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Originally an audio blog, this January ’08 show is even more relevant today than it was when we first did it!




Is 2012 going to be just another year? Or is something… different  going to happen? 

If something IS going to happen, is it all as doom-and-gloom as so many Internet scholars say?

Or… is there a brighter side  to what is going on?

What you are about to read is a collection of facts. These facts provide stunning support to a positive perspective on 2012 that has been given by several key sources of intuitive data.

These sources include the Cayce Readings, various ‘Confederation’ messages from the 1950s including the works of George Hunt Williamson, the Law of One series, and my own readings, which have been published on this site since its inception in February 1999 — just over a decade ago now. 

Since 2005 I have largely avoided discussing my own readings, and have focused on the scientific case that can be made instead. Now I am being clearly guided to re-integrate the two after all this time.

This transcript is from a free audioblog I posted here last year, and is an excellent summary and overview of the scientific ‘direction’ I have been taking so strongly these last few years.



The life-threatening throat problem I just described in my previous article, which was highly well-received for its spiritual components, has been a major incentive for me to heal this website — as a key element of healing myself on a variety of levels.

One of the things I have neglected to do is to implement every transcript our excellent, all-volunteer Transcription Team has sent me. Sometimes I just got too busy and their valuable work got lost in the shuffle. That is one of the problems I intend to completely resolve.

“2012: The Bright Side” is the oldest unpublished transcript that I am aware of, and thus I am releasing it at this time. It is just as relevant now as it was before — if not more so!



I am also working on a comprehensive overhaul of the old, damaged content on this website, from when we switched over from a variety of individual, eclectic and different-looking HTML webpages to a master, integrated content-management system in January 2005.

In order to make the switch, the old pages had to be transformed into the most utterly basic HTML code. That way, everything can be kept in a master database and the entire look and style of the site, and every article on it, can be changed with a single click. It also allows us to manage our files much more easily, work in effective e-commerce solutions so we can better support ourselves, et cetera. 

Thus, I have had to go through and manually fix every single file from the old website, and it is not simple. We have had several people volunteer to try to do this over the years, but it’s never worked out… so it has ended up back in my hands, which is appropriate since I wrote the content, and at times I have inserted updates to old articles. 

I have already gone through and healed much of the old content in various periods of time over the last four years — but the whole area of readings transcripts had remained broken, and largely unreadable, up until now. I do apologize for that. 

As a result of my health scare and my overall understanding of the need to respect and support my intuitive work more than I have been doing, I am going back through and upgrading all of this content to make it user-friendly for this website as it is now — and I am well on my way through that process. 



So, posting this transcript is only one small part of a massive push I’m making to clean up the site right now and get everything to be current. I am doing all this rote work “in the cracks” while Larry and I are working diligently in the studio to finish our mammoth Wanderer Awakening project.



This is a ‘metaphysical musical’ featuring 25 songs where I am the lead singer, and 25 ‘interludes’ where I am the narrator, and unique background music is scored to support my voice-over tracks that tell the story.

This is the story of an angelic being who is one of a group that is entrusted to design the Earth. They intend to create fertile ground to cultivate love and compassion in those who will incarnate there.

This being realizes that the Earth has become a place of great pain and misery, and feels the only way he can repair the damage is to incarnate as a ‘normal’ human being himself, forgetting who he really is. 

The challenge is to awaken while in the ‘sleepwalking’ state of being human… and this album traces how each and every Wanderer goes through this process through our most intimate relationships. 

We hope to have the project done by April 15th, and we just might make it. We are under intense deadline pressure but the results are stunning — so this is an amazing time!



While Larry works on the music, and I give producer’s input, drum tracks and vocals when needed, I am spending the rest of my time cleaning up and reformatting all these old readings on the site.

What has astonished me most of all is how utterly relevant these ‘old’ readings and articles are to what is going on right now. In fact, I am more convinced than ever that NOW is the time they were intended for.

They have predicted the economic changes we are now experiencing in remarkably specific detail, and that makes it all the clearer that we are NOT headed into a doom-and-gloom, lose-all-your-cash scenario. We are right now seeing the very worst of it, and we WILL pull out.

If you are curious, here is the very first series of articles I just cleaned up. Part One was written on the very day of September 11th, 2001… as I was shocked to see prophecies I had been getting coming true. By Part Two I had gotten it more organized and far-reaching in scope: 







What we are clearly witnessing right now is the necessary ‘purging’ of the negative elite. It’s sobering to watch, and morale is very low for many people, but this is what has to happen for us to break through into a whole new way of doing things that is far more positive.

My next article will document, fact for fact, point by point, how enormous in scope this socio-political transformation really is.

Rather than people slinging mud and phony accusations, fed by a startlingly unprecedented amount of Illuminati / NWO-authored propaganda streaming into the alternative ‘conspiracy’ media on a daily basis, this is a hard-hitting collection of evidence.

It shows that we are truly witnessing an amazing cleansing — as well as the documented proof of readings I gave showing that we made this ‘call’ years in advance. What just happened with Madoff being found guilty, and Jim Cramer’s amazing confrontation with John Stewart this week, is but the tip of the iceberg.



I will also document in this upcoming article that the next “bifurcation point” in Dr. Sergey Smelyakov’s “Auric Time Scale of the Mayan Calendar” is March 20, 2009.

Don’t get hung up on it being a specific date. It is more of a focal-point around which changes cluster, as our society upgrades into a whole new level. Historically these ‘bifurcation points’ are associated with the collapse of corrupt governments and civilizations and the rise of much cleaner, more positive systems.

Click here to read my classic article on “The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar!”

We’ve been waiting ever since November 2006 for this one to come along and I haven’t spoken much about it, so as not to call negative attention to it too early and tip off the wrong people. Now it’s so close I don’t mind discussing it.

These dates signify very incredible turning-points for human civilization… the most important in all of recorded human history.

So, we can expect that things are going to get even more interesting this coming week! I hope to have the next article out before the end of this coming week… in the midst of the massive work I’m doing to upgrade the ‘old’ content on this website so you can read it with a fresh eye.



Before we get to this amazing transcript, I want to remind you that you still have an opportunity to participate in our New York Convergence conference. We have a great group of people already signed up — more than halfway there now — but there are still some tickets available.

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Download your free MP3 of this talk, complete with the music Larry and I composed in the background, here: 




My original posting of this free MP3 can be read here, and contains titles of the different songs that were used in the background. It is also LOADED with additional information to support what I said in the audio. 

If you want to fact-check what I say in this transcript, please go back to this original article, as it is very good. For this same reason I have not taken the time to embed all the links and graphics into this transcript. I have also linked it again at the end of this piece, so you can read on and then keep on going when you get to the end! 

With that said, on with the show!


