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Prophecies in wheat called attention to Dec. 21, 2012, and other dates much, much closer. What do they say about major world events, including the election? (Video and Audio Included!)

[Updated 5/12/15: Don’t overlook the 2012 argument too quickly just because of the year. The evidence of an epic change in our solar system is overwhelming.

Multiple insiders have revealed that the events expected for 2012 by certain alternative scholars were always understood to occur in 2017-2018.

A variety of minor edits have been made to enhance clarity and bring this critical information fully up to date.]



By David Wilcock



You may not think there is any value in reading an article series about a date that came and went. “Right… the old 2012 thing. Ha, ha, ha. Fool!”

However, bear in mind that the 2012 date was only an estimated focal-point for a prophecy of a glorious Golden Age that appears in at least 35 different ancient cultures.

Since the year 2012, we have seen an ever-increasing push towards disclosure of the truth of the UFO phenomenon, and of the Cabal that is keeping it a secret.

Six months after December 21st, 2012, the Snowden disclosures took information that was well-known on the inside and made it common knowledge to everyone.

If that much could have been kept secret, imagine what we still don’t know. There are far more clues to the truth that is still hidden than most people realize.

This article series is still highly relevant to today, since multiple insiders have told us that the events I was expecting in 2012 are actually more apt to appear in a window of 2017 to 2018.

It could still be a gradual change all the way through — but along the way we are seeing a variety of palpable advancements as a society.

This was one of the great classic article series, almost a book in itself, that led up to me writing my first NY Times best-selling epic, The Source Field Investigations.

We are in the culmination of a 25,920-year cycle that affects every aspect of our lives for the better. It could even lead to Ascension — a literal dimensional shift into a higher, more energetic type of human life.



The amount of information we’ve had to synthesize in order to get to this point is truly staggering… and it’s not easy to find a place to begin.

Since there are so many elements, rather than attempt to summarize them all in the beginning, we will let the story unfold and breathe at a natural pace.

So strap in your seat belt, as it’s going to be a wild ride!

Let us just say that by the time all sections of this piece have been written — within a very short period of time, we hope — you will have gained some surprising new insights.

This will include details of the extraterrestrial presence, crop circles, 2012, the 2008 election and the incredible behind-the-scenes politics involved.



Most people, even those who are very well-informed in the alternative media, are aware of the 2012 hype and believe it will be a non-event — “another y2k.”

They have seen too many poorly-written articles, hastily-produced videos and cultish channeling that only appeals to those who are the most gullible.

Roughly two weeks ago, while I was in Texas working on my first vocal-music studio album Wanderer Awakening, I caught a bit of an American nighttime talk-show. 

It had a very sarcastic host with an English accent. (As I never watch TV, I don’t remember his name.)

The whole night was dedicated to busting on “loonies” who believe something will happen in 2012, and the audience was in stitches.

2012 scholar Daniel Pinchbeck appeared on The Colbert Report on December 14, 2006. (We originally thought it was this past December, but the site says 2006.)

Daniel was interviewed about this same subject — again with a heavy dose of humor as the backdrop, particularly since he promotes the use of psychedelic drugs:





Daniel Pinchbeck and I had a far-reaching conversation at the Harmony Festival I spoke at in June.

I started filling him in on the many different unique aspects of the case we have put together.

It was very difficult to attempt to summarize the “big picture” in a single conversation of only a few hours in length.

After all, it is a far-reaching cosmic narrative that stretches the imagination farther than even the most well-read metaphysical people are accustomed to going. 

Now we know a major big-budget motion picture about 2012 is on the way from Roland Emmerich — who did Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s book “The Coming Global Superstorm” as the film “The Day After Tomorrow.”

From the buzz we’ve read, Emmerich’s “2012” will have little more “disclosure” than presenting the event as a huge disaster humanity must avert.



Here is a FAKE movie trailer someone put together, anticipating the type of film Roland Emmerich might make.

It is here for entertainment purposes only, and we now know that ETs will not factor into the film in any way… at least none that have been announced in any plot synopses thus far:




Nickelodeon Pictures is also coming out with a kid-friendly 2012 ‘apocalypse’ movie as well, (seems a bit of an oxymoron,) as you can read at this link.

It has been delayed while the filmmakers had to finish work on other things, hence this writeup is about a year and a half old:

In about five-and-a-half years, the world will supposedly end. Don’t worry, though, because it will be a lot of fun. That is the impression I get from Nickelodeon Films, anyway.

