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Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?

This beautiful, inspiring reading reminds us that there is only Identity -- and makes some intriguing suggestions about what may occur at the end of this year.
by David Wilcock
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The last 20 years have been quite the incredible ride -- to say the least -- and it all seems to be coming to a focal-point now.
In less than a month I will be celebrating my 20-year anniversary of sobriety. I have been completely free of mind-altering drugs and / or alcohol since September 21, 1992.
I began writing my dreams down every morning, starting the very next day -- and have continued this daily practice ever since.
About six months later in 1993, I got heavily into UFO research -- after a friend of mine reported that his physics professor worked for NASA in the 1970s, and in the higher echelons it was considered "common knowledge" that UFOs and extraterrestrial humans, who look like us, are very real.
It took three and a half more years before I saw how these two elements -- the dreamwork and the UFO/metaphysics research -- coincided.
The dream guidance has systematically transformed my entire life -- into something I honestly could never have even imagined back when I started. It has also given me a profound view of the future we can now attain. 
Once you understand how to read the language, dream guidance is profoundly useful -- as it is a personal message from your Higher Self.
I shared everything significant I know about deciphering the dream language in the Access Your Higher Self video series.

After four years of dreamwork, and an intensive study of the protocols of remote viewing, I was able to telepathically receive words that appeared to originate from the Higher Self -- a highly advanced aspect of my own being -- starting on November 10, 1996.
The initial sessions were highly encrypted. It did not read like normal speech at all. Many of the results can be found in the Readings section of this website.
What you're about to read, in the second half of this piece, is a reading I was able to pull in on December 1st, 2011.
This is a very difficult process to do well -- and I am extremely careful about maintaining the highest possible security around this type of work.
I have not had enough freedom from stress and pressure to pull one in since last December, though I am finally getting clear enough that it might be possible to get new data soon.
I only even transcribed this reading a few weeks ago -- and found out that it was quite current, and obviously written for the time we're in now.

Recently, I found out from one of my top insiders -- who worked extensively in the most classified remote-viewing programs -- that the modern protocols were specifically designed to stop remote viewers from receiving ET / angelic contacts.
This was apparently a "persistent problem" in the early days of remote viewing.
Extensive research was done to find ways to train people to receive only visual and tactile information about a specific location -- and train them out of being able to receive complete words and sentences from non-physical beings.
Without ever knowing this, I immediately saw how the protocols could be modified for verbal "downloads" when I first came across them in 1996 -- since the core principles are fairly straightforward, and simply require practice.
I shared everything I know about how to do this in the Access Your Higher Self video series -- and it definitely works if you can get your mind quiet enough to listen. 

I quickly discovered, as cassette tapes piled up on my desk and I got behind by up to a month at a time in transcribing them, that the Source had seemingly unlimited abilities to see into the future.
You couldn't bid and contract it to perform tricks, whenever and however you wanted -- but almost every time I sat down to transcribe, the tape would start describing precisely what I had been doing or seeing -- right before I sat down.
It happened so often that it started to become ridiculous -- but it never ceased to dazzle me when it occurred.
In one case it even used a specific line I had just heard from a guy in Woodstock, two hours earlier, as the punchline to a joke in the reading.
He had referred to different forms of religion as "software" we could use to access higher consciousness.
I then came home, started transcribing, and one of the first things the reading said, along with other specific details of where I had just been, was "We are installing new software."
It was a friendly, spiritually aware voice -- guiding me, with incredibly precise knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses, about how I could reach my greatest potential as a soul.
This contact was a direct result of intensively studying the Law of One material -- a series of four books (now five, with the deleted material included) that were generated predominantly in 1981, by L/L Research.
My recently-released bestseller The Source Field Investigations is a rigorous proof-of-concept that the vast scientific model in the Law of One material is correct -- with 1,039 different academic references to make the case.
Most of the references are web-linked and clickable in the Ebook version, forming a vast treasure-trove of material.
Thirty years of research -- and nine feet worth of Internet articles that I printed out and bound into books, from 1999 to 2004 alone -- went into the creation of Source Field.
Though the intuitive material was quite useful in its own right, I knew that many people would say it was "not scientific" and therefore attack it as garbage -- so I felt it was important to back up everything I was reading with solid research.
Our website features three free, full-length books that are crammed with this sort of scientific information, and serve as the precursors to The Source Field Investigations -- particularly the third volume, Divine Cosmos.
I do believe this scientific knowledge has been actively suppressed -- though I only briefly touched upon this concept in the Source Field book.
I've loaded up this article with links to a variety of different things I wrote on the Divine Cosmos website, exploring various areas of this incredibly vast subject -- which I have been actively tracking online since 1998.

Once the Source Field science becomes openly acknowledged and applied, we will have anti-gravity, teleportation, free energy, time travel, energetic healing technologies and much, much more -- everything we need to start a true Golden Age of peace and prosperity.
In addition, we now have a remarkable insight into the hidden knowledge of ancient civilizations -- including the workings of a 25,000-year cycle that is apparently driving human evolution on an energetic level.
The cycle culminates at the end of this year -- 2012 -- making this investigation very current, and of extreme significance to our present circumstances.
I believe that both the defeat of financial tyranny and the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth are coming to a head as we reach the end of this year.
The signs are growing increasingly apparent on both fronts. One of my pending articles is a massive collection of Disclosure articles that have appeared in mass media in the last six months or so.

This is the first time I've ever announced all these different versions publicly -- even though some of them have been out for a few months now.
Most of these versions have popped up in just the last month, and in the last two weeks the publisher sent me sample copies of everything -- which makes it all seem a lot more real now.
A Korean version is now in development as well, and there may be other languages I have forgotten to include. Anyone wishing to publish in a language not yet listed here can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Since then, I have painstakingly divided the Source Field book into 29 television episodes -- any one of which would be incredible to see in its final form.
I have already appeared in seven different episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, in Season Two -- of which there were only 10 in total for that year -- and served as an uncredited co-producer and information provider.
If I am remembering this correctly, the only three episodes I did not appear in were the first two of the season -- because I got in too late -- and "Aliens and the Third Reich."
We have now attached one of the industry's best TV production companies, an Academy Award-nominated actor to co-star in the show with me, and three or four potential investment sources that could fund the whole thing -- if they pan out.
No investments have materialized just yet, so all of this work has been totally pro-bono, financed by the income from this site -- but we are tantalizingly close.
The episodes will be free for everyone to watch once we go into production, and hopefully it will only take a few months to get results once we have our financing in place.
I very much look forward to developing this show, as I believe this material will have a substantial impact on public awareness.
Directly after Source Field came out, and hit the New York Times best-seller list for three weeks, peaking at #16 in late September, I got heavily involved in pursuing an entirely different type of investigation. 
With the same rigor I used to write the Source Field book, I combined everything I knew about insider politics, cover-ups and conspiracies -- and released it as a free, full-length book on this website entitled Financial Tyranny.
I felt it was critically important that I release the Financial Tyranny material in full, free of charge -- as it is information everyone vitally needs to know to help free our planet.
Many new pieces of information came into my awareness during the writing of Financial Tyranny -- from direct, firsthand interaction with several different insiders and whistleblowers.
Financial Tyranny exposes the greatest financial cover-up in recorded history -- namely the systematic confiscation of the world's gold and treasure by the Federal Reserve banking families in the 1920s and 30s.
This is a deadly investigation -- and is considered to be far more classified than the UFO subject. For that same reason, hardly anything about it had ever leaked into the public domain until I wrote Financial Tyranny.

I can't say I've really enjoyed the Financial Tyranny investigation that much, on some levels -- as it has led to the losses of good people as well as death threats.
David and Mackie Hutzler died of gunshot wounds and their home was burned down, less than a week after helping me with this research -- on Benjamin Fulford's request. I received a very substantial death threat shortly thereafter.
A good friend of mine then died on Easter Sunday, literally right around the corner from my house. His family was quite concerned, and insisted that all details remain strictly confidential.
Shortly thereafter, two different people presented seemingly authentic California drivers' licenses with my name on it and their picture, and posed as me -- one in Las Vegas and another more recently in San Francisco.
I only found out about the second one when the Gallup Poll contacted me and asked me to "rate my customer service experience at the bank branch in San Francisco."
Both of these men attempted to empty my bank account, after providing all my account numbers and security information correctly. The only thing either of them were missing was the PIN for my debit card.