2012: The Bright Side

January 19th, 2008


Well hello there! This is David Wilcock and we‘re doing an audio blog today.

The reason why I‘m doing this is because I‘m seeing a lot of really positive changes happening in our world. And a lot of you have written me e-mails asking me for more detail, and in many cases leaving me your telephone number, so I thought I would call you back. This way we can actually have a conversation.

I will try to address many of the things you‘ve been saying to me in the e-mails most consistently.



It‘s becoming clearer and clearer, as more people write stuff on the internet and come out with videos and books and radio shows and so forth, that there‘s an increasing number of dire predictions about what the future holds and where this planet is going.

I certainly have read them. I certainly have been familiar with these prophecies for a long time.

In fact the reason why originally I moved to Virginia Beach in October 1997 was that the noted psychic Edgar Cayce had a prophecy that there were going to be massive Earth changes in 1998. Virginia Beach was a “safety land ”, meaning that you would basically avoid things like tidal waves sweeping onto land, things like earthquakes, et cetera.

I can tell you also when you focus on these prophecies, it can become a very depressing experience, obviously. Your life becomes increasingly consumed with the question of your own basic survival.

You start finding there are more and more websites you can read, or books you can read, where you will be given terrifying prophecies — and a view of the future that is so bleak, so negative and dire, that it seems as if there‘s no hope.

We now find out that that Edgar Cayce prophecy I spoke about was actually influenced by a negative entity called Halaliel. I‘ve written about this on my website, which is

Halaliel was what the Source later referred to as a “trickster ” entity, in that it greeted the group that Edgar was working with through his readings and gave them prophecies of doom.

The reason why this happened, apparently, is because Edgar, as the channel, had lost his positive polarity on the people he was interacting with. In many cases they were criticizing him, because for his time, what he was doing was quite extraordinary.



If you haven‘t heard the story before, Edgar Cayce documented over 14,000 medical readings in which people would give him simply a name and an address, and a promise that they would be at that place at a particular time that the reading would happen.

With no other information, no other front-loading whatsoever, Cayce was able to be hypnotized and go into a deep trance state that he would not remember when he woke up.

In this trance state, he would actually speak more from the subconscious mind — or, you could say, the astral body — and basically go to where that person was, remotely viewing them.

The person did not see anything in the room; there was no apparition — but he would go to that person‘s room and actually be able to enter into their body, see through to the organs and the various systems of the body, and diagnose the medical condition. And it was accurate over and over again; we‘re talking 99% out of 14,000 documented readings.

Another point you don‘t often hear is that there‘s possibly as many as 5 or even 10 thousand readings that were not preserved, and were not actually saved. Part of it was because he had some fires where his houses burned down. Other parts of it were just that the readings were not actually documented word-for-word. It was that only the most important medical information was transcribed.

So what medical information am I talking about? The Source not only documented these medical problems people were having — it also gave them treatment. The treatments, in many cases, were weird and unorthodox — but for the time, considering that antibiotics like penicillin had not yet been invented in many cases, it meant the difference between life and death for the people who received these readings.

And time and time again, the mind was shown to be of critical importance in determining the problems that were happening in the body. There was no such thing as a health problem that was strictly a health problem. It was always the result of the body acting as a holographic mechanism that was then reflecting psychological issues people were wrestling with that had not yet been cleansed in themselves.



Now if we want to expand the scope quite a bit, I‘ve worked now in scientific areas of inquiry for many years in which the same process of how thoughts precipitate into the body is actually what‘s happening in the world.

Think about that: the world itself appears to be sick, doesn‘t it? You can certainly say that. Think about the problems we have with affordable health care. It‘s impossible to have health insurance without paying a huge amount of money. Think about the economic woes we‘re seeing more and more of.

Actually, this past week [Jan 14-18, ‘08] there‘s been a lot of concern over Citibank and other banks that are having major write-offs, requesting billions and billions of dollars in aid to keep from, essentially, collapsing.

[DW: Obviously, as of publication of this transcript in March 2009, Citibank now HAS collapsed — the stock is now worth barely over a dollar a share.] 

These are not idle concerns; this is a world that‘s changing.

There have been seasonal climate changes in the past — that is true; but the amount of climate change that we‘re seeing now and the speed with which it‘s changing is unlike any other documented part of history.

One of the areas of research I‘m particularly proud of is when I worked with Richard C. Hoagland and combined together well over one hundred different references from mainstream scientific sources, like NASA, showing that, in fact, our solar system  is experiencing climate change: it‘s not just the Earth.

The Sun, for example, is having a greater surge in the level of its activity than we‘ve seen, basically, in 11,000 years.

And you can basically tick off every planet but Mercury (we haven‘t found a whole lot from Mercury). But every other planet but Mercury and, in many cases, several of the moons on those planets (if they have them) are showing really remarkable climate changes.

[DW: In 2008, data came in from the MESSENGER space probe showing that Mercury had an anomalous growth in the size and strength of its magnetic field. Thus we now have solid data for every  planet.] 

I‘m not going to bore you with the details, because that will be produced in a video that I‘m going to be releasing freely on YouTube fairly soon.

Don‘t ask me when. It‘s going to be out there when we can. But the point is: it‘s real; it‘s been documented.

[DW: I did release “2012 Enigma” less than two months after this, but it did not include interplanetary climate change data. We are still in production on the follow-up to 2012 Enigma and it should be out this year.]

So if you want to go check on that, you can.



This is where we get into another interesting area: the idea that an energy change in the Solar System does not simply refer to an increase in the heat level of the planets, or the brightness of the planets, or the magnetic field strength, et cetera. What if these energetic increases in the solar system were also related to consciousness?

That might seem far-fetched, at first, until you start looking back at what we now know from quantum mechanics and many other types of information like that where consciousness, the observer  (the person observing your experiment in quantum mechanics) has a noticeable effect on the outcome of the experiment.

Whether you think something is going to happen, one way or another, and then you set up the experiment that way — that will determine how the experiment turns out.

This is very strange and it‘s still considered “fringe ”. Of course you‘ve heard me mention the film What the Bleep Do We Know?. That was a break-away success in that it discussed these things which have actually been around since the 70s. There was a book by Gary Zukav called The Dancing Wu-Li Masters. And most of the material that you see in Bleep was based on that book, which came out, I believe, around 1978.

There‘s been a lot more research that‘s been done since that time, enshrining quantum physics and the wave-particle duality: the idea that electrons can act as particles and as waves. That‘s one of the basic points of this quantum mechanics model.

So, if you can stick with me here, what we‘re talking about, fundamentally, is a change in the solar system. And if consciousness and energy are interconnected, then quid pro quo, the change in the solar system also refers to a change in consciousness.



And here‘s another thing I‘ve been writing about quite a bit that you can research more on my website, — the evolution of species on this planet.