The kid-friendly division of Paramount is making an action-adventure for the whole family that is based on the idea that the apocalypse is coming in December of 2012.

Called simply 2012, the movie will be about a family vacation during that fateful month when, according to the Mayan calendar, and some UFO theorists, something devastating is expected to take place.

2012 will be written by Tom Astle and Matt Ember, and it will probably be directed by Tom Dey — all three of whom were responsible for Failure to Launch.

This is the second movie we’ve heard about so far that has to do with the Mayan doomsday prediction.

The first is an adaptation of Whitley Streiber’s upcoming book 2012: The War for Souls, which Michael Bay is making for Warner Bros.

Though Nickelodeon’s 2012 should be much lighter in tone, I have to assume that the whole premise will still be a bit scary for the intended audience — unless kids these days just aren’t afraid of the end of the world as much as I was (and honestly still am).


[5/12/15: This did end up being a promo for the movie 2012 that came out. And the lead character did have a daughter who he helped to protect in the film.]



Thus, with two huge films on the way, an incredible diversity of articles, books, audio and video online, and the subject being openly ridiculed on TV talk-shows, and other obvious ‘leaks’ we missed, there is no doubt that the 2012 subject has gone completely mainstream.

On one level people laugh and dismiss it, but on a deeper level everyone is aware that something different, unique and highly important is going on.

Changes are happening so quickly it’s hard to keep track of it even if you devote your full time to the search.

Nonetheless, there is a great paucity of quality in the available material that is out there on the subject.

This is certainly not our fault, as we have consistently provided you with high-quality content, tying a vast number of different sources together — scientific, spiritual and classified ‘black-ops’ insiders.

If you have followed this website, or our videos, for any length of time, then you are becoming increasingly aware that there is a very substantial case that can be made for “the greatest moment in human history” coming our way in 2012.

There have been many, many false alarms, such as the year 2000, but this is in an entirely different category.



As I documented with well over 100 NASA sources — all released in bits and pieces in the mainstream media — all the planets in the Solar System are experiencing rapid climate change, precisely as we see on the Earth.

This is a physical manifestation of an energetic buildup that appears to be reaching a peak in our near future.

This ‘energy’ does create heat, charged particles, increased magnetic field strength and increased brightness in the planets — all the effects we associate with “global warming” and / or “climate change.” 

It also has effects on human consciousness and the progress of species evolution as we know it.

We are literally just about a solo voice in the metaphysical and scientific community when it comes to making a verifiable scientific case tying this interplanetary climate change to consciousness and biological evolution.

In our next major video release we will summarize this data, scattered throughout David’s Blog as it is on this website now. The majority of it can also be found in our Science of Peace series, which is available for download.



Ancient philosophers and mystics were clearly aware of this grand event.

Most of this has been distorted into a biased interpretation of Christian prophecy — the so-called ‘Rapture’ — while neglecting many, many other valid sources.




The vast majority — almost all — of these ancient sources accurately describe the times we are now in, but then go on to say that all of this will pave the way for a Golden Age to occur on Earth.

Such an Age will be vastly more harmonious, peaceful and advanced than what we now experience. We will also no longer remain isolated from the many other cultures of humans who live in this galaxy.

On the simplest level, once you step away from only looking at the highly-sophisticated counting systems in the Mayan Calendar, you also see that the shift from the Piscean to Aquarian Age occurs in 2011-2012 — and the next predicted peak of the sun’s natural “sunspot cycle” occurs in 2012 as well.

Scholars such as Graham Hancock have compellingly demonstrated that this system of the “ages of the zodiac” — 2,160 years in length each — have been used for presumably more than 11,000 years.

The symbology of each Age wove its way into a wide variety of religious traditions, including such things as the “Golden Calf” for the age of Taurus.

The “Golden Calf” was ritualistically smashed to bits in order to herald the coming of the Piscean Age and the birth of Jehoshuah:






Obviously these are ‘fringe’ subjects — which talk-show viewing audiences would naturally laugh at when prompted.

The subject of 2012 is invariably tied in with the UFO / extraterrestrial presence.

Almost all ancient prophecies involve some sort of “religious experience” which can easily be interpreted as some form of contact with an intelligence other than a native Earth human being.

It may well be that the massive increase in reported sightings is related to the fact that something is  getting ready to happen in our Solar System, and it has attracted a lot of attention — and assistance — from others.



Again, most people will laugh loudly if these subjects are presented in a sarcastic and humorous way.

Nonetheless, if there really is  an extraterrestrial presence, it forces us to rethink everything we know and believe.

