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Amazing FREE 2-Hour Video: 2012 -- Return to Camelot!

Tuesday 9 / 22 / 09

See David's complete presentation from this weekend's Project Camelot: Awake and Aware conference! Truly an inspirational journey you will enjoy for many years to come!


Humanity is undergoing a massive evolutionary shift, triggered by galactic energy forces. This is not channeling, Mayan prophecy or religious superstition. It is a scientific fact -- and you can now see many of the arguments we've made on this website realized into a new two-hour video form!

It's a static camera angle at this point, but another shoot was made that had three cameras. We intend to post-produce that version, similar to 2012 Enigma, and get that online. In the meantime you can get by with what we have here. The video quality is low-resolution but the information is absolutely mind-blowing.

It's two and a half hours, about as long as our Wanderer Awakening mega-album where I'm the lead singer -- but you won't even notice the time going by. I highly recommend not starting this unless you can watch it from start to finish in one pass, as otherwise it will be very difficult to tear yourself away from the computer. [Update 10/12/09: Project Camelot has now released a newer, better-quality version, and that is what you see below]:



The first 18 minutes or so have commercials popping up regularly at the bottom, but it stops after that, so hang in there and be patient. If you leave your pointer directly over the X, you can just click 'em out as they come up.

Again, this is just to warm you up for a slicker version of the same footage that we will release. I would even recommend a new ordering of the videos for those who haven't ever seen any of this before... watch Return to Camelot first, and then 2012 Enigma afterwards. Otherwise you won't get the full impact of what is being said.

Return to Camelot contains much more of the information that defeats the most common criticisms skeptics make when they watch 2012 Enigma without doing the follow-up work of coming here to Divine Cosmos and reading our articles.

Also, our previous David's Blog entry, Them Pesky Time-Travelin' Dinosaurs, contains even more new data about the 'time field' and three-dimensional 'time/space' that did not make it into 2012 Enigma nor into Return to Camelot, but is very complementary to both videos. I would recommend reading that blog directly after watching Return to Camelot if you haven't already done so.



Bear in mind Return to Camelot is only an abbreviated, Cliff-Note version of some of the groundbreaking material I cover at our weekend intensives. October 23rd to 25th in London is filling up fast, and there's only 180 seats, so please don't wait if you want to see us there as we will definitely have to turn people away at the door if there is an overflow due to the fire codes.

People are asking us how much longer they have to lock in London. The answer is that we really don't know, but it could be all over in less than two weeks at the rate things are going. It will be well worth it and though we're not sure about 'Henry Deacon' at this point, we will definitely have some interesting folks in the audience.

There's 800-percent more lecture material in those weekend intensives than we did here, including live music, our new dream-sharing circle that teaches you how to understand messages from your Higher Self, and a whole wealth of data that takes where this video begins and blows it into a much deeper level. There's nothing else like it, if you haven't already figured that out by now!

We also have a fantastic Hawaii event coming up, as I just said in Saturday's blog. You can join a smaller, more intimate group with me on November 14-18 at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa in Kona, on the big island. Read more about it on this Facebook post.

We're going to be swimming together with the dolphins, hiking the side of a hopefully-dormant volcano and really bonding with each other as a group. I will always have fond memories of each of these sacred journeys we do, and I enjoyed our previous trip to the Canadian Rockies the most so far. This will definitely be at that same level! The cost is a lot lower than you might think, because we do not price-gouge on these events.

My organizer Kevin Fitzgerald is available at 805-587-7734 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to speak with him directly about it! We do need more of you to jump in and commit to registration in order to insure that we can pay the deposit and make this event a reality. Based on how much interest we're starting to get, I don't imagine we'll have a problem, but it is worth saying nonetheless.

We will do more weekend intensives and sacred tours next year, but right now London and Hawaii are our only available events. Your attendance of these events has become the primary way in which we can stay online and continue doing what we're doing, so we are very grateful.


The Science of Peace


Your product orders of Science of Peace and Wanderer Awakening are also mission-critical in keeping us afloat, and these are far more than donations -- the value you get out of either of them, both musically and spiritually, is well worth the expense.

