David recently had a 20-minute appearance on “The Night Before,” which airs on the Kerrang! radio station in the UK. Get the MP3 and read the transcript of David discussing the Consciousness Field!


By David Wilcock



Is there a “Consciousness Field” that is the source of all matter, energy, biological life and consciousness as we know it? 

Does this Field effectively prove that “There is a God”?

Does it also prove that ESP and other paranormal phenomena are not so “impossible” after all — but rather just skills we all have, but are not using?

In this program you will find out the answers to these questions. Prepare to have your mind blown!



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I must say that I am dazzled to see the number of readings from 1999 that spoke directly about the conditions we are seeing right now in government, politics and economics. It perfectly supports everything I’ve been saying over the last several months, despite the occasional nasty letters a few people feel compelled to send me.

All the things we’re now seeing — including the direction my recent dreams said it would take beginning last year — was written into prophetic readings I was having a decade ago. I had hoped to have this next article be a summary of all the prophecy combined with all the recent data, but the work on the archives took longer than I expected. 

I try to put out something at least once a week, so as I keep working away on the archives, I’m putting this recent show out as well.

The bottom line here is that we are seeing an incredible cleansing of the negative influences that have ruled over our planet for so long… and our economic and personal lives will be far, far better once we get through the immediate challenges we now face. 

If I get indications that it will get much worse than it already is, financially speaking, I’ll be sure to tell you — but the 7000 value in the Dow has held true as a ‘trend-line’, as earlier cycle projections I cited were saying. There is a possibility that it could go to a low of 5400 by April 23rd, based on certain cycle analyses, but that’s far from a definite.And if that does happen, that will most likely be the absolute bottom we will then climb out of.

Overall, we are probably seeing the worst of it now, and my readings from 10 years ago spoke about this as a necessary transition we would have to go through to pave the way for a much greater civilization.

I am truly “mystified, awed and humbled” by all the things I will be sharing with you in the next article, as I had completely forgotten about most of these readings — but it’s all there!



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And here we go with the transcript!

Kerrang Radio Show

David Wilcock

March 11, 2009


Nick Margerrison (NM):  It’s Kerrang. It’s The Night Before. My name’s Nick Margerrison. Right, we’re going to get someone on the airwaves now who in theory could well blow your mind.

His name is David Wilcock. He’s a researcher, a lecturer, a filmmaker, a writer and he’s also in touch with a higher intelligence. He’s going to talk to us about how sometimes your own mind and your own thoughts might not be as private as you think. Let’s get him on the air.

David Wilcock, thanks for joining us on the show, man.

David Wilcock (DW): Nick, it’s my pleasure. I’m really glad to be here.

NM: So let’s start off with that. Our thoughts are not always our own. What does that mean?

DW: It’s not a difficult concept to understand once you get down to what the mind really is. That’s the question you have to answer first. In the conventional scientific model we would say that your mind is the result of the cells in your brain using electrochemical activity in order to generate thoughts.

The problem is that when they try to find where, in cells, memories are stored, there is no one cell that can actually correspond to a particular memory. It appears to be very holographic, in the sense that memories are stored throughout the entire brain.

NM: So when you slice a brain up, you don’t find a section marked “memories”.

DW: Yeah. There’s some strange and a little bit grotesque experiments that have been done to show that all of these areas of the brain that we think respond to various things really don’t.

The most dramatic of [these experiments] is that they’ve actually trained a salamander to go through a particular maze. Then they literally removed his brain, ground it up, and poured that slush of his brain back into his head. He actually does live.

His body is obviously a little deformed. I mean, he can’t walk as well he used to, but he remembers the maze!

NM: Wow, so what is… Remind me what sort of animal a salamander is.

DW: A salamander is a little lizard creature.

NM: Right. So you take a little lizard creature, you pull its brain out, squash it up, squeeze the brain back in, and then the salamander, confused though it is, can still remember the route through the maze.

DW: That’s right.

NM: Oh, man, that’s brutal, isn’t it? So what does that tell us?

DW: It tells us that we have completely misunderstood what the nature of the mind is. Look no farther than the many, many, many reports of people who have near-death experiences, in which their body is completely flat-lined — brain dead. There’s no electrical activity happening in the brain.

And yet they report floating out of their body; they see the doctor look at his watch and say, “It’s about time I had a cappuccino.”

Then they come back in and say, “Doctor, when I was dead you said, ‘It was about time for a cappuccino.’” And the doctor’s like, “Oh my God! How did he know that?” There’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of very, very credible testimonies of those things.

NM: So where are these memories stored, if not in the brain?

