An increasingly-desperate Cabal of international bankers may have come out of the “cosmic closet” at the 2012 Olympics. The Mithraic / Illuminati ceremonial aspects seem so obvious that even the most hardened skeptics will have to take a second look.
by David Wilcock
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Historically speaking, most intelligent, self-respecting people have laughed scornfully at the idea that the world is being run by a highly organized and ruthless cult — practicing a secret religion that is definitely not Christianity.
No one wants to be bothered with nightmares about a bloodthirsty group that is obsessed with ancient mystery-school teachings and may be seeking to kill people — potentially in the billions — to achieve their goals.
However, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics were so blatant that we cannot afford to ignore the occult symbolism that was put on display. 

This was also the biggest show on Earth. The 2012 Olympics was the second most-watched event in American TV history — at 210.5 million people.
Aug. 13: Olympics Second Most-Watched Event in US TV History
The 2012 London Olympics were the second most watched event in American TV history, early Nielsen ratings show….
A total of 210.5 million people tuned in to catch the 2012 London Olympics on the first 14 days, across NBCUniversal’s networks that include NBC, NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo and Bravo.
The 2012 viewership surpassed the audience of 209 million who watched the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but lagged behind the 215 million U.S. viewers for the 2008 Beijing Games.
By the time you add in all the people in other countries, proudly following the Olympic Games to see how their athletes performed, the number of viewers could be well over half a billion people.
No other media event on Earth — at least so far — has ever attracted this many viewers. If you wanted to advertise the existence of a vast, secretive, super-wealthy cult to as many people as possible, this would be the best way to do it.
Despite the massive potential for misunderstanding and the obvious scrutiny of every detail, what we saw was an incredibly blatant display of weird, occult symbolism — both before and especially after the Games.
Yes… it does seem like a comic-book storyline, pulled right out of a silly B movie script.
Nonetheless, if people are being hurt, or even killed by this group, then this cult must be exposed — and their influence must be stopped.

Our story begins with a bizarre, enormous sculpture erected directly next to the Olympic Stadium — the ArcelorMittal Orbit.
At 114.5 meters high, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is now the tallest sculpture in the entire United Kingdom — at least according to the official announcement of its release, which you can read here.

Even to the untrained eye, it looks suspicious — even disturbing. Fashioned out of blood-red steel bars, it obviously resembles a snake coiled around a pillar — possibly constricting and squeezing the life out of it:
This bizarre, towering sculpture was first announced, with computer-generated mockups of what it would look like, on March 31, 2010.
As you can see by reading the comments section in the following link, the announcement triggered a massive public backlash.
Almost everyone described it as a hideous, repulsive, ominous, even threatening eyesore:
ArcelorMittal Orbit Announcement

We have a huge sculpture that could easily be interpreted as a stylized serpent coiled around a pillar — much like the Biblical idea of Satan, the serpent, coiled around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
There are plenty of archaic pieces of art that depict this key Biblical scene in a very similar fashion as what we see in the ArcelorMittal Orbit.
The second illustration from the coin below may or may not be Biblical, but it nonetheless emphasizes that the coil winding around the pillar is clearly meant to be a serpent.

In order to fabricate the tallest sculpture in the history of the UK, millions of dollars could be spent just on advertising and marketing research alone.
Obviously, someone in a quality control committee would have immediately raised a red flag about how easily this sculpture could be misinterpreted — even if they were a first-year college student in marketing.
In fact, all anyone would have to do is show the design to their kid. Or anyone, for that matter! Two or three honest opinions would be enough to understand what the inevitable reaction would be.
The massive public outrage was totally predictable — even inevitable. Whoever voted on this final design obviously did not care about the repercussions.
The ArcelorMittal Orbit was announced to be a “standing and completed work of art” as of May 14th, 2012:
May 14th: Bizarre Sculpture Outside Olympic Stadium Unveiled
For the first time, attendees to the unveiling will be able to travel up to the viewing platform and enjoy a panoramic view of up to 20 miles, encompassing the entire Olympic Park and London’s skyline beyond.
At 114.5m, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is the UK’s tallest sculpture and stands 22 metres taller than New York City’s Statue of Liberty.
“It gives me great pride to see the ArcelorMittal Orbit standing not only as a completed work of public art but as a physical symbol of the Olympic spirit,” comments Lakshmi N. Mittal, Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal….
Notice the wording — a “physical symbol of the Olympic spirit.” Say what?!
Clearly this was not a random design. It was chosen for a very specific purpose — to physically symbolize the “spirit” behind the Olympic Games!
What spirit?
This sculpture has an uncanny resemblance to a classic Biblical depiction of Satan, the serpent — coiled around the Tree of Knowledge.
So yes — this is weird stuff, and you may think it is all ridiculous and meaningless — but there is overwhelming evidence that this cult exists, and they take these ritual symbols very seriously.
Staying in denial will not help you. Not anymore. We need to get to the bottom of this — and do something about it.

