Tuesday 3 / 3 / 09

Coast asked David to appear on the last hour tonight — and he gladly accepted! Here’s the transcript from David’s Feb. 6th appearance to help celebrate!




I am delighted to report that immediately as I got my car back from the shop for repairs today — after having driven a rental car since last Tuesday — Coast called me up and offered me a one-hour slot on tonight’s show.

Placed in context of the other events going on in my life, and what I’ve just been through, the timing was nothing short of miraculous. 

Before I share with you the transcript from my previous show of February 6th, 2009 on Coast, let me tell you why I consider the timing so astonishing. I need to establish some philosophical premises first so this will make sense.



We always start by reminding ourselves that there’s only one of us here. The ‘separation’ never actually happened. The entire manifest Universe, including space, time and all dimensions, is an illusion — a dream in the mind of an Ultimate Being.

It was already over long ago, we already all won the game, and we are already all Home now. We are in a dream of space and time, and within this dream there is structure, including a finite series of experiences that we will run through at whatever speed we choose. Until we complete this curriculum we remain in the “illusion”.

The essence of this Ultimate Being is Love. We are also told that Free Will, or the “First Distortion of the Law of One”, is the most essential concept to grasp in terms of how to treat others with Love within the ‘illusion’ of space and time. 

You cannot escape the fact that your essence is Love, and that your purpose here is to awaken to your true identity as the One Infinite Creator.

You also cannot escape the fact that as Love, you set up a system of guidelines where whatever you measure out to others will be measured back to you.

Hence, treat others with love and compassion and more of these wonderful qualities will flow into your own life naturally. Treat others with manipulation and control and you, in turn, will be manipulated and controlled by others.



Sadly, on this planet at this time, there are many, many people who do not grasp that we live in a highly structured reality, in which there is a “Glass Ceiling.”

Everything you say, everything you do, everything you think is known.

Not just by you, but by everyone  above our own ‘third-density’ level.

You may be able to manipulate this reality and lie to someone here on the ground, or deceive and manipulate them in some way that appears to have worked. However, in truth you are utterly, 100-percent accountable for everything you do.

There really is no privacy — not in the sense of the higher forces who surround us and are constantly peering into our reality through the “Glass Ceiling.”

This insults the ego of people who haven’t accepted Oneness to some degree, and have indulged in a false sense of privacy most of their lives. Nonetheless, this is exactly how it works in the deeper ‘Real World’ we’re all participating in, with varying levels of awareness.



Many people are awakening to the realities within conspiracy theories at this time, and find it astonishing that the mainstream media has been lying to them for so long about so many things.

Nonetheless, they typically still fail to realize that even the full scope of ‘Truth’ about government / corporate / secret society shenanigans is nothing  by comparison to the much greater hidden reality that underlies our existence. 

The fact is that we are not alone. Our world is not what it seems to be at all. It is a massive school, intending to teach us to make a solid choice between love or control.

Our thoughts and actions do not occur in a void. Everything we think and everything we do pushes us in a direction — either closer to Oneness or farther away from it.

Whenever we veer from our course of Oneness, we will continually be prodded back on the path.

Think about this the next time you are tempted to lie, cheat, steal, hurt, manipulate or control someone. You may be able to do these things and “Get Away With It”, but your Higher Self is taking it all in and programming future events to balance you out the very moment you perform these ‘infringements.’ 

Every time you judge someone, hate them, criticize them or attack them, you have just demonstrated that you do not understand the truth of Oneness and of Love. And you are accountable for the thoughts you create. They will come back around. 

It’s a shame that more of my readers do not grasp this simple concept, given the level of vitriol I see in the anti-Obama flame letters. If you hate or attack anyone, for any reason, then you haven’t grasped the most basic aspect of spiritual truth there is. 

I’m not affected by it — I already have forgiven you for whatever you write and know it’s not about me anyway — but these actions very much do affect you. It’s a point worth meditating about.

You will always have a place in my heart where you are seen as precious beyond measure, regardless of how you approach me. By that same token, I withdraw from confrontations, refusing to engage, and do the forgiveness / acceptance work on a higher level, apart from any direct physical communication.



According to the Cayce Readings, a “Law of Grace” is being applied here on Earth where we are not held responsible for more ‘karma’ than we can hope to make use out of and understand at any given time.

There are so many thousands of ways in which we inadvertently infringe upon the free will of others — say by buying ultra-cheap ‘sweat-shop’ products essentially built by the modern Asian equivalent of slaves — that if we were fully accountable for every infringement, we would all be suffering miserably and no one would learn anything.

Therefore, the Law of Grace is a sliding scale where you do not experience any greater ‘karma’ than you can be expected to learn from.

The problem here is that once you become fully educated as to the realities you live in, and the metaphysical truths that the Universe is formed from, the Law of Grace increasingly falls away, and you become totally accountable.