We have a fossil record that goes back some 542 million years. And during that time, if you didn‘t know better, you would think that evolution has been gradual: that the fossils show gradual changes from one species to another, and you get this ongoing, slow evolutionary process.

Well, believe it or not, that‘s actually not  what happens.

Instead what we see is really remarkable changes in short periods of time, geologically speaking.

These really remarkable changes include irreconcilable gaps in the fossil record. You have advancements that occur in the species where they evolve and there‘s no intermediate step. In other words they basically jump from one sort of creature to another.

One experience that I‘ve had is coming into contact with a scientist from Russia named Peter Gariaev, who‘s actually done some phenomenal research on DNA.

One of the most phenomenal points that he raises — which I continue to bring up over and over again — involves two hermetically-sealed containers, with a salamander embryo in one container and a frog embryo in the other. That‘s all you have.

Then he took a non-burning laser, shined it through the salamander embryo, and re-directed that light to where the frog embryo was.

You might think that nothing much would happen. In any conventional scientific model it shouldn‘t — but instead, there was a very remarkable change.

The frog embryo completely metamorphosed. As the cells kept dividing and the embryo kept growing, it grew into a salamander!

All it ever received was the light code — the DNA vibration, or DNA harmonic,  that had gotten into that light beam — and was then conveyed from one area to the other.

So if you think about wave-particle duality, you could say that the DNA is like a particle, right? But the particle could also act like a wave. And when it becomes a wave, you can shine that laser beam from one container to the other, and transfer the information of the DNA as a particle.

Apparently, we‘re seeing that DNA has a receptive quality much like an antenna for consciousness. And it‘s able to receive that information and be re-written.

This, of course, also gets into the work that Dr. Bruce Lipton keeps bringing up regarding the Cambridge medical doctor John Kearns. He did a study with lactose-intolerant bacteria, meaning bacteria that cannot digest lactose.

You would think that if you took these bacteria and placed them inside an environment where all they had was lactose around them that they would die, because they couldn‘t digest that food; there‘s nothing in there that they can use. Their mouth-parts actually didn‘t even fit the polysaccharide molecule of the lactose.

What‘s so strange is that the actual DNA of these bacteria changed! And it changed so dramatically that it actually evolved their mouth-parts,  so their mouth was now able to close over these polysaccharide molecules properly — so they could actually eat them and digest them!

They survived; they adapted; they grew!

Another study I haven‘t had the chance to publish actually came out of National Geographic, regarding a very primitive form of life called a “sea squirt ”.

There are just single-tube hearts inside these sea squirts; they‘re very, very primitive organisms. Imagine a straw, and the straw has some muscular contractions that pump the blood through the body of this creature.

Well, in this case, these scientists were able to shine a particular frequency of light into a developing sea squirt, and trigger a spontaneous metamorphosis. It developed a double-chambered heart,  and actually evolved spontaneously through nothing more than the burst of light!



Getting back to Robert Rohde [of U.C. Berkely] and the scientists who have been looking at the evolutionary record, what we‘re seeing is that species are evolving on Earth, not all at once, but in sudden spurts. And these sudden spurts don‘t just happen randomly and sporadically; they happen in cycles.

Dr. David Raup and Dr. James Sepkoski, two University of Chicago paleontologists, discovered evolutionary jumps that occurred in 26-million-year intervals. They kept hitting the books harder and harder, [hoping to eliminate this ‘noise’ they were getting,] and they came up with the most fastidious, incredible collection of data of marine life, and how they evolved in the various layers of rock.

The more data they got, the more clear this 26-million-year pattern became. There was no way they could get rid of it. In fact, the harder they tried to get rid of it, the more it showed up. So this shows us there‘s something fundamental going on here.

Now at the time there were theories going around in terms of what this could possibly be. One of the theories is that there was a large object, which at the time was called “Nemesis ”.

This would be some sort of planet-sized asteroid, if you will, that would sweep through on a 26-million-year orbit. That‘s totally impossible.

[In the Nemesis theory,] the 26-million-year orbit would then sweep through the solar system and cause Earth changes, so as to trigger species die-off — which then somehow triggers evolution.



Well now back up a second. Let‘s talk about, again, Dr. Gariaev, and what we were describing with how the DNA harmonics of the salamander were able to be completely transferred into a frog embryo by nothing more than a beam of light. The frog embryo then mutated in a positive way, so as to become a salamander.

That suggests something much more sublime and profound than simply the hard collision of a planetary-sized object moving past our solar system.

A planetary-sized object would not have the type of depth of information  necessary to be able to instill genetic changes by some sort of intelligent transfer.

Furthermore, the orbit of the entire galaxy is only around 225 million years in length. And everything that we see, all the stars and so forth, essentially stay in fixed positions as it goes around. So the idea that something could be moving that much, on that extended of an orbit, is really problematic.



And now we have also the work of Dr. Robert Rohde of UC Berkely, who went to Raup and Sepkoski‘s same set of marine data — the data that they spent so many years cataloging — to try to figure out whether this evolutionary pattern was real or not.

Dr. Robert Rohde found another cycle in it, which exists at the same time as the 26 million year cycle — and it actually goes farther back in time. The twenty-six-million-year cycle only goes back about two-hundred fifty million years where you can see it clearly.

This other cycle, which is a 62-million-year cycle with a +/- 3-million-year variation, goes all the way back to the dawn of evolution of life on Earth as we know it — 542 million years ago.

What‘s prior to that point is called the Pre-Cambrian Era, and all you see is rock — there‘s no critters in it. But then, from that point forward, you get these very clean, very nice and neat 62-million year intervals in which everything on Earth is transforming. And that‘s pretty cool.

What‘s even more cool is that when you actually start crunching the numbers, you discover pretty quickly that there are neat cycles of how the 26 and 62 million-year cycles mesh with the orbit of the galaxy.

[DW: The Nineveh Constant I have written about in the CONVERGENCE series is 6.2 million years in length. This cycle was found on Sumerian clay tablets and deciphered by Dr. Maurice Chatelain, Head of Communications for NASA’s Apollo program.

All the planetary orbits divide perfectly into this master cycle with no leftovers. Ten Nineveh cycles is the Rohde cycle of 62 million years. If we take the orbit of the Galaxy as 248 million years, then there are precisely four Rohde cycles in one rotation of the Galaxy.]

In other words, it appears that the easily-divisible numbers that we‘re getting show that it‘s a galactic cycle. They all chop up nice and neatly, so that you get an even number of them for each time the galaxy spins on its axis. That strongly suggests we are dealing with a galactic cycle.