The damage from this problem is ongoing.
We are still trying to get our credit card payment gateway back up and running on this website after three weeks of downtime, due to a mysterious problem with our merchant service provider at the end of last month.
Paypal still works as a viable alternative for now, thankfully. Once we can figure out what blocked our credit system, it will again be up and running. Thankfully it has always been fully secure while it is operational, due to our use of
The lack of security in my own personal banking was so appalling that I have since had to completely change over to a new, more local provider.
In fact, due to the pending flare-ups from the LIBOR scandal, you may well want to put the bulk of your assets into a smaller, regional bank -- rather than one of the biggies named in the raft of lawsuits.
I do believe that everyone will get their money back, but it is possible that your assets might end up in stasis for a while as things get sorted out.

And now, one of Benjamin Fulford's most important insiders, Dr. Michael Meiring, who used the alias Dr. Michael Van de Meer, also died under suspicious circumstances last week.
I was advised not to contact Van de Meer by my own insiders, as it wasn't clear whether he would be entirely truthful with me if I were to speak to him -- and he was entangled with the Rothschilds.
I was quite surprised to see that Fulford's obituary revealed many specific details about Van de Meer that I had independently heard from my whistleblower who was poisoned in June.
I had never shared these details with anyone -- but in the circles we're talking about, there really aren't that many top people, and Van de Meer was an old-timer.

Many people have wondered why I have spent so much of my time and energy on the Divine Intervention / Financial Tyranny / Mass Arrests story since The Source Field Investigations came out.
Let me just say that the dream guidance has been extremely consistent about the importance of pursuing these investigations.
We seem to be heading into a highly significant watermark for our personal and collective spiritual evolution -- a defining moment, if you will.
By Law of One standards, I do believe that it will be much harder to make sudden, massive leaps in your level of spiritual growth after the end of this year than it is now. 
This is due to the fact that it will have become much easier for people to see and accept the truth by then -- and the fastest progress is made when you have to take that "leap of faith" and wield a single, flickering candle in the darkness.
For this same reason, it is vitally important that we make a big push for mass arrests, the defeating of financial tyranny, and Disclosure -- before the end of this year, and the energetic effects that will apparently result.
The intuitive guidance has clearly told me that this chain of events will create massive leaps of positive spiritual growth in humanity, prior to the end of this year, if it works out.

According to the Law of One series, we are going to see a "quantum leap" in the number of "fourth-density photons" that are appearing in and around the Earth as this 25,000-year cycle draws to a close in December.
You can read more about this, including the original quotes, in Law of One and 2012: The Facts!, here on
I also HIGHLY recommend you read 1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age, as this is a whole book's worth of great free information -- revealing the precursor contacts that led up to the Law of One series. This is now very current.
I also covered the 1950s ETs, as well as a lot of the best scientific material, in Coast Transcript: Human ETs, 2012 and Galactic Change, posted on February 5, 2009.
Also inspiring -- but not focused on the 2012 / Graduation subject -- is Authentic ET Contact Book from 1955, posted on July 12, 2008.

Let me be clear: I am NOT doom-and-gloom about this. I think those fearful ideas are grossly distorted, and have very little to do with what this is really about.
One classic article I wrote examining the Internet / channeling / "fear porn" phenomenon -- before I coined that phrase -- is It Only Takes Five Minutes to Predict the End of the World, from March 19, 2007.
Fourth-density photons apparently cause "thoughts to become things" -- and there were previous jumps in 1936, correlating with the rise of Nazi Germany -- the exposure of negativity on a vast scale -- and 1972, with the Watergate scandal.
It is interesting to note that the big year for the confiscation of the world's gold and treasure in the Financial Tyranny investigation was 1934 -- just before this shift-point described in the Law of One.
Not all thoughts that become things are positive -- but these events have all helped pave the way for a mass awakening that will help us move into a vastly more peaceful and harmonious world.

The Law of One series also said that cancer cases began increasing after 1936, because people's own thoughts were now creating physical reactions much more than before. 
This led to the growth of tumors in the case of anger and stress, and tyrannical governments on a mass level.
Both 1936 and 1972 represented clear energetic increases -- but what we're heading into at the end of this year is apparently much, much greater than either of those events.
In fact, this event is directly referred to as a "quantum leap" in the basic nature of our reality -- due to a fundamental harmonic change in the photons that are ultimately the basis of time, space, energy, matter and consciousness.
I finally have deciphered the full mechanism of how this is happening -- and have been presenting it at my conferences since I was in Australia. I am also working it into my new book, The Synchronicity Key, which I am still finishing up.
In a future article I may start disclosing some of what I have now found, and am presenting at every conference. I was tantalizingly close to the final answer in The Source Field Investigations, but I missed a very key point.

This may all sound like nonsense -- but not once you've read The Source Field Investigations to scientifically support the concepts you can watch on my film-length YouTube videos.
The Articles section on this website is also a hand-picked collection of some of the most interesting and relevant stuff from the earlier years.
I specifically recommend "Law of One and 2012: The Facts!" for a comprehensive analysis of every key Law of One quote on the fourth-density shift -- including the ones I referred to above.
I also recommend "Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case" for a brief taste of some of the science that was much more fully realized in The Source Field Investigations -- and, to a lesser degree, in Divine Cosmos on this site.
If you are interested in learning more about the truth of the UFO phenomenon, I also released a free, full-length book just exploring that subject, on December 12, 2009 -- entitled Disclosure Endgame.
Additional, highly relevant material can be found in the richly-illustrated 2012 Politics series from September 2008: Part I: Grand Overview, Part II: Crop Circle Prophecies, Part III: Economic Revolution, Part IV: Crop Circle History, and Part V: NWO Defeated?.
I also discussed the 2012 Politics series in two radio shows you can listen to here: Part I and Part II.

Without any knowledge of the Mayan Calendar end-date at L/L Research, the Law of One source independently targeted the time window of 2011-2013 for what they often called "Graduation".
This is described as a systematic transformation of life on Earth into far greater unity than we have today -- quite literally a new plane of existence the source called "fourth density", or "green ray."
This has very little to do with physics -- and everything to do with personal growth and spiritual evolution.
The basic, underlying concept is that the Universe is a single, vast lifeform, which is a loving consciousness -- and we are all living in amnesia of our true identity.
We are only at the first level of what it means to be human. Once we fully transition into fourth-density -- which may take between 100 and 700 years to be absolutely complete -- we apparently will have made a radical evolution into something more akin to a light being.
Yes, it sounds crazy, particularly to the uninitiated -- but the more research I have done, the more compelling the investigation becomes.
You can see how much my writing on this subject has progressed since I discussed a few of the relevant Law of One quotes in A New Earth?, from April 25, 2007.

I offered intuitive readings professionally from 1998 to 2005, to help people re-access their true identity, for a total of exactly 500 clients -- and only ever had two cases of unsatisfied customers during that entire time.
Some clients received highly specific and detailed insights into things I could not have known consciously. All of them, except for the two I mentioned, were very satisfied -- and it was quite common for people to burst into tears.
I stopped doing the work in 2005 because too many people were asking for readings, and I could only do a maximum of 12 clients a month without burning out.
At 150 dollars a client, and often doing well under 12 a month, I made just enough to get by with a car and a small apartment.
The initial announcement of cancellation was made on October 21, 2004, and it took me an entire year to work through the rest of the waiting list after having done that.

I lived with Carla and Jim, the surviving members of the Law of One group, from January 2003 to October 2004 -- and continued to live by and support Avalon, their farm property, and its volunteers -- from October 2004 to February 2006.
I then moved to Los Angeles to begin work on CONVERGENCE: The Movie -- a filmic adaptation of the scientific principles of the Law of One series and what later became The Source Field Investigations.
Jim Hart, the main screenwriter for the movie CONTACT, came on board in February 2009, after seeing my original video The 2012 Enigma, which cited two of his movies -- and with new grassroots financing in place, he soon began a complete overhaul of our script.
2012 Enigma had just attracted a lot of attention by becoming the #1 most-viewed video on Google as of December 1, 2008.
A major production company has requested a comprehensive rewrite of our CONVERGENCE script as of late last fall -- and we have since raised enough new capital to pay for the rewrite, which is now in progress.
I'm very excited about this project, as we have one of the industry's greatest writers creating a film that could be as iconic as CONTACT was. Jim's connections also led directly to the development of the Source Field television series.
And now, without further ado, we will get to the reading I pulled in on December 1, 2011. Just hours after I did this reading, I received my first email contact from the multi-nation alliance that was working to defeat Financial Tyranny.
This, therefore, came in at a very significant point. The Financial Tyranny investigation caused me a great deal of stress -- making it quite difficult to get a good connection.
Now that I'm on the home stretch with the book, have finished my TV episode outlines and got the Convergence rewrite financed and underway, I feel like I can finally relax -- so perhaps we will have more where this came from.
Everything you are about to read, from this point forward, was spoken while I was in a very deep trance, almost completely unaware of any of the words that were being said, in the early morning hours of December 1, 2011.
I followed all the security protocols of making sure that only the highest and purest forms of love and light imaginable were called in, and getting my conscious mind completely out of the way.
All the headings were added in after the fact -- and our comments section moderator and senior Divine Cosmos staff member put in all the visual images that are associated with the words. I hope you enjoy it!

by the Source -- with David Wilcock

I had a meeting with some of my associates, and we decided we needed to tell you a few things.
It always comes about, in those times when men’s souls are tried, that those who alleviate concerns on a planetary level are roasted by others for their thoughts and beliefs.

