Saturday, January 20, 2018
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URGENT: Wilcock's YouTube Channel "Permanently Disabled" Due to Fake Copyright Strikes From One Individual

David Wilcock's only official YouTube channel has been "permanently disabled" after four fake copyright strikes by a single individual, going by the name "Alec Theodore Wallace."

Ever since December 21st, we have been writing multiple, detailed letters, to everyone we knew "on the inside" at YouTube, with our Internet attorney in the To: field, and got nothing.

Now an anonymous individual has managed to destroy David's entire YouTube presence. His stolen videos are still online and he is earning felony Grand Theft-level profits from them.

This is punishable by up to three years in prison if he gets caught, particularly with his other crimes factored in -- as we will discuss. Wild stuff.

What could possibly have allowed this to happen? There is a much greater cosmic story going on here when we consider the content of the deleted videos themselves, so read on.

If this could happen to David, it could happen to anyone else in this field as well. And there are signs that it already is. We need to hang together or we will hang separately.

Get the intriguing facts of this case -- and find out how you can help us regain David's identity. Please don't attack YouTube's staff about this -- we need their help.

UPDATED 1/1, 1/2. This investigation got results. Less than 24 hours after posting this expose', we were back up. See Section Two. Happy New Year 2017!



At the time of this writing, you can go ahead and click on any of these following links and see the same message.

My four top videos were all killed off by a single person -- the Honorable Sir Alec Theodore Wallace:



David Wilcock | Corey Goode: Endgame II-- The Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/ Cabal Rescue Plan
David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries | Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil
David Wilcock: The Synchronicity Key | Pt. 1 of the Full Video!
David Wilcock: Intro to The Synchronicity Key, Ver. 1 (ORIGINAL)


Say what? These were four of our most popular videos. Together they had more than two million views. Three out of four helped launch my published books.

The last two videos announced my book The Ascension Mysteries -- well before it came out in August 2013. That's right. Over three and a half years ago.

Ascension Mysteries and Endgame II were my YouTube comeback videos for 2016 after a long absence, as I finally picked up the author's pen once more.

These videos were the beginning of a whole new push that was intended to ramp up big-time in 2017. Both were doing phenomenally well.

Ascension had over 350,000 views and Endgame II was pushing 150,000. That's half a million altogether -- amazing numbers in today's competitive market.

My channel had been online since August 2010 without a single copyright strike -- because I make my own videos with my own content.



Thankfully, Gaia is privately-owned, and all 300+ episodes I have on there are secure. This includes my recent appearance on our new show, Buzzsaw with Sean Stone.

Everything I talk about in that episode is directly relevant to what is going on right now. You can see everything for 99 cents in the first month with no penalty fees.

As explained in Endgame II, we have already been put on the "Fake News" kill list, so your help is needed now more than ever. Thanks!



So who the hell is Alec Theodore Wallace?

Let's just make this loud and clear: I am not a robot. My site is My only official YouTube channel is/was

I make my own videos sometimes. I get up in front of a camera and ad-lib my way through Keynote slides. Most of my videos are in front of my audiences.

Copyright is automatically generated when a creator releases content into the public domain. Here it is from attorney Sara Hawkins: 

Copyright attaches as soon as the original work is created, and applies to both published and unpublished works.

As soon as you type words, click the shutter on your camera (or, for many of you, hit the home button on your iPhone), apply paint to canvas or paper or lay down tracks for your next hit, you’ve got a copyright....


I hold the copyright for all of these videos.

Let me say it in plain English:

The thing is, is that, this should be obvious... since it's, like, my face, my voice, my information and stuff, ya know. Duh!



Every video we have ever made is now dead. Nor can we post any more of them. Our team has a mega-update to the deleted Endgame II video that is now dead in the water until this clears up.

I also just bought a teleprompter so I can read the new articles I write and make videos out of them. That ain't gonna happen until we get through this.

The last 45 minutes of the original Endgame II video did not have changing visuals, but the final version now awaiting release in our hard drives absolutely does.

The /davidwilcock333 channel no longer exists, even though it was my only official YouTube outlet.

Unless we start committing fraud like Sir Wallace, I am not legally allowed to create new channels either. Those are the rules YouTube put in place.

I represent a whole team of people working in alliance. In one utterly ridiculous series of events, we have been vanquished by a faceless attacker.

Well played, sir, well played.



Up until this ridiculous and lethal strike happened, I had never heard of this person. We started to get inundated with your questions immediately.

All of my videos were either made by myself or with one or two trusted associates who I have immediate access to. My copyright attaches to the videos automatically.

The YouTube system held me guilty as charged, and gave me no recourse when this mysterious individual stole and then destroyed my identity.

Every letter I wrote in was greeted with a robotic response. Then when I finally did get a human being, he disappeared after promising an investigation.

Another robo-letter then said they "spoke to the team" and the case was closed. We lose. He wins. Period.

The real guy did say the holidays were going to delay the team's investigation, but this has already been going on for over a week. The next business day isn't until January 2nd.

Alec Theodore Wallace. Dude.

Who the heck uses a full three-part name these days anyway?



Here is what you will see on the first of these four YouTube links.




This video used to be a one-hour-and-52-minute narration of our previous article, ENDGAME II.

I narrated it. Corey Goode's video guy added the images. There was no "Pizzagate" content in it, so it can't be from the alleged ban on that topic either.

How does a random, anonymous individual come to think he can own my voice, my writing, my narration and my content -- jointly produced with Corey Goode and his team?

The other three links to my book-promoting videos also say the copyright claims were made by "Alec Theodore Wallace," as you can see for yourself.

Who's name is on the cover of those books? How many books has Alec Theodore Wallace written? Has anyone ever even seen him?



I'm reaching a bit now, but come on. Something is going on. This just doesn't smell right.

Let's try to find out who this guy is -- and how he came to believe that he owns my voice, face and creative work.

Nothing whatsoever comes up in a Google search for this name except for pissed-off people, myself included, wondering who the hell this guy is.

President Theodore Roosevelt was often referred to as "Teddy", and had a popular children's toy named after him.

Therefore, our insider code-name for this fine fellow is the Teddy Bear.

You are now on a need-to-know basis. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Teddy just opened up a can of whoop-ass.




You want to know what song I feel should be playing in the background right now? Let's take a moment of zen and really appreciate this.



It's "Family Snapshot," from Peter Gabriel's eponymous third solo album from 1980, often called "Melt."

This song is constantly playing in the background of my mind right now, so you might as well share the soundtrack along with me as you read this.



In my opinion this album is one of the most under-appreciated works of genius in rock history. It definitely helped get me through high school.

The whole album is a meditation on the criminal mastermind, ending up with him using a spoon to eat in the mental hospital after he has been captured for murder.

Then Peter goes on to honor one of the victims -- a truly great hero, Steven Biko -- in a song that still makes every hair on my body stand up:




If I am going to get into an argument about who is the best rock vocalist and composer of all time, Peter Gabriel would be very high on my list.

Steven is right up there too, and he just won a UN humanitarian award for "Janie's Got a Fund," creating advocacy support for victims of sexual violence.



We knew this was coming for months and it is great to finally announce it. Both of these artists have used their public platform to create positive changes in the world.

Steven has already raised $2 million and is auctioning off his most expensive toy, one of only 12 Hennesey Venom GT sports cars in the world, to help kick-start this fund.



As I just leaked on Jimmy Church's radio show the day before the attack, Steven and I have been friends for three years.

He's a very busy guy and we don't talk that often, but he did show up as a surprise guest for my 40th birthday party.

Kerry Cassidy was there among about 25 others. I coached everyone on how to handle it before he arrived: "Don't act like you have any idea who he is!"

Steven is really 'into' the metaphysical stuff and his new solo album, We're All Somebody from Somewhere, is truly superb in its musical and spiritual content.

We are all going through Ascension in our own ways. Music can be a valuable tool for our self-transformative process.

