Original Readings from 11/10/96-11/30/96


[3/14/09: This was originally a continuation of “Wanderer Awakening: The Life Story of David Wilcock”, as it transitioed into the story of the readings themselves — hence the references to it being part of a book.

We have preserved it here in its original form, though most of the ‘raw data’ that followed this has been removed. We do plan on putting together a book of the Wilcock Readings in the future, and it will draw heavily from this content.]

I could have never have imagined how far this “Dream Voice” technique would ultimately take me. On those first days when I began to listen, I would have been dumbfounded if someone told me that I was going to eventually do readings for others as a paid professional, write three full-length books and become a public figure.

At the time it all started, I just felt that it was a remarkable and very personal quantum leap in my own development.

After the first day of “Dream Voice” transcripts were recorded, I realized that I had done the impossible; I had broken through to the Other Side, achieving contact with extraterrestrial forces. This was clearly something that people all over the world considered to be very unlikely, if not impossible, and yet there I was right in the middle of it!

A great deal of thought has gone into the architecture of this section of the book. One way to present this material would be to fastidiously document each word of the transmissions, showing the delicate, often incredibly puzzling messages that I was receiving.

True to the format of the non-linear “Dream Voice” technique, my early sessions are not very readable. In fact, each sentence is often a cryptic puzzle that must be individually decoded.

Since this material does not lend well to reading, I have decided to do a lot of trimming and stay focused on the readable, high points of these early stages of trance data.

We have, however, left the entire first session completely intact, since it was so decidedly different from the others. This also gives us a good look at the “fragmented” style sentences that would often come in.

I would come to call all fragmented, sentence-by-sentence data “Level Two” information. In this technique, I would hear entire sentence fragments in my mind and then either write them down or later dictate them into my tape recorder.

The material does not truly become easily readable until I had another breakthrough about two months later, producing “Level Four” information. At this point, I began receiving some of my transmissions one word at a time instead of one sentence fragment at a time, and they became much more readable.

The only problem with this material was that it was not coming from a level as deep as the fragmentary data of Level Two.

I struggled for a great deal of time to try to bridge the gap between the two levels of focus, to bring the strength of Level Two data to the understandability of Level Four data.

Further breakthroughs in this regard led to an even greater refinement of the technique, which eventually became so different that I had to call it “Level Five.”

In this level, my word-by-word readings became just as deep as the Level Two readings, and were still readable. After more than a year had gone by, with my move to Virginia Beach and the discovery of my identity, I would eventually realize that almost every session I performed could now be said to be of Level Five quality.

There are nearly 3000 pages of readings and dream transcripts that I have produced so far, and obviously we could not even begin to feature all of them in this book.

Our purpose in this book is to keep things rather light and fun, and to show the high points of the early days of the Wilcock Readings. Obviously, as the story of my connection to Cayce is an important one, we will also point out the places where the “clues” were originally being presented.

So now, we begin with my incredible breakthrough session on November 10, 1996 — just one day before the 11 / 11 date, another synchronicity number! Keep in mind a few basic guidelines.

The word “Note:” in parentheses is any time when we are inserting a comment on the text to enhance understanding and readability. If it says “My Note,” then this is a previous comment that I inserted at some point after the reading.

The letter “D:” is given for any time that I am speaking to the readings at the time, or thinking a thought if the writing is put in parentheses.

Any time that there are parentheses and an indication of a voice, such as “[Woman’s voice:]” this shows a time where I detected a noticeable change in the sound of the voice I was hearing. And, the word “Image” followed by a description represents any time that I saw a visual image while I was doing the reading.


11/10/96 — ~10:00 a.m.

[Deeply embroiled in a debate over whether Freemasonry is good or evil, I woke up and could not remember my dream. I started to just listen, and eventually I got the following, a huge and totally unexpected set of messages coming through in part with Joe Mason’s distinctive, slightly trembly-sounding voice.

All I had to do was try to listen to the many different, fleeting voices that were all going at the same time and try to discern what they were saying. I completely separated any analysis of the material from the process, just as Dr. Brown recommended; all I did is report my observations of what I heard.

Also, if I wasn’t sure whether it was my imagination or not, I would just discard the sentence. I only wrote down the parts that were truly spontaneous, when I had no idea what I was writing about at all. The entire process took about two hours to complete, as I would allow myself to drift back into trance after each sentence that I wrote down.]


Most things in this world are a lateral hell — you can move about in them. Freemasonry is a vertical hell — you can go down much quicker.

[Note: The very first thing to happen was an answer to my question about whether I should pursue joining a Masonic lodge to try to find out more of their hidden information. This obviously was a rejection of that idea.]


D: What was I dreaming about? [I couldn’t remember my dream at all.]

The dream was about you yourself and the subdivisions — and you’re teaching them.

[Note: This was the first initial allusion to the fact that I had a multidimensional personality, with different subdivisions being different selves in different reincarnational periods. Later I would read “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts, a book that completely explained what my readings were talking about here.]


Super! Wouldn’t it be nice if they paid you money for this?

D: (agrees)

[Note: Here, the force on the other side of the conversation is very happy about finally breaking through, and takes a moment to reflect on that.

We can see that by the fourth sentence to ever come through this contact, “they” were already setting the stage for me to ultimately become a paid professional intuitive counselor for others.

I was already well on my way in that department, with a BA in Psychology, a year in a crisis hotline internship, two years of mental health jobs and a great deal of extracurricular research in psychology.]


It’s an esoteric principle with the chakras in them. Masturbate / integrate / integrated – it begins 157 years ago, a stop sign.

[Note: This clearly indicates the need for me to unblock the lower chakras by abstaining from masturbation, a point later made abundantly clear in the transcripts. It is an ongoing and somewhat frustrating demand that the forces make of me.

The “esoteric principle” behind it is the acknowledgment that the chakral systems even existed in the first place. The “stop sign” in the second sentence may indicate the death of my (Cayce’s) incarnation as John Bainbridge, a person who clearly had problems with focusing too much on sex.

157 years back from this date places us at 1840. 1840 to 1877 would give me 37 years to “recover” and prepare for my next life.]


Does the Farmhand have enough manual labor? The Bible, just analyze it – I’m too proud of you!

[Note: The Farmhand prepares for the harvest, a symbolic connection indicating that I am a laborer who will help do the “manual labor” to prepare for the 4D upgrade, ascension or “harvest” of human souls. (Wow- just this second on 6/21/99, the clock hit 11:11 and I did not see it coming.)

The Bible is indicated as having much useful information in cultivating the compassion necessary to achieve the upgrade.]




Psychically, you’ve pinpointed them – the elections, the church. I don’t think we can invite a 10-dollar bill!

[Note: This is apparently in response to my theories regarding two things. The first was my idea that the Clinton re-election was a setup, and that Bob Dole was never intended to win, but merely to do things so outrageous as to make Clinton look good in the midst of waning public opinion.

