By David Wilcock



This reading uses the same theoretical background explained in “Convergence Research Update” to explain how these hyperdimensional geometric structures can be accessed by our conscious minds in the same way that we can observe them “bleeding through” into space and time.

This technique, when properly mastered, can lead to dramatic psychic results such as those collected within this webpage.


Tuesday 10 / 19 / 99 – 1:19 p.m.

D: This was interesting. I remember that I actually stopped reading (my book) at 12:12, and this was one of those strange cases where you never quite fully fall asleep, but you are not really awake either.

You have a bunch of visions, but you don’t quite consider them dreams, so you don’t remember them as you go along, because you are pushing for a deeper state.

I think that what has happened is that I have downloaded, if you will, whatever concerns there might be pertinent to this reading. I definitely entered into a state that was filled with information potentials.

I think that there was some holographic information being given to me, but in terms of what I actually saw, the only useful thing that I could bring back from this weird trance state was that there was a great deal of energetic concentration in the stomach.

So without further ado, as I feel myself rapidly slipping into this, I am not even going to pause the tape, but just let it come out. So here we go.

[Note: Although this tape is a client tape, it was quite unusual and ran well over the normal time limit. The second side has a discussion about opening up the channels of psychic access that must be included here, due to the remarkable new qualities of the information.

We have also created the new article, Convergence Research Update, in order to help this reading become more understandable.]


All we are really suggesting is a spot of grooming on the energetic level, and this is relative to the concerns of the physical self as it then prepares its appearance to those others in the higher realms.

When we do not have the time or the positioning to make clear our opinions on these matters, we can indeed find that the cigar must be given to another family, and that our own birth, in terms of the Christ within and its manifestation as such, must be prolonged.

We understand and gather from you that you do have the desire to make manifest those changes within the self that would bring about a heightened form of inner learning and awareness such that there would be the capacity to facilitate greater intuitive communication between various aspects of the inner self, and the knowingness as pertains to same.

And so, without further ado, let us make plain the way by which these connections may be blazed within the self as a higher form of trail.

We will use some energetic analogs as pertains to the force points that develop in free space as a result of the surrounding physics of higher dimensions, and then show how these same concerns exist within the mind complex.

You already know from reading David’s work Convergence that the dimensions are interpenetrable, and that the forces from one have their resultant effects upon another.

Indeed, all forces in potentiation must exist and cohabitate with each other in each frequency of vibration. The fundamental problem that your scientists have had is that they failed to realize that electricity has a three-dimensional motion, and not just a one-dimensional vector.

It is this three-dimensional scalar potential that is what leads to the structuring of the passage of electrons that is not currently understood, and somewhat hindered by the process of the copper wire being used to force the idea that electricity will only move in a straight line.

[Note: Here, the readings are referring back to the newest understandings that I had reached at that point from re-reading Hoagland et al’s hyperdimensional physics paper posted on his website. The article “Convergence Research Update,” now posted on this webpage, will explain all of these new findings as a way of setting the stage for the possible upgraded, rewritten version of Convergence — if we have the time!]


You can see gravity as a facet of this unified field as well. And thus, when looking upon a planetary body, we do then see how these higher-dimensional, hyperspatial geometries have their concomitant effects upon the arranging of physical forces so as to produce the orientation of continents, landforms and such.

These structures also exist in the sense of mind. And thus, we can similarly tell you that it is quite ludicrous for your people to think of your conscious mind as a straight line, or that it only travels in a three-dimensional path.

These hyperspatial geometries of the higher-dimensional frequencies also must poke through and alter the structure of mind in a similar sense as they would poke through and alter the structure of the spherical body of the Earth.

Just because you don’t normally notice these hyperdimensional bleed-throughs does not at all change their existence one iota.



You and many others have been somewhat clumsy in regards to filtering out those distortions that occur from higher dimensional frequencies.

These geometric concerns do act at times as though there is a pipe poking itself out of your roof, so as to ventilate the toilet that is inside, if you were to install such a toilet that does not require water to flush, but rather that of the composting variety that needs to be cranked every day and have the appropriate microbes sprayed on [the compost inside] and so forth.

These concerns of physical waste within the self are what we are referring to, and this is actually more energetic waste than anything else. It is the ventilation of these concerns, that shaft that pokes through the roof as we have mentioned it, that is the benefit of connecting with these hyperspatial geometries as they then “intrude” within your physical self.

Now to make the appropriate adjustments so as to utilize this flow, we must recognize the fact that the self is also capable of rising upon the winds of the higher vibrations, and thus allowing the mind complex to completely poke through those vortices that exist, so as to then reconfigure the mind complex itself within a higher density of vibration.

The most effective means for doing this is that which you know as the meditation. You can then begin to have a direct perception of timespace, and timespace relative to hyperspatial geometries.

This perception does then come about through the equivalent visions and emotional impressions that would be commensurate with the vibrational level that is attained. These visions and emotional impressions can indeed take their form as those fleeting impressions that come to the mind in meditation.

However, since you mistakenly assume that consciousness is only one dimensional and has one track, much as would a speeding train or a bullet, you do not see how it is that there would indeed be five or six trains stacked on top of each other, all going in the same direction or possibly veering into different directions and yet retaining their unity all the while.

