Sunday 11 / 30 / 08

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It’s been quite a wild time on the planet lately. We’re all dealing with various issues and challenges in our own ways. The economy has obviously become a major part of everyone’s focus — and recently, this headline on the Drudge Report mirrored something I’ve been seeing — and getting prophetically — ever since the late 1990s:



There’s never been a situation like this before in any known American history. The scope of the greed and financial corruption that has reigned for so long is only now being realized. Obviously, the removal of federal regulatory standards over the markets by the Bush Administration has a lot to do with where we are now:




Even more ominously, the bailouts that have been implemented have struck people as little more than an elaborate, last-minute form of “corporate welfare” for the elite CEOs of the world, insuring they will still have their golden parachutes:




As I’ve said before, I do believe that Obama’s election victory has shifted the timelines away from a breakup and disintegration of the United States, which I feel would have been all but inevitable had McCain / Palin won the election. I discuss some of my perspectives on this in the free MP3 you’re about to hear below. 

More and more, the childishness and ridiculousness of the greed on display by the wealthy elite is becoming obvious. On one level it angers most people, but on another level it starts to look so juvenile that no one in the public is going to accept any less than a complete reorganization of our system.

This little note from a fifth grader is not too far removed from the mentality that people are now seeing is permeating the world elite — hence its immediate popularity a few days ago on 




Why this junior t@rrorist singled out Germans, Gays, Liberace, Michael Jackson and Fifth Grade as his major obstacles to world domination we’re not entirely sure, but his campaign platform does carry a curious subconscious resonance with recent history. 

It’s also important to take over Microsoft BEFORE you tackle the fifth grade. That’s a tough year.

Only after accomplishing all these tasks — in order — can you reach the Eleventh Step, and truly get away with calling yourself an Evil Dictator. 



If you are paying attention and opening your heart during these times, you will see more and more abundance and fulfillment in your life — even as the disturbing events continue happening. Massive numbers of people are finally starting to see the truth, and be able to accept it. This whole economic meltdown is the final proof that the system we’ve all been living in has been a gigantic pyramid of lies.



Now, the conspirators are trying to duck and cover, hoping they won’t be caught in the very traps they set up for themselves — but the ongoing changes will ensure no one slips through the net. Karma is very real — all part of the elaborate, staged illusion we live and interact with in this world.

One of the greatest spiritual weak-points of the negative elite is their failure to understand that they live in a highly structured reality — in which all things you measure out to others will be measured back to you. I have had an ongoing variety of very poignant personal synchronicities and messages showing me that a massive reckoning is just around the corner for many of the world’s worst offenders.

Of course, they’re going to screech and holler as their balances come due to be repaid — physically and karmically speaking — but it’s important to remember that most of the carnage will occur within the ranks of the elite themselves, as these various negative factions destroy each other. The infrastructure, and the wealth of the common person, will not be adversely affected.

We will all sustain some losses, as we already have, but this is actually a time for celebration. I have been told about this economic breakdown and restructuring event ever since my contact started in 1996. In some readings, a real sense of disappointment was verbalized that it would not happen any earlier — due to the incredibly transformative power that the event would have on our society once it finally did come to pass.



With the advent of free online streaming video services like YouTube and Google Video, the playing field has been completely cleared for a truly democratic sharing of content. I am happy to report that we now have documented proof that our 2012 Enigma video has been topping out on Google’s main video pages as of this past week!

Arguably, much of this publicity has been generated by the trailer for 2012: The Movie,  which presents a typical doom-and-gloom scenario for the Mayan Calendar end-date, suggesting a global apocalypse.

Cloaked in the ominous textures of dramatic musical swells, the trailer shows a Tibetan monk repeatedly sounding a gong, only to be overtaken by a tsunami sweeping over the Himalayas. This same trailer boldly proclaims that “the government” would not tell anyone if they knew this was going to happen… and more and more people now realize this is absolutely true. 

The important part, as far as we are concerned, is at the end of the trailer, where it simply says “Google 2012.” Talk about an incredible burst of free publicity!

