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By David Wilcock


We have been doing massive work to summarize two years’ worth of dreams suggesting we are about to see a substantial defeat for the negative elite, and the possibility of a mainstream UFO disclosure — maybe before the end of this year, but certainly in the not-too-distant future. 

Then the curious story of the “Balloon Boy” came along. It seemed to be a synchronistic “meta-message” flagging the increasing possibility of an upcoming mainstream UFO disclosure.

Drudge Report Headline: Humans Come ‘From Aliens’

You have a boy named ‘Falcon’ (i.e. Ra/Horus) in a UFO-shaped balloon that lands right near Denver Airport. Every major network raced with reports he may be dead, as he was seen going inside but now no basket was visible below the balloon.

Then the ‘UFO’ crash-landed (Roswell, anyone?) and we found out the boy (i.e. humanity) was safe. News headlines surged with reports that the boy’s television-friendly family believed humans were descended from ETs, that “Hillary Might Be a Reptilian,” et cetera:

Of course, controversy now swirls around a comment the boy made when being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. When asked why he was hiding in the attic, he said, “We did this for the show” — which some took to mean his parents put him up to it, so as to stage a giant media circus.

Either way, this event has again pushed the UFO issue to the forefront of everyone’s awareness. Are we, in fact, descended from ETs? Are there reptilian ETs out there? Have they crash-landed here? And will we all be safe if these things are true?

In the midst of all this, we were also being inundated with your emails about a new discovery… so rather than ignore it and have them continue stacking up, it seemed like a good idea to write about it.


Namely, the front end of the Sun’s magnetic field now has a strip or ‘ribbon’ of brightness that is three hundred percent brighter than anything ever imagined or expected before.



As Russian scientists have been saying since at least 1993, (see below), the likely cause of this anomalous brightness is that our solar system is moving into a more highly-energized region of the galaxy. The thicker gas and dust, and more highly-charged energetic particles, slam against the Sun’s magnetic field — causing it to grow brighter and brighter as we go along.

Our solar system is moving into a more highly-energized region of the galaxy.

I found out about this in December 2000, and on June 4, 2002, I published the third book in the CONVERGENCE series free online. I was so happy with the book I ended up naming the website after it — Divine Cosmos. In Chapter Eight, I summarized everything I knew at the time about interplanetary climate change — and it is still highly relevant.

This model was originally based on alleged ET communications — which we read and received beginning in 1996. It has since been fleshed out with many hundreds of hard scientific data points over the ensuing 13 years. All the best of those scientific references will appear in our new Penguin / Dutton book, 2012 Enigma: Blueprints of a Golden Age.

We now consider this book to be the most important text we will have ever written, because nothing will be held back. No matter how firmly entrenched and unwilling to listen our skeptics may be at the outset, the case laid out in this book will at the very least cause them to lie awake at night, reeling with the possibilities that it just might be true.

Skeptics will lie awake at night, reeling with the possibilities that it just might be true.

All along, we have said that this movement into a new galactic energy zone is the physically-measurable ‘celestial event’ that all the 2012 / end times / Golden Age prophecies have been referring to. And the scientific data to prove the point has been coming in so fast and furious that we haven’t had time to cover most of it with new updates on this website, given all the things we’re accomplishing at this time.

The effects of this ‘celestial event’ are superficially visible in climate change, which is provably occurring throughout the solar system, not just on Earth. More importantly, we are moving through intelligent energy that has a direct effect on biology and consciousness. Therefore, these galactic energy zones have a vital role in driving the evolution of species on Earth, including the current, in-progress, dramatic upgrade of human intelligence and intuitive ability.

I covered all these points in significant detail in my recent 2012: Return to Camelot presentation in Los Angeles. After all this time, there is easy-to-watch video documentation for so many of these points I’ve been making. [This is only a transitional step on the path to a video presentation of this same material with much higher production value, which may become a TV documentary as well. More on that a bit later.]

Here it is, if you haven’t already seen it — and I highly recommend you check it out:



As you hear in Return to Camelot, human advances have become increasingly obvious in the last 300 years compared to the whole remainder of human history — such as by looking at the extremely rapid progression of technology and literacy, and the steady increase of 3 IQ points per decade that has been going on for over a century — the so-called “Flynn Effect”.



A brightness increase at the front of the Sun’s magnetic field has been a key aspect of the ‘interplanetary climate change’ model all along, going back to Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev’s seminal paper on the subject in 1997.