If even one UFO sighting is real — out of the hundreds of thousands of credible reports that exist — then we are not alone.

One of the best UFO sightings ever captured on video was in Mexico City, 1997. The ship you are about to see was witnessed from multiple locations all over the city, by many thousands of people.

The swaying movement you are about to see is the result of gravity-shielding technology and the gentle rotation in our gravitational field.

This rotation creates things like the Coriolis Effect, which steers cannonballs off-course across long distances and is also responsible for which direction water flows in the toilet, depending on whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Whatever this flying object is, witness and video testimony proves it was really there. This is undoctored footage, corroborated by many, many witnesses all throughout the city:





This two-part footage from the SIGHTINGS television program gives more detail into an earlier Mexico City mass sighting in 1991 that was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. 

They were already outside to observe a total solar eclipse. Another mass sighting occurred in 1993. Both mass sightings were filmed by many different people from a variety of angles.

If this were to happen now, fifteen years later in the age of YouTube video, the UFO cover-up could collapse in a matter of days:


Part One

Part Two



Once we can accept the idea that even one civilization is visiting us, we’ve rewritten evolutionary biology, science and physics as we now know it.

All the basic objections to a Universe teeming with life have been eliminated.

We can no longer assert that the speed of light would create a barrier stopping people from visiting us.

At that point, if we can accept that one group has made the jump and penetrated our airspace, there can be little objection to the idea that there would likely be a wide variety  of different groups who found us, and stopped by for a visit.

And for those who think they just came by for a snack, bear in mind that credible reports of contact are as old as written history itself. 

That means if ‘they’ wanted to destroy this planet, ‘they’ would have done so long, long ago.






This July, Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell shocked the world by coming forward more strongly than ever before in saying that UFOs are indeed real, and pose no threat to us.

This was the first headline, in red, featured on the Drudge Report about this story:




The story took off so strongly that it quickly moved to front-and-center on the Drudge Report website, as you see in this next image: 






What exactly did Mitchell say? The original interview took place on the Kerrang! Radio Show, and you can listen to it here:


For a good write-up of this initial interview, you can click on this link:


This was the story from a mainstream Australian news source on Mitchell‘s statement, which hit the front page of Drudge Report:,23599,24070088-13762,00.html



To better establish Edgar Mitchell’s credentials and biographical information — including the more fringe subjects he studied in a scientific manner — you can read the following link:


Next we have a longer excerpt of a follow-up interview Mitchell gave with Discovery, which contained a lot more information than the original:

IK: Well first of all thanks very much for making a little time. I wanted to ask you if there was anything about the radio interview you did that was different from what you’ve said in the past.

EM: No, there’s nothing different. Several of (the reports of the interview) that I’ve seen come around have some flaws in them. Some of the reports pushed it or spun it incorrectly.

NASA had nothing to do with anything I’ve done. I wasn’t briefed by NASA. There haven’t been any sightings as a result of my flight service there, so if that part of it comes out on anything you’ve seen it is just totally wrong.

IK: Yes, I did want to clarify that.

EM: My major knowledge comes from what I call the old-timers, people who were at Roswell and subsequent who wanted to clear the things up and tell somebody credible even though they were under severe threats and things — this was back in the Roswell days.

Having gone to the moon and being a local citizen out in the Roswell area some of them thought I would be a safe choice to tell their story to, which they did. Even though the government put real clamps on everybody, it got out anyhow.

Subsequent to that, I did take my story to the Pentagon — not NASA, but the Pentagon — and asked for a meeting with the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and got it.

And told them my story and what I know and eventually had that confirmed by the admiral that I spoke with, that indeed what I was saying was true.

IK: You mean what had been told to you was true?

EM: Yup, in other words. There was a UFO crash. There was an alien spacecraft.


This gentleman tried his damndest to get me in and like so many others in the administration over the last 60 years, since JFK’s time, was unable to.

He was told ‘Admiral, you don’t have a need to know, and therefore go get lost,’ essentially.

IK: Have you ever come out and said who this person was who briefed you?

EM: No, I have not.

IK: Would you at some point?

EM: No, it is out and around but I don’t feel like I have the liberty to do that.

[His name is Admiral Thomas Wilson.]

IK: When did you have your meeting at the Pentagon?

EM: It was in the late ’90s in Washington when I was there working with The Disclosure Project, trying to get all those opened up with another Naval officer by the name of Will Miller and Steven Greer, who you probably heard of.

