Tuesday 6 / 3 / 08 [Updated 6/5]

Full schedule of David’s appearances this weekend at Harmony Festival, a political analysis and links to two new radio shows! 




2012 is getting closer and closer. As we write these words, the race for the Democratic nomination appears… and we stress appears… to be just about over.




The Associated Press has released articles already suggesting that this is the case:


Obama effectively cinches nomination:



Obama seals nomination; McCain ready for battle:





Despite leaks purporting that Hillary was ready to concede, based on conversations she had on a conference call, her campaign put out a very short statement refuting the whole idea:

Hillary will not concede:






Is it over? Not necessarily. Right now there are rumors circulating, such as from two different articles on Rense.com, that one final ‘Swift Boat’ maneuver has been saved up to use against Obama after all the voting was completed… and if the rumors are true then it could be fairly significant.

Here is the most substantive text from a Wall Street Journal blog:

Indeed, rumors are swirling on the campaign trail that a new video will soon surface featuring Mrs. Obama appearing on a panel with radical speakers during which she makes more controversial statements.

In this unlikely but not implausible scenario, something that created a total outrage, able to be played over and over again on all the television networks in sound-bite fashion, could be sufficient to force the superdelegates to switch their votes and thus hand the nomination to Hillary.

If she did in fact use the words “hate whitey,” as both of Rense’s links imply (although neither of the articles themselves indicate these words were used,) it may be the political equivalent of a 9/11 to Obama’s campaign. At this point there is no way to know, and it would be nice if this is just a ruse. We should know very soon.

[Update same night: Rense has now posted a third link that features a video of Bob Beckel from Fox News saying he heard this from multiple sources… but it is still unclear as to what the content is or whether it’s even a video.]

The emotions surrounding this campaign are so charged that even if Michele were quoting someone else and strongly disagreed with the use of these racial epithets, simply hearing them come out of her mouth could arouse great anger in the public, particularly among Hillary supporters.



Obviously this rumor spread much more than we thought, as tonight a prominent link right near the top of Drudge Report features Obama bluntly refuting the rumor — saying if anyone has any tangible evidence whatsoever, let them cough it up now:


Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday batted down rumors circulating on the Internet and mentioned on some cable news shows of the existence of a video of his wife using a derogatory term for white people, and criticized a reporter for asking him about the rumor, which has not a shred of evidence to support it.

“We have seen this before. There is dirt and lies that are circulated in e-mails and they pump them out long enough until finally you, a mainstream reporter, asks me about it, ” Obama said to the McClatchy reporter during a press conference aboard his campaign plane. “That gives legs to the story. If somebody has evidence that myself or Michelle or anybody has said something inappropriate, let them do it. ”

Asked whether he knew it not to be true, Obama said he had answered the question.


“Frankly, my hope is people don‘t play this game, ” Obama said. “It is a destructive aspect of our politics. Simply because something appears in an e-mail, that should lend it no more credence than if you heard it on the corner. Presumably the job of the press is to not to go around and spread scurrilous rumors like this until there is actually anything, an iota, of substance or evidence that would substantiate it. ”


We are happy to see that this is nothing more than a rumor. It really doesn’t make sense that Obama’s wife would make racially divisive statements, given how much both she and Barack wish to see society shift towards the positive. It’s even more outrageous to think she’d say negative things about white people when her husband is half-Caucasian and all her in-laws are Caucasian.

When something like this gets to the point of being discussed openly in mainstream media, it’s worth paying attention. By no means was I asserting that I had special intuitive guidance that it was true — merely that it concerned me in light of prophetic dreams I’ve been having of social upheaval. As it says later in the same article, “beating back whisper campaigns is perhaps the central challenge [Obama’s] campaign faces.”

I have had several dreams indicating very positive impacts on society as a result of Obama’s presence on the world stage, and it is a relief to find out that this rumor was another ‘dirty trick’ to try to take the closure off of his hard-earned victory.



Remember — there are at least two different definitive statements in the TBRNews.org archive, from a reputable insider source from the White House, clearly establishing that Obama is NOT in the hands of the globalists.

This is vitally important news for EVERYONE who is concerned about the direction that politics, American in particular, has been taking.  

The most definitive quote was published on March 13, 2008. By slightly re-arranging the word order of the original sentence, which you can read in its initial form below, we get the following definitive quote from this trustworthy insider source:

“Obama is not in bed with the people who are the power elite. ”

They are desperate to thwart his candidacy for that reason.