My theory on the Church was quite intricate, and the subject of an article I wrote. The article combined the knowledge of several different things, including sacred geometry in cathedral windows, sacred diatonic ratios in the music, and sacred dimensional proportions of the buildings themselves.

The proportions of the buildings were directly related to Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, as in the case of Chartres.

The domed shape of the ceilings was the final ingredient that led me to my conclusion. I had concluded that the Masonic church builders used Atlantean technology designed to recreate the ambiance of a pyramid initiation chamber, and its power to invoke states of altered consciousness.

The argument is strengthened even more by the clearly deliberate placement of these cathedrals across the “ley lines” of enhanced Earth energies across Europe. (See John Michell’s “View over Atlantis.” This is also covered in The Shift of the Ages.)]


That’s the psychiatrist’s thing – the strangest thing. It affects everything. Here, it’s fabulous.

[Note: This is a further response to the psychic energies referred to in the last sentence; something our psychiatrists cannot explain, yet underlies all things. The power of the psychic functioning must be immense on their level, and they would explain this more and more as time progressed.]


Hold it — the religions I am concerned with will be someday lighted and we will go on to greater heights as a conglomerate being in the cosmos.

[Note: This indicates that any corruption on the part of the Church or distortion in the original Essenic teachings of Christ is destined to be corrected.

Once society is without these distortions, the full archetypal mind and all the information of humanity can be accessible to each person equally, thus forming a conglomerate being on the thought level.]


If you look at the reaping curve, you see a vortex of light four times as big; centered around the moon and Jupiter — a wild conjunction.

[Note: This corresponds to very intense visual imagery of a corona surrounding the moon that I had in an earlier dream which inspired me to stop working with my astrologer friend, Eric F.

After intense, dedicated research, led by Joe Mason, I discovered that this passage symbolically indicated the Aug. 11, 11:11 a.m. solar eclipse and Four Beasts of the Apocalypse planetary conjunction.

This is scheduled to happen directly over Greenwich, England in 1999. (See Convergence for more details.) This clearly indicates that this conjunction signifies the possibility of the time of the first major harvest, or reaping, of souls. Further allusions to this same conjunction are later made.]


D: What about my relationship with Eric F? Should I continue working with him?

Let it pass, it is a past agenda.

Jung — idol — I have to finish that thought. [Trouble getting through.]

[Note: This sentence actually was finished, more than two months later. It had to do with how Eric F started to get me acquainted with women and believed it important for him to do so. The proper quote would have mentioned the Jungian synchronicity about the female idol, representing the need to reconnect with the inner feminine.]


Chiromancy is where you can pick up that energy form — the source of any type of being. It’s in yourself, so naturally you will employ it, and so forth.

[Note: This is the first allusion to the discussions of the basic consciousness units (energy forms) of the multidimensional universe; those units which pulsate between tetrahedral forms and spheres, which Joe Mason had just described to me the night before.]


The elliptical path of a conjunction — you’ve got to see it sometime — what you think is reality [will totally change.]

[Note: To a being in the fifth dimension where there is no linear time, planets could be seen in all possible positions at the same time, thus looking like elliptical loops. Surely, pinpointing these coordinates on their side involves looking at a very detailed and beautiful mosaic of elliptical images.]



[Your] country and continuity [is being] shaded by an invisible hand which controls the sound in the lower ear. [It is] the sound of Hades — it massages the temples.

[Note: This sentence packs such a wallop that we will take an aside here to discuss it. Remember that I had absolutely no idea what any of this meant while I was writing it down on paper.

This sentence was backed up by a dream a few days later which described the effect quite vividly. It appears to be concerning the usage of the HAARP project, which has been in the news quite a bit. Clear connections have been made between certain electromagnetic fields and human behavior.

One immediate question that must be asked is, “Why design a technology that would inhibit people’s mental health?” We will discuss that in a moment.

As with the vast majority of material we present here, it is easy to accuse us of being crazy conspiracy theorists. However, given the rampant evidence of an all-out class war going on between the elite and the rest of America in the realm of super-rich government, corporate and military economics, is it not surprising that there would be a very strong interest in keeping the public sedated?

Better they be in their homes, quiet and peaceful, than reading, learning, and organizing. What better way to subvert public mobility and intellect than to use a seemingly benign existing technology for manipulating the Earth’s ionosphere?

It seems too fantastic to believe, yet those in power may be quite paranoid of public uprising. There is actually no need for an uprising, as the Ascension and personal development is what truly matters at this point, nothing else.

According to the Ra Material, which is a very high-level source of channeled information referred to in The Shift of the Ages, a negative extraterrestrial force is cooperating with certain powerful governmental / corporate groups to promote an environment of total self-service, at the expense of others.

Some of the alien abductions and cattle mutilations are a form of this manipulation, which is rooted in the desire to have power over others and cause fear.

By serving yourself only, the philosophy goes, those whom you hurt will learn to serve only themselves as well, and in so doing make “spiritual progress.”

Ra exposes this as a backwards spiritual philosophy being aggressively promulgated by an extraterrestrial group called the Orion entities, who are obviously centered within areas of that constellation.

They also explain that we must see them as part of the Creator and send them unconditional and yet very firm love. We can love them and simultaneously not allow them to enslave us.

The Ra quotes are so in depth and technical that they must by necessity be read slowly and carefully, with much thought. It is not an easy book to try to understand by any means. They are covered well in other articles.

As an example, Ra refers to what we would call a person as a mind / body / spirit complex; a term which is undoubtedly more accurate in hyperdimensional terms. Ra often stretches the confines of our own language structures to create virtual, chained-together ‘words’ for many things that we have no words for.

It is our feeling that this type of precision is necessary to convey material as compressed and accurate as that which Ra gives. Another example of this is that since all is One, the word “distortion” is often used in concert with any word or phrase that illustrates a seemingly isolated aspect of that Oneness; a “distorted” form of a greater wholeness and unity.

A quote from the Ra Material about these entities reads as follows: (p.119) “The [Orion] crusaders move in their chariots (craft) to conquer planetary mind / body / spirit complexes (societies) before they reach the stage of achieving social memory.”

“Q: At what stage does a planet achieve social memory?”

“Ra: I am Ra. A mind / body / spirit social complex becomes a social memory complex when its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking.

The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind then becomes known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex.

The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of seeking, for all understanding / distortions are available to the entities of the society.”


Yes, folks, it is a tongue twister. What Ra says here is that the Ascension is a combination or melding of the minds of the entire planet’s inhabitants into one group consciousness, social memory complex, or as my Dream Voice said above, a conglomerate being.

Each individual entity gains the specific memories of the whole, and a group memory is formed, which acts as one being. These negative entities seek strongly to stop this from happening; this is the same force referred to as the Antichrist in the Revelation to Saint John. [Note: As I looked at this sentence, I saw 7/77 as the line number.]

“Q: Then we have crusaders from Orion coming to this planet for mind control purposes. How do they do this?