Now here‘s another interesting piece of information that helps to confirm that. There was a Dr. James Spottiswoode, who came from one of these California universities. I forget which one right now. [Berkeley.] Again what you‘re hearing is all improv — I‘m not reading off any piece of paper; this is just a spontaneous lecture for you.

Anyway Dr. James Spottiswoode went through twenty years of research into ESP, anomalous cognition, remote viewing, Zener cards, Ganzfeld — all these laboratory studies of the human psychic function.

What he was looking for was a universal time factor: something that could keep on showing up from time after time, which would help to establish a time of the day where your psychic ability would get better.

He wanted to see if, for example, if at high noon, when the Sun is right overhead, you would be more psychic.

He took these studies and put them all together, but he was not able to find any particular piece of information that told him that there was going to be something happening on a particular day at a particular time — until he looked at what‘s called “sidereal time ”.

Sidereal time is the time that it takes the Earth to orbit once, relative to the center of the galaxy, rather than to the Sun. That‘s a little bit different than the time that it takes us to rotate around the Sun, because the solar system is moving through the galaxy: our relative position to the galactic center is changing, not just based on the Earth‘s rotation and revolution.

Sidereal time is not just something you can have fixed at a certain point of the day. It actually does change from day to day. So you need to keep checking it, if you‘re going to go looking for this.

Now it appears that at 13 hours, 30 minutes, Local Sidereal Time — meaning sidereal time for you wherever you are — your psychic ability shoots up by 400%!




Now that‘s a really, really phenomenal piece of information, because what that‘s telling us is that you could be sitting there in your house, having no knowledge that these energy fields are affecting you in any way — and, yet, during this particular time of the day, where your position on the Earth aligns you directly with the center of the Galaxy, your intuitive abilities go way up!

That‘s a very important point: you‘re aligned with the center of the Galaxy and it‘s almost as if there‘s a hair dryer blowing on you. If you can think of the center of the galaxy as if it‘s like a stream of air or wind, you‘re like a wind sock. When you catch that air the strongest — when you‘re right in its path — then all of a sudden you have a lot more psychic ability.

That‘s really astonishing. That suggests very strongly that our mind is being affected by an outside energy field; that this energy field somehow has the ability to affect how psychic we can be, in addition to probably our level of intelligence and who knows what — the level of the health of the body; certainly there‘s other studies that show that.

So, again, this is just yet another study telling us that consciousness is not just thought within the mind. It‘s actually an energy field that reverberates throughout the whole Cosmos. And it‘s an energy field that has varying degrees of density in various locations.



Now you may or may not have heard about Professor John R.R. Searl, who developed, in the 1960s, a flying disk. And this is very strange but true.

He found out that he could design a particular set of magnetic rings and rollers, and they would essentially begin rotating when you pushed them a little bit. They would begin self-accelerating and they would go faster and faster, so with a very small amount of energy input, he would get essentially a free energy system.

This system would go up to a certain speed of rotation, which was sort of like a critical speed. At that point the ship would then lose its gravitational attraction to the Earth, and begin rising. In fact, some of the earliest prototypes would smash up into the ceiling when he did that.

Now for a long time people were saying that Searl was just a wacko, that none of the stuff he was saying could possibly be true. However if you look up Searl on Google Video or YouTube, you will discover that he has now built working prototypes of the actual ring-and-roller model.

Now these are not levitating yet because they can‘t reach that level of speed. But what they are doing is showing you that he can push them with his finger, just barely enough to get them moving, and they begin going faster and faster and faster.

You are literally watching in front of your very eyes a free energy device, because there‘s no way that that little push by the finger could cause that much energy, that much rotation.

Now why do I bring this up? Originally Searl‘s technology involved designing these magnets that were on the rollers in such a way that there was a cross-beam of magnetic fields inside the magnet.

The magnet normally has a north pole and a south pole, but he also designed it so that, as he was making the magnet (because the magnets are actually being machined in the factory), there‘s also the introduction of a perpendicular magnetic field, which would be north-to-south, going left-to-right, as opposed to top-to-bottom.



Now that sort of perpendicularity of magnetic fields is a very, very important principle for accessing this higher-dimensional energy field, as we call it: the “ether ” or the “torsion wave ” or whatever you want to call it.

The interference of magnetic fields, when they‘re at perpendicular angles to each other, is essentially part of what‘s gating in energy from this higher dimension.



Now there are plenty of scientists who‘ve shown us that the amount of energy in the universe is so incredibly vast that, if you could tap it in its purest form and you had even one tea cup full of it, you could literally boil off all of the world‘s oceans instantaneously.

So physical matter, obviously, has a lot of that energy in it.

Look at a nuclear explosion — the releasing of a particularly dense form of physical matter, like uranium or plutonium — and the amount of energy that‘s released when you do that.

So, certainly, most matter doesn‘t have quite that degree of concentration, but there‘s a lot of energy locked up in matter.

That also indicates to us that we have an enormous potential.

There‘s so much potential that we‘re not using.

What if our mind was the gateway to this higher energy?

What if our thoughts and our consciousness could, somehow, magnetize this incredible energetic pressure that surrounds us in such a way that we could affect real changes in our lives?

That‘s what this is all leading up to.

I‘m not wasting your time telling you about these things, because, fundamentally speaking, you are part of this energy system.

As you listen to my words, as I‘m speaking to you right now, you are living in an energetic universe. There is energy that is alive and conscious surrounding you right now.

You can take a few deep breaths, let yourself center, and feel that energy coursing through you right now. I‘m telling you a lot of cosmic things, and all of this is basically just a pre-emptive view of the kind of things you‘ll hear in my Science of Peace mp3 series on my website.

This consciousness is real. We have the science to prove it. I‘m just giving you a handful of many, many scientific experiments that prove this.



So let‘s talk a little bit more about the anti-gravity device, and why it‘s so important. The device was replicated by two Russian scientists named Roschin and Godin.

When you look up what these guys did, they did not machine the magnets to have this cross-wise pattern in them of magnetic fields. Instead what they did is they actually combined already-existing magnets together — essentially glued them together so that they would have strips that would go north-to-south in one direction and strips that would go north-to-south in a crosswise direction.

The problem is that, when you begin accelerating that system — because the magnets are not machined out of a single piece — they actually break apart before you reach the critical mass of velocity necessary to get lift-off; however, they have noticeable gravitational reduction.

So this is very important. This shows us that scientists replicated Searl‘s research have discovered the same thing; have gotten it to work the same way; have gotten a reduction in gravity and were able to do this in a laboratory in very-controlled conditions.

Now this is where it gets really important. Roschin and Godin, when they built this device, discovered that there was a series of what they referred to as “domain walls ” that surrounded the device once you turned it on.

Well, what the heck are “domain walls ”? Domain walls are not something you can see, necessarily; although, apparently, there is a tube of pinkish plasma of gas that appears around the machine as you power it up in the form of a donut — almost. It‘s called a torus.

