Sunday 6 / 18 / 00 — 7:55 a.m.

D: At some point in this dream, my father was featured. There was a very complex amount of stuff going on. My brother might have also been involved in some capacity.

There was something that we were striving and reaching for. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but we had to keep working and working on it.

Let me dictate the most significant part, which just happened at the end. It does seem as though it was holographically related to other parts of the dream as well. It was on the grounds between the elementary and the junior high school. There was a younger scientific-minded kid involved.

I just cued on the words, “Internet Pornography Websites.”

These words should help you to understand what we are admitting here. That is important.

D: I understand now. That is exactly what this dream is focusing on.

[Note: In other words, as we read the reading itself we will see that here I was going through old issues regarding pornography, which is so saturated throughout our culture and society, especially with young men. Once the scars have been in place it takes years of dreamwork and healing to fully overcome them.]

D: Anyway…


Nevertheless, his issue was to stem from the machine of conscious opportunities, wherein the complete package and program has always been available to the seeker at no additional cost.

While the circumstances and the environment do warrant some degree of change, in the Beach or otherwise, we do then obviously see the way in which we have come full circle by allowing ourselves to resonate fully in harmony with the One Infinite Creator as such.

Therefore, though the plane is fixed, the ride beckons out the inconsistencies so that more and more of the self may be apprehended and thereby understood.

[9/4: In other words, even though it is known that I am heading towards the path of Ascension, as we move closer and closer to that moment, I am learning more and more about how to cleanse and heal myself on all levels.]


So when you appear to be going to the gallows pole morning after morning, understand that what we are doing is predicting not your downfall, but the downfall of those portions of the self that would adhere to negatively minded, separation consciousness.

[3/19/09: “Going to the gallows pole morning after morning” became an increasingly accurate description of what my relationship was like as time went on.]  


Exactly what we were doing is to revive the critical stages of the infancy when many of these distortions first took place by taking a candid look or photograph or snapshot at your environment, and your peers and the like. At that time, we can indeed come up with the most astonishing probes regarding your true existence.

The colors that come and colors that go are okay. Our purpose here, again, is to beckon forth one’s inconsistencies so that they may be cleansed and healed.

You have all that you need in the present moment to see these inconsistencies in stark relief, with the contrast that makes it clear exactly what you are doing.

Do not distrust the shovel when it is digging for those hidden aspects of personality yet unhealed, and never think that we are judging you in this process. The secret is for you to stop judging yourself, and to learn to open up and expand the amount of acceptance that you can feel toward others in the same situation.

That point should not be undermined, either. When we have all the components of the game in play, there can be no sidestepping of the main issue, which is wholehearted trust.

We like your average scores in the baseball game of Spirit, as you have considered the other available opportunities and have come to a consensus viewpoint about what they mean. To tap the shoulders of another and gain their attention is to use your psychic awareness as would many others like it to have been seen.

And therefore, do not resist all the forces that conspire from within to bring you down. Simply bless them for what they represent and what they offer, and then go on about your business. It is for this very reason that we thank you, and we appreciate your existence with us at this time. Without your efforts, we would be (seriously compromised)…

[tape ends]

[9/4: Of course, the ending of this tape is VERY synchronously timed with the reading!]

D: I really liked the way that the last tape ended. It cut off in a sentence at a time that seemed to be so apropos. I remember that the original sentence had ended “Seriously compromised,” but what really happened on the tape was a lot more dramatic.

In this dream I was on the school grounds, and I seemed to be going through a rather complex set of procedures and leading others through it as well who were younger than me.

Towards the end as I was going towards the junior high school, it seemed like it was Star Trek, and I was leading myself and whoever was with me into an area that was all Klingons.

As we went into that area, we were on our hands and knees, and there was some feces that got on our hands — just like in the movie “Being John Malkovich” which we watched last night. I was hoping that I wouldn’t be fragmented by that movie.

[3/19/09: The part I did not say here is that my mother and brother were visiting, and we watched this movie with Sabrina, all together. She ended up having a very strong negative reaction to the movie and it caused a great deal of uncomfortable tension.] 

The other kid was telling me how dangerous it was for me to have done this, and asked me what I was thinking. There were too many Klingons around, and as we went towards the high school we were definitely being pursued by them. In some ways it definitely was like a puppet show.

At the end, there was some part where a little character who was supposed to represent me was half-buried in the mud. One arm and one leg was freed, and it looked like the main Pokemon character. I was trying to get it out of the mud, and that was when the dream ended. It is kind of obvious in hindsight.

[Note: In other words, this is referring to the metaphor of being stuck in mud having to do with an overindulgence in the carnal forces.]