In other articles, we have touched on the difficulty of getting information past the conscious mind. The forces in the readings could make prophecies, even as specific as an exact indication of the circumstances surrounding the Heaven‘s Gate suicide, but I had no idea what they were until the events themselves happened.

This was also the case in a long series of dreams and readings that predicted the death of Princess Di. Like Heaven‘s Gate, this event also happened around a major astrological event that included an eclipse.

The date is now August of 1997, and by this point the process had become more refined, the messages longer and smoother. Here is the first prophetic dream that occurred, written here in condensed form. The dream starts with a few sentences from the psychic source involved in the readings.


Sunday 8 / 10 / 97 – 7:08 a.m.

Title: “The Death of an Important Governmental Figure”

Reading: “I really could answer the phone right now. Though lines are busy, I can take the call. You need to work with us on this. You didn‘t notice we were talking about that before. “

Right away there is an indication of a desire on behalf of these forces to communicate something to me, something that apparently is very important. It also indicates that in the past, I didn‘t notice what they were talking about. They obviously wanted to draw my attention, but I didn‘t get it.

Reading: “We almost forgot about you. On Sunday, we went down to a nice beach in the Rocky Mountains. In New York, the attractions are the same; the climate just isn‘t as nice. Right now, some Norwegian snow steps might be in order. It could snow during the week; you can‘t explain that one.”

Right away, I realized when transcribing this that it was about Earth Changes. I immediately responded to this part of the reading by strongly thinking about moving to a safer location. I wrote the following note below in September, one month before I moved.

[Note 9/17: “As spooky as this may seem, these sentences seem to be discussing climatological changes as a result of Earth Changes, including such things as there being ocean near the Rockies, more inward ocean encroachment on New York State, and a suddenly much colder environment in New York.

The Norwegian snow steps must refer to eventually having to wear snowshoes to get around in New York. This seems to indicate that the New York area will have moved further north, possibly dangerously further north. In light of the accuracy of the rest of this session, I cannot ignore this message. It might be in my best interest to relocate.”]


Dream: “I found out that Allen Epstein had died, as if he had been alive. It was a shocking event, almost as if he was murdered. He was murdered; he was involved in some governmental businessimages of a city, possibly NYC. He was doing some kind of protest for another race of people; perhaps oriental. He was in some kind of program like that.”

Reading: “And he ended up spending a lot of time just looking.”

In this dream, the character of Allen Epstein was used in place of Princess Di. Epstein was a moderately famous artist and filmmaker who had died before I ever could meet him.

He had custom-built the house that I lived in while in Rosendale, New York, and my apartment was loaded with priceless paintings of his. Therefore, my subconscious mind interpreted the Princess Di information by indicating a very familiar and well-loved character in my life. The context of the dream leaves no doubt that Princess Di was the topic of discussion.

Only in rare cases would you ever dream of the exact person involved. The dream gives a clear indication of a murder, of being involved in government, of a large urban area (Di passed over in Paris,) and the idea of doing protests for another race of people. All this information fits. The last sentence in the above reading seems to be about the paparazzi who just stood there and photographed the incident, “spending a lot of time just looking.”

Dream: “Suddenly, we had gotten the word that he had been shot or something, and it was a total shock that just made us all feel numb.”

Reading: “My father-in-law suggested that he might like to have a gun.”

Dream: “I was surprised in the dream that he had been killed; it was very suddenly realized, and the effect of it seemed to go through everyone like a shock. There was this whole group of people who were involved; this politics situation.”

Again, there is clear indication of political strategizing; “There was this whole group of people who were involved [in the death of this government figure;] this politics situation.”

There is a clear indication of the total shock that this would have upon society, and again the line, “He had been killed.” The reading said, “He might like to have a gun.” This seems to mean that Di would have obviously wanted to have better protection if she knew that there was a plot out on her life.

Dream: “Then it seemed that I was inside a lake, and Allen Epstein was there again. I was looking at a picture of him that had been taken, and he was talking to me, though I couldn‘t see him. It was a spiritual voice, and he was asking me to draw him.

The mental picture I was getting was really weird, and I could not get a good bead on the eyes. The more I looked at the eyes, the more they became Oriental, and they had a very interesting curve on the sides that came back out, as a very stylized eye unlike anything I had seen before.”

Bodies of water in dreams almost always mean the collective consciousness of humanity, and reuniting with the dead character in a lake clearly illustrated that he was speaking to me from the afterlife. This would explain why I could hear the voice without seeing the person.

I realized afterwards that what I was trying to express in the eyes was that they looked just like the stylized eyes of the Buddha. With the simultaneous passage of Princess Di and Mother Theresa, we can see that the message is that both had attained Buddhahood, or spiritual perfection; sainthood.

And now, right after going through this careful means of validating their accuracy through prediction, the forces go into an explanation of what is behind the Earth Changes and why they are necessary. We will leave the reading intact, as it came in at such a pivotal point in the history of this work.

Reading: “Today, it seems quite obvious that the meaning of the different words uttered behind the scenes from sources such as this contain valuable pieces of information, not easily gained through conventional methods.”

That sentence takes on profound significance, given the fact that this massive prediction was just made over two weeks before it actually happened! You can tell from statements like “Today it seems quite obvious” that they knew exactly what prophecies I had just spoken, even though I didn‘t have a clue until well more than a week after she passed away.

“By this fact, you are witnessing the rebirth of a system of communication, lost for many years, which when fully utilized by all the members of society enables massive transformation in a very short time.

In the society of Atlantis, as we have said, this very technique was used by thousands of people to bring in ideas for new technologies, to bring in and refine philosophical concepts, to warn against possible future dangers, and to forestall those events to some degree.

That is why those who were following their own heart knew well in advance of the calamity that was to befall Atlantis. Now, in your own time, those few who are following their heart know well in advance the earth changes that await. These are not to be feared, as they are an inevitable part of the functioning of the organism known as Earth.

“A cleansing does need to be engendered. This is not really threatening once you realize that your existence is more than your physical body, as it is during and immediately before this time that those of you who are prepared for the harvest will be ascending to the next level of energy vibration.

Those who do not wish to choose to be on Earth after this point, for whatever their karmic path and their reasons may be, will go to a different system afterwards. But, as humanity proliferates in this section of the universe, it is not necessarily difficult for them to find another suitable location, though in order to find one as similar to yours as this, it has been necessary for certain forces involved to help create that new planet.”

This could certainly explain the commonly observed UFO activities. These include the harvesting of pond water, soil, plant life, and animal organs as well as human genetic materials in the classic abduction scenario.

A great deal of material is presented to support this in the Betty Andreasson case, in Raymond Fowler‘s books “The Andreasson Affair,” “The Watchers” and “The Watchers II.”

“We have told you that we have been arriving with whatever forces are at our disposal. You need to keep clear that the meaning behind our existence remains ever solid, and that is, we are a gap between worlds; a bridge so that you may understand the kingdom that awaits you.

As you all, or many of you, are preparing to enter into this higher level of vibration, it is necessary for you to see it showing up, or manifesting, in the physical space first. In this case, by the presence of extraterrestrials in your skies and other equally valid means, of which there are quite many, the purpose is to show you on the outside something tangible that exists beyond and above your own level of existence.

[This is done] to get you psychologically ready for the reunion of that aspect of yourselves which has been so lost and so denied.

“The constrictions caused by the stranglehold that the Ego has on the personality are quite great. It is very difficult to find a way to free up and loosen that stranglehold, but we have tried, and we know that we will succeed as much as possible.

The time is now for everyone on this planet to realize their true calling, to understand that they are [made of] matter [that is] more than the fleshly body that they are now wearing, and that they may align with the parts of themselves which are of the multidimensional personality.