Science of Peace covers all the consciousness science I allude to in the beginning of the video, but do not go into greater detail about -- regarding how our minds are interconnected in an energy field.

Wanderer Awakening is a full realization of the Law of One spiritual message into a massive 50-song "metaphysical musical" whose quality consistently has been blasting even the highest expectations out of the water when people actually hear the whole work start to finish, as it was intended.


Wanderer Awakening CD Cover


Participating in our discussion forum is completely free, and an excellent way to take the energy you pour into your private letters, which we almost never have time to respond to given their incredible volume, and be a part of social networking with others who are directly in tune with our work.

And for those who have complained that we have not been sharing the material from any of these conferences, you now can enjoy 2012: Return to Camelot again and again and again... and the next video release of this footage will look even better!

We are still working on 2012 Event Horizon as well -- truly a television broadcast-level shoot of our recent event at Pala, California -- and that footage is shot at a much higher resolution and quality level than any of our other events ever have been. Lots more is on the way!

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WA is fanfrickintastic!

Comments (122)   

#122 debra denice lange 2017-01-02 08:26
Happy New Year David!!! I think 2017 is going to be the best of the many , many grand times to come and I want to thank you and Corey for the enlightenment I have gained and for the continuous wisdom your awesome dedication to truth and relentless sharing of such for the masses to see, hear and feel in order to heal us and the earth with light and love eternal. I can not thank you or praise you enough David. Bless you forever more!!!! Never stop this grand endevore and highest spiritual path. So be it, Denice Lange in light and love eternal.
#121 Woody 2015-10-25 23:01
I heard David say that he posted some videos here that were showing spheres near the sun and actually colliding with it as well. Does anyone know where those videos are?
#120 Connor Reid McCary 2013-11-16 00:54
Hello David, hope you are well,I am an initiate of a mystical school,Arica- A quatemoc (Bolivian) word meaning the opened door. Do you have information of this school or our scholarch, Oscar Ichazo? Everything I've heard from your videos, coast to coast interviews and website dovetails seamlessly with what I experiancethrou gh the school but your information is farther reaching than the layer of the onion (truth revealed piece by piece as the consciousness is girded to receive it) that I have attained.You have inspired me to resume my spiritual practice, which I had fallen away from (Addictions and the drama they inspsire being the reason-lamentin g fate and humanity's demise) I have hope born anew thanks for that, I recall my purpose.
#119 Lynnette 2012-05-29 06:52
I want to thank you for all you do. I have enjoyed the videos and the truth! I am grateful. Namaste!
#118 maryline 2012-05-06 11:10
tetrahedron, this energie i find on a plasmaboard

and this one show us how we human being exange electrons,

tell me if this is a good example to show our energie, and energie of material thinks. every thinks is alive
#117 maryline 2012-05-06 09:32
hy Dave, energies line existe and they run like DNA. I did the experience on myself when i was making my orgone. When we put the copper poles in the crush metal and tried to put those poles straight and paralleles, they refuse, it was a force there making ours poles turning like DNA in the same direction of the nail of the watch. We had to force a lot to fix them parallely. maby we had to live it go the way of nature put them going? I saw a video of somebody getting the same effect and did live it like that. Maby it s more effective
#116 maryline 2012-05-06 08:32
hy David, i love to liten at you.
#115 Karen 2012-01-29 16:15
David, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the free 'Camelot' video lecture. Having studied, science, art and human behaviors and developement, I appreciate the congurency and wholeness of combining and observing all the disciplines for understanding our life as beings which inhabit the earth.

I am a healer and have landed on some of the 'ahas' of which you spoke of today. I respect the 'law of attraction' and see that love, light and happiness are the best energy emotions which we can have to stay in the flow of this amazing cosmic energy of which you spoke. I am thankful for you and all that you are doing for humanity at this beautiful home on earth. I gathered personal confidence from your lecture and plan to put into action my renewed feelings of awareness and unification with source consciousness.