As our excerpt continues, the wording gets even more interesting — particularly if you consider that it may have been built to convey a symbolic message that was never overtly revealed.
May 14th: Bizarre Sculpture Outside Olympic Stadium Unveiled
ArcelorMittal Orbit unveiled to the world
Main construction of the London 2012 landmark is declared complete….
Boris Johnson: “This 114.5 metre-high attraction to trump rivals the world over is a calling card for investment in east London.
It is a symbol of prosperity and growth, backed by one of the world’s most astute business leaders, which delivers the strongest message that this part of London is open for business after decades of neglect.
“In addition to the £11billion plus investment that has taken place around the Olympics over the last four years, the ArcelorMittal Orbit will draw visitors to newly regenerated swathes of east London in perpetuity and has changed our skyline and aspirations forever….
Andrew Altman, Chief Executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation, said:
“The ArcelorMittal Orbit will become one of London’s most spectacular visitor attractions and a stunning backdrop to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
“Not only will it offer differing views by day and night, but it will light up the East London skyline to become a beacon of the incredible transformation of this part of East London.”
Apparently a stylized depiction of Satan and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is a “symbol of prosperity and growth” that “changes our aspirations forever.”
Lucifer is considered to be the “light-bearer” — and as we reported in Financial Tyranny, this worldwide cult definitely appears to have a Luciferian belief system.
They do draw a clear distinction between Lucifer, who they think is the misunderstood good guy, and Satan — who they believe is only a myth.
The sculpture was designed and commissioned by “one of the world’s most astute business leaders.” This may not have attracted suspicion in the past, but after the LIBOR scandal and so many other data points, it definitely must be considered.
This stylized depiction of Satan and the Tree of Knowledge is said to “light up the East London skyline” and become a “beacon of the incredible transformation” of a “newly regenerated” London.
And of course, this undeniably serpent-like sculpture is also said to “trump rivals the world over.” To “trump” means to defeat — as in pulling out the “trump card” in a game, thereby allowing you to destroy your opponents.
So who are the “rivals” that this “physical symbol of the Olympic spirit” can “trump” — i.e. defeat?
We are directly shown who they are — in the diagram featured within this very same article.
This first image is just the right half of what we see in the article. There are lots of tall buildings they could have chosen — but by calling it a “sculpture,” they could tie in these monuments — each with key ritual significance:
The Statue of Liberty is thought by many scholars to be a thinly-veiled symbol of Isis — the female aspect of Lucifer in this hidden religion.
This is illustrated by the beams of light coming off of her head, the torch that symbolizes the “sacred fire of antiquity,” i.e. the knowledge of the “Mysteries” — and the book, symbolizing the hidden teachings of the organization.
Notice that the next in line is Nelson’s Column — a pillar with clear similarities to a stylized Egyptian obelisk. Isis is the female symbol of Lucifer and the obelisk — a stylized phallus — is Lucifer’s male aspect, in the form of Osiris.
This male and female pairing of Luciferian symbols is then immediately followed by none other than Christ the Redeemer — who is below them, thereby implying that he has been “trumped”!
Given the wording that we just saw in the same article — a “physical symbol of the Olympic spirit” that can “trump rivals the world over” — it is interesting that they would have stuck in a picture of Jesus as a “rival,” being dwarfed by this serpent-like monument. 