These different aspects may be fused together from the high and the low, and at the end the personality that has been constructed is much more firm, much more sharp and clear in its understanding.

“When you move outside the spectrum of the physical world, information becomes easier and easier to obtain, as you are more directly in sync with the field of conscious energy which underlies all things.

That conscious energy has all knowledge available to it, therefore it is quite easy for you or for anyone else to gain access to that knowledge. It is therefore imperative that you now having a human experience try to gain similar access, as you will be guaranteed to gain the most significant and the most important knowledge to you that is available.

“So then, in order to truly actualize your full potentials as a human being, it is necessary to activate those latent centers of intelligence and information processing which you have equipped in your biocomputer, [or brain.] [We are referring to] those sections of processing most directly related to the full experiencing of your multidimensional personality.

Although there are certain drugs that can activate this computer in different ways and bring out some of these pieces of information, it will never be in a clear or concise form, or in a form that you can understand, and the risk and hazard to the body is great.

“Therefore, we strongly suggest that the method involved should be direct and clear, coming from the person‘s own personal desire to have access to these energies, and being the summation of those efforts made in that direction. Not everyone will get the same results.

These processes will produce results as individual as the personality constructs who form them, and that is okay; that is as it should be. At this point, we would urge anyone reading this material that there could be much more to their identity than they realize, and that this unseen part of themselves is directly controlling, manipulating and adjusting myriads of different situations to the precise tolerances necessary to insure safety and insure success.

“Many of these things are happening on a subtle level that could not be directly perceived, however it is very much a true occurrence. This is an issue that we can explore and probe deeper into in the future. For now, let‘s just say that the human body is more than what it is currently being used for.

It is also a receiving and transmitting station; a radio, if you will, to connect to the outer reaches of the universe and to deeper levels of identity and of consciousness. Therefore, you who are reading this material are inspired to go forth from hearing about these aspects of yourselves, and hopefully learn of your own true identities. That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.”

The very next day featured a small set of sentences that in and of themselves mean nothing, but in the context of everything else take on importance. I first asked a question, after the “D:,” and then we get the response.


Monday 8 / 11 / 97 – 7:05 a.m.

D: “Can you help me get through this work week? I need some energy or some kind of support.”

Reading: “Do not be displeased by the circumstances, as you have something definite to learn from them. Instead, take the opportunity to say “Au revoir” to the past, and embrace a new future.”

“It‘s slower than five nine zero, but they have air conditioning.”

Again, by themselves these sentences appear to be nothing more than some guidance for my personal life, and then a nonsense sentence. Yet, the readings normally almost never use words in French to express themselves, and “Au revoir” means goodbye. Since we all said goodbye to Di in France, there is some interest in this. The next line is even more interesting.

The statement “It is slower than five nine zero” seems to indicate that something is traveling at a speed less than, I suppose, 590 kilometers per hour, which would still be outrageously fast. The next sentence, ‘they have air conditioning,‘ lends greater credence to the idea that this was a mechanical, passenger – type object that was “slower than 590.”

The very next morning, the entire dream dictation started off with my hearing one specific word:


Tuesday 8 / 12 / 97 – 6:52 a.m.

D: “Cueing on the word “Ruse.””

When I looked up the word “Ruse,” I found that it indicated a scandal, a trick, a premeditated act of deception. This is a word that has its roots in the French language. And just the day before we had more data indicating France and possibly a car traveling at a great speed, “less than 590 [kilometers per hour.]

And then, after I had largely finished dictation on the dream, which was personal in content and unrelated, I overheard what appeared to be a conversation between three entities:

[One person:] “No news is good news.”

[Other person:] “That‘s right.”

[Another person:] “Didn‘t you see that yet?”

In context, now that we know what they were looking at, one entity seems to be saying to the others, “Didn‘t you see her death coming up in the immediate future?” The idea of “no news being good news” might indicate wishful thinking on behalf of some entities that hoped that it wouldn‘t happen.

The next dream and reading set clearly seems to work off of the idea of an impending crash. The metaphor of sex was used as well, further indicating the events that surrounded the crash. First, we get a brief sentence about the dream and then go into a small reading sentence, which could be very important in figuring out the rest.

Dream: “There was a film that my friend had warned me against seeing, which involved two trains that were going to crash into each other. He didn‘t want me to see it, because he thought it was going to be too hard for me.”

Reading: “His son says he wants to be very nice to her, so keep your eyes peeled.”

So we obviously have a dream of a crash, and the idea that it was going to be extremely difficult emotionally to get through. Then in the reading, it now seems to be talking about Mohammed Al-Fayed. “His son” would be Dodi, the man who was courting Princess Di: “he wants to be very nice to her.”

Then when it says, “keep your eyes peeled,” this can be read in context of the crash just indicated above; the reading is saying to watch out, that something is going to happen.

Dream: “There were all these children around, and they were being encouraged to see this particular movie, which seemed to be associated with a luxurious Victorian resort before becoming the crash scene. For some reason, I thought that the two trains crashing was somehow associated with sex.

When I finally started to see the movie against my friend‘s wishes, he moved away from me and just expected the worst. When the crash actually took place, the two trains just wrapped up and around each other like a DNA spiral.

The children watching a movie about a luxurious place could indicate the wealth that Diana came from, and her popularity with children. We then get a very direct metaphor associating the train crash with sex.

Furthermore, the when the two trains crashed they wound around each other and went straight up, more than 200 feet high. This was obviously a DNA metaphor. Thus, the message here is that the crash was associated with sex and possibly the creation of a child.

Dream: “There was a reporter there, and I was nearby and stepped over these tracks which were electrified. There was a guy there who had witnessed it and was just very glad that he hadn‘t been killed, but he was electrified. It was a very epic sight.”

Now we get even more detail on the actual crash, by the simple fact that a reporter was shown on the scene. The electrification seems to be a metaphor for how badly the reporters would get “zapped” by the public for not trying to help her, but simply snapping photographs.


Only a few days later, I would have another dream, which became even more specific. Now it was a woman who was crushed under some sort of wreckage.


Tuesday 8 / 19 / 97 – 8:33 a.m.

Title: “Predicting the Collapse That Would Crush the Woman”

Dream: “Earlier, it involved being with various men and women inside a house, and they were trying to party inside the house. I remember very clearly the ritziness of the house, the white tones. There was a toilet in the kitchen that they were using, right in front of everyone.”


The beginning of the dream sets the stage by talking about a very wealthy house. The fact that partying was going on could be directly related to the fact that the crash was indicated to be an alcohol – related incident. The reader is encouraged to speculate about why the toilet was there; perhaps to indicate something being “openly unclean” to those involved.

Dream: “After the ritzy party, I found myself inside this woman‘s apartment. It was really disgusting, and I remember that some of the floor was tile. She was telling me that inspectors had come in and told her that she couldn‘t live there anymore. To her, it was fine, so she was really pissed off about the fact that they said that.”


In the context of the rest of the dream, where the woman turns up dead in some sort of wreckage, this section seems to reflect Di‘s initiatives in working with the poor. She didn‘t mind rolling up her sleeves, going into impoverished areas and trying to help out. To her, she was comfortable doing it, but the “inspectors,” those authority figures over her, clearly disapproved and told her that they didn‘t want her doing it.

Dream: “Also, outside the woman‘s apartment was a very large advertising sign, designed to hold a giant bank of lights. Only the far right side of it was attached to the building, and it was hanging quite precariously. The inspectors said that the sign was also a problem, because it was only attached on one side of the building, and there was no way to go and get the sign down; it was basically like a time bomb. She was very pissed off about that and did not want to leave. When I saw the condition of her house, though, I said that she should.”

