[Opening note:] This is the second to last night of my vacation. I needed to report a very substantial synchronicity that just happened this moment. I was getting very clear verbal messages combined with visual images, and for the second time recently, the visual images also were humorous, and got me laughing.

It seems strange to hear yourself laughing in the room at visions that are all occurring inside your head. There was a point that was reached where I saw a guy with a pair of pruning shears, as though he was going to cut something.

He was showing them to me and talking to me, drawing special attention to the shears and closing them dramatically. At the same instantaneous moment that he closed the shears, there was a very loud popping noise in the room.

That convinced me to take the time to dictate here, even though I am feeling tired and was not very interested in doing this.

[Note: This pruning vision seems to be the real beginning of the reading, demonstrating how the whole issue of Clinton’s impeachment could be seen as a pruning or cutting back of the Oval Office as it now stands.

The very first sentence of the reading seems to refer to this metaphor of pruning, commenting on how Clinton certainly has been trying to remove the undesirable aspects of his public presence by making a lot of public apologies and speeches as well as a great deal of air trips.

I have inserted words in brackets where appropriate to try to make this paragraph read better.]



The same [pruning] tactics are used in the pre-occupation of [Clinton’s] business with daily show and air travel. The buffoonery of such skepticism [as to whether he really lied or not] makes the jokes [about him] seem liable to [reveal] more than you think; namely, the opportunity, where it arises, to make believe that a temporary settlement has indeed been reached, when in fact the whole entire matter of the impeachment issue remains stagnant.

The ripple in the pool of awareness shimmers out throughout the world at large, and we uniformly disagree on the precepts of how it is functioning.

The point is not to simply disregard the infelicity of President William Jefferson Clinton’s actions, but to regard their true impact on the planet as a whole.

The path, then, is to forgive Clinton’s actions, and understand that what he has done is normal and suitable grounds for impeachment; it is not, however, any reason to obey the dismantling of his personality structure, as deemed by those who would crucify him.

A larger metaphor here is being played out; the metaphor of the need for the everyman or everywoman, as it were, to forgive self for these actions.

Bearing the brunt of the wood of the cross, Clinton has acted as a shipgoer for all others who would then follow in his footsteps, and realize how their own lives would fare if held up to the scrutiny of the world.

Were the impeachment proceedings to continue and come to full term, a tremendous learning opportunity would be granted by seeing that the issues cannot be taken lightly when incorporated into the realm of presidential affairs, and the public application of the jurisdiction of power in the land.

[Note: While rereading this, right as I read the words “come to full term,” I heard the words “Sunday Night.” Today is Wed., Dec. 16, 1998. This might be a prophecy of something important in regards to this issue that will occur in the evening on Sunday, Dec. 20th. Keep your eyes peeled.]


Our phys-Ed teacher reminds us that there are skeptical concerns and disbelief, as the scurry of jokes, rumors, superstitions, myths and histories all compile together to form an enigma analogous to the rise and fall of the Oval Office and its constituents.

So instead of being wary of what is going on, it is important to accept the House Judiciary Committee as taking upon itself the role of the external mediating force that then sees fit its responsibility to represent the perceived moral justifications for any wrongdoing, and to obliterate them.

Talk to a superstar, and you will find that the entire office is bungling about with the apparent notions of stardom. This recognizes the fact that you can only be pure when you listen to the voice within.

As this situation has directly exposed the impurity of such actions, so too must it reveal, symbolically of course, the fact that there are indeed repercussions for these behaviors.

As each individual is capable of forgiving and understanding Clinton, respecting him in a personal nature, so too must each apparent individual see to it that the proper code of conduct be lived and followed thereafter.

We do not wish to compromise our readings by divulging any secrets on our opinions regarding politics, and as we have stated before, the whole truth of the issue is of a great matter to the overall continuity of the human experience on this planet.

[Note: The stardom in the first sentence above may refer to the public approval ratings of Clinton at this time. Clinton might be interpreted as the “superstar” they are referring to, but I strongly suspect that this is a play on the last name of Kenneth Starr.

If you talk to this “super Starr,” he would tell you that Clinton is mistaken in assuming that the public approval ratings somehow grant him immunity from being thrown out of office.]


What we do wish to say is that every day, there are more opportunities, more positive healing potential for thousands of years of karma and effort to be cleansed and renewed, rejuvenated as such.

Without this capstone fitting so snugly in place, the tail would indeed wag the dog, so to speak. So now, as we imbibe these opportunities for realization, and taste the broth on the tongue, so too may we hopefully digest the chances of reconciliation of many of the predominant issues within self.

Active gravity insures that the entire melodic and effusive* treatment of these matters be rectified in the pure social purpose of the Christ consciousness, and the reconciliation of one’s desires with the Higher Self.

Since so many of your people abide by these constraints, they have indeed faithfully applied many principles of responsibility to their doings in the physical world. When we say constraints, we refer to the fact that the continual denial of the ego is necessary in order for this system to function appropriately well.

So, what little we know and understand of human politics tells us that the only path to enlightenment is the kingdom from within, revealed in its true splendor by the shining light of illumination and regurgitation of one’s own problems directly.

[*Note: The dictionary reveals that effusive is another word for talkative. “Active Gravity” seems to be referring to the forces of karma and its ability to bring the musical, talkative diatribe of a person back down to earth.]


This opportunity now presented before you represents a unique chance to look within and discover those deep secrets that are as yet unyielding to the calm and temperate force of the raised brow, quivering chin and penetrating eye.*

Instead, it is the realm of the heart, that force from within that is given to searching outward, while simultaneously feeling the need to collapse within and embrace the totality of beingness within the self that is its own enigma and surprise. So don’t fret about it. Either way, a modicum of sobriety and gentleness of purpose must take hold.

[*Note: This first sentence seems to humorously refer to the facial expressions that Clinton adopts in his public apologies. The reading indicates that we all still need to look past Clinton’s own apologies to the “deep secrets” within ourselves of similar things that we have all done in the past.

Remember that even back in the stuffy ’50’s, the famous and controversial Milgram sexual survey revealed an incredible amount of infidelity in the American public. Many divorces come about when either party finds another romantic interest while still within the marriage contract.]


Were the impeachment to be brought fully to term, (and we do note that the probabilities are still open at this point,) either outcome represents a distinctive opportunity for the mass mind of the collective human organism to express itself as a totality once again.

The proper attitude in the face in impeachment would be one of forgiveness, with the resolute dedication to applying the constraints of fair judgment to a position of such great responsibility.

Indeed, as the power structure has weakened quite considerably, there are as yet many opportunities for the safety of the United States and its inhabitants to be compromised in extreme situations by the loss of prestige and of the extreme accountability of wrongdoing on behalf of President Clinton.

Accepting what must be done without emotion is a step in the right direction towards reconciliation of this problem. And thus, we stand fast in assuring you that these decisions leave no one unharmed, but also leave no one unenlightened.

All are experiencing this situation in their own particular way, and those who claim to be apathetic are still paying attention. Do not fail to realize the power with which your thoughts assemble into collective modes of visualization templates, then constructing and forming the physical reality as you now know it.

The fourth dimension vibration which beckons is all around you, and you have the opportunity to bring it to full realization by continuing to make precarious shifts in personality in short periods of time.

We assemble the world with our thoughts, and with our linear thinking, we can make ourselves viable for inhabitation of these higher realms, which we now [speaking] inhabit.

Simply speaking, go out there and do it! Simply love thy neighbor as thyself, and all else will fall into place.

That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.