Thursday 9 / 23 / 99 — 6:13 am

D: Second morning here at Nana’s and Papa’s. I didn’t realize until I just woke up here that this dream had some very repetitive schema about my father.

[CONTEXT: I had just spent dinner with my father and his parents the night before. Dad came out to see us by himself. He was still in excruciating pain and recovering from having broken more than one rib. He sustained this injury by trying to clean out the gutters outside his house without the proper ladder to do it. He was using a ladder that was not tall enough, and standing on the rung right below the top. Because of the recent rainstorms, the ground was wet and he lost control of the ladder. As he fell, his ribcage landed directly on top of the ladder and knew right away that he was in trouble. Even that night at dinner, several days after the event itself, the slightest motion of his body would make him sometimes scream in pain – it was very real and very serious. The hospital told him that there was essentially nothing that they could do except to give him heavy painkiller drugs, which he did not want to take.

We will see as this dream and reading progresses that the collapsing ladder of my father’s injury is used as a metaphor for humanity. There is indeed a form of painful collapse that we are heading into, as a product of our own collective actions in the most physical sense of the term. Furthermore, there are a number of very interesting metaphorical connections associated with my father’s injury. The ladder is often used in dreams to indicate upward spiritual progress – and the gutters represent the dark side of life, which we often do not want to allow ourselves to see.

However, in the dream there is a new spin on the story – if we really ARE willing to clear out our collective “gutters,” we do not need to have the total collapse of civilization (or in this case the ladder itself) that many ‘disaster prophets’ have indicated. The dream tells that when we investigate and heal these “gutters” instead of simply collapsing, we will immediately turn up the idea of how so many workers have been systematically exploited. We will also see how the schema of a military-focused magazine indicates that our society believes itself to be omniscient and eternally survivable, well into the distant future. The realities as expressed in the reading section after the dream will paint a much different picture.]

In the early parts of this dream, I kept being in the backyard of my original home of 621, going up on this rickety ladder that was angled on a turn. I was trying to clear out the gutter, just as my father did before he fell on his own ladder and broke some ribs, causing him extreme pain. In the dream I didn’t fall off of the ladder, but it was extremely precarious. The ladder was bending and very cockeyed each time that I would try to go up, and I was having a very hard time trying to reach the gutter.

Before the last time, when I finally achieved success, I saw a Popular Science magazine that had a black war helicopter on the cover, and said that it was a model for the year 200,000 instead of 2000. So, in context of the dream, it seemed like they were just trying to advance time too quickly, predicting that the technologies that we now have would somehow be relevant some 198,000 years in the future.

D: The other interesting thing about 200,000 is that this was the amount of money that the person who I lightly bumped into from behind in my Dec. 1996 traffic accident tried to sue me for.

[10/11: This connection seems to be also relevant- the idea of a “crash” that involves a great deal of money potentially lost. As we will see in the reading, this is a direct metaphorical reference to an upcoming stock market crash that they have foreseen as coming our way.]


After seeing this magazine, I decided to try the ladder once again. It still swayed and bent wildly, like it had the other times when I went up on it, except that this last time I was actually able to reach in and grab something. However, instead of pulling out dirty leaves, I came up with this little toy model of a working man with a hard hat. This looked just like a toy that I used to have in my collection from long, long ago.

[10/11: This is the part that is describing the exploitation of workers, when we clear out the collective “gutters” or the dark side of humanity.]


So, the next feature of this dream that I remember in great detail is how ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY I got. It happened two different times for the same reason. The first time, I believe it was J F and D G, and both of those two guys were drug kids I knew in high school. It seemed that they had tried to rip me off on something, although it had nothing to do directly with drugs. I think that at least at one point, it involved them taking this really nice looking, flashy clothing of mine. It was a bright green shirt that had a pattern on it, and maybe some pants as well.

[10/11: Green is the color of Ascension, the fourth-dimensional vibrations. It is also the color of money. And thus, when seen in context of the reading’s information below, this portion of the dream is telling us about how the negative forces now in power, symbolized by drug-using adolescents, are trying to steal both our money as well as our positive polarity.]


Anyway, the first time that it happened, I was angry enough. Then, when it started to happen again at this party, and it involved J from upstairs at my Rosendale apartment and some other people, I was just LIVID. I was almost FURIOUS. There were some DD (developmentally disabled) people involved in all of this as well – they factored in. I am not exactly sure how, but I know that there was at least one person who showed up in the dream who was DD. Someone was going to be trying to help him, and he had a lot of problems. He might have even been an alcoholic.