The sign could simply represent all the sales and revenue that was generated by the mud slinging done on Di. Anyone in the press knew that one good picture was worth millions, so to them it was just like playing the lottery, only with much better odds. As we shall see, the sign falls on her and thus represents the crash, and here we see the statement, “There was no way to get the sign down; it was a time bomb.”

This could mean that there was no way to stop the commercial demand for these photographs, and that it would eventually cause major problems. Yet, the woman in the dream refused to stop doing what she was doing. Perhaps Di was warned about these things as well and did not want to listen.

Dream: “At the end of this dream, the big giant sign actually fell off the top of a building that had been attached to the side. Once the sign fell, I went over and talked to a group of construction workers. I told them that I had just said it was going to fall, and they were amazed that it had happened.

There was a big group of people gathered around and despite the immense size of the sign, I was able to lift it up, and I discovered something underneath. There was this [car-sized] three-foot tall stack of dust and debris, and just as we saw that there was a body in the debris at the top, one guy tried to touch it.

As soon as he did, the whole stack suddenly collapsed to about one foot tall, creating more wreckage and a dust cloud. We then found out that this same woman from the house was buried under there. This guy was trying to help her, and he kept moving her, which made me very angry and I tried to stop him any way I could.”

To me, this is about as direct as it gets. Since I told people that the sign was going to fall, there is a prediction about how my own dreams and readings would know this in advance. We then get a very accurate metaphorical reflection of what was going to happen, with a woman buried in wreckage.

Most importantly, it was the intrusiveness of the spectators that completed the disaster, when the stack of debris collapsed the rest of the way. This seems to be a reflection of the actions of the paparazzi. The statement at the end about the need to not move her reflects the very common situation of the aftermath of a car crash.

Now in the next dream, we get a “behind the scenes” look at the angelic forces who had to work with this incident. Apparently my own Higher Self had a very important role in working on this problem in the higher dimensional levels.


Wednesday 8 / 20 / 97 – 8:00 a.m.

Title: “The Spiritual Community Gathers to Find Out What Went Wrong”

Dream: “I am getting the impression that the earlier parts of the dream were somehow about money. Some fellow students of mine from the honors classes in high school were with me. There was an important academic conference of some kind, and we were all at a table and they were trying to get us to figure out some kind of problem.

I was seated at the corner of the table and was in control of something that was going on; working the lights, perhaps. All of a sudden as we were all looking at each other, there was something very urgent that came into our minds all at once, and it was associated with a bear.

Simultaneously, there was a sudden explosion and everything flashed white, and then all of a sudden we had to figure out why the explosion happened. We had no clues or evidence, and it was a really strange game.”

Again, this dream had started by indicating wealth. The conference itself could well have been a real event in higher dimensions that was then interpreted by my subconscious mind. The problem was obviously Di‘s death, and how to help the planet deal with it.

The image of the bear could have something to do with hibernation, which is like death. It might also indicate government involvement of some kind, since the bear is the Russian national animal. Then, in the next sentence, death is directly indicated by the presence of a strange, sudden explosion. The dream seemed to encourage me to compile all these clues in real life as well, but I wasn‘t able to see it.

Dream: “In our pursuit to try to find out what happened and what it was, after the explosion we all sat at this table that wrapped around. It was all the smartest students.

No sooner did we sit down, but what suddenly these curtains open behind us, and we now realize that our own scientific group is now on stage in front of a huge auditorium full of people who are all watching us now, which seemed to increase the pressure.”

The massive publicity around this ‘angelic conference‘ clearly indicates that it is a very large issue, with very large effects. It could also be prophetic of my publicizing these dreams in the future.

Once I had decoded these dreams, I didn‘t bother to make a fuss about the indications of murder, as there was no apparent evidence for this at the time. Now, on the other hand, a working theory has been devised and is seriously being looked into, a theory that includes “leaked” government documents.

Dream: “Anyway, the only piece of information that they gave us at this table was something that looked to be a calendar. As I looked at the calendar, I realized that there were black dots over certain dates. There were about four black dots or perhaps a little more, and they were all clustered together within two weeks.

In other words, Monday on one night was over Monday the second week, but then there would also be two days to the left and the right of that Monday on the second week, possibly one day apart here and there. I seemed to think that it was a summer calendar, maybe June or July, I‘m not sure.”

At this point, it becomes very obvious. The black dots on the calendar obviously represent the days of the deaths of Princess Di and Mother Theresa, and then the subsequent mass grieving process. I knew in the dream that it was a summer calendar, yet the dream itself happened in August, which is the last summer month of the year.

Therefore, if it were predicting the future it would have to be in August. The calendar specifically indicated a Monday, and Monday, September 1st was only the second day after the world first learned of Princess Di‘s death.

Dream: “Anyway, at first from this information, I seemed to think that it was related to the moon. I believe that eventually I ended up saying that it was a sunspot cycle that created so much radiation inside this telescope that it actually exploded. I was discussing this with my other scientific friends, both former Honors classmates, and they all seemed to agree with me.”

This segment actually fits as well. The problems that occurred astrologically during her death included a solar eclipse, long hailed as an indicator of the death of Kings. Then when you incorporate the fact that the Moon was also in its “wobble” phase, it was even worse. There were many planets going retrograde and this also increased the severity of the energy. The connections of these events to Di‘s natal chart were extremely compelling.

The information on the sunspot cycle fits as well, as my readings have often indicated that as the fourth – dimensional energy from the Sun increases, any points of resistance can literally “explode” on the spiritual, and sometimes physical, levels. They liken it unto an overcharged battery that arcs out from so much energy, where electricity actually bursts out of it in an arc. These ‘arcs‘ often emerge in our lives as sudden catastrophes.


The very next night laid some even more tantalizing clues. Again, I was placed right back in a conference room similar to the night before.


Friday 8 / 22 / 97 – 7:35 a.m.

Title: “Slow Down!”

Dream: “In the beginning of this dream, it seems that I was seated at some kind of large discussion table.

Later on, I remember that a rather frequent drinker whom I was acquainted with was driving recklessly on a road. There were beer bottles positioned at different points along the road, and I was afraid that he was going to knock one of them over. He was clearly driving too fast.”

Reading: “Don‘t you do that.”

So, right off the bat it starts off in the same room where we were trying to figure out what caused this sudden very serious problem the night before. Then the metaphor directly shifts over to someone driving too fast and being under the influence, and a fear on my part that he was going to swerve too much as a result.

The reading that came in afterwards was advising me not to drive fast myself, which I still occasionally did at this point. It wasn‘t until later that I realized that they were using Di‘s accident as a metaphor for me to respect what can happen when speeding.

The dream the next morning started to work on the idea of death through several different metaphors. It also covered the topic of reincarnation. Though not 100 percent directly related as the others, in context it becomes very interesting. What is even more interesting is that at the end of the dream, there is a scene where I am trying to pull my car out of a trench of some kind.


Saturday 8 / 23 / 97 – 8:35 a.m.

Title: “Bridging the Gap of Reincarnational Existences”

“Part One: David and John Bring Music and Laughter To Spiritual Growth”

Dream: “There was some kind of church, and the people didn‘t seem too happy to be there. I was with John Travolta, and we were trying to figure out how to cheer people up. Then, he and I decided that we were going to bring this really upbeat music into it; this got people dancing, and they felt much happier about being there. It was a really neat thing. Everyone was dancing in this room. After they were dancing, they all left.”

I do distinctly remember seeing a photograph of John Travolta dancing with Princess Di. Since a church was directly involved, this section clearly seems to illustrate the funeral and the star – studded music concert that would happen there in order to help celebrate Di‘s life.

Dream: “There was change in American currency all over the floor, and I was going around and picking it up. There was a part of me that just wanted to put some of the change in my pocket, but I knew that it would be helping the church that I was working in.