Due to how many people have cloned and copied our video (which, in truth, is not such a good thing — they are stealing copyrighted content in the hopes of diverting people back to their own websites) there are 432 different copies of 2012 Enigma floating around out there, as of this time: 



I saw this as an amusing synchronicity, as 432 is a very important number in Biblical / Gematrian numerology. Its word meaning is “Consecration” — the sacred creation of a new beginning. I wasn’t sure what exactly was being consecrated when I first saw this ‘numerical synchronicity,’ but now that the video has suddenly exploded in popularity, the meaning has become crystal clear!

Since people would rather watch a film than read anything, the new 2012 movie trailer is causing them to find our 2012 Enigma video in mass numbers, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. And this is not likely to suddenly disappear — it’s only going to gain more and more momentum as we head forward. 

As a result of this new and unexpected burst of publicity, our email has again hit an even higher level of traffic than ever before. And once people see the video, they usually are quite dazzled by it and tell their friends, who in turn tell THEIR friends.

Critics, on the other hand, punch in the typical profane, disrespectful comments you see on every YouTube video these days, no matter how good the video might be. This is of no concern, as there is a whole subculture of young people out there who get off on insulting and criticizing others, and writing free online video comments has become one of the main outlets for their adolescent angst.

At least they’ve gotten fifth grade out of the way. Now where exactly is Liberace? 



In my last radio show I put out a call for you to catch pictures of our video topping the charts on Google, because I don’t have the time or the energy to try to capture these moments myself. And you delivered!

Here’s the first screenshot someone sent in after seeing our video top out on Google’s Most Shared list this past week:




This next image is even more powerful, as it shows that as of Thanksgiving Day, Google listed us as the third hottest video out of everything in their entire collection, worldwide! This was truly astonishing to witness, and we definitely give thanks.

One of the only videos that beat us, as you can see here, was a how-to instructional on carving a turkey.

You will also notice that this listener happens to really, really like keeping tabs open on his desktop. How that computer keeps its head above water eludes us at this time — it must be a monster system!




Of course, moments like these are constantly fluctuating. Our video could be there one hour and gone the next… but the point is that this phenomenon is continuing to happen, and we will gladly accept the bronze medal for Thanksgiving Day.

We have seen evidence suggesting that other UFO / conspiracy videos have been deliberately censored and buried by Google in the past, so it is not inconceivable that they are doing this to 2012 Enigma as well. 

For that same reason, unless and until we start getting a fair reception and can hold these top positions, please take a screen capture of the event as soon as you witness something like this — and send it in. We definitely want to keep a record of this phenomenon, as we certainly did not expect to become so popular!



The orignal pre-YouTube-compression versions of 2012 Enigma — divided into 10-minute segments — can be found in our ‘Readings’ MP3 audio archive (containing radio shows and other content not found elsewhere on this site), available from the Online Store here at They run about 45-48 megabytes apiece.

This is the highest quality of the video we plan to offer, and now you can download the .mp4 files, burn them to CD or DVD and play them at your leisure.

Despite one recent heckler who wrote in and said the quality of the YouTube videos was “pathetic bull$hit,” (due in part to people making copies of copies and re-posting it, with even more YouTube compression fouling it up on each pass,) the original source videos of the conference were not that great to begin with — so there is no sense in making any higher-quality version than what we have already released.

Remember — YouTube automatically compresses every video you upload, so you’re not doing anyone any favors by re-uploading our videos. GooTube (remember, Google owns ’em now) gets yet another chance to ‘de-res’ the quality of the video. 

For this same reason, if you follow our links to the the original copies, they will look a lot better than you might have seen on a random search. 



There has been a lot of synchronicity happening in my life recently, particularly around the election, as I wrote in a recent David’s Blog entry here on I was delighted to see Obama pull ahead by 333 electoral votes to victory, and watch that number stay in place the entire time McCain gave his concession speech. 

While I was editing together this latest podcast / radio show / audio blog for your listening pleasure, I had another one of those marvelous numerical synchronicities. In this case, as a gesture of respect to the listener, I spent more time tweaking the audio than I normally would, getting rid of small background noises and such to enhance the overall quality.

At one point I made a cut to the length of the entire show, at about eight minutes into the whole thing. The audio was playing as I made the cut, and in the show I was talking about the positive changes I see the Obama administration bringing to this planet.

