On October 13, 2011, Benjamin Fulford gave another revealing interview. As a public service, we have transcribed it and summarized the greater context we have been sharing here — so these world-defining events will be easier to follow and document as we proceed.
Transcript and Commentary by David Wilcock, New York Times best-selling author of “The Source Field Investigations”
[UPDATE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2011: Things have been VERY busy since I wrote this. Lots of events happening… too fast to write about them. I will as I get the chance.
I have successfully formulated, pitched and gotten approval on the sequel to Source Field Investigations, and we will push for a hardcover release as of next September. I have started production on this book already and it is very exciting!
In fact, I didn’t realize that I could even write another Source Field-related book until I read comments from readers on Amazon. Then I looked at the 215 pages that I cut from the original and realized that rather than seeing it as “additional material”, there was a bigger story in there that was well worthy of a sequel.
I had no idea if this was even possible, but the idea “downloaded” into me and now I see it very clearly… and it will be amazing!
I also had a three-week illness that really dragged me down through all of this, forcing me to take it easy and rest. However, I’ve pulled out of it now and have significantly moved forward on the film, the TV series and a separate Internet-only weekly show as well.
The Internet show may be airing as early as January — and this is a new and exciting addition to what we’re doing. We’re about to launch a new video in a day or two, maybe tomorrow, so there’s lots coming up soon!
I will need to focus heavily on writing the Source Field sequel through until the end of January, but will make an effort to insure this site is updated at least once every two weeks during this time.]


I have carefully followed the Benjamin Fulford story since he first emerged on the Internet a few years ago — and have interviewed him several times now myself. Our most recent interview appeared on September 16th, here at divinecosmos.com.
It is quite a remarkable tale — wherein a former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine stumbles into the dark world of international finance and control, and ends up becoming a key player in opposing it.
Fulford discovered this quasi-governmental group had genocidal plans for humanity — and were siphoning off massive amounts of money from the Japanese economy that could have been used to end poverty and environmental destruction.
He was then contacted by positive Asian secret societies who have been resisting the Old World Order. Now, with an English-speaking Westerner they could trust, these people were able to get the truth out to the Western world.
Since these early days, their alliance has grown dramatically — to the point now that apparently 100 different countries are aligned in their efforts to overthrow the Old World Order and restore peace and prosperity to the people of this planet.
It is not easy for these resistance groups to communicate publicly, due to the extensive use of murder, threats, bribery and blackmail by the Old World Order. As soon as anyone sticks their neck out, their head could easily get chopped off.
Fulford claims to have survived multiple attempts on his life, and still lives to tell this amazing tale of international intrigue.

I don’t wish to dishonor or discredit Fulford’s work by bringing up the UFO subject. It is very clear that he wishes to steer clear of it in his own work. However, many people are very interested in this subject, and Fulford has touched on it occasionally.
Fulford has no direct evidence that UFOs exist, and / or are piloted by extraterrestrials. He has never seen one, and it does not appear that he has intensively studied the available literature on the subject. 
In many ways, Fulford was essentially an “ordinary guy” working for Forbes as a financial journalist before he stumbled into this world. Clearly, there is so much to know and learn within his own area of concern that he doesn’t have much time to read up on UFOs. 
However, Fulford has met with Pentagon sources who claim to have directly worked with gravity-shielding and stargate-type “portal” technology, and who wish to release it to humanity. Fulford has not seen any of this himself, but said he would love it if it were true.
This was one of several ways in which the things Fulford heard fit together very neatly with what I’d already encountered from other insiders.
Fulford did also hear that the Chinese were contacted by ETs in the 1940s who were mistreated by the United States government — apparently in the Roswell crash.
He was also told that this same ET group is apparently still assisting the Chinese — and others — to this very day. I have also had significant corroboration of this from my own ‘insider’ sources.

As a result of being a public figure discussing UFOs since 1996, including appearing in seven episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, I have had numerous ‘insiders’ approach me who work within classified projects to share information.
The conclusions I have made from this body of information are quite vast in scope. We are going through the very last days of our “isolation,” thinking we’re the only intelligent human life out there. This will all be changing sooner than we think.
I have also been closely affiliated with Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, within the first few months of their development. My deep involvement with Project Camelot gave me potential access to every insider who approached them.
Most of these whistleblowers were captured on videos that are free for everyone to watch — but others could not go public. Some of the key insiders I am in contact with did not speak to Camelot at all.

I have had over 100 hours of discussion with “Henry Deacon,” a Camelot witness who worked within a world so highly classified it would almost have to be called a breakaway civilization, as Rich Dolan has termed it.
The Deacon material was absolutely electrifying, and when I began reading it, I knew Kerry and Bill had found someone who was very genuine — and plugged in at a very high level. There were many correlations with what I had heard, and never published, from others.
At this level, you begin your day by driving to work at a military base somewhere. You sign in and go through three or four increasingly strict security checkpoints before arriving at what is called “The Corridor.”
You walk down a long, round hallway with an elevator at the end. To ordinary workers, it’s just an elevator that will take you up one floor, albeit very slowly — and there’s a stairwell right next to it that does the same thing a lot faster, so why wait?
However, if you are carrying the right identification, then when you step into this metallic, oversized elevator, insert your key into the lock and turn it, the door slowly closes behind you — and when it opens, you’ve now traveled to an entirely different location.
The elevator is literally a portal that uses an instantaneous means of travel to bring you to work — which could be in another underground base on Earth, any one of over 200 large interstellar spacecraft, or a variety of different off-planet bases.

Deacon encountered at least 43 different types of human beings at his job, each of whom had evolved on different worlds. The vast majority of them looked quite similar to you and me, though they could range from two and a half feet tall up to fifteen feet.
The base Henry worked at was located on Mars, and of the 270,000 “personnel” who worked there, only 10,000 were born on or descended from people on Earth.
His job was fairly boring, from a terrestrial perspective — he was essentially a maintenance and problem-solving man for various forms of advanced equipment they were using there.
He was kept tightly contained, never even got to walk the surface of the planet, and spent a lot of time playing ping-pong and watching television.
He didn’t interact with ETs much except in certain meetings, and there were strict guidelines: no idle chatter, no specific questions other than whatever was work-related. This is something you hear again and again with people who have met ETs in these fields.

I have spent well over 100 hours in conversation with Deacon over the years, and he finally came forward and revealed himself to the public at the Zurich conference in July 2009, during the second half of the late NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary’s groundbreaking presentation on free energy.
You can access the full two-hour-and-43-minute video of this presentation by scrolling to the bottom of this page:

It doesn’t move as quickly as it could, since every statement is translated into German as we go. However, it is still worth watching.
I jumped up on stage with Henry, by his request, when he finally decided to come forward. This exciting and unexpected moment begins at 57:51 in the following video:
Henry has never sold products or attempted to profit from his story in any way, and went into hiding after this and a few other brief public appearances soon afterwards in 2009.