Steven and I don’t really work on this anymore together, but we did at that point and getting to the Pentagon and seeing what we could do there to try to get this opened up.


IK: Why do you think the government hasn’t acknowledged that there is life outside of Earth? I thought that was sort of the point of NASA.

EM: Well most people in government don’t know. The government is highly compartmentalized.

You could work next door to somebody for 30 years not knowing what they’re doing in certain areas. The whole point of all of this … goes back to World War II.

This Roswell incident took place right at the aftermath of World War II when the U.S. Army Air Corps was split off and became the Air Force.

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which was the intelligence service of World War II, was disbanded and eventually became the CIA. At that point the Cold War was just starting to move under way and we were at odds with the Soviets.

The Air Force was brand new and supposedly in control of the skies and didn’t know what they were doing, and the CIA didn’t know what they were doing, so Pres. Truman was in a big problem here:

Here people were telling him there were aliens around and nobody knew if they were hostile or what they were — and what was he going to do about it?

So he formed a committee, a very high-level [group of] military and academic and intelligent people — politically powerful people — and said ‘You guys work on this.’

And that was called … the MAJIC 12.


And they did pass a National Security Act, or so I’m told, under highly classified auspices, that gave this committee virtually unlimited power to deal with this issue. 

[This is what] they have done for the last 60 years, slowly excluding everybody — including presidents.

You may remember that Pres. Clinton tried to send (Webster) Hubbell to find out about this at Wright Patterson. He got rejected.

And Barry Goldwater, back in the ’60s when he was getting ready to run for the presidency — and who was a brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve — tried to get information about it.

He got rejected. And I’m told that Jerry Ford tried to do some finding out and he got rejected.

Jimmy Carter announced his observation of UFOs, but that never went anywhere, so obviously he made no progress.

Only in recent years has the public interest become acute enough, and enough stories leaked out, so that people are starting to believe that it’s all real.

And the fact of the matter is, it is.

They’re still around and there’s a lot of stuff going on.

Are you aware of the so-called Phoenix Lights Incident? That wasn’t our stuff.



How did the public react to this stunning announcement? The reactions varied, but were almost always open-minded enough to remain curious.

Here is a sample of what we found in comments sections on the Internet:

It’s tragic, really. It could be true. It could be so very true. I want it to be true, but I just don’t buy it.

I’m not going to say the guy’s senile. My gran’s nearly 100 and she’s got more marbles than I have, but I can’t imagine that it’s all a big publicity stunt either.

Naturally, NASA are respectably denying it with “Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue” — but it does make you think.

How on Earth (pun intended) would you actually go about convincing people if it was  true?

If we’re not going to believe a man who’s been there, done it and probably fathered a little grey somewhere in the galaxy and got all jiggy in zero g, then who will we believe?

From hinmanj:

I just want to point out (having learned from digg comments on the last Edgar Mitchell story) that this is a man who the government still recognizes as an American hero, even though they say he’s insane.

Because someone says aliens exist, they are just shunned by the public as tinfoil-hat wearing kooks — but in some cases are still trusted to use billion-dollar equipment.

That has to mean something…



If extraterrestrials are real — and there is undeniable evidence that they are, including this recent testimony of Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell — it makes sense that at some point, some form of contact would have been established and put into written form.

Ancient religious scriptures were likely created the same way, but we are in a very different society now.

We would obviously require teachings that are up to speed with our current level of advancement and civilization.

Has any form of contact like this ever happened in recent times? I definitely believe so.

And if it is, in fact, a contact with “higher intelligence,” we would expect it to be very highly intelligent. 

That would mean it would be complex, far-reaching, at times difficult to understand, and offering a variety of provable facts that could later be verified as having been accurate.



Such a high-level contact did indeed occur, in my opinion — and it is available for anyone to read.

The Law of One series is a transcript of 106 question-and-answer sessions between UFO researcher Dr. Don Elkins and an alleged extraterrestrial intelligence. 

This ET group called itself “Ra” and claimed to have assisted the Egyptians. They spoke through Carla Rueckert as the ‘instrument.’

Jim McCarty transcribed the sessions and provided valuable grounding and vital energy to enable the work to take place.




The Law of One group, calling itself Light/Love (L/L) Research, had worked for 20 years to develop and perfect this form of communication before the Ra contact occurred in January 1981.

This occurred shortly after Jim McCarty came and moved in with Don and Carla.



Just like Led Zeppelin fell apart when John Bonham died, the Law of One contact required all three members to work.