You have this mistaken idea that your thoughts themselves will contain some sort of herding instinct in three dimensions, such that anything that pops into your mind must, by virtue of its structure, be “imagination.”

This could not be possibly farther from the truth.

The reality of the matter is that your mind is the most multi-dimensional aspect of your entire being, as it is a function or a shuttle to the intelligent infinity that is your spirit, normally veiled in the physical sense.

And thus, it is the mind which must by virtue of its structure exist multi-dimensionally.

This multidimensional bleed-through does happen constantly in the conscious sense. Although the vast majority of it is totally subconscious, it is dictated by the mandates of the Astral Self, as the astral self then seeks to bring forth the concerns of the Oversoul or the Higher Self, which will inherently reside in mid-sixth density and provides those guiding lights that do then bring the wayward aspects of the soul back into full alignment.

Now the greater challenge, then, is to see that you do have a movie screen of sorts that does have information relative to you in an immediate topological sense, as pertains to the actual structure of your time-space entity.

The topologies that we speak of are those vibrational distortions referred to [as soul fragments,] and how they displace the energetic structure of your timespace entity so as to create a gravitational well, if you will, that causes energy to be stuck at a certain point of your evolution.

The way to go back through those energetic points is to recapitulate the desires of the inner self, and to bring back those fragments of the being that have been lost when these aspects of self were compromised.

And so, to function and to effectuate this transition, we must by necessity connect with those higher aspects of mind that will then present to us most directly those topological distortions relative to spacetime that we are speaking of.

These concerns will come through to the physical self as the manifestation of those immediate, fleeting visual images and emotional feelings that do then consist of the telepathic message from the higher self.

What to do with them? Simply this. What you must start with is the fundamental nature of who you are. You are a multi-dimensional entity. By virtue of this fact, there will be aspects of your higher being that bleed through to the conscious level.

However, in order to access those higher levels of being, you must temporarily discard the conscious in the sense of its normal process of analysis at a distance, and interpolation and connection of disparate aspects of information and data.

To move through these concerns most directly is to reside squarely within those energetic dimensions of consciousness wherein this information can be gathered. The information must thusly be recorded against the backdrop of the conscious self not being present.

It is very similar to having a vacation oasis. If you are to enjoy yourself at the oasis, you do not want to think about those concerns relative to work, and to the physical life. You want to simply look at the trees and the lush surroundings, feel the sand between your toes and watch the waves as they gently crush against the shore, over and over and over again.

Look at the mountains in the background. See their green peaks. Breathe the air, and hear the cry of the gull as it flies through the air. Then is not the time to be concerned with how many Post-It Notes you have left, or whether you are going to pay the next bill on time.

Similarly, in order to stealthily access these realms of vibration wherein the information will become manifested to you, it is quite necessary to set aside any conscious distortions of analysis or interpolation.

Therefore, you are then required to make the appropriate recording of these concerns, so as to then intuitively have that sense of accomplishment without the conscious mind needing any sense of gratification through the analysis of same.

It comes about when you are capable of either dictating onto a tape recorder or writing with your physical body the impressions that then come through. We do suggest the tape recorder as the preferable method.

You do then want to record every event, every image, every word, every voice, everything that happens when you approach this level, as to pass judgment on any one piece of data or any one fleeting idea fragment that comes through the mind is to act in error, as it is indulging the conscious mind in thinking that it knows what is right and wrong. And thus, any thought that you have, even if it only seems to be distracting you from what you are doing, needs to be honored and recorded as such.

Therefore, what you are doing is completely having a full record of what exists within the mind as it approaches this state. You may then find that those voices are capable of being heard in fragmented form, and that sentence blips of structure may indeed come through that you can grab onto.

This was David’s largest surprise as he began this process. He had heard these sentence fragments for a very long time, but he did not realize that he could actually get small enough pieces of them to make note of them, and that they would actually have an intelligently guided structure that would be discernible upon conscious analysis.

Therefore, simply do what feels most appropriate. Simply go where it is telling you to go. If you are capable of visually seeing words as though reading them off of a page of a book, this is exceptional.

The real focus is to tone your meditation so as to be most intuitively focused on those verbal and written dimensions instead of those more visual, as this will allow you to have a more concrete verbal / telepathic exchange that you can then refer to later on.

If you only go for raw visual images on a consistent basis, you will have a portion of the puzzle, but will not have the full, concrete totality that comes with the greater understanding of the unfoldment of the Inner Self as it pertains in a verbal sense to the outer self, or that which you must use to go through your daily environment.

At this time, we have severely depleted David’s uranium energies, so to speak, and the reactor core is going to overheat if we do not stop this reading. We do want to remind you, however, that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

As you begin this process, there will be an armada of forces that seek to bring through the absolute highest nature of information, love, light and beingness that you would need at that particular time.

And thus, keep doing the process, regardless of whether you think that the data means anything. You may very well find that the resultant skills that you develop through the engineering of this process within self could very well lead to a renewable source of income in terms of how it may then be applied in service to others.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.