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8/16/99: Reading: The Moment is Soon to Arrive



Monday 8 / 2 / 99 - 5:38 a.m.

I went through another pretty incredible cycle just now. Towards the end it partially featured me flying through what appeared to be the fancy hotel I used to work at, with psychokinesis as sort of an Ascended being. I was trying to show people how you could climb this little ladder like the ones they had on the hiking trails, but it was very unsteady.

[Note: This is obviously talking about the unsteadiness still surrounding our present Ascension.]

After we went to this area that was kind of up on a hill, looking like a corner store in a giant shopping complex, we discovered very much of that hotel atmosphere inside. I was flying up and down, and I saw K F, a girl I knew in high school, coming out of the bathroom at one point. She still seemed to be mired in drugs, and that disappointed me when I realized that. It was just beautiful - the scenery and everything else was just beautiful. There was sort of a smooth transition between flying around in the beautiful hotel setting and then being in my car with my housemate Apostol.

[Note: Our inner feminine selves are still mired in our self-indulgent behavior patterns, hence this is a reflection of the progress we must still make on ourselves.]

We somehow found ourselves out in the country, like the New Development in Scotia. My car was out on this road where there were these heavy machines. It seemed like there was a channelÃ


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