Henry’s most significant statement about the new planet we can create with this knowledge begins at 1:20:22, after a standing ovation. This is followed by some dialogue I have with him about what it is like to meet human ETs, up until the 1:30:00 mark, where Dr. O’Leary continues his remarkable presentation on free energy.
At 1:43:48, Dr. O’Leary asks me for my own take on why cold fusion experiments don’t always work — and ends up provoking an emotional revealing of my own personal experience of the untimely death of Dr. Eugene Mallove.
Two months ago now, Henry finally flew out here to Los Angeles and made a few statements on stage at the Awake and Aware conference, during the panel discussion — but did not go into any real detail about the jobs he used to have, as he is still very concerned about saying too much.
Deacon is one of a very small number of people who were involved in this “breakaway civilization” but have still spoken publicly. Bob Dean is another example, and he also spoke at the Awake and Aware conference and has done free Camelot videos as well.
The “good guys” in the Pentagon have told Fulford they want to release this “portal” technology for the benefit of humanity — and I have heard the same thing as well.
The changes still ahead of us are potentially very exciting — bringing us directly into a Star Trek future, while most of us are still wondering if we will ever send rockets to the Moon again.
One of the most intriguing turns in this whole story has been the apparent intervention of the ETs working with China, Russia, Brazil and India to help the “non-aligned nations” overthrow the Old World Order.
This does not explicitly imply the ETs support China. It merely means they are doing what is best for everyone’s health and well-being on Earth at this time.
In my next update I will again cover all of this with links, but right for now this will just be a pre-emptive summary of what I covered in the “China’s October Surprise” article series:
This new campaign began in October 2010 with a series of highly public, mysterious failures of equipment, and continued to be visible in various forms until mid-November. The war then went “deep black,” affecting underground facilities in painful ways. See Parts One, Two and Three.
The most visible sign of it was when HAARP was used in an attempt to repel some of these attacks — which up until this time were only disabling and / or removing craft and war materiel that could be used to fake an “alien invasion”.
Massive bird and fish deaths were created in the areas where this defense technology was used, beginning around December 31st — see Part Five — and after a short time the use of HAARP had to be stopped, in order to avoid a mass public realization of what was occurring.

Very soon after this stunning defeat, in January, Chinese officials then visited the US to discuss a plan for Disclosure — so I was told.
The actual meeting of Hu Jintao with Vice President Biden, and later President Obama, was well-documented and photographed.
We don’t publicly know exactly what they discussed, but apparently this was the key follow-up meeting in the aftermath of these surprising, ET-assisted military strikes.
Most surprisingly, a human ET apparently showed up for the meeting, wearing a brown coat. Apparently Biden was quite shocked and delighted to meet this person, but all photographs of his animated greeting were completely sanitized by the media.
See Part Six for more detail on this story.

After this meeting, the insider “alphabet soup agencies” all then voted on and approved a formal, step-by-step Disclosure plan, which began to be implemented in February. I heard about all of this before it happened, and was excited to see what would develop.
I was not told enough specifics to know exactly what would happen, but I got very precise time windows of when. Experience taught me to keep my mouth shut and not say anything publicly, as otherwise it could be much less dramatic than what I may have hoped for. 
The answer came almost down to the day of when I was told to expect it — from two different well-connected insider sources.
First, the FBI released a treasure-trove of new UFO-related documents on the Internet, including one that blatantly revealed the reality of the Roswell crash involving human ETs.
Two weeks later the NSA did the same thing — again, right on time with when I had been told the first “wave” of Disclosure would occur.
I was then told this was a preliminary stage — a “quiet, official Disclosure” to pave the way for a formal, openly-announced event later on. Once this bigger event happened, no one would wonder about it anymore — it would be public and obvious at that point.
This whole story, along with all the relevant links to the documents, can be found in Part Six of “China’s October Surprise.”

Then, however, came Fukushima. I was warned about it in my dreams in advance — in some detail — and posted my concerns in an update detailing my recovery from a flu virus, entitled “Bouncing Back from Hack Attack.”
I don’t brag about prophecy, but this was all posted two weeks before the event. My dreams described what would happen in symbolic terms, and led me to conclude, in writing, that the next big BP-type global event was about to occur.
As this new interview reveals, Fulford had already openly predicted that such an attack against Japan could occur — namely an earthquake that would then set off nuclear reactors. This is exactly what happened — and it significantly added credibility to Fulford’s testimony.
Fulford had said this attack was a punishment to Japan for cutting off the flow of many billions of dollars that had been in place since exploitive no-bid reconstruction contracts were slapped on them after World War II.
This financial cutoff began in 2008 — and was one of the key factors that led to the financial paralysis of many key Old World Order companies in the “Lehman shock” later that year. These companies had cheated death for too long in the madcap world of derivatives trading.
After Fukushima, the Prime Minister, Heizo Takenaka, apparently did give money to the Old World Order after he was threatened that an additional attack would occur, setting off the Mount Fuji volcano directly outside Tokyo, if he did not comply.
This was covered in some detail in my most recent interview with Fulford.

The story of this extraterrestrial intervention against the Old World Order, and the progress towards Disclosure, seemed to go quiet after Fukushima for the next five months.
However, this all changed on the day my book was released — August 23, 2011. On this very day, the East Coast was rocked by the largest earthquake in a century — and it had very unusual characteristics.
The peculiar properties of this quake were all extremely consistent with what we see after an underground nuclear explosion.
It was at a shallow depth, had no buildup but suddenly arrived at maximum intensity, it shook a very large area of the earth for its size, and had very few aftershocks. See Part One of “Disclosure Imminent”, featuring my Fulford interview, for the details.
This graphic compares the sudden onset of the DC quake in comparison to the seismic pattern of a more typical quake.
This is, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, the only tangible “proof” we will have to back up what the insiders are telling us occurred below ground. However, if a mass announcement is made, as Fulford is indicating, this may all come out in the open.
I have since spoken with personnel who have visited the damage firsthand. I have no significant reason to doubt what they are telling me, based on the impeccable credibility and trust that has been built up with these people over time.
These strikes have dealt critical, mortal blows to Majestic. It is as if the brains have been removed from the body. It is the greatest single surprise in this entire behind-the-scenes war, since the dawn of the UFO cover-up — and it was still only the first volley.

Interestingly, this earthquake also cracked the pyramidion on top of the Washington Monument. Symbolically, this represented the “cracking of the eye” of the Illuminati — indicating their ever-increasingly-imminent downfall.
The Colorado earthquake from barely a day earlier was apparently due to another very major underground facility being wiped out — which was directly connected to the Denver airport.
The facility near Washington, DC was where many government personnel and insiders planned on fleeing to in the event of an “emergency” — such as the public revealing of their culpability in high crimes and misdemeanors.
Apparently, many of them had lavish private quarters in this facility, complete with personal belongings — all of which were wiped out.
Similarly, the facility under the ground in Colorado was massive, and had a great deal of supplies. I’ve now had multiple points of confirmation from every key insider I know that these bases were indeed wiped out on August 22nd and 23rd.
When the rumors first surfaced that underground facilities had been destroyed, I had no idea if it was true — nor did the insiders. It seemed almost too good to be true that this had all happened on the same day the Source Field book came out.
It also seemed hard to believe that such a massive strike could have occurred against Old World Order bases. Nonetheless, as time went on, various insiders I knew were briefed about what had happened — and over a few weeks of time, the “big picture” came together.
Fulford’s own sources independently corroborated what I had heard. The stories are not exactly the same, as you will read in this interview, but there are many similarities between them — and somewhere in there is likely to be the truth.
I have since heard that no radiation was found in these bases, and the damage is consistent with a 20-fold increase in air pressure that occurred spontaneously.
Later on, audio recordings were recovered from within the bases, revealing that for 24 hours prior to the “explosions,” there were sounds of furniture sliding all over the floor and people yelling and screaming.
It does appear that all the personnel in these bases were “portaled” to a safe location, along with the material they need to survive.


After the first two bases were cleared out, six additional bases were hit around the world. This information also did not appear right away, but took weeks to surface.

Other reports had surfaced from various sources online, of questionable credibility, indicating the number had been anywhere from four to thirteen. No one else online had the figure of six that I had heard.


