Tuesday 12 / 2 / 08

You can now go click on Google Video’s Most Viewed list for December 1st, 2008 and see our 2012 Enigma Movie with an incredible Number One ranking! (UPDATED)




This is truly a time for celebration. After 16 years documenting dreams every morning, 12 doing deep-trance readings and 10 years with a public presence on the Internet, we now have demonstrable proof of the breakway success of our 2012 Enigma movie! We’re Number One!!!

You can go directly into Google Video, go to the Most Viewed list, hit December 1st and lo and behold — 2012 Enigma shows up as the number one most-viewed video for that day!

Now that December 1st has come and gone, any change in this roster will be proof positive that insider Google manipulation is occurring. 



You may have to go in and look for it from the main Google Video page, as some people are saying we still appear in second place when you actually click on this above link rather than going in directly. 

Here’s our own local screen capture of this event, in case something should happen to the dedicated link: 



Strangely, earlier today we were only ranked as Number Two for December 1st — but they must have done an ‘election recount’ since then and that’s what got us the Gold! Here’s the original:






We originally were Number Two for today, December 2nd, as well. A watchful reader captured an image of our holding the number-2 position (OK, really not the best choice of words) on December 2nd. Here’s a direct link to a screenshot of that event:



The crazy part is that I just now went and combed through all 20 pages of Google’s Most Viewed list of videos for today, December 2nd — each of which have 10 links per page — and we have COMPLETELY disappeared… even though we have photographic proof that we were there just a few hours earlier!

Just to be clear: We are still there on December 1st — now the Number One video in the US for that day — but then as of December 2nd the video has completely disappeared!

Number One may have been too powerful of a statement and we were swatted down. There’s no way to be sure. The ‘recount’ moving us from second to first place was surprising enough as it is!

The Internet is so huge in scope that it is possible there is no foul play involved at all, but that still doesn’t explain how we went from second most-viewed in the US to non-existent, 20 pages deep into the Most Viewed list, the very same day. That would mean 200 other videos had to become more popular than 2012 Enigma — which is being seen by many, many people now — in just a matter of hours.

We are also consistently holding the second-to-top search position on Google Video if you just type in “2012” as the new movie trailer tells you to do — so this is not likely to stop anytime soon!



I am thrilled to report that our volunteer FX team is now 19 members strong and growing. Over 2/3rds of these team members are 3D animators — including artists in Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave and others — but we also have qualified, capable 2D illustrators as well. And I have indeed identified people in the LA area who can directly jump in and help train me on these software platforms, which is essential after I return in January.

There is still time for you to be involved if you have skills in any 3D animation platform or 2D illustrations. We want the next video to be completely free of any copyright snafus whatsoever, so there is no possible legal reason that it could ever be pulled off the Internet or censored in any way. It will very likely also be featured in the extras section of CONVERGENCE, particularly if we end up doing a Blu-Ray release. 

We’re gonna hit ’em right where it counts with the definitive statement on the science of 2012 — and time is of the essence because of the PR we’re getting from this upcoming movie release.

Remember — part of why I released 2012 Enigma was I considered it to be more or less a collection of ‘extras’ that I did not usually talk about in my other lectures. A lot of it is unprovable “fringe” material, like the black-ops whistleblower testimonies, but I nonetheless do believe it is all accurate.



I had assembled the various testimonies regarding the pineal gland over a long period of time and decided to release it all at once so as to ensure I could not be hurt for talking about it — and indeed nothing negative has ever happened other than some rhetoric from the occasional mean-spirited email attacker. 

The next video is going to feature a lot more hard science than we put into 2012 Enigma, and it should end up fundamentally reframing the entire debate about 2012 if we play our cards right!

For our own team members, the popularity of the video will also ensure that people will find out about you and your work, since every participant will get fully credited with a link to their website in the video. And, as we’ve said, if we like your work you may get hired on professionally for CONVERGENCE when it comes time for post-production. 

I will design the entire new film as a Power Point lecture first and then we’ll break it down into each illustration and CG animation we need.



The most critical sequence, for visualization purposes, will be an illustration of the expanding spheres of energy in the galaxy (the above graphic is only a rough approximation of what it should look like), then zooming in on our solar system, impacting the heliosphere, Sun and planets, and dramatizing the climate changes and hyperdimensional geometric features we see on each planet as we go through the list. 

In order to get a great-looking galaxy you have to be good at creating particle FX and long-range zooming animation — but all of this can be coordinated without much effort for those with experience. 

I am pretty clear on what I want this sequence to look like and can get a storyboard together. Another excellent visual would be to recreate balls of light over a wheat field and the crop formation forming around you “like the unfolding of a lady’s fan”. There are others but this will all be in the email I will send out to team members.

Each of you who have already emailed me will be contacted soon — at this point I’m about to head off to Austin to continue working on “Wanderer Awakening” as we now head into the home stretch.