I did not want there to be any more trouble financially with the church, so I just stuffed it all in the collection box. Travolta was commenting on how much money he thought there was going to be.”

This quite clearly illustrates how Princess Di tried to put all of her money and effort towards charity, and not simply taking it all and spending it on herself.

“Part Two: Seedy, Stuck Energy: The Need To Cross The Bridge”

Dream: “There was a large shift, and then the scenery involved guys with motorcycles, leather jackets; seedy types running around. It seemed to involve some sort of concert as well. I seemed to be hanging out with someone, and this person had a father who was very down on any real hanging out; an older man who seemed to be an antagonist.

I remember a strange house that seemed to have very tall sections inside it, a very large staircase. It wasn‘t a nice house, just very large.”

The concert portion bridges the gap between these events and the church scene before, which appears to be related to Di‘s funeral. The motorcycles and leather jackets are obviously the paparazzi, who chased Di on motorcycles.

The concert could indicate the masses of crowds interested in following Di‘s footsteps. The next section clearly illustrated two people who wanted to get together, but there was a family element that did not want this to happen.

This is very obviously related to why Di was murdered; she was “mixing with the wrong crowd.” The family element that sought to antagonize was in a very large, enormous house, but it felt curiously empty to me inside, not a nice place to be. This could indicate the House of Windsor.

Dream: “After dealing with the motorcycle guys, some friends and I had come into this house, and we all sat down in front of this video game. I started playing it, and while I was in it, it seemed like you had to cross a bridge.

I felt like I had done the video game before; it looked nearly identical to the Nintendo game “Rush‘n Attack.” I was having trouble getting across; there were little ladders you had to climb up, and things you had to run over. It was very difficult to make it through.”

The problems I had getting across the bridge could certainly translate into a difficulty in driving in a tunnel. More interestingly, this came directly after the antagonists on motorcycles, again giving us shades of the crash. It is very important to note that there is also the metaphor of crossing a bridge.

This is almost unilaterally used in dream symbology as an indication of death. It will make much more sense in the very next section. One more thing to point out is that the video game is pronounced “Russian Attack.”

When we combine this with the bear image associated with the crash from the angelic conference dream, we seem to have another direct indication of a possible Russian involvement in the conspiracy. Again, this is just a suggestion; I know of no direct evidence yet that leads in this direction.

“Part Three: Further Memories of the Epic Plummet”

Dream: “After some difficulty, I had almost made it across, and suddenly the video game seemed to involve all this falling. As I was falling, I seemed to fall through this area eventually that just had ladders everywhere; it was really strange.

I was just trying to grab onto the ladders, but I was falling too fast to grab them. As I fell further, there were letters there, all organized. The idea was supposedly that you needed to write your name by collecting the different letters as you continue to fall, but I didn‘t realize this right away, and so I sort of botched the effort.”

The falling images are obviously related to the death itself. Since I could not grab any of the ladders, it seemed to indicate that there was no way to “pull out” of this.

Since I also could not grab the letters that made my name, there is the metaphor of losing one‘s name, losing one‘s earthly identity and dying. This all had personal significance to me as well, as I apparently died in one past life by falling off of a bridge. The metaphor works both ways in this case.

“Part Four: The Family Reunion before Returning To The Light”

Dream: “I believe it was after the falling that it turned into a very interesting depiction of a group of friends, and a representation of them turned into animals at some point. They started out as puppies. It was as if they went through a whole cycle of life, a lifetime of friendship. There was some weird point in the middle where they died, and it seemed like almost an intermediate stage, like a void; there was no ground there.

So now, a new metaphor has started. The idea is that the animals represent one lifetime as a certain identity. The puppies are shown to die and then to go to a heavenlike area. This conforms with the near – death experience, where the individual arrives in a large, luminous void, does a life review and decides not to give up the present lifetime just yet. In this case, as we are about to see, the dream indicates reincarnation.

Dream: “Then suddenly, they were in this strange, deep blue arctic area, almost a magical land, and now they were penguins. It was all really interesting, like inside a cave with snow floors, ice and water ponds and stuff. It was now as if they were finding each other again and banding up in the same way. It was very interesting.

A group of penguins were going to go into this glimmering pool of water that was brilliant white luminescent, and it was as if the same friends were finding each other again in a different reincarnational existence. I myself was just watching with amusement, knowing what was happening already.”

Since Princess Di left the Earth at almost the exact same time as Mother Theresa, this dream appears to suggest that they might have past-life connections, and were possibly even ‘twin souls.‘

The glimmering pool of luminescent water appears to be the approaching Fourth-Dimensional space that we are soon to head into; it is a higher vibrational level that frees us from having to reincarnate any further. It would make sense that neither Di nor Mother Theresa would need to come back for any further physical incarnations before the planet becomes fourth-dimensional.

Dream: “This section was then connected to an old folk‘s home. My car had fallen into a muddy ditch, directly in front of a giant tree with sprawling roots. I was trying to pull my car out, going backwards to get out, all uphill, pulling the car up the roots of a tree.”

Now the dream closes by coming full circle. It once again illustrates trouble with an automobile, representing the car crash. The giant tree, in dream symbolism, indicates the World Tree or the Tree of Mind, which is a representation of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Thus, the car was literally being dragged over the “roots of the tree of Mind,” meaning that it was an event that would have extremely deep impact on the collective consciousness of humanity.

Interestingly, the same day that this dream was recorded, I did a Tarot reading for myself. The very first card was Death, which usually indicates change but can also mean physical death. Right near the end was The Lovers, and then after skipping one card, the next was the Tower of Destruction, which shows a lightning bolt knocking a king and queen off of their castle to their death. This reading helped to show me the massive changes I was going through myself, but it might have meaning in context as well.

The next day‘s dream also seems loosely related to Princess Di‘s passage.


Sunday 8 / 24 / 97 – 7:05 a.m.

Title: “Preparing For the Big Trip Into the Subconscious”

Dream: “At the end of this dream, a woman had been eaten by a shark and was stuck inside of it. The shark would kind of retch to get her out, but it seemed like a friendly shark. Then I saw the same thing happen again, but it was within a different kind of sea creature, and then again the same thing but it was inside a person.

Somehow, it was all happening in a body of water. Some people were saying that if it was a shark, it couldn‘t have done that; it would be very dangerous, and that these animals were very tame.”

I can speculate on this bizarre data, as it indicates a woman being killed. The sea always indicates the world of the spirit, and thus this again seems to indicate death. Since the woman finally ended up inside a person, it could mean that a person was responsible for the death.

What is interesting here is that even though a shark ate the woman, all the people surveying the event didn‘t think that such a violent event was possible, because they believed that the animals involved were too tame. This could possibly refer to the fact that no one could imagine that a deliberate murder was involved; the whole thing was made to look as though it was an accident.

Dream: “The gist of this dream seemed to be that there was some kind of big trip into the wilderness that I was getting ready to do.”

The metaphor of a journey into the “wilderness” again seems to indicate the travel into the unknown, unfamiliar lands of the afterlife.

Dream: “It seemed that I was late in getting there, [to the wilderness,] and I was trying to get a call through to my family out there, but the phone lines were not working. In total frustration, I ended up calling a Bed and Breakfast place, and was trying to leave a message there, but all I could hear was the sound of kids screaming in the background.”

Since the phone lines were not working, this again indicates some kind of a death or severance; you couldn‘t communicate to a person once they were in this “wilderness.” When I decided to call a more Earthly place, a B&B type of hotel, all I heard was screaming. This could indicate the massive grief that would be felt on Earth after this had happened. I am sure that it was especially difficult for children.

