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In Part Two we cover the so-called 8/8/8 crop circle formation and the incredible prophecy surrounding it, weaving in David’s own work!

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By David Wilcock




August 16, 2008. Just another day? Or not? 

Multiple “crop circle” formations — using solar-system diagrams and other unique methods to count time — flagged this date as being of great importance.

Wait… what? “Nothing happened on August 16th,” you may say.

Not so. August 16th appears to be the defining day where a vast treasure-trove of highly classified CIA / New World Order documents were seized out of abandoned US/Israeli spy trucks in Georgia.

Insider reports reveal this has created nothing short of a full-blown panic state within the neoconservative ranks of the White House. Here is one of the earlier examples:

Washington, D.C., September 1, 2008: “ When the Russians chased the Georgians back into their own country, our government took great fright and ordered all American troops out of the area.

Some of these troops took part in the attack on South Ossetia and Washington was afraid that Americans and Russians would start shooting at each other.

As this could lead to immediate war breaking out between the two countries and as Russia has the ability to nuke the shit out of us; (unlike other small countries we habitually threaten and bully) we ran like frightened deer.

We also left behind all kinds of highly compromising documents, code machines, etc. to keep Russian military intelligence for days. They did capture Israeli intelligence people and by report, treated them very brutally. The Russians must have been reading Bush‘s orders on torture!

Anyway, there is genuine terror in the halls of the Department of State, the Pentagon and the White House that terrible things could emerge. Guess what, kids? They will.”


Why is this such a good thing? The disclosures these documents contain could well save us from future events that would make 9/11 look like a paper-cut by comparison.



You also may not realize what it means that the code machines have been seized.

Spy agencies have undoubtedly been recording a wide variety of encoded conversations, documents and discussions throughout history as we know it — written, radio, telegraph, you name it.

There is a huge backlog of material that is undoubtedly impenetrable due to the encoding.

What happens once you nab the code machines?

You’ve just gained the master key to unlock EVERYTHING you’ve been storing in those archives all those years… and it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what goes with what once you have the technology.

The secrets that emerge could be very, very interesting… particularly since the Rockefeller / US-Israeli / New World Order faction has all the best UFO-derived gadgets and classified intel. 

I believe the evidence suggests we are very close to seeing the “controlled demolition” of the Rockefeller / US-Israeli / New World Order faction of the global elite — and in case you hadn’t guessed, this is a good thing.



We can fully expect ongoing economic chaos and fake terror attacks, as we just saw against the US embassy in Yemen this week, prior to this election on November 4th.

In fact, as we’ve worked on this article this week, it has become the wildest economic week on record — massive down-swings followed by massive up-swings. 

In case you forgot, this is what the front page of Drudge Report looked like as of Monday:



This is a dangerous time. The wounded lion of the Republican Neoconservative Party — the so-called New World Order — is striking at anything in his path.

This is the last chance they have to maintain control.

And despite all the breathless proclamations of doom by those apparently resisting these groups, I do not believe these plans will succeed.

The wounded lion is sloppy and careless in his attacks, and his normal element of stealth and surprise is thereby eliminated.



Furthermore, Thursday’s astonishing ban on short-selling the markets — for four months in London and an initial ten days on Wall Street — is an unprecedented and extremely positive move.

It completely falls in line with prophecies I’ve already given about the “self-organizing economy” where novel solutions appear at peak moments of chaos.





To say it another way, a “global economic collapse” is a fantasy that will never actually happen, because the economy is a so-called complex adaptive system.

This means that major upheavals like this are not a bad thing — they stress the system and create emergent properties — creating a more-evolved system than had existed before.

A key dream I had this morning showed that the people who have been stealing so much from the public are now very frustrated that their plans have suddenly collapsed.

Shorts used to be a very good business… it’s the single best way to make fantastic profits in short periods of time, with very little risk. 



When a company is sufficiently shorted by various investors, that basically means that people make money if it starts going down in value.

Then the board and shareholders of the company are forced to give away all of their assets to the guys who bet against them — and they can easily fall into complete collapse.

Many of these companies hold the wealth of a very large number of ordinary people like you and me.

If they are “shorted” and lose everything, guess what — so do we.

Now the governments are forced to protect the people rather than the fatcats.

I honestly don’t think anyone — in the so-called ‘Illuminati’ or otherwise — saw this coming.




Read on, and the whole story will magically unfold before your very eyes — complete with all the documentation available at this time.

Whomever is responsible for the ‘crop circle’ phenomenon seems to have a keen ability to forecast future events with precision. 

The formations you are about to see were very prophetic. And they appeared at least as early as the first week of July.



Even more interestingly, I found myself involved in this prophetic sequence quite directly.

It started with an image I edited in Photoshop that was published on Richard Hoagland’s website Enterprise Mission on August 7th. 