I didn’t find out until mid-October that at the very end of September, a surprisingly large number of additional bases were cleared out.
I was asked not to give the number of how many were affected, but I do have it.
I was very surprised and actually moved to tears when I heard this. The whole story is covered in Part Two of the “Disclosure Imminent?” series.
At that moment, I really knew this was rapidly paving the way for some very positive changes in the world. I also felt badly for all the employees who are not being told of the imminent risks they face by continuing to work at these jobs.
In each of these cases, all personnel and materials have been removed from the bases, but the facilities themselves are still intact — there’s just nothing left in them. No furniture, no supplies and no personnel — just totally blank and empty rooms.
Since information doesn’t always come right away, there could very well have been even more bases taken out since the major attack at the end of September — but we will have to find out in time. 

I also had email come in from a woman in Colorado who is on an official, subscription-based job posting service. She was stunned, in the last week, to see a massive number of new job listings appear.
I still have a huge body of data to sort through with this, but it would appear that there is a hiring frenzy going on for just about every position you could think of that would be necessary to run an underground facility in Colorado — including waste management.
The job descriptions describe challenges for the employee, like the ability to live and work for long periods of time alone, without sunlight — not to mention a security clearance.
This has become part of the “big picture” I now need to tie in. It is not direct “proof” or evidence of the destruction of an underground facility — but the timing is extremely interesting in light of the information that is now surfacing from multiple sources.
As tempting as the jobs sounded, our friend did not take the bait. The last thing she wants is to end up disappearing to wherever these people are going to on the other end of the portal — though it is probably a harmless place.
I do believe they will all be safely returned once this whole situation finally clears up for the good. Nonetheless, I was stunned at the sheer size and complexity of the list of suspicious new job postings that just appeared this past week in Colorado.

According to many credible whistleblowers who came forward in a mass, public event last year, the Old World Order has experienced ETs monitoring and even powering down their nuclear facilities ever since the original Trinity test.
No overtly hostile actions were taken, but it seemed clear that they would be prevented from ever actually using nukes.
It is unfortunate that so many people lived in fear of nuclear war for so long, given that very powerful ETs were protecting Earth and insuring this could never actually happen.
However, the Old World Order were still allowed to perpetrate many elaborate disasters — including, perhaps most notably, 9/11. This led them to believe they could do whatever they wanted and could not be stopped.
This has all changed with the advent of China’s October Surprise — an ET-assisted military campaign that has now dealt critical blows to the Powers that Were, leaving them reeling in agony and unable to defend themselves with any real significance now.
They may still be allowed to create additional small-scale problems for a while longer.
It is important to remember that the ETs have a non-intervention policy. They are not just going to show up in our skies and do all the work for us.

I do believe the ETs are able to intervene up to a point where it becomes actually feasible for the Old World Order to be defeated — and formally charged with their crimes against humanity.
According to Fulford and other sources, just days before the destruction of the first two underground facilities, 57 countries met in international waters, off the coast of Monaco, to discuss the rebooting of the world’s financial system.
World leaders were shown photographs, video, maps and blueprints of underground facilities, and told that these were built so that if the Old World Order created a nuclear holocaust on the Earth’s surface, they could live in this breakaway civilization underground.
It was collectively decided, and agreed, that a new financial system would be introduced — backed entirely by solid assets rather than creating zeroes in a computer.
This will effectively destroy much of the corruption now plaguing the existing system, and significantly improve the quality of life for everyone on Earth.
This is only a transitional stage to a system in which money will be completely needless. The difference from how things are now is almost unimaginable. 
The detail of explaining this future scenario credibly requires a whole new article — which I have been working on.

One of the main people responsible for this new international economic recovery plan, behind the scenes, has also been in contact with one of my own key insiders.
I’d heard independent chatter about this plan for the last year and a half, and had no idea that this was the same thing Fulford had gotten involved in.
I didn’t even realize that Fulford and my source were talking about the same person and the same plan until I gave my source a detailed summary of what Fulford has been saying.
I was told that the issue was so sensitive that he wouldn’t have told me anything about it at all — but since everything I told him was right on, I “already knew everything,” and there was no harm in confirming that it was all true. 
The only discrepancy was that when my insider last heard about it, only 50 countries had signed on. Nonetheless, this was more than two weeks before the final meeting, so it all fit very nicely. According to Fulford, fully 100 countries have now agreed to it.


It is very exciting to see this story taking shape. I highly recommend reading my previous article posts in David’s Blog, here on divinecosmos.com, if you want to chart the unfolding of this intriguing saga and follow up with the links.

I’m still recovering from a nasty flu virus I caught in Arizona, which continued to drag me down when I spoke at the New Life Expo in New York, and almost completely lost my voice that Sunday.

Since then, I’ve been forced to take it easy. My next large article is mostly complete, and will summarize the story up until now with links — but this is a more involved research work.

I continue to speak with the insiders when possible, and track Fulford’s latest updates every Monday morning on his paid blog, benjaminfulford.net, which is well worth the cost of subscription to support this noble cause.

At this point, given how sensitive things are, I consider every significant public statement Fulford makes to be worthy of documentation.


I found out Monday morning that Fulford had given an interview with Sean David Morton, who had moderated the “Strange Universe” panel I just spoke on in New York.

Since I can transcribe almost as fast as I can listen, I got my fingers working as I tuned in. I popped in my own comments in brackets, with my initials DW:, where appropriate.

There have been three more updates from Fulford since he gave this interview, and I will highlight the most significant points — but this is still pretty current stuff.

What you are about to read may seem a lot more “mundane” than what I’ve been discussing — but I have now given you the greater context through which I view everything I’m seeing, hearing and reading.


Link to Fulford / Morton Interview
M: He’s sold over 500,000 non-fiction books written in Japanese. He has produced a comprehensive catalog in fields ranging from business to Yakuza gangsters to high finance to government corruption.
He is now focused on exposing US manipulation of Japanese politics, media and education through a combination of bribes, murder, brainwashing, et cetera.
His goal is to counter US propaganda and expose the Japanese people to the truth, so that they may free themselves from the colonial yoke and use their five trillion in overseas holdings to end world poverty and save the environment.
He has worked in Japan for Knight-Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nippon Kizai Shungun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes Magazine, where he was the Asian bureau chief from 1998 to 2005.
His investigative reports pursued scandals in the Japanese government and business world. After leaving Forbes Magazine, he wrote a series of books in Japanese, some of which became bestsellers, and began to be published on the Internet.
In an effort to get more involved, he naturalized to Japan in 2007. As a Japanese citizen, he has now gained popularity on the Internet after he conducted interviews with the reclusive David Rockefeller in November, 2007.

Please welcome my guest to the end of our Strange Universe, Mr. Benjamin Fulford. It is an honor to have you here, sir. Thank you very much.
BF: Well, thanks for calling me on.
M: Let’s just open up with this. Give me the big picture. Who currently, right now… there seems to be, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but there seems to be a war going on behind the scenes.
Give me the big picture right now as to which factions and which groups are in control of where?
BF: OK. I think what’s happening is that there is a vacuum at the very top of the international financial system.
What I mean by that is there is no agreement on the international financial treaties that govern the financial system right now.
The Bretton Woods mandate for US, France and England expired in 1994, and there has been no consensus about what to do following that.

What you see is Europe and the United States, the G5, are controlled by a cabal of families that are what you could call the royal families and the old banking families.
The names are well known. The Rothschilds, the Warburgs, names like Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix (of the Netherlands).
They have always controlled the issuing of money. They had a secret group they called the Committee of 300 or the Bilderburgers, or whatever, that directed the story the planet went by.
They set up the Cold War as a way to boost the military industry.

They never controlled what was known as the non-aligned nations.
That was a group of 77 countries, including China, India, Indonesia and Yugoslavia, that were angry that the promises made at Bretton Woods were not being kept.
They set up a different system. They pooled together their gold and their treasures and they wanted to have a Marshall Plan to develop Asia and Africa and lift them out of poverty.