Never did I think that I would be able to empathize with Peter Gabriel's "Family Snapshot" so deeply -- a song written from the inner perspective of a Lee Harvey Oswald-type assassin.

Hmm. Why do these guys always end up with three-part names?



Now let's drill into this outrageous violation a little deeper and look under the hood -- mixing metaphors madly.

Here is what I was seeing within YouTube's own Content Manager before I got completely locked out of my own account.

I blocked out part of his email address in this image, even though Mr. Wallace posted mine on the internet and encouraged people to send "hate mail" to it.

More on that in a bit.

For now, take a look at what I started seeing as of December 21st, nearly ruining my entire Christmas vacation:



Wait a minute... how does "Alec Theodore Wallace" have anything to do with David Wilcock and Corey Goode?

Quick answer: He doesn't.

Just wait... it gets worse and worse.

"I.....I've been waiting for this...."



Notice also that the above email, which we have partially obscured to preserve the privacy of his assumed identity, has the name of Alfred Wallace.

"Alec" is generally short for Alexander. Alec is an entirely different first name than Alfred.



Now you've got Ted and Fred. But apparently they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Two integral components of a $--+ sandwich.

This is a hot lunch I got served up right during the holidays, with no recourse but to shout at the walls in disbelief as the plane hurtled to the ground.



Alfred Wallace is an important historical figure -- the co-discoverer of the Theory of Evolution, who co-published a paper with Charles Darwin in 1858:



Hardly anyone else is competing for the name of "Alfred Wallace" on a Google search.

You have to go seven pages deep to find any other man on earth named Alfred Wallace. He then happens to be a professor at the University of Idaho.

Finally on the ninth page you find another one, but only with Wallace as the middle name -- Alfred Wallace Downer, from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

One small problem -- "Wally" Downer died in 1994. 22 years ago now.

Other than these two guys, all you get for pages and pages is links to Alfred Russel Wallace, the forgotten co-discoverer of the Theory of Evolution.



Alfred Wallace's theory was that the best killers are the most highly evolved individuals on earth. They are the force that causes our species to transform.

Therefore, since this dude somehow managed to murder all of my videos, he appears to have built a sardonic joke into his assumed name.

He is "hiding it out in the open," if you will. We've already written extensively about certain folks who use tricks like this to get results.

He may also think that most people will not take the time to research his assumed name -- which is about three seconds of work -- and discover its origins.



I have no idea how "Mr. Wallace" was able to successfully accomplish this epic attack.

Two of the videos have been promoting my second NYT best-selling book, The Synchronicity Key, since before its release in August 2013.

How could Mr. Wallace own the copyright on three David Wilcock videos, produced and directed by DW, starring DW, about books DW wrote for Penguin?

And why didn't the automated YouTube system simply check to see which video was posted first?

How did I end up getting treated as guilty until proven innocent for over a week -- until my entire identity was scrubbed off of YouTube completely?




The Teddy Bear came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

And he's all out of bubble gum.



This is one bear that definitely does not hibernate in the winter. Someone woke him up... and he is very grumpy.

That someone was me.

It all started when I filed a copyright strike against him after he stole my new video and rudely burned in his website address... throughout the entire thing.

He also hacked it down from one hour and 52 minutes to 59 minutes.

This was a critical intel update. I wonder what exactly he censored.

And Times New Roman font? Gross. At least use a sans serif font like Arial!



Hey, wait... isn't that the copywritten image of the alleged "Pre-Adamite" giants from Corey Goode's own visual FX team?

Yep, that's the one.

The Teddy Bear translates Copyright as the Right to Copy.



Here are two images from my official, verified Twitter account of when this video, /wu854P7gzJ4, first went up -- December 14th, 2016.

The blue check-mark you see is confirmation that this is the "real David Wilcock", not an impostor account:


Doesn't that code, wu854..., look familiar? It should. It's the digital name for the first video the Teddy Bear claimed the Right to Copy for.



Here is a snapshot of the Teddy Bear's stolen version, complete with the date -- December 17th, 2016. This is three days AFTER the original came out:



Shouldn't YouTube have an automated system that decisively judges whose copy appeared first? Apparently not.

When we filed a takedown against this stolen copy on "Ancient Aliens TV," it was already at 45,000 views.

Corey's copy had over 200,000 and I was at about 135,000. We had a soaring viral success on our hands. I didn't put any ads in my version, as usual.

How does that type of a smash hit look to a con artist?

If you don't care about getting your own private room in the Big House, it looks like a high-speed Concorde jet stuffed with money.




As this horrible saga went on, Ted filed three strikes, which is a kill shot. Apparently this works even if it's done by one single individual only.

When the first counter-strike notice came in, YouTube's system effectively says if you are not willing to file a lawsuit right on the spot, then don't bother:



The second half of this letter had an absolutely bizarre legal attack in it from "Mr. Wallace," stridently asserting copyright where none existed:



The address and telephone number traced back to one of the most expensive hotels in Iceland. Huh?

The two-digit number in the blacked-out part of the address was also incorrect by one digit, as a simple Google search confirmed.

How are you supposed to "serve legal process" to an individual with an obvious pseudonym -- who gives you a slightly-incorrect hotel address and telephone number?

I have blocked out this information just in case he actually has the dough to live there. 

By comparison, when Mr. Wallace gained my information, he blasted it out on the internet and instructed his viewers to send "hate mail" to my YouTube email address.



As you can see, the first strike and counter-notification came in from Ted as of December 21st.

This also happens to be the Winter Solstice, an important ceremonial date. 

He quickly hit me with two more strikes against videos he absolutely had no Right to Copy, and certainly did not own, on December 23rd, just two days before Christmas.

Now I had three strikes. I had already been writing YouTube in a panic. I was astonished.

My channel would be dead in seven days... right during the longest holiday blackout period of the entire year.

The longest I could wait was until December 30th -- the day before New Year's. No one would be working normal hours during that time. It was checkmate.



Ted then demanded that I reverse my single, existing strike against him, thereby re-uploading his stolen copy, in order to save my channel.

I politely complied -- under duress.

I knew he was in complete violation of copyright, and had told him he was committing serious criminal offenses. My attorney was included in the To: field.

He was amazingly persistent and felt he was in the right. I honestly had never seen or heard of anything like this. He acted like he was untouchable.



Ted knew he had the gun. YouTube was doing nothing. As it went on, he became extremely rude and demeaning.

Yes, I actually had multiple email exchanges with "Alec Theodore Wallace."

He said he was an admirer of my work. "I don't really hate you... I don't care what you do... We were made for each other, me and you..."



YouTube AdSense revenues are generally estimated at being roughly 7 dollars per 1000 views if you put a "rollout ad" at the beginning of your video.

Almost all of the stolen videos we will discuss do just that -- and more.

The article "You Can Make Six Figures as a YouTube Star and Still End Up Poor" profiled a YouTube star who was making $7.60 per 1000 clicks.

An often-reproduced article on estimates five to eight dollars of revenue per 1000 clicks.

The dollar value increases when the audience has more "engagement" with the subject of the video, as in the case of a known public figure like myself. 

Therefore, at the $7 per 1000-view price point, a video with 100,000 views adds up to 700 dollars of stolen revenue.



In the one week since my reversal, his stolen copy has skyrocketed to well over 220,000 hits. It's probably one of the best YouTube scams he's ever pulled off.

Based on the average of $7 per 1000 clicks for video ads that roll at the beginning, he has now made over $1555 in estimated AdSense revenues.



Will they pay him?

If so, it's potentially a felony. It's called Grand Theft in the state of California, where YouTube disputes for anyone outside the US must be litigated.

Ted claims to be living in Reykjavik, Iceland, so therefore this case will be subject to California law as per YouTube's own notification.

Let's now take a look at what that law actually says, from trusted sources, just so we are clear on this.



