On June 24th, David was on Myth or Logic Radio discussing the enigma of time travel that occurs naturally on Earth thanks to mysterious but ultimately simple laws of physics. Enjoy!



I’m here at the Project Camelot ‘Awake and Aware’ conference at the Burbank Marriott Hotel, right next to the Bob Hope Airport. It’s been a very, very busy time, as I just produced the first 60 pages of ‘2012 Enigma’ for Dutton Books, a division of Penguin, under extraordinary time pressure — but they’re fantastic!

Brian Tart, the president of Dutton and my editor and personal contact within the company, has also published and edited Eckhart Tolle, Larry Dossey and many others, and he is going to be making a significant presentation of the material in Frankfort, Germany beginning on October 15th, for the annual international book fair. This will very likely lead to 2012 Enigma being released in multiple countries and multiple languages, almost simultaneously!

I’ve been working on getting a ‘sizzle reel’ video presentation together — including very nice material we just shot in Pala, using a professional cameraman from NBC — as well as polishing the finished outline, which is really a full-scale treatment of everything the book will have in it. I found some wonderful new threads to explore when I wrote the Introduction and will now have to change the outline accordingly.

This book is really going to be the best, most thorough and eye-opening exploration of the ‘time field’ and three-dimensional time I’ve ever done, among other things. I now have an ‘overview’ perspective where I’m seeing things in a whole new way. It’s one of those classic ‘epiphanies’ that completely redefines the game!

Knowing you’re writing perhaps the most important thing you’ve ever done, and that it’s time for Full Disclosure, to get it all out there and not just save this material for those who attend conferences, is really quite an impressive feeling. Given that the ‘time field’ information is so important to really understand UFOs and the paranormal, it is totally likely that this book will be an invaluable tool in the effort to disclose the truth to the public.

Some of these same thoughtforms that are making it into the book, and have me so excited, are also here in the transcript you’re about to read — in an earlier state!



All the book work was literally written bit by bit, in between the cracks of overseeing work on the CONVERGENCE script and having just gotten back from the truly wonderful all-weekend conference we just held in Toronto.

Our Toronto Convergence turnout was moderate, perhaps due to the fact that we had just spoken nearby in New York and that it was right around Labor Day Weekend. Nonetheless, the people who did go almost all said it was one of the peak moments of their life — I cannot think of one person who wasn’t completely blown away by the scope and the impact of the material I presented.

We give two-hour breaks for lunch and dinner and I have been repeatedly told that the networking and friendships that participants built were truly powerful, the synchronicities bringing people together off the charts!



I will also say that my abilities and quality as a lead singer have substantially improved just since I performed pieces from Wanderer Awakening in New York. We invested in a very expensive laptop system that allows us to run the exact same signal chain on my voice and all the instruments that we used on the original. Some people said that on Friday night in particular, I actually sounded better live than I did in the studio version!

Less than half of the songs on this album have been made into any of the ‘fan videos’ available on the Internet, and that certainly doesn’t mean those songs are lower in quality. Seeing me actually perform them obviously has a deeper impact than watching still images in a video — so at some point we’re going to be working much more deeply with this album and either doing full concerts of it and / or working it into a video format.

More importantly, the story is so advanced and spiritually meaningful — and useful — that there really has never been anything else done like this before. I say that not to brag, but simply because I know of no other two-and-a-half hour metaphysical rock opera that takes the core philosophy of the Law of One and turns it into a full-immersion spiritual odyssey!

I always get a few folks attacking for talking about Wanderer Awakening in these articles, but I’m not going to worry about their opinions at this point. This is one of the most substantial things I’ve ever accomplished and I am very proud of it! I have been recently approached by someone with substantial music-industry connections to Elton John’s producers, among others, and played him some of the best songs. He has gotten very, very excited… so we’ll see what happens there.

Having gotten some distance from it and now coming back to the music from a new perspective — as a performer rather than a studio singer — I must say it’s like hearing it for the first time and rediscovering the beauty and the wonder. I’m slated to perform at least three of these songs tonight here at the Project Camelot conference and I’m totally psyched about that. Bringing in the music to a conference like this adds a whole new level!



Our next big conference is the London Convergence, as you see up at the top of each page. This is a full weekend where you get 16 hours of lecture time and many of my favorite Wanderer Awakening songs performed live, with live lead vocals, live guitar, live keyboards and live background vocals.

In addition, it still appears very likely that we will have Art Neumann, or ‘Henry Deacon’ in London, appearing with me at this conference, making it have the potential to be a truly legendary moment in Disclosure. This will very likely be the defining public address he gives, thanks to the rapport and trust we have between us.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a room bigger than 180 people for this conference… so if you are on the fence, I would definitely recommend not waiting until the last minute, as we will have to turn people away once we max out.

We have definitely gotten a spike in interest in the Hawaii conference, held on November 14-18 at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa in Kona, on the big island. You can read more about it on this Facebook post, and Kevin is available at 805-587-7734 or [email protected] if you would like to speak with him directly about it! This is likely to be a smaller group, and we’ll all be together for five days in a marvelous resort setting, so I’m really looking forward to it!



I just did the Whistleblower Radio show with Project Camelot on Thursday, and they have said it is one of the best shows they’ve ever done. I discuss all the dreams I’m having about the extremely substantial events that I see coming in our near future. This is as much as I can do this week in updating you on the subject, but believe me… there is far more to come.

I know you will enjoy this, and you can easily click through the commercials as you listen:



And now for the main course… the transcript of my appearance on Myth or Logic Radio where I discussed Them Daggone Pesky Time-Travelin’ Dinosaurs!

Tom Murasso (TM):  Welcome everybody to another edition of Myth or Logic Radio. My name is Tom Murasso with BornToManifest.com and today for the 56th time — no actually just the sixth time — I’ve got David Wilcock with me and his website is DivineCosmos.com.

David’s a professional lecturer, filmmaker, researcher of ancient civilizations and all of that cool “woo-woo” stuff and the merging of science and spirituality. So, without further ado, lets get you going David. How are ya today?

David Wilcock (DW):  Well I’m doing very well. It’s been a really wonderful time I’ve had the last few weeks. I did the big New York conference and then I just got back from the Canadian Rockies for eight days.

TM: Yeah! You’re busy guy!

DW: Yeah, and these are fun trips. I’ve got the Swiss Alps coming up very soon with Project Camelot. That’s… I’m leaving for that on July 7th. That’s going to be pretty amazing because I’m going to be speaking on the same stage for a prolonged period of time with Dan Burisch who some people do not think is credible but I actually believe what he says because I’ve been in his discussion forum. That’s the private one, not the one most people can get into.

TM: Uh-huh.

DW: And I’ve seen chatter that he’s had with his black ops people that’s never been made public, and there’s a lot more that he knows than what he’s ever made public. I’ve asked him innumerable questions over the years, that he’s been able to answer, that he couldn’t have known if he didn’t know what he was talking about.

TM: Hm, so…

DW: So, he and I are actually on the same stage in Switzerland at the this New World conference.

TM: Is there anything…

DW: So I’m really excited about that.

TM: Is there anything you’d like to share about your conversations with him or this is all hush-hush until the conference?

DW: Uh, yeah. I guess I can. One of the things that he never went public about that I was able to get out of him was he confirmed that the powers that be are aware of the so-called global grid.

TM: Hm.

DW: It’s difficult to explain exactly what this is to somebody who doesn’t know a little bit about it, so let’s give some background. This is actually really important information. There is a consistent phenomenon going on around the world of dinosaurs who actually time travel forward in time, from when they were, to our own present time.

It sounds preposterous until you start to realize that Isaac Newton was watching apples fall out of the tree and suddenly realizes that there was a natural force involved. That didn’t mean apples started falling right then. It only meant that, up until that time, nobody realized a natural force was involved and they just took it for granted.

TM: Mh-hm.

DW: So the most common dinosaur that is phasing through a vortex like this is the Loch Ness monster. It’s called Champ in Lake Champlain. There’s a version of it that’s been sighted for 130 years in Canada called Ogopogo. And these are plesiosaurus creatures.

It’s much less likely you get a land-based dinosaur to go through because these vortexes are basically rips in the fabric of space and time, and they don’t necessarily happen at a given altitude. They could be under the ground, they could be anywhere in the air, but they’re rarely right on the surface of the Earth. That’s why land-based dinosaurs are much less likely to make it through.

But with the case of the plesiosaurus, if you have a vortex that’s in a lake at a certain altitude then, if the dinosaur happens to swim through that vortex at the right — or should we say the wrong moment, then he warps through time.

This is exactly what happens at the Bermuda Triangle. It’s the same effect. People are warping out of our time and into another time. And it’s typically airplanes because again, depending on their altitude, you might have, basically, like a spherical vortex that appears in the sky at a certain moment…

TM: Gotcha.

DW: …and it will only be there right then, and it will only be at that altitude. So… Ivan Sanderson investigated the case of what’s known as Mokele Mbembe in the Congo. A region of Africa which is 55,000 miles — square miles — that is COMPLETELY unexplored. It’s one of the largest wild unexplored regions in the entire world.

It’s actually larger than the state of Florida and nobody knows what’s in there. There’s a region in there called the Likouala Swamp — most of it is swampland that’s part of why it’s not explored — and it’s in this area that this Mokele Mbembe was sighted. The term Mokele Mbembe translates as “blocker of rivers”…

TM: Hm.

DW:  …and this is basically what’s known as an Apatosaurus. It’s basically what you would think of as the proportions of a Brontosaurus which almost everybody knows what that is. It has the long neck small head four legs and a long tail.

TM: Yeah, Jurassic Park.

DW: Yup! And then, it is a lot smaller. It’s only, like, to the top of the head is about the size of a house, so when you get up to the back it’s probably ten to fifteen feet tall depending on the creature. The neck is probably about ten to fifteen feet long and the tail is probably about ten to fifteen feet long depending on what you’re dealing with.

Now this guy has been seen for hundreds and hundreds of years in the Congo. They actually hunt it and eat the meat. It’s very aggressive. It will defend its territory. It scares away crocodiles and everything else. And that’s why they call it blocker of rivers because when it’s in a given area nothing else will go past it.

TM: Sure.

DW: The fish will swim around it, everything, because they’re terrified of it.

TM: This is WILD!

DW: Yeah. This is some of the stuff I’m putting into my book which is, I guess I can announce this on your show for the first time. I was contacted by Brian Tart who is the president of Dutton Books.

TM: Mh-hm.

