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11/24/00: Prophecy: 2000 Election Crisis Predicted in 1999


By David Wilcock



Major, documented psychic “hit? ” You decide.

“The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked. The interim period decides the next victor. ”

- Wilcock Readings, June 23, 1999


If Gore is indeed “completely naked ” in this showdown, due to issues such as blocking the military overseas ballots, then the reading indicates that he won‘t win the election crisis - which the reading suggests is “partly his own authorship. ”


Documented Prediction of Election Chaos?

This article was originally posted here on June 23, 1999. Now, in context, it is shockingly prophetic and apparently “time-stamped ” to our own present moment - and events this big can certainly be seen ahead of time in the collective consciousness, especially “planned ” events.

By an intuitive flash, we were spontaneously led to look up the word “Gondharva ” on www.alltheweb.com - and of course, ours was the only article with that word, found in two places - here and on Greatdreams.

[3/20/09: The real word is "Somvarta", not "Gondharva," and I did change it in the original document.] 

The key sentence is: “The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked. The interim period decides the next victor. ”

So then we must ask: if this election chaos is “partly (Gore‘s) own authorship, ” then how is he completely naked?

Many forms of fraud related to Gore are surfacing now. And the last sentence couldn‘t be more dead-on accurate: we are still in that “interim period ” now! Although the context of the original article seemed to give it a different meaning, now it makes more sense...

[12/13: As of this morning Gore has conceded the election. It appears that the “nakedness ” that the reading was referring to was the lack of support he would receive in the Supreme Court.]

[3/20/09: With the benefit of hindsight, the 'nakedness' had more to do with the complete rigging of the election by the Neocons, including the Diebold touch-voting machines and a wide variety of other 'dirty tricks.']


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