The next dream again seems to work off of the topic of the previous information about Princess Di. As is often the case in dreams, I took on the lead role, and thus the celebration of my life in the dream was meant to indicate the celebration of Di‘s life in the physical world. The Law of One states that we are all of one mind, and thus anything that any one person goes through is felt by all.


Tuesday 8 / 26 / 97 – 8:05 a.m.

Title: “A Celebration of Dave, Both Good and Bad”

Dream: “A lot of this had to do with these exorbitant hotel rates being very high. At the end, there was an auditorium, and Elizabeth Taylor was dancing on stage, but it also was on TV. As she kept on dancing, she started changing into a much younger woman.

The woman was looking at me while she was dancing. Then, right at the end as she started to dance, all these women got up out of their seats and started dancing. It seemed that she was dancing there just for me.”

It goes without saying that this again seems to reflect the star-studded funeral, where many different performances were done solely in honor of Di‘s passage. Again, I experienced this dream as though I were Di. Since we are all part of a collective consciousness, this is a perfectly normal thing to happen in a dream.

Dream: “It seemed that I knew that my mother was about to sell the house, and there was a huge party that seemed connected to all these old friends that I had.”

My mother really was selling the house at this time in my life, and this was an enormous metaphor for death, the loss of the place where I had spent my entire life until finally getting my own apartment after graduating from college.

Dream: “At one point in the room, my brother was in there, and I find out that he has completely written all over the door on the inside. There was no time left to alter that; no time left to paint it; he had made a big huge mess of it. He had drawn the creature from Space Invaders in black, and I was very upset at him for having done this.”

The presence of the Space Invaders image again indicates fear, danger. Also interesting is the one sentence, “There was no time left to alter that.” It is clear that the forces were well aware that this event would happen by this point. The reading that came in directly after this dream sentence was extremely interesting.

Reading: “Do you have any theme programs this weekend? They are going to be arriving at 5:38. What happened to the first one that I did last year? You can go around it and walk around to the side; I have a brochure.”

In order to understand this, we need to break it down. The “theme programs this weekend” seem to refer to another prophecy of Di‘s death, which did occur that weekend. The “theme program” seemed to be the ongoing amount of dreams and readings that I was getting about this upcoming event.

Then the next sentence seems to clearly indicate the late-night death of Di and Dodi: “They are going to be arriving at 5:38.” Di died in the hospital several hours after the crash.

The next sentence, “What happened to the first one I did last year,” appears to be in reference to the accurate prophecy of Mother Theresa‘s heart attack the year before. Now the exact same person was about to have her final health problem. The reference to having a brochure seemed to be that we had already created a great deal of material before all these predictions came in. And now back to the dream.

Dream: “All these old faces of my parents‘ friends, were there, and I seemed to have friends there too; there was a big reminiscence of some kind, and they were all celebrating me. I felt very comfortable about this. There was some TV watching going on, some kind of card game or a list of cards, and some kind of reminiscence. They were reading off a list of all these things that they were reminiscing about me, and that was pleasing as well.”

This is a perfect depiction of the funeral. All the old friends, the reminiscence, the use of the television, and the reading of a list about the things the individual had done. All of these elements plug into what happened at Di‘s funeral. The forces then used this point in the discussion to insert a few paragraphs, knowing that the predictions given above would be obvious in hindsight.

Reading: “Just apart from the everyday concerns of life are other, more pressing issues not readily apparent. To see these issues demands a concentration and a focus on areas of reality not normally perceived. These areas are inherent in the search for wisdom, which every person must maintain in order to go through their lives with a sense of balance and of purpose.”


The gist of this whole paragraph seems to be to illustrate how my own everyday life concerns were largely set to the side in order that I could have this prophetic series of dreams about a “more pressing issue not readily apparent.”

“We have spoken on these matters before, and it is important for you to realize that the adjustments can be made appropriately, in a timely fashion. These adjustments will help to balance out the constant, raging war between positive and negative. These adjustments can be made on a level of energy separate from the physical, but obviously interconnected with it on a higher level.”

This clearly refers to adjusting yourself to allowing the compassionate, loving energy to flow through you.

“To be present in the moment of this is the crucial issue, for without that presence, without that stability of mind, there can be no forward motion; there can be no progress. Time is a slow – moving metaphor designed to make examples out of those inherent struggles of life, but as you know, time itself does not exist except as a mode of perception for you.”

They obviously made their point about “time does not exist” with the continuing series of prophecies that were given. The next dream I would record on Thursday, as we were now getting closer and closer to the event itself. In this dream, I again experienced a consciousness of actually being Di, and I actually went through the fear of an imminent death that was a result of a group of people plotting against me.


Thursday 8 / 28 / 97 – 4:00 a.m.

Title: “Old Energies Not Purged Lead to Entrapment”

Dream: “This was a very interesting dream, where I was first taken to this house. For some reason, I knew that this was the museum that had the mystifying earth energy vortex in it, featured in David Childress‘s article. We walked inside, and it looked partly like a church. The ceiling was quite tall, had beautiful lights and marble floors and very expansive and echoey. There were some interesting exhibits, but I was looking forward to the Earth energy room.”

Reading: “In some cases, you can get so poor that you can legally be living on liver stock. [Image of a bottle.]”

France has long been indicated in the literature on energy vortexes and ley lines as being of particularly strong Earth energies. Major astrological conjunctions such as what occurred surrounding Di‘s death only intensify the energy that comes out of these vortices.

The ritzy museum again seems to indicate the wealth of the royalty. Then the reading again seems to indicate how Di wanted to help those people who were “so poor that they could legally be living on liver stock.” Liver is the cheapest meat to begin with, and boiling it to make a stock would be trying to stretch it even further.

The next small section of the dream was omitted, as it involved personal information not directly relative to the main theme. We pick up again in the next section, where again I apparently personally assume Di‘s consciousness and become concerned about a plot that was happening for my murder.

Dream: “The table that I was near became closer, and there ended up being a group of people there. We started talking about some kind of game that we were going to be playing in this place which was gradually morphing more and more from a museum into a large house.

There were all these people coming up from when I was really young, like second grade. I remembered at that point that the whole reason why we came there was for some type of game or adventure that we were going to be playing.”

So this section clearly indicates a “game” that people I had known almost all my life were going to play with me. As we shall see, I didn‘t realize how much of a setup this was, or of how much danger I would be in. We can easily see again through this dream that the death was the result of some sort of plot.

Dream: “As we were sitting at the table talking, this woman shows up, and she has a dry – ice fire extinguisher and starts fogging up the whole place, really thick. She said after a while that it was part of the game, and I said okay. I realized at some point that it was going to be some kind of haunted house game.

Everybody was out to scare me. As she is misting and fogging up the place, it got very dark and all the other people ran away, which was no good. They left me in the middle of this place, so I freak out and start running. I run up the stairs and through these rooms, and I see different people‘s stuff in the rooms; some reminded me of the cluttery aspect of Allen‘s stuff in this house.”

Again, the fog indicated fear, the unknown, the darkness. I knew that the people were somehow out to kill me, which made me very frightened, so I started to try to escape. I then saw rooms that looked just like the storage areas for Allen Epstein‘s artwork in his house, which I was living in at this time.

Again, Epstein was used to represent Princess Di in one of the earliest dreams I had about this whole issue, involving the death of a governmental figure, and here he surfaced again.

Dream: “Now everything is dark and I am going crazy and running through this house. There was dark blue light in a room, and I was trying to find a weapon to defend myself. First I grabbed a red plastic sword that didn‘t seem to work.

I was very scared, very nervous, didn‘t understand why they all of a sudden were playing this game with me. I ended up grabbing a very long staff with a knife on the end of it in one hand, and in the other hand I had a regular knife. I was trying to carry these things around, and the long staff was very cumbersome.”

