Monday 9 / 28 / 09

This is your official announcement of what you’ve already seen here… our stylin’ new website makeover! Also we finally have a REAL update for you on CONVERGENCE…


By David Wilcock



Many of you have been somewhat befuddled by the functionality and orders with the Online Store. For security purposes we need to send you an email with a link in it, have you click on the link, and that then takes you to the product download area.

Some people’s spam blockers catch those emails, whereas other people’s email clients break the links so you have to copy and paste the chunks correctly into your browser for it to work.

It would be great if we could set up a system like Itunes eventually, where you just give your password after clicking on an order, but that is almost never done online due to the implicit difficulties with hackers.

Any time you order software they send you an email with a download link. And don’t forget that Itunes also requires a complex setup procedure to get started!

I am happy to report that we have now upgraded to a much better version of software to run this website off of — so we should have fewer complaints or concerns than ever before on these issues!

We’ve reduced the length of the links sent in the emails for orders, making it far more likely you can click on it directly in the email and get to the download page without any further trouble.

Of course, upgrading our software also allowed us to do things we haven’t done before. The new design on this site is a work in progress and various sub-pages will be improved as we go, but of course it’s easy to see that we’ve already made a quantum leap in how great it looks.

We also intend to associate each article with a photograph, which is going to look awesome once we get everything re-arranged that way.

In the meantime I finally feel like I’ve had some time to relax. Some people say I looked ‘tired’ in the Awake and Aware footage, and that would definitely be true.

I’m taking some time to recuperate and it is a very nice change of pace. My plan is to release an audio blog some time before the end of this coming weekend as the next installment of data regarding my very fascinating dreams of the next 6-12 months of our future.

Definitely check out our new Videos section for a centralized list of the key videos we have available. This was one of the main suggestions we received and we’re now implementing it.

We will also be moving all radio show transcripts out of David’s Blog and into the Radio Transcripts section fairly soon. Overall it should now be easier to find what you’re looking for, and we will continue improving as we go.

My original Project Camelot video has gone missing for some reason in our database, so we’re working on that.

Everything else, including the raw footage of 2012: Return to Camelot that is getting legendary reviews — people saying it’s the most important video presentation they’ve ever seen — is centrally located in the Videos section. Hopefully before long we’ll have a much slicker look to that section, complete with graphics, et cetera.

We are also going to post-produce the footage from the last conference and have it out by mid-November to correlate with 2012: Startling New Secrets, the documentary I’m starring in on Sci-Fi Network, which will be released just before Roland Emmerich’s 2012 movie.




Since many of you ask about CONVERGENCE, we had substantial and unexpected contract issues arise that required a great deal of time and attention to resolve before we could get our writers working on the script.

Those issues are confidential, have now been resolved, and the whole filmic story is now taking shape in treatment form. We have a good sense of the structure but are now fleshing out fine points, particularly in the second act.

I said it in the video from Awake and Aware in Los Angeles, but now I’ll do it publicly in writing. The principal author we have hired to write our CONVERGENCE script is Jim V. Hart, who wrote and / or co-wrote CONTACT, Hook with Steven Spielberg, Dracula with Francis Ford Coppola, Tuck Everlasting, Sahara, Tomb Raider Cradle of Life, The Last Mimzy, Jack and the Beanstalk with Brian Henson, and most recently August Rush.

I was absolutely floored when Jim wrote back in February that he had seen 2012 Enigma and was impressed. The synchronicity was off the charts, as I had mentioned CONTACT and Last Mimzy back-to-back in the video as both illustrating technologies that are actually real, according to multiple insider testimonies I have gathered over the years.

The CONTACT movie was attempted by a variety of writers for years, but none of them could bridge the gap. The film is very, very different than the book, and that is all thanks to Jim Hart, who took an astonishing two years to sit down with Carl Sagan and really work out how the book could be made into a film.

There is as much Jim in CONTACT as there is Carl, and the stargate trip at the end is probably the best metaphysical ‘payoff’ ending in cinema history.




I have always considered CONTACT to be the benchmark for how the best “disclosure film” could be written, long before Jim ever surfaced saying he wanted to work with us. In my own earlier versions of the CONVERGENCE script, I completely modeled the lead female character off of a mental picture I had of Jodie Foster in CONTACT.

Never in a million years would I have believed I’d end up hiring the main author of CONTACT to do CONVERGENCE!

CONTACT depicts a form of technology called the “Looking Glass,” which mimics the action and effect of the pineal gland within the brain. Mimzy has a variety of content that mirrors the ‘Majestic’ perspective, namely that “future human-lineage ETs” are traveling back in time and seeking our DNA to repopulate their gene pool. Both prominently feature the geometry of the dodecahedron, which I have spoken about many times.

Mimzy also features a cube that is essentially identical to the so-called “Yellow Book,” “Yellow Disc” or “Cube” that was seen in the hands of an ET who emerged, alive, from the Roswell crash. This is a device similar to Looking Glass, in that it allegedly allows you to see through time, but in this case the image is full-color rather than yellow and much clearer.

I had no idea that the same writer had worked on both of these films. He was surprised and somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t picked up on this, but one has limits to how far research can go.




I have gone into detailed questioning with Jim about whether he was aware of the content of these films, and their accurate depictions of working technology. In all honesty he did not know anything about it.

Carl Sagan never admitted to having any inside knowledge of ETs or secret technology in the entire two years Jim worked with him on this script.

Jim showed me the unpublished, original version of The Last Mimzy, entitled MIM-Z, and although it has elements of what made it into the film, there is no Cube and none of the Majestic-related content regarding future-human lineage ETs needing our DNA. All of that was added in by later writers who took this decade-old script and refurbished it.

Jim’s original MIM-Z is more intense, and almost couldn’t even be called a children’s film. It would have been an amazing film in its own right.

Jim has admitted to having met insiders, and I’ve already facilitated more of this myself. Nonetheless he has the proverbial ‘Doubting Thomas’ approach, which is good. We want to make sure that the ‘burden of proof’ is satisfied without it turning into a documentary or losing narrative momentum.

I am happy to say that Jim’s passion for UFO / disclosure films has truly found fertile ground in CONVERGENCE, and this could well be a landmark. He feels very passionate about this film and it will get the highest-quality time and attention he can provide.

We have thrown away the idea of “save the best for the sequels” and are hitting you with everything we’ve got in the first!

We are going to shoot for a top director and top actors, and in all reality it shouldn’t be difficult given Jim’s background and credentials, married with the unprecedented scope of the research I bring to the table. We already have some very substantial interest but the details are still confidential.

I had to hold back on making any real statements until our legal issues were resolved, so I’m happy we got things cleared up and can now move forward and keep you in the loop about this influential new project!

Note from Webmaster:

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