DW: Well, this is the problem. Mainstream science looks at only four fields. You have electrical, magnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear force. Those four forces are believed to comprise the entire universe in terms of its energy — more when you get into Russia and a lot of alternative Western research as well.

But mainstream science in Russia has identified another field that they call the torsion field. Now, in Western science you do have a torsion field. In the Western model, it is just essentially some of the spinning movement that happens within an atom.

But the Russians have decided that this spinning movement [also] travels between atoms — it doesn’t just stay in the atom. And that’s actually this whole new field, which seems to be more coupled up with gravity than it is with electromagnetic energy.

There’s been a lot of scientific studies that have shown some really compelling stuff to prove that this energy not only exists, [but we can build working technologies out of it.] In fact, there’s a guy in Germany named Dr. Hartmut Müller who has invented a cell-phone that runs on torsion fields rather than electromagnetic energy.

That means you could be in concrete bunkers miles underground and get a cell-phone call just as clear as if you’re on the surface. And because these fields don’t travel at light speed — they travel effectively instantaneously — you could be hanging out at the edge of the solar system and talk to somebody in real time with no delay.    

NM: Wow. So… [laughs] So there’s something called the torsion field…

DW: Right.

NM: …and it is all over the place and you can use it. You can have a mobile phone going on it and it doesn’t need a satellite?

DW: No, it doesn’t. The signal only exists where it’s generated and where it’s received.

NM: Okay.

DW: So actually there is no signal except in the phone that generates it and the phone that picks it up.

NM: And you’re saying that memories, human memories, are stored inside this thing called the torsion field.

DW: That’s correct. What I’m ultimately saying, if you want to broaden it just a little more, is that all physical matter, all space and time that we know of in the universe, is built out of this field.

This field is more important and more basic to our existence than electromagnetic energy is. That’s the main thing that mainstream science models have missed.

The Russians didn’t [miss it], but they kept it secret. Up until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1990 we didn’t have access to this stuff, but now they’ve put out a lot of their research online. I’ve spoken to many of these Russian scientists, and we really have some clarity now on exactly what they think and what they’ve discovered. It’s really, really fascinating.

NM: So let’s get back to what we were saying before. Your mind might not be as private as you think, and you are occasionally receiving thoughts that aren’t your own.

DW: It’s more than occasionally. If you actually look at the total status of everyone’s emotions in the world, you can measure people’s overall emotional state by how the markets behave.

When people feel relatively calm and inspired, they buy stocks and the markets go up. When people feel terrified and fearful, they sell stocks and the markets collapse.

So if you look at market data, you have a long-term graph that illustrates everyone’s emotional state.

And there is extensive research to show solar cycles affecting the level of the markets. In other words, when the sun-spot activity goes way up, everybody sells and the markets crash.

NM: Hang on! Sun-spot activity? What are you talking about there?

DW: Well, see, here’s the other thing that’s a very difficult concept for people to understand. You have to expand what you mean by intelligence, past the idea that intelligence is something that only happened in the human being here on Earth.

Intelligence is actually the main characteristic of the universe — in terms of the energy that makes it. And that’s what all the ancient mystics and prophetic traditions say, but now science is actually proving that to be true.

You know, many of the quantum physicists — you’ve probably spoken to some of them on this show — have proven that at the quantum level, little tiny particles are responding to what we expect them to do.

NM: Right.

DW: If we expect them to be a particle, they’ll say, “Okay, I’m a particle.” And if we expect them to be a wave, they’ll say, “Okay, I’m a wave.”

NM: Yeah. I do know that when you get down to the really tiny level of the universe, things start getting very weird. And like you say, the composition of particles — tiny, tiny particles — what they’re doing and how they’re behaving, whether they’re a wave or a particle or whatever, is dependent upon who’s looking at them…

DW: That’s absolutely right.

NM: …[laughs] which is very weird.

DW: [laughs]

NM: So you’re saying it works like that on a very tiny level, but then you were mentioning sun-spot activity. Now, sun-spots, as I understand it, are giant hot patches on the sun that make a difference to how hot it is on this planet. You’re also saying that, whereabouts those sun spots are, that ties in quite neatly with how well the stock market’s doing.

DW: Right. There are various Russian scientists who have studied the flux of sun-spots, which is an 11-year cycle. [They have] made very neat correlations between the amount of energetic activity — sun-spot activity coming out of the sun — and the amount of selling activity in the stock market.

What you consistently see is substantial increases in war-like activity on Earth, and substantial decreases in the market value, during the times the sun is shooting out more energy.

So what I’m proposing is — and there’s a lot of other evidence to prove this — that our collective emotional state on the planet is not just something that we feel privately; it’s being modified by an outside energy.

If you are in a room with a bunch of people and we turn up the heat to a level that’s very uncomfortable, then people are going to start getting angry. They’re going to start yelling. There’s going to be chaos and violence. Ultimately, if those people are locked in that room, and they can’t get out, and they’re burning alive in the room, it’s going to be bad for them.

NM: Right.

DW: Whereas if you turn the heat down and everybody can relax, then they’re probably going to get along and everybody’s going to be happy.

NM: So there are things that are turning the heat up and down on the sun. But when you’re talking about heat here, you’re not literally talking about heat.

DW: I’m not talking literally about heat. If you analogize ‘heat’ to the idea of your emotional body, then something could be agitating your emotional body and making you feel irritated and cranky.

You don’t realize that it’s energy. You think that it’s personal — and you attribute the reason why you’re upset to the personal things happening in your life, not realizing that pretty much everybody’s going through it at the same time.

Right now we are in one of those periods where everybody’s energy is cranked way up…

NM: Yeah.

DW: …and there’s a lot of stress.

NM: Well, I was just about to say…

DW: Yeah. [laughs]

NM: …It is Kerrang. It’s The Night Before. We’re talking to David Wilcock at the moment. He’s a researcher and lecturer and filmmaker. And what I was going to say to you is I have noticed, in the United Kingdom at the moment, a lot of people getting stressed.

Obviously the credit crunch, but not just that. It’s kind of… people being more irrational and acting quite strange. And also a lot of people getting into more esoteric stuff, and getting involved in more weird things, in terms of what they’re interested in.

Are you saying that this is something that is happening across the world because of these changes in the universe?

DW: Yes, it is. That is exactly what I’m saying.

One of the most fascinating discoveries goes back to the practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, where they found that if they had a gathering of 7,000 people and those people meditated for a whole week together, that the overall worldwide amount of terrorist activity, war, violent crime, car accidents, all of those things substantially decreased.

In fact, in one gathering [terrorism] decreased worldwide by 72%.

This is where it gets fascinating because, although some of these things could be caused by sun-spots or other astrological factors — various planetary movements — another aspect of it is that we can control the field ourselves.

When people calm themselves down as groups, then that has a field effect that will calm other people down.

NM: No way!

DW: And we have wonderful amounts of data to show that.

NM: So, David, in your research, what you’re saying is — and I don’t know how many people listening to us will have heard of this — but every now and then a bunch of hippy-dippies will ring us up and say, “Listen, we’re all just gonna sit down and gonna meditate on love. We’re gonna think nice things. We’re gonna do it for a couple of hours. It’s gonna happen across the world.”

And like I said, I don’t know how many people listening to the show are aware that this happens, but sometimes big groups of people, thousands of people, will all pick a time specifically to meditate and be nice. Are you saying that does genuinely work?

DW: Oh yeah! You have to understand there’s been over 22 different scientific studies of meditation gatherings, which usually are done on the level of the city that the meditation gathering happens in. In one of the most dramatic examples, you know, the people that did this were aware that this would reduce crime and terrorist activity.

There was a gathering in Lebanon during the Israel/Lebanon war in the early ’80s. There was gunfire and explosions going on outside the doors of the building where the people were having the meditation gathering.

They were actually looking at each other going, “Well, should we, like, run? Should we evacuate? Because this war is literally right outside the doors of the building. We could all be blown up in here. Somebody could come in and mow us all down with a machine gun.”

They decided they were going to trust the science, and trust that if they did this meditation thing that there would be this wave of energy that would affect people’s minds. You obviously can’t see the energy, but you’re gonna feel something, and it will naturally reduce hostility.

So they actually decided not to run. They all meditated together, and sure enough, by the time they got done meditating it was dead quiet outside. All the hostility had left the area.

And on 22 different occasions, the cities where they did these meditation gatherings had substantial decreases in crime, violence, fatalities, terrorism, all that stuff.

NM: This is incredible. I mean, like I say, I’ve hung out with people who believe this kind of stuff. I’ve never heard someone like yourself who’s done all this research to, you know, come along and back it up. That’s quite insane.

DW: Well, let me put my tinfoil hat on for a moment and just suggest the idea that there might be power groups that know this stuff really works. They have made a very good effort of not ever getting anybody to talk about it, because they don’t want it to be used against them.

NM: Yeah. That’s quite possible, isn’t it?

DW: [laughs]

NM: ’Cause, you know what, this is the next thing I wanted to ask you. You’re talking about how your mind might not be as private as you think.

DW: Correct.

NM: And you talk about the tinfoil hat. I mean, you say the mind might not be as private as you think. Do you think it’s possible that sometimes people are receiving thoughts that are not their own? And if that happens, is that a bad thing?