Ra: I am Ra. As all, they follow the Law of One observing free will. Contact is made with those who call. Those then upon the planetary sphere act much as you do to disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of their particular understanding of the Law of One which is service to self.

These then become the elite. Through these, the attempt begins to create a condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their free will….

Q: What type of information is passed on from the crusaders to these people (leaders) ?

Ra: I am Ra. The Orion group passes on information concerning the Law of One with the orientation of service to self. The information can become technical just as some in the (positively oriented) Confederation, in attempts to aid this planet in service to others, have provided what you would call technical information.

The technology provided by this group is in the form of various means of control or manipulation of others to serve the self.

Q: Do you mean to say then that some scientists receive technical information, shall we say, telepathically that comes out then as useable gadgetry?

Ra: I am Ra. That is correct…”


Although Ra did not state what the “useable gadgetry” was, they did state that it was in use. Here, we may have discovered the nature of this useable technology.

This is one of many examples of an area that is touched upon in the Ra Material, where much more corroborating information would come out in the years after its production. I refer to the Ra Material as “The Ph.D. of Channeled Books,” and I have invested enormous time and energy into studying and cross-verifying its massive amounts of data.

Our preliminary information linking our government to working with negative beings centered in the constellation Orion is sure to turn off most of our readers right away. That is to be expected.

And then, even if we can imaginatively accept that possibility, one must confront a very large hurdle thereafter… Why? How could anyone think of doing something like this?

Hundreds of rationalizations could be made on behalf of those who are doing this for why it is necessary, but ultimately it originates in fear, fear of what people could do in large numbers if they could see the truth and organize against it.

We must accept that they are simply doing their job in the Creation. By having outside forces amplifying our faults and fears, we are better presented with opportunities to overcome them, and in so doing gain awareness.

And now, back to this first, amazing day of transcription.]


A book called The Greek Mythologies. Tombstone, talking about a 70-mph wind from everyplace. Pause for the government’s actions to be completed.

[Note: This seems to draw a link between possible Earth Changes prophecies and Greek mythology. The “book” could simply be the Akashic Record of the Greek myths, etched forever in space and time.

The Greek myths would indeed come into play later on in these readings that following May, with the issue of “Hephaestus” being the equivalent of the Sumerian “Enki.”

The tombstone clearly indicates death, and a “70-mph wind from everyplace” could well be the winds created by a sudden polar shift of the earth’s rotational axis.

The “completion of the government’s actions” could well be the end of their plans to subvert the population, as social order rapidly disappears. This ties in well with the hints in the previous paragraph suggesting HAARP or other technologies for behavior control.]


Needless to say, the point we’re in is in the middle of Al-Tamin; register, we’ve got to that. The meaning being that, it could be better, for there is sometimes touch and significant contact with the devil.

[There is] a different way of doing it for those without much to say.

[Note: The meaning of “Al-Tamin” has finally come into focus. I was originally told by Kay Stoner in an Email that one of the Mayan ball court games is called “El Tajin,” which essentially pronounces the same.

According to John Major Jenkins in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, these ballgames were designed to teach us about the Galactic Cycle that we are now at the end of, which will lead to Ascension and the start of the “fifth root race.” So, the readings demonstrated this knowledge right from the first day, even though I didn’t understand what they meant until mid-1999.

The next portion that discusses “significant contact with the devil” seems to refer to the indulgence in negative behaviors on behalf of many people in today’s society.

These ballgames were very violent, and here at the end of the cycle we are certainly seeing a lot of this on Earth. The sentence discussing “a different way of doing it for those without much to say” seems to mirror the Biblical phrase, “And the meek shall inherit the earth.”]



I am impressed with that which the vehicle has designed – nature, motivation, motivational programs.

[Note: This apparently relates in part to all the articles that I had been tirelessly writing and posting on Richard Hoagland’s website. Most of them were saved and will be re-posted here on this site.]


With humans and all that, they make a special return.

[Note: This obviously refers to the return of benevolent extraterrestrial forces that I had been writing about on that site.]


She disappears, like the cinder or something; the road to the serpent-rainbow. The longest I’ve ever seen of that is the coverage of evolution. Also a million years which encompasses everything — German, Spanish, etc.

[Note: Mason had said that the serpent indicates knowledge, and thus this first sentence refers to the fading loss of true spiritual knowledge in our population.

The next sentences about evolution are very clear. They validate Thompson and Cremo’s implication in “Forbidden Archeology” that the Darwinian theory is apparently wrong, and that actually fully formed people like your typical German or Spanish have existed here for a million years.

I later found a passage in Robert Monroe’s third book that gave the same dates for the arrival of humans on the planet. The Cayce readings also put the first human societies at one million years in the past, and this again strengthens the notion that it was all coming from the same source.]



Bryn-el-bakum Yaheh Waheh.

[Note: Upon dictation, these syllables were almost indecipherable; the “Yaheh Waheh” part may be a conscious overlay introduced by the Ego mind.

Clearly, my reading was making an attempt to make the same sound as Mason’s pronunciation of “Yahweh” the night before. The first part may be a reference to the baktun, a unit of measurement in the Mayan calendar.]



The Source has always been incredible, for he who likes to do this, likes to do that. The tree (which is the last resort) and the individual (the Source) resorted to tell them many decades ago, and now they’re channeling on earth.

[Note: The first sentence seems to be a hyperdimensional musing on the idea that the Source entity could get as much joy from giving someone the information as it could from incarnating into human form and receiving the information.

The next sentence appears extremely cryptic at first, but actually makes great sense. The Source has had to work with the Earth in making many sacrifices that will get us ready for Ascension in time.

Through such messages as the death of the trees and the environment, we are all being shown that we have to change. The channeling procedure is a natural byproduct of the huge volume of transformative energy now coming in, and is another way for the Source to prepare us.]



[The] Missions / Egyptians [of] Silicon Valley lost fifteen hundred and fifteen feathers. We’re in a coincidence on that.

[Note: Missions / Egyptians again refers clearly to the Masonic order. This obviously indicates that the group has gotten itself involved with the modern computer technology business.

As one of the Masons’ major symbols is the phoenix rising from the ashes, it appears that their desire to get involved in business may have taken strength or “feathers” away from their “rising bird,” by getting bogged down in materialism.

The Cayce Readings indicate that their original intentions were quite good, but things like this can clearly divert them off course. This apparently is amusing to the Dream Voice, and the Pyramidal number symbolism of 1515 seems to indicate the loss of an age of perfect initiation.

Five is the number of initiation, and three is the number of perfection, hence 5×3 equals fifteen, “perfect initiation.” The fact that it is written like a year seems to make it refer to an age. (Further note: The day after writing this, I got a 15:15 on the office terminal.)]

[3/14/09: It wasn’t until years later that I realized 1515 looks like ISIS — and that was obviously part of the intention. The Illuminati businessman types — i.e. Silicon Valley — have lost touch with the Sacred Feminine aspects of the mystery-school traditions they inherited from Egypt, i.e. Isis.] 