They gave the rights to this gold to President Kennedy, and asked him to carry it out.
He issued dollars that were controlled by the US government, not by the privately-owned Federal Reserve Board.
He was assassinated.
Then, President Sukarno [of Indonesia], who was a signatory for the non-aligned nations, was driven out of office.

At that point they illegally took these bonds. This would be Kissinger, David Eisenhower [Rockefeller?], that whole cabal in the US.
You can get a good list of their names by looking at people who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg [meetings].
If they’re on all three, you’re talking top people. OK?
M: OK. Yes.

BF: They set up these esoteric things called trading platforms.
I was confused because I have been a financial journalist for a very long time and you never hear about such things.
When I start talking to people at the BIS, who are right at the very tip-top, they start talking about these things called trading platforms.
Further research showed that what they are is an illegal fraud. That’s the system they’ve been using to take government money and put it into the hands of private oligarchs.
For example, the Kennedy bonds were supposed to be owned by the US government and under the control of Congress and the Treasury Department.
Instead, David Eisenhower [Rockefeller?] has been using them for secret purposes that we are not aware of.
There has been a long investigation into this issue by people who were trying to figure out what was going on ever since Kennedy was assassinated.

The general consensus, what we’re seeing in the big picture, is that the fascists who lost WWII were trying to set up a fascist world government.
This would be certain factions in Japan, in the US, in Italy and England and so on. They wanted a government controlled by them.
They very nearly pulled it off. This is what everyone refers to as the New World Order.
But now I’ve been contacted by a different group. They say they are the people who were responsible for 9/11.
They say they did that deliberately — to try to cause a revolution in the United States. It set up a process of imploding the US economy and setting the stage for a revolution.
They claim that they are the same group that started the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Russian revolutions, and that they are anti-aristocrats and anti-people inheriting power. They believe in meritocracy.
This is a group that just popped out recently. They are not associated with the other groups I have contacted, and have contacted me, before this.
[DW: Obviously, I don’t need to see 200 of your comments and emails come in to know that almost everyone will have a very strongly negative reaction to this last section – and feel that Fulford is being fooled by the same people in a new disguise here.
As just one of many examples, the Patriot Act “conveniently” came out almost immediately after 9/11, was many hundreds of pages long, and set the blueprint for a fascist takeover of the United States government.
9/11 almost immediately led to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, giving the Rockefeller cartel control of key land and resources in the oil-producing regions of the Middle East.
The bottom line is that Fulford has put out a great deal of accurate information that is very threatening to the Powers that Were.
For that same reason, they will do just about anything to try to get him embroiled in something that doesn’t smell right to the common person, so he or she will then disavow everything he says as being disinformation.
In my next interview with him, I intend to explore this area in much more detail, and find out what has compelled him to believe that this new group is not the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing – or at least why he has been open-minded enough not to immediately discount them.
I am surprised Ben hasn’t surveyed the available evidence that the French and Russian revolutions, at least, were controlled and instigated by these same Old World Order elements.
The proof was meticulously presented in “New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies” by William T. Still, which is required reading for any serious student of these issues.
Still’s book can save a great deal of time and energy from searching across many, many different websites for this sort of information.]
Fulford seemed to deliberately clarify and extend these remarks in the first entry he wrote for his paid blog after doing this show. This one excerpt from October 18th’s entry helps clear things up a little more… and it does sound like it’s the same people at work here, or at least a vying faction:
The WDS has also been contacted by a group claiming to be the “real illuminati.” They say their order was founded by King Solomon and Pythagoras and is opposed to an ancient Satanic cult run by the Royal Families.
Their representative claims this “illuminati” group was behind the French, American and Russian revolutions.
They say their membership consists of 6,000 highly influential individuals who are not part of the old dynastic families (the 13 bloodlines, also called “illuminati bloodlines” by some writers).
It is worth nothing the people from the P2 Freemason lodge in Italy also called themselves “illuminati,” even though their leadership consisted of ancient inbred Roman aristocratic families.
We have been able to independently confirm that this individual, who calls himself Alexander Romanoff, is connected to MI6, KGB, the Australian Security Police, Canadian military intelligence and the international drug mafia. We confirmed this through multiple sources including members of all of the above mentioned agencies and groups.
Romanoff says he helped former world chess Champion Bobby Fischer when he was arrested in Japan in 2004. He got Fischer an Icelandic passport to prevent him from being deported to the United States.
Fischer then informed Romanoff he was a “grandmaster of the illuminati.” Romanoff also says Fischer told him he was the original mastermind behind the 911 terrorist attack against the US.
The ultimate motive of this attack was to provoke a revolution in the US against royalist control, who they refer to as the “old world order,” as opposed to the “new world order,” this illuminati group stands for.
Given the use of the phrase “new world order,” by bloodline member Bush and his ilk, my advice to this individual was that his group needed to change the name of the regime they plan to set up to something that has fewer negative associations.
Romanoff says his group supports meritocracy, or rule by the most competent, and opposes hereditary rule by inbred families. It is interesting to note that Asian triads and yakuza groups are also opposed to nepotism.
BF: You have to remember how I got involved in all this. I simply asked why the Japanese didn’t use their own foreign exchange holdings for humanitarian purposes.
The answer I got was that because they were killing Japanese prime ministers and politicians, the people you see in the government are just puppets for a foreign mafia.
This is a very unexpected answer, I found.
I got further involved when they sent people to try to kill me.
What I found out is that above the public structure of power people see in the newspapers and stuff, there exist groups that have the ability to murder.
That means spy agencies, gangsters and militaries.
These people, who at the end of the day will resort to force if necessary, are a layer of government we do not see.

There is all sorts of intrigue going on now because we’re trying to take control of the profits of creating money away from this cabal that wants a fascist world government.
They’ve been working so long and so hard on this great plan of theirs that they are doing everything they can to prevent this.
In a way, it is a psychological battle as much as anything, because finance essentially is the process of deciding what humanity does in the future.
A lot of us around the world – and this is especially true outside of the Western countries – are sick and tired of this cabal carrying out wars for no real reason except to make money.
The Cold War had a lot of people fooled. It did do a lot for the development of industry, the space race and all that.
When they moved to the so-called War on Terrorism, which was so obviously phony, designed to put the US in perpetual war over the next 30 to 40 years, everyone (in the non-aligned nations) said “Why? Why are we giving money to these people?”
The reason why you are now having a crisis with the US and the Euro is that they rely on the rest of the world to finance them. They don’t have enough of their old, real money.
And when I say real money I mean money backed by goods and services that really exist – and are not just numbers they put in their computers.
M: Yes.

BF: One of the cases they’ve been using to try get to the bottom of this whole mystery, and to get this Cabal, has been the one in June 2009 where two Japanese were detained in Italy with 134.5 billion dollars’ worth of bonds.
M: I remember it very well. They were trying to say that the bonds looked completely great, but oh, they’re fake treasury bonds – even though nobody could tell the difference.
BF: And they weren’t arrested. They had diplomatic passports.
In fact, I talked to both of the people who were seized. As well, I was invited by the Italian freemason P2 lodge to Italy to discuss this whole issue.
It was very clear that these bonds were stolen. There was no legal activity.
They’ve been trying to cash them in. They took them to the Chinese communist government. They took them to the Senate Finance Committee.

They’ve been followed 24 hours a day to see what they’re going to do with these bonds they stole, and to see where the trail led to.
It led to Davos World Forum. Then it led to the UN. The UN came out and offered us 100 million dollars to stop this investigation.