One interesting point is that in this same entry, he discussed the impending release of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright tape as a coming reality the same day the story hit the mainstream press, beginning with a clip from Good Morning America. Since it was still just a rumor at that point, he didn’t even know the pastor’s now-household name — only the crippling contents of the video itself.

This does not prove the source had advance knowledge, but there have been several other cases where these updates telegraph newsworthy events days in advance.


This source is an insider, so sometimes he says inappropriate things. Please bear in mind that we do not support the viewing of any soul, regardless of their orientation, with anything other than love and forgiveness, since we are all equal parts of the Creator.

With that being said, we will not sanitize the data either to fit our own perspective. Here is the bulk of the Voice of the White House source’s relevant public statements about the election and Obama’s position within it:  


Washington, D.C., February 24, 2008: “Politics is now all the vogue in the American press. It doesn‘t matter if the economy is going to hell in a hand basket, we all get to hear the latest thrilling news about the Oscars, JayLo‘s babies, the latest Spears craziness, and, of course, Hillary and Obama dukeing it out in Texas.

The money here is on Obama. He has outfought, out organized and out talked Hillary. I have met her and while she is very smart, she is a mean, conniving and establishment-bought and paid for witch. She hates men, is very sharp and totally a sell-out. But the thing that shocks me is the elevation of John McCain to the Republican presidential nominee. Inside the Beltway, McCain is known to be going over the edge mentally (see the Green Zone Follies below, ed.) and just another sleazy politician on the take…



Washington, D.C., March 13, 2008: “Interesting piece of news of the duplicity of everyone inside the Beltway. The McCain people are terrified lest Crazy John‘s religious nut preachers‘ jabberings make serious trouble for him. In a typical alliance, the Clinton people have given the McCain people some tapes of a very emotional Chicago black minister, attacking the white establishment for years of harassment of the black community.

The McCain people, in turn, using Karl Rove‘s hate networks, are planning a Swift Boat type of attack on Obama to deflect public attention from McCain‘s vicious friends in the religious right. This is really interesting, if repulsive, because the black-stocking Republicans hate blacks, Asians, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, and liberals, equally.

While wishing to appear supporters of blacks, the Clintons, both of them, are livid with rage that a black man is kicking Hillary‘s huge ass. She thought she would be a walk-in for the Democratic nomination but now that she sees her long sought-after prize slipping from her grip, she and her people have become so frantic that they have no problem dealing with McCain, or even the vile Bush toadies.

Ergo, the Hillary people turned over inflammatory tapes by a black minister, Obama‘s pastor, to the enemy in order to destroy her enemy. This is the old Mafia slogan that says the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Hillary is known to be a sell-out to the business establishment while Obama is less certain in his allegiances so the corporate structure will support her and McCain jointly, and do everything they can to trash him…

The real loser in all of this filth- flinging is the American public and it goes almost without saying that we deserve better than both Republican and Democratic chronic and escalating vileness.

Why not address the issues? Why?

The Clinton people are in bed with the people who are the power elite and Obama is not. ”



Washington , D.C. , March 27, 2008: “Any number of interesting subjects today. First, we have incoming gen that the top Clinton people have been holding “substantive talks ” with the McCain people, trying to stop Obama‘s lead. Much speculation on how they plan to do this, in stupid defiance of Obama‘s unquestioned popular support.

If they pull off a typical back door coup, they could risk a serious public explosion from millions of people who are sick to death of their lies and thieving manipulations…”


http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2841.htm Washington , D.C. , May 15, 2008 : “The only thing spectacular now is the spectacular stupidity being exhibited by a White House enraged and frightened that the Republicans will be utterly crushed in November. This is evident in their lashing out at Obama, accusing him of encouraging terrorism which is, of course, sheer nonsense…


It is truly an extraordinary, unprecedented social development for a non-insider candidate to secure the Democratic nomination like this. We have now done our homework and dug up the relevant quotes establishing that Obama is NOT a sell-out. All the important quotes from this source related to this critical subject have now been compiled herein. 

It is truly a shame that the conspiracy-oriented media is often lumping him in with the others, as he clearly is “not in bed with the power elite” at all.

I am thrilled to see our society shifting at the governmental level as part of the greater social changes paving the way for the fourth-density shift we’re heading through now.

With that being said, we will return to our pre-update article, the two new radio shows and our conference schedule!



Hillary’s central campaign message of “Never Surrender” has effectively touched the hearts of many voters who are heavily affected by the economic changes in our society. They know that no matter how much they are hurting and how much the odds seem to be against them, they can’t ‘give up’ — they have to keep living their lives and finding a way to make it work.