One of our women, Theresa, a sibling inoperative – the Christian, psychically.

It was rough — they “nailed this in” (the sin) you know. I think a lot of people jump to their conclusions in silence.

That’s what the trinity is — one of those big red road signs on a dresser map [Image of triangle on a Yield sign.] [The gateway is through the] Pillars of Light [coming from the] Andromeda [galaxy.]

[Note: This ended up being the definitive paragraph of the reading, as five days after this reading, Mother Theresa was rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack. I was amazed to see this coincidence afterwards.

“Jumping to conclusions in silence” seems to clearly refer to people who get tied up in Christian orthodox beliefs without ever going to the Christ within to find out for themselves. The triangle-Yield sign analogy is another reference to the tetrahedral consciousness units underlying all reality.

I would later find an ancient Christian picture in a religious book where a three-faced Jesus was holding a tetrahedron that was in the shape of a Yield sign, with the point facing down. That picture is now in the Barbury Castle chapter of The Shift of the Ages.

The portion about the pillars of light may refer to the fact that outside extraterrestrial forces are giving us aid to get us through this transition, a point made clear in almost all channeled UFO books.]

[3/14/09: Interestingly, insider witness Henry Deacon told me that in the black-ops programs he worked in, they WERE aware that we were being contacted, at times, by beings from the Andromeda galaxy. They would appear as streaks of light in the sky. This is certainly a very interesting correlation!]  



If you read of Santorini and the island of Costa Rica, you will see a range of other things.

That’s the Church patterns; Amilius and other people live a very long time.

Then you get people so cynical, you take them physically to hell.

A lot of other things and other dimensions [are] trying to duplicate their sufferings [so that they may have somewhere to go after Earth evolves.]

[Note: Santorini, as I would later uncover, was an island where an ancient society had flush toilets and running water. Costa Rica is right where part of Atlantis apparently used to be, and there is a legend there of an underground city.

The last part of this quote again seems to reiterate something that I have seen in other literature; that a new place is being constructed for those members of Earth who do not wish to progress into the fourth density at this time.

As far as the mention of Amilius is concerned, this would prove to be a very big clue as to my past incarnation as Edgar Cayce. I was completely stumped about what it might mean for well over a half-year.

I would later discover in complete amazement that the Cayce readings specifically mention Amilius as the first incarnation of Jesus, the original Biblical “Adam.”

Therefore, Amilius has lived longer than any other human being on Earth, because he was the first to enter, have a series of lifetimes and the first to exit, or Ascend, as Christ! And this is indeed the “[Christian] Church pattern!”

The Cayce readings referred to this cycle of lifetimes as the “Christ pattern”, and my readings appear to have substituted the word “Church” for “Christ” in this case. This piece of evidence was part of what allowed me to draw the conclusions that I made when the forces finally revealed the truth.]



Pre-descriptions: the body of Abel was lost and founded by Kachina, the goddess of the sea – the land – you see, it all fits together as the New Jerusalem. The sun will rise, and the moon will set.

[Note: What seems to be at work here is a description of how all the different world mythologies will converge into one common bank of data or a “social memory complex.”

The New Jerusalem is a Biblical reference to the Earth after the entire initiation into the fourth density is completed. The last sentence was a line out of the play that I was in at that time, Cabaret; here, it clearly refers to the rebirth of true knowledge; a new day for human society.]



The devotees of “Sananawanda” are pathetically bonded from high school on to the eclipse-conjunction. The rivers do such a thing in Italy, you know; it relies on the Germans to get it out.

[Note: This first group of syllables came in confusingly, and was most likely indicative of Sananda, the “cosmic” name for Jesus. Since it is a rather perverse form of this name, it could refer to those who follow the grossly distorted forms of modern Westernized Christianity.

Discoveries of the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls have proved that significant changes were made to the Bible, starting as far back as 325 AD.

Therefore, this paragraph is apparently another indication of the spiritual stagnation in the mainstream elements of society prior to the Aug. 11, 1999 solar eclipse and four-way planetary conjunction illustrating the Four Beasts of the Apocalypse.

Anyone who has an idea on the notion of the “rivers” can certainly take a shot at it and Email me. It could have something to do with the Vatican being connected to Germany, and also being “pathetically bonded” to mainstream, distorted Christian orthodoxy.

Since a river is moving water, and water is spirit, it could certainly refer to those who “speak of Spirit.”]



I was born in 1988, 1894, (87), 1994, 1891 — not enough time. 1992 — a bunch of animals — I changed them to school.

[Note: This seems to be in reference to certain specific points in my own life and Edgar Cayce’s in which there were major growth points. Obviously, when I first got this I was quite puzzled, as here we are on the very first day of this channeling process, and they were telling me that I was “born” in the 1800’s!

I wondered for quite a long time afterwards why no further data was given to me regarding this most recent past life. It was obviously quite a shock when the knowledge came through that they were referring to Edgar Cayce.

The “not enough time” phrase might have indicated that in my previous life as Cayce, in the year 1891, I didn’t quite get the message that they were trying to convey.

Cayce would have been 14 years old at the time, and it was at this age that he began sleeping on his textbooks in order to memorize their contents through a psychic process. He did not start doing readings at this time, though, and ended up quitting school, which caused him to feel stupid for the rest of his life.

The number (87) in parentheses was another year that I was trying to get through, but seemed to not be clear enough to be exact, so I put it in parentheses when I wrote it on paper.

I was able to get a strong “eight” and “seven,” but was having trouble honing in on the whole thing. Obviously, if I had had a clearer contact at this point, it would have produced the accurate year of Cayce’s birth, 1877.

1988 was the year that I started to use intoxicants, which seemed to catalyze my spiritual understandings to a definite degree, opening my mind to other realities. This was indeed a form of birth.

The next date, 1992, [A bunch of animals – I changed them to school] was the date when I stopped using, leaving behind my “animal” self. That was clearly another ‘birth.’

It is also interesting that it is nearly 100 years from when Cayce started using his psychic abilities to sleep on his books for school, and that the reading specifically mentions the word “school” immediately thereafter.

That winter of 1992, I had the meteor streak in front of me while I prayed to the sky and said that I knew I was here to help the planet and do great things. Also, I made the best music with Jude that year, and “Garden of the Broken Clock” was the first conscious channeling I ever recorded on tape; I just didn’t know it at the time.

1994 was the year that I met my Japanese girlfriend Yumi, which removed a major energy blockage that I was holding back, and it was also the year when I recommenced writing down my dreams each morning after a long hiatus.

Clearly all of these dates were very, very crucial stages in my development, even though the numbers just blurted out very quickly when the reading was done. More research is necessary into Cayce’s early years to see how these events correspond to those in my own life.

The crucial ages for Cayce would be 14 and 17. Events at these points could be holographically similar to the events in my own that they are being compared to. It is interesting to note that the Cayce Readings would also often go through a person’s lifetime like this, year by year, and highlight the most positive events.]



