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Did human extraterrestrials visit Earth – and predict a Golden Age will culminate in the year 2012, freeing us from evil, fear and doom?
Did the founding fathers of America inherit this prophecy – and encode it directly into the Great Seal of the United States?
Why is there a pyramid with an eye inside a glowing triangle?
Is Novus Ordo Seclorum quoted from an ancient prophecy text – the greatest and most secret treasure of the Roman Empire – predicting that humans on Earth will transmute into “light beings” and achieve Apotheosis – where Man becomes God – and the ‘Gods’ themselves return?
In this mind-blowing new documentary, David Wilcock reveals the stunning scientific proof that DNA and biological life emerge directly out of the Source Field… a universal matrix of energy creating all space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness – and we are indeed about to experience the Greatest Moment of All Time.
Learn about the pineal gland, Illuminati, government conspiracy, UFOs, DMT, the Mayan Calendar and more!



The Source Field Investigations has taken thirty years to develop — and over two years of intensive focus just to combine the raw data into a massive 700-page outline and then write it all up into a finished product.

Now, at last, we have a full-length documentary film — nearly two hours in length — which highlights only a small percentage of the encyclopedic information I crammed in the book — perhaps 3 percent — but nonetheless weaves a very compelling narrative!

This film is specifically intended to be the sequel to The 2012 Enigma — further enhancing and refining the clarity and “wow factor” of the original message.

We’ve all been working round-the-clock to get this exclusive Divine Cosmos indie release right — and the results have been spectacular! See for yourself:



Again… even though this documentary is impressive just by itself, it only covers a small portion of what’s in the book.

To help give you a greater sense of the scope of The Source Field Investigations, the publisher sent me a series of questions — and I think you’ll like the answers!

Each all-caps heading represents one of the questions I was asked — and the following text is the reply. Some of these subjects will be familiar from the new movie — but others were not covered at all.

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Two prominent historians, Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend, concluded that a massive number of different ancient myths and spiritual teachings, from all over the world, were ‘encoded’ with information about a 25,920-year cycle in the Earth’s orbit.
Each of these myths indicated that Earth would go through a period of great turmoil as this cycle came to an end, but that it would directly usher in a stunning new Golden Age for humanity.
This cycle completes itself when we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, which French astronomers concluded would occur in or around the year 2011. The Mayan Calendar is mathematically synchronized with this same cycle, and it marks the cycle change as occurring in December 21, 2012.
Human DNA evolution has moved 100 times faster in the last 5000 years than any other time in history, according to Dr. John Hawks, causing a 7-percent change in its structure – and every planet in the Solar System is experiencing dramatic, recent climate change, which appears to be a fulfillment of these prophecies. 
Hebrew, Christian and Islamic prophecies of “end times” are all provably derived from very ancient Zoroastrian sources, according to noteworthy historians Boyce and Grenet.
Surprisingly, the original Zoroastrian prophecies did not say that Earth or its people would be destroyed as we moved through this transition period.
Instead, they said that the flow of time, as we now know it, would dramatically change – literally affecting the physics of reality – and evil would fade away due to the efforts of the just.
This then became misconstrued, over thousands of years, as being a prophecy of “the end of time,” and therefore of Earth’s destruction as we move through this cycle.

Many different spiritual teachings, both ancient and modern, proposed that we live in a Divine Cosmos – and that all space, time, matter, energy and biological life is the product of one infinite Mind.
The first adult book I read was “How to Make ESP Work For You,” by Harold Sherman, when I was seven years old. I practiced the exercises in his book and got stunning results – proving for myself that we do all have an innate psychic ability that can be developed, and that Mind can exist well outside the physical body.
In fifth grade, I found out that Dr. Francis Crick proved that DNA was far too complex to have evolved by random chance.
By the time I was a junior in high school I had several successful “lucid dreaming” experiences – in which I was directly experiencing a thought-responsive environment, where I could levitate objects, fly, walk through walls, manifest anything I wanted, or even change my entire environment with the snap of a finger.
I couldn’t help but wonder if our own physical reality might adhere to some of these same laws – at least to some degree.
My research efforts dramatically accelerated in college, after a friend of mine revealed that his college physics professor said UFOs were real, they had crashed on this planet in Roswell and other events, and we had enjoyed a great number of technological breakthroughs as a result – including solid-state transistors, LED lights, fiber-optic cables, lasers, infrared night vision, Teflon, Kevlar and computer chips.
Equally surprising was the statement that many of the beings found in these ships were human – looking either just like we do or with only superficial differences, such as purple irises. This professor had worked in the higher echelons of NASA in the 1970s and said this was “common knowledge” within his level, but they had all been instructed to keep it secret so as to avoid a War-of-the-Worlds-style mass panic.
By 1995 I had read more than three hundred different books on a wide variety of paranormal subjects, including UFOs, Atlantis, poltergeists, spoonbending, ESP, the Loch Ness Monster, et cetera.
My research culminated in the discovery of the Law of One material in January 1996, which presented an incredibly vast philosophy of science and spirit that fused everything I had read about up until then into an elegant new whole.
I did not want to blindly believe in what these books said, so I became much more focused on researching these subjects – and found that there was a stunning amount of scientific data available that could validate the idea that the Universe is made from a living, conscious Source Field. 