It turns out that the non-aligned nations have legal rights to 371 trillion dollars’ worth of assets.
That’s a huge amount of money.
World GDP is about 60 trillion a year. So we’re talking about something close to 90 percent of humanity’s savings.            
And when I say this, I mean this is the stuff that is backed by gold and real assets.

The cabal in the West have created astronomical numbers on their computers. I had to use a dictionary to look up things like quintillion.
M: (Laughs) Gazillion and bazillion.
BF: Thirty-three more zeroes than a trillion. It’s just not real. It’s like people bragging…
M: So what were they planning on doing with all this money, Benjamin? Are they trying to change the world with it? Are they trying to bring about peace? What’s going on with all this money?
BF: Well, what they’re saying is the people who have been using it don’t have the legal rights to it.
They’re saying they want to use the money for developing the planet, not to finance war.
So, for example, a huge campaign to end poverty. Another one to stop environmental destruction.
Then they’re saying that instead of using these wars and all this development on arms and killing, they want it to be used for exploring the universe, designing space colonies and things like that.
Really, it’s about deciding what we, as a species, do in the future.

The people who have been running things are all religious fanatics who didn’t want to lose control.
They were literally planning to start World War III. The original plan was to start a limited war between Israel and Iran.
They gave twelve neutron bombs on missiles to Iran. Remember – these kill people, but leave buildings intact.
My source on this is a cousin to the Shah of Iran, and other people who said, “We don’t want them. We want to give them back to you.”
Obama refused to take them back.
M: (Laughs)
[DW: As I said before, the unfortunate and obvious truth is that Obama seems to have very little real power over what is happening in his administration at this point – so I wouldn’t have worded it this way if I were Ben.]

Anyway, they wanted to start a war between Iran and Israel, and use that to set up a military wartime regime in the G7 countries, ready for full global war.
Then they wanted to have a war against China. I’ve seen a map. They were going to divide China into six countries.
[DW: From what my own sources are telling me, very recently, this plan has by no means been abandoned.
They still very much want to create a war in the Middle East and Southeast Asia that would inflict mass casualties among people in those areas through conventional means.
They intend to accomplish this goal without significantly damaging the environment – such as with nuclear weapons.
Apparently, US tanks and war materiel have already been positioned for a surprise attack of this sort that could occur at any time, after the right provocation has occurred in the world’s eyes – which they themselves would manufacture.

[DW: Their rationale, as I have heard, is that they are afraid the countries with the most number of “religious extremists” would turn against the Western world and exterminate everyone – if they had the economic strength to do it.
The world economic breakthrough and loss of Western control described by Fulford would, in the eyes of the elite, automatically lead to the “extremists” planning a genocidal terrorist attack against everyone in the Western world within just a few years’ time.
Therefore, they feel they are doing everyone in the West a favor by trying to launch a massive pre-emptive strike with conventional weapons in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
I seriously do not believe the developing nations will strike the West. If their population numbers did surge to unsustainable levels, which is the other major fear of the elite, we will have all the declassified technology and resources needed to migrate off-planet. 
If anything, this latest plan clearly shows their weakness, as it reveals they are ruled by irrational fear and paranoia. You guys still don’t get it… Karma is real. It works on an individual level, and it works on a global level — it just takes a little longer.
Regardless of what they may or may not think they can accomplish, it seems likely that they will have no choice but to watch as these events unfold outside the constraints of their own parameters of control and manipulation.]

BF: This was their big plan. It started unraveling when the Chinese stopped paying the bills. They said “Hey. We’re not going to spend our dollars on something that is designed to kill us.”
That’s what started this big financial war that has been going on behind the scenes.

Right now, it’s reached the point where I’ve heard that the people in the CIA, the Pentagon and the other agencies are ready to take action against the financial cabal.
M: And that’s where we’re going to leave it until we come into the next break, because you made some statements in November about the White Dragon Society and them being against the New World Order.
We’re going to get back to my legendary guest, Benjamin Fulford. This is Sean David Morton, Strange Universe. We just work here. We’ll be back in a few beats of your heart.
M: This is Sean David Morton, back here with you. Ben, I would be remiss… let me ask you a couple of rapid-fire questions, as I’m not sure how long I have here.

M: I have a lot of people asking me about the Iraqi Dinar, number one. Any opinions on it? A lot of people have it. A lot of people think it may revalue. Other people think it’s a total hoax.
[DW: If you are not already familiar with this, some folks believe the Iraqi Dinar will skyrocket in value as the world economy changes.
It may well be that this whole Internet campaign has been put in place to identify those who are aware of what is really going on. I have not invested in dinars myself, or been guided to.
As you will see, the first thing Fulford says is if you buy these dinars, your money is going directly into the hands of the cabal.]
M: Can you give me a quick shot or a quick idea as to what you think of it?
BF: All right. What I understand is that when the Bush-Clinton mafia invaded Iraq, they bought all the dinars at pennies to the dollar.
They’ve been selling them to make money.
People do not want the Bushes to profit from this crime.

However, at the end of the day, the Bush money and the Clinton money and Obama money will be frozen – all the stuff that was stolen by these gangsters that took over your constitutional government.
This is something where no decision has been made yet.
If the fatcats, the people who actually stole the dinars from the Iraqi people, have their funds frozen, then [for] the small investors who have them now, some way may be found to help them out.
This is something where no decision has been made at this point.

M: This leads into my next question. Having kept up on your posts and your blog, having been a fan and following your work, you made a very prescient prediction in November / December of last year.
You predicted – a little bit early, but close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades – that there would be some kind of reprisals in the form of induced earthquakes against the country of Japan.
The reason you gave for this – and please correct me if I am incorrect – is that there are basically about 1000 members of this cabal.
If you talk about the Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral, or what some people have called the Incunabula – this inner core of people – there’s about a thousand of them.
You have said there is a group called the White Dragon Society that apparently relates back to the old Taoists.
This White Dragon Society has said there will be a “Night of the Long Knives” coming, if you will. Within 48 hours, they could wipe out all of these world leaders.
This threat was about to be carried out. You were saying that then a reprisal would take place against Japan, which many people interpreted as being the massive Japanese earthquake of March 11th.

BF: First of all, the original discussion I had with these people was, “If you could take these people out, you could solve the problem.”
M: Yes.
BF: They figured they could take out about 200 people simultaneously.
M: All at once.
BF: Yeah. But then, they realized that we’re dealing with people who are looking for an excuse to start World War III.
They realized that this would not have the consequences they intended or desired.
They would be replaced with other cabalists, and they would get this war they were wishing for.
So, a decision was made not to go ahead with something like that.

Instead, they chose a longer route, which is a legal one – to get at them through the legal system and also to cut off their funds, and blacklist them.
That’s what has been going on.

I think now they only control about 30 countries, when they used to control the whole world – or at least most of it.
They’re really down to a rump now.

Because the real funds are being cut off to them, you can see the consequences with the Euro falling apart.
The reason the Euro is falling apart is they are no longer getting money from outside of Europe to prop up these Mediterranean countries that have chronic deficits.
M: Yes.
BF: In other words, they are using their [credit] cards more than they can afford to pay.

M: Right. And you also, I am sorry to interrupt, but you’ve also said that many of these people are talking about fleeing and going to South America, or that there is some Deus Ex Machina that is going to come from the sky and put these people in jail.
Who is this supposed to be?
BF: I’ve been talking to people within the agencies in the US – the CIA, NSA and Pentagon.
They’re saying they will move and arrest these people, but they haven’t been doing it yet.
They keep saying they are waiting for a certain lawsuit to act as a trigger mechanism.
That lawsuit involves the 371 trillion they have stolen from the non-aligned nations.
M: Okay.
BF: [The cabal] have been trying to block it in all sorts of ways.
But what I’m hearing now is that it could go ahead in November.