[10/11: DD people seem to be used in my dreams to represent those “regular” humans here on earth who are, in a sense, “Spiritually Handicapped” and blind to the truth. These are the ones who need the greatest assistance at this time. Here, they were symbolized by both the DD and the alcoholism.]


The scenery of the party gradually changed from a house into a bar, the classic dream symbol of the underworld of humanity. The next thing I know, there was Sabrina. Her hair had some curl in it that she must have put in on her own. She was actually singing at the party, and she looked really, really wonderful and happy. She was very delighted to see me show up at this thing. She had some interesting material that she was working with, and I hadn’t seen or heard her sing it before.

[10/11: This obviously is an “angelic” metaphor for those Lightworkers on the planet who are trying to go into those darkest of places in order to facilitate healing on a variety of levels. Also, remember that music is used in my dreams to symbolize my work with the spiritual forces.]


Soon after I started to get the feel for the song, I grabbed a microphone and ended up singing along with her, and when I sang into the microphone my voice projected even more than hers did. Some really drunk barflies yelled at me, because at one point I started to sing at the end of the song. I was singing without any music behind me.

[10/11: This same thing happened when I sang “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin on the one night when I worked in the karaoke bar. I think that the metaphor here is to realize that many people will scorn the gifts that you try to give them, and otherwise try to make you feel somehow inadequate. It is their own way of masking the feelings that they hide about themselves.]


And then, this guy who was really, really, really drunk at the bar got the microphone. He looked horrible – his head was mostly shaved, his beard was growing out, and his skin was all different colors, mottled in appearance. He had deep, dark rings in his eyes and was slumped over with his head in his hands. He was grabbing onto this microphone and singing a Bob Dylan song along with the tape. I was amazed at how much his voice sounded EXACTLY the same as Bob Dylan’s did. And although I don’t think that this is what the song was, the chorus of what he was singing was “The Day the Music Died.”

[10/11: This poignant and sad metaphor that the dream closed on illustrates a very strong point. It is this portion that most directly addresses those elements of our society that are the most lost. It is precisely because of those who are “not getting it” that there will be many social disruptions in the coming times. The title of the song, “The Day the Music Died,” clearly was meant to illustrate this social collapse – especially in light of how the reading is phrased immediately thereafter.]

[tape flips]



[NOTE: Capitalized subheadings in this reading were later included by David in order to organize this very in-depth and multifaceted reading.]



In the judicial sense, Atlanta is not comparing any mainstream success issues with exceedingly minute circumstances having to do with the use and transfer of power. Contrapositively, it seems that the entire debacle might indeed be able to create positive changes in a very short time. These chaotic dismemberments do address the central issues at work herein, and we must always keep ourselves abreast of these developments.

[10/11: Since I am so disconnected from the mainstream media, I still am not sure exactly what incident in Atlanta they are speaking of. All I can figure is that it is a reference to school shootings – and this could explain the earlier phrase from a few months back, where it said ‘The buses in Atlanta will be seen to blow up.’ If what they meant was SCHOOL buses, then this could be a direct metaphorical reference to the slaughtering of innocent children. Someone please Email me if I am missing an important detail here!]

As time progresses here again, we need to be reminded of the fact that when you have opened the door just a bit, you can still sneak in the camera and achieve the direct superposition of your own energies into those of the future. When you can contemplate this next wave of success, you can then have the ability to think about who and what has happened to you, and how this will affect your future decision-making processes.



When both barrels are cleaned, you can then move forward out of these Nazi gun control camps and into a fuller recognition of the wealth of the Divine, which needs not such weapons, as it has the power of God as protection.

[Long pause]

Superior powers believe in superior means to bring about that power. So when we shuffle around for our own raffle tickets, we can be sure that the harmonious counterbalancing energies will be present as well, and this will allow us to balance out the negative energies with those more positive.


The street lamp shines down upon us now, and allows us to make a few adjustments to the extant system of financial resources now present upon your plane. There is indeed a time and a place and a reason for every action and reaction. Contrapositively, it would seem that those at the top must indeed again rise before they fall. And so, don’t look at these predictions as indicating the sudden and wholescale disastrous collapse. Rather, it is the slow wearing and eating away of the edifice of this entrenched financial system that will be most paramount.