The next sculpture beside Jesus in this lineup, the Angel of the North, has absolute ritual connotations as well. This steel sculpture was erected in 1998, in Newcastle, and is considered one of England’s 12 official icons.
First of all, notice the interesting choice of wording on the official Visit Newcastle website:
As you approach Tyneside either via car or train, you are greeted by the welcoming wide-open arms of The Angel of the North as it comes into view.
Visited by over 150,000 visitors a year, people come from all over the globe to witness the huge structure in all of its flesh and glory.
The Angel of the North emits a strength and power that so many people enjoy on their first visit — and many come back and visit again….

The Angel of the North is one of England’s 12 official icons. It is reported that every second the structure is seen by more than one person travelling by. That’s over 90,000 people everyday, or nearing 34 million each year.

Being in this position makes it one of the most viewed artworks in the entire world.

The interesting thing here is that this “angel” is clearly built to look like a synthesis of man and machine. It is a towering, faceless human figure with airplane wings — all made out of steel.
Lucifer is considered to have “dominion” over the Earth in Biblical terms — and this “angel” is very earthly. Its wings are not typically angelic or birdlike — they are clearly mechanical, like a flying machine.

In order to decipher the mystery of who the “Angel of the North” really is, let’s look in the Bible.
The answer is right here in the book of Isaiah:
Isaiah 14:12-15, “How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth. You who have weakened the nations!  
13 But you said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the mount of assembly in the recesses of the north
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’
Lucifer is the “Angel of the North.”
According to this website, which we will discuss later, this is the only passage in the Bible where Lucifer is directly mentioned. In the King James Version, “morning star” or “son of the dawn” translates as the word Lucifer.
Therefore, the idea that Lucifer’s throne is in “the recesses of the north” becomes a very important symbol for any practicing Luciferian — as they really don’t have much scripture to work with in the Bible.
The Angel of the North sculpture was clearly given airplane wings. Like the Bible quote about Lucifer, airplanes also ascend above the heights of the clouds — in the course of a routine flight.
It is very interesting to reconsider the wording of the official Newcastle website — in how they wanted to reveal the Angel of the North in “all its flesh and glory” so that it “emits a strength and power.”
On January 24, 2011, the Angel of the North was apparently “vandalized” by a very advanced team — said to be “possibly ex-military” — and was literally transformed into a gigantic bat-winged creature.
We have now had over thirty different commenters try to blast this entire article because “The Poke” is apparently a hoax site — the UK’s equivalent of The Onion.
OK… we get it. Enough!
Angel of the North Turned Into Bat-Winged Figure
Whoever is responsible, Gateshead woke up this morning to find that its iconic landmark, Angel of the North, had become Batman of the North – thanks to some new metal sheeting riveted to to the original statue.
“There must have been a team of them,” says Detective Inspector Roy Card.
Highly organised, highly skilled. Possibly ex-military. Well-versed in the arts of stealth – vandals, in other words. Supervandals.
“They did the whole thing at night. No reports of lights on the hill. No reports of suspicious activity of any kind.
“They performed a complex industrial operation — then faded into the night like smoke. Like ninjas made out of smoke.”
The statue, which looks over the A1 and A167, is drawing record crowds as visitors rush to see the ‘Gateshead Batman’ before he is returned to his former self.

Though this is clearly a hoax article, there may be some thought behind it. 
I do still find it interesting that the date they gave for when the Angel of the North was transformed into this bat-winged figure was the ancient Roman ritual holiday of Sementivae — January 24th.
There are only a handful of these “ritual dates” per year — and this happens to be one of the most important ones.
Sementivae is a ritual event that blends pagan and Christian themes together. It was intended to promote healthy crops and fertility, before the seeds were planted — hence the word “semen” in the name:
Sementivae — Roman Fertility Rite Beginning on January 24th
Sementivae, also known as Feriae Sementivae or Sementina dies (in the country called Paganalia), was a Roman festival of sowing….
It was held in honor of Ceres (the goddess of agriculture) and Tellus (Mother Earth).
The initial half of the event was a festival in honor of Tellus which ran [beginning] from January 24 through January 26.
The festival honoring Ceres occurred one week later, starting February 2. The Sementina dies were kept in seed-time at Rome for the purpose of praying for a good crop; it lasted only for one day, which was fixed by the pontiffs.[2]

At the same time the Paganalia were observed in the country.[3]

This may or may not be significant — but it is still worth pointing out as a side-note. Some group may have thought there was value in fooling people like this on a key Roman ritual date.
Last but not least in our initial lineup of “rivals”, we have Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. This is intended to be a depiction of the Biblical King David — directly before he went into battle againt the giant Goliath:
Michelangelo’s Sculpture of the Biblical King David
Michelango sculpted the young David just prior to this face-off with the giant Goliath, sling over his shoulder, watching his enemy’s approach.