In this world, with how many people are ‘asleep’ and how easily they can hurt you, that is a very, very difficult place to be.

I have been living this way for many, many years now, having begun advanced spiritual studies into hypnosis and ESP at age 7, and gaining the complete Law of One philosophical perspective in 1996. Hence I am far more accountable, for far smaller things, than most other people would be.

The stakes rise even higher when you are out there giving spiritual teachings to groups of people who have found your work. If any of your actions do not align with your teachings, the karmic feedback is swift, intense and relentless. 

Again, the key is not to get angry or frustrated, but to see it as a blessing. Each experience is a gift that can lead to your full awakening if pursued to its greatest extent.



Initiation  is probably the least-understood aspect of spiritual truth and philosophy for most people who are in the process of awakening… and initiation comes through ‘catalyst,’ either of spirit, mind or body.

The Law of One series defines ‘catalyst’ as anything that promotes our spiritual evolution back into Oneness. In many cases these are jarring events, as this is what we need to wake up.

We like to think of spiritual growth as this happy, loving, wonderful process. We feel we’ve been suffering and we want to end that suffering. We may initially be attracted into spirituality as almost another form of addiction — just have a drink and your problems melt away.

It doesn’t work that way at all. You can read books, listen to radio shows, watch documentaries and ‘spread the word’ about what you see to be the truth all day long — but if you neglect the love that is present in this moment, and do not adequately share it with yourself and others, you will be shaken. 



Even in high school, I was telling people that “Spiritual growth is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. It is also the most rewarding.”

Back in the 80s, a pot-smoking friend of mine stole a fairly expensive item from someone, and almost immediately wrecked his car. He did not ‘gain’ anything — his loss from the car wreck was greater than what he ‘gained’ from stealing someone else’s property.

To me this was so obvious I was astonished when he refused to see a correlation between the events.

I watched more and more people suffering the effects of ‘karma’ and not even daring to imagine that these events were in any way related to things they had already said, done or even just thought. Nonetheless, the more you awaken to this reality, the more obvious it becomes when it happens to everyone else.

Again, the Law of One term for ‘karma’ is catalyst — and it comes in a sequential process. It starts in the spirit, and if that doesn’t work it spills over into the mind. If that doesn’t work it spills over into the body.

The reason why I’m writing all this is I just went through some very intense ‘body catalyst’ and am sharing the fruits of what I learned.



The first level of catalyst is spiritual. The questioner in the Law of One series never examined this very much, but it is clear that a great deal of spiritual catalyst occurs in the form of dream initiations. 

Let’s say you have a major problem that has occurred in the past. It could be anything — think of any major problem you’ve been through, or that may be causing you distress even recently.

Though you cannot see it while stuck in linear time, there is a potential that this problem could happen again. Your Higher Self may see that you could be ready to let go of this problem for good.

You will then experience the same problem in a dream. If you successfully deal with it in the dream, i.e. in the ‘spirit,’ then you have signaled to your Higher Self that the problem need not repeat in your physical life. You have now learned the lesson, and you’re free to move to the next level.



As one example, say the problem is that you have not fully forgiven and accepted an abusive parent. You may have a dream where a monstrous character, with exaggerated qualities like those of your parent, is chasing you.

If you have done the work and have forgiven your parent, you may realize the monster in your dream has no power over you. There is no reason to fear as you turn and face the very thing that seems to have been so terrifying and impossible to deal with in the past.

This is a profound healing, as in its fullest form you see the monster as a part of yourself that is in a lot of pain and really doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

You then embrace and forgive this character, which often by now is nothing more than a child, and there is a burst of white light, often ending in you waking up in tears. Congratulations — you’ve just had the ultimate example of processing catalyst in the spirit.

However, if you go through the dream and you keep on running away from the problem, then it’s time for your catalyst to spill over into the mind.

Remember: “In Forgiveness Lies the Stoppage of the Wheel of Karma.”

Everything flows from forgiveness. It is the central ingredient that can end all suffering in the manifest world.

The point at which your progress stops can be measured as the point at which your forgiveness stops.  



Catalyst unprocessed by the spirit — i.e. through dreams we have that can be challenging, like running from an attacker and remaining terrified as it repeats over and over again — spill over into the mind. We then become consciously aware there is a problem, and it plagues our mind.

Going back to our example, as just one of many different possibilities, at this point we now attract someone into our lives who is the physical embodiment of the monster chasing us in the dream that we kept running from. 

The person we now attract into our lives will have qualities that are quite similar to the abusive parent who first traumatized us. Now we have an opportunity to forgive this person, this projection of our original abuser, and learn to respect ourselves enough not to participate with people who treat us this way. 

If we do not deal with catalyst in the mind — i.e. if we are unable to forgive this person in our lives who is offering us the same judgment, unfair treatment, condemnation, scorn and ridicule that we felt as a child, and ultimately direct against ourselves — then this catalyst spills over into the body.

