Friday 9 / 10 / 99 – 11:25 a.m.

This dream had to do with cleaning lakes, and then getting caught trying to go through these fences behind the dormitories at New Paltz with my mother.

This took place in a train, and there was this pollution. Oh, was there pollution! The color of the shrimps’ bodies in the lake had changed because of all the mess.

There was definitely one part of this dream where there was some sort of car. We were trying to drive it, and it was really looking serious. People were driving their cars backwards on the highway.

D: Still pretty tired, slipping in and out of remembering this.

There was basically one body or area of water that was bad, and another area that was even worse. Everything was getting sick – the fish, the shrimp, everything that was living around there was feeling badly. It was all around Lake Collins. I was with my mother, and we were trying to go around. When we tried to get over to Lake Collins, we had to go through what looked like the back of Bevier Hall at New Paltz. My mother had a rake with her, and we walked far enough to get to this area where there were all these fences.

Some of them seemed like chain-link, and some seemed just like screens. We found an area that was just screens, and I was starting to rip through it so I could get through. There were some bathrooms nearby. This young security guard caught us as we were tying to go through the fence. At first he was a hard person, but then he just really got nice and easy about the whole thing, and it was no big deal.

The music scrapbook will contain more than one of your ideas, brought out to a lesser degree through your conscious efforts to be of service, and to a greater degree through the massive unfoldment of spiritual principles that come with obedience to the Law of One at the soul level, where an entity resides. The final adjustments take place, and we prepare to gather up the souls for the infinite awakening. And so, you could look at this dualistic metaphor as having its component in the Ascension process, and how said process will be carried out.

We speak to you now of those things that are still of great concern to us: the havoc and destruction of the biosphere, and how it may largely be prevented when the populace begins taking more seriously the threats and damages that are being inflicted therein. We don’t want to pull the covers over our eyes and hide, so to speak. Rather, we need to begin looking problems squarely in the eye and taking them at face value instead of making excuses about them, or trying to act as though they were not significant.

The blood and organ donor does not need to know where it will go in order to give. Similarly, you can see the future ramifications of your actions, even as now the results may not be so totally visible. Future generations are riding on the promises of the new tomorrow, then made today by the actions that occur right now, and that is important. They fail to see the nose cone of the rocket if they are only focused on what method of propulsion it must use.

[10/03: Very interestingly, just before getting to the last sentence in that paragraph, I had some thoughts that coincided perfectly with it. At first I was thinking about blood transfusions, and how it was possible that if a person died, all their blood might be drained out to be used for others. This was obviously triggered by the statements at the beginning of the paragraph. From there, I thought about how we might be able to grow our own blood, without the human body. Then, my thoughts went to how some scientists had already apparently used genetic engineering to grow a human nose out of a mouse’s back. Just as that bizarre thought was fully in my mind, I typed the sentence about the nose cone of the rocket. That was certainly very interesting, from my point of view!]

The rocket will propel itself into the higher realms, and the earth will be transformed. The better that your people are able to do in this transformation, the more that we will be able to keep things the same, and not have these Earth Changes that amount to commandments in a holy war against the Self by your people. We want to retain the discrete availability of the chance that this process will occur with cooperation and completion on behalf of your people, and that would change the outcome quite dramatically.

More importantly, we do see that there are those who have closed the loop, and continue to receive intuitive guidance through this system of enhancing their personal vibrations to meet those of the Divine. We need more and more of these types of people to aid and to assist us in taking the stored jars of Spirit energy and pouring them out so as to be used for this grand feast that is being prepared for all of you. We want to deliver the forces squarely into your hands, and you as a people can remain thinking about that for as long as you like.

Until you begin to receive the omens of the coming of a new age on the direct conscious level, this gemstone of the soul may still appear dulled or otherwise inadequate, fragmented in some way. Since we have a claim on the higher realms, we can indeed tell you that we have adequate proof to believe that the scenarios are changing, and might be getting better than heretofore imagined in terms of the progress of your people.

This would certainly be a wonderful surprise, as it would involve your people taking a much firmer look at themselves, and at what they can do to change [these] situations.

[tape ends]

4:25 p.m.

D: The dictation from the previous cassette was not completed. The phone rang as soon as I switched tapes here, so I will have to pick up that thread again later. It is 4:25 p.m., and I am preparing to go to sleep, hoping that we will get a nice rest here.