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10/9/99: Reading: Earth Changes -- Not As Bad As You Might Think



Monday 9 / 20 / 99 - 4:00 a.m.

D: Okay. We are here at Eric's house in New Paltz [New York,] very early in the morning.

[Note: This was one of my stops on my Northern vacation from September 17-25 - during which time the website hits plummeted to a mere 48 [or fully ten times less than normal] for that entire period! (Friends, please keep checking up on me and visiting the site - expect new updates at least twice a week. It won't happen again - I promise!) As we will see, I had already been through quite a lot by this point - and I had only left the Beach on Friday!]

There were several components to this dream. The first part of this dream had a lot to do with trying to get a rock concert off the ground. There was a lot of concern over beer and stuff like that.

[10/9: The notion of a musical performance is always related to my work with these forces. Therefore, if there is a concern over beer while trying to get a performance of music underway, it means (in my own dream lingo) that I am somehow being irresponsible in my application of myself to this process. Indeed, before I had left on vacation, I had considerably slacked off in the amount of time that I was spending at the computer. This point is addressed in the reading directly. Later in the reading, they make a direct correlation between my inconsistencies with my work and the problem that happened to the axle on my car while I was driving up for the vacation. We'll get there in a minute.]

At the end of the dream there was all this stuff with my car being broken and having an accident. These guys were going to try to strip it for parts and steal it, and I was able to intervene at the last minute and get it away from them through Ascended abilities.

[10/9: The car is almost always used as a metaphor for the spiritual aspect of the Self. In this case, we will see how "they" externalized this metaphor into the physical world, as well as working with it in the dream plane!]

It was funny, because I knew that I had these abilities in the dream, but by the same token they didnÃ


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