When Don Elkins passed away in 1984, the contact ended. It has never again been duplicated or matched.

I consider the work I do to be inspired  by it — easier to understand, rounding out various points that were not clear. 

However, I feel the series itself contains all the major pieces of the puzzle in some form.



You can read the Law of One Study Guide on this site, which touches on most of the important points in an organized format.

We are in the process of creating links for every excerpt back to a website where the entire body of material can be read freely — but the link incorporation is very time-consuming work.

The website with all the original source material, in its complete form, is

As I have so often said, I had no intrinsic need or desire to look to channeled material for information.

In fact, I didn’t consider channeling to be credible, except in very rare cases such as Edgar Cayce’s readings, which were often mentioned in the various library books I’d read on Atlantis and ancient civilizations.

However, like Edgar Mitchell, I knew the extraterrestrial presence was genuine. 

This was based on my own insider NASA disclosures I received in 1993 from a friend of mine, whose college professor worked in the upper echelons of NASA through the 1970s.



The short and sweet version of what I heard in 1993 was that the Roswell crash and others like it were real.

Humanlike ETs had been identified, and we had reverse-engineered workable technologies from these crashes, which we now take for granted. 

This included computer chips, lasers, fiber-optic cables, LED lights, infrared night vision, Kevlar, Velcro and Teflon.

I was delighted when Col. Philip Corso’s book “The Day After Roswell” came out in 1997 and completely validated everything I had heard four years earlier.

Here is an excellent two-part presentation from NBC Dateline where you can see Corso interviewed and hear his testimony for yourself.

(Unfortunately, we now know from Margaret Wendt’s radio testimony with me that TV producers are literally forced  by the networks to add skeptics to every show or else they cannot run. This appears at the end of Part Two):






I had three years of highly intense research under my belt by January 1996 when I found the Law of One material.

I was astonished to see the Law of One series explain many, many aspects of my research, which up until then I felt were original insights.

Not only were my insights NOT original, the Law of One series obviously had a vastly more developed understanding of these subjects than I did.

The clues were intriguingly spread out amongst four different major books and a fifth book of originally deleted material. 

Of course, the most intriguing aspect of the Law of One series was that it predicted very major changes in our future.

This would be akin to a dimensional shift, where human beings would evolve into a whole new energetic frequency.

The most likely time they said this could happen was in the window of 2011 to 2013.

In order to understand what actually was predicted, some philosophical background — of what this series actually said — is necessary.

[5/12/15: We now know from high-level insiders that a very epic event was originally seen as occurring at the end of 2012, up to the early 1980s.

Since then it has shifted ahead by five years into the 2017-2018 window. Ultimately the timing of this event is dependent upon our mass consciousness.]



The Law of One series aligns with many ancient spiritual traditions in positing there is only one God, one Creator.

The entire Universe is said to be an illusion — including all space, all time and all dimensions as we know them.

All that ever has truly existed is the Creator, which is called “Intelligent Infinity.”

The story goes that “intelligent infinity” decided it wanted to separate itself into various co-Creators in order to have a more vivid experience.

Each of these co-creators would be given complete free will to exist and grow on their own, however they chose.

This also meant they could experience a sense of separation, and forget that they are, in fact, part of this One Ultimate Being.

Intelligent infinity thus created intelligent energy,  which in turn created multi-dimensional space and time as we know it.




Galaxies, stars and planets then emerged from the increasingly geometric, ‘fractal’ patterns of intelligent energy  that formed in the Creation.

The Great Experiment reached its fulfillment in the design and manifestation of sentient life on a vast number of these planets throughout the Universe.

These planets were populated by beings like us.



A surprisingly large percentage of planets throughout the entire Universe — as many as 14 percent — have people who are more or less human-looking, as it is a very popular design.

Within our own galaxy, ALL sentient life is hominid in nature — a head, two arms, two legs and walking upright.

[5/12/15: As new insiders came forward, we found out that there are many varieties, including insectoid, reptilian, aquatic, avian, mammalian, et cetera.]

Witness testimony has revealed that amongst the most human-looking types, there are a variety of differences in terms of height, skin color and other minor features such as the teeth and the number of fingers.

Though most hands have five fingers, a fair number have six fingers per hand — and some people from Earth have this too:





In the case of an entire planet worth of people with features like these, the differences are the result of the influence of the stars and planets the people evolve upon.

Everything in the Cosmos is alive and intelligent, and stars and planets have ‘personalities’ just like the galaxies do. 

