Friday 2 / 20 / 09

Check out the details of David’s first all-weekend conference — and download another wonderful three-hour radio program, for FREE! [Updated 2/22]


By David Wilcock 



The radio show linked below is one of our very best, the audience is saying… we truly covered a dazzling array of subjects. In fact, the host of the radio network told Rayelan he felt it was the best show he’d ever heard her do… and that was quite an astonishing compliment!

Before we get there, we have the news so many of you have been waiting for! We have had an unceasing amount of interest in doing a major East Coast event, and we’ve finally gotten it together!

Our New York Convergence  conference will be held the weekend of May 22nd-24th at the Sheraton JFK Airport Hotel in New York. Never before have we done such a comprehensive, far-reaching weekend intensive as this!

Our conference room can hold a maximum capacity of 200 participants, no exceptions — so if you want to go, you probably don’t want to wait very long!

This is going to be something very special indeed. It will be my world debut in front of an audience as the lead singer on Wanderer Awakening,  and we will perform many of the greatest pieces from the upcoming album for the very first time — which will feature live vocals, as well as live guitar and live keyboards!

There will be an unprecedented amount of lecture / performance time — fully sixteen hours  of shared group experience, loaded with image-rich Power Point presentations, over the Memorial Day Weekend!

I never usually want to ‘commit’ to a lecture overview in advance, but because I will have so much more time than usual in this case — 16 hours as opposed to the typical maximum of 1 to 3 — I will lay it all out right now… 



Friday, 7-10 PM: Introduction:

Meet David Wilcock, Larry Seyer, David’s mother (15 mins. ea.)

David’s personal story — Edgar Cayce connection, dreams and synchronicities, psychic readings, current breakthroughs, background on Wanderers (1 hr.)

First set of songs from Wanderer Awakening performed live — David’s world debut as a lead singer!

(You will hear the music as well as behind-the-scenes production notes from David and Larry regarding the story behind each song, and how it fits into the overall archetypal story of the Wanderer.)




Saturday, 10A-12 PM: Atlantean Science Revisited:

Edgar Cayce Readings on Atlantis / Ra-Ta

Law of One Series on Ra’s involvement with Egypt and Atlantis

Worldwide evidence of ancient civilizations — pyramids, ruins, artifacts, written legends

The Global Grid — how all these ancient sites are interconnected in a living energy grid that shapes the Earth, and has multi-dimensional properties

Carl Munck’s Code — worldwide ancient structures refer to their positions on a global set of coordinates with the Prime Meridian in Egypt

Pyramid technology — including breakthrough modern Russian discoveries — healing, consciousness enhancement, weather modification, stabilizing against Earth Changes

Secret societies’ ancient Atlantean knowledge — Illuminati, Freemasons, Founding Fathers of the United States, Great Seal on the dollar bill, et cetera

Stargate technology, Time travel, Looking Glass devices — and their connection to 2012!

Great Pyramid Timeline — what does the future hold?


Saturday, 2-5 PM: The “Source Field”:

Exploration of the “time field” — time as a three-dimensional domain

Proof for the existence of a fluid-like ‘aether’ flowing into our reality through the time field

Hans Jenny’s ‘Cymatics’ — sacred geometry in the time field, how it applies to quantum mechanics

What’s the Matter — Comprehensive new investigation of properties of physical matter, how transmutation is possible

Consciousness science — laboratory evidence that our thoughts are united in the Source Field

DNA as a Wave — examination of biology as an emergent Source Field phenomenon

DNA Reshuffling — how DNA from one species can be re-arranged to build another


Saturday, 7-10 PM: The 2012 Enigma Part I … and the 2nd Wanderer Awakening performance:

Interplanetary Climate Change — how our entire Solar System is energetically transforming

A New View of Earth Changes — studies of Earth Changes unrelated to fossil fuel emissions

Cycles of Spontaneous Evolution in the fossil record — how it works and why it is happening again

Galactic Energy Fields — why we’re moving into a new zone of energy in the galaxy and what it will do

Connection between galactic energy fields, DNA and spontaneous evolution

Indigo children phenomenon as sign of change

Proof of human evolution already undergoing rapid changes at this time

Solid scientific link between our position in the galaxy and concomitant effects upon our consciousness

Second set of songs from Wanderer Awakening performed live on-stage!


Sunday, 10-12 PM: The 2012 Enigma Part II / Group Meditation & Visionary Experience:

Ancient religious and spiritual prophecies regarding a Shift of the Ages

Roswell and the Dawn of the Modern UFO Phenomenon

1950s Contactee Testimonies and Prophecies of 2012 and Interplanetary Climate Change

A new look at Biblical prophecies supporting the Spontaneous Event Hypothesis

Comprehensive analysis of Law of One prophecies regarding 2012 — what is expected to happen?

Dreams and visions of a world beyond 2012 — using dreams for spiritual guidance, activating your personal connection with your Higher Self

Group meditation / reading, shared visionary experience, ecstatic ‘toning’


Sunday, 2-5 PM: Audience Q&A, Final Wanderer Awakening Performance:

Questions and answers from audience members (1 hr.)

Final Wanderer Awakening performance / discussion (1 hr.)

Audience interaction and networking, Meet the Speakers (1 hr.)



We were originally going to do this at a hotel in Manhattan, but the lowest rates we could find were still well over 300 dollars per night by the time taxes and surcharges were included. That would bring the cost, even for those driving in, to well over 600 dollars just for the Friday and Saturday night stay — not including our conference fees.

I was then guided to try the airport hotels immediately next to JFK, and by some skillful negotiating we were able to cut those costs in half!

If you fly in, you can take a Sheraton hotel shuttle from JFK Airport at no cost to you, and be at the front desk of the hotel in minutes. Once you register on this website and pay the speaker fee, you will get a printable copy of your ticket and nametag for the conference, and you will want to have both of them with you when you arrive. 

Once you book your reservation and print out your ticket and nametag from this website, contact the Sheraton JFK Airport Hotel directly at 718-322-7190.

Tell them you are with the Divine Cosmos group, and you can reserve your room at the following discounted per-night fee: 149.00 in US DOLLARS per night, plus 3.5 USD Per Person Per Night Occupancy Tax and 13.38 Percent Per Room Per Night Government Tax, not included in the base rate. That’s all of it.

If, for some reason, the Sheraton has sold out all of its room reservations (possible but not likely,) they also own the Hilton, which is just one parking-lot away next door. They guarantee that you will get the same discounted ‘package’ rate at the Hilton as the Sheraton — so you can’t lose!

Of course, if you have friends in New York you can stay with and prefer not to do the hotels at all, or you will just do one of two nights at the hotel (such as Saturday-only), you certainly have that option. On the weekend it’s not that hard to drive into JFK from the city, and you have 12 hours between the end of the lectures at 10PM and the commencement at 10AM. 

If you stay in the hotel both nights, you can check out Sunday morning before the 10AM lecture starts, store your luggage and head out any time after 4PM when the last Wanderer Awakening performance ends and we have our informal audience-interaction meet-and-greet social hour.

Since it is Memorial Day Weekend, you probably won’t have to work on Monday anyway… and some are electing to spend their final day in New York enjoying the sights and sounds. Your special discount room rate will still work for Sunday night as well, if you decide to stick around.



Normally we will charge $333 in speaker fees for a full-weekend event like this — less than 21 dollars per lecture hour — but due to our current economic conditions, we’ve reduced the price to $295. That includes the three separate concert performances and six different lecture periods!

That means if you’re driving in and staying at the hotel, you can do the whole event for a little over 600 — and if you’re staying with friends, then all you pay is the $295 base fee. No partials, per-event fees or discounts are being offered — since the room can only hold 200 people, we can only offer full-event tickets. 

Some people have gotten excellent deals by bundling their airline tickets together with the hotel stay through services such as Orbitz, so you may want to try that. 

Please note… if you wish to bring your spouse, partner or friend along with you, it is important that you log in again and create a unique account for each person. After you book your own ticket, log out of the system and then create a new username and password for your friend.

Otherwise, you will have duplicate tickets, and thus appear to not have paid more than once. If you have any problems, contact the webmaster.


Once you click on the above link, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to the New York Convergence. Our server will automatically disable this order link when it hits the maximum of 200 reservations, so if it still allows you to click on the link and commence your order, then you know you’re good to go.

A special message will appear once our maximum has been reached, and the system will not allow you to enter credit card information or be charged in any way for this conference at that point. Therefore, if you get through, then you can be assured you have your seat at the event. Given the speed of the demand it may be a week or less before this happens.

Any problems with ordering via our online system can be addressed by emailing the webmaster, as instructed on the order page. 

Your ticket and nametag will have your own private access number and your full name on it, and we will provide you with the plastic holders for your nametags when you arrive.

If you are serious about signing up and have any questions about the event that are unrelated to the technical issues of filling out your order online, contact our organizer Marta at [email protected]  or leave a voicemail at 561-543-3792. We do not provide travel agent services for booking air or ground transportation to and from the event. Reasonable refund requests will be honored should you have problems arise, but please don’t wait until the last minute.





Despite the howls of our critics, who insist we can live without financing while they enjoy the unprecedented amount of free material we release on this site, we do  need to charge money for our best products — including our most cutting-edge information presented at public conferences like this.

Furthermore, we need a healthy reserve of assets to be able to afford the down payments for conference venues like this, which are not small — so we can set up more of these in advance, and satisfy your requests to get ourselves out there in person, without going perilously into debt.

Typically in the past, the conference organizers have benefited much more than we have from your presence at our events. It was not uncommon for conferences to cost up to 2-300 dollars per person, for the majority of the audience to be there just to see us speak for 1-3 hours, and for us to come away from the whole thing with an average of 1500 dollars by the time our airfare and hotel expenses were factored in.

Furthermore, we almost never saw a comprehensive breakdown of the expenses to gauge exactly how well the organizers did compared to us.

As a result, we didn’t do very many conferences because they simply were not that cost-effective. There has been a consistent emotional blockage around the sense of it not being fair, either — but we never stopped long enough to do anything to change that until now.

In this case, all  the conference fees will go directly into helping Divine Cosmos go to the next level — giving us the financial backing to afford to do more and more public events, by paying the down payments required to book rooms, and have the staff and logistics to make it all possible. 

More importantly, a story from our most recent event explains why it is so important for us to have an entire weekend all to ourselves, rather than sharing the stage with a variety of other speakers!


At this past weekend’s Expo, there were difficulties which I am sure we can learn from for next year if we decide to participate again. Sunday night’s lecture was booked into a small room that held about 80-100 people, and sold out well in advance. Not a single seat was left.

I participated in George Noory’s prophecy panel a few hours before my lecture, and there were about 500 people in the room. The entire audience roared with excitement when I was introduced — it was quite a surprise! I had the strongest response of any guest on either of the panels.

There was real shock in the audience when I had to openly apologize to all of them that my room had already sold out: if you hadn’t already bought tickets, you weren’t going to get in. Thus they came to be known as the “Golden Tickets”. We could have easily doubled or tripled the size of our audience if we had been given enough space, which was disappointing.

About 20 minutes in, a twitching, highly agitated-looking man — tall, stocky, Latino features, long wavy hair and a beard, with a leather hat and a leather jacket with long tassels hanging off the sleeves — broke into the event. At first he walked right up near the panel, looking like he was tweaked out on some kind of drugs. He then went off to the left.

Less than ten minutes after he arrived, he interrupted Sean David Morton and began yelling and cursing at the entire audience, accusing everyone there of being “f-king racists” and “f-ing egomaniacs.” I’ve never seen anything like it at any  conference before. George Noory bravely intervened, attempting to be diplomatic, and the man verbally attacked him directly from the audience, with lots of profanity and extreme yelling.

George told him he would have time to ask a question when we got to the audience participation phase. Indeed, after two burly men from the audience approached him, he quieted down, moved to the back, and was allowed to stay in the room for a half-hour after his initial violent outburst and argument with George.

Most audience members probably thought he had left the room by this point, but everyone on the panel certainly knew he was still there… he was glaring at us with murderous intensity.

At least one audience member turned a video camera on this man and filmed him as he went off in his initial phase. If you are that person, and you have the videotape, please let us know, as it is a valuable historic document of what occurred there — and we might use it.

Strangely, I had written a scene just like this in my version of the CONVERGENCE film script, but up until now it had been a fictional story element. Not anymore!



As I said, the entire half-hour after his initial outburst, he stood in the back of the room, staring us down menacingly like Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver” — his chin tucked into his neck, eyes forward. I honestly did not know if he was armed or intended to do physical violence, but he looked like he was ready for anything, including his own death.

I was well aware of how the “morphic fields” biology pioneer Rupert Sheldrake was stabbed on stage from an audience participant at a conference last year, and had to be rushed to the emergency room as blood gushed out of his leg in a foot-high spurt before it was compressed. The participant was going for Sheldrake’s heart, but missed.

Suffice it to say I was not happy our friend was still in the room after doing far more than enough to be hauled out by security or police. He had effectively terrorized and offended our entire audience, not to mention making it all about him when everyone had paid fairly to hear the speakers, not his own outburst.

As per the ‘deal’ our interloper made with George, he was given the microphone ( ! ) and allowed to speak again, as the first participant when it came time for the audience to be able to ask questions.

After telling us with a stark, emotionless, low-pitched delivery that he was a Peruvian shaman, Atlantean priest and Pleaidian extraterrestrial, he again started cursing out the entire audience as being “completely f-ing lost in your mindless world of ego and material possessions” and “all f-ing racists.”

That’s about as much of it as I can remember, because it wasn’t particularly coherent. It was a sad irony that he would accuse this audience of such things, considering how high-minded everyone was… but such behavior is unacceptable in any public forum. I wondered if he was having a bad trip on some sort of psychedelic drugs, based on his behavior and attitude.

In all my life I’ve never seen anything like this before — and once it was clear he wasn’t going to be polite or ask a question, he was escorted out of the building by the same two burly men from the audience who originally ushered him towards the back. Eyewitness reports say he remained quiet while they marched him out until he was actually thrown out the front door of the hotel, whereupon he began screaming again.

Before his final audience outburst, he ended up standing next to one of my closest supporters, who has been to multiple conferences of mine, including cruises and tours.

He kept trying to engage her as he stood there, and she was praying for all of us that he wouldn’t freak out or go violent — actively trying to use the science she learned in my lectures to keep herself calm, and thereby generate a field that would reduce his likelihood of physical violence. She was afraid she would be assaulted if she tried to move away from him. 

Strangely, just as he was escorted out of the room, an unusually large brown spider fell off of his clothes onto her shirt — further underlining the metaphysical weirdness of the whole event!

I am very glad nothing occurred, but this event now insures that we will have to keep security on standby at any future events I do that are open to the general public, as this should not have happened.

We are very, very fortunate this man was not armed or physically violent. It underlines the real jeopardy involved in being a public figure on such controversial subject matter as this, and it again shows why attacking emails are never answered. 

The crowd was fourth-density in its basic orientation — the open heart, but often lacking in wisdom. All it would have taken is one person to use their phone to call the police, call security or alert the front desk, and we could have avoided something that may have become much, much worse than it turned out to be. 

I saw this as an interesting mirror of how the negative elite have gotten away with it. Here you have one guy, in a room with 500 people, saying and doing whatever he wanted to terrorize and demean the rest of us… and no one did anything to stop him!

I was very tempted to say “someone call security” from the stage, but in so doing I may have attracted his attention enough that I would have been assaulted. It really was a crazy situation and we are very fortunate that there was no violence. Other than the Sheldrake incident I’ve never even heard of something like this happening at a conference before.



Soon after the panel ended (and I can’t say I was sad to see it go,) a lot of people were disappointed because they thought they could make it into my private lecture without ordering in advance.

They had specifically come out to see me, as their uproarious cheers revealed. And they could not stick around for my talk on Monday, as their travel plans required them to get home Sunday night.

We had an enormous scene develop outside the room I was then scheduled to lecture in. The hall was jam-packed with people who still were hoping to get in by some miracle. Unfortunately, they all had to be sorted through, to determine who actually had tickets — and the rest of the mob had to be turned away!

This in turn created such a delay that we started a half-hour late — and although I was told I could keep the room as late as I wanted, I was also  scheduled to speak on a free 2012 panel at 8PM. Hence, we really didn’t use any of the extra time we could have had, as our scheduled end-time was 7:30 and we started a half-hour late.

Thankfully, I had deliberately scheduled a smaller-sized talk, and got through all my slides in time. Everyone was very impressed with it. I managed to work in an array of new data after auditing the last two years of my private journals for anything I had grabbed but had not yet used in my other talks, and I definitely found some great stuff.

In the comments section, Troy Bogert just reminded me of another crazy event I had completely forgotten about. Halfway through my lecture, one of the staff-only doors on my left opened up, and a man emerged.

He was wearing a leather cowboy hat, several layers of clothes including a vest and a colorful tie-dye sweater, and was all sweaty and out of breath. He obviously had not paid to get in, and there was no place left to sit, but that didn’t stop him.

Then, to my amazement, he began taking his clothes off, stripping down to his undershirt, right in front of everyone! Once he got comfortable in his impromptu changing room, he made a few audible grunts, probably decided we were all nuts, and blatantly walked in front of the stage to loudly exit from the opposite side of where he came in from.

I joked about this after he left, saying something to the effect of “Make yourself at home,” and the audience roared with laughter. I spared him the embarrassment of saying anything until he was gone, and after what I’d just endured in the panel, I was not keen on any more unwelcome surprises. What a weekend!

That was Sunday.



On Monday, my participants paid 75 dollars apiece for a three-hour lecture, which was supposed to run from 1-4PM. Zecharia Sitchin, whose work I completely respect, didn’t stop speaking until 1:07 pm, while our large audience milled around in the halls outside waiting.

We ultimately were forced to start a half-hour late — through no fault of our own — due to a projector cable with a bad pin, which would have made our presentation appear almost entirely purple. I stayed perfectly calm in the midst of all of this and never got upset, which audience members told me was an inspiration.

I insisted that 75 dollars was too much for people to pay to have to put up with an oversaturated purple screen, but in the process of figuring out what was wrong and then waiting for a replacement cable, we lost another 20 minutes’ worth of time on top of the 10 it had taken us to get Sitchin and his people to clear the room.

Once we were underway, I asked the audience how many of them could stay late if they wanted to. This developed into an open-air discussion with conference organizers who told us we would have to clear the room by 3:30, even though Sitchin had been allowed to run over.

When I said we all paid fairly, and shouldn’t have to be penalized for the other event running late, the audience cheered — but a compromise ended up being made nonetheless.

We were moved to an adjoining room at 3:22 PM to make way for David Icke, the next speaker. It was a blessing in the sense that we were given extra time to speak, but unfortunately no AV equipment was set up in the adjoining room, and it was not heated. Audio setup problems further delayed our start time by 22 additional  minutes.

I was ultimately the one who discovered that the speaker wire was plugged into LINE OUT on the back of the speaker system, rather than any of the IN jacks… hence no sound was coming through!

Unfortunately, nearly half of our chilly audience still had to leave at 4PM, either for a flight or because they had booked time with “Master Gu,” another speaker who began at 4PM.

Master Gu’s talk was ultimately delayed to 4:15 so I could create a natural ending for those people who had to leave — but it wasn’t enough time to include them in the group meditation / chanting experience I like to do at the end of every talk, which I found disappointing. I had to wear my jacket in order to focus enough to do the meditation, and some audience members wanted me to break for them to get jackets… but we didn’t have enough time for that.

Hence, this whole experience proved to me why it’s so important to produce our own events. I was honored to do the Conscious Life Expo, and it is a marvelous gathering of a very large community. I will probably do it again because of what it represents… and we need to take into account the fact that I even out-sold Marianne Williamson, who was advertised as being the biggest draw. 



We booked this event in New York to make it easier for you to arrive here if you’re coming in from Europe. We have no plans for overseas conferences until at least next year.

The New York Convergence  is also significantly less expensive than our cruises or week-long intensives, where meals, lodging and reduced speaker fees may all be included in the base rate, depending upon the event.

The next week-long intensive is strictly limited to a small group of 30 people. Our group will take over a gorgeous mountain chateau in the Canadian Rockies for eight days, beginning June 15th. Each participant will get one-on-one time with me in a resort vacation environment, with daily activities, and be part of a very special shared group experience.

Activities include many breathtaking mountain sights — Athabasca Glacier, Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, et cetera; gorgeous lakes such as Lake Louise, which our chateau directly faces; a Native American sweat lodge ceremony, an original Wilhelm Reich torsion-field-generating “orgone box” at the mountain resort we’re staying in, and lots of great lecture material from me, comparable in scope to a weekend intensive plus additional time for audience questions and interaction.



I keep my speaker fees really low on these events to tip them as close to the ‘affordable’ side as we can, and I had a wonderful time with everyone on our last cruise. If you are interested in this, you can contact Kevin Fitzgerald at [email protected]  to get a flyer emailed to you or call him at 805-587-7734 if you’re serious about it. He’s a very nice guy and we never try to ‘push’ anyone into making a decision.

Kevin is also producing a week-long Hawaii event we will have in the first week of November, where we stay in one place, at one hotel, so we have time to enjoy ourselves and feel the vibes without traveling to many different destinations — and that event will be a larger crowd. A group the size of 30 people may never happen again, given the ever-increasing demand we’re seeing.

The New York Convergence, by comparison, is the first of a series of events that give you an ‘intensive’ lecture experience in less time, and at significantly lower cost — but with no sacrifices made in the quality or depth of the information presented. I have yet to see anyone attend one of my events and not be completely blown away by what they experienced.



In the meantime, we can create a similar experience for you in the comfort of your own home, free of charge, by giving you these free MP3 links to all three hours of my recent show with Rayelan Allan and Dr. Robin Falkov on Rumor Mill News Radio.

This was another truly groundbreaking program, which many people have said sounded as if it were all planned out by us in advance.

I can assure you, what unfolds here was completely spontaneous… despite how well-organized it comes across. This is definitely one of the most comprehensive, all-inclusive and far-reaching radio shows I’ve ever done, based on the variety, volume and complexity of the material, and the ease with which I weave it all together.

If you like what you’ve heard so far on this site, you’re undoubtedly going to love this one: 



I am also happy to present you with the pictures of the duck-hen creature I refer to on the show.

These hybrids are created by zapping a duck with low-level, non-lethal microwaves from a 3Ghz electrostatic generator (not too much more than your 2.8Ghz cordless phones!), then redirecting that energy towards a pregnant hen in an adjacent room.

The hen’s eggs hatch into these creatures, which have an unusually long neck, much more like a duck; longer beaks, larger internal body cavities and webbing in between their toes — which again is completely unlike the typical naked toes of a chicken: 





Of course, this is not your typical DNA science. Inevitably, someone in the comments section has already blasted us for promoting animal cruelty, which we are not. This is an experiment that completely turns everything we know about biology on its end.

The point here is that whether you like the setup of the experiment or not, the DNA of the duck was proven to have been converted into a beam of pure energy. That information/wave alone was sufficient to re-arrange the DNA of the chicken embryos as they grew in the womb — as if the DNA were a jigsaw puzzle with more than one solution!


[UPDATE 2/22: Unfortunately, someone sent us these pictures without ANY link as to where they came from. We trusted this person that these were, in fact, photographs of Kanchzhen’s actual experiment. Now we find out that we were misled, which is very disappointing. Likely the person sending us these images also did not realize they were of a mutated chicken, and not from Kanchzhen’s experiment at all.

Here is the link to where these pictures actually came from:

Here is the third and final picture this person sent us, from the article they found but did not remember the link to. Further research has concluded that this picture IS an authentic reproduction from Kanchzhen’s experiment:




Here is a link to an excerpt on Rex Research that links direclty back to a writeup of Kanchzhen’s research. It appears to have been translated electronically from Russian, hence it’s not that readable, but you can definitely get the point.

You can read the excerpt, from the first link, and click on the second link to download a .doc file that contains all the data besides just Kanchzhen’s work. The picture in the .doc file, while much smaller in size, matches the version we have now posted here:


Tszyan Kanchgen has lead a series of experiments, which have shown an opportunity of direct transfer of the information from one biological object to another by radio waves [45]. Tszyan Kanchgen has created installation [46], including hollow correct of polyhedron and hollow cones located on its sides. The biological object which is carrying out influence is located in a cavity of polyhedron, its the radiations amplify and are transferred to other alive object by microwaves.

In experiments with cereal cultures Tszyan Kanchgen placed in the installation green weight of wheat and influenced by radio waves on germinate sabadillas of corn. The “processed” corn had set of lateral stalks. On the place of panicle the original ears with grains similar and on corn, and on wheaten (fig. 26) were formed. The acquired new qualities were steadily transferred to the subsequent generations.

Fig. 26. Results of experiments of Tszyan Kanchgen [45].

Using a similar technique Tszyan Kanchgen carried out experiences above animals. He placed in installation a duck and irradiated 500 chicken eggs. 480 chickens were hatched, at which on the clutches have appeared the membranes (fig. 26?), have changed arrangement of the eyes and there was flat duck  form of the head [45].

Tszyan Kanchgen considers, that at influence of young organisms on old it is possible to rehabilitate the DNA of last and thus to rejuvenate them. The experiences on old mice were carried out. Them influenced by radiation of young sprouts of plants and germs of animals. In result at mice the reactions, mobility, appetite were improved. At some the sexual functions and ability to duplication were restored. At the most part of experimental group the life expectancy has grown for 1,5 years in comparison with control [45].