DW: He is the guy who publishes all Eckhart Tolle books and he basically said he sees me as being on Eckhart Tolle’s level and that we need to give it that level of marketing support and so forth. So we are now in the process of finalizing a contract to publish a book called “2012 Enigma” that is based on my video, but will have a lot more that wasn’t in the video, and should be, essentially as I call it, the bomb-diggity of 2012 books!

TM: [laughs]

DW: I’m really just going to pull out all of the stops. [laughs] Everything that I’ve been holding back that you ever only able to get in my public lectures is now going to be available in this book. So I’ve already submitted an outline.

There was a lot of stuff that went into that but this dinosaur thing was one of those gemstones that you used to only be able to get if you came and saw me live. And I’m just going to share some of it now because this is definitely the time that all this information has to start coming out. I don’t want to be hiding anything anymore.

TM: Yeah, I mean, we’ve got like, two and a half years here…

DW: Right. [laughs]

TM: …until the big day, you know?

DW: Yeah. So it’s a complex thing I’m trying to discuss with you but, if you’ll allow me to continue, I’ll try to flesh out this story here.

TM: Go for it.

DW: What we’re dealing with is, as I’ve said, vortexes in which… One of the ways you can look at it is: consider that we are not only rotating, which creates a 24 hour day, we’re also revolving, which creates a 365 day year.

Our solar system is also in a revolution around the center of the galaxy and there’s varying estimates as to how long that takes; the typical estimate weighing in at around 225 million years.

Now it’s also true that there is a cycle that has been discovered in the solar system which takes 6.2 million years to complete. This cycle… Essentially what this cycle does is it means all the planets are in the same position every time it reaches a completion point.

The way to establish this cycle is very strange because it’s harmonic. All you have to do is take the number 70 and multiply it by the number 60 and do that seven times in a row. That gives you a number which is 195 comma 955 comma 200 and then a WHOLE bunch of zeroes. That’s the number of seconds that it takes for this cycle of 6.2 million years to complete.

So then this gets into a really strange area which I’ll just cover briefly which is, what is the value of the second?  Why would that… How could that possibly happen? In other words what we’re saying is, you have the 6.2 million year cycle where all the planets line up every 6.2 million years, which is not what’s going to happen in 2012, but it does happen at some point during the 6.2 million years. Why would that be such a simple harmonic as 70 multiplied seven times by 60 in seconds?

Well, the answer is that the second is basically the base frequency of ALL vibrations in the universe. Therefore everything is harmonically interrelated. The second was not something that was done arbitrarily.

The second was given to us by human extraterrestrials who were not born on Earth, who understand these cycles of time and understand that essentially the quanta of time — the actual time itself  — quantizes down to seconds. That’s the way it works. It’s a basic flow frequency that occurs inside the center of planets and stars and counts out the actual beats that energy follows.

TM: It’s almost like a heartbeat.

DW: Yeah, it is.

TM: Uh-huh.

DW: And one of the easiest ways to see the value of the second is something that most people never think of. If you look at how sound vibrates, we measure sound in Hertz which is a number of vibrations per second. The fact of the matter is that if you play the white keys on a piano, and you quantize those vibrations evenly into the second of time that we use, then all of those numbers are very, very harmonic.

You have a 360, of course, as one of the numbers and that’s as harmonic as it gets. By harmonic I mean how many different ways can you divide the number; how many different pieces can you chop the number up into? You can chop 360 into three cycles of 120, you can chop it into six cycles of 60, and so on and so on and so on.

So the more divisors the number has the more harmonic it is, and the more harmonic a number is the more any function related to that number can gate in information from the parallel reality that feeds all matter and energy and consciousness on this Earth — which actually that parallel reality is what the Russians call the time field or torsion fields.

So the time field is literally an energy flow that comes from a parallel reality that intersperses with our reality, which we’ve talked about on this show before, in which time is three dimensional. And that’s very different.

TM: Right.

DW: In the Einstein model you have space-time, which is a fabric. People don’t realize this but what Einstein is really saying is: you can’t avoid moving through time as you move through space.

So, if you’re listening to this show on your computer right now and you get up and walk over to the bathroom while I’m talking, and you can hear me if you crank the speakers up, you’ve not only walked through space you’ve actually very slightly changed the flow of time in your life. You’ve actually moved through time.

That’s, on the mundane level, what Einstein’s theory actually says is you MUST move through time by moving through space and therefore you will very slightly alter the passage of time by moving through space.

Now typically this is called a relativistic effect and what this means is it doesn’t really do very much for you unless you’re up around light speed. And that’s only when, if you go away from the Earth at light speed and you only travel like a week or something you could come back and it would be like a hundred years in the future, because of the way that time speeds up for you.

In your relative frame, you know, you travel for a week at light speed but now you’re shooting through much more time than people on Earth are,  which is quantized.

In other words, it’s as if time is packets of information and you’re firing your way through all those packets of information must faster. You don’t realize it but you fired your way through a hundred years worth of those time packets for Earth. Now that’s mainstream accepted Einstein physics.

Nobody disputes that. It is totally what any scientist would tell you. It’s in tons and tons of literature, of course, we all know about it. It’s a very common thing that if you move through space at light speed that time goes much, much slower for you because you’re moving through much more time. You’re actually moving through time and space.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: Now here’s the thing. I’ve set all this up for a very important reason. Einstein’s theory postulates that time is only one-dimensional which means that as you go through time you can only move forward. Well, any time that you try to say that anything is one-dimensional, what you’re doing is creating an abstraction. It’s what I call “mathemagical”, and by that I mean there is no such thing as one-dimensional anything. Three dimensions is all you ever have because…

You couldn’t enter into a one-dimensional space. It’s impossible. One-dimensional spaces don’t exist. You have a three-dimensional space which means you can move around. And similarly, you can create mathematics that says that time is only one-dimensional but it doesn’t mean a “squirt of piss”, if you’ll excuse my vernacular. But the fact of the matter is there’s been ample amounts of study to PROVE that time is three-dimensional and that’s the only way it could work. There’s no way that you could make time one-dimensional.

Quid pro quo: As soon as you start getting up towards light speed you don’t just move forward in time. You may move forward in time if that’s the direction you’re pointing in but you could just as easily move backwards in time or sideways in time. Meaning that, in that case, you would be moving forward or backward in time depending on which direction you go but not as fast as if you headed straight back or straight forward.

TM: And how about the sideways?

DW: Sideways would actually involve not only moving in a time direction but also in a spatial direction as well. So this is where it gets a little bit confusing and I’ve tried to explain this to people for so long. People were having trouble with it in the Rockies.

It’s not an easy thing to explain but the way you need to look at this is that there are two parallel planes that exist everywhere in the universe. Everywhere you see stars, galaxies, nebulae, you name it. Everything is superimposed on itself. You have space-time and you have time-space.

In order for any matter or particles or any energy whatsoever to occur you have to have an interface between these parallel realities. The only reason why we see matter is because there’s energy from space-time and energy from time-space that flow together.

So you have parallel realities, both of which contribute energy, and the energy is counter-rotating. So the energy of space-time — which is what we’re in; three dimensions of space and then one dimension of time that flows forward at an even speed more or less — that space-time reality consists of energy.

Then when it blends… when that energy from our space-time blends with the parallel reality, which is completely inverted meaning that everything that’s outside is on the inside and everything that’s inside is on the outside. It’s like you flip everything upside… inside-out, not upside-down, inside-out. So this inside-out reality counter-rotates against our reality and those two energy forms come together as what we would think of as atoms and particles.

Now the thing is that a particle over here, when we see it as a particle it’s a wave in time-space. It’s spread out in time. Therefore, if we flip it over into time-space, it becomes a particle over there in this parallel reality that’s right in the room with us right now, and it becomes a wave to us.

So the scientists don’t understand this. But as I say in the 2012 Enigma video there were some scientists in Vienna, Austria back in the late 90s and they took this molecule of carbon which is called a buckyball; it’s 60 atoms of carbon that are all put together in what looks like a soccer ball. So this is a real particle of matter. This is not just some imaginary thing.

Then they shoot this thing at a little slot and when it hits the slot — it shoots through the slot — it gets pushed inside out just by the kind of ripple effect that it has of going through a hole. And when it turns inside out it turns into a wave. So then they can measure it as a wave, and yet again, it’s a solid little object made out of 60 atoms of carbon.

And more importantly, the DNA molecule is only twice as wide as a buckyball, so this little object that flips inside out when it goes through the portal is literally just almost as wide as DNA and that, again, shows that DNA is also subject to these same quantum effects and can exist as a wave or a particle.

Now all of this stuff I’m saying is a set-up to get to the point that, again, in your room right now around you, you can look at all the objects in the room, you can see that they’re solid, you can see that they exist. They also all exist in this parallel reality. Because remember, the parallel reality is the only reason why they can be formed.

Their molecules, their atoms, are formed by a counter-rotating interface between energy from our space-time and energy from time-space that’s in parallel. So when you are looking at any matter around you, you’re looking at something that exists in both planes at once. Because it’s formed from energy from both.

TM: And that would include us as well.

DW: Absolutely man. So when you go into a dream state or when you go out of body or when people are remote viewing, what they’re actually doing is, they’re traveling through the time field. And, because the energy of the time field builds the matter that’s in our space-time, when you go into the time field you can see everything that we have.

You can see your toaster. You can see your oven. You can see your toilet. You can see the bathtub, the shower curtain; it’s all going to be there. It tripped me out when I was a little kid, five years old. I had an out of body experience and I was still wearing my pajamas that I had on in bed and I couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t have been naked or something.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: But the fact of the matter is that my astral body also is wearing the same clothes because those clothes are formed by the same energy that my astral body lives in. The only difference is that, in the plane that my astral body lives in, I can levitate and I have all these powers that I don’t have in this physical reality. Because the time field is not exactly the same. The time field has differences and over there you’re in the afterlife. Or you could say that you’re in the plane that you would go to if you went through a star gate.

So, in a star gate technology, you go there and you come back, you don’t die. And also, if you have a dream or an out of body experience, you’re going there and not dying. But it’s also the place that you go on a more permanent basis, if you’ve died, until you come back to another physical body again.

So again, because the matter here is built from energy that’s over there, when you go over there you can see everything that’s here. But the rules are different. And the reason why I say this is, remember when I was talking before about if you’re sitting in your bedroom and you’re listening to this radio show and then you go walk into the bathroom, that you’re actually traveling through time a little bit by doing that?

TM: Yeah.

DW: Well, in time-space it’s much more that way. In time-space, any distance that you travel around in over there, is time travel over here. So, if I were to be able to send myself into time-space so that my body disappears from physical sight — which is what would happen.