The commonality of the human form in our galaxy is one of many points in the Law of One series that was later validated by multiple insider witness testimonies from classified ‘black-ops’ programs.



I personally witnessed Sgt. Clifford Stone give his testimony at the Disclosure Project conference in May 2001.

This next video clip was filmed the day before I saw him speak in a closed executive summary briefing for members of Congress, their aides and invited VIPs.

It summarizes his knowledge of 57 different varieties of humans the insiders had identified as visiting us.

Sgt. Stone also mentions the seeming scientific paradox of why all of these visitors are essentially human, regardless of their planet of origin. 

He says that once this information becomes public, we will have to solve this mystery:



Humans all have smooth faces and heads, without the ridges and protrusions you’re used to seeing in Star Trek episodes.

We all look much more alike than we realize, and life on an isolated Earth is very lonely compared to the life we will enjoy with the people we will soon meet. 

[5/12/15: Again, this was based on outdated insider information. Some people look quite different from what we are familiar with, but are still hominid.]



The reason why all sentient life in this Galaxy looks human is that the Galaxy itself is a super-being — a co-creator with the Universe.

The Law of One series calls our Galaxy a “Logos.” To borrow a Biblical term, the Logos designed ‘Man’ in ‘His’ image.

(Of course, the Logos is genderless — a perfect union of masculine and feminine.)




Obviously, to the naked eye the Galaxy does not look like a human being. The human form is more of an expression of the ‘personality’ of the galaxy more than how it appears to us from the perspective of our physical sense organs. 

Thus, the Logos designed the background “intelligent energy” of space and time itself, within the entire galaxy, to naturally form human life. 

This begins at the microbial stage and extends right on up to what we now see here on Earth.

Evolution IS an “Intelligent Design,” though vastly more intricate and complex than in tired old “Creationist” models.



Stars and planets, like our own Sun and Earth, also have their ‘say’ in how the final human design appears on any given planet, but these variances are fairly minor.

The vast majority of humans in our Galaxy can interbreed with each other and produce healthy offspring thanks to this shared genetic heritage, which emerges from the very background energy of space and time itself.

This Greek word “Logos” was given as the word for our Galaxy in the Law of One series for a very specific reason, due to its use in the early Christian gospels.

When the man Jehoshuah became Christed, he said “I am the Logos (=Word),” meaning he became an embodiment of the Galactic Creator in human form. 

It gets confusing when you consider that the One Infinite Creator — the sum of all galaxies, energy and matter in the Universe — is also  called the Logos.

Anything other than this Oneness, this Logos, is an ‘illusion.’ 



The Christian Bible also says, paradoxically, “In the beginning there was the Logos (=Word). The Logos was God, and the Logos was with  God.”

This makes more sense when we understand the concept of Oneness as we just explained it — a Universal Logos with an infinity of co-Creators in Its own image.

When Jehoshuah, as the fully-embodied Logos, said he was the “Son,” he was speaking of the consciousness of our Galaxy.

The “Father” he referred to was the One Infinite Creator.

All life in this Galaxy is therefore precious beyond measure, and religious elitism and persecution is obsolete.

Religions just represent different ways in which people found their way into contact with the Logos.



The One Creator, or Universal Logos, set up 22 basic experiences, or archetypes,  that all people on any planet will go through in the course of their evolution.

Each Galactic Logos gets to custom-tweak its own interpretation of these 22 phases of evolution, adding its own ‘personality’ to the equation.

There are seven archetypes of mind, seven of body, seven of spirit and another single one that exists outside the rest, known as the “Fool”.

The entire 22 archetypes have been called the “Hero’s Journey.”

The ‘Fool’ is the so-called ‘Beautiful Dreamer,’ who begins the hero’s quest for enlightenment in a relative state of ignorance, but with his or her eyes aglow with the promises of what can be:




Again, this basic pattern of “archetypes” is consistent throughout the entire Universe, though the exact nature of each one varies from one Galactic Logos to another. 

We have two fully-realized systems incorporating these archetypes here on Earth — the Hebrew Kabbalah and the Major Arcana in the Tarot.

The Law of One group was given the choice of working with either system.

They went with the Tarot, which is a discussion that encompasses most of Book Four and is very hard to follow.

A summary of the key points about the archetypes can be found at



There are tens of millions of inhabited planets in our galaxy alone, according to the Law of One series.

Each Galaxy moves intelligent life through major evolutionary “quantum leaps” in set cycles of time. We are only at a very early stage of this process.