Even if it doesn’t go ahead, what’s happened is that by not giving up control of the US dollar, they are pushing the US economy into a disastrous tailspin.
When the US dollar was accepted as an international currency at the end of World War II – it didn’t become truly international until 1968 – the United States was fifty percent of the world’s economy.
Now it’s down to 17 or 16 percent of the world’s economy.

Most of the dollars out there are not owned by Americans. They are owned by Chinese, or Nigerians, or Saudis.
When the Federal Reserve Board cabal wanted to devalue the dollars and put out the Amero, all the other countries said:
“No! We’ve earned these dollars, and we’re not just going to let you welch on it. We don’t want them to become worthless.”

After 2008, they stopped accepting new dollars from the United States as a group. This was something that was not reported in your media, although you can prove it.
That’s what the Lehman shock was about. They said “Hey, we don’t accept it anymore.”
But there is a split. There are places where they will accept these dollars and places where they will not.
I had a friend who came here with a bunch of hundred-dollar bills and he went to the banks, and they wouldn’t change them.
He had just come from the US. They said, “No, we can’t accept these bills. They don’t have the right serial numbers.”
M: That is odd. I read that in one of your posts as well.

M: Are you on board – because again, an outrageous statement was made which I sort of agree with.
It seems like the two, white hat or black hat, I’m not sure who are the good guys anymore, the cowboys or the Indians. It seems like the Indians are the good guys and the cowboys are the bad guys.
It seems like the two forces for good right now seem to be the Russians, under Vladimir Putin, because Putin is about ready to run for President again.
And currently the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which are now being run by Admiral Fox Fallon [also appear to be the good guys.]
Admiral Fallon was the one that basically took over what was called Tyrant, which is the Iranian near theater (ph).
[Fallon] was the one who stopped, personally, six different false flag events, that I counted anyway, of Dick Cheney and George Bush trying to get a war with the Iranians – trying to do anything to trick up that war.
And it seems that the military, specifically [through] something called Alice in the Sky, also stepped in, between actually late September 2008, to also stop a series of massive false flag operations inside the United States.
Would you agree that now the Pentagon, and Fox Fallon and now the Russians are sort of the white knights operating for our benefit behind the scenes?
BF: Yeah! And believe it or not, most of the CIA is now with this.

You have understand that there have always been two CIAs. The CIA was created when they merged the Gestapo and the OSS after World War II.
The Nazi faction is the one that does all the drug dealing, headed by George Bush. The other faction is patriots who work on government salaries and don’t make their money from drugs.
And that is helping us too.

What they are realizing is this is taking a long time, because they want to go through this legally.
What they are saying is there is a legal way to remove these people from power.

When they’ve investigated it, they’ve found that most members of Congress have had accounts in the Vatican Bank with huge bribes in them.
So, cleaning this mess up would involve changing almost every politician in Washington to do it right.
M: (Laughs)
[DW: This is a very significant point.
My own insiders have extensively documented how the majority of Congress (other than the loathed Tea Party) are currently on very short notice with plans to flee the country when the mass arrests begin happening.
I had heard that they would all be implicated in high crimes and misdemeanors, but this new piece of information from Fulford clarified, for me, exactly why they are so afraid — and why they are prepared to flee at a moment’s notice.]

BF: The other thing is that the military doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guys.
They’re not, for example, going to intervene in these protests going on right now.
They are only going to intervene when people are killing each other.
Then they’re going to make the peace. But not until that time.
We’re close to the end game.

The other thing they’ve realized is that a lot of the debt the US has, they don’t have to pay. A lot of the US Government debt was created through fraud.
M: Of course.
BF: So you can just say hey… The Irish government. You don’t hear about Ireland anymore, right?              
M: No, you don’t. You just hear about Republic Tiger (ph), and now they’re just all gone.

BF: Well, the Irish prime minister has gone to these bankers. He said, “You got your right to this debt you say you owe us, but it was created through fraud. We don’t have a legal obligation to pay it.”
M: Can you stay with me after the break, or do you have to go?
BF: After one more break, then I’ve got to meet somebody. So one more section.
M: Okay. We’re going to be back after the break with Benjamin Fulford. We’re going to talk about the end game with Mr. Fulford.
M: My guest this evening, the legendary Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin, I certainly hope… I have been a fan of yours for a long time, since your stunning interviews on Project Camelot with our good friend Kerry Cassidy.
I certainly hope you will be a regular contributor to this show and I can have you back a lot. Can we do that?
BF: Yeah, I mean, uh, maybe when there is stuff to report, maybe once a month should be OK.
M: Whenever you have something going on, we’ll get a hold of you. Feel free to call.

M: So here’s my question, because we’ve only got you for about ten minutes here.
If you were writing the movie about the end game of the final conflict here between… On the one hand, it seems we have an evolutionary spiral, where mankind is very much yearning to be free.
You seem to believe there is a large group of people with a large bunch of money, or should I say a small group, the White Dragons or whatever, who seem to be working behind the scenes for the good of the world rather than to enslave us.
What is the end game here? How does your version of the apocalypse, where that which is hidden becomes revealed, play out — where the good guys win out in the end?

BF: Well, first of all, we know their version.
They want to start a war, kill four or five billion of what they call “useless eaters,” enslave the rest, and set themselves up in a Shangri-La for the elite — and everybody else is their slave in a dictatorial world government.

Now the endgame we see is that finance ultimately is the process of deciding what we, as a species, do in the future.
And that is being controlled by some not nice people – basically gangsters.
So if humans say, “From now on, we are going to decide what we are going to do in the future,” then a few obvious things come to mind of what people want to do.
One is they want to stop the destruction of the environment. And I don’t mean this global warming fraud. I’m talking about destroying ecosystems and wiping out species.
And they want to end poverty.

The other thing is that according to the American Association of Scientists, [DW: The Federation of American Scientists, to be precise,] there are more than 6000 patents that have been suppressed.
We want to take this technology and bring it out to the people.

I believe that once we get control of our future, away from this group… First of all, our group supports meritocracy. That’s where anybody can climb to the top of the pyramid if they really work at it, and they’re good enough.
It’s not going to be something you’re born into and everybody else is your sheep, which is the system that exists now.
[DW: If I were with Fulford in this interview, I would agree with many commenters, who said the whole notion of a “pyramid” structure is still Old World Order thinking and must also fall by the wayside.]

I also believe we should have some kind of end-of-the-world type event. I don’t mean World War III, I mean like a big party type of thing. Then we could reset the calendar of the world to zero.
Something really big to let people know things are different now. Like a wedding ceremony or a coming of age ceremony. Everybody knows after [this event that] it’s different.
We’d like to have some kind of huge global party to inaugurate the new freedom for the people.
[DW: Fulford doesn’t delve into the UFO subject, but we may very well get something just like what he described here in the form of a “Galactic Family Reunion.” The entire final chapter of my new book, The Source Field Investigations, is dedicated to this possibility.]

I’ve been reading science magazines for decades. I keep reading things about technology that allows people to live longer – two hundred years, three hundred years or more.
Then they keep saying it’s not going to be financed. And so why not?
Why can’t we live longer if we have the technology?
I think there’s going to be a lot of research in things like that.
[DW: Again, my book reveals a stunning amount of cutting-edge science supporting exactly what Ben is saying here.]

I believe that we have a really fabulous future waiting for us. But, it’s not going to happen right away, because these guys are not going to go quietly into the night.
They’re trying to drag the whole US down with them. They’ve been trying to create disasters.
For a while they were trying to set off the Canary Islands – some big earthquakes. That would have caused a 500-foot tidal wave [that would have destroyed the East Coast of the United States.]
M: Are you talking about blowing up Las Palmas, which is the island in the Canary islands that…
BF: Yes, they were threatening that, but I believe that has been stopped now.