By projection, it’s easy for them to project themselves, and their own issues, into Hillary’s campaign. Like so many classic hero-oriented movies, victory is always snatched out of a completely impossible situation. This is actually so common in film that it’s written right into the ‘structure’ that script readers expect to see if you ever want your screenplay to sell.

Hence, the more Obama seems certain to win and the more Hillary seems certain to lose, the more our conditioned responses from thousands and thousands of films teases the subconscious with this archetypal drama. Campaign strategists certainly understand the psycho-spiritual dynamics of how this works.

One of the most dramatic examples of this philosophy expressed in a film recently is seen in “300,” wherein a group of 300 Spartan soldiers effectively hold off a massive invading army, and ultimately inspire the rest of their people to mobilize and win the war.

In this case, the emotional intensity is further increased by Hillary being a woman.  



One unexpected twist that emerged in Sunday’s Law of Attraction radio show is that Julie, the host, said she was “pro-woman,” indicating this meant she was pro-Hillary. She felt Hillary’s campaign had done more for women than anything since earning the right to vote. That seems to summarize the emotional core of what led to Hillary seeming to pick up momentum towards the end of this campaign, winning six out of the nine remaining primaries. 

By the same token, McCain can be seen by the right as the military / political equivalent of a superhero. Not only did he fight in the war, he was a POW who refused to accept his own freedom if it came at the expense of his fellow soldiers. He never buckled under in captivity even after five-plus years of torture. The movie about his struggle is very emotionally gripping and emphasizes the noble aspects of honor in a military sense.

Nonetheless, the insider reports from TBRNews report that McCain is actually going senile, and the condition is apparently worsening at a rather dramatic pace. This may leave him exposed to potential difficulties in any actual debates with Obama, who is extremely verbally savvy.

Whether McCain is a superhero to the right or not, it remains the case that the public is sick and tired of war, and has largely turned against it. What we are seeing with this election is a very interesting dividing of our public into various camps, exposing underlying tensions and differences in opinion.

For this same reason, you will notice that I tactfully disengaged from the discussion with Julie after it was clear that to go any further would be to argue.

Again, the deeper context behind all these political squabbles is that our planet is moving into a higher frequency that is blasting out all un-loving pockets of our society into the open. On a personal level all that really matters is how you treat others, as I repeatedly iterate in these radio appearances.  



That being said, I also receive visionary information and feel a responsibility to impart it. I do still assert, as I have said on most of my recent radio appearances, that I have had more than one highly jarring dream indicating mass riots in America. I want to stress that I do not know the timeline.

Despite the speculations a lot of you have sent me in email, it is more likely that this situation would still be over a year away. Why? In the dream I apparently had enough media attention to have a rather significant impact in quelling this nationwide problem — and it is unlikely that this would happen until after CONVERGENCE is out in theaters. The film will likely lead to television appearances if it does half as well as so many dreams, synchronicities and intuitive data points have indicated it will.

Nonetheless, even before then, there are signs as to the growing popularity of our message. For example, when you go to the Harmony Festival website and click on the “Speakers” link, next to a large list of invited guests, you will see that the whole right-hand side of the webpage is dedicated to the two main appearances we have coming up at the event:


A bit further ahead we will have the most current details of where and when I will be speaking. It will be a busy weekend, that’s for sure. 

I am not certain as to whether these upheavals will happen at all, but the dreams were quite strong. Obama has largely captured the youth, and they were a bulk of the rioters in my dreams — so some sort of outrageous attack against him could be the trigger.

Of course, every Obama supporter’s deeper concern is that he could be assassinated. He himself is not hiding from this and has indicated in certain interviews that he is aware it could happen to him and is unafraid.

At the same time, it seems unlikely that he would ever offer Hillary the vice-presidential slot, because the conduct that has already occurred in this election is sufficiently ‘dirty’ to consider that such a move could be planned — even if she herself had nothing to do with it and did not know about it.

The growing number of people convinced 9/11 was inside job have learned to see that anything is possible in this world, and life is seen as a disposable commodity in the face of political, military and corporate ambition.



Remember that we CAN change the future. Perhaps I’m not seeing the real message of the dream here. We already have substantial numbers and they’re growing by the day. These numbers are more than enough to engage the “Meditation Effect,” as I call it in CONVERGENCE, and smooth out the remaining years leading into whatever will happen in 2012.