In the US, the 1976 Copyright Act introduced the doctrine of "Fair Use" in section 107.

The Endgame II video was an audio narration of an article jointly written by Corey and me. That means we are the copyright holders.

In the case of written works like an article, the guidelines are very straightforward and strict.

I know them well after having three different published books with Dutton, a Penguin label. You cannot quote more than 500 words from a published work, as a single excerpt.

This is explained on a University of Pittsburgh website on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, among countless others:


...Although there is no precise definition of the concept of fair use, there are some informal quantitative rules of thumb that we can apply.

Prose quotations of more than 500 words in one passage or 2,000 words throughout the manuscript, if from a single copyrighted source, probably ought to be cleared....

If the material quoted—poetry or prose—represents a significant portion of a work, permission must be secured regardless of the total number of words.


Anything over 500 words requires written permission. Period. And if a "significant portion" of a work is copied, it is copyright infringement, which is a crime. 



As it says on the Purdue University Copyright Office website, copyright infringement is no laughing matter.

The legal penalties for copyright infringement are:

  1. Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits.
  2. The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed.
  3. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs.
  4. The Court can issue an injunction to stop the infringing acts.
  5. The Court can impound the illegal works.
  6. The infringer can go to jail.


In short, copyright laws do not permit you to duplicate the contents of an article we wrote and sell ads off of it. "Fair Use" for written works only extends to 500 words.



Any stolen monies that are less than $950 are considered "petty theft" under Ca. Penal Code § 514, which is a misdemeanor, subjecting a defendant to a possible jail sentence of six months or less, and a fine of up to $1,000.

Once it crosses the line and goes over $950 -- or a total of approximately 136,000+ YouTube views -- it becomes Grand Theft, also known as Grand Larceny.

Grand Theft can potentially become a felony under California Penal Code §§ 484 to 502.9.

As it says on, a felony Grand Theft conviction can lead to "state prison time of 16 months, 2, or 3 years."

In other words, if your stolen video of our content does really well, and you actually make a thousand dollars, it could ruin your whole life.



Ted promised we could resolve this "HAPPILY and amicably" if I did as he asked. He lied.

Here is one of his emails expressing his Right to Copy philosophy.

This was December 23rd, immediately after he hit me with the second and third strikes, creating a kill shot:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alfred Wallace
Date: Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: Happy to resolve your complaint...
To: David Wilcock

Dear David,

Firstly I have the full commercial rights to the content portrayed in the digital media outlined.
You however do not own ALL the digital media in your production. You do not have the rights from me to use some or any of my content. And I have declared what it is.
[DW: Never once did he claim or attempt to prove that a single image, audio track or written content in the presentation was his. Either way, "Fair Use" does allow for the use of images for informational and educational purposes.]
You should think before you serve copyright strikes especially when you are serving them on the copyright owner!
You have struck my channel without the full copyright to do so. Remove YOUR copyright strike against me and I will do the same. HAPPILY and amicably.
I like your content and am still willing to promote. With respect to any other websites advertised they are nothing to do with me. You will have to contact those parties direct.
I can advertise whoever I like on my channel. Twitter or websites, Including you if you like, for free. But please be sensible.
24 hours to reply



When it was time for him to re-upload his versions, he claimed he couldn't get the system to work.

The videos did not appear on the Claims Retraction page, he said... yet this could have easily been Photoshopped:



I had absolutely no trouble reversing my claim. And why would the blue box say "these videos" if there were no videos below it?

Every strike you ever make is on permanent record and shows up in the window at the link I sent him.

He could very easily have copied the line "No videos were found" from another one of his YouTube channels, since he appears to have many of them.



He then forwarded me emails where he claimed to be asking YouTube to reverse his copyright claims, saying it was a "dire" and "urgent" situation.

It appeared that he was following the proper procedure, emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I have no way of proving whether or not he actually sent those emails. My guess is that he never did.

Either way, nothing happened.

The silence was deafening. I tried to enjoy the Christmas season with my family and it was very hard not to talk about this the whole time.



In this next email from the day before Christmas, he continued to shame and insult me for enforcing my own copyright, even though I had already backed off.

He also gave me "his word" that he would fix this:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Alfred Wallace
Date: Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: Happy to resolve your complaint...
To: David Wilcock

Hi David,

This is a dire situation. It didn't have to go this far, and I gave you every opportunity for it not to do so. I Will endeavour to fix all this as you have retracted your claim as promised. My word.
Actions have consequences as you have now learned. I will do my utmost to resolve. The servers in Iceland update here 9am local time. Midnight West coast.
It's xmas eve here and I am make this my priority checking in the email thread. Until YouTube respond I am waiting.
Don't worry we will fix this. I have also lost 2 days earnings on a video at peak time. Which is minimal compared to you.
I am in business too so let's resolve. Iceland is a different system and believe it or not we want results as well as resolutions.


Two days' earnings? Minimal compared to me? Up until now I haven't advertised on YouTube at all. And why insult the victim when you've already won?

Again... in order to afford to do this full time, I have three jobs -- Gaia, writing books and doing conferences. I rent one house. I have one car that is a 2002. 

Without juggling all three of these jobs, I couldn't make it. All this work leads to an extremely busy life with hardly any time left over for friends or recreation.

Additionally I have taken on the greatest negative forces on earth despite ongoing threats and the real possibility of danger to my personal safety.

I have always had trouble with people trying to unfairly cash in on all of this as if it is a business, when for me it is a fight for the future of humanity.



After four more horrible days with no results, a desperately ticking clock and not a word from YouTube -- effectively ruining Christmas -- I sent him a final email asking him what was going on:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Wilcock
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: Happy to resolve your complaint...
To: Alfred Wallace, [DW's Attorney]


I am still getting nowhere with YouTube. Please continue trying to revert your copyright strikes on your side as I did for you. Otherwise I will have to do Copyright School and there will be no new videos for three months.

At the very least if you could send me confirmation of the written attempts you made for all three of the takedowns, that would help.
Thanks --




His response to my very polite request was to file yet ANOTHER fake copyright strike!

What happened to his word? What happened to any of the promises he had made up until then? Was anything that he told me actually true?

Finally I was seeing the ugly truth. It sure looked like he was just playing me the entire time. This is what I was now seeing:


Here is a view of another screen I was seeing where all four of these YouTube link codes were pictured, along with their strike notifications:


YouTube still said nothing. I had three days left.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.




I took Copyright School, as instructed, after firmly stating in writing to YouTube that this was not an admission of guilt.

The guidelines appeared to indicate that this would preserve my channel for three months, during which time I would only be restricted from uploading to it.

The video was a simple four minute and 39-second cartoon that explained things I already knew, followed by answering four questions:



Their main purpose, other than to reinforce what you just heard, was to point out that copyrights protect images, audio and video, not people.

I went to bed feeling relieved that I had finally taken action and this thing should now be over until someone actually figures out what happened within their support crew.



And Boom! My channel was dead. Not for three months, as it appeared to say beforehand, but permanently. Copyright school only sped up the inevitable.




Check out the logos on his channel, Ancient Aliens TV. Check out the website name,

"Oh, it's Ancient Aliens!" No, it's not. I have direct contact with them. They do not know who he is and do not want his "help with advertising."

I would strongly recommend not giving them your credit card information for any reason, as this may well be a 'phishing' scam. I knew that all along.



The first thing Ted did after I filed the original strike was to publicly post my real YouTube email address. In later emails he blamed this on his "Business Partner."

Even better, he encouraged people to send "hate mail" to me at this address, as you can see.



Corey set his own copy of Endgame II to Private, since it seemed this guy could temporarily get away with murder during the holiday season.

Here's the problem. His 'earnings' from stealing our content have already made him so much money -- roughly $1555 and counting -- that it is a felony.

The "wobbler" clause in Grand Theft cases could easily tip over into felony category by the fact that he is also impersonating a major media corporation.

