Saturday 3 / 28 / 09

Read about the FIVE different ‘insider’ factions battling it out with each other at this time, amidst the greater context of the struggles we’re working through to finish our long-term projects!





This time has been very intense for everyone, myself included. I don’t see this as a negative — in fact, I am very happy about all the things I can tell you today. 

I had hoped to get my latest political update article out this weekend, and I told a few people it was coming in private email — but the vocal work I’ve been doing is so intense that I really am too exhausted to put much thought into writing articles at the moment.

Now that we’re spending a whole day just mixing, and my voice is on the mend, I have the chance to sit down and do this for you. I hope you enjoy it!



I have been very heavily involved in updating the material on this site, and am happy to report that I have cleared very substantial milestones.

Everything I’ve ever published online, with the exception of my original discussion room posts on Hoagland’s forum in 1996, raw data from 1997 and never-before-published reading transcripts from 1998, is now properly formatted and archived in the Articles and the Readings Transcripts section of this site. 

[I may go through and reformat how I handle bracketed sentences like this in the readings transcripts, in order to make it more readable. I may try italicizing everything and see how that looks. It is still a work in progress.] 


I guarantee that there is a wealth of information in there that you haven’t already seen, because frankly there were over 35 different pieces I wrote that never made it from the original site over here in our epic December 2005 website changeover to the Divine Cosmos server! This included some of my finest readings. 

In December 2005, we started using a “content management system” to streamline the formatting and look of the site from its typical late-1990s homegrown ‘indie’ feel — emblematic of the “internet ghetto” — to the way you see it today.

Now all the missing pieces have been restored — only by going through my archived files from the old site and diligently tracking every single link, and checking it against what we have here in the archives. 


Furthermore, even though a majority of the content in the Articles and the Readings Transcripts sections has been here all along, it was almost all in a nearly-unreadable state since we changed servers. Still to this day, the majority of these files — particularly the readings, which only just now have gotten titles again — only have about 800 hits, which seem to be solely the residue of “web bots” like Google and

There’s a good reason why no one was reading them. In the “old” style of webpage we used to use, there was enough space from one line of text to the next that you could read large paragraphs comfortably. With the modern, professional style we’re using now, you have to introduce paragraph breaks every second or third sentence to keep it readable, as has become the new standard.

All the readings were titled by nothing more than the date and time of the first session. Therefore, there was absolutely nothing there to clue you in as to what the content might be. (Now I have given them a date and a title, as well as whether or not they are straight readings or also involve prophecies that later came true, to varying degrees.)

Furthermore, there were a host of awkward characters left over in the text from the massive HTML conversions we had to do to transform Ascension2000 into Divine Cosmos. You would be reading along and then see something like this: &#!… right in the middle of the text where something else should have been, like an apostrophe, quotation marks, et cetera.

Much of the initial conversion work was done by Angela Greco, to whom we are very grateful — and Larry Seyer finished the process of integrating everything into the new content management system for us. Very few of the graphic links worked either — they just showed up as blank spaces.

I knew the unruly paragraphs, missing graphics and garbage characters were a problem, and occasionally got emails complaining about it over the years. It simply involved a titanic amount of work to repair, which really had to be done by me because updates to the original text, which I put in brackets, were frequently necessary. Up until recently I never had the stomach to sit down and do it all. 



My recent near-death experience, where my throat closed up during and immediately after my appearance as the keynote speaker of the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, convinced me of how much I had been consciously suppressing my work with the readings.

I had gotten to the point where my presentations were a well-oiled machine, and I rarely even hinted at the fact that I had ever done intuitive readings, or that their data in any way influenced what I was now presenting.

That’s what the health crisis led up to — forgiveness work for people who have been strongly antagonistic towards me while also being friends and associates, and who seemed to single out my intuitive work as their preferred target for abuse. This eventually led to me distancing myself from the entire thing, almost as if there was no turning back and it was a permanent decision.

One obvious reason for the negativity I endured was that when I get a clear and undeniable message from my Higher Self, such as through a repeat sequence of dreams, I will follow and apply that guidance, even if other people I care about strongly disagree with me.



I have never taken as much abuse for this policy as I have since Obama became a major Presidential candidate, and particularly since he won the election and instantly became the new epicenter of online conspiracy theorists’ “rage against the machine.”

