day that he might be serious.

McCain is safe for them but Obama is not.

Would they do a Kennedy on Obama? They have already mentioned this, but more or less as a private joke.

We don’t need their blatant bribery of our representatives, and we don’t need representatives who greedily grab whatever they can.

The brazen and enormous thefts at the Pentagon are redolent of the Grant Administration, but in that case, Grant himself was blameless.

In this case, Bush and Cheney are right in there stuffing their pockets.



Congress is glad to be rid of Bush and there is no chance he will be impeached, but the effort has been made to do so.

What is needed is to clean out the nests of thieves -- by giving the FBI a mandate to do so without any political considerations, and a free hand.

Probably a good third of all of Congress could easily end up disgraced, convicted and potential cell partners for Abramof (who is right where he belongs).

And if, as I said before, the public ever really gets to know the astonishing extent of the arrogant thievery, there will be a great housecleaning.”



Again, I strongly encourage you not to freak out about the economic systems falling apart.

My own intuitive guidance spelled out this whole scenario for me between 1996 and 1999, and many of the results can be read in the Readings section of this website, DivineCosmos.com.

The timeline has taken longer than I expected it might, but all the ‘beats’ in the story continue playing out as I was shown they would.

On a personal level, this is astonishing. It further inspires me to run with the ball and promote the positive view I was shown for how these events interconnect.

You can be a part of this new energy too.



For two years we embargoed our "Science of Peace" series, because it gives a hard-hitting, fantastic presentation of the same information that’s potentially going to make CONVERGENCE a world-changing force for good.

Last year, thanks to the film becoming a fictional drama and our own arm-wrestling with our lawyers, we were able to release The Science of Peace.

You can download your free sample MP3s right away and follow the links to the relevant free articles that expose the truth — suppressed for so many years — that has the potential to change our entire world.




I am very, very glad to have finished the CONVERGENCE script.

The actual theatrical version only has a small portion of the cornucopia you hear in The Science of Peace, but getting it out there to the mainstream in an entertaining, dramatic film is going to be very exciting indeed.

I look forward to our continued progress on this journey together.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your support, feedback and love.



I wrote this article before I ever did my first online video -- which was an interview with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot.

That video was the beginning of a steady, year-by-year increase in my visibility and website traffic.

Despite its provocative content, as of today's date this article has still only had 43 thousand and 88 hits -- very low compared to the average post I write now.

In retrospect, nothing I've ever written has earned me as much violent anger and hatred as this piece -- and the arguments it raised.

I did not realize -- until today -- that hardly anyone had ever actually read the article. It cut off before the TBR News insider quotes ever really got started.

I was very surprised to see the TBR News insider take this position on Obama -- after having followed his work every week for eight or nine years.

He was certainly no angel -- and often said things that were so outrageous that it made me cringe.

Yet he was very serious about this position, and has maintained it ever since.

Additional coverage of his opinions on the election, including Sarah Palin, is featured in 2012 Politics V: NWO Defeated?.



In June 2013, I am now finishing a piece that will present evidence of Obama and his associates being threatened, intimidated and in some cases, murdered.

I honestly do not think most people have any idea of how intense, dangerous and seemingly unstoppable the Power Elite adversary in this story really is.

The president of any given country has never been given very much power, if any. He is only a figurehead.

This was made into an open joke when a popular Western film actor became the US president from 1980 to 1988 -- while folks like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld quietly ran the show.

If I had known how much hate this article would create in the ensuing years, I would probably have written it differently -- but what's done is done.

Thankfully, an international alliance has steadily built to take down this adversary. Their hard work is finally producing massive results.

With the NSA data-mining scandal exploding as I write these words, the public is finally waking up to all the "conspiracy theories" people like me have been following for many years.

It is very uncomfortable to see the truth -- but if Obama can indeed stand up to the Cabal after all this time, that is a good thing.


Hits: 62,733
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Really a moving peice of work. Thank you so much for your continued contribution to the world, in so many ways.

Comments (178)   

#178 Si mon 2017-02-08 23:00
David, it was totally irresponsible to claim "The Power Elite Do Not Control Obama"

Barack Obama is not and never was a light-worker. He is part of the Power Elite and CIA trained. Obama has proven during his time as president that he is a George Soros sock puppet and a cooperating cog for the globalist agenda.
#177 The Power Elite 2014-04-07 22:52
#176 Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz 2012-05-18 14:09
Thank God there is a Hell for these bastards!
#175 opensala saldemar 2012-01-23 16:03
thing is, you can not see anything if you concentrate on any particular person. That is either we agree what freedom is, if we know for fact that me and you are one, in anyway you understand or feel or acknowledge. when you think "peace" or "justice" first try to simulate them in your spirit-mind, imagine them for yourself.