Iceland may well be a safe haven, but even then this is an incredibly risky move.

Anyone doing this would have to be extremely sophisticated and quite confident that they can evade any and all consequences for their actions.



Why would this random individual be so angry at me? Why not just apologize for stealing the video and burning his logo into it, and walk away?

I didn't even bother to attack any of the other videos of mine he had stolen. 

Also notice the timing of when these uploads occurred. All but one of them were 6 days ago from the time the photo was taken -- December 23rd, 2016.

In other words, he uploaded four out of five stolen videos in a single day -- Decebmer 17th -- followed by another on December 18th.

So, on the day he stole our Endgame II video, he didn't just do one... he did four, and another one the next day.



How could someone be this confident? And what exactly were we stumbling over here?

I have reason to believe that Ancient Aliens TV may be only one channel within a much greater fraud operation that we have been quietly investigating all year. 

Thousands of you have been writing in and complaining about all the fake videos -- and this is the first time I am speaking to you about it.

My identity has been stolen on an industrial scale -- across dozens of YouTube channels -- for all of 2016.

Many others in my field are being hit by these same channels -- in fact almost everyone.

The "Ancient Aliens TV" channel openly features industrial-scale theft of videos from all the major stars on the show.

They get taken down and more just keep coming up. It has been utterly incredible to watch... and very depressing.



It all started in 2015, after I filed copyright strikes and takedowns on a fake David Wilcock channel -- three different times.

Suddenly they started blooming like mushrooms after a hard rain. That's what 2016 has been like for me. Behind the scenes this has been deeply upsetting.

I have drastically curtailed the number of radio shows I would do as a result, just to try to give this person or group less "New" content to steal.

YouTube says you must pursue justice through individual takedown notices only. Their system is simply not equipped for anything on this level of scale.

The size and complexity of what is going on is so vast that this would be impossible without at least three full-time employees -- maybe even as many as 20.

Is it possible that one individual could be coordinating all of this? Is it possible that I finally spoke to him after an entire year of stealing my identity on an epic scale?

I believe so.



At least three times I have been "almost on the brink" of making a major public statement or video about this, but then stopped to focus on other things.

All that footage is still in the can and can be brought out as needed.

I have strong reason to believe that I have now come face-to-face in cyberspace with the guy who has been masterminding this operation all along.

The Teddy Bear. The Grand Pooh, if you will.



Ted may be stealing content from everyone in the entire Seeking Truth field -- in every sub-category -- all across the board.

Name a name on Ancient Aliens. Name a UFO researcher. Name someone exposing financial tyranny. Get creative.

YouTube never seems to be able to get to the root of this problem.

If you think I'm being overly paranoid, just wait until you survey the evidence. It is hard to believe, and it would take multiple employees to pull this off.

Worst of all, even after humiliating me in written emails about how much money he thinks I make, if this is him, then he has almost certainly profited far more from my labors than I have.

Why should one guy's crime ring be draining everyone else's vitally-needed ad revenues, if that is in fact what is going on? It's not fair and someone needs to speak up about it.



All of this data has already been turned over to YouTube in emails that up until now seem to have been almost completely ignored.

Yet, almost all of the impersonating channels I pointed out in the below email from August have since been taken down for fraud. I have no idea how this was accomplished but it didn't come from me.

There are obviously going to be others re-uploading videos as well, but sure seemed obvious all along that we were looking at a centralized operation.

Here is a typical splash screen that you now see when clicking on one of the below channel links:



Notice the strength of the wording: Multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices and misleading content.



By comparison, this is the letter that now appears on my own channel that Mr. Wallace took down:



In case you can't see it, the message says "This account has been terminated becasue we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted."

That's a much less severe-sounding note.



You are about to read a partial excerpt, with links, of a major email to YouTube that ultimately got me nowhere.

I honestly do not think any of us are going to stop the Teddy Bear, if he really is doing all of this. The trick is simply to adapt to him and figure out how to increase security.

Later in August, I filmed myself going through all of the following channels while they were still alive and well. It is absolutely astonishing to watch.

The number of stolen David Wilcock videos that could be uploaded, per day, could be as many as 12 to 20 on one single channel.

Most of them had very few hits, but about one in 25 did well. About one in 75 did very well.



The channels almost all used the same three or four different splash-art graphics at the top of the channel page. This leaf is the most common one:



In addition to many of the deleted channels I filmed, the same formula is still being used on many other active channels, along with the same art, as you are about to see.

These images were occasionally paired with images of Asian girls to make it appear that this was being done out of Southeast Asia.

I expect Ted will be very busy in the virtual "shredding room" tonight, if he is the guy actually doing all of this. We have already documented everything.



Right for now, you can click on these links to channels stealing either Ancient Aliens episodes, DW or both, and see the connections.

This data was sent in to YouTube on December 26th, under Subject: Re: [0-4185000015108] [1-1317000015183] YouTube Partner Support PROOF OF HUGE THEFT OF ANCIENT ALIENS EPISODES BY SAME MAN.








Other channels that appear to also be the work of the same person include:

Traveling the Stars guccii (Same image as Eugene J. Morgan)
Eugene J. Morgan (Again pic of Asian girl)
1stHiVong        (55 videos)
John Winder         (145 videos)
Ancient Mysteries Solved
Tom kevin
La Oha (18 stolen David Wilcock videos, nothing else)
David Wilcock HD (14 stolen David Wilcock videos, nothing else)
David Wilcock 2016 (23 stolen David Wilcock videos, nothing else)
Gene Jordan (Stolen Ancient Aliens content as well as a Wilcock video)


It goes without saying that watching bootleg copies of these episodes on YouTube is stealing from me, the other talents and the production company.

Please use legitimate avenues to watch them instead.



Here is the original letter that was written back in August, before I had retained an attorney to help me fight this incredible problem.

Countless thousands of people have been complaining about the massive number of "fake" David Wilcock videos that are of old radio shows, but marked as new.

[UPDATE NEXT MORNING: Jimmy Church revealed last night that the same thing was happening to him. He has 578 radio shows out there. He was doing at least 50 takedowns a day in groups of 10 until he got a partner affiliate company to handle it for him.

Thousands of people were writing vicious hate comments about false advertising and over-indulgence in ads, as if he had done all of this himself.

I have had the same experience. This epic theft has created enormous bad blood in the community. It makes us all look like money-grubbing pirates. Some of these videos have 20 ads laced through them. Guys, it's not us!]

You can just scroll through this email until the red text returns if you don't want to go through all the specific details.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Wilcock <___>
Date: Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 5:17 AM
Subject: Re: [7-7777000012905] URGENT: Truly awe-inspiring scope of identity theft discovered. What do we do about it?
To: [YouTube Staff]

In short: I have identified at least 15 different channels that are all stealing my content on an industrial scale that is nothing short of staggering.

They must have realized they can harness the draw that I have and create enough AdSense money to keep doing it.
Here is the problem:
Every radio show or public performance I have ever done, many of which are quite old, is being re-packaged as "2016" and "New" and re-uploaded constantly.
This is fraud. My audience is being massively misled. Legitimate videos are being absolutely buried in mountains of "new" garbage on a daily basis.

There is an awesome malevolence behind this. Your privacy complaint form requests that I contact the individual myself.

In no way do I want to engage with whomever is doing this, as it seems unlikely to be only one person.
I can only conclude that there must be some sort of software bot that they are using to do this, as the scope is utterly enormous.