This evolution moves through seven major ‘densities,’ which are somewhat akin to dimensional levels.

In this case, ‘densities’ are more like energy frequencies than mathematical definitions of space and time.



First, second and third density lifeforms are all visible to us right now. They all exist in three-dimensional space.

First density is basic elemental ‘life’ — rocks, minerals, water, et cetera. In Law of One terms, it does have awareness, but with no central focus or growth.

Second density is where life, as we usually think of it, begins.

It runs the gamut from single-celled organisms all the way up through the most advanced primates, and all life in between.

In second density, organisms share a group consciousness. They do not get to ‘graduate’ into third density until they gain an awareness of a separate self, outside the group mind.



Third density is where we are now.

The ultimate lesson here is to choose whether to love and support other people or manipulate and control them.

This choice determines the remaining curriculum, and either choice is allowed.

Fourth density is said to be where love becomes the primary focus.

In the positive polarity it is love for self and others, and in the negative polarity it is love for self without much respect or care for others.

Fifth density is where wisdom, honor and communication becomes the focal-point.

In this density, your focus is on the building of universal knowledge. Again, at this level the wisdom can be used positively or negatively.



Sixth density is where a full commitment to dedicating one’s life to serving others is made.

Self and other are seen as One, and love and wisdom are unified.

There is no longer a differentiation between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ at this point. All returns to an all-embracing love of the Creation as being One.

At this level you travel back in time to help yourself evolve along the way, at all the various points.

You program dreams and experiences, balance karma and act as a spirit guide for yourself in earlier times.

This is where your “Higher Self” resides.

I began documenting my dreams every morning in September 1992, and gained telepathic contact with my Higher Self in November 1996 after intensely studying the Law of One.

The fruits of this contact can be found in the Readings section of this website.



Seventh density is where the “Law of Foreverness” is grasped.

Instead of seeing self and others as One, you see that there is no self. There is only Foreverness. This is the great teaching of Buddhism and other initiatic traditions.

All things are seen as sacred, just as they are. This doesn’t mean you sit back and do nothing. You are still involved — in the hopes of speeding up people’s spiritual evolution.

Seventh density is the ‘gateway’ back to Oneness where all things, all experiences are seen as perfectly sacred.

At this level you leave behind a gigantic Internet-type database of living information — everything you picked up along the way — for others in sixth-density to consult in their own work.

This is the last thing you do before returning to Oneness, which is the eighth density or “Octave.” 

This level contains the great mystery. The Law of One attempted to use our words “intelligent infinity” to describe this “mystery which we cannot plumb.”



We are also told that these seven densities represent ‘true colors,’ and can be visualized with the rainbow color spectrum.

Each density is a separate, habitable plane of existence that is formed by photons — packets of light — that are the building blocks of space, time, matter and energy.

These photons have “true colors” that we cannot see with third-density eyesight. However, 3D was designed to show us a mirror of what is really going on.

What we see in the visible light spectrum is a distorted reflection of the “true color” densities that make up the universe.

The rainbow is a major clue, built into our reality, of how the universe is truly structured. We are currently at the yellow “true color” level.

Apparently in the spiritual arena, such as the afterlife, these “true colors” are visible to us, and look the same as normal colors do in 3D.





According to the Law of One series, most of which came through in 1981, our solar system is pushing its way into a new zone of energy in the galaxy. 

This will in turn shift Earth’s native energy level into “fourth density”, and / or “true-color green,” as of some time “approximately 30 years” after 1981.

They also point out that they have “quite a difficult time” with our “time measurement system,” and this is only an approximation.

[5/12/15: Again, all the top insiders say we were given a five-year extension, roughly speaking.

This became visible as early as the late 1980s. It was likely done to increase the numbers of people who would “graduate.”

This seems like quite an epic feat to have achieved, but five years within a 25,920-year cycle is actually a very small adjustment.]


This is not some static event we just sit back and wait for. 

It is an active, transforming influence that is making things more and more interesting and revealing the closer we get to the “quantum leap,” as it was called.

Our minds, bodies and spirits are evolving “on the fly” as we go, and it very much affects our daily experience. 



Ordinary people will have increasingly paranormal events happening — and the closer we get to the “quantum leap”, the faster and faster this will happen.

This will produce increasingly miraculous results. It will also greatly enhance the polarization between positive and negative.

Each person’s choice of whether they will be positive or negative will become ever-increasingly obvious to others.

This effect is now happening to so many people that we are literally overwhelmed with miraculous paranormal stories in our email.