If you transfer your full energy from one plane to the other then you become invisible to this plane because now you’ve basically turned into a wave here. In other words, there would still be some possible luminosity. There might be a glow or a haze and of course, what does that make you think of right away? Ghosts, right?

TM: Right.

DW: Ghosts are people that are over there who stay in place long enough that they temporarily become visible over here. In other words, this time-space is a parallel reality;  it’s very real. You can go over there and, if you enter in at one location and then you travel around in space over there, you’ve traveled the equivalent of time over here.

So then if you warp out of that place, and you come back here, you’ve actually traveled forwards or backwards in time to some degree. But it seems like all you did was walk around.

One of the examples of this that proves it in a real world context was in, roughly 1969, around that time there was a National Airlines 727 airliner and it was flying into the Miami Airport. Well the Miami Airport is right next to a very popular tabloid thing which is the Bermuda Triangle…

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: …in which these effects happen sometimes. People have had ships and planes disappear right while they’re flying through the air. That’s exactly what happened in this case. This plane is flying through the air, in the Bermuda Triangle, coming into the Miami Airport. It disappears off the radar for ten minutes. The tower goes nuts because they were in radio contact, it’s a clear day, all of a sudden the plane is gone.

They don’t have any optical contact. They don’t have any radar contact. They scramble airliners out there to look for it. They scramble ships on the sea to go sail out and go look for it. Nobody sees anything. There’s no flotsam on the water. There’s no oil slicks. There’s no seats, no bodies, nothing. It’s gone.

So everybody’s going crazy and then all of a sudden, ten minutes later, the plane shows up at exactly the same spot that it disappeared in. Just spontaneously rematerializes. The guy that was in the cockpit didn’t notice any time had elapsed. He’s actually, one minute, talking to the guy at the tower and everything’s fine. Then all of a sudden the guy in the tower is screaming and he’s like, “What’s wrong with you.”

And he says, “We haven’t been able to contact you for ten minutes.”

And he says, “What are you talking about? You were just talking to me. You were in the middle of a sentence, and then all of a sudden now you’re screaming.”

So they had no idea what happened. The government gets all freaked out. The plane lands and the black ops people have them land at a separate area on the airport tarmac. They send in personnel to find out what the hell happened.

Of course, nobody on the plane knew that anything was wrong. But once they looked at the clocks they discovered that all the clocks were ten minutes slow. So if it’s 5:55 PM at the Miami Airport, everybody’s watch said 5:45 PM. Meaning that they lost those ten minutes. Those ten minutes never happened on their watches. They literally just… they were at 5:45 when it was 5:45 for us. They popped through this time vortex. It’s still 5:45 for them but it’s now become 5:55 for us.

All they had to do to do that is fly through this little vortex that happened to be small enough that it only popped them ten minutes forward into the future. So this is a real world example that’s documented. It’s in a number of books. It’s in a book by Charles Berlitz called “The Bermuda Triangle“, it’s in a book by Martin Caidin called “Ghosts of the Air” which actually has the most detailed account of it. There’s several different books you can find this in.

TM: So this is what is happening with the dinosaurs?

DW: Right. So what you have with the dinosaurs gets back to my earlier discussion regarding the 6.2 million year cycle I was talking about.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: What did I say about that cycle? I said that every 6.2 million years the planets line up in the same position. We also know that there is a greater harmonic which is that every ten cycles of 6.2 million years is obviously 62 million years. And when you get that cycle you have the time that it takes for all these major evolutions to occur on the planet in terms of the fossil record.

In other words, two UC Berkeley scientists named Dr. Robert Muller and Dr. Robert Rohde went back to the dawn of all life on Earth. 542 million years ago is when the first little bacteria and single-celled organisms appeared in the fossil record. It created what’s known as the Cambrian Era; that’s the beginning of all fossils.

From this point forward you can count every 62 million years, and for some strange and  unknowable reason to the mainstream world, every 62 million years all of the life forms on Earth spontaneously upgrade their DNA and become new creatures.

It’s called evolution, but if you try to support Darwin and say that it’s all based on random mutation, it seems highly unlikely that random mutation would suddenly just decide to spontaneously change in 62 million year intervals. It’s even weirder that this 6.2 million year cycle, the only reason why we know that it exists is because it was on Sumerian cuneiform tablets.

TM: Yep, there we go.

DW: That’s where this number was found.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: And it was found by the director of communications for the Apollo missions to the Moon.

TM: Hm.

DW: This guy’s name is Maurice Chatelain. He was the one, as director of communications, he was primarily responsible for making enormous calculations of how many seconds it would take to do these huge orbits. If you think about an orbit that lasts, let’s say six months.

If you’re going to go out to a distant planet or with a satellite or something or even longer than six months, the number of seconds in that time is huge. And the only way you can really get precise calculations is to do it in seconds. You don’t want to do minutes because then they… you know, it’s much less precise and then you have to figure out hours and all that stuff. So seconds is what they use for any calculations with space probes.

Now, this man also came forward later on and confessed that he had been shown pictures of bases on the Moon that are not built by humans from Earth, and debriefed on the fact that we found all this architecture up there that we didn’t build.

So as a result of that he was sworn to secrecy but then he became very interested in the idea of extraterrestrial civilizations interfacing with Earth. The most obvious one is, of course, the Sumerian tablets because of all the legends of the Annunaki.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: So he goes and does his homework and goes and finds these tablets that the archaeologists had written off and said, “Oh, this is just a bunch of numbers. The Sumerians were just obsessed with numbers but they didn’t know what these numbers meant. They just liked to write them down on paper, or on the equivalent of paper back then.”

So Chatelain goes in there and says, “You know, maybe this is not just bullshit.” So he goes in there and he looks at the numbers and he starts calculating what they are in seconds and finds, sure enough, that one of these numbers expresses exactly how long it takes, in a 6.2 million year cycle, for all the planets to realign.

What that means is you can take any planetary orbit in the solar system, the orbit of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Doesn’t even matter which one you take, and you divide that — the length of time it takes that planet to go once — you divide that into the master number that the Sumerians gave you and it will divide up perfectly. So it’s like if you have twelve… a dozen eggs, and then you have an egg carton with twelve slots, the twelve eggs fit perfectly in twelve slots. You don’t have to have a quarter egg or a half an egg.

In the same way each of these little planetary orbits like the orbit of Mars; there’s a perfect number of those cycles that fits into the master cycle. There’s no left over. And that’s… We didn’t even know that such a thing existed but he actually crunched all the numbers based on the Sumerian data and found that it DID exist. So. That’s all based on the second which, again, is the heartbeat of the universe.

So what I’m trying to say is that there will be this period of time every 6.2 million years in which the Earth is in the exact same position in this big cycle that it was before. And when that happens, if you have a creature that flies through the wrong place at the wrong time, it can instantaneously jump through what we would think of as millions of years of time because the cycles are now overlapping. And so in time-space those realities are all lined up.

We think of it as millions of years but it’s NOT millions of years when you’re at the end of the cycle, it‘s actually the same point. Those points converge in time and it would only be when you’re at the farthest point away from the cycle, when you’re at the like the half way point away from the cycle, that it might be the greatest distance. But the distance in terms of time space is only measured by how far through the cycle you are.

When the cycle ends you’re basically at the same point again. So normally we’re protected from those cycles causing us to pop out of one reality and into another. But when you go through a very high energy condition you have the ability to make sudden leaps in time even across gateways of millions of years.

So as a result of that we now know that there is a vortex point on the Earth, known as the Bermuda Triangle, which is obviously the biggest one. This man named Ivan Sanderson combined together all of the existing date in the late 1960’s of disappearances of airplanes and ships on the water. And what he found was that there are 12 points on the Earth’s surface, in which everything would disappear at various times, and all the disappearances clustered around these 12 points.

TM: There’s that number that’s divisible again.

DW: Exactly. It’s harmonic. But it gets even stranger than that because the 12 points are all equally distant from each other; exactly. So now you have to deal with the fact that you have 12 equidistant points and that starts to suggest geometry. In fact, if you  to connect those 12 points together you get a regular solid object – it’s called a regular solid in geometry.

It’s known as an icosahedron and it’s a shape that has 20 equilateral triangles. It kind of looks like a disco ball with 20 triangles on it. And that’s what’ inside the Earth as an energetic frequency. It doesn’t exist as a crystal or anything; it’s a vibration.

In fact, the way that these fields work – I was already talking about the idea that the only reason why physical matter exists is because of a vibration of energy in space-time merging with a vibration of energy in time-space.

Then it’s the combination of those two that counter rotate inside each other that makes chemicals and molecules as we know them and everything is built from that. So there is a vibrational frequency and it’s known as the global grid and it basically represents the resonance of the Earth because again, when this fluid like energy is vibrated, it creates geometry automatically when the vibration is pure.

So if you take the white keys on the piano those are the pure frequencies. And again, as I’ve said the numbers are always harmonic in seconds. It’s 288 cycles per second, 360 cycles per second, 432, etcetera, etcetera, 576; the numbers are very clean and they have a lots of divisors.

So those same harmonics, if you play that same frequency into water, the water will show you beautiful geometric objects that appear if you have tiny little particles floating in the water call colloids. That’s the research of Hans Jenny –  spelled J-E-N-N-Y – which I have in the 2012 Enigma video. You can Google that. Just Google “2012 Enigma”, you’ll find a copy of it.

So, this is a function of how the universe works. The universe is built to use vibration to turn into geometry in this fluid like energy. The geometry, in turn, interfaces with it’s opposite which is in time-space; it exists in the time field. So it’s those two that come together and form physical matter as we know it.

And you can also see how an object like the planet has a resonance between space-time and time-space and it will have a base frequency of geometry for space-time and base frequency of geometry for time-space. And those two geometries counter rotate.

So now here’s another thing. If you actually Google Fosar-Bludorf which is spelled F-O-S-A-R dash B-L-U-D-O-R-F. Fosar and Bludorf wrote a paper that is very common and it’s forwarded constantly around the internet. The first sentence of the paper, for those of you who have seen it, as soon as I say this you’ll recognize this. It says, “The human DNA is a biological internet and in many ways superior to the technological one.”

As soon as you see that sentence you know you’re in the Fosar-Bludorf article about DNA. It has a lot of good information in it including the stuff that talks about Dr. Peter Gariaev and his research that showed – which I’ve talked about many times on this show – that you can shine a laser beam through a salamander egg and redirect the beam into a frogs egg and the frog egg mutates into a salamander.

You can actually rewrite DNA with a wave. So that’s one of many things that Fosar-Bludorf talked about in that particular article.