Right as my voice was talking about my belief in the positive effects that Obama’s victory will bring, I made that little cut… and to my amazement, the exact length of the entire file spontaneously shifted to 1:11:11:11! That’s right — the entire file was now one hour, eleven minutes, eleven seconds, and eleven hundredths of a second long!




Of course, this duration became shorter as time went on, eventually weighing in at about 1:08, or 68 minutes in length. Nonetheless, I grabbed a picture of it as soon as it first happened!

The precision involved in getting me to make this cut so accurately — down to one sixtieth of one second  — is astonishing, particularly in light of the positive election message it was intended to highlight in my talk. Suffice it to say I am “well calibrated” for synchronicity! 

This is yet another example of the really cool things that are occurring all around you if you choose to pay attention to them. It is far from an isolated example, and of course I had no conscious control over this — it was another guided event. Of course, my surprise is not reflected in the audio itself, as by this point I had already finished recording and had moved into post-production.

People often ask me what these numbers mean. The point, as always, is to focus on whatever thought was running through your mind right before it happened. The numbers give you a flag in time and space, telling you that this particular thought you were just having is of importance.  



It’s not always numbers, either — sometimes it can be a lot more blatant than that.

As a personal example, I have been away from home a vast majority of the time since I’ve been working on our Wanderer Awakening musical project. The house I’m renting has a guest house attached to it over the garage.

The guy renting the guest house has a tendency to ignore the garbage, knowing that if he waits long enough, either my housemate or I will bring it down the hill to the curb.

When I left for a recent trip, both the garbage and the recycling bin were full to the bursting-over point, creating a truly unsanitary situation. I felt it was time for our friend in the guest house to realize that he lives here too, and he can’t expect everyone else to do all the work for him. 

I then came back from one of my most recent trips at the exact same time that my housemate did. I did not know what had become of the garbage situation yet. 

I went up into his room to talk, and looked out the window. Lo and behold, the garbage and recycling bins had been completely moved out of their normal position, which was a clear sign that our friend in the guest house finally had gotten the message:




At the same time, it was also frustrating, because he had recently complained about our leaving a night-light on that obstructed his view of the night stars. Now he was leaving the trash in an entirely different location that forced us to look at it from every window on that entire half of the house. There was no discussion — he just went ahead and did it.

This felt confrontational to me and I was disappointed by it. I made some comment about this, indicating my frustration, to my housemate while I was standing there in his room. Here I was making it into a big deal, and his response was elegant and simple: “If you don’t like where they are, just go out and move them. I hardly think he’s going to care one way or the other.”

No sooner did he say this but what I looked on the countertop directly in front of the window where I was seeing the two cans — and this is what I saw:




Much to my amazement, my housemate — who isn’t really ‘into’ the kind of work I do and doesn’t follow this website — had “just so happened” to stack two magazines on top of each other, “at random.” 

This ‘random’ stacking created quite an incredible message. The two titles together clearly read “Science of Peace” — the name of our most-revered and loved product on this site, and the main source of income that keeps us alive! Here’s a closer view: 




I realized right away how this message must have been constructed. My housemate stacked the magazine that said “Peace” on it directly on top of another magazine issued by Science of Mind.

With his permission, I rushed to get a camera and photographed each stage of this synchronicity, as you see here, and finally ended it by pulling the two magazines apart so you can see how it actually happened:




This was truly amazing. The timing showed up at the exact moment that my housemate got me to see there was no reason to turn this very small issue into a major psychological conflict. We all have a tendency to overinflate the significance of small little things, and they can quickly escalate into giant wars.

The Science of Peace is in the art of not taking things personally, maintaining a calm and equilibrium within yourself, and healing the mental and emotional issues that would make you feel as if the Creator has abandoned you.

By realizing and accepting that you have never been alone, never been abandoned, you can reclaim your true birthright as a fully-realized co-Creator with the Universe — and that can alleviate any and all struggle from your mind.