Now these domain walls were actually noticeable in two different ways. First of all, they were magnetic fields and, second of all, they had a reduction in temperature; they were colder. You could stick a thermometer in them and actually watch the temperature go down.

Now you couldn‘t see them, but they were nested like an onion, layers of an onion around this machine as it was running.



And, therefore, what you‘re actually seeing is spheres-within-spheres, sort of like the nested dolls that the Russians call the mastrioshka,  where you pop off the head of one doll and there‘s another doll inside and you pop off that one and there‘s another one inside of that.

The Universe sort of works like that when you‘re dealing with energy fields. In fact it‘s those kinds of standing waves, those kinds of spherical energy fields, that are holding the planets in orbit.

Obviously not all the planets have a perfectly round orbit; but, also there‘s pressure on them from the fact that our Sun is pushing its way through the galaxy. And then the galaxy pushes against our solar system, creating what looks like a wind sock.

It‘s called the “heliosphere ”; and that heliosphere, of course, has pressure on it and the pressure pushes the orbits of the planets so that they‘re not perfectly round. But, nonetheless, you‘re dealing with spheres-within-spheres in the solar system.

So my discovery (one of my discoveries) was that what you‘re seeing with Roschin and Godin‘s discovery — where you get these sudden spherical areas expanding away from the center of this device, where you get higher magnetic concentrations and lower temperature — is an energetic process that occurs in every level of complexity.

You can take it from the atom, which would be the shells where the electrons are orbiting, all the way through fruits — where you have seeds in the center, which would be one layer, then you have the fruit part, then you have the interior of the skin, then the exterior of the skin.

You look at the interior of the Earth, and you see layers. There‘s a core; there‘s a mantle; then there‘s lithosphere; the crust. Those are the most basic layers. And there‘s also sub-layers within those layers.

Similarly, as I said, there‘s the orbits of the planets in the solar system and the orbits of the moons around the planets.



Then you go out to the galaxy — and this is where it gets really interesting — and I‘ve tried to write about this many times and I‘ll probably do a video about all this stuff in the future; in fact, probably in the near future.

You can look at other galaxies and there is a certain particular quality of microwave radiation that comes off of galaxies when you look at them with a telescope. And it‘s just energy and most astronomers call it “red shift ”.

Now they typically take those red shift values, those energy values and they say “Oh, okay, well, if this galaxy has a red shift of 5, that means it‘s 5 units away; and, if this galaxy over here has a red shift of 7, then that means it‘s 7 units away ”. So you follow me right? This is energy levels they believe equate with distance.

Now here‘s the problem though: if you actually look at these galaxies, you might have a 1 at the edge and then a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 as you go closer to the center. So that means there‘s layers of this energy vibration, which you can actually measure with telescopes inside the galaxies.

This was all started by the work of Dr. William Tifft — although it was alluded to with the work of Dr. Halton Arp, who was the first to show that red shift could not be a function of distance.

Now it‘s true that the astronomy community has not embraced this research. Part of the reason why, is that red shift is the main tool they use to determine how far away a galaxy is — or any other celestial body, for that matter.

So the last thing they want to do is have all their careful work completely overturned and have to start over realizing how little we know about how far away something might be. But that‘s what‘s actually happened.

Any time that you actually look at a galaxy with a telescope; you see striations, you see layers just like what I‘m describing with these domain walls.

So you follow me? We‘re dealing with energetic walls that are showing up in these galaxies as different levels of microwave vibration.



Now it gets even more interesting: check this out. And this is, again, something that I‘ve written about; if you go on my site and click on the button that says Start Here — my website, again, is — go down to the section that says Articles and Books; click on that; go down to The Divine Cosmos, which is the third book of Convergence; click on that; go to Chapter Eight, which is The Transformation of the Solar System.

If you read that chapter, you will see research that I‘ve put out online as early as April 2002, where I describe all the things I‘m talking to you about. Solar system change, galactic energy fields, all this stuff. This is not new; I‘ve been talking about this for years.

This is where it gets really weird. As we‘re saying, red shift; they believe that it‘s distance. I‘m simplifying the numbers, but if you have the center of a galaxy showing you a 7 and then it goes 6,5,4,3,2,1 as you go out towards the edge, kinda like the grooves in a record album or something, then how in the world could that be telling you how far away those different pieces of the galaxy are?

That would mean that every single galaxy in the entire universe is positioned in such a way that it‘s like a cone that expands away from where we are.

And that‘s right back to Flat Earth theory and that‘s simply not true. We are not that unique; we certainly are very special, but we‘re not that unique. It doesn‘t make any sense.

These are galaxies. We know what it looks like because we have one. We can study our own the Milky Way and so forth. We know that it sits in one place. It‘s not spread out over millions and billions of miles of interstellar space.

So why I am I even bothering to tell you all this stuff and is it worth listening to all this science? I believe that it is, and here‘s why.



Dr. Harold Aspden is another researcher who got into these free energy, anti-gravity type of inquiries. What makes Dr. Aspden different from many other scientists is that, in this case, he actually wrote up a whole new model of science backed up with extensive equations, which draw off of electromagnetic equations.

Electrical engineering is still using equations going back to the time of Maxwell and Heaviside. And these equations actually show you right out in the open that there is a cosmic energy field that electricity is simply a subset of.

Aspden actually proves that extensively with equations, and he‘s put it out all out free on his website, which the last time I checked, was It may have changed but that‘s what it was a couple years ago. [ ]

Now here‘s what‘s really, really, really cool. Aspden discovered that this cosmic energy field I‘m talking about had different densities, different thicknesses. It‘s not like you just have one energy field that stays the same that never changes throughout all time. No.

These energy fields do change; they do have different thicknesses; so some of them might be almost more gaseous; some of them might be more liquid; some of them might be more solid — and I‘m just speaking in terms of the thickness.

When I say “density ”, that‘s what I want you to see the difference between solid liquid or gas. Okay?

So you have these different thicknesses and he actually came up with equations where he was able to calculate: if you see this frequency of microwave energy, then your cosmic energy is at this density, this frequency; if you see THIS frequency in microwave energy, then you have THIS density etc., etc.

When he looked for these numbers, in terms of the universe, in terms of the galaxy of whatever galaxy you‘re observing, he found that they were precisely the same, precisely the same as these 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 numbers I‘m describing that you get inside galaxies! They were down to the decimal point.

Because, Tifft, as we‘ve said, was looking at these red shift numbers looking at these frequencies of energy and found that they do not occur just randomly — there were only certain values that you kept seeing.

They were “quantized, ” meaning that you see one value, then it immediately jumps up to another value, immediately jumps up to another value, and immediately jumps to another value — and there‘s nothing in between.