D: I do know that you have been predicting this for a long time. My father, at dinner last night, mentioned that the Dow Jones had gone down 200 points, and he didn’t know why. He had just sold something the day before, and he was proud of himself that he did it before the market thing. So, I am just going to try to stay as far away from these workings as possible, so I won’t ask you any questions. Let’s please continue.


You will feel protected when these times of change are upon us. Like President Kennedy, there is an important agenda that may very well involve the death of the one in power. We are speaking metaphorically here, in reference to the death of the system that now exists. Again, there will be sacrifices on the immediate personal level – this is an obvious consequence. But, we must again state that the conspiracy theorists have it right on this particular topic. The majority of damage will be to the top level, not the bottom. Those who stand to lose the most are those who stand to gain the most at present, and what to you might seem to be only a flickering of their total wealth, if lost could be an acrimonious defeat in their own minds.


Jupiter challenges Saturn as they move closer and closer together in their orbit. And in between these different events, we can then be sure that those who have ingested the Beta Carotene of the spirit world, those who have the high vital energy through service to others, diet, exercise and a positive attitude, will not feel the effects of this slingshot, as we have called it, that appears to be pulling back at this time, set to stun or to kill.

[10/11: 4:44 on trans.]


We recommend that you do as much reading as possible during these changes, and insure that you have utilizations for the time that will be on your hands as a result. Boredom leads to fear and trepidation in a circumstance where society is undergoing some changes. We want to remind you that people will still continue working, and the basic services and vital needs will continue to be met. This is by virtue of the fact that people will continue to order and to organize, and you will see many things come about as a result.


Now and again, you will hear the howling winds as they blow outside the window. You will know the eventual collapse that must come about. You will also be aware of the beckoning difference between the world that is collapsing and the world that is to be. When we start out on this different path, we see that there are different circumstances indeed. Even those younger scientific minds who before had been such bastions of realism and empiricism are opening up their minds to these new realities. And, of course, science is the last step before these new truths are assimilated into the public.


Religion also poses somewhat of a barrier, but we find that this is working quite well indeed. One of David’s gifts from having his housemate Apostol, who was a Muslim, was that he realized that many Muslims are very open-minded about the Law of One, and can easily assimilate the beliefs of Christians and other faiths as well into their studies.

And thus, it is not really as divided and as separate as you thought. We are working with all peoples on all levels simultaneously. The tools and practices that we might implement with a Muslim would differ somewhat from those of a person in the Western culture, but these are only labels. An angel for Allah can be the same angel who works for the Lord in the life of an American citizen. We want you to remind these things to yourself the next time that you adopt a bleeding-heart philosophy for those who do not have the “privilege” that you do in the spiritual sense.

Such delusions of personal grandeur can be blown all out of proportion when you fail to see the Oneness of all beings, and your own relative placement within said Oneness. This system is predicated upon an existing foundation of beliefs, whose core internal purpose is to free you of the opinions that surround your self-understanding. And so, even as this Marxist coup in the government is occurring in some way, you can indeed know that the leftist agenda of those more liberal will help to continue to reduce the enslavement of the people who work towards egalitarian balance, and the superposition of the moral concerns over those of the financial.


Our chief financial backers indicate that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for those upon your planet to rectify these problems on their own. And thus, you do need our help, and this will only become clear in what you would term as the future, although many are starting to realize it now. The essential problem is that you are not able to see that far ahead.

The systems that you have now built are creating extraordinary damage to your biosphere. This is to the point where you yourselves would become sterile, or otherwise unviable for survival in a much shorter period of linear time than you could have ever imagined. These die-offs are already starting to happen now in Africa, precipitated by the AIDS virus among others.

And so, we don’t want to appear facetious in any overt sense when we talk about the positivity of these changes. Our purpose is to educate and to edify the foundations of your existing beliefs in order that you may have an expansive perspective on these workings and on the reality itself.


Think for a moment whether it is justified for you to begin a commerce with those of your own local area instead of a commerce involving the corporations and giant structures. This is what we expect will happen, as the human will to survive is quite strong. There will be those who jump into action and insure that the food supply is preserved, even as those who would retain positions of power lose the ability to control such matters, and indeed lose their financial viability altogether.