An iceberg landed on the ocean, with such a suddenness that the oceans exploded. Water rose many feet in the air. The inbreeding took care of that, the weird stuff.

[Note: There seems to be a lot buried in this paragraph. It implies a connection to other data that suggests that the planet was populated at some point in the past with human beings, and a large comet made largely of ice hit the Earth.

The implication here is that the civilization would have died out were it not for the genetic operations of the “Guardians” referred to in the Ra Material, keeping clones of people in order to repopulate the planet, and also apparently blending DNA with other humanoid extraterrestrial races [“inbreeding.”]

This information fits in nicely with the work of Zecharia Sitchin in his decoding of the Sumerian clay tablets, and Sitchin’s name is actually mentioned directly in the reading shortly after.]


In Europe, the stone remains of Monterey; bas-reliefs. Sitchin talks about this — a major clearing made of stone.

[They] didn’t like it back then but they did it anyway; the English chapter from Rome and the high seas — lost many times.

[Note: A bas-relief is a textured picture carved into stone. This group of sentences appears to be about the builders of Stonehenge, (a major clearing made of stone,) and possibly tracing the time back possibly to Atlantis.

“The English Chapter from Rome” could indicate that part of this group that traveled to England to build Stonehenge did come from the geographical area where Rome was.

There is also the sentence referring to those coming from the “High Seas”, a land that was “lost many times,” obviously a reference to Atlantis.

“Monterey” might have been the first name of the city built by those who coordinated this effort; there is a city in Mexico by this name. Stonehenge clearly has direct links to the Mayan culture as well as Egypt, and whoever built it had to have known this.

It is interesting that it says that they “didn’t like it but had to do it anyway.” The work of Gerald Hawkins in “Stonehenge Decoded” indicates that Stonehenge had to be built exactly where it was, in order to perform its function properly as a celestial calculator.

Authors such as Graham Hancock believe that Stonehenge was built in order to determine the Earth’s new position and alignment after a pole shift. The work of Carl Munck shows us that Stonehenge was built in an area that precisely fixed its coordinate points on the Global Grid.

Certainly, the crew of guys who had to trek out there and build “Monterey,” as it may have been named at one time, would have been “roughing it,” but they might very well have had no choice in the matter.

The layers of material found around Stonehenge and used in its conventional dating do not necessarily indicate that this is when it was first built; this could have been the time of a rediscovery instead.

You cannot date stone monuments simply by digging in the dirt around them – this does not mean they were built at this time, and Munck’s work clearly ties them in with Atlantis.

The rediscoverers of Stonehenge might have been those from Rome, and they could have been responsible for the various additions that were discovered in the three “phases” of its development cited in Hawkins’ work, “Stonehenge Decoded.”]



A videotape from 37 years ago when I was your age showed that the children of the Annunaki were the sons of God. A prostitute. Do you see the connection?

[Note: The prostitute in Revelations, according to Joe Mason, represents karma, in the form of the money that is paid to her for the service.

The first sentence seems to link this transmission directly to Joe in some way, by approximating the age difference between Mason and myself. But, clearly there were no videotapes 37 years ago except for the big TV broadcasters.

The term “years” might therefore refer to the Biblical “year of the Lord,” and thus it could really be saying 37,000 years ago, or even 370,000 years ago. The “videotape” could again indicate the Akashic Record.

Modern humans are, according to Sitchin and many other scholars of the Sumerian clay tablets, the direct products of genetic tinkering by an outside extraterrestrial human race known as the Annunaki.

They do not seem to view us as equals, since they feel that they “created” us through their own tinkering.

The meaning of this statement here is that we are not the sub-humans they thought us to be, but children of God with souls in our own right. There is apparently a lot of karma still surrounding this issue.]


I love it when people refer to the [American] Midwestern Atlantis – there are also formations in the desert you should know about, in Chichen Itza.

After I’m done, you should take a walk to them. You can go with your mind, you know? Check it out.

[Note: Right away, we can see that the forces are telling me that I could perform out-of-body travel to go see an ancient site like Chichen Itza in Mexico. When they talk about the Midwestern Atlantis, they are almost definitely referring to America, so that term is placed in brackets here.

They are clearly referring to the notion of the “Mound Builders,” and indeed, there are remains in America that are almost completely ignored by even the most fastidious researchers.

The work of Carl Munck in “The Code 1997” clearly shows many of these American mounds as being connected to a worldwide system of Atlantean-related artifacts.

These artifacts all work off of the notion of the Great Pyramid being at the Prime Meridian. They use a simple symbolic code as a means to precisely encode their coordinates on the Grid, down to the decimal point in latitude and longitude. All of this is covered in my book The Shift of the Ages.]



I must go now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


DAVID WILCOCK: That was the closing phrase of this remarkable first session, which would forever change my life. That closing phrase became a constant in my readings, and is still used to this day as a sign-off phrase for almost every reading that I have done.

I was clearly stunned at what had just happened. I sat up in bed and sleepily read through all the material that I produced, which has been reproduced here in its entirety. There were so many different things to think about that I was quite stunned at all of it.

There was definitely something powerful going on that I could not deny. The reality of the “Dream Voice” thundered into my mind with the power of the ocean-exploding iceberg that the readings had referred to.

After rereading this and absorbing it the second time through, I got a phone call. The atmosphere in the room was pure electric fire, and I knew that it had to be a call in reference to UFOs.

Somehow, the pulsating sound of the telephone ringing just ripped at my heart, and I was absolutely sure that it was going to be very synchronistic. My first thought was that it would be Joe Mason, the researcher I had just been speaking with the night before, saying something like, “Did you just get all that?”

When I actually did pick up the phone, it was a UFO call, just as I expected! It was Greg C, the man who I had met at the Connecticut UFO conference that featured Dr. Brown and Dr. Mandelker, among others. Even more incredibly, this caller was inviting me to a seminar that would be talking about how to do astral projections!

The last line of the reading had just said, “You can go there with your mind, you know? Check it out.”

I was floored about the synchronicity, and told Greg what had happened just fifteen minutes earlier. He was equally amazed and wanted to know all the details. It took me almost a year after this to actually be able to induce OBE’s from the conscious state.

[It is interesting to note that at the time of this writing, 7:36 p.m. on 4/8/99, I heard a loud noise outside the window. It sounded as if several people were traipsing around in the grasses outside.

I wondered who this could possibly be, as for the next three weeks I am still living here in my barn apartment out in the Virginia Beach countryside, though I will be moving soon.

I looked out the window and was quite surprised to see four deer right in plain sight, chewing on grass. In the half year that I have been in this apartment, I have never once seen deer outside the window until just this moment.

This could be due in part to the fact that my window usually didn’t stay open, as it was too cold outside to open it until recently. However, the timing of the appearance of the deer just seems to be yet another example of this elusive “synchronicity” force in action.]



My relationship with the “forces” continued after my landmark initial session. The content of the initial session had many very bizarre elements that hinted at much larger understandings that could be grasped.