Once you are capable of experiencing that "spiritual vision" will take care of your worries and the more you develop that, the more you realize that this ability to create for yourself and for others is given, its your unapproved birth right.

Now take Obama and think how inspiring he is to your new evolving vision, in your own words in your own world, do you need anybody to confirm it or are you a sovereign being, cause if you are sovereign, than you will not need any leader whatsoever, the world is a free place whether there is one Obama or not.

Eventually Obama as person he never said who he is in terms of his inner vision he can join those idealistic guys of the sixties, more a yuppie dreamer who tries to never break nobody eggs. He became president so that we never elect anybody to any position, electing is not a way to define anybody for what they can or not do. democracy is a cover up, it always was, even in the old Greek times. i remember..
#174 Ina Bliss 2012-01-06 23:39
Pointing out what is wrong does not point the way to ARISING & re-birth From Above, no matter how intricate the look. That's why Cain, the I-can man had to arise to kill Abel (his higher state of mind superseding Abel's anyway), the able-bodied naysayer, who herds the sheep (what "is", like Esau, whom God hates) and talks every one out of doing what he can't see.

The Lord had to protect Cain, I CAN, seven times, until some one would be rattled by the blood still crying out for UNDERSTANDING, which leads to Jacob - Israel - IS REAL, or what can be MADE REAL.
#173 dillon 2010-01-26 15:23
forgive obama, he is doing his best. we all have flaws and over time we learn how to accept and change ourselves.

judging someone is perfectly fine, but we need to remind ourselves that the flaws we see in others are actually our own.

this is how we learn from each other and in the process, we make this planet a more conscious one.
#172 me 2009-03-18 11:16
Everyone please remember that in Revelation it is the Anti-christ who takes down Babylon and leaves her ruined.
#171 me 2009-03-18 11:16
Everyone please remember that in Revelation it is the Anti-christ who takes down Babylon and leaves her ruined.
#170 Craven LeVay 2008-11-29 06:26
The fact is the government has been bought and paid for and they who is real power(Banks, elite family's) pick who they want to be president. Obama is corrupt and cannot provide a birth certificate. He wants to violate the 13th amendment by making us volunteer or else. He is the elite agenda and it is easy to see for those with any sense of reality and common sense to see.
#169 yo 2008-11-18 03:11
I had a good Barack Obama dream last night. I still do not trust him, but if his intention serves humanity, then he is in quite a challenging position. However I do feel that Barack Obama's advent will radically expand humanity's consciousness, which will serve us, if we can mature and make the choice to build a loving world again.
#168 Eric 2008-11-04 18:58
in response to all the negativity for Obama: Whose the one who is psychic, you or david? i rest my case.
#167 michael 2008-11-04 18:27
i read somewhere, that obama is a light worker, and that he may not be fully awakened to the fact, but that he is being divinely protected. I was hearing for a long time that hillary's "faction" had attempted to take him out... remember that one plane incident? I was hearing for the longest time that hillary was going to be the next president, over and over, but when obama came in and became the nominee, i was a bit confused. But the fact that he is supported by greater forces may explain something? I mean, for any of us to give obama a chance at all, we just have to ignore any political decisions he's made in the past. That's not what it's about. He is playing the game, and winning support of the ones that he needs to. But the real question is, what makes us think that he'll be effective in office, or to be more clear, how will he be able to set anything in motion without having the controlling forces cut down those efforts? Aren't the checks and balances always manipulated in favor of the elite? Who has ever really been able to make change from a place in power, JFK? (does the president even have power!?) Or does he really carry that energy? Is he really that endowed that he's going to start drawing more people with good intentions to our government, and start a “compassionate rise up from within?” I for sure can't tell, but either way, the universe has delivered him to be exactly what we need right now, and we may as well send him good energy. Maybe we should all revisit JFK, and see what choices he was allowed to make (while he was alive) that ruffled so many feathers back then.
#166 Can a candidate NOT approved b 2008-09-30 16:50
Given the power these people hold, do you honestly believe any candidate deemed uncooperative or a threat can be elected??? They stole the election for Dubya. It's clear only their minions are allowed to take office. If it begins to look like they can't rig the election in order to put their prefered candidate in office, they will simply discredit or kill the opposing candidate. I believe no one achieves the nomination of their party withOUT being approved by the power elite! That way no matter how the vote goes, they are assured of victory :sad:
#165 still not convinced... 2008-09-02 23:36
look, im really hoping that all of this obama hate is just inside all of our heads and that magically hes really WITH us and not against us, but every day that just seems more and more unlikely. obama has switched to this campaign that is basically IDENTICAL with mccains campaign after finally getting the voters off of hillary. he is now FOR the new iran war, he is now FOR wire tapping and the patriot act, and he now went from universal healthcare to an "affordable" health care, which simply WONT work, why? because the health care system will still be run by the same people that are killing us from not providing the health care we need now, what makes ANYONE think that slapping a name like "affordable" will "change" anything.

if obama was really not controlled how is it then that he has all these corporate sponsors? how in the WORLD do you get elitist funding w/o supporting an elitist agenda? you cant. you just CANT. look at ron paul. first night on the republican debate he slammed the gov on everything from 9/11 to healthcare to the federal reserve, but did it all very orderly and backed with information. that night, the polls came out as ron paul the "most convincing", and after 2-3 hours of being ahead in the polls by i think it was 3%, he went down to 2nd place behind mccain in the last 10 minutes of the show. this isnt he said she said crap, i saw it with my own 2 eyes. anyways, what happened to him? boom, back of the line, he has no say now really, and he hasnt been invited to another republican debate since.

THAT is what they do if your not with them. if hes just playing the strings he needs to play to get into office, then well im impressed, really, but then why now do his policies mirror mccains then? why does hilary all of a sudden come out saying "obama: hes got MY vote!" because hes the SAME as hilary, who is the same as mccain, who is the same as bush, and bill, and old bush, etc etc.

i need to see real evidence, the info on this blog isn't enough. every single source is from this tbrnews.com site and i havent looked into this site enough to say anything for certain. and about the oil prices, its not about 'control' its about collapse, the economy is practically gone, why not suck as much money as possible before everything literally goes dry? if they thought that raising gas prices would bring chaos, they wouldnt have done it, they know the chaos is already here and theyre taking advantage of it.

i WANT to be wrong. seriously, every day since i have heard of this obama character i have doubted him, but secretly WANTED him to be a good guy. i wondered everyday why if he was such a threat to the elitists, then why do i see his face everywhere on the mainstream media? i dont buy his "we can change" because now everything he supports = everything thats already in place. where is the change?? because im not seeing it from obama. please please please david, prove me wrong. seriously, i WANT to be wrong, i just cant say it enough.
#164 Whitewolf 2008-08-30 10:44
I have to strongly disagree about David's belief that Obama is not controlled. For one, the man refuses to engage the 9/11 victim's family members who are calling on a new, independent investigation into what took place on 9/11. He simply blew them off. Secondly, as has been mentioned time and time again, he was backed by Zbigenew Brezinski, a known NWO puppet and author of "The Grand Chessboard". In my view, if Obama was such a threat to the established order, he would have been marginalized by the corporate media long ago and not allowed to come nearly as far as he has up the poltical ladder. David's claims about Obama is enough to stop us all in our tracks.
#163 Whitewolf 2008-08-30 10:44
I have to strongly disagree about David's belief that Obama is not controlled. For one, the man refuses to engage the 9/11 victim's family members who are calling on a new, independent investigation into what took place on 9/11. He simply blew them off. Secondly, as has been mentioned time and time again, he was backed by Zbigenew Brezinski, a known NWO puppet and author of "The Grand Chessboard". In my view, if Obama was such a threat to the established order, he would have been marginalized by the corporate media long ago and not allowed to come nearly as far as he has up the poltical ladder. David's claims about Obama is enough to stop us all in our tracks.
#162 Susie 2008-08-27 07:25
You've got to be kidding about the whole "obama is not controlled" comment right? Do you actually think he would become president if he wasn't part of the club? I love your information and your energy but this has made me question your "insight"... please research more... XOXOXO
#161 Susie 2008-08-27 07:25
You've got to be kidding about the whole "obama is not controlled" comment right? Do you actually think he would become president if he wasn't part of the club? I love your information and your energy but this has made me question your "insight"... please research more... XOXOXO
#160 Disillusioned 2008-08-25 15:29
David all of your credibilty is now in question. WTH are you thinking ?
#159 Disillusioned 2008-08-25 15:29
David all of your credibilty is now in question. WTH are you thinking ?

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