This is similar to how in an atom you‘re either in one electron shell or the other, but there‘s no in-between. The electron builds up a charge, and up until it gets exactly the right amount of energy to shift, it doesn‘t shift. But as soon as it reaches that tipping point — BOOM! It pops into the next layer, the next frequency.

So that‘s what‘s happening with galactic energy fields. It‘s very much like the atom — and we now have the scientific proof for that. I‘m just giving you a brief overview of it.



So now you have to expand your knowledge even further. Let‘s consider the fact that these energy fields may actually be akin to chakras in the galaxy. If the galaxy itself is conscious, then this could potentially be the case.

We‘ve already said before: you get 400% more conscious psychic access when you‘re aligned with the center of the galaxy on Earth. That was one of the studies I gave you from Dr. James Spottiswoode.

If that‘s true, then this energy in the galaxy, these different walls of frequency, could literally be frequencies of consciousness — frequencies of evolution —  and I propose this.

What if these walls are gradually expanding away from the center of the galaxy and, as they expand away from the center, they move through solar systems just like ours? Our solar system essentially stays in one place; we go ‘round and ‘round the same circle, but these energy walls keep expanding away form the center, kinda like an expanding smoke ring or something.

As that ring collides with our solar system as we crash into it, then — guess what happens? — interplanetary climate change. The Sun gets hotter, brighter, more magnetic; the planets get hotter, brighter, more magnetic.

One of the things we have seen, actually, is a 300% increase in the amount of dust that entered into the solar system just in two short years after the year 2000. That was more that was 300% more than the entire 1990‘s had been.

These are REAL facts; this is not supposition; this is not speculation. We are dealing with a galactic energy field. It‘s a full-halo, expanding energy field that goes throughout the entire galaxy. When it reaches us, it causes changes in our solar system. It causes activation — intelligent repatterning — of our DNA molecules.

And THAT, my friends, is what‘s causing these 62- and 26-million-year cycles of species evolution in the fossil record!



I keep trying to tell the world about this science because it‘s ALL done with TOP-level PhDs; you just take one guy and another guy and you put their work together and this is what you get.

So far it really hasn‘t stuck; nobody else has written about it but me. At the time that I‘m doing this recording, it‘s January 19, 2008. I‘ve had it out there for six years, almost, and still there’s been very little response.

That doesn‘t change that fact that it‘s true, and it doesn‘t change the fact that this is what‘s really happening.

So we‘re at the end of the 62 million year cycle that Dr. Rohde discovered. In fact, we‘re 3 million years overdue, since the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

The other important point is that our climate change right now would be akin to an energetic charge that‘s increasing, much in the same way that the energy beam of the laser shines through the salamander embryo into the frog embryo.

It‘s an increase in energy; it‘s an increase in charge that causes evolution to occur. That‘s where it‘s coming from.



Again, the reason why I‘m giving this recording away to you is not because I don‘t need to earn money — I do (everybody does) and I‘ve written things on my website that you can order as a download. You can hear a lot more of this science I‘m talking about as The Science of Peace series, which has wonderful music that we composed in the background.

I also just need to give things away, because it‘s too important for you to know this. It‘s too important that this knowledge becomes mainstream, or, at least, the people who need to know it and want to know it can have access to it.

I don‘t want to hold anything back from you. So many of you have been writing me and you‘ve been asking me questions about this, that and the other subjects. There‘s a lot of fear about what‘s going on right now. There‘s a lot of fear about our world and the changes that are happening in our world.

So, I want to try to ease some of your fears and suspicions by reminding you that there are ancient prophecies in every culture throughout human history that talk about a time where there was going to be great strife: climate changes, weather changes, political changes, social changes. This was seen as a precursor to a Golden Age on Earth.

This was all a preliminary step, building up to the point where you would be able to change your consciousness, change your perspective, actualize your full potential and become the person that the Creator (this intelligent universal energy field) wanted you to be.



Ultimately I believe there is NO place in the universe that is outside of the Creator. There is no place that is outside of this living consciousness, because it literally is everywhere.

That‘s why my website is called “Divine Cosmos ”. The Cosmos itself IS God. God is everywhere, everywhen, everything you see; everything you feel; everything you touch; everything you experience; and, therefore, you are above no one, but you are also below no one. That‘s a really important point.

Everyone is equal, ultimately. We‘re all progressing.



Everything I‘ve given you so far is scientific and it also bridges over into the esoteric. All of the original philosophical underpinnings of the model I‘m now explaining to you scientifically came out of a series of works that were channeled, much like the Edgar Cayce readings I was talking about at the beginning.

This channeling was done from 1981 to 1983. The material is called The Law of One, and you can actually read all of these Law of One readings on a website: Now that website actually has a search engine, and you can read the transcripts of these one-hundred-six, some-odd sessions of this material that came through.



I‘m not trying to promote any particular source of channeling as being better than any other. All I‘m trying to say is that there is ageless wisdom; there is a certain amount of knowledge that is just intrinsic to the Cosmos. Various people tap into this ageless wisdom throughout history in various ways.

Many of them have, in history, become enshrined as great spiritual and religious teachers. And they end up having movements based on the work that they bring through.

Now it may or may not be that they had the one and only way. I think that‘s a pretty limited viewpoint, because what seems to happen is that each person will access what we might call “Intelligent Infinity ” or ageless wisdom differently.

Each person is going to have a lens; they will have a filter that is their own perspective, their own bias. And they read that bias into their experience. So whatever pre-existing limitations you impose upon what you think God is might come through in your channeling or in your research.

So if you have sexual hang-ups, for example, if you‘re homophobic, or if you basically think that you know certain things are gross — like the Hindus say the cow is sacred, you can‘t eat the cow. In the Hebrew tradition you‘re not supposed to eat pork — it’s not kosher.

Some people believe you can have sex before marriage. Some people think you have to have a legal contract before you can have sex. All these things may be contingent upon the social background of the person getting the information, because they‘re apt to say things and hear things that are going to conform with what their perspective is going in.



And I believe it‘s very important that when you‘re looking at channeling, the kind of research and material that people are putting out on the internet, you don‘t view it as factual. There‘s a lot of information out there that is inspired, to some degree or another, by someone‘s conscious mind.

They have read certain things that they then believe are true, like the idea that there‘s twelve strands of DNA or that there‘s many, many dimensions — much more than just the basic octave of eight dimensions that‘s given in the Law of One series.

Every different channeler seems to have a different sort of cosmic drama of good guys and bad guys, ETs from this planet and ETs from that planet — and it all becomes terribly confusing and terribly contradictory.

The reason why I don‘t tell you not to read this stuff is because anyone who goes to a place of inspiration is going to tap into this ageless wisdom to some degree or another.