Neither Alex Jones nor Jeff Rense, the two biggest players in the anti-Obama conspiracy media, seem to be aware of the massive amount of lies and propaganda being written and fed to them from within the Neocon and Illuminati factions themselves, causing them to deliberately overlook the vast majority of evidence that counters their established positions.

I respect both of these men for their courage, bravery and intelligence. I have active subscriptions to both of their MP3 archives. I have been reading both of their websites since I first got online in 1995. I have never been invited to appear on either of their shows, which is fine. I sincerely hope their information is never obstructed, as historically it has been extremely beneficial to know these things and be aware of the bigger picture.

Jeff’s site used to go into a lot more detail about UFOs and the hopeful aspects of what is going on in the world, and it has changed quite a bit in the last several years. James Neff’s beautiful CG animations of UFOs in the sky have now been replaced by David Dees’ inflammatory political graphics, and the bulk of writers seem to be more negative, sarcastic and savagely opinionated than I ever remember them being in the past.

I seem to be one of the only scholars out there who is simultaneously aware of the insider politics and has not joined the nearly-unanimous anti-Obama internet conspiracy brigade. Does this mean I’m hopelessly wrong and lost? Time will tell. Time will tell.



It is very easy to target a single figure, such as a politician, and be angry at him or her, rather than understand the deeper story of what you are being shown.

Jones’ latest film, “The Obama Deception,” identifies 10-12 members of Obama’s cabinet as being in one or more of these three groups: the Bilderberger Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. It also effectively proves that he attended a Bilderberger meeting himself.

However, this is not sufficient to prove that these people are all working on the same page. Though you can prove that Obama has some of these people in his cabinet, you cannot prove that he is working for the groups they represent, or that he is their ‘puppet.’ And there is an ever-increasing body of evidence that strongly suggests he is working to bring these rogue groups down.

Both Jones and Rense have a lot on their hands, keeping afloat in a difficult economy, constantly updating their sites with many different articles, running daily radio shows and in Jones’ case, full-time video production and frequent community activist work as well.

With so much going on in both cases, it is very difficult to have the time to notice all the subtleties of the “Big Picture,” particularly because it is so compartmentalized that no one person has all the answers. You really do need to have an exceptional memory and incredible research skills to assemble a view of what is really going on.

It also helps, strongly, to be able to interview real insiders who would never dream of speaking to someone like Jones or Rense, because they would consider it a death sentence. I have been blessed to have multiple opportunities to speak with people who have very compelling, singularly valuable testimonies, and yet are almost completely unrepresented in either the Jones or Rense platforms.

And though I’ve beaten this drum many times, and my email attackers completely ignore me on this point since there is no adequate defense that can be mounted, the Voice of the White House source — sarcastic and mean-spirited as he can be — has very consistently demonstrated his accuracy over the last four years or so.

Ever since Obama got on the scene, nearly a year ago, the Voice of the White House has given a consistent view of the sheer panic amongst the elite insiders about the possibility of Obama winning, because of the fact that he is not under their control, and does not have sufficient “dirty laundry” to be easily blackmailed.



From the combined testimony of many different sources, including those I have interviewed myself who have largely avoided publicity, we now can identify at least five major factions at work here:

1. Faction 1A: The Rothschild-based “Illuminati.” Overthrew traditional European royalty and seized control of much of European power and finance. Also controls the American Federal Reserve. Historically has controlled and managed the ‘left’ in American politics, through the Democratic Party. Almost exclusively Caucasian, with a heavy mystery-school / Masonic / secret society focus, and a Luciferian belief system.

Lucifer is the wronged good guy in their system, not Satan or the Devil. They fought savagely and desperately for Hillary to win the election, including having Lady de Rothschild publicly go on television to denounce Obama — even to the point of defecting to McCain! 

The Illuminati had believed in Hillary’s victory strongly enough to write in a woman president to this year’s episodes of “24.” They also put in a very strong death threat against Obama by having an African-American president who was then assassinated on the show, prior to the female president taking office. Is it any wonder Obama didn’t offer Hillary the vice-presidential slot, but gave her a position to quell the opposition?

This group does have a certain amount of ET-derived technologies and treaties with negative ETs such as the Annunaki, but have far less use and development of these technologies than the rival New World Order faction.

Though they planned on engineering a “planned economic collapse that would make the Great Depression look like a Sunday School picnic,” they have been utterly brutalized by the real-world effects of what has happened once the plug was pulled. War is very messy and almost never goes as you planned, and they are now desperate to stop the bleeding.

Their companies — the big banks, brokerage houses, insurance giants and the like — have been savagely weakened and / or bankrupted by this collapse. They are desperate for the latest round of bailout monies to stay afloat. Yet Obama’s administration is forcing them to give up nothing short of their firstborn, and submit to drastic regulations, if they wish their companies to survive in any form.


2. Faction 1B: The Rockefeller-based “New World Order.” The Neo-Con / Fundamentalist Christian / Republican Right in America.

Though it is the inheritor of the German tradition from World War II, it schizoidally functions as Fundamentalist Christian, and is sympathetic to their cause. In the deeper sense it is only a recent “offshoot” of the Illuminati, and has even greater sympathy with their occultist perspective. Also calls themselves the “Brotherhood of Death” thanks to their history with the Skull and Bones secret society.

Israel has a heavy influence in this group, but this is primarily through blackmail and other forms of coercion. That alliance has already shown signs of splintering in recent months. 

The New World Order faction fought savagely to have McCain / Palin win the Presidential election, threatening full-scale race war and revolution by how bitter the attacks against Obama were waged, including the Reverend Wright footage and fanning the flames of interracial unrest. Responsible for planning and controlling 9/11 to cement their economic and political power shortly after rigging the 2000 election to install George W. Bush as President.

This faction controls a great deal of back-engineered ET technology, and thus can do a great deal of damage. Had they won the election, we almost certainly would be in a dramatically expanded war at this point, with attacks against Iran threatening to cascade into a wider regional conflict in the Middle East and eventually, they had hoped, into the next world war. This is their classic ploy to save the economy while reducing population, and thus “saving the world”, at the same time.

The Twin Towers could not have been brought down with so little remaining debris, at free-fall speed, without the advanced technologies this group has at work — including the conventional demolition tools as well as mini-nkes and top-secret disintegration beam capabilities to destroy the support columns and vaporize all the concrete into dust, which in turn blanketed the entire city and was unfortunately radio-active. 

They are now very seriously on the ropes, their political power all but destroyed, and sliding further and further down by the day. Their acts are becoming ever-increasingly transparent and desperate as a result, and action cannot be taken swiftly enough to expose and nullify their influence.

As Benjamin Fulford has indicated — and I agree — this is the group that must be stopped first and foremost. Their loss of the Presidential election has already gone a long way towards sealing their defeat.

This group was very likely responsible for the recent airline disaster I wrote about, where two women met with Obama about re-opening 9/11 hearings, and their plane went down in flames a week later. No one in the anti-Obama conspiracy crowd has mentioned my article or realized this connection themselves, though it is very obvious that this was no ordinary plane crash. 

This group, more than any of the other factions, completely owns and controls a major corporate news network — none other than that bastion of “Fair and Balanced Media,” Fox. 


3. “Faction 2”: The true historic Knight Templars and Davidic Bloodlines. Traditional royal families and their offshoots, most of whom have been deposed and wiped out by the Illuminati long ago, and / or replaced with rival Illuminati families who then claimed their own royalty. The Knight Templar group was also infiltrated by the Illuminati faction and taken over, though Faction 2 claims to have preserved their original traditions.

This group has historically been called the “White Hats” or the “Good Guys” amidst the secret factions. I have learned a substantial amount about them through my discussions with Rayelan Allan, whose husband Gunther was very high-ranking in the group, as was she, for having been born into it herself — though he had far more contact with them than she did.

“Faction 2” used to lump the Illuminati and New World Order groups together as “Faction One,” and apparently the NWO faction was overtly in cooperation with the Rothschild / Illuminati faction up until as late as 1996, when a top Rothschild was found assassinated and it was apparently a Rockefeller reprisal for a similar high-level assassination from the 1970s. (I will share this data in a future article.)

Hence these were not categorized as separate groups by Faction 2. What we now call the New World Order was, at the time, simply called the “East Coast Elite” within Faction One. 

The reality on the ground is that Faction 2 has had to use similar ‘tradecraft’ and dirty tricks as the Illuminati / NWO factions in order to avoid being wiped out by them, as individuals and as nations. Until Rayelan’s testimony came along I did not have sufficient information to really know if this group even existed, but I haven’t even begun to summarize everything I’ve learned from her. It will be substantial.

In her own way she is as valuable as a Henry Deacon or a Benjamin Fulford in terms of scope and complexity of what she brings to the table. I am encouraged to find out that this group really does exist — my readings mentioned them in the late 1990s — and they appear to have humanity’s best interests at heart, though I do not agree with everything I have heard about them and their approach. I am open to learning more.

They are far and away the most deeply involved of all the groups in advanced secret projects and technologies, and this is because they have apparently preserved this heritage all along. Most likely this is also something that only the people at the top of the organization are aware of, for the sake of security.

Ever since the times of Atlantis they have had stargate technology, advanced UFO-style flying craft and other such technology. They have been the insider group most consistently pushing for disclosure and trying to reveal the truth at a speed that humanity can tolerate.

Henry Deacon has had jobs working for all the above factions at various times, and in his work with the Faction 2 / Templar elements he was told that they have always  had these technologies, kept in secret. They never pushed any negative teachings on him at these assignments — nothing about genocide, Luciferian philosophy or the like. Henry laughed when I tried to pin down a date for when they came into possession of these technologies.

According to Rayelan, Faction 2 was behind the King of Bavaria bringing down Weishaupt’s Illuminati in the 1700s. They are also the true American Founding Fathers, the original group that created the American Revolution to throw off Illuminati control. They obviously are putting out movies that expose the Illuminati agenda and / or reveal inside information.

This would include 2001, 2010, Eyes Wide Shut (which cost Kubrick his life,) Contact, the first Tomb Raider movie, the Lord of the Rings series, the Narnia series as well as the entire Star Wars series of George Lucas. The Star Wars “prequels” in particular were very relevant to real-world issues amongst these warring inside factions.

It appears that Obama’s candidacy has been supported by this group, though at this point we have no concrete evidence to support the idea. Richard Hoagland points out compelling suggestions of this collaboration in his recent conference footage, “The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama.” 


4. The New International Group — Russia / Asian Secret Societies faction. Thanks to Benjamin Fulford, who used to be the primary Asian commentator for Forbes Magazine, we know that the Asian countries have largely thrown off the Illuminati and NWO, and Russia is now completely free of these influences. India is another major player in this group, along with many other smaller countries including much of South America. 

This group is not occult in nature, nor does it seem to have any spiritual philosophy per se, other than “Do No Harm.” En masse, they have so quickly grown into an economic power that we have silently gone from the Group of Eight nations, or “G8,” to the Group of Twenty, or “G20” that is meeting right now. Is it not ironic how there has been virtually NO discussion of this in the Western mainstream media?

This group now has the financial muscle to shut down the others completely, but that is not what they want. They are pushing for a much fairer and saner world financial system, and are very likely going to get their wish.Obama’s administration is almost certainly aware of them and cooperating with them to some degree.

This Russian / Asian faction has the full use of all the advanced “torsion field” technologies developed by the Russians, largely in secret, over the last century. It is very likely that they are aware of and have worked with the Templar “white hat” Faction 2, and certainly have worked with the last group, the Middle East faction.


5. The Middle East / Order of Assassins faction. There is a great secret tradition in the Middle East as well, which is most greatly realized in the secret Sufi traditions. This group apparently does not posssess much advanced technology, but does retain the ancient magical traditions.

Other factions have been fascinated by the Sufi wisdom and have sought to implement it. This group was also historically responsible for the Order of Assassins, and their research into political murders was implemented by the other groups due to its extreme effectiveness.

This group has been both the “good guy” and the “bad guy” over the generations, and the closest they came to worldwide power was through the Ottoman Empire. They have a substantial financial stake in world affairs thanks to their control of the oil economy. Last year’s drop in oil prices was partially designed by the New World Order faction to destroy their political influence by bankrupting them, but it appears to have completely failed. 

This group has historically cooperated with the New World Order and the Illuminati to varying degrees, and for a time had access to Looking Glass technology, allowing them a window into the future. They now appear to have largely, if not completely turned against both of these groups.

They now seem to be increasingly sympathetic with the New International Group and may well have already formalized some sort of treaty with them. Again, they will push for a new, saner, fairer and more regulated financial system that stops these grandiose abuses from occurring. We can also expect much more cooperation with the Obama administration.



Though all these groups are secret, only two of them are predominantly negative — the New World Order and the Illuminati. Those two groups are also actively working to bring each other down over deep internal differences in philosophy and divergent desires for power and control.

According to Rayelan, the Templar faction has been planning the economic collapse we are now going through for “well over a hundred years,” and all along it was intended to bankrupt Faction One (now the Illuminati and the New World Order) and nullify their negative influence. This largely appears to have succeeded.

And amazingly, I have found prophetic statements from within my own readings that suggests this was all known and foreseen in 1999, which I will share in my next article. 


Jones invites the viewers of his films to question his data and not accept it blindly, and I fully accept that invitation. When he says towards the end of “The Obama Deception” that Obama is “more of the same” and was ‘put in’ as a ‘puppet’ who will “serve and protect the international bankers,” I must disagree.

I disagree not by mere opinion, but by the incredible thrust of news stories emerging every day, showing us how the old systems are being torn apart in real time. Once I have put all this data together in a short, summarized form it will be very impressive. At that point my critics will be relying more upon their beliefs than upon the actual data. 

Remember… hate quickly becomes religious in scope, and often loses touch with any grounded reality. This is precisely what happened to me in my own life. The people I associated with wanted to be first, and because I consistently worked for the greater good rather than the individual, I suffered for it. Most of them still see me through a negative lens for this very reason.  

The very same thing applies to Obama. If you’ve read and believed the negative articles, and found a sense of satisfaction and ‘payoff’ by being one of the ‘few’ who is “Not Brainwashed By The Mainstream Media and Sees That Obama is the Antichrist,”  then at this point it will take overwhelming evidence to convince you otherwise… and it may not even be possible, regardless of what happens. 

Now Fox News is trying to harness this collective negativity — largely seeded by this same New World Order / Neocon faction — and use it as momentum to organize a secessionist movement, attempting to destroy the Union to create the “Fox Nation.”

Are you laughing? I kid you not: this is very real. Here’s the poster they’ve created that links back to the website, which will debut this coming Monday:  



It will be interesting to see how long this blatant, open display of treason can last. I doubt it will go anywhere near as far as they had hoped, given the fantastic hypocrisy within this faction that is so effectively being brought down through staged comedy such as that seen on Saturday Night Live, the John Stewart show and the Colbert Report.

I also hope that the anti-Obama brigades can clearly see from this latest bizarre move by Fox that corporate America very much does NOT support the Obama administration, and wants to harness all their public fury into an effective revolutionary instrument, so as to regain their corporate stranglehold of America.

It will not work.



This bit about the “Fox Nation” is just the latest taste of what my article will feature, when I’m finally ready to publish it. I am compiling an ever-increasing body of evidence to support our position coming out in the media, but I’m not going to put it out until I can do it right, and all in one concise, hard-hitting package.

Hopefully that will be soon, but I’m not going to rush it. This is a big one.

The hate-mail doesn’t bother me, as I know it has nothing to do with who I really am. The anti-Obama flame letters have substantially slowed down lately, and I must admit it’s rather nice. They are more than welcome to go join the Fox Nation with my blessing. As this article reveals, they will find many friends to talk to who sound like they do.



I have been far more affected by the encounters with negativity I endured while in the company of those I considered my closest friends and associates in my daily life than by any emails I receive.

As I started to explain at the beginning of this article, I have a unique personal connection to my Higher Self that has been realized in a substantial body of written material. I know of no other modern source that has so repeatedly put out prophetic statements, published on the Internet, that later were proven correct — and we are now in the midst of the most frequently-prophesied time of all.

This is the main reason why I have gotten so re-invigorated to get all this work published online. I know that what we’re seeing now is a very positive process. It’s scaring the living crap out of everyone, and we’ve all had to make sacrifices. Since we are at the apex of this crisis, just before it decisively starts to turn for the positive, my data is therefore a very important component.

Everything was explicitly discussed in 1999 and earlier, and was clearly said to be a necessary cleansing process that would pave the way for an incredible transformation of our society for the positive. I honestly don’t expect it’s going to get much worse than what we’re already seeing, based on this extensive and, for me, newly-discovered testimony.

I spoke the words on one level, but usually just transcribed it, published it on the site and never read it again. Therefore much of this data is as new to me as to anyone else.



On the personal level, many of the people I knew were making my private life miserable, and consistently targeted my readings as an opponent. Again and again I was advised to drop the whole thing, that it was “egotistical” for me to put it out there, and would damage my career and public standing if I even discussed it.

As hard as it was for me to believe at the time, a long-term analysis suggests that jealousy, in some form, seemed to be the primary motivation behind these attacks. And thankfully, I now have positives I can look at to counterbalance these unfortunate episodes in the past.