Now another thing that people don’t know – it’s much less popular and I’ve just been waiting for the right time to release this – is that they also discovered something in the Earth that they call TLR, and I don’t remember off the top of my head what TLR stands for.

What they found was that there is a 194 day cycle in the Earth in which it appears that a straight line of energy is rotating in the opposite direction of the direction that the Earth is spinning, and it takes 194 days to complete the cycle.

But when this thing is spinning around in the opposite direction of the regular rotation of the Earth you can measure it. You can measure where this line is over the course of the 194 days. And what happens is if the line ends up in the same spot where there was a ship, like, that disappeared then if a plane disappears and that line is right there then –  194 days later – if the line is in the same spot again and a plane is flying over that area, the plane could disappear again.

So this line that counter rotates with the Earth in 194 days is what actually causes planes to disappear. And that literally means that this is the energy from the time field that is counter rotating and it’s a geometry. It counter rotates with the regular geometry that makes the Earth.

When those nodes line up, when this line that’s counter rotating on 194 days lines up with certain vortex points on the Earth like the Bermuda Triangle, like these 12 points that Ivan Sanderson discovered, then you have the possibility that space and time can bleed through. Because you have the geometry from time overlapping with the geometry from space.

So basically what you’d have to do to really be able to visualize this is lets take a simple example. Lets say you have a cube and then inside the cube is a tetrahedron. Which most people can visualize because it looks almost exactly like a pyramid except at the bottom  is a triangle.

Now lets say that you can hold the tetrahedron in your right hand on the tip because all three faces come up to a point on top, and in your left hand you hold the cube. And lets say that you start turning the cube counter clockwise and you’re turning the tetrahedron clockwise with your other hand.

Now, you wouldn’t be able to do this very long because your wrists can’t, you know, swivel. But you would be able to do it enough to see the basic effect which is two geometries that rotate in opposite directions sitting inside of each other.

Once you look at that you can see that at certain points the edges of the tetrahedron, the triangle edges will touch the edges of the cube. When that contact is made you have a star gate. You have the blending together of the energy of time with the energy of space. This is the basic thing that is happening with these 12 points that Sanderson discovered around the world. It’s a slightly more complex geometry but it’s the basic principle that…

That  geometry stays the same. Those vortexes are always in the same space. What changes is this other geometry that’s inside the Earth and counter rotates in a 194 day cycle. So that when it crosses over you then have to look at other things. Next thing you have to look at is where is the planets and the sun?

It’s not enough for it just to cross over; that happens all the time. You also need certain planetary alignments to happen which pull even more energy and that’s when these hyper-dimensional bleed through effects can occur the most. And again, you also have cycles in the solar system of 6.2 million years that can make it happen.

So this is all this stuff that deals with time traveling dinosaurs as I’m saying. So now, finally, we can trace out way back to what we originally started on which is Dan Burisch and the fact that he didn’t even know any of the stuff that I just told you. But I said to him, “Did you ever notice anything about geometry that came from the people who you were working with?” And he said, “Yeah.”

In fact, one of the things he worked with was a star gate device that, in order for it to work, it had to be put on a certain spot on the Earth’s surface which was right next to an archaic pyramid in Egypt. It’s one of the pyramids that’s basically fallen to ruin so it doesn’t look very good; it just kind of sits there. It doesn’t look like a pyramid much anymore but, nonetheless, the vortex point that it’s on it is very strong.

So they have this special device that was built all the way back 11,000 years ago that allows them to be able to open a star gate. But you have to do it at the right point on the Earth and at the right time because of this physics. Now he didn’t get into actually how to concoct the right time to do it; you have to have a launch window basically.

He was able to look over the shoulder of some people that had the information. And dog gone it if these guys that were calculating this didn’t have an exact map of exactly the same geometry that I’m telling you Ivan Sanderson discovered!

So when he drew this for me without knowing any of the physics, and it was exactly the same shape, I was like, “Oh, My God!” Now I knew, “Okay, this is not all phony.” I mean, obviously the planes and ships are disappearing at these points; that’s documented.

Another thing that’s very interesting is that Papua, New Guinea,  is a little island that sits above the middle of Australia. If you look at Australia it’s kind of shaped like a pancake. Most people can visualize the shape of Australia in their mind, it’s like two pancakes connected together in the middle. Kind of a wide pancake that bends at the top, it’s in kind of an arch shape. Above that is a little spot of islands in the middle and right around those islands is one of these, it’s the sub vortex of the Earth’s grid.

It’s not one of the 12 that Ivan Sanderson discovered but it’s another major point on the grid that you can see on any of the grid maps which are on my website. And the grid map I’m referring to is called the Becker-Hagens grid. So this is one of the major points on the Earths surface where these hyperdimensional effects take place.

In Papua, New Guinea, we have multiple sittings of dinosaur creatures that have popped through time including one called the Ropen. Villagers have been seeing this thing for hundreds of years and it is a pterodactyl.

It actually has been drawn, and based on numerous eyewitness testimonies, a man named Jonathan Whitcomb went over there because he’s a forensic videographer. He basically takes video shots of scenes where people have been killed and he also is able to do forensic sketching.

So he went over there and interviewed these guys and was able to get a forensic sketch of what everybody is seeing. You have to understand now, this is… you’re talking about walking through the fields and all of a sudden you see this gigantic brown lizard flying in the air with a 20 foot wing span up to 25 feet wide – and this is a hostile creature. It’s got sharp teeth, it attacks human beings and it’s very dangerous.

They call it the Ropen. There’s… Zambia and Zimbabwe also, in Africa, have legends of it. They call it the Kongomoto. If you go over to the Native Americans there’s something called the Thunderbird. If you actually analyze the legend of the Thunderbird it’s precisely the same thing again. It actually… They’ve drawn pictures of it and it looks like a pterodactyl.

Now, another thing that’s very strange is that when one of these creatures first comes through the time portal it’s energy is still kind of flip-flopping between space and time; it hasn’t fully landed into space-time yet. And because it still flip-flops through time and space it hasn’t fully materialized which means that some of it is going to appear more like a wave than like a solid object.

As soon is it turns into a wave it becomes light. So until it fully consolidates into our space time it has a glowing effect. It’s an uneven effect and, for whatever reason with these creatures, it typically glows reddish orange.

So you will see, for up to five minutes at a time, the creatures body will have this reddish orange that’s fluctuating all over the surface of the body. Now, what do you think a reddish orange glow could be interpreted by primitive people as being? What do you think they might think that was?

TM: Geez! Space people, God, all sorts of stuff.

DW: Well, if you see something flying through the air, and it has this flickering reddish glow on it, what do you think that glow might be? What would you say is happening to the creature if you’re a primitive person?

TM: I have no idea.

DW: It’s on fire.

TM: Okay, it’s on fire.

DW: Because it’s a reddish orange glow; you’re seeing the thing glowing.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: Now, what if these creature used to get through a vortex over England very easily before the Earth shifted to make that less favorable for them.

TM: Okay.

DW: You see where I’m going with this? What do you think they might have called it in the ancient medieval legend in England?

TM: A fire breathing dragon?

DW: A fire breathing dragon. Exactly!  Because if you look at the pictures of the dragons, which remember now Viking ships had the heads carved right into the ships. The legends go back and, in fact, if you go to dictionaries that are only a few hundred years old they say that dragons are a legend in which people were seeing them.

And in fact, all of this stuff, you know, these creatures used to be able to get through over England and they would attack human beings and kill human beings.

They were dangerous and people needed to fight them. So you had knights that actually went up against these manifested pterodactyls with nothing more than a sword. The fire breathing legend came from the fact that, once they popped through the vortex, for the first five minutes they had this flickering reddish orange glow over them which made them think that it breathed fire.

So now what you seeing is how this is like the Newton’s apple, right? We know the legends we’ve now written them off as fantasy. The grid has shifted so you don’t get pterodactyls manifesting over England anymore but there have been a number of  pterodactyl sightings in the U.S. There have been pterodactyl sightings in Texas.

There was a very prominent sighting where a guy was piloting a private plane over the Hudson Bay – the Hudson River in upstate New York – and he actually had a pterodactyl fly right over his plane and almost attack him.

And again, you have the thunderbird legend with Native Americans, and now the grid has shifted in such a way that most of these guys are getting through in this one node over Australia over Papua, New Guinea. Papua, New Guinea, also has a brontosaurus-like creature that’s been coming through; that’s been seen. In fact, the Aborigines have the creature that they’re seeing that’s coming through in mainland Australia too.

The reason why I’m bringing all this up is a very important point. That is that I’ve been attacked by certain skeptical people over the idea that anything would actually happen in 2012. They say, “Well, everything around us is very stable and it hasn’t changed and it’s exactly the way it is and there’s no reason to think that anything unusual is going to happen in 2012.”

But I disagree. And the reason why I disagree is that we have plenty of evidence that these major, major rifts in time can happen. We have had multiple planes disappear, not just in the Bermuda Triangle, but there’s another one south of Japan that the government has declared it an official disaster area.

They call it the Devil’s Triangle and they literally will not allow you to sail a boat through or to fly your plane through. Any air traffic controller will reroute you around the area. It’s written in on the maps “don’t go there” and that it’s a disaster area. That if you go through there you could have a disaster.

TM: Hm.

DW: And that’s just one of the 12 points. Now, here’s another interesting thing: Another one of the 12 points, well two of them, is the poles; the North pole and the South pole. Now, the South pole has given birth to a legend of the so-called hollow Earth.

This all started when a military airline pilot named Admiral Bird, Admiral William Byrd, I believe is his first name, was flying over the South pole in an airplane and saw green land. He didn’t see ice. He saw what appeared to be green land with mountains and trees and grass, and he saw wooly mammoth creatures and various other creatures living in what appeared to be this open prairie. And this shouldn’t have been there.

That, in turn, has led people to conclude that he must have been looking inside the Earth and that this area was inside the Earth’s surface. But we now have accurate satellite pictures of Antarctica; we know there’s no hole. What people don’t realize is he happened to be seeing that vortex while it was open temporarily, so that he could look through and see down there into another place.

There’s another very interesting Bermuda Triangle case. You can Google this one, too. The woman’s name in Carolyn C-A-R-O-L-Y-N Casico C-A-S-I-C-O. Carolyn Casico was supposedly going to be landing on a particular island where her friends were waiting for her. The  island had a little airstrip.

Her friends see her plane coming in and they were in radio contact with her as she was getting in. Then what happened was they were able to continue to hear her radio transmissions coming in, but she wasn’t able to hear them talking back to her. So now she’s getting radio silence from them, she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she continues talking.