This is where initiation can truly become dangerous, from a physical perspective. Nonetheless, on a higher level we take on and accept this danger because of how important it is that we awaken, or at the very least remain within a state of spiritual balance. 



‘Physical Catalyst’ involves physical damage — either to the body itself, through internal illness or external injury, or to personal property — everything from accidentally dropping that glass or plate you liked all the way up to totaling a car or having your house burn down.

The intended effect of this ‘catalyst’ is the same as spiritual or mental catalyst. It is intended to give you insight, to wake you up, to jar you out of toxic emotions and back into love and forgiveness.

The difference here is that you’re now seeing destructive force unleashed upon your own body or upon the physical things that your body identifies with.  

Unfortunately, we have been widely conditioned in movies and the like to not think of body catalyst as karmic in nature. ‘Bad Things’ just happen to people without there being any reason.

We recoil in horror when “Bad Things” happen to children, not realizing that in many cases future incarnations are required to balance karma out that we created in a prior life time.

And let us be clear that we do have a Higher Self, it does have a very real spiritual agenda for us, and if we stray far enough off the path of what we came here to do in this life, it is perfectly willing to end an incarnation and pull us out, hoping to recalibrate our next lifetime so as to generate faster learning and better results. 



If you are already dealing with body catalyst, there is absolutely no reason to judge yourself as having done anything wrong. There is no ‘wrong’ — there is only love and free will, and when you infringe on free will, you will have experiences that can restore you to perfect balance.

Those experiences, in order to be properly processed and utilized, involve forgiving and accepting yourself and others. That’s what everything keeps coming down to. Even in college, long before I’d pieced it all together, I was telling my friend Angelica “Self-acceptance is the bulls-eye” we’re all shooting for on the spiritual path.  

Your Higher Self never sees you in any other form than with unimaginable love. Catalyst is precisely measured and never exceeds the exact amount deemed to be useful to nudge you back into love, acceptance and forgiveness. And the more love you create, the more comes back to you… by equally mystical and miraculous processes.

Beings in higher dimensions are not detached and emotionless at all. In fact, they understand us far more than we could ever believe, and have exquisitely intricate sensitivity to every little nuance of the spiritual path that comes our way.

You cannot imagine a being more understanding, more compassionate, and more insightful, as they almost never occur on Earth due to the personality distortions we all face here. Nonetheless, it is to that same level of acceptance and understanding that we are all being pushed.

And with that said, let’s explore my own physical catalyst that I just passed through, as it was quite intense.



I have been through quite the initiation these last three weeks. It started when I received what I felt to be a very judgmental, attacking letter over a long-standing personal issue with someone I know. I felt the letter showed an extreme lack of respect, and came across as a great betrayal.

My personality was insulted enough by this letter that I yelled in my room, and ended up damaging my throat and vocal cords, particularly on the left. I did not put this into writing, as I am very composed and do not throw my anger at others if I feel it at all — but in my own private space I certainly vented the emotions. 

I really have done a great job of clearing emotional charges like this out of my life, and that’s why this one was such a surprise. I didn’t even know it was there and was surprised at the intensity that came up for me. I was not feeling the love or the forgiveness — I was shocked at what this person I trusted was showing me.

The wound in my throat became an attack vector for germs to get in, while in the meantime I was working myself much too hard and never slowing down.



By the time the Conscious Life Expo came around I was extremely ill and fatigued.

I barely held it together on the panels, but experienced a marvelous surge of energy for my own events — the higher spiritual forces lifting me out of whatever my body was feeling into a state of grace. This is a common phenomenon — I can perform very well even under exceptional stress.

I did write about the problems and successes of the event in my previous entry, but left out the part about how I was practically a walking corpse while all this was going on, physically speaking. No one knew, but I had to avoid the crowds more than usual in order to avoid losing even more of my own vital energy and getting even sicker. 



I left the Expo and came home, only to continue trying to do everything at once, and handling whatever I can of an email load that has now surged to 200+ per day on peak days, with signs of it continuing to rise. As a responsible person I have been left with no choice but to spiritually wish my writers well, encourage them in articles like this to participate in the discussion forum, and send them good thoughts as I read their words.

I cannot answer individually in the majority of cases, and the ones I do answer are not selected as being ‘better’ or more deserving than others — it is more of a random process, totally a creature of the moment in which they come in, and whether or not I can reply in a few short sentences.

I felt like my whole life was on a treadmill and I never had time to stop or slow down. Even cleaving off most of my email load, I was trying to do way too much at once, and I didn’t have the health to be able to do anything but lie in bed. I was happy within my work, but outside of my work I really didn’t have a life.