Under the surface, I felt compelled to get as much UFO-related information as I possibly could, following in the footsteps of Dr. Brown’s book “Cosmic Voyage.” But the forces themselves had a different idea.

Unlike the process of remote viewing, where the viewer’s data is entirely related to a pre-defined question about a particular subject, my process forced me to allow the entities to say exactly what they wanted to. And right away, they rolled up their sleeves and began to address my deepest issues – my own personal growth.


I had been through a vicious three-month streak of near-total unemployment before accepting a job on November 8th, just two days before the contact started. In hindsight, I felt that it was my final acceptance of a job that allowed this contact to open.

I had overcome a major hurdle in terms of accepting personal responsibility. I was so excited by the new information that I went to work each day with my blue dream notebook in my hands, in order to review the latest material that had come through.

I also was working nights as well, being featured as the drummer for the play “Cabaret,” which was being put on by the local repertory group New York Conservatory for the Arts, or NYCA. All of these different facets of life were working at the same time, and it certainly created stress in my schedule.

The new job was perhaps the earliest that I had ever been forced to wake up, as it was a 45-minute drive and the workday started at 7:45 a.m. The absolute latest that I could get up and make it to work on time was about 6:40 a.m. It was sheer hell.

Almost immediately, a dynamic got started at my job between my female supervisor and myself. She seemed to feel that in order to be a supervisor, she had to remain detached and emotionally flat to her employees. I interpreted this as a challenge to my spiritual counseling abilities, and I was determined that I was going to “crack her shell.”

We ended up having an ongoing personality clash. My readings immediately got down to basics and coached me through this relationship with my supervisor. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of that content for both my supervisor and I, we have largely omitted it.

The readings also ended up encouraging me to go on and get something else, where there would be much less stress. This was combined with a prophecy that actually gave me a very precise indication of the exact time when I would actually end up leaving the job.

Another early consideration in these readings is my trouble with driving. I was not being compassionate on the highway, frequently giving in to bouts of “road rage” and allowing myself to get swept up in the desire to pass everyone and keep up a fast speed.

This was still a leftover residue from my days as a pizza deliveryman, as well as my consistent tendency to be late, and therefore in a hurry. I always wanted to cut everything to the last possible minute.

We have already seen how in 1996, the forces caused a book to fall out of my bookshelf at the exact clock time that I had to get up, as a very forceful way to say, “GET OUT OF BED!”

My driving was certainly a big problem, a problem that existed the year before. My 180-degree spin in 1995, crashing my car, had all the hallmarks of the forces having created the accident. The 1:11 that had appeared on the clock was just too obvious for me not to notice its symbolism.

And now, a year later and despite repeated dreams that urged me to be more compassionate, I still had the same problem. So, as we study the early transcripts, we can indeed see that the forces were warning me of serious consequences if I did not change the way that I drove on the highways.

I did not heed the warnings, and ultimately ended up having a traffic accident. Again, we cannot say much about the accident itself due to confidentiality reasons, except to say that it turned out to be on a very small scale, causing nothing more than a dime-sized dent in the bumper of the person in front of me.

That did not stop this person from attempting to file an enormous insurance claim, however. We will see that the most remarkable thing about all of this was that this accident was predicted down to the day, hour and minute by my readings before it had ever happened!

Now, we will re-enter the transcripts to see how all of these things we have mentioned began to unfold as time went on.


11 / 12 / 96 — 5:55 a.m.

A plugged-in discussion with your family and friends for you. You were lonely at age five. The little bits and pieces (of your soul) come together, and I mean that quite literally.

Mental telepathy itself is your problem. We always have to do something useful with it; it is basically a stepping-stone. You are trying to reach the outer limits.

Omakur was hospitalized – Kissinger.

D: [Meditates deeper.]

Hello, David. Plan B. It’s been a very long time. We’ve built and destroyed civilizations. As the process goes around, there are Ascensions, and a new cycle begins.

Sometimes you will be receiving a spectrum of anecdotes instead of the real thing. Speaking of the tones inside of your body, they’re in there, but you can’t quite know them yet. It takes thought and discipline.


D: [Looks at clock, and is running late.]

We will not do anything to put you at risk. Go wash up.


D: [Still amazed to be getting the information, did not want to stop.]

We will not influence the distance of the human body — it must be done from within.

I was talking to another guy at a staff meeting the other day and I said the same thing.

So, you’ve got to listen to the new schedule, try on different parts. See what you like; you’ll be pleased. Irrigation they didn’t even know about in the year 3,020 BC.


Saturday 11 / 16 / 96 — ~8:00 a.m.

[This is a] rehearsal [for our] interaction [in] Williamsburg. The same things — they look alike; a collection of money challenges.

[Note: Those first three words again suggested my connection to Cayce and my eventual move to Virginia Beach; Williamsburg is relatively close to the Virginia Beach area. For some reason, I had a mental block on Williamsburg at the time, not knowing where it was and never trying to figure out until much later.

When the reading says, “the same things look alike, a collection of money challenges,” they seem to be drawing a connection between Edgar’s life and my own. Both of us did indeed have tremendous financial struggles.]


I’ve started to learn more about this stuff. It’s amazing. You can find anything on the subject.

Ra and mummification — disposable diapers. We don’t want to intrude. It would save you too much of the trouble.

[Note: Remarkably, this first sentence appears to be a statement from the same “I” that produced the Cayce Readings. Cayce’s source often said that it was accessing the Akashic Records.

Thus, the statement “I’ve started to learn more… you can find anything on the subject” certainly seems to indicate that this “I” has expanded its abilities. Then, a direct reference is made to Ra, obviously discussing my incarnation as Ra-Ta.

The metaphor of “disposable diapers” could be a reference to the fact that I was still nothing more than a baby in this new channeling process — and also a reference to mummy wrappings.

Then, when they say that they do not want to intrude, it certainly implies that it would still be some time before they actually told me the truth about my past lives. They made sure to provide just enough clues that I could piece it all together in hindsight.]



This information stream relies upon all of this stuff that is “nonexistent” — through your quartz crystals. To broadcast a frequency requires your consideration.

[Note: In the early days, it was very important for me to use my clear quartz crystals over the back of the neck in order to keep the channel open.]


Who do you think we are? Space aliens? Wrong. That’s the one thing about our service is that we need to help.

[Note: This early phrase is what convinced me at first that I was not in contact with extraterrestrials, but a part of my own self. Later on, they corrected my mistake.

In the earliest sessions, it was important for me to see them without any preconceptions — to judge the contact based solely on the information that I was receiving instead of my previous expectations.]


D: Why have I been getting stomach pains?

Don’t you see? You’re having trouble trying to stomach things right now! A half-witted request will not be honored, I don’t think.

Think of your skin as a colonic. What can we do if you eat butter?

[Note: Here we can see the forces already starting to lay in on me about the need for me to clean up my diet. Cayce was consistently, eternally chided by his readings for his poor dietetic habits.

