Friday 10 / 24 / 08

Panic again flooded the world markets today in a sharp sell-off. New evidence suggests this Sunday may define the new low — so it will slowly but surely go up from there.





In the midst of the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the world media, political and economic systems, I had a fantastic visionary adventure last night — and it sets the stage for what may be some much-needed good news about the economy. We’re all wondering exactly how bad it has to get for the needed changes to occur, and now we may have an answer. 

The obvious precursor to my visionary experience was that, in a moment of clarity, I realized I was completely free of any emotional charge over issues involving my ex-girlfriend, who is now married to someone else. I now felt I understood exactly why she said what she said, and did what she did, in our past together. I called her up for the first time in about three years, and we ended up having a marvelous conversation.

In the past I’d had a sense of regret over how things had ended, and the amount of pain I had to go through. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated also, and I had experienced some real difficulty in forgiving the past and letting it just be what it was.


I was aware I was blocked emotionally, and it had a lot to do with why I took a very long (four-plus-year) hiatus from relationships and turned anyone and everyone down who tried to get through to me. I felt that I needed to protect the work I do on this website, which you all get to enjoy, from the emotional upheavals that could occur in my personal life if I were in a relationship. 

I had already proven that I could let this site fall off for months, if not years at a time if I was in a funky emotional space… and in fact prior to February 2007, two years had gone by where I hardly wrote anything, and was very much involved in trying to heal my emotional body in private.



This act of forgiveness and peace-making was apparently significant enough for me, on my spiritual journey, that I had a sudden, unexpected surge of vital energy — as if I’d hit the next important benchmark in my progress.

That same night, as I was falling asleep, I went into what could best be described as a visionary experience. I was lying flat on my back, right at the point where I would have started dreaming, but I was still conscious.

In my mind’s eye there was a vanishing point in the distance, emanating white light. From that center, green shapes extruded into the lower-right center of my field of vision. Once they got close enough, I saw that they spelled out the word STILL.

The word stayed there for a good seven or eight seconds, fluctuating the whole time in shape with lots of rotational movement. Small 5-degree sections of circles, like little curved squares or rectangles, were orbiting around the letters themselves. Different types of crop formations would appear and disappear as it kept morphing. The word STILL stayed visible the entire time. 

This next image is a fairly close facsimile of what it looked like, except that the letters had more of a stylized crop-circle appearance, and the word itself had been extruded all the way out from the vanishing point in the center — but I don’t have the right CG software to duplicate the effect (extrusion effect added by Rob Lesman)



I have NOT been having events like this happen recently. I’ve been so busy with the CONVERGENCE film, now that we’re getting very close to being financed and beginning production, the Wanderer Awakening album and then maintaining this website at the same time, that I haven’t really had much time to focus on visionary experiences.

And yet, here I was, falling asleep and clearly seeing this impressive, psychedelic vision in my mind’s eye. I somehow knew, on a feeling level, that it was very important for me to remain perfectly STILL, and not move any part of my body, or I would break the experience. So that’s exactly what I did.



What followed was one of the most stupendous visionary experiences I’ve ever had — and it went on for a good five or six minutes. Although I have not taken any drugs in 16 years, it started out very psychedelic, with a cartoonish look like the Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine, but then got a lot more intense — always emanating from the white light in the center.

As it went on, the only thing that even closely resembles what I went through is this closing “trip sequence” from the movie 2001. I had Platonic Solids of light flying past me, colors, shapes, all kinds of things. And yet, I hate to say it, but what happened to me was so powerful that even this amazing film clip is only a crude approximation of the stupendous, almost pee-your-pants, cry-your-eyes-out wonders I was seeing:


Of course, we now know from Henry Deacon and others that Clarke was fully briefed on the reality of ancient “stargates” that had been found and used on Earth. This brilliant end-sequence of 2001 was the first time that we were ever presented with something like this in film, and there have been many others since then, including Contact and, of course, Stargate.

I eventually couldn’t help but move, as after five or six minutes of this my body had gone stiff… and as soon as I did, it stopped, and I fell asleep almost immediately.

Since I was already nearly asleep when it happened, I may not even have remembered it — despite how awesome it was — except for having a dream this morning where I was deactivating HAL, the rogue computer in 2001. 



I stopped and wondered what other symbolism I was being shown — namely the deactivation of a rogue computer system, and the word STILL. It started to become clearer today when I got up around 5:30 am and read articles about how computer-driven programs were ready to be used to stop trading on the markets in the event of a panic sell-off.

In short, there was a worldwide effort to STILL the markets, and stop these rogue computer-oriented programs from triggering waves of panic-selling in the markets as they did in 1987.