This section seems to indicate that Di‘s power, symbolized first by the sword and then the staff, didn‘t help her to survive. There was no way to defend against the plot that was happening, and there was the horrible realization that the power didn‘t matter at all.

Dream: “The next thing I know, I hear people coming. I ended up running into this really strange area, which ends up getting me stuck inside these passages, stairways and so forth. One thing leads into another, and the passages go into the masonry of the building; they run through something, and suddenly I am sealed in between the cement walls of the building, right in the corner.

I keep trying to find a way out, and there are all these pipes in the way, brick walls and so forth. I couldn‘t even figure out how I could get back out, and I was scared to death. I knew I had to be dreaming then, and I had reached a point of no return, so I consciously pulled myself out of the dream.”

The metaphor here seems to be of the actual experience of being in the car itself as it crashed, as well as the fact that the crash occurred deep within a stone tunnel. “I was sealed in between the cement walls… there were all these pipes in the way… I couldn‘t get back out… I was scared to death… I had reached a point of no return.”

By consciously having to pull myself out of the dream, the indication was of death; the only way I could get out was to end the whole experience.

Dream: “Before I actually pulled myself out of the dream, I overheard a commentary between some outside individuals about what was happening to me. These outside entities were saying that this guy had gotten himself stuck in the masonry of the church, right near the main prayer room, and he was calling for help and they were trying to figure out what to do. The only thing they could come up with was that they were going to have to knock down a wall or something, which was really strange.”

Again we see the emergence of the church metaphor and the prayer room, indicating both the death of Mother Theresa at the same time and the scene of the funeral. There was the image of people calling for help and trying to figure out what to do, and there was the idea that the only way they could help out was to knock down a wall. This fits perfectly with the fact that the car literally had to be cut open in order to get Diana out of it.

Now, with the event getting even closer, we have yet another dream about a ritzy Victorian resort, [the hotel I was working in at the time,] a plane crash and a mystery that needed to be solved.


Friday 8 / 29 / 97 – 7:30 a.m.

Title: “Mystery and Bondage in Resort Situations”

The meat of this dream started off with a reading. I seemed to be specifically told that the sentence I heard was from the Egyptian entity known as Ra.

D: “The idea here is that Ra is speaking the following:”

“We will speak to one of your people. Is this okay?”

This seemed to be a question that they were asking me, so I answered them.

D: “Yes, of course.”

Then we go directly into the dream, which again has obvious connections to the accident itself.


Dream: “In the beginning of the dream, there was a plane that got crashed. It seemed that it was taking place in my house, which was a mansion and more modern than the resort hotel I am working at.”

Again, a plane crash associated with a beautiful, modern mansion.

Dream: “The hotel was theoretically holding some sort of retreat there, some sort of summer arrangement where there would be these interesting activities to do. It seems that there was some sort of mystery – type program going on at the mansion, and there were different things that you were supposed to be doing, perhaps trying to solve a mystery of some kind.”

Again we see the indication of the mystery occurring in the summer, which was obviously about to end in a matter of days. We also see that I was taking part in some type of mystery program, and the mystery was obviously trying to solve the puzzle of what caused the crash at the beginning of the dream.

Dream: “After seeing the underlying structure of what this mystery stuff was going to be about, everyone started drinking and partying, and they had a radio. I somehow took the radio, and it had a scratchy noise.

I ended up telling people I was trying to fix it, when actually I was trying to find an excuse to get away from them. I had some kind of feeling that I was supposed to be involved in the actual mystery part, and participating somehow.”


The clear message here is that the common people were not interested in solving the mystery; the drinking seems to indicate the lack of serious intent in trying to solve the puzzle. Also, the accident itself was obviously alcohol – related.

Interestingly, I was still trying to solve the mystery, and this was tied in with my trying to fix a radio. The radio being mentioned is obviously the connection that I have to Higher Intelligence, and the fact that I could use this connection to solve the mystery; all the clues had been given already.

Now as we are about to look at the reading that comes in, remember that I had just said in the dream that I was trying to repair a radio. This seems to indicate that I was still having trouble getting a connection with the forces involved that was clear enough that they could just give me verbal information to prophesy Diana‘s death outright.

This next group of sentences, which are outrageous in their content and accuracy, directly refers to this problem. Again I got the impression that the words were coming from Ra.

Reading: “There‘s a lot of trouble coming in on my line, David, but we can work on clearing this. We are a god, plus you. We are bringing a king over. We are walking the gardens, most exactly.”

As anyone can see, this is a truly amazing sentence set. “We are bringing a king over” is obviously talking about Diana‘s transition into the afterlife. “We are walking the gardens, most exactly” seems to indicate that they were being more exact by telling us that they were waiting for Diana in the area that many, many near death experiencers claim to see; a beautiful series of flowing gardens.

These gardens seem to act as a receiving area for the newly dead. The statement about “We are a god, plus you,” seems to indicate that we are all gods, and when we use techniques such as this, we can contact these higher realms.

Now in the dream, we see the emergence of a police officer into the mystery.

Dream: “After this, the people were partying and the mystery sort of waned; it got dark, and then all of a sudden I was at the front of the house again. I realized that a police officer was there, and he looked like somebody from the high school a couple grades over me who had actually beat me up at some point.

He looked like he had a nametag from the resort, and he was very enthusiastic about going back there and seeing this. I had to let him go.”

Since I seem to take on the role of Diana in many of these dreams directly, the metaphor here is of a bully, someone who beat me up, associated with government and law. This again seems to reflect the nature of the conspiracy.

Dream: “He was trying to point out where the party was happening. He ended up scaring me, but he never actually busted anyone. He ended up hanging out inside the house next to where drinks were being served; there was a very surreal atmosphere.

There was a bar there with a girl in the middle, and strange hallways which seemed to have a curve to them. There was one room in the house where they were really worried, because the ceiling was leaking quite a bit and there were big water stains on the floor, and they didn‘t want it to happen anymore, so they were trying to figure out how to fix that.”

The metaphor here seems to be that the bully who wanted to enforce ‘the law‘ was coming in and trying to stop people from drinking. Again, Di and Dodi were killed after enjoying the night life together and having cocktails.

The room that was leaking seems to be another indication of danger, and of a problem that people were desperately trying to figure out how to solve. When we look at the next sentence, from the reading, this becomes even more interesting in context.

Reading: Image of someone gesturing towards a hill. Then I heard the person say, “Horses up here will do the same as horses down there.”

Since the readings had already said “We are bringing a king over,” and the dream again had ties to a catastrophic death, this sentence seems significant. The person in the sentence appears to be forming a battle strategy for this hill, regarding where the horses could go.

This is obviously an older form of battle that was popular in European countries. Obviously the horses at the top of the hill would have the advantage, so there is a hint of someone trying to deceive someone else here as well. Plus, the accident happened in cars, which are our modern “horseless carriages.”

Dream: “The party seemed to wind down after this. Later on, I was in the front yard of 621, trying to pick up all these empty bottles and cigar wrappers. I remember how nervous I was about the fact that my mother was going to come back and see the mess that had happened.”

This section further indicates the shame that I felt in the dream as a result of the party that had happened. I was trying not to let my mother find out what I was doing. The next reading apparently addresses this.

Reading: “The thing is, it is a man-made object. The post office.”

Although this line is very mysterious, it might mean that a “man-made object” was involved somehow in the crash. I know that some people have postulated that there was a device in the car that might have caused it to lose control. The part about the post office is not yet understood at this point, although it probably symbolically means that the readings are the post office, sending me a message about what happened.

The next dream was only recorded in very small parts, and it was related to the fact that the season was ending at the hotel and I would end up losing my job. But there are also a few small clues that the accident was worked in as well. It is now the very day before the accident itself happened.