Whether or not we like or dislike one particular candidate, we can consciously work to cultivate an inner peace in our daily activities. Stress can be gently let go of, and I give many positive techniques to improve your life in each of these shows you’re about to hear.

Knowing the “big picture” helps a lot too. So many of your emails indicate that you appreciate hearing this perspective, and it is unfortunate that there are so few metaphysical speakers who see it this way. Nonetheless, my experiences have proven to me that my intuitive data is highly trustworthy, and the message has been very uniformly consistent.

That being said, you DO have a very real power to improve conditions on this planet. Rather than focusing on certain dates or a certain time each day to meditate, the real game, as I see it, is to diligently strive to find the love in each and every moment that comes your way.

In last week’s audio blog and reading I speak about this process on a personal level. I definitely have been making very positive changes in my own life and am feeling happier and happier on a general level — not just when I’m working but in all the ‘down-time’ as well.

My work is complex and filled with responsibilities, and it requires as much of my time as I can manage, but I’m finding a niche where I can do this without feeling stressed or pressured — and that’s a wonderful feeling.



The first show I did this past weekend was recorded on Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 11AM Pacific time. Henrik, the host of Red Ice Creations, has built a truly gorgeous and interactive website that has come out of nowhere and become a significant presence.




The name might not make a lot of sense — if “yellow snow” has pee in it then “red ice” might have blood in it… but nonetheless he’s a great host and clearly has a refined consciousness.

Here’s what Henrik wrote about the content of our show after it was finished:

Speaker, filmmaker, spiritual and science researcher David Wilcock from divinecosmos.com joins us to discuss everything from spiritual transformation, 2012, future positive outlook to politics and how bad things turn good as we continue on the path towards great change and awakening.

Topics discussed: Lectures, communication, IQ, the Flynn Effect, consciousness, the brain, DNA Changes, genetics, the soul, a positive view on current events: Oil, food, economy and the political game between Obama & Hillary.

We also discuss the Illuminati, their control and the power struggle, Bloodlines, mutations, natural vs. unnatural genetic changes, GMO, Project Looking Glass, S4 and the insider talking about cloning dogs and the outcome of that experiment. We also talk about stress and meditation. 

The direct link to the page featuring this show, complete with hi-fi and lo-fi download options, is:


If you would like to just jump right in and pull the hi-bandwidth MP3, here’s the link. PC users can right-click, select “Save Target As,” and then assign it to a folder such as My Music, and you’re done:



Our conversation also continued for another full hour, and is available in the members’ section of the Red Ice Creations website. You can find out more on the main page.



Then on Sunday, June 1st, at 5PM Pacific time, I appeared for one hour (and only one hour!) on Law of Attraction Radio. It did end rather abruptly, but on a positive note of completion nonetheless.




Here is a link to the page where the show is featured. It starts playing automatically as soon as you go there: 



Here is the MP3 link. Unfortunately, this server seems to suppress right-click downloading: 



A Divine Cosmos associate was kind enough to download the MP3 file and post it to his website so it can be easily downloaded. Here is the link if you have trouble with the previous one:



This show covered a wide variety of topics related to 2012, but again we got into the core of what matters most — the personal growth aspect that is the greater context behind the scientific case that can be made.

You do get a healthy dose of the science behind 2012 as well, including perhaps our clearest and most involved discussion of the “aetheric earthquake model.”

We explain the mechanics of how earthquakes are actually caused by high-pressure energetic bursts from the Earth’s core that are “attracted” to low-pressure zones. Those low-pressure zones in turn are created when large numbers of people are living in a disharmonious state.

This may not make a lot of sense until you understand that the primary energy field of the Universe is not electromagnetic energy — it is the so-called ‘torsion field’ that fundamentally interacts with — and is created by — consciousness.

This same energy field is responsible for the changes occurring through our entire Solar System and the changes affecting our overall level of intelligence. Scientific evidence also suggests it can reformat DNA into more highly evolved patterns in relatively short periods of time.



Lastly, this weekend is the big Harmony Festival event… our last scheduled appearance until August:




Here are the events we are aware of:  

Sat. 4-5:30pm — Earth Dome — Overview of 2012 / Divine Cosmos data,  no slides


Sat. 6-7pm — Eco Stage — Surviving and Thriving in our Future — guest speaker on a panel


Sun. 1-2:30pm — Community Circle — $20-50 sliding scale. ALL proceeds fund The World Family — Ethiopian Orphans and Medical Care non-profit. This will be more informal, discussion, more time for questions and answers format.


Sun. 3:30pm — Main Stage — 10 min.