Then the UFO Congress came around and I was sicker than ever. Any sane person would have canceled, but I had a clear dream before the Conscious Life Expo comparing me to a soldier. This was my duty. My honor. March into battle, hold the sword of Truth aloft, and serve to the best of my ability, regardless of the cost.

I was drinking a super-green powder for nutrition, and synergizing it with another powder that was almost like a meal in and of itself. That powder expands into a thick goo when you hydrate it in an 8-oz glass of water. 

Ultimately, what happened was that as I started using this powder, particles of it were getting trapped in the pockets of my already-enflamed tonsil as I swallowed it. They were then staying in those pockets, fairly dry, and accumulating. What nearly killed me, and drove me to the emergency room, was these particles rehydrating inside the tonsil but not releasing.

I was in really bad shape when I gave my talk at the UFO Congress, but no one knew. By all accounts I did a fantastic job. I tried to stick around for the awards ceremony but I had to apply constant pressure to my throat to stop it from aching.

That night I could only sleep for an hour and a half at a time before I would wake up in devstating, burning pain unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my throat before. It was nearly impossible to speak, eat or drink without excruciating pain. The whole left side of my throat was blocked off.



I had to drive myself home from the UFO Congress, since I had taken my rental car out there while my regular car was in the shop. I considered it a short drive and didn’t want to risk going on a plane and having the severe ear pain that can result when you are sick. I had no idea how much sicker I would be when I had to drive myself home. 

During that final seven-hour period, I could not make intelligible speech — I sounded as if I had damage to my normal tongue muscular function and / or the structure of my palate. I had to expectorate into a cup every 15 seconds because I could not swallow, and my salivary glands were running full tilt.

Superficially I knew I had been hit by a bad case of “sick building syndrome” from the new carpet fumes in the room I was staying in at the conference — something that has struck me very hard on several occasions in the past — but this condition had already been building up for some time by then; the room was just the final catalyst.

No one knew I was so sick at either the Conscious Life Expo or the International UFO Congress, and I still managed to do a great job in this condition. I didn’t write about it on this site either, because I wanted the focus to be on the message, not the messenger. Now that I understand what was going on I have clearly been asked to talk about it.



Once I got home from my seven-hour driving ordeal, I breathed hot steam out of a pan, and then took a very hot bath with mineral salts. I coughed and hacked the entire time. I then got out, and while sitting on the toilet a thought went through my mind about the person who had written me three weeks earlier and gotten me so upset.

In that moment, it was simple… I just said “They can think whatever they want. It’s fine. It’s not who I am and I don’t need to have everyone agree with me.”

Suddenly I started gagging — and for the next three hours I hacked up over three tablespoons worth of brown material from my tonsil as all those particles of ‘superfood’ powder suddenly re-hydrated, forming a goo that was much greater than the space they had been taking up inside the tonsil.

It was literally like vomiting, and I’ve never experienced anything like this before, nor do I ever intend to again. It was a massive emotional purging.

At the end of the whole thing I had gotten much, much better, and by the next morning it was almost back to normal. Today, just a day after that, all that’s left is the slightest tickle, and some rips in the skin that I have to be careful not to stretch by opening my mouth too much.



I realized that the whole issue was about forgiveness. It was a poignant teaching and I did get the message. It will undoubtedly change how I do what I do, and the wording of this article is just the beginning of it.

I will finish this thought after I’m on the air, but I’m hearing the bumper music now and have to post this as it is…

OK… I just finished the show and I’m too tired to finish writing this tonight, so check back tomorrow afternoon for more. In the meantime, if you want to sign up for either the New York Convergence 3-day gathering or the Canadian Rockies 8-day intensive, click here for more information.


And now, on with the transcript of my last show! 

[Update: We have another major radio show with the UK’s ‘Kerrang!’ program tomorrow (Thursday), so this thread will be continued in a subsequent article.] 

David Wilcock Coast to Coast AM
February 6, 2009
(starting 9:38 into first hour)