I hope I can share this with the group 'Occupy' as I feel they might have already accomplished their goal. I see how personal love can be empowering creating a more expedient form of peaceful resolutions. Thank You and Bless You.
#114 Robert 2011-12-19 05:40
this is really crazy, i have watched this like 3 times
#113 Barry Delmonico 2011-08-27 07:45
Dude, to speak for about 2 hrs w/o notes or teleprompter or aid on any subject is pretty dam good. But to speak on an esoteric subject is like wow! The concepts you put out there are kinda complex yet the way you explain it, the evidence you present to support the concept, and the way you present it - it all makes perfect sense. Thank you

PS in all this doom and gloom that is being thrown at us of late it is good, really good, to listen to such a positive person. Thanks Again!
#112 Dan 2011-08-23 11:14
Well,. I heard you on coast to coast last night,.. I've spent 5 hours listening to you today,. learning,. amazed at what I was hearing,. and agreeing with you.

I was going to buy your book. Then I hear you slamming the right,. Fox News,. and kissing up to this useless president Obama.

When in REALITY,. the things that YOU speak of are some of the SAME things the right leaning 'conspiracy sites' (as you call them) talk about. But you had to bring your leftest comments into it. Oh well,. you lost me. :sad:

[Moderator: David's book is not political, and although he was supportive of Obama in the past, he has publicly stated recently that things have gone way off track and he is very disappointed.]
#111 Jeminiii 2011-08-07 04:46
Love it- absolutely LOVE it. David, you do such magnificent work and it's SO right on...! Thank you so much for all your great stuff. :-)
#110 mike skelton 2011-06-18 17:42
Dear David,

first I would like to thank you for being who you are and sharing the knowledge that you know,
you have been a massive inspiration to the future of my life.

I too was one of the people you talk about that has been through depression and made it out the other side with an open mind.

I live in England, Portsmouth, and let me tell you, this is a very depressing and angry country, and there is a lot of naive people that seem to be controlled by TV and the media, but not me, I have been freed, and I have you to thank for that, by listening to what you say I have an open mind about everything now and I can see things so much clearer.

So thank you David and keep doing what you're doing because it's great:-)
#109 asantos 2011-05-15 16:31
wow you blew my mind this is great stuff and i hope your right. your a great man id love to sit down with you smoke a spliff and listen for hours. great stuff man!!!

[Moderator: David has 18 years sobriety... but thank you for the kind words!]
#108 David A. R. #60 2011-05-07 04:05
David you are a great person and all the research you have done is amazing. you have opened my eyes to a new reality and i thank you very much for that. I am only 18 years old and i wish i had you as a teacher so i can have help accessing my higher self and hopefully become an ascended being.

You are a true blessing David and am looking forward to meeting you in person someday.
#107 jan 2011-04-23 11:54
you rock!!!!!!!!!!!
#106 Alison Fifield 2011-04-20 04:54
Absolutely fantastic. I'm so inspired, I got quite confused and anxious about all the conspiracy info a while back. People like yourself, Gregg Braden and others have helped me to get things into perspective - I am very grateful & also excited to share this with whoever I feel may be receptive to it.

With much love to you and best wishes with your great work. Ali.
#105 Daniel... 2011-04-12 06:13
Excelente video. Les recomiendo el siguiente blog, es la mejor información que existe en el internet sobre illuminatis, nuevo orden mundial, matrix y el 2012:
h t t p : / / tierramatrixhol ografica.wordpr ­­­­­­ess . c o m /

[Moderator: We don't usually post people's blog's but since there may be less available about this stuff in other languages by native speakers (vs translated from English) we are putting it up.]
#104 matthew kimball 2011-01-15 03:47
This is wonderful David! I highly recommend the Cosmic Doctrine by dion fortune along with "" which is an astounding channeled piece.

David there are many of us in Texas that are supporting all the studies and research that you do!

love, light, and infinite intelligence
#103 anthony forzano 2010-12-28 23:31
if we realize that we all are capable of opening up the heart chakra-that would solve many of our problems.

what came to me in a waking dream is that planet X is going to visit us--

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