This story has influenced kings, politicians, slaves, citizens, artists and musicians for over 3000 years.

As was revealed in The Da Vinci Code, the Illuminati families trace their bloodlines back to King David — so comparing this classic, towering sculpture to the ArcelorMittal Orbit is ripe with ritual significance.
And that’s not all.

Another quote from the same page reveals an even deeper level of the mystery around David — from the Illuminist’s perspective.
Michelangelo’s Sculpture of the Biblical King David
In The World of Art, Robert Payne wrote: “The David expressed a pagan reliance on strength, cunning, and intelligence.
A muscular youth, with thick curling hair falling over the nape of his neck, with an expression of great power and refinement, he stands there like a god who has descended to earth in order to chastise the mighty and to tear kings from their thrones.

His brows are knit, his eyes are watchful, the youthful body stands in absolute composure, conscious of its own strength, its own power to accomplish whatever the intelligence demands. . . .

He is more Apollo than David, and belongs more to Greece than to the Renaissance. Here Michelangelo stated once and for all, in a manner he would never surpass, the ideal inhabitant of the visionary earth.”

Within this worldwide mystery cult, Apollo is commonly considered to be one of the forms that Lucifer took in Greek mythology.
This next quote is from a small “Angelfire” website that is trying to recruit people into the Luciferian faith — and it explains this Apollo connection clearly:
Just who Lucifer truly is is a question to be discussed in the chat room.
Many people see Lucifer in many ways; as a bringer of enlightenment, as a god of the air (or of the powers of the air), as a bringer of truth and knowledge, as a rebel, or as all of the above….
[Question:] Is this a Satanist room?

If you had read the questions above thoroughly, you would see that it clearly is not. The room’s founders do not see Lucifer and Satan as the same being.

However, Satanists of all persuasions are free to come in and chat. Personally we don’t care what anyone thinks of Lucifer or what other names he goes by; that’s the point of the room, anyway.

[Question:] What gods is Lucifer comparable to?

Lucifer, in the form most accepted now and apart from any comparison with Satan, has parallels in various world religions. He is generally considered both a god of light and a bringer of knowledge….

In Greek mythology, Lucifer is comparable to both Hermes and Apollo;
Hermes because he was a messenger and a healer, and Apollo as a solar deity.

When we look at the full lineup of “rivals” that this “symbol of the Olympic spirit” is meant to “trump,” you almost can’t help but laugh.
They put the Great Pyramid of Giza — the ultimate object of worship and devotion for the Cabal — directly to left of the ArcelorMittal Orbit… as another “sculpture”!
Then on the left, you have the Eiffel Tower — yet another classic example of a stylized Egyptian obelisk. In this case it needed a wider base in order to maintain stability, but the obelisk comparison still holds.
The Cabal had a firm grip on the French government by the time the Eiffel Tower was constructed in 1889.
In short, with the sole exception of Christ the Redeemer — i.e. the opponent — every monument in the above lineup is a Luciferian symbol.
The obelisk — as seen in Nelson’s Column and the Eiffel Tower — is an Egyptian fertility symbol. It represents the severed phallus of Osiris, and a gateway to the spirit world.
The ArcelorMittal Orbit may be the tallest sculpture in the UK, but the above comparison shot is misleading — as even the Eiffel Tower is no longer in the top ten of the tallest buildings.
If someone were trying to point out the ArcelorMittal Orbit’s “rivals” in terms of size alone, it’s not even in the running. Here are the top ten buildings in the world, based on their height:

The shortest of these is still well over 400 meters tall — besting the Eiffel Tower at 324 meters.
All the structures chosen in the ArcelorMittal Orbit lineup appear to have had a deeper purpose. They were not merely chosen as random examples of tall sculptures.
Before we even tackle the Olympic Stadium and the opening and closing ceremonies themselves, there is one more critical aspect of the ArcelorMittal Orbit that must be explored.
The Cabal has its roots in Freemasonry — which provided an effective cover of secrecy, and allowed the highest-ranking members to be potentially recruited into yet another, far more secretive group.
As we will see, a Masonic online group openly revealed that Freemasonry is largely based on the surviving remnants of a highly secretive Roman mystery cult — known as Mithraism.
The ArcelorMittal Orbit very strongly resembles the key Mitrhaic figurine known as Leontecephalus — the Lion [Leo] Headed [ceph.]
Both of these sculptures feature seven coils in the central serpent. Their position, slope angle and spacing on the pillar itself is also nearly identical.

This is not just a random coincidence. Many different depictions of the Leontocephalus have a serpent wrapped around the body in a very similar fashion — though perhaps with fewer total coils:
Anish Kapoor, a famous sculptor, was one of two artists credited with designing the ArcelorMittal Orbit.
May 14th: Bizarre Sculpture Outside Olympic Stadium Unveiled

It is very likely that the Mithraic coiled staircase and pillar was presented to Kapoor from the beginning as a design motif, perhaps by his co-designer Cecil Balmond — and he then was asked to incorporate that idea into his overall concept.

Carnaval is one key website we will be looking at for quotes on Mithraism. Carnaval is a classic term for a decadent festival celebration of drinking, dancing and sexual (Carnal) promiscuity.
The website reveals that many cultures have a form of the Carnaval celebration — much like Mardi Gras. All these Carnavals apparently can be traced back to ancient Pagan fertility rituals.
On the Carnaval page dedicated most directly to Freemasonry, they openly reveal that their website is written by the San Francisco Mission Masonic Lodge — and they ask you to join them:
Carnaval Admits It is Masonic
Why Join
Dig deep in the site and you will find it is published from the San Francisco Mission District in California USA, where the Mission Masonic Lodge is enjoying growth not seen for many decades.
Now that we know that Carnaval is a Masonic website, we can see that they are certainly capable of speaking about the historic roots of Freemasonry from an informed, insider perspective.
Here is what they said:
Masonry / Mithraism Connection
Freemasonry came out of Scotland as revamped Mithraism, spurred by the influx of the outlawed Knights Templar.
It has been suggested that Mithraism could have survived indefinitely in independent Scotland, where there was an affinity for Roman practices as well as a fierce independence.
Masonry is a complex fraternal organization with many similarities to Mithraism, which came out of Scotland in the late 17th century.
It is possible that surviving cults of Mithraism in Scotland became associated with the craft of masonry, as well as liberated members of the Knights Templar to create the modern form of Masonry, which has changed little over the centuries.
Masonry shares stories with the Knights Templar, who are said to have successfully sought refuge when persecuted by King Philip of France and Pope Clement early in the 14th century.

Now that Masonic insiders have revealed that their religion is deeply rooted in Mithraism, it is obviously very important to find out as much as we can about this ancient mystery cult.
In this next quote from the Mithras page on Carnaval, we learn much more:
Carnaval on Mithraism
At a time when Christianity was only one of several foreign Eastern cults struggling for recognition in Rome, the hierarchal organization, religious dualism, and dogmatic moral teaching of Mithraism set it apart from other sects — creating a stability previously unknown in Roman paganism.
The cult’s emphasis on truth, honor, courage, and personal discipline had a special appeal to the spiritually ambitious among soldiers, merchants and noblemen.
The Roman emperors early on formally announced their alliance with the sun and emphasized their likeness to Mithras, god of its divine light.
Mithras was also unified with the sun-god Helios, and became known as ‘The Great God Helios-Mithras’….
Animal sacrifices, mostly of birds, were also conducted in the Mithraeums….
Uh-oh. Animal sacrifices certainly don’t fit in with most people’s ideas of an acceptable religious practice — at least in modern times.
The idea that they “mostly” do birds isn’t very comforting either — considering it leaves room for everything else.
If “ambitious” members can become comfortable with animal sacrifices, that could serve as a “gateway drug” to see that human sacrifices may have “spiritual value” as well.