Richard wrote the article and had created a graphic for it that initially looked like this: 




He wanted me to look over the article and hear my comments — akin to a peer-review process.

I immediately volunteered to help upgrade the quality of the front-page graphic.

I decided to use the dead space in the top right of the image with a star-field background and an image of the Moon.

Then, the key that would tie it all together would be a figure-8 infinity loop between the Sun and the Moon.

I went looking for appropriate figure-8 shapes and finally happened upon this graphic, which was perfect as it gave me an array of choices to work with:




I initially chose the one on the top left, where the line was the same width all the way around.

However, this entire version of the composition crashed when I was almost finished, and I was forced to re-do the whole thing.

I had so much trouble with the single-width figure-8 that this time I went with the variable-width figure on the top right.

I felt it would have a better style and be easier to fit into the areas between the Earth and the Moon I was working around. 

When I put it into the image I made it white and nearly transparent, but you can still definitely see it there:




In case you have any trouble seeing the infinity symbol, I’ve just now created another version where I brightened it up a lot more so it really stands out: 




As I was working on this graphic, a clear thought came into my mind:

“I wonder if I could hold an image in my mind, publicize the image, and have it show up as a crop formation the next day.”

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next.



The very next morning, I awoke to see news of a new crop formation in Milk Hill, England that had everyone very excited.

They were calling it the “8/8/8 Formation” in commemoration of that numerically-special day.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it: 




The very next day after we’d published this image for thousands of people to see, its key design element appeared as the next great crop formation of 2008.

It outlined almost the exact same figure-8 shape I ended up going with after the first one collapsed!

This was another formation flagging August 16th as an important date, with multiple redundancy.

Of course, the calendar date was 8/8/8, and the formation was shaped like an 8, giving a clear date.

Since several other formations had flagged August 16th and been successfully decoded by this point, you could also interpret the ‘8’ as telling you to count eight days into the future. 

Furthermore, the 16th would obviously be 16 lunar phases since the first of the month… and this was also clearly flagged in the formation, as you see here:





Richard’s article describes how the German scientist Wehner Von Braun discovered an anti-gravity effect in the early rocket launches of the 1950s.

Several different launches ended up performing in unexpected ways — going way off course and causing the destruction of the rockets.

It was a very embarrassing time for the space program.

Official lies and distortions were put out that covered up the truth from the public.

Namely, a force in opposition  to gravity was pulling the rockets up more than they should have been experiencing from conventional Newtonian mechanics.

Von Braun eventually altered the rocket trajectories to compensate — but only after destroying billions of dollars worth of equipment by today’s standards.

Had this astonishing discovery — and the science behind it — been shared with the public, we would very likely have found a total end to our energy crisis. 



As a bonus, the fourth image down in Richard’s article was of the Van Allen belts in the Earth’s magnetic field.

By now, this should be fairly familiar-looking: 




In his New York Times best-selling book “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA,” Richard extensively documents how Von Braun had a Nazi background.

Many other German scientists were transferred to the US after World War II via Project Paperclip as well.




The Bush family and the neo-conservative movement is intimately connected with this, as we will see.



Since this stunning synchronicity involved Richard Hoagland working together with me in collaboration, it is also important to look at our one and only full show on the radio together. 

This show reveals further clues to the message of this crop circle — and therefore of the potential significance of the August 16th date.

Richard and I appeared together with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM in May 2004.

I had just finished my gigantic article on interplanetary climate change — combining over 120 different mainstream-scientific references to make the case.

Richard wrote some of it with me — like the introduction to Part Two — and I had done almost all the research.



We were supposed to spend most of our time talking about this.

After all, it was the “smoking gun” proof we needed to show that our entire solar system is undergoing a rapid, unprecedented energetic transformation.

This, of course, is right in line with the prophecies of 2012, and the process by which this is occurring definitely incorporates the idea of ‘free energy’.

We also planned on having a surprise guest appear during our show — namely Dr. Eugene Mallove, author of Infinite Energy Magazine:




Did you catch the name of Dr. Mallove’s magazine? If not, here’s the logo from the cover:




The key word, of course, is INFINITE — just like the shape of the 8/8/8 formation.

As you can see in this next cover photo, his magazine deals with the science of the ‘aether,’ or torsion fields  as the Russians call it:




Very exciting news was brewing with Dr. Mallove. Our show was on a Saturday.

Early that following week, he and Richard were flying to Washington, DC together on a very important mission.



Richard had already set up meetings with senators and congressmen to talk about new energy technologies.

With Dr. Mallove’s knowledge and background, this could have been the defining moment to create the political momentum that would have solved the energy crisis.

Even more impressively, Mallove was going to bring a table-top free-energy device along with him.

Dr. Mallove was the best person in the world to make the case for reality of free energy in Washington, having been the former head of media relations for MIT.