You literally have to see it to believe it. That requires a brief but revealing investment of your time in clicking on the "All Videos" lists below.
Many of these channels have similar-sounding generic titles and are using the same or similar graphics on their title screens, as you can see.
They show no evidence of a personality who is filming him or herself and are strictly re-uploading material that is not of their copyright.
Notice that other big names in my field such as David Icke, Jim Willie, Paul Craig Roberts and Gerald Celente are also being attacked the same way:



[30 videos total, all David Wilcock and / or Corey Goode, the co-star of my show]
Andrew Wommack 2016
[First 11 videos are all David Wilcock, the rest a Christian preacher]
Corey Goode 2016
[This channel was called “David Wilcock” until I took down three duplicate videos. Corey Goode is my co-star. Almost 100 percent stolen DW videos.]
Alien 2020
[Massive amount of "David Wilcock" stolen videos, even on first screen that comes up]
David Wilcock 2016 HD
[THE ONE example in my list you guys actually took down! Thanks!]
Conspiracy News 2016
[Same stolen Wilcock videos as always on first screen, this time with "AUGUST" prominently in the title, and "NEW" -- but they are not]
Latest Economy News
[Click “Load More” three times to start seeing the same DW videos]
Economic TV 2017 
[Click “Load More” twice to see the beginning of all the DW videos]
Finance Department
[Click “Load More” twice to see the beginning of all the DW videos]


There are about six other channels I could send you that have fewer of my videos and more of others in my field.

However, any one of them has at least five of the same stolen videos re-uploaded.
Given the choice of channel names, graphics, the people who are being stolen from and the complete lack of film of private individuals or the establishment of identities, I believe these are all the work of the same individual or group.
This person may be making enough to survive by doing this, but it is absolutely strangling all legitimate content from YouTube of several individuals in my field.
Any help you can provide us with would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the other examples I found of the same person or group doing their work, where I am not so blatantly being ripped off.
Notice the relentless similarities of the style and format in many cases, including very simple titles with "2016" at the end as one example:


News 2016
David Paulides 2016
David Wilcock 2016 / David Wilcock The Source Field
David Wilcock 2016 – discovery David Wilcock and interview 2016
David Wilcock 2016 – Event Horizon the prophecies and
David Wilcock 2016 – David Wilcock Sympton Spiritual
David Wilcock 2016 – Corey Goode Interview Secret Space
Planet x nibiru 2016
The Watchmen 2016
Cobra interview 2016
New World Order 2016
Economic News
[Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, David Icke, Paul Craig Roberts, Steve Quayle etc – massive numbers of the same stolen videos]
Brave Economists
Despejando Enigmas
[47 videos, at least 44 are re-posted Corey Goode]
[Great deal of stolen Dr. Greer videos (16), Linda Moulton Howe (14)]
full documentary
Ferre Report
[Six videos, five of which are stolen Dr. Steven Greer videos, two include David Icke]
Space Natives
[Fifteen stolen Dr. Greer videos. No David Wilcock.]
Alex Bennett
Mekon Huhe
dsads dsaf
Top New Documentary
The Lions Den
[Massive amount of stolen David Icke content]

I know this is a lot to look at, and it affects others in my field besides just myself. I do not believe this will go away even if all of these are taken down, but I do believe this is a good start.
A serious investigation is required into what is going on here. I believe people are buying short-term mobile phones, validating these accounts and hiding their identity.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. This may also include a workflow for me to continue reporting these channels as they pop up.





Our immediate recommendation is for you to please NOT threaten or harass YouTube personnel about this.

We do not expect to get any personalized customer service for this investigation until after New Year's Day. In the meantime we are dead in the water.

While writing this article, we were contacted by a good friend who appears to have a more direct access point to YouTube. Hopefully that will speed this up.

In the meantime, let's now cover the cosmic aspects of this strange and depressing story in Section Two.








The article I jointly wrote with Corey Goode, ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis, has been a viral sensation, with over 178,000 hits at the time of this writing:



This article was written based on intel gathered from multiple high-level sources working in the patriotic, positive aspects of the government to fight tyranny.

The content may seem "woo-woo" to some people, but we were dutifully passing along information from trusted, verified sources at the highest levels.

My work with top insider sources has been documented ever since I attended Dr. Steven Greer's original Disclosure Project event in May 2001, where 39 high-level whistleblowers came forward.

I also starred with Dr. Greer in the movie SIRIUS, and was identified as an attendee of the Disclosure Project in the film.

In early December, our insiders urged us to release this latest information about Antarctica as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, we were told that we would get 'scooped,' and it would appear that we were copying something that was already in the public domain.

I worked as hard and as fast as I possibly could to get ENDGAME II out -- and our sources were immediately proven correct.

This was a truly astonishing and unexpected turn of events.



Just a few hours after we launched ENDGAME II, the Daily Star tabloid published almost the exact same information we had just leaked, in a more condensed form:



In case you missed the update, let's read a part of this again, as it fully corroborated the core of what our insiders had just asked us to pass along:

US Air Force Lt. Colonel Harold Z Ohlmeyer sent a letter in 1960 to Professor Hapgood saying his theory on the Piri Reis map [from 1513] was correct.

He wrote: “The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.

“This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. This part of Antarctica [is] ice free.

“The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick.”



Conspiracists now think Hapgood was right and he discovered that much of the south pole was ice free – and also the location of The Lost City of Atlantis.

The existence of this mythical utopia was first mentioned in the writings by ancient Greek philosopher Plato in 360 BC.

The Atlantis that Plato described was founded by people who were half god and half human around 9,000 years before his own time.



As a regular star on Ancient Aliens, the top show on History Channel with over 100 episodes total, I routinely get lists of questions featuring the results of their research.

As a Consulting Producer, I also regularly contribute my own research to the show, which often appears in the statements you see me making on camera.

With this level of engagement, I can honestly say there is no consensus whatsoever among "Ancient Astronaut Theorists" that the founders of Atlantis were "half god and half human."



This is, however, precisely what the Elite believe about their own prehistory -- as I exhaustively documented in The Ascension Mysteries.

The "half god and half human" hybrids under discussion are the same "Fallen Angels" referred to in the Bible -- the Nephilim. 

This is a key element of the weird, occult religion the elite practice at the highest levels, according to multiple whistleblowers.

Specifically, they believe Lucifer is one of a group of extraterrestrial humans who crash-landed here and interbred with native Earth people.

They believe themselves to be the descendants of this half-god, half-human bloodline, and therefore feel they have a Divine Right of Kings to rule over us.



Now with that caveat in mind, let's continue our excerpt from the Daily Star leak that came just two hours after we published our own:

If [the Antarctic Atlantis] did exist, this would be at a similar time that Professor Hapgood said shifts had occurred in the Earth’s crust.



And just a month ago further proof of an Antarctica Atlantis emerged in the form of pictures what appears to be huge pyramids jutting out of its ice.

The astounding photos showed structures that bear an uncanny resemblance to the pyramids of Giza, which were built thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians.

Could all of this mean one of the world’s greatest mysteries is about to be unlocked?



This 'leak' was followed by an even more elaborate example the next day, from an article in Sun. These types of leaks have "plausible deniability" while seeding information at the same time.

The tabloid article in the Sun sets the stage for the eventual release of videos filmed at these secret Antarctic sites, shot on-location since 2002 -- some 14 years ago.

This was added to ENDGAME II in an update:

Conspiracy theorists went wild earlier this year when a video claiming to be from the lost city emerged.

It appeared to show extensive ancient ruins hidden in the ice, and was a video supposedly ‘left behind’ by a California TV crew who have been missing since 2002.

Archaeologist Jonathan Gray claimed that the US government is trying to block the video from being seen because it reveals there is a “massive archaeological dig under way two miles beneath the ice”.



What "conspiracy theorists" went wild? Where are they? Where is the video? When did it allegedly appear? There are so many questions.

As a researcher who receives hundreds of written letters a day, and is arguably one of the top "conspiracy theorists" in the world, I was perfectly calm.

No wildness ever occurred.

Why? Simply this -- I never heard a single word about it. Not once. Not from anyone. Not from an insider, nor any private individual. No one.

If a video like this had actually leaked anywhere, the content-starved alternative press would have torn it to pieces like a pack of wild dogs.