Now we will read from another website that does not openly profess to have any insider information — but nonetheless appears to have at least been tipped off about secret knowledge.
In this case, we find out that much of what we know about Mithraism in the open world comes from archeological evidence that must be deciphered and interpreted.
When we try to understand what Mithraism was about, we are faced right at the beginning with a problem: Mithraism was a mystery religion.
Mystery religions by definition keep secrets. Because of this we aren’t going to find an ancient text that explains it all for us.
We will have to look other places for our information.

One of the good things about Mithraism, from our point of view, is that Mithraic temples, called mithraea (singular mithraeum), were almost all underground.

When Mithraism was no longer practiced in a given mithraeum, it was generally just walled off and built over.
This means that in some cases we have virtually completely intact mithraea, with statues and inscriptions right where the Mithraic initiates left them.
Even in places where we aren’t so fortunate, we nonetheless have large amounts of material preserved for us….

As our quote goes on, we find out that only a small number of people would meet in the Mithraea:

The first thing about the mithraea is their architecture. This tells us a lot right away. Mithraea are quite small, the largest found so far being 23 meters long (Clauss, p. 43).
On average, they would have fit about thirty worshippers. This is surely a significant fact. Mithraists in each “congregation” would have known each other personally….

The ritual killing of the bull plays a key role in the Mithraic mysteries, as we read here:
The invariant element in mithraea was a statue or relief of Mithras killing a bull, called the “tauroctony.”
This was placed at the end of the mithraeum opposite the door, and was clearly meant to be the focus of the temple.
From both its everpresence and the centrality of its location, the tauroctony is obviously an expression of the most important mystery of the cult….
Scholars such as Graham Hancock assert that the killing of the bull symbolically represents the end of the Age of Taurus and the transition into the Age of Aries.
Both of the websites we are exploring on Mithraism present this connection as well — indicating it was first made by David Ulasney.

Both websites also say this Mithraic symbol can refer to any time that one Age of the Zodiac transitions into another. Based on several interconnecting data points, we are now about to shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.
Here is the key line that reveals this insider Mithraic belief on the Carnaval site:
Ironically, the religion of Mithras historically has performed the role of hand-maiden to the birth of the age of Pisces and the monotheism of Christianity and Islamic religions, which distinguish the first two millenniums after Jesus Christ.
It might yet perform this role again as we move tenuously into the next great age of Aquarius….

As I documented in The Source Field Investigations, several pieces of compelling evidence set this transition at the end of this year, 2012.
This makes it all the more interesting that the Olympics were held in London this same year. Were they hoping to be the “hand-maidens to the birth… of the great Age of Aquarius”?
What might they hope to achieve as this New Age begins?

Finally, we get back around to the Mithraic sculpture that has an uncanny resemblance to the ArcelorMittal Orbit — namely the Leontocephalus.
The third most important image in the mithraea goes by the delightful name of the “leontocephalous,” or the “leontocephalic deity.”
This just means “the lion-headed one,” and that’s exactly what he is — a man with the head of a lion. There is usually a snake wrapped around him.
The other elements of this image vary, but two sets of wings (that is, four wings) and a set of keys are common.

In only one case do we have a name for him, Arimanius. This is found on the base of a statue of him from York in England.
There are, however, also a number of inscriptions to “the god Arimanius” without images….

This jumped out at me right away, due to how much I’ve studied the Zoroastrian traditions. In Zoroastrianism, the equivalent of Satan is named Ahriman.
This same website reveals the connection a few pages later on:
If one were to devise a Gnostic religion based in part on Zoroastrianism, the obvious choice would be Ahriman, the evil spirit/god of that religion.
It is exactly Ahriman whom we see in the mithraea, under the name “Ariomanus,” the lion-headed god.


The ArcelorMittal Orbit just got even more sinister. The connection to Satan grows stronger and stronger the more we explore it.
Some of the surviving images of the Leontocephalus are even sculpted with cloven hooves for feet:



We already have a compelling set of symbols to make a case — but so far we haven’t begun to survey the evidence most people have been using to conclude that the London Olympics ceremonies were “a Satanic Illuminati ritual.”