He quit when his superiors ordered him to cover up and falsify MIT’s own test results proving that “cold fusion” was real.

They did not want the public to know that it was really possible to have limitless energy — to power your car, heat your house, develop your infrastructure, you name it — without paying for it.




After leaving MIT, Dr. Mallove founded Infinite Energy Magazine and became the central figure for various alternative energy researchers worldwide to communicate with.

Supposedly the device he was bringing to Washington was so sensitive to ‘torsion fields’ that simply looking at it  would cause a part of it to start rotating!

Our eyes act as strong torsion-field generators — again, a very real energy field that has been extensively studied by the Russians and also by scientists like Dr. Mallove.

This effect from our eyes is also behind the “sense of being stared at” that causes almost everyone to instinctively turn and look at someone who is staring at them.




This effect has been studied and proven to exist by scientists such as Dr. William Braud.

Dr. Mallove was bringing our congressmen the undeniable proof that we have technologies that could solve our energy crisis completely.

He was also going to tell them about the big-money oil interests that seek to suppress and destroy this technology — threatening, murdering or buying out the inventors. 



Sadly — and perhaps not surprisingly — Dr. Mallove was brutally murdered the day before we were about to announce these plans on the air.

Richard and I were both very freaked out and shattered by this.

I published the historic transcript of this show on this website for the first time on June 21, 2008, and you can read it by clicking here.

We knew it did not appear to be random, nor an accident.

Reports came through that his assassin curled up into a fetal position and cried like a very young child when he was questioned after the attack.

This is consistent with hypnotically-programmed ‘Manchurian Candidate’ assassins.



Who would be behind something like this?

The Nazis practiced a variety of torture methods on their prisoners in World War II in an attempt to perfect mind-control techniques.

All those techniques were brought over to the US via Project Paperclip, with the great transfer of scientists that resulted.

Now I have Mallove’s infinity symbol worked into a graphic of Dr. Wehner Von Braun, the most prominent ex-Nazi scientist in American history.

The article, again, dealt with alternative energy discoveries that were covered up by certain factions within the US government.

When the 8/8/8 formation appeared the next day, in direct response to our published photo, a clear message was being sent.



Richard’s article may well have contained a key part of the message:

“The events of August 16th will help throw off the Nazi influence that has strangled the US government for well over 50 years and kept you addicted to oil.” 

Another crop formation that time-encoded August 16th appeared directly next to wind-power generators: 




We will go into greater detail on all these things, and how they precisely calibrated August 16th, as this series goes on.

Here is a closer view of the August 16th formation so you can see it more easily.

There is the suggestion of gears, as if it is some sort of motor that could be spinning:




As far as I am aware, we have never had crop formations give such incredibly specific, redundant messages as this before.

In this case, it was complete with such a stunning prophecy behind it that can later be proven. 

We will, of course, get into that very proof as we go on.

Don’t forget that some of these exact same formations predict a stunning event on December 21, 2012 will occur.

It clearly involves some sort of energetic expansion from the Sun, in keeping with our interplanetary climate change model.

I have to laugh when people see and can accept clear prophecies of the future that come true, but then discount equally credible 2012 prophecies from the same source because they “just don’t believe it.”

With how little we truly know about the Universe, why couldn’t it be true? 



This crop-circle synchronicity could be easily debunked as madness.

However, many thousands of people saw our initial image go up on Enterprise Mission before the crop formation ever appeared.

And the idea that such a complex formation was man-made, in response to our graphic from mere hours earlier, is ridiculous.

This was one of the largest and most complex formations ever seen, and it showed up literally overnight — but definitely after we published.

Even if someone did try to claim they manufactured it — as apparently one group has done — that still does not change the impressive weight of the synchronicity surrounding this event.

Though I do not believe this was man-made, if it was, then they nonetheless were being guided by some subconscious higher influence to give such a meaningful message that synchronized on so many levels. 



In the next section we will explore the history and phenomenon of ‘crop circles’ in much more detail, to help round out the case that we’ve only been teasing at so far.

I have already written much of this next section, but this is proving to be an extremely complex project to bring to full publication like this — particularly as new history-making events are occurring all along the way!

Another reason it is taking us a lot longer to finish this series than we thought is that I am simultaneously working on wonderful new music in Larry Seyer’s studio as we go.

Since these are such provocative and controversial events, and there is such a glut of doom and fear-oriented material on the Net, I can’t stress enough the value of checking out our discussion forum.

We have a far-ranging community and you can jump into all sorts of different think-tanks about all aspects of this work.

Your writing can appear online and be read and possibly discussed with others — whereas my Inbox is so full lately I can barely even read them, though I do appreciate your kind thoughts.

In the meantime, we will do as much as we can, when we can… so stay tuned!