Here is another writeup we found which gives a lot more information. In this case you have to use another spelling of his name — Dzang Kangeng — to get more data from search engines. The pictures linked to in this article are identical to the ones we found with Korean subtitles above (emphasis added):

A novel approach to cancer, viruses, and other genetic diseases is presented in the paper by P.P. Gariaev et al. [12] Although the paper makes a lot of assumptions that skeptics might find unreasonable, it references very interesting experimental data.

The main idea of the paper is based on research of a Chinese scientist Dzang Kangeng, who began suspecting the matter-wave duality of DNA as early as 1960s. A doctor by training, but a physics enthusiast at heart, Dzang Kangeng created a device that would shine specially polarized light through “donor ” tissue into the “acceptor ” tissue. More specifically, Kangeng‘s device split the electromagnetic radiation of a super high-frequency (SHF) electromagnetic field generator into two orthogonally-polarized beams, which repeatedly were passing through a donor biosystem and an accepting biosystem. [12]

During numerous repeated passes through an optically-active (an electromagnetic wave polarization rotating plane) hetero-liquid-crystalline donor biosystem, the organism‘s tissues modulate the radiation…by polarization, which is strengthened owing to repeated passes and is repeatedly and over a long time delivered to the accepting biosystem. In this process, the generator electromagnetic field “stores ” the donor biosystem gene-sign polarization modulations in its “memory ” then resonantly interacts with gene-sign polarization distribution of the accepting biosystem electromagnetic field. ”

Although the theoretical proof of method can be daunting, the evidence presented by Dzang Kangeng‘s experiments was extraordinary. P.P.Gariaev‘s paper [12] discusses an experiment where 500 hen eggs were irradiated with “bioelectromagnetic ” field of a duck. [12, 13] Of the 480 eggs that hatched, 25% had webbed feet (Fig.1), 80% had duck-like flattened heads (Fig.2), and 90% had different placement of the eyes on the head.





Furthermore, “[h]ybrid chickens of hens had typical features of a duck – a flat beak, an elongated neck, larger internal organs (heart, liver, stomach and bowels). … The second generation of the hen-duck hybrids retained all changes, which were obtained in the first generation, even without further re-radiation. ” [12] This evidence was taken to indicate that the light was able to carry information from donor to acceptor and induced changes in birds‘ genome. Additionally, similar experiments were performed using plant seeds and other animals.

Currently, there are no patents similar to that of Dzang Kangeng anywhere in U.S. or Europe either for historical reasons [1] or due to scientific difficulties [2]. Although the information presented cannot be regarded without a certain degree of skepticism, nevertheless, it might be reasonable to investigate a construction of device similar to that of Dzang Kangeng [14] or to the one constructed by the research group of P.P.Gariaev [15] with an intention of adapting the device for irradiation of liver in order to treat chronic HCV.

[1] Dzang Kangeng was persecuted by the Chinese government for attempting to conduct experiments that could turn communists into capitalists. He was removed from his lab and put in jail. Years later he was able to escape to USSR and, finally, patent his invention in 1992. It should also be noted, that electronic versions of patents in Russia are only available from 1994.

[2] Only a limited number of scientists worldwide were able to access the information about the invention – invention was never published or translated into any other language. Gariaev and his research group were able to organize Wave Genetics Inc. in Toronto, Canada, and reproduce Dzang Kangeng‘s results in relation to rats.  However, Gariaev himself states that “[u]nfortunately, there‘s no theoretical interpretation of the [Dzang Kangeng‘s] device operation principles. ”


This underlines the importance of getting in touch with Kanchzhen and getting more serious documentation on this uniquely valuable experiment.

The actual photographs — now that we tracked them down — are much more like what we would expect as a hybrid between a duck and a chicken than the color photos. The shape of the head is far more like a duck than a chicken, and of course you have the webbing between the toes as well. It pays to go the extra mile when it comes to this kind of research!]



This is how Nature naturally reprograms our DNA at times of mass evolution, such as what we are now experiencing worldwide. Hence you see increases in solar activity, which also increase the sun’s radiation output as well. It’s all part of a natural process we’re going through — and for the first time, we now have the pictures to back up what we’ve been saying about this experiment for so many years!

We referred to this experiment in the Science of Peace project I did with my Grammy-winning partner Larry Seyer. It wasn’t until very recently that we finally acquired these pictures — proving that DNA is an energy wave that can be remotely transferred from one species to another while it is in the crucial formative stages of development.



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