This time, I had indeed been eating poorly, and I knew it. The readings were not about to candy-coat their responses, and my diet would turn out to be an ongoing project on their part.]



Everybody is in the Spring of 1997. Especially [in] December. That’s why they are mixed. They don’t fit.

[Note: This turned out to be a fantastic prophecy, giving a precise timeline for the amazing degrees of change that I would experience in this contact.

Spring of 1997 was when the Level Four trances truly came into full effect, and December of 1997 was when I was positioned in Virginia Beach and fully informed about who I had been in a past life.

Therefore, this phrase seems to indicate that more of their energy was going to those time periods than it was to the present moment.

This might have been affecting the depth and quality of my trance, as they were sending more energy to those portions than to my own current time.]


Please don’t forget the crystal — it is the technology of your own family. We will also be there on Sunday, the day of rest. (You will thank us then.)


Tues. 11 / 19 / 96 — ~6:00 a.m.

I do say, the Self is in here. Descriptions are inaccurate. Conjunct Saturn and Mars — [there is] a lot of movement [in your astrology right now.] Saturn is around you tonight. It gives you goosebumps.

D: What can I do now to clear up my karma?

Just listen to the story of Sasha. You can stay up all night, or use your greeting cards. Use the greeting cards, clean out your room and all will be written out in the second act.

[Note: Sasha was a housemate of my friend Chris who had a compulsive problem of staying up all night. And indeed, my problems with driving could be traced back to the fact that I was never getting enough sleep.

The “greeting cards” were a metaphor for my greeting of these forces in the dream plane, through “cleaning out the room” of my mind.]


D: [Meditates deeper on the third eye.]

Thank you for opening the window.

[David meditates deeper.]

Slowing down the matrix.

This symbolism is for your own good. The only way you’re going to get used to it is by putting the effort in.

Where you work, you need to put a lot of effort in. Move as quick as you can through [this job.] Centering around Christmas and the New Year, you’ll be ready for a change.

[Note: I would discover that my supervisor was due to return from her two-week vacation the day before New Year’s, and this is when everything fell apart between the two of us, leading to my leaving the job. So this was precisely accurate.]


You’d better go. You’re missing a set of stairs in the bathroom. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love, my friend.

The Ra group will have sightings here in the summer. Until then, don’t worry about it. Just get some sleep.

[Note: I would not formally acknowledge Ra’s presence in my readings until January of 1999, even though they made an appearance much earlier than that.]


Wed. 11 / 20 / 96 — 5:55 a.m.

[Note: The next sentence responds to the first major disagreement that happened between my supervisor and I. Although it was a minor incident, I was repeatedly chastised by her, and I ended up apologizing profusely thereafter.]

Are you finished yet? Saying you’re sorry. The husband and wife had a little fighting incident on their hands. I don’t know what they were doing. It comes and goes. As long as you’re in show business, the show must go on, helping me without smoking a cigarette.

More importantly, people have a habit. Important things need to be done with them. You’ll work on it and get it done. Drive carefully. Don’t do anything overboard.

[Note: This could be construed as the first major warning about my negative driving habits at the time.]


Pull up as much money as you can; it’s more of a community lesson than anything else. When is your birthday? Afterward, we’ll go, right?

[Note: It is highly possible that the “birthday” they are referring to here is Ascension.]


D: Is [Dr. Brown’s] remote viewing done on the Hale-Bopp Companion accurate?

It was nice. The prophecy is being renewed. If you need assist, come to me; you’re in a virtual reality field. That was the point this year.

Be still in your resolve to watch out for any trouble. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Fri. 11 / 22 / 96 — 6:20 a.m.

You need to let us know. If [your job] is growing up around you, you need to stop it. What’s wrong with it? You need to explain that to the one in charge.


D: Should I continue not masturbating?

There’s training where you’ve gotta do that, too.

If you look at the other page, you’ll see a shadow burning with light. Time to pull out the plug and decide what you’re going to do now.

D: The karma for me masturbating last night was pretty blatant. Was what I did OK?

[Note: I narrowly avoided getting caught by my housemate that night, when I came home and quickly went up into my loft to use my computer. It was very embarrassing, even though I didn’t get caught.]


The lesson stands fast.


D: I want to be clear on whether it is best for me to stay here or move to Virginia.

[Note: The idea to move had already been placed in my mind for some time, since I was concerned about Earth Changes and knew that the Cayce Readings had said that Virginia Beach was a “safety land.”]


Like I said, the future is wide open. I’m merely suggesting that some intense manifestations will come to power right where you are. There is no real right or wrong answer.


D: Can you give me any general UFO information at this time?

Absolutely not! The purpose here is not to keep yourself around — it is to move you on.

A diamond in your pocket — seems so unnecessary. Yeah, right.

[Note: This was encouraging me to continue in my practice of keeping my quartz crystal in my pants pocket at all times.]


We put A to Z in, and before long, we have a weblink to the cosmos. Feel the chorus sing in you — in me, and know that all is well that ends well.

The Church tradition of symbolism will be renewed.


Friday 11 / 22 / 96 — 10:10 a.m.

[Note: This proved to be the only time that I would ever bring anything in during work. This happened during my 15-minute morning break.]

Believe it when I tell you that the end is coming — the end of organized materialism.

You’ve got to listen to your own inner voice — nothing else will do. The voice of your ego will destroy you.

These things are to be discussed, not repeated.

The things you think of will come from higher and higher places. To facilitate this transition demands concentration and respect, an easier job than one might imagine.

Be fruitful in your life and do not fall prey to the forces that conspire within you to bring you down.

Know that salvation awaits. Be friendly unto thyself, and know that you are one with God.


Saturday 11 / 23 / 96 — 6:10 a.m.

At this juncture, crucial information is being given to you; the monetary involvement is high. The system we employ works with the moon, so pay attention to the moon, if possible.

[Note: I did discover that my readings worked best during the Full Moon.]


D: Are we ready to start discussing my book?

We will get around to it. A staff person is going to sit down with you.

No more bullshit channeling! You have to tone your voice.

Evidently you know where your passport is, so use it! It’s not that hard, I just want you to understand what the process is.

[Note: Here they are referring to many of the nonsense sentence bits that I was receiving, almost all of which I have now omitted from this collection to make it readable.]


I have a dream for you. Lie back and relax and we’ll bring it in.

[Note: I did have a dream, and in the dream I was being taught to set up a two-way speaking contact with Jesus.

There was also the metaphor of playing music on a stage and elements of the Chuck E. Cheese fast food restaurant.

The idea of stages and music would be an incessantly recurring dream and reading theme, expressing how I needed to get this “music” of my readings out to the world.]


(David wakes up, reading continues)

What you are being shown is that you have a sandwich in the fridge that is going to be cut down into slices.

[Note: This was clearly about the “bread of life” referenced in the Bible, and that the fruits of my contact would ultimately be shared with other people.

It also is a dim suggestion that I might have been in contact with Christ Himself, as he said, “I am that bread which has descended from Heaven…”]


There are stressed-out people and they want attention.