George Noory (GN): Up next, David Wilcock as we talk about 2012.
It‘s a special night here. Back by popular demand — David Wilcock. He‘s an author, lecturer, researcher. He has intensively researched UFOlogy, ancient civilizations, consciousness science as well. He‘s a public speaker. I‘ll tell you a little bit about one of his speaking engagements coming up sometime this month.
Here he is on Coast to Coast AM. David! Welcome back.
David Wilcock (DW): Well, George, it‘s a real blessing that we have that kind of grass roots support that I‘ll be on basically twice in one month almost.
GN:  Well, let me tell you something. You did a phenomenal job for us the last time you were on, got lots of emails.
DW:  Well, thank you.
GN:  And Tommy said: Well, let‘s… Plus next hour we‘ve got a little surprise — you to us. And us to you, by the way.
DW:  Ha ha.
GN:  (laughs)
DW:  I like that. One hand washes the other.
GN:  That‘s right. The story I had before you came on had to do with someone in Ghana [sp] talking about it‘s the end for all of us on 2012.
DW:  Mm hm.
GN:  Some have said this on this program as well. You have not. Tell us where you‘re coming from.
DW:  Well, that‘s a complex way to jump in but let‘s go for it, man.
GN:  Yup.
DW:  Essentially it goes back to a combination of very hard-core scientific data coupled with intuitively-derived data. So we have to talk about one in order to talk about the other.
I did want to talk more about science tonight because some of the only critical letters I received were that I was not going into enough scientific detail to back these things up. So I‘m hoping we can do some of that.
GN:  Okay, absolutely.
DW:  Okay. But first of all you have to understand that the context is that I have had some pretty phenomenal intuitive experiences: Five years old, out-of-body experience.
Seven years old, I begin reading about ESP, studying the exercises, practicing them, having no idea that this would eventually lead to some sort of telepathy that I would be doing with what appears to be this Higher Self — which basically is you, but it‘s millions of years more evolved than where you are now.
From that perspective there is no boundary imposed by linear time, and the way that this was proven to me began when I started doing readings in 1996.
I would have a stack of cassette tapes, where I had dictated words that I did not remember what I said because I was in a deep trance, and then a month might go by… In some cases there‘s been actually seven years!
There was a bank of about 20 tapes that I just got too busy and I never transcribed. Seven years later they‘re describing the house that I‘m in. They‘re describing the way that the driveway looks. They‘re describing plants that I have growing on the refrigerator. I mean, it‘s…
So what I‘ve seen in my private experience is an incredible variety of data showing me that there is no boundary imposed by linear time to this Higher Self that we have, these higher forces.
Given that information, we have reason to believe that when the most credible of these sources consistently say that our galaxy is an intelligent super-conscious Being…
GN:  Mm hm.
DW:  … that it programmed human life to evolve on all the planets, wherever it will form throughout the galaxy; that human beings are basically the de facto standard of the galaxy, then what we see is that there‘s obviously human beings out there that are more evolved than we are in the sense of their technology, their telepathic ability.
Many UFO witnesses report beings that walk through walls and have levitation capability. All kinds of very phenomenal effects like that.
So it would appear, when you start looking at all the great traditions in all the great spiritual literature throughout the world, there‘s always some mention of angelic or divine beings of some kind, which are human in nature.
GN:  Sure.
DW:  So all of this leads me back to the fact that I have had synchronicity happening in my life for many years. Some of it involves seeing numbers on the clock. People always ask me what does that mean.
Essentially what you do is, if you see like 3:33 or 12:12 or 11:11, something like that, you want to look at what you were thinking about right before you saw the numbers, and that will be flagging that thought as being important for you.
GN:  I see.
DW:  So what I‘m trying to say is that we have been conditioned through economics to believe in scarcity. We believe that we don‘t have enough. We‘re running out of fossil fuel. The weather is not cooperating.
All these Earth changes imply that we‘re some sort of virus, as it said in The Matrix movie, that we‘re like a cancer on the Earth, and that we‘re in the process of being exterminated.
GN:  Why are so many of us talking about 2012? Not only because it‘s getting closer, but it seems to be everywhere. I mean people who would never bring this up are now talking about it on the streets. Why?
DW:  Well, George, I don‘t know if you realize this, but I use MySpace. myspace.com/divinecosmos is my account. [laughs]  And now I‘m going to be bombarded, I‘m sure.
GN:  You will after we chat with you next hour, anyway.
DW:  Yeah, but anyway. Last week they put up this full page splash screen about this thing called the Institute for Human Continuity 2012.
GN:  All right.
DW:  It was this big ad that basically took the exact same catch-phrase as 2012: The Movie: What if six billion people were about to die, would the government tell you? Of course not. And then it says: But the Institute of Human Continuity will.
And you go on their site and it‘s all like Planet X and this and that. I mean the graphic design is nice but they‘re basically saying: Join the lottery, as if this is some sort of group that‘s gonna, like, save you, but only if you‘re one of the chosen people.