In my music project with Larry, I know that he is a far more experienced musician and composer than I am. Great! That’s exactly what I want.

Think about it: Why would I want to work with someone who WASN’T more talented than I was in such a key area? Larry can write something in five minutes and have it sound better than something I would take 2-3 days to do. And that’s exactly why it works so well!

I have never felt threatened by this, nor have I felt any desire to compete with him. Different talents fuse together to form a larger collective whole, and each person has treasured gifts that are uniquely their own. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Emotions like jealousy only reinforce the concept of separation and limitation, which is born in the mind of the ego — seeking to constantly identify with the body and seek out as many comforts for the body as possible.

If you are feeling proud, defensive, threatened, jealous, vindictive or angry towards anyone — even those who are contributing most strongly to our global problems on the Earth — then you are still living in the ‘illusion’ that these people are somehow ‘other’ than yourself.

There’s only one of us here. And by loving and accepting others, you are loving and accepting yourself.



As much as I would have never imagined I would drop the ball on something so astounding and meaningful to me, I ended up completely losing interest in doing readings, promoting the readings I had already done, or mentioning anything about my potential connection with Edgar Cayce. The whole thing just became sickening to me after so many insults I had endured for so long.

Believe me, the time of client readings is passed, so please don’t send me requests to make an exception for you. There are far, far, far too many people who want that service for it to ever be given again, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use this talent a lot more than I have in the last few years, for everyone’s  benefit. 

The cumulative weight of all that historic mistreatment — which included astonishing negativity from the top levels of the Cayce organization itself — led to me feeling like it was a “good move” to just “drop the whole thing”, and redefine myself without this background ever even being mentioned.

Of course, radio show hosts and video interviewers would still ask me about it, and from time to time I would mention the Cayce connection in an article — but I still was perfectly content to let the reading transcripts sit and rot in an unreadable state on this site.

I also had no interest in updating the MP3 readings archive with any further content than what it already had, which still is a good value for 72 dollars as it is — but will grow much larger in the coming months.

Hardly any of the transcripts were labeled or readable, and I had allowed this to go on for well over three years since our December 2005 website conversion.

Now I’m well on my way to repairing all of this and getting it to the final format that will be the easiest and most comfortable to read. I’ve also decided to consolidate and upload all the relevant readings from 1997, which were on this site but just in a raw form, and data from 1998, which has almost entirely remained hidden in my archives, without me or anyone else studying or reading it.



This has been a terrific amount of work, obviously.

At the same time I am proud to announce that Larry and I have now finished composing all music for Wanderer Awakening, and I also have finished all my vocal work on all the songs with the exception of a few minor fixes! Whoo-yeah!

We feel an incredible sense of relief. It has been very, very, very difficult these last eight months to spend most of my time in Texas working on this album and also maintain a presence on this website at the same time.

I have been using a row of file cabinets as a makeshift desk I can’t even get my legs under — but I feel very happy with what I’ve managed to accomplish. And the studio will get a full remodeling once we’re done! 





So there you have it. A little update because I’d rather write something, and let you know what’s going on, than to simply stay so involved in it that you don’t hear anything. 

I have written many times about why I feel we’re not in the midst of a massive negative government takeover, so please review past entries of David’s Blog for more information. 



Lastly, I must say I am extremely excited. We hope to release Wanderer Awakening on April 15th, as we had planned. Just now, as I’m putting the finishing touches on this article for the second editing pass, we’re putting together all the rough mixes of the 25 vocal songs and 25 interludes with background music together, and will listen to the entire project from start to finish. 

We’ve literally been working so hard on the interlude music, behind the voice-over tracks, that as soon as we get them right, we’re on to the next one. We’ve never heard the same thing all at once before now, and after a full year of very intense work on this project, with eight months straight in the studio, this is going to be quite a party. Larry’s breaking out the Bourbon and I’ll content myself with Kombucha Tea, but either way it’s going to be incredible, after all this time and effort! Whew!

We will notate any last-minute fixes that need to be done, or extra instrumental tracks that need to go in, and then do them in the final week I’m here. Then once I leave, it will be two weeks of final mixing and mastering so we can then release the product! We’re exporting all the data right now and preparing to hear it for the very first time. The baby’s head is crowning… a very exciting moment for me!

I’m glad to enjoy it with you… and in two weeks we’ll have a three to four-minute demo track you can check out, featuring a wide variety of the material on the album! I can barely wait… so I’ve gotta run!