Good — you ARE listening to me!

Listen to immediacy. When we bump into each other, I will spend just enough time to ask you a few questions.

Soon we will sit down and begin to redirect your thoughts. What I don’t get is why you are so against the idea.

It isn’t part of the test for you to ignite the Source in flames. It’s been so long since we’ve been interrupted that off the top of my head I can think of no reason for your reluctance.

Branch out your control to all aspects of your life. Be aware that your trouble has not completely ended; the cards have shown you.

[Note: The length of time they are referring to since they were “interrupted” seems to be a reference to the death of Edgar Cayce, and the time that it took them to get me involved with a similar process.

When I first read it, I did not understand the meaning. The last sentence refers to the fact that I had been doing Tarot card readings that showed me that more suffering was still ahead for me in the future.]



D: Tell me of my true home and from where I came.

Ah, the woodward. [Image of a beautiful forest.]

Ah, beautiful, a place of light and of forever. A place you will be returning to so quickly.

Just go through the steps to get there. It sounds easy, and it is you who makes it difficult.

We are losing ground. Try sleeping again.


D: [Meditates to restore the connection, and then asks:] What about [Dr. Brown’s] remote viewings of the Greys? Are they actually working for good, or what?

You will recall our friend talking about the Pleiades.

[Note: Here, they are referring to a book by Patricia Pereira that I was reading called Songs of the Arcturians, which made reference to the Pleiadians as being a positive extraterrestrial race.]


Lots of energy is coming in, and it is neither good nor bad. These concepts of duality are part of the prison of third-density existence.

[The Greys] have been moving around for quite a while. We’re not talking about that. I’m going to get there soon enough.

There are more pressing matters; we must focus on the urgent situation now before you.

God knows how long it has taken us to decide when to do this with you.

And another thing, you really ought to wear more blue; it suits you quite well.


D: I want to learn the art of astral travel.

Patience! Do you not think that we already have this planned for you? Listen to the voice in the summer.

You might want to visit the Monroe Institute. It’s not an impossible drive, it just looks like it is. It is just tiring.

Also, make sure you keep that head of yours together. There is a resiliency that makes it hard for us to work with you.

Please don’t masturbate or scratch your [acne pimples] for a while. We have no defense against these, and we are working very hard.

Someday, this will be your job, too. You must take lessons.


D: Is my own personal growth more important than writing this book [Convergence]?

If you know the answer to your own question, then why do you ask? You need to stop running and learn to stay in one place. I told you it would be this way, so here we go.

Thank you for obliging to consent to this contact. You are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.


Sun. 11 / 24 / 96 — 7:00 a.m.

Your family: that would be a good idea. A nice thing to look at. It is in my cards for the New Year.

I’ve orchestrated the next 10 years starting from now. We’ve discussed it, and you know this is true.

[Note: The New Year could actually refer to 1998, since it would be right before this time that I would learn that I was the inheritor of the Cayce legacy. This must be the family that they were telling me that I was a part of.

Their statement about the “next ten years” does not necessarily mean that I will be on the third-dimensional earth for that full period of time. Look at the next set of sentences, for example.]


D: [Tunes in deeper and the whole ambience changes.]

How are we today? Good to see you again!

In the year 2000, your parents can go home with you if you wish. You need to decide ahead of time, before you get to that point.

[Note: This was my first solid clue about the imminency of Ascension, and it counteracted the statement immediately above about the ten years, which might have made me think that there would be no Ascension for me until sometime in 2006.]

[3/25/09: At the time I was heavily intrigued by the idea of it happening a lot faster than I thought. Conscious biases can always influence channeling and in this case my own expectations were reading into the data.]


We have good news for you. It is much easier to love than to hate.

As concerns astral travel, be aware that others will be waiting for you, and you should not walk into it blindly.

You’ve already had [our] Quality Assurance [department] saying that you were messed up. Just be patient and still, knowing that you were born into the ’70’s and lived throughout the ’90’s.

Someone wrote me a “letter” saying that you were the most vicious man alive. We disagree with this, but driving badly and staring at women in lust will not elicit favorable responses. Go to sleep now and rest.

[Note: Obviously, this was another heavy warning for me about driving. Someone in “their” entourage had accused me of being vicious. That definitely hurt my feelings when I first read it, but it still wasn’t enough to stop me from what I was doing on the road.]


Thurs. 11 / 28 / 96 — 6:20 a.m.

They had no idea that it could be beautiful. Bring your coat over here.

It was to benefit my father; in finding the opinions of the lady, I found out that it didn’t matter.

[Note: We have included this quote here, as later on in my readings it would be better explained.

The quote was essentially telling me about my past life with Yumi, and how marriages were arranged — in this case to benefit the father of the man getting married. The opinion of the woman did not matter in these marriages.

So, those in the Japanese period being referred to “had no idea that [marriage] could be beautiful.”]


Saturday 11 / 30 / 96 – 8:45 a.m.

D: [Prolongs a necessary trip to the bathroom.]

How about those dark circles under your eyes?

[Note: This is clearly showing me the root of the pigment under my eyes; a problem with the kidneys and eliminations.]


You’re probably one of very few people in the club who can understand the Ra Material. You’re fat enough in the mouth; now you need to wash it down.

[Note: This seems to be telling me that I had studied enough information such as the Ra Material, and now I needed to begin writing about it.]


[Since you are] up against the wall, now you’re looking for it.

It reminds me of when we would touch base before. You went on a diet.

Establish your horizons and ask yourself a question: “Do I like to sit in school?” You can pick an answer.

If no, start to study. Take notes. There is no need for a planned sacrifice.

[Note: This actually refers to my repetitive dreaming metaphor of having to go back to high school, which signified my suffering with jobs in the working world.

By saying this statement, they are telling me that as soon as I began taking and studying these readings seriously, I could change my whole life around and become a professional counselor. They knew that this would end the phase of my life that they have metaphorically connected to my experiences with high school.

It would take an agonizingly long time for me to actually do this, and they would actually threaten me with shutting down the whole contact in order to get me to do it in Virginia Beach.]


Don’t be a slave; slaves do the work of many for the pay of few. It’s easy to latch on to that feeling of powerlessness.

D: What should I be doing about my diet?

Hop in for pizza. What you eat is you, you know. So is angioplasty.

[Note: Another clear, albeit sarcastic message about my dietetic habits at the time, telling me what not to eat. I did listen to everything I was told and follow it as much as I could.]


Through December 31st, you will have everyone watching you. Please try to maintain as pure an orientation as possible. You wanted us to be married, not an annulment.

[Note: This was yet another warning that could be connected to my driving, showing me that I was under some sort of period of examination.

The idea of this examination did run through my head quite consistently, but I still didn’t change my habits on the road when it was time for that early-morning crunch.

I had no idea what they could really do, or that they would actually predict it in advance.]


Clinton dared to step the bounds again. If you talked to him you’d see, [in his decision to] drop welfare. Go and get those physical things done that you need.