And so, some people have speculated: Is this some sort of government front or whatever?
But there‘s some really concrete stuff going on that I‘d like to point out about 2012. First of all, I don‘t know if you are aware of this, George, but the crop circle phenomenon goes all the way back to 815 AD.
GN:  Yes.
DW:  Okay, you do know that.
GN:  Thanks to Linda Moulton Howe.
DW:  Right. Right. Okay. Good. So what we know is… For those who don‘t know the story I‘ll just cover it very briefly.
GN:  Okay.
DW:  The archbishop of Leon, France, issued an edict for the people called “Against the Foolish Opinion of the Masses about Hail and Thunder. ”
This basically said that the pagan people of the time believed in what they called “cloud ships from Begonia, ” and that they were flattening crops into circles. It was believed that these crop circles were being formed so that the ETs would protect them against bad weather.
Well, there‘s an ongoing chain of documentation to support crop circles showing up all throughout history. I go into this in my presentations, including the one I‘m going to be giving at the Conscious Life Expo coming up here on the weekend of February 14th. You‘re going to be there too, so I‘m very excited about that.
GN:  Sure thing.
DW:  So this is one of the things I‘m going to be talking about. The reason why I‘m bringing this up, George, is — as I‘m sure you‘ve probably heard before — a very, very phenomenal event has happened.
We‘ve been seeing some beautiful, gorgeous, amazing crop circles over the years, but it was this past season that we got a formation that very precisely gave us the planetary alignment at the end of 2012.
It shows you all the planets, the inner planets, the outer planets. It is the alignment for that exact day when the Mayan calendar ends.
And when you start to look at the evidence supporting the idea that the growth nodes on these crops are being bent but without breaking, and that the crops continue growing even when they‘ve been put down…
GN:  Uh huh.
DW:  …and that large amounts of underground water seem to disappear, as if there‘s a technology that‘s soaking up that water to stop the crops from catching on fire — otherwise they would burn up if it was some kind of microwave or something — we have a technology that we certainly don‘t have access to.
The complexity of some of these formations is off the charts. Some of them have appeared in 15 minutes, like the one in front of Stonehenge in, I guess it was ‘96. It was like three windmills or something.
The point is here that crop circles are something that go beyond this idea in your mind that: Oh well, this is just a guy on the radio talking about 2012. There‘s nothing that‘s really gonna happen.
Well, these are things that are showing up in the crops that you can measure, that you can go and look at, and they‘ve been showing up since 815 AD. There‘s a whole chain of history through the 1600s with Dr. Robert Plot, and then the “Mowing Devil ” story, and all this stuff I‘m sure you‘ve heard now.
The point is that we are now seeing inter-planetary climate change, which is the actual physical scientific proof that there is some sort of non-ordinary event taking place in the solar system. This is NOT your typical everyday year on Earth. Obviously we can see that in society.
There was one other thing that I wanted to mention, just to make sure that I get it out here: That is a study that was done by a doctor named… And I‘m bringing this up on the computer so I make sure I don‘t make a mistake.
GN:  All right.
DW:  So people don‘t hound me.
GN:  Is this a scientific study?
DW:  Yeah. Yeah, his name is Dr. John Hawks, H A W K S, and I encourage everybody to look this guy up. He‘s from the University of Wisconsin. He‘s an anthropologist and he studied rapid evolution in human beings, what he called positive selection in the Darwinian sense.
What he found was that in the last 40,000 years, human evolution has been what he called in a period of super-charged evolutionary change. Then if you look to the last 5,000 years, he has discovered that evolution, the speed of evolution, has moved 100 times faster.
But the most intriguing study that he came out with of all is… George, let‘s paint a picture for the audience of the Neanderthal. Right?
GN:  Yeah.
DW:  Here‘s this guy with the clunky old brow, hair all over his back. Cave man. Right?
GN:  You‘re talking about my producer, Tommy. Right, David? I told you not to do that.
DW:  (laughs) That‘s classified information.
GN:  We‘re going to be back with you in just a moment. [laughs]
[Ian Punnet section deleted] [I‘m George Noory, back at you with David Wilcock. David, you were talking about this analogy of Neanderthals. Let‘s go back to that. Go ahead.]
DW:  I‘ve painted the picture that you have a Neanderthal with the clunky brow and the hairy body and everything, and we typically think of that as the cave man, and much less sophisticated than we are. Now think about periods in like the dawn of history such as Sumer, like 3000 BC.
GN:  Okay.
DW:  Let‘s paint that picture. Okay. John Hawks, the same University of Wisconsin anthropologist, has studied human evolution and found that we now, human beings now are more genetically different from people in 3000 BC than the people in 3000 BC were from Neanderthals. Now that‘s scientific proof, man.
GN:  And that‘s bizarre, too, because it puzzles you, because something caused that.
DW:  Well, you don‘t usually think of people that were around the time that some of the older books in the Bible might have been written or the Bhagavad Gita in India as being closer to Neanderthals than they are to us.
GN:  That‘s true.
DW:  But that‘s what it is! Okay. And of course you‘ve heard about the Flynn Effect in which every ten years people‘s IQ is rising.
GN:  Uh huh.