No one ever said a word to me about this video. Nor had I ever heard anything about an alleged California TV crew who had apparently been missing since 2002.

Up until this article came out, none of this data had ever come to my attention -- or anyone else's, for that matter.

When you read "the US government is trying to block the video from being seen," that is likely to be disinformation.

An announcement of this nature in a 'rag' like the Sun favorably sets the stage for the video to be released -- in an event that would utterly shock the world.



Our next joint intel update ENDGAME III will reveal that the "California TV Crew Who Have Been Missing Since 2002" will be publicly unveiled as having lived and worked in Antarctica this entire time.

Corey Goode claims to have visited these Antarctic ruins firsthand. He asked his superiors if he would be allowed to film there and reveal these stunning finds to the world.

Before this Sun article ever came out, Corey was told that a film crew had been steadily making documentaries of their discoveries over the last 14 years, and they needed to take the credit.

They have been doing the hard work, and apparently some surprisingly big names will appear in these documentaries, which have been developed throughout this entire process.



The year 2002 is also interesting, as it is immediately after the events of September 11th, 2001 -- which were arguably a horribly botched insider operation gone wrong.

If you still believe this was strictly the work of "Arabs with Box Cutters," read my book The Synchronicity Key for an astonishing presentation of irrefutable facts to the contrary.

These Antarctica videos appear to have been developed almost immediately after the 9/11 operation was so badly botched, in case it was ever openly exposed as an 'inside job' on any official level and war crimes tribunals began.

The Sun article was a dramatic confirmation of the intel Corey had recently received -- which unfortunately had not made it into ENDGAME II.



Corey was also told that this Antarctic information will be released AFTER the highest-level criminals in the world have already been fully exposed and subject to war crimes tribunals, not before.

I only heard this in a phone call yesterday when I asked a specific question, and was surprised by the answer.

The elite already know they have run out of time, and will be arrested and subject to war crimes tribunals.

They are currently in a mass triage and escape plan, which we will go into much greater detail about in ENDGAME III.

The elite are apparently hoping to use this stunning disclosure of "Atlantis" to sway public opinion in their favor once they are already exposed.

Here is the conversation they would hope to create at the "water coolers" in countless offices across the world as the tribunals went global: 

"Hey, we need to go light on these guys. They want to "come clean" and share some amazing things with us. Give 'em a chance! This is amazing stuff!"

Even if you don't believe a word of this, it was still quite an astonishing "coincidence" that this Sun article came out the day after we published ENDGAME II.



Many people want to watch an article instead of read it. This has created a huge "black market" of computer voice-generated videos of our articles that we have ignored... up until now.

On the same afternoon that ENDGAME II launched, Corey texted me on Skype and recommended I narrate an audio version of the article, or at least my portion of it. Here is a transcript:

[12/11/16, 3:13:54 PM] Corey Goode: Sure you dont care to do the audio thing I mentioned. If you feel up to doing just a little bit of something it will go a long way when matched w/my voice on the video of the article. Want to beat all the robovoice theives out there to the punch.

[12/11/16, 3:14:27 PM] David WIlcock: You mean dictate the whole thing as an audio track?



The next day, after a little more prodding, Corey was able to get me to agree to record the entire thing as an audio track:

[12/12/16, 10:32:30 AM] David Wilcock: I could probably read it all myself once I get this audio out to them, since I do have great equipment with an incredible signal chain. I just need to sit down and do it.

It’s basically a turnkey solution since I already have the optimized plugins for my particular voice.

[12/12/16, 10:33:12 AM] Corey Goode: The video is being rendered. We can halt it if you want to do the audio.

[12/12/16, 10:33:37 AM] David Wilcock: Yeah, it would be better to have it in my own voice. Robovoices just suck no matter what.

[12/12/16, 10:34:11 AM] Corey Goode: Okay, I will tell [my video guy]. We just want to get it out quick to beat out these YT channels that are stealing our content.

[12/12/16, 10:34:21 AM] David Wilcock: So I will do that today. You are right, this whole thievery thing has got to stop.

[12/12/16, 10:34:59 AM] Corey Goode: Its so bad that I can't do anything on YT w/out seeing it. I'm pissed and want to get it out today.



Unfortunately, as a result of these fraudulent and criminal strikes against my YouTube account, that one hour and 52-minute video no longer exists, except in our hard drives.

The only version now online is a stolen copy from the attacker of my channel, who censored it down to a 59-minute film, removing half of its contents.

Corey has also set his own version of the video to Private in order to protect himself from this same attacker, "Alfred Theodore Wallace."

However, since it is my voice, my article and my copyright, I created an MP3 version of this audio that I was planning to release in my next update.



We are under such severe attack that this website may end up getting deleted as well. That makes my request even more urgent.

We already pay over 1000 a month in fees to have a hack-resistant site. Nonetheless, earlier this month every Google search of our site said "This site may be hacked."

We got rid of it, but as of right now it is back -- and my webmaster's father-in-law has had a series of strokes and cannot immediately fix it:



UPDATE NEXT MORNING, NEW YEAR'S DAY: We know what is being done. Someone is accessing a particular part of our site that no one clicks on and is inserting a link to another site.

If you click on that site, you may be subject to scams like phishing. That's all this thing is.

We have multiple fake comments per day coming in that would send people to these sites. That's why every single comment has to be manually approved.

You heard me right. If even ONE of these fake phishing comments actually gets posted, Google can officially declare us a "Hacked Site."



Please go now to my alternative site,, enter in your email address and gain immediate access to the MP3 of the ENDGAME II audio book so you can download it and listen to it at your leisure.

I processed it with professional audio plugins that make it slightly better in quality than the video version was. This is now the only way to get it.

If anyone makes videos out of this MP3 track, they will be subject to copyright strikes and the loss of their YouTube channels -- so bear that in mind.

Once we get this YouTube crisis resolved, a new version of the ENDGAME II video -- with far more graphics throughout the second half -- will be publicly released.




If this Divine Cosmos site goes down, for whatever reason, I will use the emails as a way to maintain contact with you.

Social media might also be vulnerable or compromised at this point, so even though I have Facebook and Twitter pages, that doesn't guarantee I will be able to use them.



If Mr. Wallace seeks to come clean and explain himself, I am happy to publish a formal apology if he thinks I have insulted him in any way.

This would require a genuine communication between attorneys and would involve the genuine proof of his real name, address and telephone number.

I have used humor in part because this situation has been so upsetting. This joking tone should not be construed as an insult to Mr. Wallace.

I have no problem with people making their own videos based on the research I am doing.

What we do not like is straight-ahead theft of written, audio and video content.

Thank you for your support in the midst of this troubling situation.



Several of you have written in and urged me to look at the playlists on the main screen of my attacker's channel, "Ancient Aliens TV."

You pointed out that each playlist starts with a link to another channel, Forbidden TV, with a documentary entitled The Reptilian Gods of Ancient Egypt.

One person commented that it appears as if the "Ancient Aliens TV" channel has been designed to drive everyone over to this one video -- as if it was the main product being pushed.

Sure enough, it is the very first video that shows up on the majority of all the playlists:



Every playlist except David Wilcock, Disclosure & Truth Files and Popular Uploads (which is determined by the numbers) begins with the same documentary.



If you watch the documentary for yourself, it is teaching you that ancient gods, such as alleged reptilians, can be summoned and forced to follow your will.

Why in the world would anyone want to do this?

Part of the technique apparently involves smoking hashish mixed with other drugs, including the blue lotus.



Notice also that the logo for, burned into the video, has an image of the "Grey" ET skull complete with devil horns.

This is all getting stranger and stranger.



I thought about how cool it was when Steven showed up at my birthday party and took the time to mingle comfortably with everyone.

He was totally approachable and relaxed the entire time. I am still awed by how cool he is with everyone despite an awesome level of public interaction.