And she becomes all freaked out because she flies over the island that she was supposed to be going to, and they here her describing this as she’s talking – they can’t talk back to her but they are hearing what she’s saying – and she says, “Well, I really don’t understand this because the map says I’m in the right spot. The shape of the island is completely correct. But I don’t see any buildings, I don’t see any houses, I don’t see any sign of civilization and there’s no landing strip. So something’s got to be wrong. I don’t know what the heck is going on.”

As she’s broadcasting this, they’re actually watching here plane turning circles over the island in the air – they can see her plane. So for some strange reason she was able to see through a time portal but they didn’t. They saw her in our time.

From her perspective she was looking through a vortex which caused a lensing effect in which she was seeing the island as it was millions of years ago. And so, if she would have flown down she would have gone into the vortex, she would have entered into that parallel time, and they would have seen her plane vanish in the sky. That’s what would have happened.

Strangely, for whatever reason, she could see it and they couldn’t and that’s one of the mysteries that we haven’t figured out why that happened. But we do know that she eventually got discouraged and said, “Well, this can’t be the island.” And turned around and left. And then apparently she did end up flying into this vanishing point because her plane then disappeared and they were never able to find her.

So this again goes back to the 2012 concept and the idea that there are very much real vortex effects happening on the Earth all the time. Enormous gaps of linear time can be traversed very quickly depending on where the cycles are. And this makes it all the more likely that the most radical prophesies that have been given in some very reputable sources about what’s going to happen when we go through this shift could be true.

That includes the Bible. There’s quotes in the Bible that say the mortal must put on immortality, and that which is corrupt must put on incorruption. Two are walking the field and then there shall be one; this kind of stuff. So the Bible actually spells out interplanetary climate change. It says, “There shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars. And upon the Earth distress of nations, men’s hearts failing from fear of that which is to come. The sea and the waves roaring.”

So they describe all the Earth changes. They describe the social upheavals we’re experiencing now. And they say it leads to what we think of as physical body becoming immortal and basically that we go into this sort of exalted state.

So this has been a platform that I’ve taken for a long time and the book that I’m going to be putting out is going to be the definitive scientific collection of data which is much more than what I could ever do in one public lecture.

TM: Sure. Let me just interrupt you for a second here.

DW: Yeah, sure.

TM: All of these people that are just flying by with questions for you and stuff like that and I want to say, first off, that this show is recorded, and you shared so much information, I would suggest that people listen to it several times just so they can absorb it all.

DW: We’ll get it transcribed, too. We have a whole transcription team.

TM: Okay, great.

DW: We’ll get that up on the website. Yeah.

TM: And any links that you could provide would be great for some of this research,  somebody’s asking. Also, something that I didn’t know about, and it really doesn’t have much to do with what we’ve been talking about today but, have you heard of some kind of explosion on the moon that NASA has got planned for it’s next launch?

DW: Yes. I was talking with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot last night on the phone about some other things that we’re working on and she mentioned this to me. It isn’t something that I’ve researched yet. Apparently Kerry has been speaking to some people about it, but it doesn’t appear that there’s anything untoward going on. I think that any time NASA does anything different people want to read into it that there could be a conspiracy behind it.

TM: Uh-huh.

DW: I haven’t read the articles yet so I really don’t know what it is, but my guess is it’s probably intended for seismic readings. That’s typically why you put off a charge like that is that you, in doing so, you then jostle the surface of whatever you blow up and then that allows you to measure how the impulses go through the ground underneath.

Like, for example, if you do this over the Giza Plateau they’ve found that there’s all these hidden chambers and passageways under the plateau. That may in fact be where all the stones for the pyramid were being pulled from are these underground passageways that they hollowed out. They take the stone from underneath and bring it to the top and then you build the pyramids.

So my guess is that there is probably some sort of covert thing going on with why this is being done. I would imagine if I called Richard Hoagland, he would have a whole lot to say about it, but we haven’t spoken since this news came out. So that’s about as much as I can say on it right now without having read anything.

TM: Yeah, I mean… You’d mentioned the structures on the moon earlier and I’m just wondering if they were trying to get rid of those or something.

DW: Okay. Now I’m remembering something. Now I am remembering something and this is a new witness that Kerry has been in contact with. And apparently the secret reason for what’s going on here is that the Chinese are about to send up a probe to the moon – and what they want to do is they want to photograph the Apollo landing site.

What they’re planning on doing is showing that what we say is there is not there. So what we want to do is basically go back there a blow up what is there so that they can’t find what we don’t want them to find.

TM: Okay.

DW: That’s what this one guy was speculating, is why they’re doing that. They’re basically going to destroy the evidence. Because this witness is saying that at least some of the moon stuff that we’ve seen was actually involving a jump gate technology, in which the missions were actually not being flown as we expected, or if they were being flown then other material and other things were actually being gated over to the moon rather than flown. So there could be some stuff up there we really don’t want anybody to see.

So there could be any number of things that they want to blow up on the moon that would involve technology they don’t want to get into the hands of the Chinese now that they’re going up there themselves.

TM: Right. Okay.

DW: Sometimes I just have to remember things, and then… That is what we talked about. It just was slipping my mind when you first mentioned it. There’s so much information to know. People don’t understand this but if you start talking to somebody whose relatively high up in the cover up it’s like consulting an encyclopedia of weird, crazy stuff.

TM: Heaven knows. [laughs]

DW: I have a pretty good memory for things I’m interested in but I can’t remember everything.

TM: Yeah.

DW: Which is why you have to take notes and you have to write it down. Then, usually if you write about something it makes it a lot easier to remember. In fact, one of the reasons why I can speak so lucidly about this thing with the dinosaurs and the vortexes is that I lectured on it in detail in the last two conferences I gave…

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: …so it’s very fresh in my mind right now.

TM: Right. Do you have anything to say about Iran or Obama?

DW: Oh absolutely. In fact, I’m doing another show with Kerry tomorrow at Project Camelot Radio and we’re probably going to focus on that through most of the show.

TM: Okay, so why don’t we leave it for that, then?

DW: But I’m happy to go into it again here; at least give an overview of stuff we can talk about more on that show.

TM: Okay.

DW: Now, I do get to claim some “I told you so” points here, and I’m not going to rub anybody’s face in it, but I did say on my Blog, the second-to-last article that I wrote, that Obama’s speech to the Muslim world – which consists of about 1.5 billion people on the planet – which he did in Cairo not too long ago, would be the equivalent for the Muslim world of what Woodstock in 1969 was for people in the U.S. and abroad.

Now, you have to understand that when you’re dealing with any type of social gathering in which large numbers of people focus their mind on something that’s very positive, that you get substantial effects that result from that which are energetic in nature and which affect the mind of every person on Earth…

TM: That’s true.

DW: …and affect the emotional body. We’ve talked about this before. It comes out of Transcendental Meditation. They call it the “Maharishi Effect“.

TM: Mm hm.

DW: And what they found was, in Transcendental Meditation, they’d have these gatherings of people in which in some cases 7,000 people got together and they all meditated together for a week. Then they looked at the crime statistics and the war statistics during that week and found that things like terrorist activity and the number of people who die, and the number of violent actions around the world decreased by about 72 percent.

So the only real rational explanation for this is again, as I’ve said many times, think of your emotional body as being partially dependent on factors that are not within your control. So like, as a classic example, if you’re in a room and a very terrible smell comes into the room, let’s say it’s the smell of rotten eggs, a sulfurous, nasty smell like a rotten corpse.

No matter how much you want to ignore that, there’s no way you can ignore it – and it’s going to affect your body. It’s going to make you feel nauseous. It’s going to make you feel like you want to leave the area, and if you can’t leave the area and the smell doesn’t go away, you’re going to be very upset.

Another, simpler, way to describe it in terms of energy is with another one of our five senses, in this case the sense of touch and how it relates to temperature. If you have a room that gets unbearably hot, you’re going to get very agitated. You’re going to have emotional upheaval.

You’re going to be screaming. You’re going to be banging on the windows, doing anything you can to try to get out of that room, but you can’t, and it’s going to make you agitated. If, all of a sudden, air conditioning was turned on and you get this wonderful blast of Alpine air that just cools everything down, you’re going to immediately relax and feel better.

Now we know that when solar activity goes up – when the sun kicks out energy from solar flares – that there are certain things that have happened in the historical record, including the fact that there’s much more war activity on the planet, and that everybody sells out in the stock market and panics.

Literally what’s happening is, as I just said, is the sun is cranking up the energy in the emotional body. It gets too “hot.” And then people freak out; they commit acts of violence, and they sell stock because they’re paranoid and they’re fearful that the stock’s going to go down in price. Therefore they sell to try to prevent against that, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So actually economic indicators are one of the key ways in which you can spot whether the energy is going up or down. When the economy is going up, everybody’s in a good mood. When the economy is going down everyone’s in a bad mood, and that can be energetically affected.

So, you have to understand that when Woodstock happened in 1969, that’s not a bunch of hippies running around drinking beer and smoking dope. I mean, that was part of it, but on a much greater level it represented the fall of materialism. When Jimmy Hendrix first lit his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop Festival, in a very real sense, here he’d been doing more magical stuff on that guitar than anybody ever heard a guitarist play in the Western world before.

TM: That’s true.

DW: Hendrix was really a guitar pioneer, right? So he burns his guitar. What does that say about this thing that he’s playing? It shows that it’s just a thing. It’s like the fall of materialism. He’s saying: “Hey, I can get another one. It doesn’t matter. It’s okay.” Then in Woodstock, of course, it was basically a giant Vietnam War protest.

So what you have is all these people unifying their minds. These people who feel like they’re on the fringes of society, that they don’t belong, that they don’t fit in anywhere.

Then all of a sudden there’s millions of them all on the same spot, and it’s like, “Wow. Okay, we actually do exist. We actually are a substantial force in the world and we actually can create change.” I mean, I guess there weren’t millions. There might have been hundreds of thousands, probably not millions, but nonetheless…

TM: Well, I think that throughout the years, you know, after the movie and all that, it touched millions.

DW: Oh, no doubt. So you have to understand that when you look at the Maharishi Effect, if it only takes 7,000 people coming together with a commonly-shared vision of intent to really, really radically increase the harmony on the planet…

I mean, 7,000 people are able to take 72 percent of the people that would fire a gun at you and make them not do it because basically now they feel good and they don’t feel like attacking you anymore. Seventy-two percent fewer people die. Seventy-two percent fewer car crashes because people are paying more attention on the road – they’re not angry and they’re not yelling at their wife on the cell phone.