Saturday 8 / 30 / 97 – 5:40 a.m.

Title: “The Whole Resort System is Breaking Down”

Dream: “Remembering an obnoxious old lady with a little poodle dog. She said he was pure bred. I was in a series of administrative offices for the resort, and they all were getting dairy of one kind or another, and the whole system broke down; they had to be buying [burying] it from a new place that was a lot more expensive.

At one point, the obnoxious old lady was on the phone talking to me. While she talked, I was dumping all this French toast mix into the sink.”

So, this dream starts out with an ‘obnoxious old lady with a poodle dog.‘ Then there was a statement that said, “The whole system broke down.” When I was typing in the dream on my computer, I misspelled a word, and thus it originally read, “the whole system broke down; they had to be burying it.”

This now appears to be a subconscious message that the “system breaking down” involved a burial. Then, when the old lady, who could represent the Queen, was talking to me, I was dumping French toast mix down the sink. So, we have the notion of “French” associated with the system that was breaking down and the burial.

Perhaps since the woman made a point of saying that her dog was pure bred, there was a message where the dumping of the French toast mix, ordered by the same woman, indicated that she thought it was “impure.”

This again could suggest the horror that they felt of the possibility that Di might become pregnant with the child of a rival political figure. I know that this seems like a stretch, but the other data is very consistent, and I am just trying to put all the pieces together.


Sunday 8 / 31 / 97 – 7:35 a.m.

Title: “Not All ‘Fake‘ Crop Circles are Fake”

“David‘s special note: This is the morning after Antonio came into my apartment late last night and told me that Princess Di had been killed in an auto accident.”

This was the very first dream that I had after learning of Diana‘s death late the night before. Right away, the notion of crop circles tells us that it is centered in England. Thus, if we read between the lines, there might be more clues about the sudden accident that had now just occurred hours earlier.

Dream: “In part of my dream, there were three crop circles; the ones that looked like a vesica piscis [a geometric shape] that appeared to be fake on the Crop Circle Connector. There were now three of them, and a big triangle connecting them.

Everyone was really excited about this, as it looked a lot more genuine now as a result. Someone was sitting there talking to me about this, telling me not to always believe what I read when people declare certain crop circles to be fake.”

The last sentence seems to contain the buried clue. Look what happens if we replace the word “crop circles” with “conspiracies.” “Someone was telling me not to always believe what I read when people declare certain [conspiracies] to be fake.” Again this is acceptable, since many people try to say that the crop circle phenomenon is all a conspiracy to make hoaxed formations. The message seems to be for us not to believe that it was strictly an accident.

The reading that came right after this sentence also seems to provide a tantalizing clue:

Reading: “My fortieth birthday is in August. Everyone is happy about something; what is the name on that?”

The number 40 is rich in the human collective consciousness. It corresponds to the forty days and forty nights of rain in Noah‘s Flood as well as Jesus‘ forty days of temptation in the desert.

Both of these events were extremely traumatic, and a ‘birthday in August” could certainly mean Diana‘s birth into the higher realms after going through such a trauma. Then it says, “Everyone is happy about something.”

This could mean that the conspirators were now happy that their plan had worked. “What is the name on that” could be encouraging me to try to figure out who these conspirators really were.

The next day had one message that seems to predict the imminent death of Mother Theresa.


Monday 9 / 01 / 97 – 7:55 a.m.

Reading: [Image of a quote inside a book:] “Where the world heeds, enlightenment dawns. I want to see if you have any more cancellations on the other side.”

This seems to be indicating that the world would have to heed to the grief of these deaths, and that this would help raise the level of enlightenment. “Cancellations on the other side” could refer to the imminent death of Mother Theresa, who crossed over to the other side, ‘canceling‘ her Earthly life.

Two days later, another dream came in that seemed to comment on the extremely harsh nature of the astrological aspects that were going on at the time.


Wednesday 9 / 03 / 97 – 8:08 a.m.

Title: “The Crushing Weight Of Astrological Events in Politics”

Dream: “The first dream this morning was totally tied up in politics between rival groups of people, and the entire issue of the politics was astrological cycles. It was interesting.”

Again, since this dream centered around astrology, and Diana‘s death corresponded to an eclipse, we have a further indication of the death possibly being connected to “politics between rival groups of people.”

It wasn‘t until after the death of Mother Theresa that more detailed messages started to come in that could be related to what happened here.


Sunday 9 / 07 / 97 – 8:11 a.m.

Reading: “Secrets…. I found out why. The hard part is me getting your stuff together at the appropriate time to insure that whatever happens to you is with meaning and purpose… Evia is coming up here in the morning pretty soon. Ask them what happened and you will never get a straight answer.”

Oftentimes, the readings have to disguise a name in order to get it past my conscious mind. Therfore, “ee-vee-uh” could mean Theresa, and the fact that she was about to join this team of outside entities.

The beginning of this group of sentences indicates that the forces knew why the death of Princess Di was a secret. This is clearly reflected in the last line: “Ask them what happened and you will never get a straight answer.”

The next set of sentences seem to shed further light on the secrets that they are referring to.

Reading: “She didn‘t pay attention on the way here. The party‘s last name starts with a W. I‘ve wondered about that myself; what a dangerous deal, I think. Your outgoing messages can take many forms.

This seems to indicate that Diana didn‘t pay any attention to the signs that there was a murder plot against her as she approached her transition into the afterlife. The next sentence indicates that the last name of the people involved in this starts with a W – this could certainly be Windsor.

The next sentence clearly indicates that this is a “dangerous deal,” possibly indicating that the conspirators might not be able to cover up what really happened. The last sentence, “your outgoing messages can take many forms,” again seems to be referring to the fact that they knew that they were giving me greater clues to help solve this mystery.

The next dream and reading that seemed directly related to this came in the following Monday.


Monday 9 / 08 / 97 – 7:15 a.m.

Title: “Fierce Battles Of The Self”

Dream: “Just had a dream where at the very end, these guys had to enter a room. At first, it seemed like it was a gun battle, but it seemed to turn into swords afterwards. There was a guy there who I recognized as a midget, and they were mercy killing him.

The leader of the whole story got stabbed four times, in order to… they were protecting the entrance to this bunker, and this group was going to storm in and overtake them. They did, but it was a very fierce battle; awful stuff, heartrending.”

Reading: “We do have to forfeit her… I don‘t like to do it.”

This section seemed to refer primarily to the fact that I was losing my job at the resort hotel. It could also refer to the fact that because of the sensitive politics associated with Diana‘s liaisons, the conspirators felt that they were forced to do it, that to them it was a form of mercy killing that unfortunately needed to happen. The next set of sentences seems to reinforce this.

Reading: “Somebody just walked out of this room. I actually look forward to seeing you. You‘ve been looking for someone else, and this is good. We ordained that this is enough for you; this is the message that you are getting paid for. Children are attached to the rate…”

The person who just walked out of the room could again indicate leaving the Earth, or death. The next sentence, “I look forward to seeing you,” might indicate that I will also be of great assistance in these higher realms once I make the transition there, which apparently will be during this year 2000 Ascension window.

The next sentence, “We ordained that this is enough for you; this is the message you are getting paid for,” could mean that I now had received enough clues about the murder, and that there were rich spiritual payments or rewards for my communicating this message.

The last sentence about the children again could refer to how much Diana loved and wanted to help poor and impoverished children.


Remember that it took more than a month for me to even begin to figure out that all of this predictive stuff had come through. The job had become so stressful as I tried to cling to my position that I ended up neglecting my responsibility to record and transcribe dreams. In the next sentence, they actually were able to predict the exact number of days that I would fall into this phase.