So many people came to believe this that it actually reached the front page of Digg — a site tracking the most popular stories and trends on the Internet — as of August 6th:


Of course, the authors used humor to tell the story — and quoted from some clearly dubious sources.

Nonetheless, many of the symbols were extremely blatant. Humor is often used as a way for people to cope with disturbing information.

After we analyze the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the next symbol to pay attention to is the shape of the stadium itself.
It could easily be seen as a giant Eye of Horus, staring up into the heavens as the ArcelorMittal Orbit stands next to it.
Certain moments in the fireworks displays made this seem even more obvious.

The next obvious thing to notice is that the infamous “eye in the triangle” Illuminati symbol was built into the lights that ring the stadium.
It’s not just the triangular shape — it’s the fact that the lights are only mounted in the tip of the triangle:


For many people, the most shocking display in the opening ceremonies was what appeared to be a staged child sacrifice — to a demonic Grim Reaper-type entity that apparently represented Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.
We see a large crowd of sick and dying children in their beds, orbiting around a very strange mega-sculpture of a stone-gray baby.
Then, one girl is hoisted up in her bed, very high above the ground, while the sounds of her screaming are interconnected with cackling demonic voices.
You couldn’t help but feel like this was meant to illustrate a child sacrifice to a massive, demonic entity:


This next picture indicates how certain dancers in the opening ceremonies were given a clearly demonic appearance.
Notice that there is a fusion of reptilian and human here — including green skin, vertical fins on the head, and vertically-slit pupils with amber irises.

The opening ceremonies also featured a fiery “cauldron” that took the Olympic torch and turned it into a vast, fiery inferno.
Better yet, the torches blossomed like a flower, and were eventually all pulled up into a central area — again potentially indicating the idea of the Eye of Horus.
We also saw dancers wearing black-and-white checkerboard outfits and performers with these patterns on the floor or on their instruments — similar to the tile floor used in most Masonic lodges to symbolize the integration of light and darkness.

Now we will move ahead to the closing ceremonies — where the symbolism became far more blatant.
In this first set of images, we see a fashion show in which one of the models is given a crown of golden beams coming off of her head — a common Cabal image for Isis, the female aspect of Lucifer — as also seen in the Statue of Liberty.
We also see Naomi Campbell wearing a headpiece that could easily be interpreted as devil horns, when seen from the front.

Annie Lennox, of the Eurythmics, performed with very dark imagery — riding in on a stylized boat that was all painted in black.
In this case it all appeared to be a festival of the undead:
In George Michael’s performance, he wore a stylized skull as a belt buckle.
This is precisely what we see on the 32nd-degree Masonic apron, as I revealed in Financial Tyranny — minus only the crossbones beneath it.
Several authors noticed the irony of the words “FREEDOM” being written across the stadium seats during this performance while these blatant ritual images of financial tyranny were being presented.


Right after the “Batman” mass shootings, it seemed a bit insensitive to have Batman and Robin run out in the Olympic closing ceremonies.
When the Pet Shop Boys performed, the lead singer wore a strange, witch-like pointy hat and ravenlike cloak — while the guy escorting him was mostly naked, wearing a painted-on suit and a very bizarre pyramid-shaped hat.
Later, the hats came off — and they looked suspiciously similar to the Batman shooter, James Holmes.


Let’s not forget that aisles were placed in the stadium that illustrated the British “Union Jack” flag:

In the closing ceremonies, each line of the British flag was gripped by the tentacles of a vast, psychedelic octopus.
It is also important to note that each line of the flag was also covered with newspaper-style text while this happened — clearly indicating a relationship with the print media.
In the last image, we see that one key headline, positioned directly next to the octopus, says “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”
The overall message here seems to be celebrating the octopus-like control the Cabal has exercised over the media — and by extension, the world.
Notice also how the dancers end up completely lying flat on their bellies in front of the octopus — prostrating themselves in supplication to the great beast.

In the next image we see the Illuminati “Eye in the Triangle” symbols staring down at the royals.
This is followed by two images of the fireworks displays in which we see rays of light beaming off of where the eye is in the triangle.
This may have been intended to further emphasize the ritual significance of these symbols — as the Illuminati pyramid topped by the gleaming Eye of Horus in the triangle.