Given that humanity seems to have learned a very important lesson about racial and religious tolerance, and both the Republican New World Order and Rothschild Illuminati factions are on the ropes, as I wrote yesterday, we have to wonder exactly how much worse the markets have to get before things start turning around.

[Update, same day: In addition to the explosive scandal in full public view, Nathaniel Rothschild’s main hedge fund has now halved in value, to the great disappointment of his investors — further proving that they have NOT stayed above being heavily affected by this financial crisis, as we had already been saying.]



I had felt as if Obama’s imminent success in the election would calm the markets down, and have also received some guidance that by next March we should be in much better shape.

Then, someone called my attention to a really important new article by Chris Carolan from, posted at 8:25 am this morning. Here it is in Carolan’s own words:

In 1997 I was publishing a service entitled Fax-On-Time to clients interested in short-term market movements. As the Asian panic unfolded, I used my knowledge of the lunar nature of the 1929 and 1987 crashes to inform clients that the low should occur on October 28.

Friday October 24 saw a huge reversal and rally on Wall St. as well as Asia and many assumed the bottom was in. It was not. Monday October 27 was a massive down day on Wall St. and the subseqent low in Asia was made October 28 while Wall St. was closed overnight. 




The timing of the Asian panic low was dramatic confirmation of my theories first outlined in the book, The Spiral Calendar, published in 1992. 

In the following months I wrote the research paper, Autumn Panics: A Calendar Phenomenon, which received the Charles H. Dow award for 1998 for best technical analysis research paper from Dow Jones, Barron‘s and the Market Technician‘s Association.

The paper is available to be read here at the MTA site. The paper introduced the concept of the ‘dark days‘ – that period of time in the autumn when markets are vulnerable to panic.

Now we arrive at 2008. Panic is once again enveloping not only Wall St., but markets world wide. The point of maximum panic as calculated by my research is this Sunday, October 26.  With markets closed for the weekend, today‘s selling should be the final washout in The Panic of 2008.

Where We Are is that the markets are once again confirming my original research into the effect of the lunar calendar of mass psychological behavior.  The panic is at its maximum right now. Beginning next week, calm and more gentle price swings will slowly but surely return to the markets.






This was actually the second recent indication I got that the markets are defining their new bottom, and shouldn’t go much farther down than they already are. This next graph, which came to my attention on October 18th, shows the historical price movement from August 1929 through to the end of that year, and then brings in a comparison of 1987 and our own recent past.

The magnitude of movement for each graph, represented by the different colors of the lines, is based on matching up the percentages of loss between the respective markets.

As we can see, a very clear pattern emerges, showing that we have more or less reached the bottom. It is common for markets to duplicate patterns like this, as many seemingly random human behaviors are in fact very cyclical, economics being no exception to the rule. See for yourself:




The red line stops at a point that is at least a week, probably a week and a half old, so the remaining crash you see in the blue 1929 graph may be almost exactly to the day that Chris Carolan predicted — and in the 1987 graph it was much less severe. 

Combine this second graph with Chris Carolan’s lunar cycle discoveries and we now have two different methods of harmonic analysis that are pointing in the same direction, with the same overall message. Both methods show that we are right at the bottom, more or less.

This second graph shows us we could still see a little more of a bottom, but either way things are very likely to level out. 

[UPDATE, same night: People familiar with the Bradley Cowan work on stock market cycle analysis ( or The Shift of The Ages, Chapter 19) say that Carolan’s “The Spiral Calendar” describes market movements essentially identical to Cowan’s “price-time vectors,” which have proven to be extremely accurate indicators of future action.

If the market holds through Monday to the end of this coming week without precipitous, sustained drops further into negative territory, then we have yet a third, independent source of harmonic analysis telling us this 8000 range on the Dow should be the new bottom.

If we do see a sizable new low this coming week, then it is possible that a larger cycle has overpowered the others. We will re-assess the situation at that time and give an update accordingly. However, the multiple reinforcement of cycles we’re already seeing suggest it is more likely we have indeed seen the bottom, at least for now.] 

[Update 10/26: Yet another market analyst has come forward with a similar message to our own, regarding how our current position mirrors other cycles of collapse and recovery. It’s not as definitive as the others we mentioned, but you can read more about it here.]



I find all this very interesting, as I’ve been discussing multiple crop formations predicting the fall of the New World Order and the rise of an alternative-energy economy in its wake. All these developments will make it into the fifth and final section of my 2012 Politics article series, which I will publish after the election.