It‘s always out there. It‘s always part of who you are. It‘s part of your potential. It‘s part of your being. It‘s part of your make-up. So you have a Divine right to be able to access that ageless wisdom, and to tune into it.

So when you read things that are uplifting and positive, and talk about the limitless potential that you have and the wonderful change that‘s happening in the solar system and, perhaps the idea that 2012 is the focal point of all that change — which DOES appear to be true — that‘s great.



If, however, you start reading material that is describing fear and doom and gloom, they’re on the wrong track.

This material tells you that you‘re not protected: this is all sort of leading up to some sort of cataclysm or Armageddon — plagues, famines, diseases, economic collapse, Illuminati, government conspiracy, bread lines — oh my gosh, there‘s so much of this stuff out there, isn‘t there?

One thing after another, you just read: Oh, they‘re gonna put you in a concentration camp, they‘re gonna give you a microchip under your skin and you‘re not gonna be able to eat unless you have this microchip. Honestly — I have to tell you — NONE of this stuff is going to happen.



If you look at these “negative elite ”, as they‘re called, these so-called “Illuminati ”; there are basically two main factions. It appears that the European-based faction is run by the Rothschilds; the American-based faction is run by the Rockefellers.

I had already encountered this information before Benjamin Fulford came out with his material. And when the Fulford stuff came out, it only further confirmed what I had already been hearing.

If you look at what‘s happening, all of the institutions that are built for these people are collapsing.

For example, Hollywood is a major propaganda arm. You‘ve seen many movies that are trying to promote a really depressing world view; ETs as being these rogue aliens that are gonna invade and kill us. SO many movies that come out where people are heartless and vicious and cruel killers with no compassion.

And it‘s all programming. It‘s all passive programming that gets you thinking “Wow! We‘re not protected; we are alone and helpless. The only people that can help us is…” AH!… Our leaders, right? Our “LEADERS ”.

So there actually is a plan, if you talk to people — and I have — who were inside the Illuminati and got out, such as this woman, Svali, who‘s a whistleblower, who‘s been on the internet. I actually had conversations with this woman. She told me — in no uncertain terms — that they are planning on what they call “The Revealing ”. They want to reveal their identity to the planet.

They have a lot of this cosmic information I‘ve been describing to you. Not precisely as I‘ve been describing it to you, but they certainly know about what they would refer to as “radiant mind energy. ” They have negative techniques that they use in order to harness that energy.

I really wouldn‘t worry about these guys because, one of the things Svali said in her testimonies is that, most of the people in this group don‘t want to be in it. They‘re in it, but they‘re stuck in it. If they tried to get out, they would be killed.



Of course, some of you that are listening to this are in the family, Moriah or the Order of Ancient Philosophers… there‘s so many different names for it.

If you‘re in that group, I would just encourage you to recognize that things are changing. You don‘t have to keep playing the game anymore, because everybody else is thinking the same thing you‘re thinking.

The plans are certainly vast in scope. There‘s a great lust for power, and a great desire to be able to be seen by the world as leaders.

Honestly, too many people are hip to it now, and they don‘t like the philosophy; they don‘t like the underpinnings of the teachings about what we would call “Service-to-Self ” behavior. So there‘s never going to be a time where this sort of benevolent dictatorship can take over the planet. It just simply won‘t happen.

There‘s too many people who are too mobilized by campaigns, like Ron Paul for President and all the stuff that‘s been read on the internet. You can‘t come out with a “revealing ” and expect that everybody‘s just gonna tow the party line and wanna be part of this group, “this great effort ” that you think you‘re doing.

Now, personally, I don‘t have anything against you if you‘re in this group. That‘s an important point. It‘s your decision how you want to believe, and what you want to feel is reality. So if you want to be in this group, that‘s fine.

But a lot of you are in the group because you have to be, and you can‘t get out. I understand that. So I‘m not saying you should risk your life to get out.

What I am saying is that there‘s going to be a point where there will be a mass revolt. I would encourage you not to be afraid because, when it starts happening, it‘s gonna happen so fast that they won‘t be able to harass you, they won‘t be able to come after you.

It‘s pointless. You know the financing of these organizations is running out. That‘s why you‘re seeing the big banks in trouble.



And anybody who‘s out there writing articles, acting as if all these weird plans that they have are actually going to come true, is simply not dealing with reality. They‘re not dealing with the fact that we have moved into a new energy field in the galaxy that‘s permeating our solar system. It‘s changing consciousness; it‘s evolving who we are and it‘s moving us towards unconditional love.

That‘s a really important point. Unconditional love is where this energy is going. And, because we‘re moving into that frequency, you have the opportunity to see the shadow. The Illuminati, ultimately, is the representation of humanity’s collective shadow side that has been buried within, and is now externalizing.



In much the same way, you see these prophecies about “Planet X ”. They‘re trying to blame the whole solar system change on Planet X. They‘re trying to say this planet is going to sweep by our planet, it‘s going to cause a pole shift, and we‘re all going to die.

What I‘ve tried to explain to you now is this model about galactic energy fields — which is much more robust, much more explanatory about things like 62-million-year and 26-million-year evolution cycles, how the DNA could change, how your consciousness shifts and you become 400% more psychic when you‘re aligned with the center of the galaxy. All of these things are fundamentally interconnected.

I‘ve never seen any evidence that requires there to be a Planet X. There may be a larger planet outside on the periphery of our solar system, but I don‘t think it actually crosses through the other planets simply because the Sun has harmonic beat frequencies that it‘s putting out that hold the planets in place.

Any planet of that size would be caught up in one of these cells of frequency, and it would not be able to cross through all the other planets.

This whole Planet X thing actually got started by Zecharia Sitchin, who was looking at the term “Nibiru ” as the “planet of crossing ”.

Nibiru, being the planet that allegedly in the biblical Nephilim, as they‘re called, came from the angels in the Bible, if you will, or at least one form of them.

“The Planet of Crossing ” could mean many things — it doesn‘t necessarily mean a planet that‘s crossing in its orbit. I don‘t believe that‘s what‘s going on.

So, if there is any way that we can start to put this Planet X thing to rest, I would appreciate that. People still write me e-mail all the time saying, “What do you think about Planet X?! What do you think about Planet X?! ”

So let‘s just count this as my definitive statement, so that I don‘t have to keep repeating myself: I really don‘t think that Planet X is anything to be concerned with.



Again, if someone is telling you all of the stuff that you‘re seeing is leading up to a mass extinction, or a mass death, it‘s JUST NOT TRUE!

We‘re dealing with the multi-dimensional evolution of the solar system.

And I‘ve only scratched the surface. If you really want to know more, I highly recommend that you download my mp3 series The Science of Peace. You can find it on my website.