After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991, former Soviet scientists had guaranteed financing from the communist system, but there were no wars left to fight.
Many different divisions began conducting scientific research in pyramids built by Dr. Alexander Golod, using PVC pipes and fiberglass facing – the tallest of which soared at 144 feet in height. Their results were absolutely stunning.
Every type of disease or illness imaginable could be dramatically reduced or even eliminated by the power of the pyramids. One milliliter of water that had been stored in the pyramids was enough to save prematurely-born infants from almost certain death.
In addition, the Russian pyramids had a remarkably positive effect on geophysical processes. Dry areas experienced increased rainfall. Ozone holes closed up. Batteries automatically recharged when placed on top of the pyramids.
Severe weather deflected around the areas where the pyramids were built. Municipal water supplies were purified, even from radioactive waste. Oil wells produced 25 percent more supply, which was also 25 percent cleaner than before. Agricultural seeds generated up to 400 percent larger plants.
Best of all, earthquakes were dramatically reduced. Instead of one giant quake, there were many small and insignificant tremors.
These mainstream Russian scientists submitted their papers to all the best science journals and were invariably turned down. Part of this could be due to the strong bias that most scientists have against groundbreaking new concepts that violate some of their most cherished assumptions.
There may also be a deliberate effort in place to suppress this information. The two most profitable businesses on earth are pharmaceuticals and the oil industry, and these discoveries could render both of them nearly obsolete within a fairly short period of time.

The Source Field Investigations reveals groundbreaking new scientific research proving that the pineal gland is lined with cells that function just like the rods and cones in the retina of the eye.
Electrically, the pineal gland is wired into the brain just like the eye, via a “phototransduction cascade.” Some scientists have concluded there may be photons releasing inside the pineal gland that are picked up much like the eye, but they don’t understand how this could happen.
We do know the pineal gland is filled with a watery fluid that has tiny crystals floating around in it, including calcite and, quite possibly, DMT.
When DMT is synthesized in a laboratory and chipped out of its container, it emits massive bursts of colored light in a “piezochromatic” effect. This suggests that the crystals in the pineal gland could be expanding and contracting, and releasing visible photons, in a manner not unlike the function of a crystal radio.
Chinese scientists discovered that when a trained remote viewer accurately described a target inside a light-shielded room, up to 15,000 photons appeared.
Many people report seeing a “silver cord” between their physical body and “astral body” when having an out-of-body experience – and this cord seems to be anchored into the forehead.
It is possible that the “silver cord” is actually a sort of Einstein-Rosen bridge or ‘stargate’ that connects the physical and astral bodies. Photons detected by the astral body travel through the cord and vibrate crystals in the pineal gland, releasing full-color images that the retinal tissue then sends into the brain.
Many different ancient cultures placed huge importance on the pineal gland, using symbolism such as the pinecone to tell the story.
It may well be that the fleeting visual images we see in our “imagination,” or when “daydreaming,” are in fact direct perceptions of the Source Field via our astral bodies.
The ancient traditions strongly encouraged us to strengthen this perceptive system so we may become far more aware of who and what we really are.

Quantum mechanics seems to be caused by harmonic vibrations rather than ‘particles’. The Source Field appears to be a fluidlike energy field, all throughout the Universe, that powers gravity, time and electromagnetic energy.
Dr. Hans Jenny vibrated fluids with tiny particles floating in them and saw beautiful geometric patterns appear. Physical matter forms out of the Source Field this way – as concluded by Dr. Robert Moon, one of the original Manhattan Project researchers, beginning in 1986. All the mysteries of quantum mechanics could be solved by harmonic geometry.
This same geometry appears in the structure and function of the DNA molecule, as well as in the shape of the continents, undersea volcanic ranges and largest mountain ranges here on Earth.
It also is responsible for the exact spacing between the planets in the Solar System, the organization of massive ‘superclusters’ of galaxies, and even the locations of gas and dust at the farthest reaches of the Cosmos.
If physical matter is nothing more than a geometric vibration within the Source Field, that suggests it may not be as ‘solid’ as we think.
There is a remarkable amount of evidence that consciousness creates its own ‘vibrations’ in the Source Field, which would then be able to generate geometric structures on its own – if focused strongly enough.
At our current level of existence, most people do not have the ability to perform ‘miracles’ like this, but it may well be that the transformation Earth is now going through will make it much easier to access such abilities.