The pivotal dates given by the crop formations were August 1st (and Bush passed the first bailout bill on July 30th) and August 16th (the exact day the Russia-Georgia conflict ended, proving the US military completely incapable of playing the role of “World Policeman” any longer.)

Again, the whole focus was on LUNAR CYCLES — and now we see compelling evidence that a lunar cycle is responsible for the upheaval in the markets.

Now that both the Rothschilds and the Republicans are unraveling — two rival groups that have been causing the most substantial damage on the planet — it makes sense that the economy will not get much worse than it already is. Of course, events could still change these timelines, but I have seen many compelling cases of planetary cycles affecting the “temperature” of everyone’s consciousness on the planet, as I wrote yesterday.

The economy is an excellent barometer of how “hot” or “cold” the consciousness field is. When the field heats up, like at the peak of a sunspot cycle, people get “hot under the collar” and sell off their stocks, causing major plunges. Wars and conflicts also substantially increase.

When the field cools down, such as when large numbers of people begin meditating for peace, everyone feels more comfortable and they invest their money, causing the markets to rise. 

This science is amazingly complex and detailed once you explore how these up-and-down movements are guided by unseen geometry  in time-space. I discuss this in The Shift of The Ages, Chapter 19, which gets into Geometric Time — and you can read my recently-updated version of it, complete with amazing new charts, here. 



I have consistently supported the Law of One series in its statement that an equal balance will always be preserved on the Earth between the positive and the negative. We should not expect, nor lend our thought-energies to the idea of major disasters.

Things will continue to “have a way of working out” that will dazzle the “Internet Chicken Littles” out there time and time again, at least until they rush over to the next impending issue of mass doom and gloom.

We appreciate your ongoing support in making it possible for us to bring you these messages. The Science of Peace series is everyone’s favorite way to help out, and we have recently released the HD version where all the MP3s are encoded at 320K instead of 128.

It’s a great series of three 67-minute lectures with music I composed with nine-time Grammy winner Larry Seyer, and you will learn much more about the science of the consciousness field and how such interactions between consciousness and the markets can take place. Click on this link to download your FREE sample MP3s and find out more about it:





We are making fantastic progress on our follow-up to The Science of Peace entitled Wanderer Awakening. We now have 24 songs where I’m singing lead vocals and the quality has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Many of my favorite styles of music are represented in this collection — including more than one that could have come out of yet-undiscovered Led Zeppelin vaults — and quite honestly, many of the songs are good enough to be hits, if such a thing is still even possible for anyone to achieve in today’s music industry.

In fact, we threw out any potential song material that did NOT sound like it could be a big hit, and combed over 30 years of Larry’s private songwriting collection of classics to cherry-pick the very best. Wherever needed, lyrics were rewritten to fit the theme of the album, and we’ve also written nearly half of the songs as fresh compositions.

There are no “filler” songs to make space — it’s more like a greatest hits collection than a typical album release, where the best songs clearly stand out above the rest, and everybody ends up grabbing those songs for 99 cents a pop on Itunes. Remember — Larry was the engineer who defined the sound for over 500 different signed recording artists, earning him the honorary title of “The Doctor!”

We hope to have it out before Christmas, and that may or may not happen, but we’re going to try. It’s a lot of work and I’ll again be spending all my time in Texas starting this coming week before heading off on the Mexican Riviera cruise I’m hosting in November.

We have three more songs to build from the beginning and about five others that still need some degree of major vocal work, plus others that need minor revisions and/or background vocals — but we hope to have all the vocal songs done on this next trip.

Then we will be writing the interlude pieces that help glue these 24 different songs together into a unified storyline, which explores the idea of an angelic soul, or “Wanderer,” coming to the Earth to help, but voluntarily forgetting who he or she really is in the process. It’s the story of you, most likely, if you’re a frequent reader of this site. You are remembering what you already know!

Again, thanks for listening, and we’ll have the next radio show out early next week, as promised. In the meantime, you can dive into our discussion forum and have this website be a part of your daily diet of inspirational material, helping you stay balanced… and sane!


This is a surprising new twist to the story. A guest on CNBC blames “Paulson, and the illuminati of the country, if you will,” for the financial crisis we are now in.

Granted, the word “illuminati” can be used the way he did WITHOUT referring to any organized occult group, as most people think of it. The word simply means “enlightened ones,” i.e. those who hold the power.

Nonetheless, given the enormous proliferation of material about this on the Internet — not to mention that the main occult group in the follow-up movie to “Da Vinci Code” is the Illuminati — it is likely that he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Check it out:


This is further evidence of what I’ve been saying. Things really are changing!