Dmitriev said the Russians have been examining this area of brightness since the 1960s, and have noticed that its overall strength has substantially increased over time. He also was not the first to postulate the idea of an interplanetary climate change — he tells us that Kruzhevskii et al. were publishing research on this as early as 1993.

We originally wrote the following in 2002, in our seminal work, the finale to the three-part CONVERGENCE series that we published freely online, entitled The Divine Cosmos:

According to Dmitriev in 1997, Dmitriev & Mahatmas in 1995 and Kruzhevskii, Petrov & Shestopalov in 1993, since the 1960‘s the Heliosphere has drifted into an area of the LISM that contains:

…[new] non-homogeneities [i.e. higher concentrations] of matter and energy containing ions [charged particles] of Hydrogen, Helium and Hydroxyl in addition to other elements and combinations.

This kind of interstellar space dispersed plasma is presented by magnetized strip structures and striations. [emphasis added]



It is, of course, greatly interesting that the ‘new’ energy discovered at the front end of the Solar System is indeed a “magnetized strip structure,” exactly as Dmitriev had written in 1997. Have a look — and also notice that the ‘ribbon’ is directly perpendicular (90 degrees offset) to the tilt angle of the Galaxy’s magnetic field:



We should also remember that the planets are also at the same tilt angle within the heliosphere as this new strip appears to be — their orbital plane is at about a 60-degree angle offset from the direction the Sun is traveling through the galaxy.

Therefore, the new ‘ribbon’ appears to be just a larger-scale appearance of the same energy fields that are holding the planets in place, creating the rings of Saturn, et cetera.

Most people would see these rings as a gravitational effect — but here we have an interesting suggestion that gravitation and magnetism interact much more directly than we thought. Many of the gravity-shielding technologies that have been suppressed by the elite work on these same principles — and the 90-degree offset angle is a very important aspect of it.

National Geographic reports:

“Exactly where the [galaxy’s] magnetic field is most wrapped around the outer boundary of the heliosphere, that’s where the ribbon runs,” [IBEX principal investigator David] McComas said.

“That could be an unbelievably remarkable coincidence, or it could be a fabulous clue that somehow this external magnetic field is actually imprinting onto our heliosphere through some process that we don’t yet understand.”


Now we’ll read some additional mainstream-media quotes about this intriguing ‘new’ discovery… and we put ‘new’ in quotation marks because it is likely that NASA has known about this for a long time:

Since it launched a year ago, the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) has been monitoring the heliosphere and how our Sun interacts with and the local interstellar medium — the gas and dust trapped in the vacuum of space.
The first results from the mission, combined with data from the Cassini mission, are showing the heliosphere to be different from what researchers have previously thought. Data show an unexpected bright band or ribbon of surprisingly high-energy emissions.
“We knew there would be energetic neutral atoms coming in from the very edge of the heliosphere, and our theories said there would be small variations in their emissions,” said David McComas, IBEX Principal Investigator at a press conference on Thursday. “But instead we are seeing two-to-three hundred percent variations, and this is not entirely understood. Whatever we thought about this before is definitely not right.”
McComas suggested that the energetic neutral atom (ENA) ribbon could be caused by interactions between the heliosphere and the local interstellar magnetic field.
“The local interstellar magnetic field is oriented in such a way that it correlates with the ribbon. If you ‘paint’ the ribbon on the boundary of the heliosphere, the magnetic field is like big bungie cords that are pushing in along the sides and at the southern part of the heliosphere.
Somehow the magnetic field seems to be playing a dominant role in these interactions, but we didn’t know it could produce these higher fluxes. We have to figure out what physics were are missing.”

This next quote from the BBC mentions the intriguing ‘coincidence’ that Voyagers 1 and 2 both “just so happened” to miss this highly-energized ribbon of plasma energy at the edge of the heliosphere:
“The Ibex results are truly remarkable, with emissions not resembling any of the current theories or models of this never-before-seen region,” said lead researcher Dr David McComas of the Southwest Research Institute in New Mexico.
“We expected to see small, gradual spatial variations at the interstellar boundary. However, Ibex is showing us a very narrow ribbon that is two to three times brighter than anything else in the sky.” …
Near miss
These concentrations of incoming particles were just missed by the Voyager spacecraft, Dr McComas explained.
“The most astounding feature in the Ibex sky maps – the bright narrow ribbon – snakes through the sky between the Voyager spacecraft, where it remained completely undetected until now,” he said.