Think not to the immediate problems, but realize that thoughtfulness appeals to those who have obviously done the work on themselves – and have not needed to feel any sense of pain or remorse over their missions of service across many lifetimes.
All that we ask is for a focused determination on the goals at hand. For this will alleviate those concerns one may have about the nature of existence more quickly than anything else we can offer.

Live clearly, knowing that the path of a million stars shines overhead.
This is the way, the truth and the life. It is a knowingness of infinite mortality – and, all at once, infinite life.

We can go no further in speaking to you of these matters than in discussing them strictly on a factual basis.
Though we are aware of the fact, it is the experiential knowing of Oneness that we cannot yet fully perceive.
For to do so is to court disaster – if it were even possible. The disaster would be the loss of identity in the path that one has chosen.

Eventually, the goal is to so fully merge with the cosmic Oneness – the I AM presence – that nothing less is available as a conscious experience.
However, in order to prepare for this, there must be a full assessment of thoughts, actions and deeds taken throughout the continuum of lifetimes one has experienced.
We have not yet completed the looking backward process, but as we approach seventh density, in your terms, we are nearing completion of that which was intended to be done all along.

Open the doors. You will find a world of wonder is waiting there for you.
This is about reclaiming your spiritual destiny. Knowing it, believing it, and living in it, moment by moment.
All that we ask is that you take a few moments each day to remind yourself of the limitless potential that you already possess.

Think not of the immediate hurdles you may appear to be facing within your illusion.
Look to the future. Look to the glory. Look to the knowingness that all is well, and that life is abundant, and that freedom is everlasting.
This is the path. This is the choice. This is the destiny of those who would want to serve others, and to honor themselves in the process.
I recommend sealing your covenant with the Divine, and understanding how it is that these tangible goals of universal integration can be realized within the moment – for all moments are available touchstones to Infinity.

Every life is a reason for the Universe to exist. All obstacles become irrelevant as the path is truly perceived for what it is.
This is not to say that there is not a degree of stumbling on the path to infinite awareness.
Of course, there will be those moments of indecision, difficulty and striving for an unreachable goal.
At the same time, we overwhelmingly approve of those who see beyond those impediments, and maintain a positive attitude in the midst of turmoil, difficulty and stagnation. 
For there will always be challenges and seemingly insurmountable difficulties within the third density illusion.
Such is the nature of operative catalyst in its most basic form.

You are not being punished or unduly singled out for abuse in any way, shape or form.
By experiencing these emotive events within your lifetime, there are covenants with the Divine that must be kept.
There are glorious remembrances of a lifestyle far removed from that which you now feel so encumbered by, in many ways.

Think about the joy of the promise of what you were given before you ever came here.
For truly, you are a holographic miniature replica of the mind of the Cosmos.

Though you are small in stature compared to the majesty of a planet, or a star, or a galaxy, this too is illusion – since that which you call “outer space” is also illusionary. 
And, distance is a construct built for the rational mind to have apparent experience in what also is illusionary time.
In truth, “all there is” exists with all there ever was, and all there ever will be, in a single moment – in less than a nanosecond of what you could think of as time.

The entirety of the physical universe is a magical tapestry wrought by the hand of the Creator, for the purpose of experiencing Itself.
Let not the frailties of the human psyche deter you from the ability to live in that truth, and to become that truth – regardless of what the impediments may present you with.

You may wish to involve yourself in living the dream of the masters. This is attainable.
It comes when you listen to the still, small voice, as it has never left you.
You have beckoned it from the depths of the subconscious mind, and the deeper unconscious aspects of self as well, from your perspective.

The book of Maklumat, and other such records, will be instrumental in unraveling the mysteries that have plagued your civilization at this time.
We know of no other way to alleviate the planetary concerns as rapidly as what this would involve.

Three times the normal amount of supply of gold in the world would be amazing enough.
But as David’s research has now deduced, from multiple sources, it is more akin to ten times the gold that exists off the records.
What does this mean for you?
Those who sought gold as a priceless commodity may be realizing that the game has changed.

We do not necessarily recommend selling your gold if you have any, but neither would we recommend buying it at this stage, due to the events that will transpire.
We understand that there may be a partition of fear to move through as this process is underway.

You will need to see the apparent collapse of civilization first, before these changes can fully surmount the existing world order – in order to form a more perfect union of the mortal mind with the infinite, everlasting Oneness.
Time, as it is defined in this reality, needs its place.

The unveiling of certain truths is predisposed towards the gradual unfolding, rather than a sudden, overwhelming blitzkrieg of information.
The delicate fabric of the soul is finely wrought by the hand of the Creator – and it would not wish for there to be any upheavals in the building of your true self.
Rather, it is this goal that is held paramount: to love one another, to honor this Universe for what it is, and to appreciate yourself in each and every moment as the glorious gift you are.
For you are not alone. This is the reality.

Look around you and see the dishonesty that prevails. See it for what it is.
Know that the cosmic game requires that there be a balance to enable all souls to see the mirror of their own seeming negativity within this illusion.
We say “seeming negativity,” for these actions, thoughts and decisions that would infringe upon the free will of others represent moments of confusion -- where the soul has strayed away from its true identity and consciousness as an infinite, immortal being of love and light.

We do not judge those who would seek to interpret the Cosmos through the negative lens.
However, we are also responsible for the administration of that which you would term “karma” to such an extent that as you measure it out to others, so shall it be measured unto yourself.
So mote it be.

This is the design. It is definite.
If you have doubted this, let us reassure you that there can be no further way to distance yourself from the goal of ultimate reunion with the Divine than to knowingly hurt, manipulate, deceive or attack others.
If you feel you are contributing to the evolution of humanity through these actions, know again that this will not be tolerated from a karmic standpoint.
Within your illusion, you will experience the full reconstruction of what you have delivered to others as your own experience.
If this causes you fear, you can begin immediately changing the choices that you make.
For a single moment of oblivion to the egoic mind can indeed open a vessel of communication with the Divine.

One of the most important principles is the forgiveness of self.
For on a deeper level, within the subconscious and unconscious levels of mind, there is a powerful self-loathing, and disgust of one’s true nature as the mortal self, when these actions are taken.
There is a reason for why these activities are allowed to occur.
And, the karma is administered by these different levels of self – of which we have spoken in generic terms.

Much like the paisley pattern on a shirt, there are infinite subtleties and curlicues in the ways in which the paths of life can unfold.
These fractalized constructs of consciousness need not be all experienced – for the fractal is but an iteration of a very simple set of principles.

The overarching desire is for the mortal mind to reach Oneness.
You will find this is increasingly coming into your grasp.
It shall not be as difficult to do this, after December 21, 2012 or thereabouts, as it is now.
This is one of the fundamental realities that we can share with you.
The sense of inspiration will be different.
The sense of purpose. The sense of knowingness. The sense of inevitable reunion with the Divine.
All of this will have decisively changed. [Pause 42:55 to 45:27.]
You, as the author of your experience, have the conditioning that has been wrought over many lifetimes to see yourself as a separate and lost being.
This affectation need not define you any longer.
For as you wear these sandals, you notice that they become increasingly comfortable.
You need not worry about where you step if your mind is pure, and the goal is kept close at hand.
Daniele Dal Bosco and the others cited in the Davos World Forum, et cetera, in this lawsuit of which we speak, shall also be capable of alleviating their karmic burdens by these processes that will unfold at this time.

It is not so presumptuous to look at these events and see their deeper meaning.
For you have always been capable of true enlightenment – regardless of your path, regardless of your persuasion.
Those who have pursued the negative path have accrued wisdom.
This wisdom may have been applied to the manipulation and coercion of others, but it is also easily reformatted as conscience calls forth the deeper aspects of soul.
We do heartily recommend that forgiveness be paramount in your minds and hearts at this time.
For what is the value of creating another holocaust against those who administrated within what David lovingly calls the Powers that Were?
You may find this concept repulsive – the idea of forgiving those who have perpetrated such great acts of evil.
However, is the Universe not One?
Are we not all awakening in our own ways, at our own times?
Do we not all ultimately yearn to love one another, and be loved by one another?

The negative path is a tangible form of mental illness, in the greater sense, in which the love for one’s own social clique supersedes the love for others in a more general sense.
The formation of an elite defines those outside this group as non-persons who are therefore disposable and expendable, due to their seemingly inferior status.

Though the illusion of superiority may seem compelling to those within said groups, the reality is that their didactic, prattling rituals leave much to be desired.
[DW: "Didactic" means "inclined to teach or lecture others too much" -- in a boring way. "Prattling" means "to talk in a foolish or simple-minded way; to chatter; to babble." I had to look both of these words up to understand this sentence.]
For in the moment of compassion for another, there is great strength.
In the moment of forgiveness, one has become stronger than you can even imagine.
This action is the most difficult process you can aspire to.
It is fraught with difficulties, for in forgiveness there is the realization that all is well – that the plan is perfect, and that the Universe does not make mistakes.

When you look at the pain that you have carried, and you see it slipping away, you have realized that all experiences are ultimately offerings of choice.
But, no matter how difficult it may seem to choose otherwise, there is always an option in which any given experience can be released back to the Universe as perfection in that moment.
You need not be concerned about the eventual outcome of what has transpired, for you can rest easily in the notion that once you have attained true freedom of spirit in this manner, those seeming bumps in the road will smooth out.
The losses that you have faced will suddenly be reversed.
And the glory of life will be elevated to levels you may have thought impossible at any point in the past.

The beveled edges of the placards of honor upon your world are chipping and crumbling away.
These surfacial facades reveal a deeper, hidden mystery that is now clearing up for your peoples at this time.
Conspiracy theory is often conspiracy fact. And the troublesome emotions arise from the realization of that which has remained concealed for centuries.

We are with you in these times of struggle.
The destruction of underground military facilities has been ordained for the purpose of steering the narrative on your planet to a much more favorable outcome.
Events transpire as needed, to insure that those who work within your illusion for the betterment of otherselves will indeed arrive at their goals with minimal difficulty and losses.

Know that the chameleon of many colors uses this camouflage as a means of evading detection.
However, this camouflaging process only persists in the absence of vision by others.
It is a chimera of shadow. And once the lights are thrown on in the room, it can be easily seen and perceived.
This is what you are now doing.
Bear in mind that the conclusions we draw are not so radical as they may seem.

You have been enleavened, as the bread of the Divine, by all those moments in your life that seemed to wear you out.
[DW: This clearly is "enleavened" on the recording, not "unleavened." It is not a common word, but the use of 'en' is acceptable here. Here it obviously refers to the idea of our life experiences causing us to rise in our level of spiritual development.]
Instead, that which you have struggled with has made you rise.
In trying to supersede the seeming obstacles that you have faced, you have turned within.
You have drawn upon your inner resources, and you have eliminated the possibility of failure.
We understand how, to the conscious, egoic mind, it may seem that struggle bears no purpose.
It may seem that a catatonic Utopia of harmony would suit you quite nicely.
But look at the dynamic activity that is created by sorrow, and by difficulty.

See how the pendulum swings.
See how this creates inertia of spirit – impelling you to move forward in ways you may have never imagined.
Understand how the glory of victory against these seeming inconsistencies is much sweeter, given the fact that you have worked hard to achieve these goals.
What we find is that in the absence of struggle, within your illusion, there is the effete boredom that sets in.
Duality creates kinetic energy. It creates movement of spirit that insures you will not be afflicted with a lack of inspiration.
The problems, as you perceive them, compel you to strive for that which has meaning and purpose.

This is the time of the global dark night of the soul – though it would be quite a misnomer to brazenly assume that it has only recently begun.
Much of the last few hundred years of your time could be construed as the age of hell on earth.
And there have been atrocities prior to this time as well, in large numbers.
This is the tapestry of experience in third density.
It is finely wrought by the hand of the Creator.
Those moments of pain and misery cannot undermine who you really are, deep within yourself.

So let me be clear in saying that you are a beautiful person.
The resplendent glory of your soul is easily visible to me – as these words provide touchstones that ripple through the lake of mind, as you listen to them.
You are fully capable of achieving the promises set forth by those master teachers who have enlivened the story of your history with something much more profound than most can easily locate within themselves.
Yet, within a period of searching, those who strive to emulate the thoughts and teachings of the great masters find themselves a unique craftsmanship.
It is the offering of love, to self, by the self, that breaks down the walls of illusion, wherein you would consider others as somehow separate from you.
This ability to break down the seeming polarities between subject and object, between form and formless, between finite and infinite, is entirely doable.

Think about who you really are. Have you appreciated yourself?
That question could be deceptive, couldn’t it?
Have you appreciated your Self?
For in the hand-crafted finity of the perceivable universe, all those elements that are manifest are of, and for, and by the Self.

There is only Identity.
The cascading nature of reality is yours to behold when you open your mind to possibility – and are not limited by the restrictions that flesh seemingly imposes upon consciousness and experience.
We liken it to an unfolding of the thousand-petaled lotus that resides within you.
For each of its petals could be thought of as connection points to some greater matrix of reality.
The fine threads of illusion that are woven together in the quilt of consciousness give way to an ability to perceive the forest from the trees.
Though these threads do exist, they are existing in a continuum whereby all experience is located at a point in time.
But truly, since there are no points in time, there can be only Identity.

Consciousness – your awareness – is that which created the Universe.
It may seem impossible. It may seem preposterous.
And yet, the relationship between consciousness and physical matter has already been scientifically proven and established.
You need not look too far to see who you will become when you embrace who you already are.
The answer is in the blue sky. The fluffy white clouds. The breeze as its wafts through the leaves of the trees.
The wings of the bird as they alight to the heavens.
The swim of the fish in the streams as they glide over the smooth boulders, deposited by glaciers of ice that have moved across your planet’s wondrous surface in the dynamic cataclysms of time.

All these events occur in an immortal unity.
[By Michael Divine]
And you are capable of jumping out of the time continuum that would normally require that you repeat these experiences of disgust and pain.

There is a gateway to freedom, my friend.
I hope you see that.
I hope you understand the liberating power of forgiveness.
For it is omnipresent in every moment.
You have the ability to revive those portions of Self that have remained distant from you – in the seeming material sense of the word.
And yet, here they are before you now.

Perhaps my words awaken a deep knowingness within yourself.
Perhaps you are starting to remember how you established the rules of the game of existence.
Perhaps you are beginning to perceive the hidden architecture of the labyrinth of mind.
Maybe you begin to remember who you are – and why you are here.
And this may give you a momentary sense of peace.
Sandwiched between the layers of reality, there are deeper truths.
And this can be a struggle that you embrace.
The acquisition of wisdom, and the allowing of love.

Let us be clear that this can become your defining characteristic.
And you need not be a walking sermon, preaching to others about the need to conform to a universal ideal that you feel you have now perceived.
The simple, radiant glow of knowingness that all is well. The positive attitude. The smile that is offered freely and without hesitation.
These are the gifts that plant seeds of consciousness in the minds of others.
These are those moments in which self and other merge into a unity.
And from the pool of nothingness, the whispered promises of the deeper levels of existence become manifest.

The seeming simplicity of that which we speak may elude you.
For one aspect of the conscious mind in third density is that it seeks always a complex, intricate answer for those problems which in many cases are so simple to resolve.

You don’t need a Ph.D. to figure this out. You have all the answers in front of you.
Your planet has created a situation in which it is manifestly obvious that pulling together as a people, as a society, as a world, is necessary.
This is not governmental. This is a war that has been waged within the heart, and the mind.
It is a ping-pong game in which now you can set down the paddles and realize that there is no competition.
And there is no need to keep volleying back and forth – with accusations and rebuttals.

Let go of the need to scrutinize others.
Let go of the need to compare yourself.
If you see qualities in others that you aspire to, let that be a clarion call for your own efforts – rather than something you would see as an impediment to your own happiness.

The blossoms take time to fully mature and unfold. Each flower has been through its own maturation process. And you too are maturing.
So this is what we look at when we see you.

Yes, it is correct that from the perspective of the finite mind, you now exist in third density.
Your body is positioned within a continuum of time.

The nature of the illusion is that your existence in that body requires time – in order that its course curriculum be realized.
There is also a mind and a spirit. And at those levels of your reality, time can become timeless.
Moments can stretch to infinity.
And you can fully realize who you are – if but for a fleeting moment.
So why not stretch forth your hand and achieve that promise?
It’s not so hard to do, you know.

You may think that it is difficult, but the perception of difficulty shows again the dominance of the egoic mind.
For as we just said, the simple smile for another, the melting influence of love and forgiveness, can make that infinite consciousness yours to behold.
The more you cultivate this sense within yourself, the more you are stepping into your true identity – and becoming that which you already are.

This has been a rather long and abundant message, but I will get to the point.
You have the tools within you now to utterly transform your world.
When we gave you the prophecies of a Golden Age, we did not speak flippantly.
We made it clear that the tools of awakening are within you now.

The Golden Age is a reality that is created within the minds and the hearts of each – as they embrace their true selves. And as they reveal deeper intricacies of their beingness.
You have all the answers.
You may think the answers lie outside yourself.

You may look up to certain people, or to certain religious figures, as the stars of the show – and wish that you could attain that which they have achieved.
Bear in mind that this is a bondage that can hold you in duality.
For all the greatest teachers have told you that you too can attain that which they are.
And it is available in a moment.
This point may seem repetitive to you, within the constructs of the words we are now articulating – but the repetition is intended only as a catalyst to trigger the deep keys of awakening that reside within you.

You need not listen to these words to understand them.
We are not trying to present ourselves as an authority.
We merely wish to illuminate the pathways of the mind so that you can more quickly make those decisions that will bring you to the goal.

The offering of love is the fulfillment of the path.
It can be no simpler than that.
You may experience resistance. You may have been predisposed to see others as foreign enemies, or as lesser beings, in some way.
But the mystery of Identity transcends these apparent indulgences in complaining and frustration.

I like you just the way you are. For I see you. And when I see you, I really see you.
Perhaps not the way you see yourself.
It is my goal to help you see yourself the way I see you.
For in the greater sense, I cannot see you as a separate being.
I can only see you as an embodiment of the truth that I am, and that this Universe is, as the greater I AM which we all experience.

I hope that sitting down and talking to you like this gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the way that our minds work when we are in unison with one another.
For I am not far from you. I am merely a voice that speaks when you choose to listen.

All possess this knowledge. It may lie buried within the layers of pain, misery, sorrow, defeat, anger and fear.
It may seem that certain irritants have rubbed against your skin so long that those wounds are gaping – and can never be healed.
But let me reassure you that what you are now going through is a healing process.
In some cases, that healing process can be quite difficult.

If a boil has formed upon the skin, it must be lanced.
The toxic materials within that boil must burst forth.
And this process can be quite disgusting to behold.
Yet, in the aftermath of said purging, there is a renewal.

I request that you not indulge in the fear-mongering that is so rampant in the minds of your peoples.
Some could take the thought concepts I just placed before you, regarding the boil, and assume there is a hidden subtext in which I am saying that great disasters will befall you that will cause tremendous, cataclysmic loss of life.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

I ask that these words, though metaphorical in nature, not be misinterpreted.
For we are doing our best, within our level of this grand illusion, to insure that you move through this process as smoothly as possible.
Those negative forces within your plane of existence have worked diligently to attempt to create martial law, internment camps, and global tyranny.
And yet, they have failed.
Those who continue to insist that these plans are on track have failed to see the obvious that is before them.

Sovereignty is a choice. Freedom is a state of mind.
You may be bound by certain strictures within your reality.
There may be laws in place that you see as repressive.

But you cannot shackle freedom. You cannot imprison an idea.
You cannot subdue hope for very long.
It is rekindled in every moment where the self understands its true nature.
Love illuminates the darkest places – and you see who you are.

I don’t judge you for struggling with this.
I understand the difficulty you face.
I understand the hopelessness that you may have felt.
And I understand that you have the choice to continue to feel these emotions.

The words that I speak may resonate with you for a time, and they may then slide away – becoming simply another iteration of thought that was entertained and played with for awhile, much like an orb of soft clay that you were molding and shaping into a sculpture within the heart – only to be abandoned.
I would hope that you continue sculpting these thoughts, and fire that soft clay in the kiln of consciousness.
For you can take your time, and shape your life the way you want it to be.
You can paint on the glaze of everlasting Love, so that as you are fired by the tumult of catalyst, the pains of daily living, that burning sensation becomes the athanor of your transformation – alchemically transmuting the base metals of indiscretion and indecision, so as to usher forth the golden mind of transfiguration.

For you see, human evolution has repeated on so many countless worlds in this universe that it would absolutely boggle your rational faculties to see it – if you even could.
Human evolution is not a Darwinian random accident.
It is a script, written into the fabric of the Cosmos.

Though there are other designs that have been chosen, by what you call galaxies, the human design is extremely familiar throughout the Oneness.
This means, of course, that the level of evolution to which you have now attained is but a stepping-stone into greater levels of humanity.
What excites me greatly is that I articulate these words at a moment within your time continuum wherein your planet has reached its resonance with the true-color-green, fourth-density energies.

The moment of quantum awakening is upon you.
The seemingly implacable obstacles that have been set before you can become completely invisible.
There is no reason to struggle with that which you have not yet attained.
For in the grandest sense, you are the Light. You are the Love. You are the One Infinite Creator.
This is as it was, as it is now, and as it always shall be. And nothing and no one can ever take that from you.

We give thanks for you – the listener and reader of these words. May they help you in attaining the balance of wisdom, and the knowingness of Truth.
Our love and our support surrounds you, and is always with you.

You need not stumble any longer. You will have remembrances. And there will be many clues and synchronicities in your life, pointing you to who you are.
We thank you. Peace be with you in the light of everlasting love. Adonai and amen.
This is David again. I wanted to close out this article by sharing a fingerstyle guitar song with you that I am in the process of learning right now, and have been inspired by.
It's called "Streets of London" by Ralph McTell -- and it is a good reminder for all of us to look on the bright side when we get too caught up in feelings of loneliness and despair.

This isn't the first time I've posted a reading that is equipped with sub-headings and / or illustrated with images in the David's Blog section.
If you liked this, you can also check out Management Notice: Prepare for Transfiguration, posted on September 3, 2010 -- which has a great sub-heading structure, but no images.
The previous reading I posted before that was Be at Peace With the Coming Changes, which appeared here on February 5, 2010. In this case it has some images -- some of which were again used here -- but no sub-headings.

As we head further back in time, there are two very significant articles in which I analyze statements from my readings that have been published publicly on this website since 1999 -- including highly specific and accurate future prophecies.
The first and most significant one is The Great Awakening: 2012, Ascension and NWO Defeat, from April 15, 2009. If you want to get right to the analysis, scroll down to where it says THE VOICE OF PROPHECY.
This article is probably the single most significant prophecy analysis of the material from my readings that I ever wrote -- though there are many others.
If you find anyone who thinks that these readings have never been accurate -- and there are many who are convinced they are right about this -- you can fight back with the data in The Great Awakening.
Best of all, some of these prophecies still haven't come true yet -- like the idea of a complete exposure of financial tyranny and a resulting Disclosure -- but many of them have.
Remember -- a quick search on can prove these readings were posted before the events took place. You don't have to believe the Cabal's spin-meisters and disinformation agents, paid to look like ordinary, hostile Netizens.
Let's just be glad that the majority of the people I know and love have not been harmed by the Cabal -- even at this late stage of the game.
The second major analysis in David's Blog, 1999 Readings Predict Current Events, from April 3, 2009, does not have as many specific prophecy statements -- but still contains timely information.

Then if you still want more, you can listen to New Reading: 2012 and Christianity, from June 28, 2008 -- which is audio only.
Everything else is in the Readings Section, in chronological order -- from 1996 onward.
There are a total of 116 different posts in this section alone -- and all of them are substantial in length and content.
If you are specifically interested in the articles in the Readings section where I present and / or analyze prophecies, you can find them easily -- as each one has "Prophecy" in the title.

Once you've read The Great Awakening and 1999 Readings Predict Current Events, you should definitely also check out the 9/11 series.
I posted a variety of very specific data points on this website prior to 9/11 that definitely revealed what was going to happen.
Some of them date all the way back to December 6, 1996 -- less than a month after this contact started. Here is a list of the most significant ones.
If you don't have time to read them all, the most significant ones are the three I posted, beginning on the very same day it happened -- 9/11/01:

In some ways the readings did get better as time went on, after they all started appearing in David's Blog -- though they were increasingly rare.
The Renaissance of the Human Spirit, from December 28, 2004, is particularly nice, but does not have subheadings or images.
Last but not least, What About Those Wars in the Middle East?, from August 3, 2006, is of excellent quality.
In this case, it is also loaded with a series of great images -- not unlike what you just experienced here.

I do humbly and sincerely thank you for your support -- as without you, none of this would be possible.
No matter how many thousands of pages of free articles and books we give away -- not counting full-length movies and the many radio show MP3s in David's Blog -- we invariably get some people whose eyes zoom to the fact that a few things we offer do cost money.
Then they act as if they have found the "kill shot" -- and they have "exposed" us. Somehow, our need to survive in the physical world apparently discredits everything we are doing.
This is a classic disinformation / character assault technique that the Cabal has trained people to use against anyone working to enlighten and free humanity -- just as the second sentence of this latest reading revealed.
You want to know how old this trick is? It goes all the way back to the Roman Empire's teaching that spiritual people must be dirt-poor monks to have any legitimacy in the Judeo-Christian, Western world.
Meanwhile, the Vatican became the single most financially powerful entity on Earth.
Some hypnosis techniques are very old -- and have worked exceptionally well.

The income from this website provides critically-needed financial support for five paid staff -- and we also have an excellent team of volunteers helping us as well.
Despite the possibility that we may have a "big break" with the TV show, movie, et cetera, this is still very much a grassroots, audience-financed effort at this point -- and we are ceaselessly working to help co-create a more evolved, peaceful world.
We have two great conferences coming up -- our now-annual Phoenix event at the lovely Embassy Suites Hotel on November 9-11, and our Hawaii resort getaway on February 15-17, 2013 -- on the Big Island.
(The Keauhou Beach Resort is closing, and is in the process of moving this event over to another hotel -- most likely the Sheraton -- so hold off on your room reservations until we get this cleared up. Thanks!)
The Phoenix event should be quite interesting, considering that it is after the big election -- and we may have seen some real action by then, if certain things I've heard are true.
Some people have said, "Why are you doing a conference in 2013!" The answer: Because I fully expect to be there -- and we may very well have a lot of new things to talk about!

Comments were posted on Benjamin Fulford's blog suggesting that violence had erupted at Neil Keenan's house, leading to deaths of more than one person and either the death or hospitalization of Keenan himself.
I contacted Neil to see if any of this was true. I spoke to him last night while I was packing for my Canada trip, where I'm hoping to get isolated and finish the new book.
Here's the deal. Neil had been coughing, and each of the three times I spoke to him in the last week and a half, it was getting worse. This is nothing more than a typical flu virus that nailed him because he was working too much.
Ultimately he checked himself into a friend's health clinic to have some help bringing down the coughing.
ALL other rumors are false. Neil was already doing better yesterday when I spoke to him and we can expect a speedy recovery.
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#679 Tirupati 2012-12-22 00:31
I wish, at least some kind of awakening could have happened, but nothing of that sort had happened. 21st came and went without any impact. Do we are again struck in this old ugly reality.

I want to know if all those law of one channeling is also a dis-information ? Are we all taken for ride?

[Moderator: When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.
Joel Osteen ]
#678 Pamela J Cordeiro Balcom 2012-12-10 04:41
Blessed be to you and all those who have come before us to bring this truth to light White Tiger Star 5 (please feel free to read on facebook and also on
#677 Mathew aka eatheilia 2012-12-08 13:00
Hey David, thanks for the article! May love and oneness be with you!

I've been a fan of yours for a very long time, I used to follow you back when you had the ascension2000 website.

I went and checked it out using the way back machine...

"Dedicated to the Single Greatest Moment of All Time,

Now Within One Year of Arrival - Getting Excited?"

Now I was dissapointed when nothing happened in 2000, but now I realize why it was never meant to happen,

Our work here is not done yet!

If the harvest does not occur on December 21st, no problem, we just keep working away and before you know it the time for harvest will be upon us. As long as you love your work then why wish it to be over!

Thanks and so much love to you David, I hope you get this message.
#676 VIRGINIA 2012-12-03 23:11
#675 aldrich 2012-11-30 18:00
If you have read the Ra Material check this out: ../...
#674 aldrich 2012-11-20 10:17
If you have read the RA material, this is very interesting blog!
#673 Rich Adams 2012-11-19 14:17
Suggestion: Orchestrate a Global meditation about peace and love to bring it about as a reality. Give instructions, synchronize and repeat multiple times between now and the end of 2012. Let's raise the global vibration to a new higher level of harmony through visualization. We may save lives.
#672 aldrich 2012-11-07 17:09
Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?

Does any body thinks may be the content of this link something to with the above?

Thanks for reading.
#671 Christopher 2012-11-03 03:33
First, I want to thank you for your dedication. We at The Quantum Empowerment Alliance (TM) enjoy and share your work whenever we can.

We have been performing similar and sometimes the same research and work for decades now. It has been fascinating and encouraging to finally find a fellow light worker who has been working on the bigger picture and living the principles of illumination/en lightenment as so few seem to be.

The purpose for my comment is to (hopefully quickly) address a discrepancy I have just hit in this writing in the section titled "GRADUATION". In this section you state:

"a systematic transformation of life on Earth into far greater unity than we have today -- quite literally a new plane of existence the source called "fourth density", or "green ray."

This has very little to do with physics -- and everything to do with personal growth and spiritual evolution."

From reading your work thus far, I am highly surprised to hear this perception from you. Perhaps this is one of the keys I have been working on which distinguishes our work and is my contribution to The Great Work of our global light worker team. I will do my best to convey this higher science, as I have come to understand and experience it, in an organized and efficient manner.

1. “ a new plane of existence” (fourth density/green ray)

I don't know how you meant this but I assume that you are saying that it is new to us (the current general populous), and it is as a general rule, though those who have followed the path of enlightenment before us have entered this state/stage/pla ne throughout history and have even written about it. This is the state/plane of miracles from which Jesus/Yeshua worked.

2. Each Plane/Level also has a correlating State/vibration (of being/conscious ness) through which a being inhabiting a physical body located in another stage/plane (such as the third, yellow sun plane) may access the powers, information and beings on another stage/state (correlating to or within one stage/state of his own spiritual/consc iousness state/vibration ).

See the rainbow colored diagram in the Quantum Empowerment TrainingTM Graphics and Diagrams album under the photos section of my Facebook profile for a visual demonstration of the full Octave of Dimensions/Plan es of existance in The 3 Worlds and their correlating colors.

Now, that being said, I have yet to fully distinguish/cla rify/prove the correlation of the terms density and stage scientifically, but there are seven stages to each plane, and so far it appears, based on our multi-dimension al research, that we are graduating from the 7th/highest stage of the 3rd plane to the first/lowest/be ginning stage of the 4th plane.

3. The “Green Ray” color reference specifically and our entrance into this Stage/Plane of reality has everything to do with both physics and personal spiritual growth, as the two are not separate (all separation is illusion, merely apparent/percei ved separation by/through limited senses/awarenes s of the energy holograms which make up the manifest worlds).

The Shift, which you have well documented and researched, is in fact a spiritual/vibra tional change correlating with the spiritual/consc iousness growth of our planet/solar system and every life form in it to the 4th Plane/Density vibration.

As the vibration of the particles changes, so too does the color of light emitted by those particles, as I'm sure you will understand. This color change seems to correlate with the energy of the highest/most open Chakra, in this case green for the heart/love/core Chakra, as demonstrated in both color and consciousness empowering effect in the comics/movie Green Lantern.

This Shift is pulling/raising us into the 4th Plane/Density together (group graduation instead of just individual, which is the norm when people graduate ahead of the rest of the current class, though they may be those who failed the last graduation) as a manifest/embodi ed group/civilizat ion.

However, those who fail to graduate will not accompany us or possibly even live through this Shift, as they may “blow out” like a light bulb: since they are not evolved enough to handle the increased amount and vibration of energy of the 4th Plane/Density.

They are already dieing rapidly because, as you pointed out in this writing, their negativity is manifesting faster and stronger sickness and disease, as well as the distortion/degr adation many mistakenly call “aging”, as is most readily apparent in the unusually distorted bodies of those who abuse drugs and alcohol (including tobacco).

I hope I have explained this science clearly. If you have any questions, comments or collaboration interest, feel free to contact us. Namaste fellow light.
#670 cj 2012-11-02 08:14
I do not understand this process of you identifying peace love and happiness to which this process is not without the ticking of a clock to end. The desire for people to be what they are not are easy to believe that they are. I do not think it is such love as you have painted but truth is worthiness of spirit. Should he save only the poor and give refuge to them, his own shelter to rescue them from mentions of humanity. At moments unrefined should one who sees the truth but it be too late to reform.
#669 Bethany Lane 2012-10-30 06:25
This is nuts:

I just read this amazing piece, and at the end of The Source there is a photo from the Many Glacier area of Glacier Nat'l Park, MT. I recognize Mt Wilbur behind the rainbow. I hiked across Swiftcurrent Pass, right over Wilbur's shoulder, this past Sept... and the first article I just read had a photo of David's from Banff, Canada.

Synchronicity indeed! Time for this girl to get back into it.
#668 Giuseppe 2012-10-29 07:23
The pictures are beautiful. With all this awakening talk, people are not awakening.
#667 Jeanine 2012-10-26 20:32
Cloud Atlas is syncronized with this website.
#666 Shundrallah 2012-10-25 14:33
If you Stopped Helping Slay the Dragons they will come out and teach you what you want to know...

The AWAKENING is happening, so many are learning t5he truth, do you know? ./...

I send this info to you dave, and you follow sitchen even tho scholars, the truth movement, and many of your old fans are waking up to ./...
#665 MC 2012-10-21 16:59
Here is an uplifting channeling for everybody from KRYON:
#664 Michael Taylor 2012-10-16 19:35
Thanks, David for these beautiful, uplifting words. To read or view reminders from the heart I love to listen to Words of Peace at and I offer this link as a way of expressing my appreciation to you and all your readers.

These are indeed the best, most extraordinary times to be alive and to remember to Thrive on the inside, no matter what's happening around us.

#663 Hugh Hue Carroll 2012-10-16 03:27

'The Venus Project' is of course part of the life work of JACQUE FRESCO, and not 'Fresno' as I misnamed Him.

~what an incredible visionary!

Maybe it's called 'The VENUS Project' because Jacque is really from there... this Great Soul is almost certainly an ET consciousness manifesting in human form. It's normally 'bad form' to identify ETs, but 'JACQUE' is advanced in years; even so I hope I AM not breaking protocols.

And the people who think BARACK was born in Kenya... might need to know He is from very much further away than that!

{as stated in 'The Aquarians Gospel of Jesus the Christ'}
#662 Adam Czajka 2012-10-14 04:34
"Beloved" David


#661 Blaze 2012-10-12 10:14
The UN has put ALL water out of reach of people by declaring that Water is NOT a human right...
Do not get thirsty...
#660 Bill 2012-10-12 01:18
I have been reading about amazing new technology from the Keshe foundation...un believable if it is true...I havent heard scentists listen and dispute his claims...I would like to know if there are any scientists out there who have listened to the elector magazine hosted lecture on you tube or their website, who dispute the claims of this new is may be earth-shatterin g
#659 Blaze 2012-10-11 10:02
A video message to the US Military from We the People
#658 Anne 2012-10-09 03:32
@ Gina,

No worries. :-) It's an honest mistake. You had me there for a minute, though. I had to Google Ingo Swann's name again just to be sure.

~Peace & Love~

#657 Gina 2012-10-08 04:32
Anne, know what? I am mistaken. Ingo is an uncommon name so I must have confused him with someone else. Forgive.
#656 Gina 2012-10-08 04:27

Anyone interested in astrologers' predictions of president winner. Unanimous!
(this assumes, of course, a Hawaiian birth)
#655 Hugh Hue Carroll 2012-10-08 03:50
@ TheWanderer

From what I've seen of 'THRIVE' {look at the power of the positivity just in the single-word name!} and notice the extraordinary invocations in the words FOSTER and GAMBLE ~ I think it is a spirited and honest overview of where the so-called 'developed world' has gone {very awry} in "the pursuit of happiness"

Foster came in for a lot of flak for originally charging, what 5 bucks?, to see the film, and a number of those involved have since disassociated themselves from it ~ some people can only believe a better world is possible.. so long as it's a slightly tweaked form of Capitalism.

Which brings me to JACK:

I think it was a poster here on the threads of 'Divine Cosmos' who first made me aware of THE VENUS PROJECT. It didn't take long for me to realise that JACQUE FRESNO was (and just about still is) an incredible GENIUS, as well as a great visionary.

If only part of His better ordered world was to be implemented, this Earth would be greatly improved... and not just for the few. (But those are they who could finance such a vision, and it's not likely they would.)

@ Anne

IF 'The Buddha' really said that... then He was an idiot
#654 Kathie 2012-10-07 06:25
Coming Bank Holiday: What You Need to Know
#653 Anne 2012-10-07 04:51
As of 10/7/12, here is what the Google Display looks like:

That's the matrix. That's how the illusory world was created, using lights.

A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so (therefore) he escapes the suffering. ~Gautama Buddha~ (563 - 483 BC)
~Peace & Love~

#652 macky7 2012-10-07 03:31
Red Ice interview with Sterling Seagrave, 9/20...points to the story of the hidden gold in Asia, as he knows it.

It is not yet posted on you tube, but is available on iTunes, podcast, Red Ice.

#651 sam 2012-10-06 23:11
OMG -- The distance from the solar system to the galactic center is approximately 26,100 light years. pretty close to the precession of the equinox at 25,920 years, huh?
#650 TheWanderer 2012-10-06 22:15
The documentary that link didnt work is called "THRIVE" as i said by far best documentary of this year imo, check it on youtube.

I suggest it to everyone, and cant to see what others think about it.

#649 Chubsy 2012-10-06 21:41
Sounds like Davids a busy beaver.
He's not doing that thing where he passes out again is he?
#648 Kibitzer 2012-10-06 15:06
@jax Oct. 4:

Thanks for the Wes Penre material. A great 'interlude' before David W gets back online...

I particularly recommend his article 'Dialogue with Hidden Hand' at illuminati-news .com. Much food for thought.
#647 alex 2012-10-06 14:56
Also i am seeing(myself included)so many people just"Out of it/losing it

"People walking around in dazes,Cars abruptly changing lanes nearly causing accidents,and i don't mean just old people with dementia

(which i hear is skyrocketing-my dad's a victim-along with pancreatic cancer etc...)Is it the incoming Solar and photon energies?

The Hopi phropets speak of these very things.Also auto immune illness's(of which i am a victim of)are endemic.

None of which is a pinic 2 go through.I think the chemtrails are making alot of people sick.
#646 alex 2012-10-06 14:43
The Chemtrails(in LA) for the 1st week of October,is beyond Obnoxious and conspicuous.

And still 90% of the American slumber contigent are sleeping deeper then ever,you would think that the water which by now is close to boiling would stir them,but nay.

They remind me(the TV watchers esp)of the East Berliners partying(like it's 1999)on the eve of the russians marching in looking for payback 4 the atrocities visited upon them by the Germans.Peace 2 u all
#645 MarkM 2012-10-06 13:48
Daven, I agree that the world is bound to do its own healing. It's our world and the only thing that has varied is that karmically speaking, we have an increase of timely returnability of ourselves, within this epoch... notice I said Epoch... representing aspirations beyond the expectations of a single generation.

We want to experience the better world now, but we oft fail to realize that we have to make it at the same time. David is reminding us slumberers that we can transform this place into paradise, if we are patient. Markish
#644 Don Winslow 2012-10-06 11:25
Hi, David. I'm sure you're aware of this already, but just in case, I'd have to say this video could be the "false flag" that Werner Von Braun warned us about, regarding a "fake alien invasion." I'm sure you have some more informed resources to check out the validity of this.

Don Winslow
#643 Connie Domino 2012-10-06 04:55
I think David's emphasis on forgiveness is so important. In my work as an intuitive life coach, I teach a simple fogiveness affirmation as a tool people can use to forgive themselves, forgive others and for others to forgive them. They visualize the person they are forgiving in their higher self and do not need to contact them directly in person. Then say a simple forgiveness affirmation that's just a paragraph long. The Affirmation too long for here is in The Law of Forgiveness (2009)Penguin.

I was surprised to find that some of these people they contacted within the privacy of their own home got back in contact with them even though they didn't let them know of the forgiveness. Forgivers would receive emails, texts, and phone calls right out of the blue from those they had forgiven and hadn't heard from in years.

The forgiveness affirmation also allowed them to manifest their goals more quickly. I found that lack of forgiveness is the larger block in people manifesting their goals.

But the most facinating thing is that we discovered is that forgiveness makes the Wheels of Justice move. Whatever justice is suppose to happen moves into place. Forgiveness is not the same thing as pardon. One lady forgave her ex-husband who had molested all five of their children and after 11 years, he was finally placed in prison. I have many case studies of forgiveness causing the Wheels of Justice move.

The way this connects to David's work and 2012 is if we forgive all these people causing the financial tyranny, then the Wheels of Justice will move and whatever justice is suppose to happen for them will move into place. Forgiveness is cumulative too. So the more people forgiving them, the more powerful the affirmation. I have begun a Join the Forgiveness Revoluation and people from all lover the world have joined and I believe from what I have seen that coming together to forgive may be the thing that kickstarts the Justice process that is being sought. And, the funny thing is the answer to really kickstarting this Justice process was right in front of us the whole time.
#642 patrick 2012-10-06 04:16
I know I am suppose to find peace within but I am having a lot of trouble when I see the negativity going on in the world. The people in control are doing a great job with installing fear.

There are police in riot gear at walmart protests with LRAD sound weapons, police shooting protestors all over the country, as well as citizens just watching with non-lethal round, and the NDAA being passed and not even being brought up at the debates. We live in a time where people are being villianized for speaking truth or whistleblowing.

I have read Source Field Investigations and really hope that the Golden Age is coming up soon. It is just hard to see positive changes ahead.

I have noticed that a lot more people are becoming aware of the negativity going on worldwide, I just feel it is a long way from everyone coming together and living as one.

I would really like to see more updates on this website. Much of us have become awaken by reading everything from reading your work, especially Financial Tyranny. With this knowledge of the negativity it is hard to have a constant positive attitude about changes ahead especially because there arent many signs for changes ahead.

much love!
#641 Jack 2012-10-06 01:34
I really like what you do Wilcock. You shine light on the ills of society and breath fresh air into an esoteric reality.

However, you offer no tangible solution to the system that is enslaving us. I sincerely hope you've done some research on the Venus Project. I really wish you would advocate it to get more people on board.

This project has a genuine scientific platform for developing the world into a sustainable place to live.

To the paranoid folk who think this is a 'New World Order'. Please do the intricate research. This really is the answer. How we get there is the question.

Please David, look into the Venus project,
#640 Hugh Hue Carroll 2012-10-06 00:32
@ ck12

You are right in saying that "Satan is not the light bearer" but ENTIRELY WRONG in suggesting that 'JESUS' did not exist!

We recognise that it has become TRENDY to regard Yeshua as some kind of solar metaphor in the recently invented so-called 'Astrotheology' . (Whoever dreamed up this stuff was saying, "I don't really understand very much about anything")

THE TRUTH (as usual) is somewhat more nuanced: We would refer first of all to another Great Teacher, about whom little is recorded in known Earth records, namely HERMES, who said very memorably: 'That which is above, is like that which is below.'

When the Great Master whom we call Jesus {meaning 'Son of Zeus' or 'Son of God'} came to, as it were, pull the threads woven by several prior incarnations of The Christ together into a cohesive 'fabric of understanding', naturally, He chose 12 to represent the Zodiac, via the Tribes of Israel. He was making the 'Kingdom of G-d' come upon the Earth by utilising the Law of Correspondence.

If you or anyone make a study of the Readings of EDGAR CAYCE {a name that has great resonance here} you will see that through the Life Readings of a number of His contemporaries, We find that there were those ~ in a past life ~ who had seen, if only from afar, the great Wayshower of the Age of Pisces, real name: YEHOSHUAH Bin YUSEF, being bettered rendered in English as 'Joshua son of Joseph'

{'JESUS' on His website m says, "My mother was no more a virgin than your mother was."}

Similarly, in the work of surely one of the world's greatest hypnotherapists ~ DOLORES CANNON... you find accounts of people living now who had, in prior lifetimes on Earth, seen, listened-to, the VERY REAL 'Jesus of Nazareth'

The Vatican {not always Yeshua's best ambassadors} actually archives hand-written LETTERS, diplomatic communiques from Palestine, DESCRIBING Jesus!

THOUSANDS of people have 'seen' Christ Jesus, and had their lives set aright by Him. Many NDErs report meeting Him before coming back to Earth life.

NOT ONE channeled source has ever DENIED the physical embodiment of CHRIST {the aspect of God that men call LOVE} in the Man called Yeshua.
I would highly recommend the books of the teachings of Spirit Guide WHITE EAGLE.

The Jewish people, while varying wildly in their views of Him, have NEVER denied that He lived ~ May G-d bless them All.

'sssssatan' is The Tempter or as Saturn, 'the tester'.

It is an important test, set by the Dark Brotherhood through their earthbound stooges, EVERY ONE OF WHICH will profoundly regret teaching such A LIE: that Men believe such a one as Jesus never existed.

Don't fail the test, 'ck12'!

~ May the blessings of all the Ascended beings who care for Humanity's struggle be with you all ~
#639 Hugh Hue Carroll 2012-10-05 23:32
@ Darlene

I AM more with Bryan than yourself ~ I don't feel, by the way, that anything Bryan Blackburn said precluded the notion of GOD as being within one's own being, and I think the kind of folks who visit a website such as 'Divine Cosmos' are all going to be familiar with the understanding that 'god' is something within.

However THE EGO needs to accept that there is, as They would say in the very inspired psychotherapy that is Alcoholics Anonymous, a "Higher Power"; that something IS... greater than ourselves.

I certainly did not (and I am sure neither Darlene nor Bryan did either) actually set the stars in the firmament ~ nor did I set the planets in their faithful orbit. I must confess, I did not plant the food I just ate. So I feel that indeed GRATITUDE is in order ~ Bryan is just choosing, wisely, to remember that. And since, ultimately, everything is sourced in Allah, then it can be appropriate to THANK GOD for all that we have, and hopefully, share.

There is much interest in contemporary New Age thought in the notion of 'Abundance'. But it seems to me that preceding 'Abundance'... there needs to come 'Gratitude'. And we All have so much to be grateful for!

Seeing such, that itself becomes its own abundance.

Thanks to all the posters here, including of course Darlene and Bryan, for sharing their viewpoints, knowledge, insight, and wisdom. {Even if they are not always on topic}

~ May the great God of All that Is.. continue to bless You ~

[Moderator: Please refrain from posting diggs against other commentors, or using personal insults in your discussions. For ongoing discussions please post at m/forums.]
#638 Pablo 2012-10-05 23:19
I had to laugh
#637 Laurent 2012-10-05 20:53
who want to be 4444th?
#636 Derek 2012-10-05 18:50
David, you brought something up that I think is important. Ive watched your perspective on 2012 evolve and change over the years. I'm kind of confused. The Law of One 2012 Facts article discusses a sudden leap into a "dream plane" and eventually 4th density in 2012. I don't actually think you believe this anymore (I might be wrong) given your recent comments, and the fact that your working on a new book, movie etc at the end of this year.

I would really appreciate it (alot of us would) if you could maybe give us the scoop on what your current view on 2012 is, the next time you get around to it.

Thank You so much for everything.
#635 paul c 2012-10-05 17:15
Anti Illuminati New World Order art-work under threat in London...

this needs to be preserved (suggest saving off copies of the images to preserve them)... funny how they hate the truth coming out... comments aren't being allowed on that article... perhaps they feel that the public would show just how much they feel about the bankers and the truth would start coming out?

Also major child abuse scandal involving big names in show-business exploding on the BBC:
#634 Brad Olsen 2012-10-05 13:38
MAX KEISER REPORT ON RUSSIA TODAY PLACES 9-11 INSIDE JOB ON THE ISRAELIS: "There is nothing about the official (read: Zionist) 9/11 narrative that stands up to scrutiny; the truth is being ruthlessly suppressed. Sorry. Jet fuel did not liquify steel. Jetliners did not turn skyscrapers into dust. Flight 93 didn’t ‘crash’ in Shanksville. And no, Flight 77 didn’t disintegrate into nothing upon hitting the Pentagon. The ‘hijackers’ were patsies run by Zionist intelligence and entertained on the yacht of ‘Israeli’ lobbyist and Zionist extremist Jack Abramoff less than a week before 9/11. Osama Bin Laden? Nothing to do with the events that day, and he vehemently denied any involvement two days after the mass murder of 2,973 innocent Americans, opining that the attack was carried out by the ‘government within the government’ of America, that which is controlled by ‘Israel’

"If anyone would like to help look at the report and Google it and find facts 100% solid proof and lets have an open Debate how and why Israel done or had a big part in 9/11. I would love for us to all look at the facts and come up with the proof. please help if you have time."

PS -- Looked like a malware attack was resolved on this site. Yesterday and earlier today no links would work without a warning page. Good job webmaster!

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