Indeed, this financial collapse is as inevitable as the flood tide, because we have engineered it for your own survival. Were it not to have happened, it would be impossible for you to get through these problems unscathed. The alternatives are indeed far worse. Remember the birds who are showing up all over the world whose beaks go in two different directions and do not line up. These birds must be fed, either intravenously or with an eyedropper, in order to survive at all.

Remember and be aware of the mass deaths in the oceans – the fishes and the emaciated whales washing up on the shores of the West Coast of America by the tens of thousands. Remember the coral reefs, and those experts who expect that they will be 100 percent dead within less than five years. These are the sustenance of the fish in the ocean. [It is believed that without them, the food chain will be so massively disrupted that all the oceans will die out completely. Furthermore, a recent (Oct. 99) article appeared on the Sightings website, which said that over 50 percent of all freshwater species in North America are expected to become extinct within under ten years. – DJW.]


Think about all these things. Do not run and hide from the truth. Do not run and hide from the knowledge that is already present in front of you. Accept the necessary parameters of this existence that you now have, and understand that as you sally forth into these changes, there are those above who are protecting you every step of the way, and are guiding the Light so that it may reach its final destination.


The blooming point of Ascension does continue to occur, and in this dream we utilized the metaphors of David’s father’s recent injury on the ladder so as to prove a point in general about human civilization. You are all working towards a recognition of your own inner wealth, and are becoming more and more ready to halt the cynicism of the outside system that exists. More and more parents are becoming aware of the evils of television, and the harmful effects on young minds that it produces, as there is simply not the quality of educational programs that there were even fifteen years ago.

And so, we see indeed that the glamorized violence is finally having to accept the wrath of the people, which comes about through the fundamental ignoring of its fruits, namely the television entertainment media. We cannot tell you enough how this system has frustrated us. When David talks about not watching television, he is looked upon almost with horror, and yet continue to have these experiences yourself, and you will discover before too much longer that they do not seem so strange.

The commerce system is indeed breaking down, and the loyalties will indeed be misplaced for a time.

D: (Sneezes twice)


Many of your people will not even realize that the mythical battle of Armageddon is indeed taking place in a much different format than you would ever have had it. Many people do not realize that there is indeed a Luciferian dogma within some of the secret societies of those in positions of power. There are many others who are not aware of this connection, and thus it is not fair to say that they are all Luciferians. However, those in the highest positions of authority do indeed preach such a connection. (Remember that when we say “Highest positions of authority,” we are not necessarily talking about anyone visible in the government, such as the president.)

[10/11: Quite significantly, a MAJOR article came out in the mainstream media about the Luciferian dogma, AFTER this reading was conducted. The article was about a Christian housewife in the Midwest who discovered that the Montessori school handbook, inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and others, contained explicit references to Lucifer as being the true “god” of knowledge, which they support. Montessori schools are conducted internationally, and thus this was quite a shocker to those uninformed.]


You can keep our confidence through being able to witness the fruits of the Spirit through your own diligent inner reflection process. We want you to be aware that in terms of your creaturehood, there is never going to be anything outrageously different. In terms of your Spirithood, however, you will experience epic transitions in the blink of an eye, as we have once already stated in the past as you would have it.


The Board of Directors seeks a new oracle with which to reveal the next phase of the mission. That oracle is you, the reader of these words. Why not take the time to begin remembering your dreams so that you can participate in this mission? When your creaturehood is at its mark, you can then accept the Buddhahood of the spiritual mastery over the physical. Your life in the ethers predicates the reality of your life in the physical, and indeed your life in the physical is molded and sculpted in the ethers before it ever manifests itself.

Now no one is asking you to become a Mighty Joe Young of the higher realms, becoming as a giant gorilla who would crash in to an orderly and established method and cause great destruction. Rather, we want you to see that it is already a natural process for you on the astral or subconscious level. And now, all you have to do is make that awareness conscious, and in so doing you then help to balance yourself in a way never heretofore seen.

If you don’t give your dreams a chance, then how are you ever going to know what they could be doing for you? Start today. Start your resolve to bring forth the highest levels of guidance available to you in a human physical body. Start to have a conscious dedication to be of service to others and to your own highest needs in this matter. Recognize that the process of self-integration, or of reducing your fragmentation as we have spoken of so often in these readings, is most highly assisted by dreamwork.