DW: No. It’s not really a bad thing at all. One of the most famous authors of the 20th century, Norman Mailer, moved into an apartment flat, and he started out a novel where he was writing about a group of characters.

As the novel went on, he inserted a Russian character, which originally was a minor character. The Russian character became a spy as he kept writing the novel, and he ended up working the entire novel around this spy.

The whole story was how the guy was a double agent, infiltrating this country and all this stuff. I believe the novel is called “Barbary Shore”.

NM: Uh huh.

DW: When he finished the novel it turned out that one floor above him, on the other side of the building that he was living in, was a Russian spy who was a double agent. All the stuff he was writing into his novel was very specifically related to what was going on with this spy.

So there’s an example of somebody who appears to have picked up on the thoughts of somebody living near him as if they were own his imagination. And this is considered one of the 10 greatest coincidences in human history.

[Correction: This is #9 on the 20 Most Amazing Coincidences list: http://www.oddee.com/item_82923.aspx ]

You can read about it online, you know.

NM: Yeah. Well, I mean…

DW: It’s not a coincidence. [laughs]

NM: [laughs] Yeah, because what I’m thinking is that you’re looking at the brain as being something that receives and transmits thoughts, like a radio set would. Do you know what I mean? Rather than…

DW: That’s exactly right.

NM: So is that actually… I mean, can I receive thoughts? Can you receive thoughts and transmit them? Is that what you’re telling us?

DW: Yeah. I’m saying we’re doing that all the time. The problem is that we have… Well, it’s not a problem. It’s actually a blessing. The blessing is that nature has given us a biasing mechanism that avoids us from going schizophrenic. That biasing mechanism is that, when thoughts float in, we interpret them as personal.

But there are multiple studies that have been done that show that, if you live next door to someone, the rate at which you breathe, the rate at which your heart is pumping, the rate at which the electrical activity is happening on your skin…

All of these physiological factors synchronize with the body of the person who lives next door to you, even if you never talk to the guy that you live next door to. I know in London that probably happens all the time. It sure does here in LA.

NM: Hmm.

DW: So this is not just pseudo-science. This is stuff that’s been studied and laboratory documented.

There’s a guy named Dr. William Braud who put someone in a room with a secret camera aimed at them, and they don’t even realize it. Then you wire up their skin for how much electrical activity they have.

When you have someone stare at them in a monitor in another room, then that person’s electrical activity of being stared at goes way, way up. They have no idea they’re being stared at. They don’t feel anything. They don’t notice anything, but their body does.

So a lot of times, animals seem to be much more attuned to this stuff than we are. That’s why when you’re getting ready to have an earthquake or something, all the animals flee the area. We don’t feel anything, and then we get hit, but the animals seem to know something’s coming. And we all…

NM: So have we been talked out of this ability, then?

DW: That’s the point. Yeah. We have this ego, and the ego will get little nudges and little signals and we just say, “Oh, that doesn’t mean anything.” We’ve just gotten used to thinking that it doesn’t mean anything. So, it’s subtle.

The problems is, these kinds of messages never really hit you over the head. You have to be willing to pay attention to something that could flitter in and out of your mind very quickly. But another very common example is when somebody else’s thoughts float into your mind as if they were your own.

I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that I’ll be driving down the road in a meditative space and think, “Oh, I really ought to go to that gas station and get gas.” And I don’t even really need gas. My car’s got a half a tank. But then all of a sudden the car in front of me puts on his blinker, and he  pulls into the gas station to get gas.

And I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh. That guy’s thoughts made me think that.” The problem is most people are in so much stress that they’re obsessing over all these details in their mind all the time. Their mind isn’t clear. So all these Zen Buddhists and Taoist monks and everybody are always telling you to meditate and clear your mind.

The reason why is that the more that you clear out the repetitive, obsessive thoughts you would naturally have, the more you’re opening yourself to the purity of the field, which is ultimately a loving consciousness. It’s a joyful, expansive, radiant, blissful state to be in. 

NM: Wow.

DW: What they call the Power of the Now.

NM: Do you know what? Yeah. David Wilcock, you have done what I said you would probably do, and that’s split my head open a little bit.

DW: [laughs] 

NM: [laughs] Listen, divinecosmos.com is your website. I know you’ve got a load of stuff on the go. I want to get you on the show again in the future. Your [MP3 series], “The Science of Peace”, is another [thing] I think people might want to look into. But, yeah, divinecosmos.com.

If people log on to there, ’cause I know you’ve got a million and one other things you could tell us about. I want to thank you for joining us on the show.

DW: Oh, it’s been a great pleasure. And also people can Google “2012 Enigma”, which is my video. That’s a great place to start.