Mon. 7-10pm — Post-Conference — See Below For Details!  



Here’s the writeup of our big post-conference event, which was deliberately lowered in price — by the request of the Harmony Festival staff — in order to boost attendance. This is a rare opportunity as it is below what we normally consider a fair price, but for this particular event we understand the logic and hope to see you all there: 


The 2012 Enigma:


Science, Prophecy and Transcendence




Monday, June 9th




7:00 – 10:00 pm  Intensive Workshop


Glaser Center / Unitarian Universalist Church


547 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa


(between 7th and 10th Streets, next to TV 50)




$25 at the door


For more info: Debra Giusti – [email protected]


In this intensive workshop, richly interwoven with hundreds of illustrative slides, you will learn a wealth of new paradigm information, making the case that a single, unified cause is responsible for the many different changes visible in our society, our Earth and our Cosmos — and this phenomenon is paving the way for a global transformation beyond our wildest dreams.

He will show that consciousness is not locked within our brains but is actually an energy field we all share; that evolution is triggered in set intervals of time throughout our planet’s history thanks to galactic energy fields; that our DNA is actually capable of complete transformation from one species to another by strictly energetic means; that our entire Solar System is experiencing climate change; and that top-secret government projects are very well aware of what is going on and have chosen to completely cover it up.

Best of all, David can prove this is not at all about doom and gloom. It is an energetic transformation that causes us to rise to our highest spiritual potential.

David’s first online book, CONVERGENCE, was published in 1998. Even at that time he was making unprecedented connections — showing long-term cycles in the sun’s activity that perfectly mesh with a 26,000-year cycle in the Earth, associated with the coming Age of Aquarius in 2011-2012, predicted by many different sources to herald a Golden Age for humanity.

All the key information to rebuild this knowledge is scattered throughout many ancient mythologies in a symbolic form. A superior intelligence may have deliberately installed these myths, so we could rebuild the pieces in our modern era.

CONVERGENCE also gave documented proof of a worldwide geometric grid of energy, cris-crossing over the Earth, shaping the continents and undersea ridges, and creating interdimensional portals at the nexus points — such as the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Triangle in Japan. Airplane, ship and human disappearances, time-traveling ancient creatures (including the Loch Ness Monster / Plesiosaurus) and other highly bizarre anomalies have been reported. 

Pyramids, standing stones, temples, pagodas and major cathedrals — over 4000 in total — are invariably built on this Grid to harness its powers for consciousness expansion, elimination of sickness and disease, water purification, weather modification and earthquake reduction.

Now, ten years later, David’s CONVERGENCE is set to become a defining film, blending the Da Vinci Code mystery-thriller narrative style with unprecedented new information that is already triggering a major awakening — getting people so excited they want to tell everyone they know.

David Wilcock is a visionary, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?  and explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar Cayce.



If you can’t make it to the event, listen to the shows. As always, your product orders such as the Science of Peace series not only give you the ‘primo’ material we have to offer — blending world-changing content with inspired, uplifting music composed by David and a multiple Grammy-winning musician — they are an excellent way of keeping this site alive and functioning online. We feel truly blessed to be able to avoid the distracting clutter of advertisements or long gaps of inactivity while we pursue other forms of income.

You can click on the link to get your free downloads of some of the music you’ll hear, and find out more about this formidable force for consciousness change: 





For all the techno-geeks out there, we are also happy to report that we’ve invested earnings from the last few conference appearances to get a MacBook Pro. The 2012 Enigma video caused well over a week of almost complete non-use of our one and only laptop, mostly for rendering time where you cannot touch the computer or risk losing everything.

Such a long period of down-time made it impossible to do another video until an as-yet-undetermined oasis of “free time” arrived — so now we can set up the Mac for rendering and not be interrupted. Believe it or not, we have several sources that could turn into full-length videos. We have yet to take the time to study the footage and see what can be considered usable from within it.

We also invested the rest of the profits into purchasing Final Cut Studio 2. From what we’ve seen of the software so far, we will be able to hit significantly higher levels of production value in upcoming projects. It will very likely prove to have been worth it!

We also occasionally receive large donations, and these are truly marvelous blessings. We thank you for your vital help in making this breakthrough possible! It will be a rather steep learning curve — the box alone has five inches of books in it — but there are good video tutorials and our future videos are going to ROCK!

As always, we try to keep as much of our content free as possible, including the videos, as this information is vitally important to our future and utterly unavailable anywhere else.

We thank you for your continued interest and support!