Look again at the positions of Voyagers 1 and 2 in the diagram. Notice how they ‘just so happened’ to overshoot this zone of remarkable brightness, each one by precisely the same amount. Is this a coincidence?



Not if NASA has known the truth at the top levels for a long time, as several whistleblowers I’ve spoken to have asserted, and has been actively thwarting any efforts to let the public know the truth.

This seems more plausible when we bring back the testimony of NASA astrophysicist Don Shemansky, who said NASA had a “persistent, pernicious bias” against any investigation of changes in the Local Interstellar Medium. You can read it for yourself in his Curriculum Vitae online:


Research on the properties of the Local Interstellar Medium have been carried out in scattered periods beginning in 1978. The NASA Space Physics Division has shown a persistent, pernicious bias against work on the effects of the neutral gas in the LISM in the United States, from the time of the formation of the Division.

The word ‘pernicious’ means “deadly, evil and insidious” — but why would NASA care about the dust and gas outside the galaxy? If that dust was dramatically increasing in density and charge, causing the front of the heliosphere to get brighter and brighter, NASA may well have been afraid of releasing this knowledge to the public.

And if you have trouble believing that government and military employees could be harassed by those running the UFO cover-up, this video we just found from our Facebook friends might help open your mind:




Why would NASA hide this, you ask? According to multiple whistleblowers, the insiders have been told since the early 1950s — probably by negative ETs intending to scare them — that we would have a massive cataclysm on or around the year 2012. They also said this cataclysm would be caused by our solar system moving into a zone of higher energy in the galaxy.

Positive ETs also said something remarkable would happen in 2012 — and that at this point, if not sooner, they would openly announce their existence to the world. This was revealed in testimony from Project Camelot’s very first witness, based on old documents he saw from the 1950s.

The positive ETs wanted us to share spiritual information with the world, release free energy technology, and openly disclose their presence.

Our governments did not want to work with the positive ETs, because they were unwilling to give us any advanced technologies unless our leaders would share spiritual information and knowledge with the world, release free energy technology, and openly disclose the presence of our advanced human brothers and sisters.

The positive ETs were flatly rejected. Many of the military personnel they were speaking to were Fundamentalist Christian, and did not like the idea of teaching a more universal, scientifically-based spirituality. Nor did they want to set the oil-economy cash cow free to run in the pasture.

Nor did they feel comfortable disclosing the reality of ETs who were far more powerful than they were, making them seem mere pawns in a much larger game by comparison. Strong egos abounded, and with the Illuminati philsophy as a backdrop for many of the top insiders, compassion for the suffering of others was not high on their list.

Negative ETs soon appeared, masquerading as positive, and said, “Guess what… you’re all going to die from a pole shift in 2012, but we can help you. We’ll give you the technologies you need to keep you and your insider friends safe when this happens.”


At the highest levels, whistleblowers have informed us that our ‘government’ believed this enough to create massive survival plans, including off-planet bases, advanced spacecraft and vast underground facilities connected by high-speed ‘sub-shuttles’ similar to the Japanese bullet trains.

They did not listen to what the ‘good guys’ said — and they had the evidence to prove that something was indeed coming our way in 2012 by observing the Solar System changing. Therefore, they kept any information that led in this direction very, very secret.

The positive ETs had to stand back and watch, helplessly, as our leaders were lied to, manipulated and deceived by the negative ETs.

The positive ETs were forced to work by the “First Distortion,” i.e. the universal Law of Free Will, and had to stand back and watch, helplessly, as our leaders were lied to, manipulated and deceived by the negative ETs.

What if the disaster prophecies were not true? What if the negative ETs deliberately lied to our insiders, and showed them a future based on a technology that is subject to the beliefs and expectations of the viewer (Looking Glass, etc.)? A technology that they do not understand well enough to know whether, in fact, what they are seeing is true?

Given the highly advanced state of the technology in the hands of the negative ETs, they certainly could be capable of producing devices that would predict future events accurately, up to a point, while also misleading us as to the nature of what will happen in and around 2012.

The insiders created off-planet bases, advanced spacecraft and vast underground facilities connected by high-speed trains… all to survive 2012.