DW:  …in over twenty countries and the tests that show it the most are the non-verbal tests which have to do with abstract symbolic thinking. It‘s like the whole way our minds work is changing.
GN:  Which is critical to pure genius.
DW:  Absolutely. So the point… Here‘s the smoking gun, the mechanism that you want to see how this works, okay?
Well, first of all you have to establish that this is not an ordinary moment in history, which we can do by looking through the entire solar system — and if you want me to, we can list all those things.
Every planet, right down the list. Mercury was the only one we didn‘t have data for, and that just changed last year because they came out with stuff showing the magnetic field is growing.
I mean all the planets are getting ozone-charged. They‘re getting brighter. They‘re getting hotter on the surface, in some cases 200% hotter, like the surface of the moon Io around Jupiter. It‘s happened in a very short period of time.
These are profound changes. This is why Richard Hoagland and I wrote a paper in 2004 about this and Richard did ask me to just say this one thing which I will do for him.
GN:  All right.
DW:  We have some very exciting news. One of the biggest television broadcast networks has contacted Richard and wants to do a 2012 documentary. They estimate that the listenership to Coast could double by this. They estimate that…
Well, first of all, Richard is going to be like a key producer; he wants me involved. George, he may ask you to be involved if you want to be.
GN:  No. Can‘t be. Too much.
DW:  Oh. Conflict of interest.
GN:  Yes.
DW:  Okay.
GN:  You know, with my sci-fi show.
DW:  Well, that‘s understandable.
GN:  But…
DW:  Anyway.
GN:  …we‘ll give you as much support as we can.
DW:  Right. So just to honor Richard, he asked me to say that the amount of interest that people demonstrate will determine how quickly this show gets off the ground. So he asked that anybody who is interested in seeing a 2012 show send you, George, email.
GN:  Oh thanks.
DW:  Yeah. That‘s Richard‘s gift to you. To blow up your in box.
GN:  To inundate me. Thanks, Richard.
DW:  So, yeah, if you want to see 2012…
GN:  (laughs)
DW:  It‘s true though. I think that it would help to boost your listenership and that would be a great thing. But anyway. Okay I‘ve said that.
So, let‘s get back to DNA because, as we talked about in the last show — and there‘s a transcript on my website divinecosmos.com. We‘ve got the whole darn thing transcribed and as you said it was a ground-breaking show.
DNA, we can now prove definitively, is a wave. DNA is not something that just randomly arrives by these molecules combined together for no reason. There‘s many ways we can show this and I want to give you some new ones that we didn‘t talk about the last time.
GN:  There‘s a design behind this, David.
DW:  Oh yeah. Now I want you to think about for a moment black magic. I want you to think about people that do voodoo or something where they try to create fear — and of course this is what‘s happening on a global level right now. There‘s all this fear being created.
GN:  Right.
DW:  Let‘s think about the idea that maybe when you go into fear that your DNA is releasing some sort of bio-field or some sort of energy and that somebody could actually harness that.
Well, there‘s a Russian scientist named Dr. A. B. Burlakov — anybody can look this up on line — and he did an experiment with fish eggs in which he had fertilized fish eggs that were brought within optical contact of each other. When they were about the same age in their development, the weaker one, the one that was just a little bit younger, would actually catch up to the other ones faster. The growth rate would suddenly accelerate. Okay?
GN:  Huh.
DW:  Which suggests that there‘s some sort of energy that‘s feeding life as we know it. But here, George, is where it gets really fascinating and in fact I‘m even thinking of changing the script to my movie Convergence and putting this in there somewhere.
When you take weaker eggs that are not as old, and put them in front of eggs that are newer… now again, all they have to have is optical contact. These are hermetically sealed containers in which there‘s just like a pane of glass between them so they can see each other.
What do you think might have happened when you take the weaker eggs and the stronger eggs and you put them next to each other?
GN:  I bet the weaker eggs get stronger?
DW:  The weaker eggs die.
GN:  They die!
DW:  They get weak, they mutate, they wilt and they die and the stronger eggs get stronger.
GN:  Why?
DW:  This gets back to why there is black magic and how the occult can use that to further their own spiritual evolution on that path.
It gets back to the Alpha Male. Why do you think, George, that a home team is apt to do better in a game than the away team?
GN:  That‘s historically accurate.
DW:  Yeah.
GN:  Well, one is you‘d say they‘re more comfortable with the field; they know the corners for example in hockey a little bit better; they know the rim better in basketball. The roar of the crowd helps them. But there‘s something… there‘s an overall feeling of being there, being comfortable, being in control.
DW:  Well, this is where it gets back to the idea that… just like the fish eggs where you can actually have a bio-field that‘s strengthening health. There‘s another scientist who summarized like a 160 different studies of healing and found fully 64% of them showed a positive effect.
This is everything from single-celled organisms all the way up to complex human healing that involved like New York to LA people doing it by telepathy.
So we have some kind of energy and all we have to do is basically feel love or send our energy or support to someone.