BF: What I’m saying is that these guys are going to do everything they can, but the good news is they don’t have the money and they don’t have the support of most of the world now.
Even within the US, the people who count don’t support them anymore. They needed secrecy to keep their system going, and they don’t have that secrecy anymore.
People now know that they have these computers where they type in a trillion dollars and it lets them play God.
That’s not their money. That belongs to the people.
Their people are going to take it back.
This is the process that is happening.

World peace, for example, would be a no-brainer. Really extended development of the Universe. Then of course we all want to know the truth.
There’s some… clearly, I don’t get into UFOs and stuff like this. I deliberately try to stick to the daily nitty-gritty of the actual financial system and international treaties.
But, we do know that people were going out into space with Apollo flights, and then the talk was that we’re going to have colonies on Mars.
Then everything stopped dead in the 1970s. And then you have all these underground bases and all these “crazy” stories come out.
I think we want to have those bases opened. We want to have the news cameras go in there and find out exactly what is really going on, and what is just a huge cloud of disinformation. 

Speaking of disinformation, you were quoting in your show, earlier, a Sorcha Faal. OK?
M: Yes.
BF: My research has shown that this is actually written by a person named David Booth, who is Naval military intelligence.
M: Yes.
BF: And so, it is a valid site because it is Naval military intelligence putting it out. But, it ranges from anywhere between ten to ninety percent true.
So, you have to be careful when you read it. Try to figure out what is probably real and what is not in their reports.
[DW: The key sites putting this out are whatdoesitmean.com and EUTimes.net. Also, the site presscore.ca recently appeared out of nowhere and is very likely being written by the exact same group, now that “Sorcha Faal” has been exposed and widely discredited.
The name “Press Core” very much seems to be “Press Corps” – an example of the military-industrial complex “hiding out in the open” by showing that this site is part of their campaign to seed disinformation into the Internet community.]

M: You’re absolutely right, Benjamin. I tried to preface it. I didn’t have a lot of time before I brought you on, but I tried to preface it with [the statement that] Sorcha Faal is one of those sources people need to take with a giant lick of salt.
It seems to be one of those kind of radical sources that sometimes seems to be true, sometimes does not.
I know there were other intelligences coming out about the Middle East that specifically were Israeli intelligence and Mossad intelligence, about certain weapons that they had and whatever else.
Obviously that’s what we have to look out for all the way around it.

M: It does seem, though, that there is going to be a considerable amount of pain, woe and sorrow, if you will, as the social and political and economic structure begins to collapse.
We’re looking at the collapse of Greece. If Greece goes, France goes, because France is financing most of what’s happening in Greece.
[DW: Before we assume this will be a horrific world “domino effect”, let’s consider what we’ve learned from Complex Adaptive Systems theory – an offshoot of Chaos Theory and fractals.
What we know is that when you stress a “complex adaptive system” like an economy to a point of peak instability, it reorganizes into a higher level of order — quite spontaneously.
The way in which it reorganizes cannot be predicted or scripted in advance – and single entities within the system can become the cluster-points around which the new reorganization will occur.
This was modeled using computers that studied the behavior of a pile of sand as it formed. Once the pile reaches “chaos,” or peak instability, the position or direction of movement of each particle can no longer be predicted.
However, the pile then has an avalanche and immediately reorganizes into a higher, more complex and more organized form of its former self.
For this same reason, I highly doubt we will see a “global economic collapse” of any significant duration.
There will be an avalanche, yes – but as Fulford has said, every effort is being made to shield the average person, and their assets, from this shift.]

M: It took 20 years for a central European bank concept, the Euro, to bankrupt the nations.
It took 20 years for the Federal Reserve system to bankrupt the United States of America. I can’t believe the Europeans were so stupid to fall for it.
BF: It’s like having a joint account with a cousin who doesn’t really work very hard, and spends more than he puts in.
Then at a certain point, you say, “Why do I have an account with this guy?”
That’s the essence of it.
What’s really happening is the system that was controlled by the old cabal is falling apart.
They are being systematically cut off. That is what you don’t see.

For example, we have our guy in the BIS working with us.
They’ve tried twice to kill him, because he’s actually one of the persons who is actually in control of the computer screen that is blocking their money from getting into the system.
M: Yes.
BF: So it’s really getting down to that level now. Very few people are in on the secret of what codes you type in to create money and get money into the banking system in the first place.
And in some ways, it needs to be kept secret. But it was stolen by people who didn’t have the rights to it. That’s the issue we’re dealing with at that level.
They won’t want to give up power.
So, they’re going to have to have more chaos before they finally accept the inevitable.
There is just some control that is no longer viable, and humanity will be free.

M: Do you think humanity… From you personally, and you have a lot of concepts, grand ideas and all this.
You personally. Do you think that humanity is prepared to be free? Do you think they actually have the knowledge, the wisdom and the responsibility?
Because apparently, that’s what they are taking advantage of. That these Masters of the Universe are, in essence, they understand that very few people want to be creditors — and want to be responsible.
So many people want to be slaves. They want to be told what to do. Are we ready to be free, Benjamin?

BF: Well, a lot of people will remain… You know this. They’re not going to change until what they see on their network TV changes.
When it’s announced to them that it’s going to be different, they will go along with that.
There will always be people who will act like sheep. That is unfortunate.
What you can do is [this.] If you educate people, give them the truth, people generally make good decisions when they have good information.
I think you can trust them as long as you take them out of their ignorance.

But, that’s why I say democracy was subverted. They took over the control of the media, the banking and the money.
They systematically took over your democratic systems through bribery, murder and propaganda — until it became a hidden fascist system, controlled by members of a similar ethnic group.

I’m not talking about Jews here. I’m talking about central Asian Khazars. Their belief system is not Jewish. They are the same group as the Ashekenazi Jews – the same ancestry.
I don’t want to get that issue confused, because they are separate. You’re looking at one million of those guys.
M: They’re part Mongol, actually, because of Genghis Khan and the Mongol invasion. But go on, yes.
BF: Yeah.

BF: I’m still hearing they’re going to be deported from the US when people find out what they’ve been doing. They’re not going to be welcome anymore.
Some people want to put them in FEMA camps. Some people say [we should] ship them to North Korea. I don’t know what’s going to happen. This is going to be something the American people will have to decide.
There are going to be a lot of angry people out there when they find out what’s been done to them by this group – how they subverted your democracy and turned you into a fascist, war-mongering nation.

What we need to do too is that once the US debt is written off and we re-establish a financial system, the Americans need to come up with their own currency.
The US dollar is not an American thing. It was never controlled by Americans since the Federal Reserve Board was taken over by foreigners.
It’s an international trading currency. The interests of that are different than the interests of the United States as a country.
That’s something they need to wrap their heads around.
They can’t think away from that, but they have to come up with a new United States currency, separate from all the dollars that have been issued up until 2008.
Then those other currencies that are out there, those dollars that are owned by the world, will be backed by gold — and will become world dollars.

We need to have some kind of… we have to rebuild the institutions that were built after World War Two.
It means everything has to be changed. The UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank.
We need a total revamp of the international architecture to make it more democratic and representative of the actual people on the planet, and to take it out of the control of a corrupt mafia that has infiltrated the very top ranks.

M: And who do you see this as being? Again, if George Soros is the hope for humanity, then I don’t think we have much hope. 
BF: No. George Soros is in trouble. He’s not going to be around much longer. They’re going to take him out of commission.
I don’t mean killing him. I mean they’re going to put him in jail or something, or take his money away.
He’s been trying to take over this protest movement, as you know. They’re all trying to co-opt it.
They don’t have the support of the people who control the military and the agencies. They’re losing that.