All these things happen because, when enough people meditate on peace and love – even if they’re high when they do it, by the way, even if they’re using drugs it doesn’t matter because it’s a consciousness effect – then you’re going to have a substantial healing on the planet. So you can imagine how much my ear pricked up when I see Obama give this amazing speech in Cairo to the Muslim world.

Now, there are innumerable problems with the alternative “conspiracy media” right now. The people that are reading Alex Jones and Jeff Rense and all these kind of websites are being exposed to an inordinate amount of propaganda that is being written by various sources within the Pentagon and the NSA.

There is one project alone which is given over a half a million dollars of financing per year, and I would estimate that those efforts have gone way, way up.

This is where, you know, it’s very transparent because the closest that it ever comes in terms of mainstream media is what you’re seeing with Fox and these guys don’t even have any game. If you want to appear objective to your audience and you’re really…

Basically this is a simple lesson of manipulation. In order to become really aware of what’s going on in the world you have to understand manipulation so that you can avoid it happening to you. It’s important to know what skillful manipulators do so you don’t get manipulated.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: I’ve certainly had to learn this. So one of the things a skillful manipulator has to do is, if he or she –  let’s just use the gender “he” –  if he wants to do something, if he wants to trick you in some way into doing or thinking something the way he wants you to think, he has to appear that it’s impartial. In other words, if he’s trying to sway you in one direction, then he’s also going to have to say some things in the other direction so that he appears impartial.

Well, what you’re seeing with Fox News is literally a unilateral condemnation of every single thing that the administration does. They never once support anything that’s going on, whatsoever.

There was a big furor that came out this week because Obama called on a Huffington Post blogger journalist first at the press conference, and of course all the old-guard mainstream media just went crazy about this. But this particular journalist on Huffington Post has done more work blogging about Iran than anybody else at this point. So the old media is really falling apart and the administration is a part of this.

I still get, I would say, depending on the day and especially if I write something or doing a show like this, I get a lot of well-meaning people who honestly think that they need to tell me that I’m full of shit and that I am selling out to the New World Order, that Obama is the anti-Christ, or Obama is negative, or he’s a puppet of the New World Order and what-not.

And what’s happened is, again, you have very well-financed opposition that is working on a variety of levels, and in the Fox News system what they’re doing is they’re putting it right out there on television.

But then there’s a lot of stuff that they can say when you go to a website that doesn’t require any journalistic integrity. You can get away with a lot more stuff.

This is where they’ve concocted this whole mythology that he doesn’t have a birth certificate, and where they’ve concocted the mythology that he is planning FEMA camps and martial law, and all this ridiculous stuff that is in complete counterpoint to everything that he’s presented about himself up until now.

That’s why I say to people again: Don’t even waste your time with fear porn. Because that’s what it is – it’s pornographic fear. You’re literally reading this stuff that’s getting you thinking that you’re in jeopardy, that you’re in danger, that the world is going to end, that something bad is going to happen to you unless you fight, fight, fight. And that’s what they want – “they” meaning the loyal opposition on this planet. It’s a frequency war, okay?

TM: Sure.

DW: The war is whether the planet is going to be in love or fear. The nice thing is that when even a small group of people are in love, it’s a much more powerful energy field than fear. Fear basically represents the lack of energy. So you can have…

You can have a lot of people that are in fear, but it doesn’t really create anything as much as it just… it’s a vacuum. Then when love comes in it can fill the vacuum and it can have a vast effect in which all those people that have that vacuum get just a little taste of that energy and it pumps them up and they get more loving.

That’s why, again, if you have people who are not in a loving state and are in a fearful state and they have that emptiness inside themselves, that emptiness is where violence and aggression comes from. The violence and aggression is that feeling of emptiness, that feeling of being isolated and abandoned and alone, which in turn leads to angry outbursts and that kind of behavior.

So to articulate this in a different way, you can look at the loyal opposition as having had something unprecedented happen: A candidate was actually running for president. They never thought he would win. He was the dark horse, one-in-a-million shot. They didn’t even spend that much time preparing for the likelihood that he would win.

I was having a discussion with Richard Hoagland recently in which he was talking about a strange thing that happened when Bill Clinton was at that meeting that Obama called before his inauguration, after he won the election, in which all the old presidents got together in the Oval Office to talk.

Ostensibly they were going to talk about what was going to happen, you know, so that Obama could get a grip on what it would be like to be president, some of the things he would go through, and so forth.

At the press conference, Bill Clinton looks down at the rug on the ground and says, “Boy, I really like that rug.”

And for Richard, he thinks, “Okay, this is some sort of code and what the heck does it mean? Why would he say that? What kind of symbol is he sending out?”

TM: “Boy, I really like that rug”, he said?

DW: Yes.

TM: Okay.

DW: Now here’s the thing. There’s a tradition which most of us don’t know if you haven’t studied it, where each new president in the Oval Office has the ability to design – and actually that’s the tradition is that he designs his own carpet for the Oval Office and puts it in there – and that has a design that’s unique to him; and you can check it out.

Then for his duration of time as president, that’s the rug that is there and it has something he’s familiar with and it makes him feel like he’s contributed in some way.

Now, we all know that George W. is the 43rd president of the United States. But more importantly, the rug that George W. had created had forty-four symbols on it, not forty-three, forty-four. Which indicates the NEXT president of the United States, not himself.

Now this means that George W. was keenly aware of the fact that he was a transitional president and that once his term was done that the more important president would come after him to finish the job because that term leads up to what year?

TM: 2012.

DW: 2012. Exactly. We also know that during the same period of time that the 2000 elections were done and that George W. stole the election, that Hillary Clinton ran for senate and was a shoo-in, became senator of New York.

All along it has been obvious as heck to anyone who’s paying attention that what we wanted – what the insiders wanted – was a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton dynasty. And it was so orchestrated, it was so obvious when she ran for senate that it was just a transitional step to be president. And what it would do is, it would basically keep the monarchy going. Because you basically have George W… or George Bush, Sr. who was running the CIA…

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: …and then became, you know, he was on advisory boards for other presidents. Then when Reagan was president, he basically was the de facto president. Reagan was just an actor, for God’s sake, and he just read his lines and was very convincing but he didn’t know what was really going on.

The reason why they brought Reagan in was that he was exceptionally willing to rat out other people to the CIA back when he was an actor, and they said: “Okay, this is a guy who’s willing to do whatever we ask him to do because of his patriotism.”  Which again, you know, it’s not like he’s a bad guy. He thought he was doing the right thing by ratting people out.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: So they brought him in. He didn’t know very much, so he was the puppet. George Bush, Sr. was the guy really running the show. So he ran the country for eight years under Reagan. Then he gets re-elected after Reagan; runs the country for four more years.

By this point you’ve had twelve years of Bush literally running the country as the de facto president. People get tired of him. They get pissed off at him. They don’t like him any more. You pull a swicheroo on ‘em, you bring in the other guy – Clinton – which is basically the same team more or less. They’re working for the same people. During the time that Clinton was president you had a big falling-out between the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

Remember now, if you look at the people who were on the board of directors as the controlling members of the Federal Reserve System, you’ve got Rockefellers and Rothschilds. So this whole idea that they split off into neighboring factions didn’t even really happen until 1996, which was right around Clinton’s presidency … you know, being elected and all that, that’s around the time that that happened, so…

Because he was in for… did Clinton do four years or eight years? I’m trying to remember now. No, it was eight years. Right. Because I remember I went to college in 1991 and he won the election while I was in college, so that was 1992 that he became president. And so he had two terms. He was in for eight years. And it was in 1996, half way through his full presidency, that there was a major murder of one of the Rothschilds.

TM: Yeah.

DW: I believe this was the case where he was found hung on his towel rack in the bathroom. So it’s almost like an insult, you know, clearly being set up to look like a fake suicide. And from what I’ve heard from Rayelan, this woman who runs Rumor Mill News Radio – I’ve been on her show a bunch of times – this was basically a major falling-out between the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions in which one of the top Rothschilds was killed.

It was at this time that you really started to get a bifurcation within the so-called Illuminati between the American side and the Rothschild side.

Now, the American side is the side that’s the Neocons and the Republican Party, and the Rothschild side was the Democratic Party. Now, up until then, they did run these respective political parties on their own, but it didn’t matter really which one won because they both were on the same team ultimately and it was just “order out of chaos.”

You know, you play both sides against the middle. But then around this time in 1996 is when you actually started to get a schism between the groups and they no longer agreed with each other on some of the basic things. So that didn’t happen until recently.

But nonetheless, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know, so even in 2000 when the schism had started to form, George Bush, Jr. – which was probably guided by his father… I betcha George Sr.’s the one that had to do with this – creates a rug for the Oval Office that has forty-four symbols in it, not forty-three, symbolizing the president that comes after George W., which is the president that leads us into 2012. The whole daggone thing was orchestrated for Hillary to become president.

You have to learn this and get past all this mind control that’s being written as what appear to be articles by independently-minded thinkers who are anti-Obama.

What’s happened is, there’s so much propaganda out there and it’s so easy to read. All you have to do is go to these websites and every day there’s more. You’re reading stuff that is being written right in the offices of the Pentagon and the NSA. They’re writing it right from their typewriter into your head. You’re reading their propaganda and you’re believing it. A lot of people I’m talking to right now, this is what’s happening to you.

Now you’re attacking me and saying that I’m full of shit, when in fact this is what’s happening to you. You’re actually reading stuff that’s not true. What I’ve done, systematically, is I’ve gone through and showed point after point after point after point of how this administration is completely demolishing the whole Illuminati New World Order power structure. They’re going after everything.

The very first thing that Obama did when he got into office with his administration is to deconstruct the lockage that had been formed around the Freedom of Information Act. Bush had been making it impossible for any of this stuff to go public. They were classifying information that really shouldn’t have been classified because it was so stupid.

You have him… his administration is going after credit card companies. They’re creating… they’re going after the regulatory bodies. In fact, I found a… I just got an iPhone the other day for the first time and I was at the barber getting my hair done and I was surfing the ‘net while I was getting my hair cut, and I found an article on Financial Times in which – I think I actually still have it loaded here. Let me see if I can pull it up on this little machine.

The article was in Financial Times and what it was doing is, it was defending the Federal Reserve by saying that whatever Obama’s trying to create would be much worse. Let’s see if I got it here, Comment/Editorial – here it is.

TM: Okay.

DW: It says “Central Bankers Strike Back” – This is Financial Times. That’s the title, June 19, 2009. Let’s see here: “Talk of green shoots inevitably tempers the shock of last year’s financial crisis when Wall Street’s finest were falling like nine-pins, but the need for thorough regulatory reform is still pressing.” That’s something everybody can agree on.