If you still don’t believe the Eye in the Triangle symbol was intended to be conveyed by the lights looming over the stadium, this next set of images may change your mind.
Dancers, all clad in gray, systematically hauled in 303 different blocks — each one symbolizing one event in the Olympic Games — and built them into the classic Illuminati pyramid shape.
The number “303” does not appear to be accidental. It clearly conveys the number 33, with a zero in between. 33 is the top degree of Freemasonry.
This pyramid towered over the flags of all the nations of the world. This doesn’t appear to be an accident either.
Looming in the background of this pyramid was the “cauldron” of fire. Notice also the Masonic symbol — the L-shaped square — in front of the cauldron.
Also notice how many of the dancers lie on their backs — in deathlike supplication to the great Illuminati pyramid as it was being formed.
Then, once it was completed, they all stand and join hands — indicating a vast symbol of phoenix-like death and rebirth.

The phoenix is another classic Illuminati symbol — indicating the spiritual transformation that occurs as one progresses through the Order.
The pyramid symbol is on one side of the US dollar bill’s “Great Seal of the United States.”
As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations, the eagle on the opposite side is meant to symbolize the phoenix.
This makes the pairing of these two sets of images all the more interesting.
We see a dancer fly in on a phoenix. We then see multiple dancers appearing as fiery elementals, heralding the arrival of a much larger phoenix.


In this next set of images we see the moment the huge phoenix rose out of the “cauldron” — towering over the British flag and everyone in the stadium.
This was definitely the pivotal moment in the entire ceremony.

No matter how you look at it, this is quite an incredible set of symbols.
The entire display was so blatant, so in-your-face, that it seems as if this Cabal has become quite desperate.

The LIBOR scandal has been a massive game-changer — revealing to the world that the top banks are colluding to manipulate their own credit scores — faking strength in a time of weakness, and health in a time of sickness.
What we are seeing in the Olympic ceremonies may be this group’s final attempt to present their symbolism, worldwide, before everything comes unraveled — and is exposed.
The mass arrests we have spoken about on this website are just starting to happen with the LIBOR scandal. Our next update will feature an elaborate continuation of the “timeline” that we started in the previous entry.
Overall, I see all of this as a good thing, not a bad thing. We are witnessing a blatant display of ritual symbolism from a group that seems to fear its inevitable exposure — and is hoping to create some good PR for itself before this happens.

Or, at the very least, they are hoping to traumatize us with fear — so we will be too afraid to take a stand. The above article blatantly states that “public anger over the financial crisis is wrong”!
I, for one, will continue to pursue freedom and peace — and I invite you to join me in the quest to free our planet.
This group can only continue to exist if it is kept secret. In this case, their desire for an orgy of ritual symbolism may prove to be their final undoing.
Within minutes of posting this article, I reloaded the page to do a final check.
It seems hard to believe that this keeps happening, but there it was: 1555.
I do believe this is yet another sign that all these events are part of a grand, orchestrated plan for humanity’s evolution — and are watched over by positive angelic beings who will make sure the planet is not destroyed.
This blatant display of symbolism, and the critique I’ve written about it, does not mean I am automatically saying all mystery school and esoteric traditions are negative.
That being said, I’m simply never going to be a Luciferian. I consider that many great traditions have been marred by this association.
In this case I feel that there is a preponderance of evidence that a mass ritual was staged — in amongst ceremonies that were also inspiring and uplifting, featuring many very talented artists.
Some people do not understand why this was done. It is a little strange to understand for those who are not familiar with this.
The ‘rules’, set up ultimately by a loving Universe, dictate that no “magical power” can be pulled from these practices unless they are openly advertised publicly.
This is all extensively covered in the Law of One series, which is my philosophical base. Ultimately what this does is to ensure that we are consciously choosing enslavement — at least at some level — if we never bother to resist it, and simply cower in fear.
I just put up the inspiring new piece, Will There Be a Quantum Awakening in 2012?, to help balance out the negativity of what I’ve just exposed — so enjoy it!
Another interesting synchronicity was that when I came in here just now to write this update, there were precisely 95290 hits — which was very similar to the “precession” number of 25,920 years — the cycle that is now ending in December.