His advice has been extremely valuable in dealing with a situation where I now get spotted more than once almost every time I leave the house.

I worked like crazy to finish and post this article last night with just enough time to make it to radio show host Jimmy Church's New Years Eve party.

I did not drink alcohol, since I have 24 years sobriety, but I showed up and interacted with everyone. We had a great time.



Even though I am nowhere near at Steven's level, it felt good to give my core fans the same type of gift that Steven had once given me.

Jimmy and his wife created an astonishing array of great food and there was a lot of laughter and celebration.

I masterminded the distribution of dozens of party poppers so everyone got to fire them off -- and this was the result:



I wish you could have been there! I am sure that we will continue to find a way to get the word out, regardless of what happens here.

For now, please sign up at so I have more ways to stay in touch.

Your signup is free. You get the MP3 download of the Endgame II audio book as well as an entire book on 1950s ETs and Ascension as free gifts.

Thank you for your support in this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



As of about 8PM PST last night, our YouTube channel has been completely restored. No strikes, perfectly clean, as if nothing ever happened:



Then when you go over and take a look at the once-formidable or, this is what you see:



The phony website is still up, but since he only linked to himself, there is nothing to see:




This joyous event happened at some point near the end of while I was watching Olver Stone's new film Snowden. With all this stress I needed to see a movie.

Everything about it was amazing -- the acting, the storyline, the cinematography, the pacing and the amount of disclosure.

I was very impressed and moved. This film is a defining moment for the Alliance, and makes me feel as if Full Disclosure is absolutely inevitable.



The very next thing I did was to go over and watch the interview I had with Oliver Stone's son Sean, on his new Gaia show Buzzsaw.

The episode is called Mainstream Consciousness and Disclosure, and it debuted right in the midst of this terrible war against my YouTube channel.



You can watch us on Roku, Apple TV, Google Play, Xbox or PlayStation, or AirPlay it into your Apple TV, and have a seamless viewing experience.

In all honesty, I feel this is one of the best political expose' episodes I've ever done -- covering so many of the subjects surrounding the impending defeat of the Cabal.

It is also very strange to be name-dropping Podesta at the beginning, during a time right before the scope of the Wikileaks revelations had set in.



There were some definite synchronicities after my channel got restored as well.

One of Snowden's key messages was that if these problems are not addressed on a mass level, others will come along who reveal even more. They may be persecuted but they will not stop until justice occurs.

What just happened here with my channel is the cyber equivalent of the harassment of so many other insiders and whistleblowers that we have seen.

Corey Goode has said that genuine Cabal agents, hired to sabotage people like us, fit the profile of the Teddy Bear. This doesn't mean he is working for them, but it is entirely possible.

Then as the film has its triumphant close, Peter Gabriel is singing and honoring Snowden... and I had prominently featured two of his songs in this article!



Even better, the first thing I saw after recovering my channel was a 'numerical synchronicity' across the hit counters of two of my videos simultaneously:



The official video for my new book The Ascension Mysteries was at 349,491 views, while the video for my first book The Source Field Investigations was simultaneously at 1,288,288 views.



It was also a completely unplanned synchronicity that the exact run-time of the Source Field video and Corey's version of ENDGAME II were only off by two seconds: 1:52:19 and 1:52:17.

I had never noticed that until this happened. I just dictated the article in a series of about ten file chunks that I sent to Corey's team. There was no conscious planning around any of this.

Genuine synchronicity happens with no conscious effort. I believe this is no laughing matter. Hence I wrote an entire book analyzing the science of this phenomenon.



This fit in with other repeating number patterns that were appearing when I wrote the original update on the morning of New Year's Day.

Part One of ENDGAME was at 254222 hits at 7:57 AM, right when I came in to make the update, breaking a quarter million unique views:



Then after I posted the initial part of the update at 8:02 AM, the new article had 26 revisions and 26,637 views:




We were carpet-bombed with hate comments almost immediately after the channel was restored. We banned the accounts doing it and will continue doing so.

This was almost certainly the Teddy Bear continuing to try to pursue revenge through personal attacks from his countless alternate identities.

In all of my letters to YouTube as this problem went on, I have been asking to have my application for Content ID Verification approved.

This would create a digital firewall across all of YouTube that would make it impossible to steal any of my videos. It works retro-actively over the course of a few months as well.

In order to get my application to even file, I had to hammer out the dents on my AdSense account and get it approved, which I have now done. Up until then it was automatically declined every time.

I am sick to death of being ripped off. Given the scope and depth of his operation, I believe the Teddy Bear may have made over half a million dollars on AdSense revenues this year just from stealing my identity.

It seems absolutely shocking, but once I started investigating how much this pays and how many there were, that figure is actually very conservative.



If this works, we will implement a second channel, David Wilcock Radio Shows. 

All of our radio shows will live there as videos with the proper dates and credit on the splash screen. This will be found at

Then, within a few months, that will be the only place where our radio shows will live on YouTube. It is going to take work to locate and upload all of those shows but it is definitely worth it.

The reason I want this to be a separate channel is, to be honest, I dislike YouTube videos with audio-only content. Video is video, and radio is radio.

My complete rejection of "radio videos" is how this awesome "black market" was able to exist for so long.

By partitioning this content off into its own channel, I will have a repository of this audio so it cannot be stolen and re-packaged as "NEW 2017!" any longer. 

Furthermore, it won't clog up, where I have always worked to have a consistently high standard of video quality.



One big 'call to action' right now is to please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe.

Once you cross 10,000, you can access sets, equipment and resources at the YouTube headquarters here in Venice. I have never done this, but was going to show up if this deletion wasn't resolved.

We are at about 65,000 subscribers right now.

Once we cross 100,000, we become a "Silver" account.

Based on what I have heard from friends, a Silver account gives you far better access to real people and resources at YouTube.

So let's do it! Sign up today and help protect our online identity. Go to my YouTube channel, click the red button that says Subscribe, and you're done!

You will be notified automatically whenever I do a video, which is nice.

Between this and signing up for your free gifts at, you are helping ensure that we cannot be taken down as the Alliance makes its final moves.




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#395 me 2017-02-14 04:44
Dutchsinse on youtube predicting possible earthquake in Oroville region in coming 2-3 days.
Does not belive quake would destroy dam...but he might not factor in possible cabal planted explosives to be set of at same time...some think this caused original damage to main spillway.

Help focus on reducing impact of such event, no matter what the cabal may or may not have planted there.
#394 Fred 2017-02-13 05:09
Could Disclosure of Ancient Antarctica Civilization Distract From Mass Pedo Arrests

#393 me 2017-02-13 05:01
Interesting video on Vikings & Illuminati/rept illians..(its a bit slow in the beginning... but the final part gets quite good)

This can tie in with Nordic race fighting for reps... the Vikings ,as many know, belive (like some modern day religions...who shall not be mentioned) that a warrior killed in battle gets to go to Valhall...The home of the Gods. Also Norse mythology thought the world was "encased" by a large sea serpent...
"...As a result, it received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök will begin"

I wonder if the lay line extends up to "Vault 7"?
#392 Chris Taylor 2017-02-13 01:17
Alright I have come up woth an idea of an economic system that aligns with the blue avians message.