“One concern stands out: the risk of the whole financial system breaking down as it did last autumn. Controlling systemic risk is the most important goal of regulatory reform. Everything else is secondary. Those…”

Now check this out, man. I mean, you want to hear propaganda? You want to hear what the guys that… This is proof that the Obama administration is being opposed by the most powerful forces. It’s right here in this article: “Those who want to give central banks…” –  which is the Federal Reserve, right?

“Those who want to give central banks the power and responsibility to monitor systemic risk are right! They include the U.S. Treasury whose proposals this week seek to turn the Federal Reserve into a systemic super-regulator, meaning the Federal Reserve will have even more power than it does now, can control the financial system even more than it already does, and has the power to destroy other systems and other banks and other corporations with nothing more than the stroke of a pen.” – Then it goes on.

TM: But this is not true at all.

DW: What’s that?

TM: This isn’t true at all.

DW: No! It would be a terrible thing. It could be a terrible thing.

TM: But did Obama do that?

DW: No. This is what I’m saying, is this is going against Obama. You’ve got to let me finish the article. Listen to this.

TM: Okay.

DW: “Mervin King, the Bank of England’s governor, called for similar powers.” – So now you’ve got the Illuminati English bank, the English Federal Reserve, saying: “Yeah! Yeah, that’d be great. Let’s have more regulatory power.”

And listen to this. It gets even better: “These proposals are being contested, they should not be. The alternatives are worse.” – Now check this out: “Members of the U. S. Congress want systemic risk to be supervised by a new council of regulatory agencies.”

Now I’m going to stop right there before I read any more. “Members of the U. S. Congress want systemic risk” – that means the entire system – “to be supervised by a new council of regulatory agencies.”

All these bills are saying: “Get rid of the Federal Reserve.” In fact, that’s the whole plan is to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

The new regulatory agencies – guess what – are not going to be controlled by the Illuminati, not going to be controlled by the New World Order. They’re going to get rid of these ridiculous derivatives and they’re actually going to bring the system back to a functional level.

So what do these guys have to do? They have to write propaganda in mainstream sources like Financial Times to try to go against this. So let me read a little more: “Members of the U.S. Congress want systemic risk to be supervised by a new council of regulatory agencies, but as Lawrence Summers, U.S. Economic Council Director has said, collective responsibility often leads to no responsibility.”

What they’re saying is: “Well, if congress is in charge of it and they create new agencies and they’re collectively responsible, then they’re just going to kind of drop the ball and forget about it and then there will be no oversight.”  [he continues to read] “No single agency is as well suited…”

Now, this is SO bullshit! Listen to this! You’re going to groan when I say this. This is… I’m just reading it now: “No single agency is as well suited to secure overall financial stability as a central bank with it’s power to create liquidity. That, not monetary policy, was the Fed’s original purpose.

The solution is not perfect: one may legitimately worry that a double mandate – monetary policy and financial stability – weakens the ability to fulfill either very well. These tasks, however, could be complimentary. Excessive liquidity can inflate balance sheets as easily as prices.”

They’re basically saying: “Hey, let’s let the Federal Reserve print as much money as it wants. Let’s let them control the entire financial system even more than they already do because they already create the money, so let’s let ’em do everything.”

It goes on: “Things are more complicated in the European Union whose integrated financial markets are not matched by cross-border fiscal regulatory authority or monetary authority outside the Euro area.

The best that can be hoped for is the adoption of Jacques de Larosière’s blueprint which calls for an EU-wide systemic risk council with binding arbitration power over disagreeing national regulators. Europe must not remain exposed to the failure of banks with balance sheets larger than their home country’s economies. Banks too large to fail are…”

Let’s see if I… we’ve got to get to the next thing because this is going to take too much time. Ah… Yeah. This is the last paragraph: “Reforms to rein in systemic risk must not now fall prey to politics. They must be enacted before the memory of last autumn fades.”

So what you have here literally is a blatant attack against everything the Obama administration is doing, promoting the idea that we not only should keep the Federal Reserve, but that it needs all this new power in order to do its job better and save the world from financial discomfort.

TM: Okay. Let me stop you for a sec.

DW: Yeah.

TM: We’ve got one of our listeners is saying that yesterday Obama DID make the Fed the ultimate regulator. Did you hear that? Or is that misinformation?

DW: I don’t know.

TM: Okay.

DW: I don’t know.

TM: So that’s something we have to check out then.

DW: You have to understand… Here’s the thing: One of the things that the Obama administration has been doing, which I said in my last Blog, is they will say things that are outrageous specifically to get people to have an uprising.

When Obama does this speech in front of the Muslim world, he’s addressing 1.5 billion people. Now, whether you agree with him or not, whether you think he’s a good guy or a bad guy, the effect that it had on those Muslim people was that they felt a sense of uplifting gratitude that they finally had been heard.

Whether he was doing it for the truth, or whether it was just if he is a puppet, I sure as hell never saw that policy happening from the Bush administration. They have spent hundreds of billions of dollars arguably in propaganda money, building up the Muslim world as the “ultimate evil”, just like they did in the Cold War with the Russians where, if you remember on television Russian women were portrayed as if they were 350 pounds overweight…

TM: Yes.

DW: …and they had big fat hairy hands [Tom laughs] and they’re all like, you know, they’re all wearing these gray outfits and mopping, you know. They’re like non-people, so if we nuke ’em it doesn’t matter. That’s what they tried to get the American people to think.

Well, now you have the same thing done to the Muslims in which we’re supposed to think that anybody that follows the Koran is following a religion that automatically tells them, “You must kills all infidels.”

TM: Right.

DW: And that may be some of what you can find in the Qur’an. It’s possible that that’s in there, but there’s also a lot about the Qur’an that is actually talking about peace and service, and that’s one of the bigger meta-messages that comes out in the Qur’an. You can read any Bible, any religious scripture, and find stuff that’s negative. There’s lots of stuff in the Bible that’s pretty nasty, especially in the Old Testament.

TM: Yeah.

DW: You can justify any violence with the Bible you want to, so… The thing is also, I’ve been to Arabic countries. I was in Egypt, and I actually made a strange mistake – which was not really a mistake – but I needed to get on the internet and I walked away from the tourist area try to find a place where we could find internet access.

I’m with a female friend of mine who’s a very beautiful woman, blond, and looks like a model, and here we are walking in the middle of Egypt in a non-tourist area trying to find an internet café. All of a sudden I see this big crowd of Egyptian Muslim teenage boys.

I have, you know, five years of martial arts training, from high school, is when I was taking that. It’s a Kung Fu style that I learned called Pangainoon.  (For those who are transcribing, it’s P-A-N-G-A-I-N-O-O-N.)  [Transcriber note: Thank you, David!]

Anyway, you know, you learn how… One of the things you learn is to look for “uniforms” as it is called, and that means… A uniform is sort of like, it could be the way somebody is dressed, but it also has to do with the state of mind that they hold. And these guys were totally uniformed with hostility and I’m thinking: “Oh my God.”

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: We could actually be like, you know… I mean, they were heckling us and it looked like something really bad could happen. So I started to loudly and constantly say Arabic phrases out loud as we’re walking towards them. And they weren’t just Arabic phrases, they were religious Arabic phrases, of which I know a number.

I started saying things like “Salaam aleiakum”. I started staying “Ham-d’Allah” and “Supan’Allah” and stuff like that, which basically is saying, you know, “Peace be with you,” and “Praise to Allah,” you know, etcetera, et cetera. Allah is their word for God.

Well these guys were totally freaked out and amazed that we were saying these things and I realized that they were never going to attack us in the first place they were just really surprised to see us. Once I showed them any type of basic appreciation, the energy changed so dramatically we became celebrities to them.

Every single one of them wanted their picture taken with us. Some of them were actually in tears just for no other reason than the fact that I cared enough about their culture as a white man to go in there and be able to say very simple things in Arabic.

TM: Mh-hm.

DW: Now again, these guys were in tears, and one of the things they asked us over and over again was, “Why do your people hate us?”

And I said, “Look, you guys are confusing what our media says with what most of us think. We don’t hate you at all. Our media is trying to paint you up to be these villains but we know that the only people that are really causing the trouble is a very, very small number who are fundamentalists and are radicals and they’re taking your religion and interpreting it in a nasty, violent way. Most of you are not like that at all.”

And sure enough, you go through these Arabic countries, the majority of Muslims are very middle of the road. They do support their religion, they do support their culture but they also are very open and very inclusive and they’re not anti-Christian, they’re not anti-Jewish, they’re not anti- anything, really.

They have a problem with Israel, of course, because Israel is hurting the Palestinians and infringing on their territory. You notice that one of the ballsy-est things that Obama said in that address to Cairo is to directly go after Israel and say that they needed to stop basically infringing on Palestinian territory and creating settlements and building buildings on territory that they don’t own. That was huge.

Another thing that they said, that Obama said in his talk is, any world order that is not based upon what is good for all peoples in all nations will inevitably fail. That’s almost a direct attack against the New World Order; he just didn’t use the word “new“. But the New World Order is all about top down management. It’s all about securing the assets of the Western world at the expense of every one else.

TM: Right.

DW: That’s why these other countries are so pissed off. But they’re not pissed off at the people. In fact, as I found, again, Muslims are very middle of the road. So what happens is Obama gives this speech in which he understands that. He’s saying we don’t hate you, we’re not trying to come after you.

You gave us cartography, you gave us mathematics, you gave us the printed word all these wonderful things came out of Arabic culture. We have a debt of gratitude to pay. Let’s form a new beginning and let’s stop all this hostility and stop all this violence and find a way to get along with each other.

Now I wrote an article at the time that said that this is like the Maharishi Effect times MILLIONS, because you now have arguably 1.5 billion people who’ve heard this message and had a huge energy shift. Because they have been condemned by a genocidal form of racism in which the simple fact that they were born Muslim is now said that they are the enemy and we really don’t mind if they die, you know.

We’re all up in arms about three thousand people dying in 911 and there’s three hundred thousand people that we killed in the Iraq war, but were not a hundred times more upset about that than we are about 911.

TM: Right.

DW: So it’s obvious that we’ve had a double standard. We don’t really mind if Arab people die. It’s like, just part of the game of balancing out the world.

So Obama totally changes the game and what I said in my article – and this is what I’m leading up to – is that it would take about two weeks for you to see the effects of what this would do.

And I now can proudly report success in that prophecy because it was within exactly that two week window that this woman named Neda – and her last name starts with Soul. Well, think about the meta-message there; Neda Soul. Right?