At a certain point, the media monopoly is going to break up.
I’m hearing that Rupert Murdoch is ready to change sides.
I know that he’s been under a lot of attack.
Part of the reason he’s been under a lot of attack is because he may be ready to break with the media control network, or grid, and start providing some truth.
I’m hoping he will.
But he’s waiting. He’s waiting to see the military act before he does that.
M: Huh.

BF: If there’s a bunch of arrests before the end of the year, that will be a sign for everybody to see.
M: (Laughs)
BF: Otherwise, you’ll see more infighting and people spilling secrets on each other. It’s like rats in a sack turning on each other.
You will see more of this. Information that has been hidden for a long time will come out.
But just be careful. These guys are the world’s best liars. They put out smog and disinformation.
Just stay away from anything that doesn’t have solid proof, and they can’t fool you.

Just remember. They don’t have money anymore. All they have is illusion. And that illusion is breaking up.
At the end of the day, what’s going to happen is humanity is going to take over the process of deciding what they want to do next for the future from a small, inbred elite.
That is going to be bigger than the fall of the Soviet Union. It’s going to be the biggest thing probably in thousands of years in our history. That’s how big it’s going to be.
The implications are just so mind-boggling. Literally, we’re going to have the ability to live for thousands of years.
We’re going to have all this SF technology that has been hidden from us. Free energy will allow us to live like rich people.
This is all going to be realistically possible within our lifetimes, once we get rid of these control freak monsters who took over the top of the Western system.

M: I guess, last but not least: again, you have created a lot of controversy. The August 23rd earthquakes.
I predicted there was going to be an alignment within five days of August 18th, and we were going to see something on the Appalachian plains, and the Appalachian quake.
You believe that these are this war being extended to underground bases and facilities being cleared out.
BF: What I heard from my direct sources, not stuff I heard on the Internet, was that there were two missiles in the underground system that were going to be used to set off some kind of terrorist event in New York and Washington.
Instead, they were taken to the safe part of the underground system. They were blown up where they weren’t going to cause much human or material damage.
I heard a lot of their warehouses, much of their stashes were blown up. And then, to confirm it, there was the seismographic evidence showing it was an underground explosion, and not an earthquake.
And the epicenter coincided with known underground bases.
M: Benjamin Fulford, thank you so much. I hope you are a regular contributor to the show. I respect your time and I understand that you have to go. Thank you. Can you come back?
BF: If something important happens, I will contact you, but when there’s no news, there’s no news. There’s a lot of waiting with this.

Fulford’s most recent blog ends with new developments about how this financial system will be put in place:
What is now going to happen is that the 100 countries that have so far joined the new system started in Monaco in August, are going to implement the new system in four stages, according to a White Dragon Society source.
The US military and agencies will be involved in this process right from the beginning, he added. Efforts to intimidate generals by using corrupt institutions like the IRS to try to repossess their homes will backfire and lead to criminal prosecutions.
The first step will be a lawsuit that will be filed before November 15th against the individuals and groups who abused the Federal Reserve Board system. This will lead to liens being placed against many of the largest financial institutions in the world, according to the filers. There will also be mass arrests.
The other steps have yet to be disclosed. However, some basic truths are already known.
First of all, all honest businessmen and bankers worldwide will have nothing to worry about.
Second of all, the money created through derivatives fraud will be eliminated from the books, even if that means bankrupting many of the big Western financial institutions.
Third, major historical financial injustices will be addressed and stolen monies and assets will be returned to their rightful owners. This will be good news for the vast majority of Western citizens as well as the inhabitants of long exploited regions like Africa.
The international banking and payment settlements systems will remain in place after the reboot. This will mean the minimum possible disruption to legitimate business.
However, as mentioned earlier, the international institutions set up and controlled by a small group of Western oligarchs after World War 2 will be totally revamped.



Fulford’s previous post from October 23rd was loaded with new information — but one part really stood out the most, and obviously came in after he gave the above interview.

Again, this data does not line up with what I’m hearing, in terms of the number of bases affected, but this seems to be due to how high the “need-to-know basis” is being kept on all of these things:

The corporate media cartel is also falling apart. As mentioned earlier Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV and other outlets have begun exposing information, such as the legal actions against attorney general Eric Holder, that other networks are withholding.
Now it turns out the Sumner Redstone’s CBS network is interviewing a White Dragon Society member for an upcoming 60 minutes episode as part of an expose of the high-level fraud that has been taking place at the very tip-top of the global financial system (he will not be identified by the network as a White Dragon).
The Pentagon is also continuing the process of making sure the elite cannot run and hide in any of their underground bases while the rest of humanity gets slaughtered.
The big underground explosion near San Antonio Texas last week (reported by local press as an earthquake that made a “boom” sound) was a part of this process.
The US is peppered with underground bases, but the two big ones in Virginia and Colorado have already been shut off to the elite.
Another dozen have also been dealt with.
The Pentagon has informed the elite that “if they go hide underground, then so will everybody else.” The last really big underground facility still under fascist control is in Norway.


One of the moderators sent me this comment, which came in on our previous entry. It’s an intriguing place to end for now, until and unless I finish this out with more updates as we go.

Author: Happystrings


Hey Mods! Let David know this one.

One of my patients just left my office. He works for MF Global. That’s a major player in the Commodities Markets. He told me the company went bankrupt this morning and that the feds were in his office all day.

Agents from his company were locked off the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He said that meant 40% of all the traders on the CME floor were barred from entering today and will probably be barred from doing so tomorrow.

How long they are kept off the trading floor depends on what the Feds do and if they can find a buyer for their division.

The bankruptcy occurred because their CEO or COO (or whatever) took the company’s debt ration from 6::1 to 40::1 by buying junk bonds, etc, especially from Europe.

He will not be paid for at least 6 weeks while this is worked out.  He was madder than a wet hen and said, “The Federal Reserve has to go.”

I checked out the local financial news and it is not even in the newspapers yet. The crash seems to be beginning. Here we go!



Before reading Fulford’s latest post, or transcribing this interview, I had a significant new dream this morning that seems to support the idea that things could be changing fairly quickly. Here it is:

       At the end there was a McDonald’s
       It seemed to have radically changed its menu
       Now you could order high-quality sushi – things like that
       A middle-aged man came up to the cash register to make an order
       He seemed to have broken down
       He admitted he had worked for the Rothschilds at a high level
       Now he no longer believed that what he had been doing was good
       He was openly revealing secrets of the banking network to the people
       The whole thing was pretty shocking
       It was public and quite unexpected
       People didn’t really know what to do – they were simply stunned

I just got an interesting email that, although still not “proof,” does give further support to the idea that this could all be true: 
Hi David
I live in Connecticut and I personally know contractors who work in the Westport, Greenwich area. (This is where the NY Bank executives live).  I have been told that Big Bank executives (one from JP Morgan Chase) have vanished.
One of these contractors were in the middle of a large construction project, they were told to stop half way through and within the next few days the family was gone, moved out.
A couple of Landscapers confirm houses of Bank executives that were previously busy with activity, kids, cars etc. — these homes suddenly have no cars, no kids, no activity — they don’t know what happened to them.
I don’t know if you are familiar with Westport and Greenwich CT, but the mansions and money in this area is mind boggling.
To just quickly move out of a mansion like that is ODD to say the least.  It makes me wonder if these people are worried about arrests or if they know the The Sh@# is about to hit the fan.

These executives are not the Goldman Sachs Board member from Westport who was arrested on 10-18.

I hope to interview Fulford soon and catch up with him. In the meantime I have other projects going on that require my attention, including finishing the article I’m already working on.
These are exciting developments, to be sure — and I look forward to the next step!