There is overwhelming evidence that “ancient astronauts” visited Earth and used a superior form of technology.
Even the best efforts of today have failed to recreate gigantic stone structures like we see all over the world from ancient times. The Great Pyramid was built with mind-numbing precision, including the fact that it was originally faced with mirror-polished white limestone, making it look like a giant marble sculpture in the desert.
Discover Magazine revealed in December 2009 that skulls had been found in Boskop, South Africa that were significantly larger than conventional human skulls, leading them to suggest that the least intelligent of these people would still have had a 300 IQ.
The Boskops were given religious burials with high honors – not treated as dangerous interlopers and villains. There is no evidence of them invading or conquering Earth – they were apparently revered as great leaders.
Over 3,300 different pyramids, stone circles and other “megalithic” sites were all built according to a worldwide geometric pattern. This was initially discovered by Ivan T. Sanderson after he plotted out where all the ships and planes were disappearing on Earth – in events similar to those seen in the Bermuda Triangle.
A total of twelve equidistant points were identified, forming a simple geometric form called an icosahedron. Russian scientists then found this was the basic building block of a worldwide ‘Grid’ that every single ancient site was built upon – apparently to harness energy these sites were producing.
All of this can be explained by seeing the geometry as a slight spinning movement written into the force of gravity as it moves into the Earth. This gravitational spin moves the atmosphere, the oceans and the molten lava in the mantle under the continents.
Pyramid technology appears to regularize these ‘spin currents,’ insuring a stabler, healthier Earth – and the ancients apparently built pyramids to protect and strengthen the health of people on Earth.

Dr. Peter Gariaev found that DNA acts like a miniature black hole – absorbing all the photons of light in its vicinity and storing them inside the molecule.
In the 1970s, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp made a similar discovery – concluding there were up to 1000 different photons within a single DNA molecule at any one time.
When we become sick, the DNA loses photons in the areas where the tissue is affected. This suggests that light plays a far more important role in genetics than we ever had imagined.
Gariaev’s most surprising discovery was that the light continued to spiral in the same place after the DNA itself was removed.
Blasts of liquid nitrogen would free these photons from the force field and clear the area, but only for five to eight minutes – and then new photons were captured by the same force. Amazingly, this force continued to capture and store photons for up to thirty days in the same location.
Dr. Luc Montagnier announced in 2011 that he was able to transform ordinary water molecules into DNA within a sealed glass tube – by simply putting another tube of water with DNA in it next door, and zapping them both with a weak electrical current.
This is one of a series of stunning data points suggesting that DNA originates as an energy pattern written into the ‘spin’ of gravity, which then moves atoms and molecules into the proper positions to form life.
This gives dramatic proof that the Source Field is responsible for all life on Earth – and that life almost certainly exists throughout the entire Cosmos.
Many legitimate discoveries have been suppressed, for well over a century, that support this groundbreaking concept. It also makes it far more likely that we are “not alone” in the Universe, and that human life may be far more prevalent than we ever believed.

The year 2012 is when a grand 25,920-year earth cycle reaches its completion. The measurable wobble in the Earth’s axis is broken down into twelve “ages of the zodiac,” each of which is 2,160 years long.
This appears to be far more than a superficial wobble – it appears to be a gravitational effect caused by our movement through the Source Field.
At the end of this cycle, the Source Field increases in its speed and complexity – causing an intelligent re-patterning of DNA.
Dr. Peter Gariaev was able to transform frog eggs into salamander eggs by laser light alone – after directing the laser through salamander eggs. The frog eggs were completely rewritten on a genetic level, and developed into healthy adult salamanders, with no evidence they had originated from frogs.
Dr. John Hawks already discovered that human DNA has been rapidly evolving in the last 5000 years, at a 100-times-faster rate than any other period in history.
Additionally, there is compelling evidence of prior bursts in human evolution 25,000 years ago with the disappearance of Neanderthals as well as 50,000 years ago, when Earth humans abruptly started making artistic and spiritual tools rather than just focusing on survival.
Ancient humans from other planets apparently visited Earth, were seen as “Gods,” and gave prophecies and spiritual teachings to help prepare us for this incredible shift.
By becoming more loving, we are moving into greater alignment with the essence of the Source Field itself, and therefore optimizing our own evolutionary process.