Dreamwork is the royal road to integration, as Dr. Fritz Perls once said. So, keep a running journal notebook of your experiences next to your bed. If you wake up and do not remember anything, then date your entry and state it as such. You may choose to do as David does, and write down the day of the week, the date and the time. The reason for putting the day of the week down is that these days have a great bearing upon your experiences. And thus, if you only knew the date, you may not know what point in your natural rhythm or flow you are at. And so, this is important.

We keep reminding you that the tools for transformation are available to you in a very direct format. So many of you are scared to engage in dreamwork, because of the mysteries surrounding it. Embrace the mysteries. Understand that all parts of the creation have their revealed and unrevealed portions. You should treat every [piece of] dream data as important. Do not allow your own ignorance of the language of metaphor to cause you to surreptitiously decline this guidance with the Ego’s own conclusion of it having been of no importance.


Think about it. Recognize that there is great importance in your dreams. If you are one of the ones who thinks that you do not dream, or insists that you cannot remember anything, now is the time to reassess those priorities. Begin hitting an honest game of baseball with yourself. Recognize that every morning is a new pitch that is going over the home plate, and you have an opportunity to swing at it. If you simply wake up like an animal, you will never be able to remember what is happening to you. If you do not sleep enough, then you are not taking care of yourself in ways that must be rectified.

You must have enough sleep, so that when you wake up you do not suddenly lapse back into consciousness. If you think that you can survive on five or six hours a night, you are mistaken. This is one of the direct causes of cancer, as it were. Find the necessary foodstuffs to purify yourself, as this will also have a great impact upon how much you can remember in the mornings.

All of these things that we speak of are interrelated, and the dreamwork is of such high importance to you, the seeker, the reader of these words, that we again stress its importance, even though we are sure that you are already aware of it.


You will retain pieces of data if you make a concerted effort to do this each morning. It is impossible for you to fail when you begin directing your conscious energy to making an effort to do this each morning. Not one of you can make excuses, or think that this is somehow unimportant or irrelevant. As we move into the next phase of these changes that we have so often spoken of, it will be highly important for you to have a clear connection to the source, and to know exactly what, when and where your energies are expected to be doing.


Don’t ever fail to see the burning light of the Christ within, and its consistent and constant efforts to make its presence known to you. Again, we stress the line from the Bible which reads, “No one can come unto the Father but by me.” We want you to be aware that this is relevant to the Christ within, to your own internal Christ Light which is that same Light that developed Jesus into the Master, enough so that Apostle Paul later referred to him as the Son of God and The Christ, although this was not initially intended.

You are also a Son of God, or a Daughter of God, and you have equal potentials. Jesus was meant to show you the way, was meant to lead you in the proper direction. He wanted to demonstrate the abilities that you will be able to have when you open yourself up to Love in such a manner. It is not necessary to martyr yourself or to go to the Cross, and the aspect of him having died for your sins has much more to do with providing an example, instead of providing an excuse.


There are those people in the Fundamentalist faiths who think that because Jesus died on the cross, they no longer need to worry about their own personal evolution process. If you, the reader of these readings, think about that, you might laugh to yourself, and it might seem rather unimportant. However, keep in mind that there are still those who have whitewashed the processes of personal transformation, and believe that the blood of Jesus Christ will wash away all their sins.

When you can begin seeing this as nothing more than an example, an example of how to conduct yourself, you must look at this in a whole different light. Never again can you be so blind as to refuse the guidance of the Inner Christ within, which comes through dreams, metaphors, synchronicities, symbolism and the voices and words of those who you meet in your day-to-day interactions.


We know that it causes you to have a very large revision of your belief structures in order to see how the physical world can speak to you in terms of this metaphor. Synchronicity, and the language of metaphor that it is predicated upon, does seem to be quite impossible to so many of you. And yet, contrapositively we can assure you of its existence, because after all, we are the creators of same.


Keep all these thoughts in mind as you move throughout each day. Begin to see your physical illusion as nothing more than a projection of thought / energy / consciousness that is the collective effort of so many entities, both inside and outside of your physical sphere of influence. We remind you once again that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, and that this fathomless beauty that we see in you is something that you must also begin honoring within yourselves. We look forward to taking you through this next stage of your personal evolution, wherein the planetary circumstances will assist you in finding a clear connection to this Inner Christ.

We now have to end this reading. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai.