Personal Reading: Clearing Ra-Ta’s “Sex Karma” and Latest Earth Changes / Global Politics Update

Tuesday 8 / 3 / 99 – 11:59 a.m.

I just woke up from another dream that again placed me back at the farm.

He ended up being well suited for a life challenging against tyrants. That is essential for our work to continue. We must reveal the scope and nature of this contact, and of the need to restore it on some level.

In this dream I ended up right at the edge of the field before you would go in. The idea of J working there was in the back of my mind. I ended up seeing other kids whom I have never seen before.

Extrasolar planets in alignment and conjunction. Younger than Art Bell, but having the same purpose in mind; to reveal the nature of exotic physics and the like.

D: You must be referring to Joe Firmage.

Yes, that is correct. There are a few other things that Firmage needs to know, and you can help him dramatically in this area. That is all for now.

D: I am totally exhausted. Even though it is late, I feel like I want to sleep a little more.

I did end up talking to two kids at the edge of the field, and they were both talking about drugs. This one guy was trying to use me to convince this girl to do marijuana, and I was trying on the other hand to talk her out of it.

[Note: Again, this seems to refer to the struggle to “sober up” the inner feminine of humanity.]


Thursday 8 / 5 / 99 – 10:02 a.m.

D: Now off the hook for tomorrow night for a dream reading, although I am actually getting to the level where I could almost pump these out nightly, and not be bothered.

Basically put, I would have to say that this dream was totally awesome. Once again it featured the character of D P, the French girl with red hair who I knew in high school. One of the ongoing themes in these dreams has been getting a second chance with D, and being so excited about having her there.

The context of meeting her in this case had to do with the fact that apparently she had moved into a room where a juvenile wrestling federation existed. It would pit kids about the age of 12 against each other. D was so beautiful, and the vibe between us was so harmonious and favorable, that I would have to say that this was just totally awesome.

There was an earlier section about my mother that was taking place, I believe, in 621.

And she runs into her longtime friend (name.)

But he wasn’t a friend this time. He had been there one last time to the house, and she had told him to go. I was repeatedly and very vocally proud of her for having gotten rid of him.

[Note: This person was a boyfriend of my mother’s who had an alcohol problem and a host of maladaptive behavioral traits.]

The agency change in the next few weeks is equal to or considered greater than what the pilots had heretofore expected. The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas did indeed get some ideas turning. We have never seen the event experienced by this event to the degree that one might have expected, but in the wake of the backlash of the initial event, many important events seem to have been precipitated.

At the surface of the rainbow, it may seem ostensibly that there are indeed many problems occurring with the Earth at this time. But to go inside the rainbow where the colors are brighter is to become bathed in the purity of the Light as it is then seen, and to allow it to wash through you without filtration or distortion. (2:22)

Gabriel rose to the challenge and quit. A challenge as posed by the aristocrats who would think that to challenge the self is to challenge all, and in so doing enslave all. The videographers are now in place for the next series of events to occur, the cataclysms and the like. We do not want to be overly bogged down by these events, but as a drunken police state cannot go on, so too must there be altercations that will bring about greater awareness to the nature of the work involved.

We might well then posit a question about the two influences that seek to deride and defame each other within that realm of the supra-secret government. There are still those forces that cast aside distinction and reside purely in the positive. That is an important point. We can then see that this battle is being fought, and thus not all government is bad. We have those who work from the top down as well as the bottom up, and that is an important point.

Those who would terrorize another to villainize themselves will soon be extinguished by the mass nature of events occurring on the planetary globe. Those who are misaligned with the Light will have to come home to roost and think upon what they have done and what can be changed. Those who have not yet done so will find out that the train comes home soon enough. There are many, many opportunities for you to engineer such a transition. The best way is by coming to the understanding of being of service to others within yourself before transferring this awareness to others and to the planet by the simple vibration of staying in that moment.

[Note: It is becoming more and more clear that “they” are really serious about how soon this is all coming to a head.]

Did the Arthurians really span the globe, or is it better to say that Francis Bacon spoiled a lifelong secret by accident, and in so doing revealed much more information than he originally intended? Pun for pun, the work of Shakespeare has it. Royal conspiracy, secret knowledge and the like. This portion of the story should never be underestimated.

[Note: For those who are not already aware, there is an entire drawer in the Library of Congress card catalog of books devoted specifically to proving that Francis Bacon wrote all the works attributed to William Shakespeare, and even altered the portrait to depict his own face. The real Shakespeare was completely illiterate, signing his name with an X, and not a single book was found in his house when he was killed. His assassination is attributed to his becoming greedy and trying to blackmail Bacon, either to give him more money or he would reveal the truth. So as a result, Bacon’s supporters put “poison in the nitwit’s beer,” as secrecy was vitally important to the survival of their mission at that highly repressive time. Bacon was simply the only person who had enough education to have produced the Shakespearean works in that period. Furthermore, it is a well-established fact that Hamlet was written about his own family situation as a way to reveal the current truths and conspiracies while simultaneously hiding them in apparent fiction.

What makes this all the more interesting is that Bacon single-handedly created modern Freemasonry as we now know it. He created the original (and mostly positive) seed group of Masons, working off of very ancient teachings, that now underlies the world’s political structures. He designated the American continent as the site of the “New Atlantis,” wherein we could complete the cycle and work out our Atlantean karma by re-developing a highly technological civilization once again. The extraterrestrial group Ra, channeled through Ra-Ta, originally gave the teachings that the Masons work off of. Now, we must try to repair all of the distortions that have been overlaid upon these initial teachings, which were positive, service-to-others oriented and stressed the Law of One.

The “Arthurians” that those of Ra are referring to here concerns the Arthurian legend, or King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The reading suggests that this fictional account was designed to secretly reveal greater dimensions of the original Atlantean times that these secret societies are so familiar with. That explains why they would say that the “Arthurians spanned the globe” and that Bacon may have revealed more of a secret than he had intended. The abilities of Merlin the Magician are clearly more in tune with Atlantean times than modern times. More research is needed on this topic.]

The freshest opportunities that we then have are brought about when awfully mixed pieces of candy are able to be sorted out. Just as the United States has pelted Kosovo with depleted uranium, so too are there those forces within said United States that would seek to divide and to distract, and to create fear with tremendous expense at the lives of others. However, the recent Pentagon briefing, conducted by Congress concerning military spending of black budget funding, is indeed emblematic of the opposite side of the coin, which still seeks to undermine the negativity of the Cabal while still remaining in power. This is an important point, if not even magical.

Avebury Trusloe still holds surprises for you, many surprises.

[Note: This is a site of many famous crop circles over the years. See for more details.]

Anyway, let me get this dream out so that I can get some context for what this reading is about. Obviously it is Mother Earth or the inner feminine principle that I am seeing here. She was in this room and the juvenile wrestling was going on. There was an American boy and a Chinese boy. He turned around to the Chinese boy at the last minute before they were going to wrestle – they were a tag-team. He told the Chinese boy that he shouldn’t worry, because no racial slurs were going to be used.

Before the boy even went on, he was supposed to fake throwing up. There was supposed to be some point when he was going to bleed. So, he fakes throwing up, and then the Chinese boy throws up, and then the announcer throws up as well. I was apparently shielded from seeing it as much as I knew that it had happened, which was thankfully a good move on their part. There was a pool of vomit left on the floor, and I thought it was so stupid that they had to do that.

D: I don’t know if his is about the US and China working together, because the other young boy in the background was African-American.

I realized that D had her leg wounded by these forces while we were sitting there as lovers. There were a series of pins in her foot and ankle, the right one, which went in a zigzagging motion. I told her not to worry about it, that it would heal and she would be all right. She had a hard time believing me.

I asked D how she was able to stay so thin. I asked if it was her diet, and she said no. I asked if it was exercise, and she said no. I asked her what it could possibly be, and she said that it was a positive attitude that she held about herself. And that really surprised the heck out of me! So, I was just delighted to have her in my arms and to kiss her. I only kissed her on the lips towards the end of the dream, and it wasn’t anything grandiose. I kissed her on the neck a few times as well, just a few little pecks. Having her in my arms was great, and the smell of her skin was just beautiful.

She wanted to do some paragliding or parachuting off of the top of a mountain with me, and I told her that we could try it. I basically wanted to bring her away from the wrestling match, because she had been so injured. There was also a lawsuit involved with some of the people who were responsible for this. Little tiny, tiny children were doing this violence all over the place. I started to see the forces responsible for this wrestling thing as totally malevolent, violent and evil, and I was just totally disgusted with it. On another level, I was very glad that I had hooked up with D. It was a tremendous joy that was unmatched by little else.

I think I have got the gist of it. It appears to be in part about my relationship with Sabrina, and in part about my relationship to the feminine spirit in general, and how it has been violated by all of the violence upon our planet. My stomach is getting very quirky, and I need to go take a shower, so we are going to end this session.


5:13 a.m.

This was pretty wild. I think it is possibly talking about some karma going on inside the inner circle of [my local church] and its members. This woman was there who I haven’t met before, except that I saw her briefly in church the other day while she was visiting. She comes from a foreign country and is extremely gorgeous. We were living in some sort of building with whitish walls on the inside, and had what I would consider to be a loosely education-related feel to it.

So, for one reason or another I ended up spending a great deal of time with this woman. There was some sort of a vibe of mutual attractiveness between the two of us, but I certainly didn’t imagine that it was “going somewhere.” She has vestiges of similarity to D, a girl I knew in high school. The point, as always, was to suggest very strongly in a contrapositive way that I should not be looking after sexual relations. It also helps to define the ongoing situation where every girlfriend I get seems to go belly up. It might be part of my karma alleviation in this life to just have all these situations not work, in order to keep me placid.

I just had a vision as though there might have been a point where she was doing the talking for this group, and called herself Leena. After we spent some time talking and hanging out, I was really getting to know her, and there was really some energy going on between us. Before I left the room, I was planning on coming back the next day. She suddenly announces that she wanted to have sex with me. She expected that I was going to have sex with her. I was just bowled over. Here is this completely beautiful woman, and she was just so wide open about the whole thing and also made it very easy for me to say yes.

As I left the building, it looked like New Paltz, and it looked like the tunnel area underneath the SUB, but a little bit different. I wasn’t quite looking where I was going, and the next thing I know, my own car crashes into a white car in front of me from behind. And then to make matters worse, it turns out that it was my friend R. There were some significant enough modifications of R’s face that even though I knew it was him, I also knew that it wasn’t. He also oscillated between himself and J T.

I couldn’t believe my bad luck. I was really excited about the sex, and then all of a sudden this happened. I suspected karma, but I didn’t know what was going on exactly. I asked him if he was okay, and he did have some sort of a neck problem. I said, “Let’s try to make this as friendly as possible, since we are already friends. I will just pay the bills for the one or two chiropractor visits that you might have to go through. That way we won’t have to go through all the lawyers and stuff.” For some reason I never thought about auto insurance, collision and stuff.

As I talked to him some more, it became J T, but it was weird. His eyes were very bulgy, and his face, when seen from the side profile, seemed very flat. There were a few times where he looked at me in the eye, and his head was only two inches wide and his eyes were bulging. I was worried that this had happened from the accident, but it wasn’t. Theoretically, this was still R, but he had told me almost as soon as I had hit him that he was supposed to have a wedding, but it was cancelled. I was very distraught on one level for him. That was one reason why he was so messed up already. Then I did that, and that just made it worse.

[Note: The metaphor of a cancelled wedding is about the failure of many on Earth to Ascend.]

D: So, I really feel like the veil is being lifted. Having this meeting last night with those who had been from the Ra-Ta period was just incredible. [The readings have said that many of those at my local church were there in the Ra-Ta period, which was a pivotal incarnation during the time of Atlantis.] Having everybody together in the same room was such a strange feeling, and I come home and dream this almost immediately afterwards. I am starting to understand how accurate my dreams are, and this is unlikely to just be a metaphor. I know that this is the real thing. As Ra-Ta went on further in his life, he had sex with many women, and that ended up being the karma that destroyed him, according to the Cayce Readings.

It looked like the car crash problem was starting to get to be costing more money than I could handle. I was worried that he might try to do something on his side legally that would be bad. I was also growing really tired, as it was very late. I finally gave him my telephone number on a piece of paper. I told him to call me and let me know if the chiropractor had fixed it, and if not than how many more times would he need to go. Then, later on, he as J T gave me some medical advice and said how important it was that I got a lawyer. At that point, J T wasn’t so thin-headed, he was more normal looking. There was enough difference between this person and the regular J T that even though I knew it was him, there was obviously some slight modification again.

After negotiating about this, and settling it through chiropractor visits, I somehow ran into the other room and found myself going to sleep. When this woman had told me about having sex with her, I said that I would be over right away. Now that this accident happened, I felt like I should wait a little longer. Somewhere in the middle of all this, actually she showed up at the party. I was so excited that I could hardly believe it. I definitely felt like I would do it, and that I did not want to lose out on this.

D: I am losing consciousness quickly here.

After seeing this woman again, I knew that it wasn’t going to happen right away. I was really tired and ended up lying down and trying to get some rest. While I was almost asleep, my mother came with several blankets and put them over me. That was strange. But then she noticed that I was still awake, and she started talking to me. I told her what was going on, and I almost knew that I shouldn’t do it but I just wanted to do it anyway.

And then it was like 3:00 in the morning, and I was still awake and I was out of bed. The whole dilemma about the car crash and about whether to have sex with this woman or not all culminated in me having this marijuana. I had an old pipe. Before anyone could stop me, I put it all together and took one hit. Then I stopped after one. Once I smoked it, the whole entire pipe glowed very brightly, and that was very weird. I stopped after one hit and decided that I really didn’t want to go down this road again, because it was just going to make me more unhappy. This wasn’t what I wanted right now, so I snuffed it out. At that point I woke up.

[Note: Marijuana is an ongoing dream metaphor of mine having to do with making poor or otherwise inappropriate life choices, now that I am seven years sober.]

The causes and concerns of your digital breakthrough make us rapidly attempt to see the Creator in the midst of severe and depressing circumstances from the past as you would term it. And thus, you understand that a curriculum of sorts is in place, remaining still while unseen in the higher realms. There is a certain degree of stagnation in the present that has set in, and this would be the deeper symbolic metaphorical equivalent of the dream.

We want you to be aware that this work reaches its close, and that therefore what you are able to accomplish in the next few weeks or months is indeed very important. This is the endgame, David, so don’t forget that. You are simply having to experience those moments of crystallization wherein like never before, all the molecules are fitting in so precisely well that you cannot even see where they are linked; you just see a compounding effect.

We want to tell you how much we appreciate being present for this joyful reunion of the Higher Self with the physical self, or the lower self. To answer the question, “Who is He in You, and who are You in He,” since the answer is Oneness it is a loaded question, is it not? But on the other hand, we are always aware that the diligence and perseverance pays off, and the mask can then be removed.

We don’t want to appear to be facetious, but Dr. Brown would have said that you have failed in some fundamental way. In a sense, you did want to have your writing projects finished by Aug. 11th, and yet now your faith in the fact that this is not Ascension has blinded you to completing the mission within the parameters that we suggested.

We do apologize for our lack of diligence in addressing this matter earlier. We also understand that you are trying to balance out against the equivalent of many hours work that went quite overboard in your application of self to the website in what you could consider to be the past. So try to find a happy medium between the two extremes, as you have lived them both recently, and you will indeed find peace. Make sure that today is the day when you begin transcribing again, as time is of the essence more than you could ever possibly know. Keep that thought firmly planted in your mind, and you will see indeed how it comes into fruition.

There is nothing delicate about the timelines that are now involved. Momentarily you will see a brief, flickering candle having great difficulty in its operation. As we progress further along, the movements will make it more required for you to look into the deeper esoteric symbolism of what you are seeing in order to gain understanding and purpose.

Our own Jet Propulsion Laboratory suggests that you can go and meet the comets within self by this process of being an astronaut of the inner spaces, and on that level we commend you. Your work with your high school yearbook, in terms of forgiving and accepting each person unconditionally, is an extreme example of the application and understanding of spiritual truth. One of the reasons why we reframed this dream the way that we did is to show you how easy it could be for you to fall into this temptation again if the offers were extended directly to you. Once you can have that thought firmly in your mind, then you will understand why we say that time is of the essence, and it is precisely time that you do not have.

The sports event gathers for the final big picture, and regardless of whether anyone else on your planet knows it or not, we are immensely close to the time itself. So keep this wisdom firmly implanted within your mind, and know that everything we have taught you must become a focal point of your efforts in the physical.

We have tried to remove our biases and distortions from any of the work involving you at this point. The craft will appear when you are ready, and you don’t need to worry about that. Change the subject of your inner thoughts away from the bitterness about not getting ahead in the relationship context, and use this catalyst to strengthen your relationship with the Divine forces behind all beingness and manifestation. Centuries ago, you were told the same thing, so now our work comes full circle. Only this time, we do have the opportunity to effectuate even greater changes than what had heretofore been seen in what you would call the past.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading.

[Note: Although I do not want to go into excessive detail about my personal life in these readings, I will say this. I have been led to stray away from pursuing any physical relationship in exchange for my delightful, celibate friendship / relationship with Sabrina. Making a final decision not to pursue physical pleasures was apparently a very important step for me, based on what the readings have been saying. It has essentially cleared the karma I incurred during the Ra-Ta period, by putting me into the same situation and leading me to make healthier choices.]

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