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12/5/99: Reading: The Day They Finally Arrived!




This is an amazing dream-reading that discusses some powerful aspects of the actual moment of Ascension itself - namely, making the choice to leave behind the life that you knew up until that moment for the promise of something far greater. This is also connected with the daily choices that we make, urging us to begin Ascending right now! 

D: We are starting fresh, with a new dream and a new tape.

[Note: Initial section of dream deleted, as it lacks the global reference]

There was another section of this dream at the end that appears to be a description of Ascension. The fact that they put these two sections so close to each other, back to back, is again telling me how close it is to happening. There was a little boy who obviously represents me, and he was sitting on one side of a large, beautiful lake. Actually no, it was a pond, and maybe only 30 feet across.

There was a woman on the other side of the pond sitting there, and that was the scene. I could see the boy, and he had his head in his hands. He was bummed out, upset and unhappy. The reason why is that he was saying, "When am I ever going to see them, when are they ever really going to meet me in person?" And as he was saying this, directly behind him in the reflection of the pond at first, which was very smooth, I see this totally, totally huge UFO coming down, with all this golden luminosity around it.

The girl was obviously freaking out on the other side of the pond. But then, my attention focused back onto the boy, and I couldnÃ


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