So the negative elite, these Illuminati types, like to be in a position in which everyone is afraid and then they become the Alpha Male that everybody rallies behind for strength. Because the Alpha Male, the way nature set it up, is that the entire group sends their energy to the Alpha Male to make him stronger so he can fight for them so that they can survive.
GN:  And it works!
DW:  It works. And it‘s the same thing that you see… Again, you raised some very good points about how the hockey could be they know the corners better and in basketball they know the rim better, etc.
It doesn‘t change the fact that part of what could be going on is this energy that the crowd is sending to the guys on the field.
GN:  Precisely.
DW:  It‘s making them healthier, stronger, more vital. And again, if somebody wants to attack this we have laboratory evidence.
Another thing along that same line that I find really, really fascinating is a study that was done actually with raspberry calluses. And these are actually these cancerous cells that grow on a raspberry.
GN:  Yuck.
DW:  Now think about this because this applies to human physiology.
GN:  Okay.
DW:  Okay? It‘s this big ugly gross-looking black thing that grows on a raspberry that shouldn‘t be there. For all intents and purposes, a surgeon, if it was a human body, would cut that out and say get rid of it.
GN:  Right.
DW:  What if you take a holographic image of a healthy raspberry plant and then you shine the hologram into the tumour. What do you think happens?
GN:  You trick it?
DW:  The tumour completely heals and turns into a healthy raspberry plant.
GN:  Do we have scientific proof that this happens?
DW:  Yes, look it up, the guys name is Budakovski. V is the first initial and then the name is BUDAKOVSKI. And this is ground-breaking stuff.
GN:  So the cells of this diseased portion of a raspberry pick up…
DW:  Right. Are actually reverted back to healthy cells and form a new plant that you can sprout and germinate into a healthy raspberry plant.
GN:  Yeah. But what you‘re saying about all this is somehow they are aware? Or they have some kind of telepathic vision to know this? To see this?
DW:  Well, the bottom line is that the hologram is a complete storage of all the wavelengths that are given off by the DNA of healthy raspberries. So when you shine that hologram into the unhealthy DNA, it re-patterns the unhealthy DNA back into healthy DNA again.
GN:  So are you saying if we had a hologram of someone who was sick and shine it right into, let‘s say his cancer, that it could defeat it?
DW:  Absolutely.
GN:  Amazing.
DW:  In fact there was another case where — this is Dr. Peter Gariaev — he killed ordinary seeds with radioactivity. So these are dead seeds, radioactively killed. He shines a laser through healthy seeds, redirects it into the destroyed seeds, the destroyed seeds come back to life.
He also did it with rats. He did it with a pancreas. There was a drug that basically gives the rats diabetes. It‘s called Alexan and their pancreas is destroyed. They get diabetes and die within 4 to 6 days.
GN:  Okay.
DW:  Then he actually did surgically remove the liver and pancreas from healthy rats and then shined the light through it into the rats that would normally have died from this toxin that would kill their pancreas and those rats just getting the light beam through healthy pancreas tissue, the pancreas completely rejuvenated.
I mean it‘s like the pancreas is basically dissolved. It‘s gone. It disappeared. The pancreas re-grows from nothing. So, George, this is why we need to get this stuff mainstream because this technology has existed. It threatens the pharmaceutical industry. It threatens The Powers That Be to keep us healthy — which means that if we are stronger then we can fight back.
GN:  Why aren‘t these researchers getting grants? Why aren‘t these researchers getting Nobel prizes in science with these discoveries?
DW:  Because first of all, these are guys in Russia and so they are safe from the kind of stuff that would happen if you tried to publish this research in the US.
GN:  All right.
DW:  When you try to get this kind of stuff published in the western scientific world, you get in big trouble.
GN:  You get crushed.
DW:  The minute that you try to file a patent for any type of free energy or anti-gravity type device that would actually work, then suddenly knock, knock, knock there‘s somebody at the door and in one hand he‘s got money and in the other hand he‘s got a gun.
GN:  Or if the guy opened up a clinic they‘d shut him down.
DW:  Exactly. So they‘ll get you for medical malpractice. They‘ll look through the last five hundred years of your tax returns and see if you ever messed up on a dollar. Like look at what just happened to Tom Daeschle, you know? So that‘s how it works.
GN:  That‘s a little more than a dollar, David.
DW:  Well I‘m teasing. But, you know.
GN:  (laughs)
DW:  The point is that we are in a situation now in which… The greatest study is Gariaev, (GARIAEV) and here‘s a guy who takes the laser beam again, shines it — This is the same guy that did the pancreas study and the seed study. Okay? — shines a laser beam through a salamander‘s embryo and redirects it into a frog‘s embryo and the frog embryo completely reorganizes the DNA and turns into a salamander!
GN:  Now when you say redirects it, what do you mean? What‘s he doing?
DW:  Okay. If you want to drill down to the specifics, we can do that. They‘re called retrotransposons. They‘re little pieces of DNA that actually can break off from one area and move to another area and thus rewrite DNA code at that level.
GN:  Okay.
DW:  Now another thing you need to keep in mind is that DNA is only about two nanometers wide, which is down at the level in which you get wave/particle duality and all this chaos theory in quantum mechanics.
You know, SchrÃ