There‘s two ways to get it. The first one is just the three lectures. They‘re each about CD-length, which is like 67 minutes. If you get just the three by themselves, it‘s $39.99.

And if you get the five mp3 set, you get two more CD-lengths worth of just music. That‘s not only the music you hear in the background of the series; it‘s also music that was composed after the fact, based on what we already wrote. Then we added new guitar tracks, more spacey sections and so forth.

That larger one is $59.99. We‘ve had a lot of orders for that. Everybody‘s very happy with it.

If that‘s too expensive for you, there‘s another product you can get on my website called What Is My Purpose? It‘s $17.99, and that‘s actually an intuitive reading I‘ve done with music in the background. It has a 22-minute introduction, and then a 45-minute reading, so it all fits into one CD.

There‘s also an archive of mp3‘s on my site which is $72, and it will be updated as I continue putting out more and more of these readings and audio blogs, etc. But there‘s already a lot of material in there now. There are several radio shows I‘ve done that you can‘t find anywhere else. There are historic public lectures I‘ve done that you can‘t find anywhere else. There‘s readings I‘ve done in there.

In the future I hope to have all the contents more accessible, in terms of how you can figure out what‘s in there. The point is that it allows you to hear some different stuff without having to keep on ordering over and over again.

So, anyway, there‘s lots of different ways to help. Some people actually do just donate. I certainly can‘t do this without financing, so I do very much appreciate your help and very much appreciate all of the positive feedback and the warm letters you‘ve sent me. It‘s really wonderful.



I did wanna make this about the length of a CD, so we‘re closing in on the last five or six minutes.

So let‘s use the Principle of Retrocausality. Just go to a quiet place and, even though you‘re going to be hearing this in the future as I measure time, you can send information back to me now, and it will help determine the last few things that I want to talk about.

I‘ve raised a lot of different subjects, and you can go in a lot of different directions. Whatever you want to hear the most, and the most number of you decide what you want to hear, we can actually tune that in now. That will be how we end this little talk. So let‘s just do that for a second…



I think some of you want to hear more about the doom and gloom thing. How have I become so confident? How do I believe so strongly that we‘re not gonna have any disasters happen?

As you may know, I‘ve done a series of videos with Project Camelot. That‘s another thing you can look at that‘s totally free. There‘s almost three and a half hours of videos divided into four sections, which you can find on, or you can find it on my website, And this is really some phenomenal material. A lot of people are really excited about it.

We also just came out with a new one, the fifth part of the series called Jumproom to Mars. That video got cut off before we were able to finish.

I‘ve actually been taking it pretty straightforward in this talk. I haven‘t really gone into the more esoteric material in terms of what some of these really deep level black-ops UFO witnesses have come forward with — people who‘ve allegedly worked in top secret projects reverse engineering alien technology, et cetera.

I do go into that in these videos. They‘re already available, so there‘s a lot of stuff you can hear about there.



Project Camelot more recently has been coming into contact with material that has a pretty doom and gloom portrait of the future. There are apparently people in our black government, our secret government that have, uh, information leading them to believe that 2012 is going to be a mass cataclysm.

There‘s a politician from Norway, for example, who‘s suggesting that they have made extensive underground bases with these trains that are powered by some sort of crystal/free energy system. Nothing that we would ever normally think of.

Obviously, if it‘s true, that would mean a technology that doesn‘t pollute, so doesn‘t spill fossil fuel emissions into your own underground base. There are apparently bullet trains down there, and they‘ve prepared for 2.2 million people from Norway to be able to go down there. That means 2.5 million will not  be able to go down there.

So it‘s kind of like a dividing. What‘s even stranger is that he saw two tunnels. One said “Human ” and the other said “Not Human ”. So it appears that there‘s ETs they‘re working with as well.

He was apparently taken into this base as part of his tenure in the government in Norway, and now he‘s come forward, although he has not released his name publicly. He‘s concerned they might be able to figure out who he is anyway. So I‘m sure you‘re going to hear more and more of these stories.



There‘s another guy by the name of “Henry Deacon ” — that‘s his ASSUMED name. I don‘t know what his real name is, but the point is that I almost had the chance to talk to him; it did fall through. Hopefully we can talk in the future.

[DW: I have since had extensive discussions with “Henry Deacon” that have proven to be very revealing.] 

I have no interest in trying to give out classified information that would compromise national security. That‘s never been a focus of mine; I‘m not that kind of person. But there‘s a lot of information that they know that doesn‘t really need to be secret anymore, because even if I tell you this information, it‘s not gonna change anything.

The mainstream media is pretty fixed in its perspective, and I don‘t expect that‘s gonna suddenly change overnight. Most of this stuff is SO fantastic that, even if you tell people, and you show them the proof, they‘re still not gonna believe it, no matter what.



So doom and gloom right? Some of these guys inside these government projects are saying, “Oh man, it‘s gonna be a pole shift, and it‘s gonna be Armageddon,” And it‘s gonna be this and it‘s gonna be that.

Let‘s keep in mind that NOBODY knows exactly what‘s going to happen, because it hasn‘t happened yet.

Even if they had technologies that allowed them to look forward in time and see a potential future, that DOESN‘T mean that‘s what‘s going to happen.

I believe that the universe is a compassionate, ultimate being; that we are dealing with a system of evolution, and that what‘s happening right now is actually a marvelous consciousness shift.

If you can tap into that shift and actualize that consciousness for yourself, then you are actually becoming a real part of the evolution — and the revolution, if you will.



So it really just boils down to this: Study more of the information, hear more of the stuff that I‘ve done — particularly The Science of Peace series. I think you‘ll find that very useful.

Go to my website:; read David‘s Blog; read the Articles section. There‘s a lot of stuff in there. There‘s readings I‘ve done. Educate yourself. Educate yourself about the positive; educate yourself about the fact that this is not doom and gloom — this is a real change that‘s happening. It‘s evolving us.

It‘s the most grandiose moment in human history. It‘s happening now. You can be a part of it just by tuning in, taking some deep breaths, having a positive outlook about the future and realizing this is the single greatest moment in our history.

We are moving into something unprecedented. All the shadow material is coming up at this time to be cleansed, healed and renewed. You don‘t have to live in fear. You don‘t have to live in a sense of foreboding. If you tune into a positive reality, that will become your reality.

My life is living proof of that. I have experienced it myself, and I can tell you that you can do the same.



So I thank you for listening to this audio blog. I hope you have a great day, and I hope you can share this with some others — maybe even have a study group and listen to this together.

If that‘s what you‘re doing, then I welcome you to discuss this further, because every person‘s opinion matters, every person‘s opinion counts. So let‘s just move forward with a positive focus.

I thank you so much for listening. It‘s been a real pleasure to sit down today with you and be able to speak to you about this. Thank you so much. God bless.