Reading: “We went on strike from the 12th to the 18th. We are lucky we can find you as we did in the past. These things I did not understand.”

They were aware of how important the information that they were giving me was, but I was not. The sentences directly after this again refer to Princess Di, and why my dreamwork and readings were deemed to be so important.

Reading: “[Image of dialing a telephone.] Please take a message for me; the matriarch is down one. She is gaining a lot in the end.”

The image of dialing a telephone again refers to contacting higher realms through telepathy. They obviously want me to continue to seek more messages from them. The next sentence is very clear; “the matriarch is down one.”

This clearly means that a major and positive female governmental force had suffered a loss, in this case physical death. “She is gaining a lot in the end” must mean that Diana assumed even greater rewards and greater responsibilities to this planet in the afterlife.

The next thing that happened was that they produced a rather large statement about life in the higher realms as opposed to our own lives. Here is that segment of the reading:

“I don‘t know, but I am sure that as you are doing this, the words that I say flow freely from you, and their deeper meanings become evident through a systematic application of the laws and the energies contained within them. This system necessitates a balance between the outside and inside elements of personality.

Contained within this structure is the full, overarching simplification of many processes, which in actuality are greatly exaggerated in their true form and complexity from the explanations which are given here.”

“However, it is imperative for us that we present this information in such a way as to give you an opportunity to understand and recognize the meanings of our words and our world. The technicality is not important, for it is more than you need to understand at this point.

Our main concern is that you focus simply on creating a solid mental picture of what a higher-dimensional existence is like. In so doing you begin to understand how limited your own scope of perception is when you only choose to focus on the third dimension alone, and on all things physical.”

“This higher dimension that we speak of is a very important aspect of being alive as a human being. There is a valid and legitimate part of yourself which resides within this dimension, and which is working actively for you and for your other simultaneous lives to bring about the balance and fruition necessary for you to grow and succeed.”

“The Bosnia situation is growing far worse now in your present space-time nexus. There is a reason for the brutality you have seen. The dream you just had was meant to show you how you must begin to be easier on yourself, and not run yourself through such a punishing and torturous obstacle course constantly.

Allow yourself to relax and not make yourself a victim of these energies that are beyond your control. It is much simpler for you to do what is right than to do what is wrong, and you are now learning more and more to do what is right.”

And now in the next paragraph they make an example out of me!

“[David,] you perceived a message last night from us which occurred when you were about to kill a fly. As that happened, your wooden ox, symbolic of so many things for you, was knocked off of the shelf and lost his left foot as well as his right horn.

We did very strongly indicate this message for you using this method. This message indicated was simply this; you must respect all life as an extension of the One, and killing any insect form of life is the same as causing damage to yourself on a different level.

We understand your situation with [your cat‘s] fleas, and agree that it needs attention, but [in] this particular situation [it] was completely unnecessary for you to have done what you were planning on doing. However, we were happy at how well you handled the situation and understood what you were shown.”

“You will hear more and more people coming to sudden, progressive advances about themselves in the days and months ahead; you can be assured of that.”

Now, the readings specifically address the question of the two deaths for the first time in a straightforward and direct fashion.

Reading: “[Image of Princess Di‘s older son Michael:] I don‘t know if it is such a good thing. It is crazy, just crazy.”

D: “Are you referring to the way that this situation has been handled by the media, and the circumstances surrounding her death and how it affects other people?”

“It should be easy for people to see how well the timing of the events of Princess Di and Mother Theresa will intersect, as they were both great altruists who tried to help everyone they could who was in need. What we don‘t enjoy is seeing the media circus that is being made out of this.

Even in the moments of her death, the same problems which caused it continued to be amplified, as her face is plastered all over the magazines, and the images from her funeral are continually rebroadcast over the television.”

“Your government superstructure continues to illegally terrorize and manipulate Third World countries, and we just want you to know that this also is a sign of things so soon to change.”

And then, just a bit later, this came in:

“Did I tell you we should do the mission again?”

D: “What mission might that be?”

“Last weekend, we did that. Next year, it will be the same story.”

This “mission” seems to clearly be about the prediction of Diana‘s death. The weekend before was when Diana passed away. The next sentence indicates that I would be receiving more prophecies of this sort in 1998, and that certainly has proven to be true.

“In order to get you properly prepared, we must present lessons to you in a very advanced, compressed format. We apologize for the intensity and severity of any karma that you interact with when you do not progress as quickly as necessary.

Recognize that it is all for your own good, so that we may iron out all the inconsistencies and get ourselves down to the core of what is really at work here.”

This apology on their part was sorely needed. The lessons and the karma that I was getting hit with was almost too much for me to handle, and I would often get upset about it. The message seems to be for me to just hang in there in the midst of all of it.

D: “It seems that we are able to predict things in advance here pretty reliably, but I never seem to catch it until it is over. Could you possibly explain why this is, or how I might be able to fix it?”

Reading: “David, the next phase of our workings is going to involve a much greater focus on this information you have already obtained. In order to keep it manageable and compressed into a form that everyone can understand, we recommend a new schedule with a mandatory thirty minutes each day when we will work on this… We do not want you to lose focus, as we are working on a strict deadline.”

The deadline is now upon us. We must all pay attention to the Earth Changes warnings that have been given. I am not going to miss the prophecies on this one; they are already in full view. It is important that we prepare ourselves for the changes that are so soon to be upon us.

The accuracy of prediction for an event such as the death of Princess Di should also help convince us that the Ascension event they keep referring to is also a real, tangible event that is going to be happening to us very soon.

If more people understood that this is what is behind the entire series of changes that are happening to us, and that the answer is simply to become more loving, we would have much fewer problems than we do in the present.

Regardless of whether we honor prophecies in advance, or even know that they exist, the events will often still happen just the same. Clearly the death of Princess Di was a massive event to affect the collective consciousness of humanity.

There can be no other reason for why I dreamt about it almost every night for the entire two week period before she died, and then again almost every night afterwards. The tectonic shifts are a much greater event, and these prophecies have been ongoing and equally compelling, ever since the day I started to do these readings.

No one could have believed that something like this could happen to Princess Di before it actually did. Had I been able to decode this prophecy in advance like I was apparently supposed to, it probably would not have been able to stop the event.

At the time of this writing, July 4, 1998, I have very recently been given a prophecy regarding a possible nuclear strike on New York City on or around August 17, 1998. I would hope that any reader of these words can see why I would be willing to stick my neck out on this. It seems that I have finally progressed to a point in these readings where such a prediction can make it past my conscious mind.

Believe me, I would be very relieved if the strike on New York is thwarted, as it would be very distressing and cause millions of lives to be lost, as well as crippling the foundations of many American businesses. The California quake seems to be a much more long-term event in terms of prophecy than this bombing, yet I wish that this didn‘t have to happen either.

Since other people were already predicting the same thing, I figured that my own input wouldn‘t really change anything. Perhaps that is wrong; maybe it is from reading this material that someone might finally become convinced that it is high time to consider moving East. All I know is that by making this material available, I am hopefully helping people to avoid a very traumatic event that will occur in the very near future.

I would love it if none of these prophecies come true and everyone declares the prophecy to be a miss. I will be able to sleep easier at night after I know this article is published on the Web and the message has gotten out to the public.

I feel so strongly from all the accumulating evidence that these events are going to occur that I am issuing a stern warning to the people in the areas in question to take this very seriously. It is important to be responsible, and many others have already planned ahead for the possibility of these changes.

If all the mountains of prophecy are wrong, that‘s okay; we still have our lives. But if they are right, then the publication of this article and others like it could potentially help affect the opinions of thousands of people who are currently lined up to be affected by these changes. I do not want to be responsible for having received these warnings and not having made people aware of them.