I had been concerned about my co-producer Billy Blake’s reaction to the music because if he doesn’t like something, as has happened many times in the past, you get a completely candid, unedited response. I didn’t want him hearing any of it until it was all finished, but with my new “opening of the heart” process going on, I realized I didn’t feel threatened. 

I played him seven of the best songs and he was so blown away he ran out of euphemisms for words like “amazing,” “fantastic,” “unbelievable,” “brilliant”, “beautiful,” et cetera. I’m literally not kidding.

My favorite quote was when he said, “This reminds me of so many different great bands… Hall and Oates, Asia, the Eagles… it’s amazing!”

We’ve also heard people compare our sound to Richard Marx, Simply Red, Toto, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, the Beatles, et cetera.

Billy also said I have a “very distinctive voice that you can immediately recognize in every song once you’ve heard it — and it sounds great! Lots of character.”

Billy’s other great quote was this: “This is a game-changer, David. I didn’t know what to think. You were really excited about it but I had my doubts. Now I see exactly why you’ve been so into this project. This is gonna be huge! You’ll be able to do whatever you want with this music!” 

The mother and daughter from the flute picture heard a few tracks at my Phoenix conference, and said “You can now officially add “Rock Star” to your resume!”




Different people like different songs on the record. Billy’s two favorites were a melodic, sweet ballad called “Do You Really Love Me” and a rocker called “She Lies.” Many gravitate to “I’m On My Way,” which sounds like “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak coupled with Michael Jackson-sounding vocals, and then a Beatle-esque chorus.

Others that get consistently high marks are “Moonlight Shines”, “You Are the One” and “You Fly”… but those are only the ones that are finished enough to play for others privately as demos. We have a whopping 25 songs on this project — enough for three vintage albums of 8 songs each, back when your entire album was less than 45 minutes!

Sorry… we are not releasing any samples yet because we do not yet have album cover art, and none of the songs have received “final mix” status at this stage of the production. However, once we are ready we will make some of the best songs available for free streaming, here and on Myspace, Pandora and Last.fm, and a shorter collection of songs will be available for purchase on Itunes.

The full collection — which will be a much better way to support us than the pittance we’ll get from the Itunes sales — will be exclusively available on this website.

It looks like there will be a total of 50 pieces — 25 interludes and 25 songs — and the base product price for the two-CD-length journey, not including the extras, will be 39.99, less than a dollar per MP3 track. Any money we raise will immediately be re-invested into getting the word out through whatever means we can, as is always the case.

Larry and I had an interesting conversation last night regarding the fact that the vast majority of talent and engineers who were capable of creating the lush, gorgeous sounds of the best 70s and 80s albums have left the industry, penniless and disgusted. 

Lianda, the girl I’m hugging in the flute photo, was particularly surprised when she heard the songs and said “I didn’t even know people were still making music that sounded like this! It reminds me of all the stuff I’m looking through my mom’s CDs for — my favorite music!”

We chuckled on the phone about how if the music does as well as the video is starting to do, we may be able to shape the direction of the music industry — and all of a sudden they’re going to be desperately tracking down the people who can actually make music sound like this again!



This is a really heady time and I want to thank all of you for your involvement and support, bringing us to this valuable point!

Of course, the train has not yet left the station on our visual FX team. If you would like to volunteer your services, you will be given full credit in the new 2012 video, with a link to your website, and priority consideration for hiring decisions on CONVERGENCE if you work in a quality, timely fashion. Let us know!

Please see our previous articles in David’s Blog for recent audio and more detailed spiritual discussions… this is really just an announcement of our progress to keep you in the loop! 



We have a staff member moderate comments at the end of articles and I just realized we dropped the ball for the last 50 or so. Quite a bottleneck. All applicable comments will be approved in the next few minutes, so please keep writing and don’t think you were censored! 

At the same time, we do uphold the guidelines for posting as listed — keep the content relevant to the post, refrain from personal attacks and plugging your website or product, and relegate questions to the discussion forum. 

Thanks so much for your ongoing support! Without you we wouldn’t have attained this — so let’s all give ourselves a big round of applause!



As two people have now notified us, the Google page in question has a ‘region’ field on it, and when anyone in the US searches for the Most Viewed videos, their page automatically defaults to “United States.” If you break the default and set it to “All Countries & Regions,” it bursts with entries in all different foreign languages, and 2012 Enigma no longer dominates the list.

We have therefore altered this page to reflect that 2012 Enigma was the number-one Google movie in the United States  on December 1st, 2008.

Interpretations and hair-splitting aside, this is a tremendous achievement. After all, Google’s video searches encompass all  entries able to be viewed on YouTube, which in and of itself serves 100 million videos per day!

One in a hundred million  is certainly nothing to snuff at! We’ll take it.

This is just the beginning. We have 25-30 visual effects volunteers now on our team, ready to create a 2012 Enigma sequel that will change the world!