I am happy that The Science of Peace ends in a beautiful meditation that helps you do this valuable work… and thus I will share a link to where you can hear some free MP3s and check it out for yourself if you are interested:



Some of our Science of Peace meditation music is featured in this latest free MP3 you’re about to download at the end of this article as well.

Again, you can’t make something like this up. I have never been a liar and this is so strange I would have never thought something like this would even happen. That’s the magic of synchronicity — if you bother to pay attention and see the significance, it can become quite a dazzling phenomenon. 



As I discuss in the free MP3 you’re about to hear, this has been a time for the opening of my heart on many levels. The Science of Peace synchronicity you just read about is one of many examples of how I’m trying to move into a space where I am less stressed, less frustrated and more peaceful.

It takes a lot of work to satisfy everyone’s demands for new updates, while pursuing all my other initiatives at the same time!

Just last night I went to visit a friend, and as I say in the radio show, during this time I went to a Whole Foods and was spotted by someone who recognized me and was delighted to meet me in person. No photographs were taken but he was very surprised to see me there, directly behind him in the checkout line.

I have been on a completely non-sweet diet, and this was one case where we bought a small amount of organic raw chocolate so I could have a brief little respite. It was a little gesture of sweetness for the self and was just one part of a great night of healing and renewing conversation.

Without any conscious planning or foresight, I nailed a “Quad” at the exact moment I pulled into my driveway and made it home after this wonderful evening — driving some 40 minutes in each direction, with no diversions from a straight point-A-to-point-B drive.

I hadn’t even looked at the odometer prior to this point, and yet there it was… in this case, a bank of four sixes:




The six is not, in and of itself, an evil or ‘bad’ number. It simply represents masculine energy. So, I saw the 76666 as a clear symbol that I am finally achieving many of the goals I’ve been working on for so many years.

I had almost forgotten about this until I had the 1:11:11:11 synchronicity today while I was doing the audio blog. I grabbed my old video camera, which also has a still-image memory stick camera inside of it, and went outside to the car.

I took both of these pictures before the sun set, so you could clearly see how the odometer had indeed landed at 76666:




And that was still not the end of it! No sooner did I get out of the car but what I looked at the LCD display on the camera, telling me how many minutes of battery life the camera had left on its charge. Much to my amazement, it was showing precisely 444 minutes!

Now I had a problem… how do I photograph my own camera? I rushed into the house and ended up using a Logitech video camera for the laptop to photograph this event. I didn’t know if the 444 would drop down to 443 as the battery dissipated, so I had to move quickly… but I did catch it in time, as you see here!





Again, all of this happened after I’d already recorded the audio — and it brings back memories of the early days when my intuitive contact really first started. And that’s the focus of the audio you’re about to hear.



All these synchronicities I’ve just shared with you represent one way in which your Higher Self can contact and communicate with you, sharing meaningful information. You can also use meditation, Tarot cards, dreams and even a variation of remote viewing to get sentences that come through.

I discuss each of these methods, and how to use them, in this free MP3. I recorded my voice in an acoustically ‘dead’ space (basically with my head shoved into a closet filled with pants and sweaters) to increase the quality of the recording, and you can really tell the difference.

I also encoded it at 96K to further enhance the quality and not lose all the “S” sounds in my voice, as happens at lower frequencies.

This is still nowhere near the quality of The Science of Peace series, of course… the basic series is at 128K and we now have also released a high-definition version at a CD-quality 320K, which brings out more of the high end and gives a crisper, cleaner, more vibrant sound. We have made it as affordable as possible and you can definitely feel the difference when you listen to it, even though both versions are excellent.

Anyway, I kept this broadcast to CD length so you can burn this to a CD for your listening pleasure… and as always, I thank you for your ongoing support and friendship!



I almost forgot to mention a very important point. The production value of 2012 Enigma is OK, but it certainly could be a lot better. That’s why I made a substantial investment with a top-of-the-line MacBook Professional and a copy of Final Cut Studio 2.

I want the sequel to 2012 Enigma — which will also be a free video — to be another epic increase in production value above what I’ve already done. There is some very, very strong material I have not yet released, except at conferences, that will go into this video — and it’s sure to be a major hit on YouTube and Google Video, easily surpassing anything we’ve accomplished with 2012 Enigma thus far.