The terrified ‘government’ soon privatized, taking it away from elected leaders and straight into the military-industrial complex. The doom-and-gloom ETs (of which there are only a small portion out there) were now free to create treaties with the insiders that gave them much greater control and authority.

The insiders handed over the keys to humanity’s future — for the time being — in exchange for technologies they felt were essential for the survival of the human race.

NASA, and the forces behind them at the highest levels, may have silenced pioneers like Dr. Shemansky from doing legitimate research on the changes in the Local Interstellar Medium for fear that we would catch on to interplanetary climate change, global warming and the fulfillment of ancient prophecies too quickly.

Just the same, if the top people who ran NASA had advanced spacecraft that had clearly observed this ever-increasing energy at the front end of the Solar System, they would also have carefully steered Voyagers 1 and 2 around it — so the probes wouldn’t be totally fried by all that energy when they passed through it.

No, we can’t prove it, but yes, it does make sense if you can accept that a cover-up really does exist. And this is not a question of blind faith… there is an incredible amount of evidence, including eyewitness testimony — which is enough to create prison sentences in our judicial system.


Of course, everything you’re now reading is just the technical side. When I started reading prophecies in the mid-1990s that there would be a tremendous shift for the positive on our planet, ushering a Golden Age where we gained amazing new abilities, I did not accept it blindly. Rather, I felt that any prophecy of this magnitude would have measurable effects throughout the solar system.

Any prophecy of this magnitude will have measurable effects throughout the solar system.

I didn’t find out about interplanetary climate change until December 2000, but I already was expecting to find something like that by then.

Now, all these years later, I finally feel that I’ve put together a comprehensive model that explains all the anomalies and prophecies, and leaves no stone unturned, to truly legitimize these prognostications — and explain precisely how and why they are happening.

What you are about to see is a promotional film that my friend and visual-effects director Jay Frankenberger put together, with my assistance, to raise interest in my upcoming book 2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age. I hope you like it!



Now that you’ve seen the video, you have gotten a brief glimpse of what we are planning for our next full-length video, which will be called 2012 Event Horizon. We will create a NOVA-style documentary, but we need your help to make it possible. 

All we can promise initially is that this is a volunteer effort, but it is also highly likely that between Jay’s connections and my own, we will get picked up by a major television network and transform this into a program that will air on cable TV — as well as freely on the Internet.

If you have any of the following skills, please email us directly at [email protected]:

Producers and Production Coordinators: Preferably people with post-production experience, but can also use people with experience in other backgrounds where they managed skilled people with complex deadlines.  Will need to send their resumes with background and detailed work experience.

3D Generalists: Skilled 3d Generalists (3ds Max or Maya), particularly those with a high level of photoreal CG and animation experience who are able to demonstrate with their portfolio and/or demo reel the ability to make beautiful, amazing-looking work.  Also effects experience (preferably in Maya) is a big plus.

Motion Graphics artists: (After Effects / Motion) with a reel showing they can take highly professional and stylized sequences from start to finish on their own. 3D experience, such as with Cinema4D, is big plus.

Compositors: (preferably Nuke but After Effects/Shake/Fusion/etc. is okay too) with a reel showing a high level of skill compositing CG (photoreal cg a plus) as well as live action compositing and keying.

We get at least one letter a day from someone asking us to use their music in Convergence or elsewhere — and we will be writing our own soundtrack for this documentary. If you do have skills in the above areas and have already written us and volunteered in the past, please let us know if you are still interested.

This train is definitely leaving the station, and the demand for this material is going to skyrocket once the Sci Fi special comes out next month! If you have any of these skills, you can work directly with Jay to be a part of something that can substantially help the world by educating us as to what is going on… and how to prepare.

The train is leaving the station. Now is the time to get involved!

I have so much more to do right now that I have to run, and this wasn’t even what I’d originally planned on writing — but NASA’s latest announcement was so extraordinary that it seems to be a key part of the larger overall Disclosure that is going on at this time. The secrets are being revealed… and who knows how far down the rabbit hole goes?

London is right around the corner — next weekend! — and I don’t know when I will again be speaking in Europe at this point, so now is the time to jump in if you’ve been considering it.

It’s sixteen hours of the most mind-blowing content on Earth — and it will not be released in any other form, on the Internet or otherwise. We’ve had a nice increase in ticket sales recently (thank you!) and it will be a great community of folks. I’m very much looking forward to it and we hope to see you there!