It's called Karmaonics.chec k it out I need help with it!
#391 Mark Banchain 2017-02-12 22:03
Hi David,
Seems you think lots about Atlantis...
Do you also wonder about the island of Mu...also called Lemuria?
I would think this to also be a critical piece of the puzzle...
#390 Robert 2017-02-12 14:38

There's nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right Eckhart Tolle
#389 Beverly 2017-02-12 13:07
I was at the ancient alien forum at the LA conscious Life Expo. I had to giggle when the Panay mentioned PawnStars and Oak Island as being History Channels most watched. I say this because those shows was a catalyst to my finding about Gaia and the Law of One. Here's how. My boyfried always watches those shows among others. At first I would watch it too. When it got to the point he was watching previous episodes over again, I had enough. So I got my IPod out and just started searching for various things. I came across an episode of David and Corey. My first thought was "what the ..." but I kept watching. Searching one thing after another, I ended up subscribing to Gaia. I purchased the Law of One series and other books. I purchased Audio books to listen to while driving to work. My entire way of thinking has changed direction. I am very new to all of this.
#388 sparky 2017-02-12 12:24
Quoting Paulie:
Hi David - I wish I had the inside knowledge that you do. I want to stay positive and think that the Cabal has been defeated as you stated on Coast recently. Definitely awesome that California's drought is over. However - any chance that the plan stalled once again? Fulford said for like the 20th time in the last few years that Cabalists were going to be arrested this week. We now have the new AG Sessions and no arrests so far. But most alarming, the drums of war with Iran are getting very loud. Could we have been totally Trumped again into another huge war? I hope you comment on the war with Iran in your next article. Thank you David.

David also said the chemtrails were done, and that is CLEARLY not the case. Saying that the Cabal has been defeated was just a teensy bit premature, I think.
#387 me 2017-02-12 11:10
Quoting Walter:
Very strong video (audio - 44:25) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about Fukushima and 200-300 nuclear power plants in North America and the other n.p.p. in the world. Must listen! Not a spiritual talk but… it's the reality.

Asks why they would build Fukushima at that location... then give the answer at approx 15min....intent ionally or not?
#386 Don Harris 2017-02-12 08:18
I saw this posted on the KP blog. It's a video of Byron Katie leading a group of people through some work who are afraid of what Trump will do to the planet and to humanity. I think this is the type of work that Trump illicits in all of us because of his persona. James posted that Trump was a catalyst to transformation and not a savior. I think this is true. Trump's personality and abrasivene nature is forcing our fears to the surface and many of us still have to learn how to deal with these fears. I think this is a key component of our ascension. It's frightening at first, but if we do the work as the video suggests, it becomes a very liberating exercise and it opens the door to wisdom, peace of mind, and ultimately frees us to create a new paradigm for us to live in.

Peace and blessings to all
#385 keith 2017-02-12 07:53
I think this is good for everyone now with so much change going on...aside from the topic whether you do or don't believe in

Hang tight everyone
#384 Fred 2017-02-12 05:56
Best Methods to Detox From Fluoride, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Etc..
#383 Fred 2017-02-12 05:45
#374 me 2017-02-10 19:04
Have you seen or heard Assange lately??
#382 Marcus 2017-02-11 22:27
The American people are waking up in droves, we are taking to the streets in record numbers, Vets are protecting Native Americans (how times truly have changed)Lawyers are fighting for the people, scientists are speaking out.

The time for change is truly upon us and we could not have done it without the vileness of Mr. Trump to use as our catalyst.
Many of the protesters don't care for the U.S.A. They're paid by Soros and do alot of brownshirt activity. And while you'd like to credit Trump for this awakening, I'd go all the way back to Bush 41 and the continual line up through Obama.
#381 Don Harris 2017-02-11 21:24
[quote name="Justin"]H ello All,

Ive been following David for years, Ive read all of his books and I visit his website daily to read all of your wonderful comments. I feel drawn to post because of all the hate on Donald not being the savior we were promised.

Donald Trump is not your savior and no one ever said that he was. He is the catalyst we need to change our selves, to save our selves.

Great point! Trump's presidency has allowed me to leave politics behind.
#380 Justin 2017-02-11 14:25
Hello All,

Ive been following David for years, Ive read all of his books and I visit his website daily to read all of your wonderful comments. I feel drawn to post because of all the hate on Donald not being the savior we were promised.

Donald Trump is not your savior and no one ever said that he was. He is the catalyst we need to change our selves, to save our selves.

The American people are waking up in droves, we are taking to the streets in record numbers, Vets are protecting Native Americans (how times truly have changed)Lawyers are fighting for the people, scientists are speaking out.

The time for change is truly upon us and we could not have done it without the vileness of Mr. Trump to use as our catalyst. Its always darkest before dawn. IMHO

Side Note: Always trying to find something new to study, anybody familiar with Aleta Baker and the Order of the Portal?
#379 Walter 2017-02-11 13:51
Very strong video (audio - 44:25) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about Fukushima and 200-300 nuclear power plants in North America and the other n.p.p. in the world. Must listen! Not a spiritual talk but… it's the reality.

You can watch Tyler's video (11:29) about Fukushima as an introduction to Mike Adams his speech.

What is Vault7 in Wikileaks?
Vid1 Feb.10
Vid2 Update Feb.11
#378 Don Harris 2017-02-11 08:02
Quoting Paulie:
Hi David - I wish I had the inside knowledge that you do. I want to stay positive and think that the Cabal has been defeated as you stated on Coast recently. Definitely awesome that California's drought is over. However - any chance that the plan stalled once again? Fulford said for like the 20th time in the last few years that Cabalists were going to be arrested this week. We now have the new AG Sessions and no arrests so far. But most alarming, the drums of war with Iran are getting very loud. Could we have been totally Trumped again into another huge war? I hope you comment on the war with Iran in your next article. Thank you David.

This is a great article on how relations are changing between the US, China, and Russia and how this will likely lead to global peace and disclosure.
#377 Bill 2017-02-10 21:31
Has anyone here built or used a working free energy/over unity device?
I want one to power my house & if it could be powerful & light enough would use it on small man carrying aircraft.
I'm a professional aircraft mechanic...
I've seen a few different designs but the specs are too vague & instructions lacking.
#376 Bill 2017-02-10 21:23
Hello all
The sun has turned from yellow to white, are we sure it's not just something in the atmosphere?
I have been feeling really mentally energized lately though & compelled to discuss a lot of Davids & Coreys revelations to my friends & customers. Total strangers will listen & 99% seem & say they are very intrigued & it's ringing true for them! Anybody else feeling this way? I sense we are winning in a big way right now...I was getting pretty tired of the battle after my 15 years in it. Thanks!
#375 Don Harris 2017-02-10 20:57
Quoting Paulie:
Hi David - I wish I had the inside knowledge that you do. I want to stay positive.Thank you David.


As I watch trump's actions with regard to diplomacy I can't help but wonder if all of it is a big negotiation ploy. Trump is a great negotiator. It's possible that he is trying to position himself in a more powerful negotiating position by some of his actions. Look at China, two weeks ago everyone was saying war with China was a real possibility and trump had ships in the South China Sea and then he refused to acknowledge the "one China" stuff. Then this week he has a conversation with China and he now supports one China and it no longer looks like war with China. I suspect a lot of the posturing by Trump is intentional to give him more leverage.

I've said before. I'm neutral on the guy. I am just taking it all in right now without passing judgement either way.
#374 me 2017-02-10 19:04


Hope WikiLeaks are setting up the Full FD Data Dump..

Please Assange... release it all!!!! NOW!!! Flood the net with the truth!

It's Time!

(I really think this could be it....Man what a rush! I hope Someone up there gets it on film... :-) When Earth claimed it's freedom!)
#373 Paulie 2017-02-10 07:29
Hi David - I wish I had the inside knowledge that you do. I want to stay positive and think that the Cabal has been defeated as you stated on Coast recently. Definitely awesome that California's drought is over. However - any chance that the plan stalled once again? Fulford said for like the 20th time in the last few years that Cabalists were going to be arrested this week. We now have the new AG Sessions and no arrests so far. But most alarming, the drums of war with Iran are getting very loud. Could we have been totally Trumped again into another huge war? I hope you comment on the war with Iran in your next article. Thank you David.
#371 Marcus 2017-02-08 18:10
Interesting goings on in California. As David mentioned in his comments on the Fulford article with regards to the rain and how much it has been, Jim Stone reports on the damage done to the tallest dam in North America, and he believes it has been intentionally sabotaged.

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