As I’ve said before, Final Cut Studio 2 is a super-high-end Mac-only video-editing platform that gives you the ability to use the same tools as the pros do for television and film. There are all sorts of amazing production effects you can get out of this software, without much effort, once you know what you’re doing.

The problem, of course, is that there’s a huge learning curve involved, with about five inches’ worth of books to wade through. I’ve now gotten entirely through the first volume in just five days’ time, so I’m making rapid progress — and I also have someone who can help me learn the ropes when I have the time to meet with them, which will probably be in January.

However, there is still one area missing for the best videos to be made — and that’s 3D computer animation. I have decided to spend the money I just earned from the cruise and the Phoenix conference and invest in the ‘complete’ version of Maya, which is the most widely-used CG animation software for filmmakers.



Of course, everyone says you have to work at it for a year to get good at it, but I can process learning curves a lot faster than most people. Nonetheless, I already know that nothing beats hands-on training… so I will repeat what I say at the end of this audio blog.

If you have experience with Maya and live in the LA area, and are willing to help train me on this software, please let me know. Again, it wouldn’t be any earlier than January before I could even think about accepting the offer, but it will definitely happen.

On a wider level, there are a variety of CG shots that would really make the sequel to 2012 Enigma be a completely stunning, once-in-a-lifetime experience for people to watch. Therefore, if you have experience in generating 3D animation, particularly photo-realistic animation, please contact me.

2D artists and illustrators are also welcome, as we do not want any copyright issues with any of the images that will be featured in the video. That way, if we ever did decide to shoot for distribution, or featuring it as an extra bonus on the CONVERGENCE DVD, we wouldn’t have any legal issues. 

I am assembling a volunteer visual-effects corps of talented people who will then take on various assignments depending on what we need for the video. I will probably have a friend acting as the coordinator of this team, but of course any work you do will be credited in the video, with a link to your own website.

There is also a possibility, though by no means a certainty, that we may be able to hire you on for post-production of CONVERGENCE once the time comes, if we like your work.

We have strength in numbers, and part of my ‘opening of the heart’ experience has been realizing that I am not alone — you are out there and you have said you want to help however you can. These skills can make our next video compete with the most high-end productions out there, and your 72 virgins are on standby in the heavenly worlds should you complete this noble task.



Lastly, here’s a photo from my most recent Phoenix conference, featuring John Dumas, who I did a Native American flute duet with during the first presentation.

In no way should the flutes in this photograph be seen as an illustration of the size, nor the strength, nor the girth of my musical prowess — nor those of my colleague, who is, shall we say, a more experienced and well-rounded player.




Enjoy the audio blog and we’ll see you back here soon! Leave a comment below, or join our free discussion forum with thousands of others of like mind so you can do your own networking!

And wouldn’t you know… just as I post this online and check to see that this link is working, I look at the clock… and it’s precisely 5:55 pm! Very cool. It happens all the time once you start paying attention!



Just after we published the above, we find out the pressure is already mounting on Obama to bring about a formal UFO disclosure. Fascinatingly enough, this pressure is coming, in part, from John Podesta and Gov. Bill Richardson — two likely members of Obama’s own cabinet:

This is exactly what we’ve been expecting — and to see it already appearing in the mainstream media is a very, very good sign. The fact that this is coming from within  the Obama cabinet itself is very exciting! They already know that nothing is going to happen without Congressional hearings, as the intelligence services themselves aren’t going to say a peep.

Along those same lines, here is your link to the “History’s Greatest Conspiracy Theories” I discussed on the last Myth or Logic radio show, for those of you who have been asking for it. This is as close to a transparent disclosure of the truth as we’ve ever seen in the mainstream media, blended in with some comedy for good measure:

In this list of ‘conspiracy theories’ you get the mainstream media essentially coming right out and telling you the truth about so many things that have now become common knowledge in the Internet media. The laughter curtain is the last barrier to cross before it becomes accepted truth!

And lastly… drum roll please… your latest free CD-length MP3, sharing my personal journey of making contact with my Higher Self in the hopes that you will apply yourself to the same task — and get real results! Enjoy it — and we’ll see you soon!