In The Source Field Investigations, compelling new evidence is given that time travel is a natural effect that happens sporadically on Earth, particularly in and around the major ‘vortex points.’

There are many documented cases of “time slips” in which people saw a glowing, spherical orb in front of them, experienced gravitational anomalies and bizarre psychological effects, as if time had slowed down, and then found themselves having traveled anywhere between a few hours to a few days into the future from where they had been.

Even more profound are the many examples of what appear to be dinosaurs that traveled millions of years into the future.
This includes the Loch Ness Monster and other similar creatures as a plesiosaurus, the “Mokele-Mbembe” in Congo as a small brontosaurus-like sauropod, the “Kongamoto,” “Ropen”, “Thunderbird” and/or “Dragon” as being a pterosaur, and a perfect illustration of a stegosaurus carved into a temple wall in Cambodia from 1186 AD.
The spherical orb appears to be a gateway into a parallel reality in which time becomes space and space becomes time. This means that traveling any distance in this parallel reality is equivalent to time travel in our own world.
The Source Field Investigations provides remarkable new scientific evidence that the Universe is built like this, and that time travel therefore is a naturally-accessible phenomenon.
The key is to create enough ‘spin’ within the gravitational field to accelerate atoms over the light-speed boundary, as the book explains.

I have personally spoken to a wide variety of different people who have worked in classified, “top secret” programs in which UFOs were openly acknowledged to be real.
Apparently there is a “Processed Release of Information” or PRI program already underway, in which we are being given more and more evidence that UFOs really exist – so we can be prepared for the truth to be revealed in the near future.
In the final chapter of The Source Field Investigations, I present a variety of data points suggesting that India, China and other nations have been directly contacted by non-terrestrial humans who informed them that they would return in or around December 2012, and make their presence openly known.
Apparently, the world’s governments have been cooperating with this ancient plan by releasing bits and pieces of information to let us know the truth.
There is a strong desire to avoid a panic and to help us accept that we are not alone in the Universe.
I do not believe these people wish to harm us – there is very strong evidence that they have been here all along, guiding and protecting us behind the scenes, including making absolutely sure we will never use nuclear weapons against each other.
The Golden Age is within our grasp – and this book is my own best effort to help us pave the way to the future we all deserve.

We’re still only a third of the way towards our goal of 15,000 pre-orders to debut on the New York Times best-seller list. I am delighted that the release of this book has not been interfered with by the Powers that Were, and it will actually make it into people’s hands.
Too much has happened now for them to be able to suppress this knowledge — but believe me, if they knew what was in there, they would have worked a lot harder. This book couldn’t have even been released had things not been so bad for “Uncle” lately.
Now that it’s too late to stop it from going out there, silence will be the main weapon of choice for the Powers that Were. By simply ignoring it, they might hope this knowledge will simply go away.
We already have the technology to greatly reduce, if not eliminate disease and sickness, free ourselves from fossil-fuel enslavement and the need to pay for energy, and restore the biosphere.

The most important reason for getting these pre-orders up to 15,000 is that it forces the mainstream media to pay attention and take this book seriously.
At this point, prior to the release date, it’s basically a 20 to 25-dollar vote for Disclosure. I’m shocked that our numbers are still so low, considering the power of this information to utterly transform our world. As I’ve said before, since many of our articles get 100,000 views, these numbers should be easy — but for some reason they’re not!
If you’ve already bought a copy, or multiple copies, the video is now a great tool to turn people on to what this is all about — so please share it with your friends and help us nurture the buzz!
If you have been thinking about owning a physical copy, Kindle e-book or the full audiobook series, where I narrate the whole book on a series of CDs and / or MP3s on one CD for less money, now is the time to lock in the most affordable price — as everything bumps up after the official release date of August 23rd. 
I will also be appearing in a full-length show on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on August 22nd, the night before the book comes out — and hopefully that will be the final turning point that will insure a healthy liftoff for this planetary healing initiative.
I thank you for your support! Without you, none of this would be possible… and I do look forward to a society where everyone has the freedom and abundance they need and deserve.
I am very grateful the release of this book has not been stopped — and once I know you’ve got a physical copy in your hands, I can finally relax, knowing for certain that this information has actually managed to get through.



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