TM: Mm-hm, need a soul. Wow.

DW: Need a soul. And what is the name for the equivalent gentrified old men that are controlling the Arabic world? What are they called?

TM: Soulless.

DW: Well what’s the word? It starts with an “M”. They’re called Mullahs, right?

TM: I was going to say mother-, okay, go ahead.

DW: [laughs] Well, I mean, it’s usually pronounced Mullah’s but it’s spelled M-U-L-L-A-H-S.

TM: Okay.

DW: Moolah. Money – right?

TM: Money. Mm-hm.

DW: So this woman whose name is Neda Soul is going after the Mullahs – the guys that are controlling all the money in the patriarchy that’s holding the country down.

If you look at Iranian history, and you look at the time line of what’s happened in Iranian history, this is precisely how the Shah was overthrown in 1979. There is no doubt that Obama’s speech was the critical factor that swung the election away from Ahmadinejad and in favor of Mousavi.

As you well understand, which I have snapshots at the Huffington Post, Mousavi was WAY in the lead and it totally looked like he was going to win based on the real exit polls.

Now Iran is openly saying not only that they have 100% turnout in the vote – which is preposterous and ridiculous – but that they’re openly admitting, in fifty different cities, that there were more votes put in than there are people in the city.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: So they’re openly admitting to election fraud. I can already tell you that there is no way that they are going to get through this with any legitimacy. It is going to be… If they can somehow manage to hold on to power, it’s the ultimate banana republic, and they will have no authority on the world stage.

You also have their people much more willing to create violent uprising and rebellion than people are in America because the relative quality of life is less, and don’t forget that 60 percent of people in Iran are all like young people. They’re the ones that are much more apt to pour out into the streets when something happens that pisses them off.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: So now you have this woman who, by any stretch depending on whatever culture you’re in, is just about a super model in terms of how hot she is, in terms of how attractive she is physically, and that makes a big difference.

For those of you who haven’t seen it there’s a thirty-seven second video that’s all over the place on Youtube. I don’t recommend you watch it because it’s quite disturbing. If you’ve already seen it then you’ve seen it but…

What happens is this woman has just been shot through the chest and somebody with a cell phone camera runs over to her. She has this very attractive face and she looks directly into the camera – and this is what’s so important – her face is not in fear, she’s not terrified, she has a very intense look on her face; a look of serenity.

Her eyes are kind of wide, I mean, she definitely knows something is wrong, but there’s this sort of look on her face that says resist, resist, resist. Don’t give into this. Don’t let them take away your rights. Don’t let them take away your freedom.

Then literally, one second after she looks at the camera with this intense look on her face, her eyes roll back and because the bullet had punctured her heart and her lungs –  her entire lung cavity had filled up with blood once she fell over – the blood pools up and suddenly comes out in very copious quantities from her mouth on both sides and from her nostrils…

TM: Mmm.

DW: …which is what happens when the entire wind passage is filled with blood.

TM: Mm-hm.

DW: It’s like… She literally dies simultaneously as the blood comes out. You see her eyes roll back and then a split second later she’s no longer in her body. So she gives you this really intense look and then blood pours out of her face all over the place and then she’s dead just like that.

It’s a very, very compelling, very disturbing video. It would essentially be considered a snuff film. You’re actually watching someone die with all this blood, and it’s an attractive woman, so it’s got the whole sex and death means together which is what all corporate advertising is based on; blending sex and death.

TM: Yeah.

DW: So it’s a very, very potent image. What’s it done is it’s completely crystallized the resistance in Iran and it’s also taken the logical next step of exactly what I said would happen within two weeks from Obama’s speech. Which is that you now have people all over the world saying we are the Iranians.

They are realizing that Iran’s struggle to get rid of these Mullah’s is the same struggle that we have to get rid of the money changers in our society. So it’s an irreversible shift which is all part of the bigger plan that’s happening. I see it as very positive. I think it’s fairly inevitable that we’re going to see revolutionary change in Iran. I don’t know how the administration could possibly make it through this.

We’re also seeing Obama taking direct aim against the Federal Reserve. It’s very likely the Federal Reserve could be dismantled. And there is undeniable evidence, even from Fox News itself, that there is going to be some sort of disclosure. Fox, itself, is bringing out all the steps to disclosure.

So I don’t think we’re going to go indefinitely without this. I think what’s probably going to happen is that somewhere concomitant with the destruction of the Federal Reserve and the restructuring of currency – because with the destruction of the Federal Reserve will come also a reorganization of the financial system – and it may involve some pain.

There may be some financial pain. People are targeting the October/November period of this year as a possibility for the so-called dollar collapse.

Now again, for most people like you and me on the street, it’s not going to affect our lives that much. It may drive the price of gold up again. But in terms of your jobs and stability and being able to continue your quality of life, remember we want the Federal Reserve gone and it’s going to take some pain to get through that. So that may happen, but…

It appears from some of the chatter that we’re getting from some of the Intel sources that there may well be an official government announcement of five different extra-terrestrial species that are human in nature that we’ve been interacting with for over a hundred years on an unofficial, secret basis and that that announcement could come at the same time that we have this restructuring of the financial system. That would be extremely interesting, let’s put it that way.

TM: Wow, it certainly would take your mind off the money for at least the moment. [laughs]

DW: Well yeah, I mean, think about it. That’s exactly the point isn’t it?

TM: Yeah. [laughs]

DW: [laughs] You don’t want people focusing on the same stuff. Now another thing that’s very interesting is Reuters, the main stream media in England, has come out with a story about a Japanese company that has built a car that can run on tap water. You can go into your back yard, get the hose, spray the hose into the tank, fill up and go for a drive. It doesn’t require any gasoline, it doesn’t require any sort of special treatment for the water like a lot of the ones…

The alleged water systems that work in our country typically involve water treatment. They’re also augmentations so it’s not even clear, some people say, whether they’re actually working or whether it’s just running on gas anyway. But this is a one hundred percent water based system.

This, according to Benjamin Fulford, has existed in Japan –  the technology – for over thirty years. But it was this Rockefeller side of the Illuminati, the New World Order that ran the Republican party, that stifled all these technologies from coming out.

TM: No shit?!

DW: So, you know, with the collapse of the financial system and the restructuring to a new order you’re going to have a whole lot of really juicy stuff come out at the same time. You’re going to have new technology which will stimulate industry.

And don’t forget now, the military industrial complex is very much tied in with aerospace technology. What do you think is going to be the natural response of most people once they find out that there’s ruins on other worlds from other human civilizations?

TM: That’s just going to blow everybody out of the water.

DW: Everybody is going to say, “Throw as much money as you want into the space program, I want to go see that stuff.” So it could be a massive stimulus to the military industrial complex – which would be good for them – because we want them to do something. We don’t want them to sit there and figure out how to kill people. We’d like them to actually do something productive with all the tools and the machinery and the factories that they have.

So it’s very, very likely that we’re heading into a new situation here. And again, it really doesn’t matter to me that much whether people think Obama’s a good guy or a bad guy because the overarching perspective that you have to look at here is, if Obama turns out not to be a good guy, the way the planet’s frequencies are changing will make it impossible for him to do anything other than what’s in the best interest of everyone anyway.

It wouldn’t matter whether McCain was president or whether Hilary had become president or whether Obama was president. No matter who you are, no matter what you try to do the shifts that we’re going through as a planet are shifts in the direction of the opening of the heart, the revelation of long hidden truths and the enlightenment of humanity.

I cannot believe for a second that the higher forces that are administering to this planet – which my testimony abundantly proves exist. If you go through my website DivineCosmos.com and read about my own contact experiences with higher intelligence, it is very clear that I’m one of those people who is able to be compassionate enough and had enough of an ability to meditate that I can subjugate the mind of my ego to be able to get these voices to come through and give us messages.

Anybody can do it. I mean Tom, I know you’re writing a manuscript, what’s your manuscript called again?

TM: “Awakening Into Oneness”.

DW: “Awakening Into Oneness“, right. That’s also coming from a state of grace, right? I mean, you’re in a state of grace when you’re writing these words.

TM: Sure.

DW: Yeah, I mean… I’ve read your stuff and it’s really good and I encourage people… You have a… How would they find you on Facebook?

TM: It’s just facebook.com/tom.murasso. M-U-R-A-S-S-O.

DW: Okay, Tom dot Murasso and they can read… What is the status of your manuscript right now? Do you have the whole thing on line or are you doing it a little at a time?

TM: Oh, it’s on Amazon.

DW: Okay.

TM: It’s available.

DW: They can order the book on Amazon, they can read excerpts on your Facebook page.

TM: Sure.

DW: Okay great. I wanted to put that plug in for you because your show is one of the best one’s I’ve found in terms of the fact that an archive is created immediately, that you don’t charge for it. So everybody who is listening to this show for free is benefiting from the fact that you’re not trying to profit from that. So I would encourage them to read your book on the Facebook page, and if they like it, to support you by ordering a copy of it.

TM: Thanks David. Appreciate that.

DW: It’s my pleasure. I think it’s important that we support each other. And if you are interested in seeing me speak, I highly recommend the Switzerland conference. That’s the first time that I’m going to Europe and I’m not doing any other events. I’m just going to pop in, hit Switzerland and pop back out.

We have a phenomenal line-up on that show because we’ve got Dan Burisch as I said, a real black ops whistle blower who knows the truth about 2012, says that we’ve now shifted to a non-cataclysmic timeline, and is actually going to be revealing – on stage – classified information that has never before been made public. And, it’s going to be the first time ever that he and I will have any extended dialogue in front of an audience; it’s going to be filmed…

TM: Good.

DW: … and we will be comparing and contrasting my perspectives on 2012 with what he knows and basically finding the common ground of what’s really going on here.

I can hint, okay, and maybe I’m giving away too much. But I can hint that one of the things that Dan might be talking about on stage will be a technology that could have massive effects to heal the environment.

It may be – again I’m being careful – it may be that this technology is getting ready to be rolled out, and it may be that it could be used quickly once it is rolled out and that it could substantially change the planet for the good. It may be that that’s what he’s going to announce. [laughs]

TM: That’s great, that‘s great. I think that is a perfect upbeat intention to end this show with, David.

DW: Well thank you, Tom.

TM: David Wilcock, DivineCosmos.com. Can’t thank you enough, David. I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon.

DW: Very good! Thank you.

TM: This is Tom Murasso from BornToManifest.com signing off. Thanks so much for listening folks, we’ll see you next Wednesday. Peace out and we love ya.

– end of recording –



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