If you ride with these changes and stay positive and loving, you will experience greater and greater positive events.

However, if you cling to fear and separation, you will be shaken harder and harder. 

This will continue to get worse and worse until you decide to forgive, embrace yourself and others, and move to a more positive place. 





The fourth-density world we’re moving into is said to be 100 times more harmonious than life is now.

You will be able to fly, levitate objects with your mind, communicate telepathically with great ease, perform miracle healings, travel through time, and even manifest objects out of pure energy.

All that is required to reach this level is that you are slightly more interested in loving and supporting other people rather than manipulating and controlling them.

If you are 49-percent selfish and controlling, and 51-percent loving and supportive, you are still good to go for Graduation.

It really is that simple.

And thus, thinking you need to be ‘perfect’ is a waste of your time and energy.



According to a comprehensive analysis of the Law of One material, when the “quantum leap” finally occurs, almost everyone on Earth will first shift over into a parallel reality called third-density time/space.

This is a mirror-opposite plane of existence from third-density space/time,  where we are now.

Strangely, in this parallel reality, time becomes space and space becomes time.

[This is another great secret being kept from us in clandestine ‘government’ projects, according to at least three different witnesses I have personally spoken with.]



Time becomes space? What the heck are they talking about?

If you could shift yourself into time-space right now, you could move yourself through space here — say by walking forward — and time would speed up as if you were fast-forwarding a videotape.

Start walking backwards  from where you started, and the action you see will back up as well.





This section is indented because it is technical, and not necessary to understand the gist of what we are saying.

So, if you feel yourself suddenly getting tired, or wanting to click over to pictures of drunk and naked celebrities, just scroll down a bit first:


[GEEKSPEAK: Time, as we know it, is apparently powered by our movement through space. 

Since the Earth rotates from West to East, if you were to travel East in time/space — ahead of the Earth’s current rotational position — you would travel forward in time.

Traveling West would send you backwards in time.

According to this science, time is entirely the product of our movement through space. No motion, no time.

Obviously, the location where you enter is very important.

Let’s say you wanted to see your land before your house was built on it.

If you popped into time/space where your house is now and started traveling West, by the time you backed up to a point where your house wasn’t built yet, you would very likely be too far away to see your house at all.


From credible reports we have seen, such as the research of Dr. Viktor Grebennikov, we can approximate that a trip of 4-5 miles only shifts you about 4-5 weeks in time.

Of course, we don’t know whether he was traveling due East or due West at the time, so this estimate could be slightly ‘off’. 

However, the “mile a week” formula is probably in the right ballpark. 

You would therefore need to calculate how far you would have to move in space to get the corresponding movement in time.

Again, as a very rough estimate, you’d have to travel 52 miles West to see one year back into the past.

So, you would have to start your trip 52 miles East of your house in order to go back and see it a year ago.


Time is powered by our movement through space, and gravity is one of the most important movements that keeps us anchored in space-time.

Therefore, when you shield yourself from gravity you flip over into time-space. Multiple sources of data, both scientific and ‘insider,’ confirm this point.

As soon as you travel in a UFO, you automatically have a time machine — by design. Your relationship to time becomes very, very different.

Thus, we have a strange problem.


If you had a gravity-shielding device and wanted to make a simple 52-mile trip to the West, while staying in the present time, it would be roughly a year too early when you got there.

In order to not travel backwards in time, you would have to travel in the proper direction in order to reach your destination — even making a loop all the way around the earth.

Given the speeds that can be achieved, however, this would be no big deal.

Obviously, additional developments would be necessary to stabilize your ‘time field’ inside the ship so this time travel didn’t happen unless you wanted it to.

[5/12/15: New insiders have told us that traveling backwards in time creates paradoxes, and “time buffers” have been put on reverse-engineered craft so these problems do not arise.]


This is another major reason why the insiders do not want to release gravity-shielding technologies to humanity.

They fear it would collapse the economy as people learned to cheat the system and see what was coming.]





So, as you walked forward and backward, you would be seeing all the various events that happened in your room, or will potentially  happen in your room, at different times.

But that’s not all.

You also have to remember that there are other people living out their lives in time-space who you might see as well. 

They would normally be invisible to you in space-time.

Some of these people are what our legends refer to as fairies, gnomes, dwarves, elves and leprechauns.

Laugh if you must, but with so many people having seen these guys throughout written history, it seems unlikely that it was all a product of imagination.





As crazy as this must sound, Dewey Larson’s “Reciprocal System Theory” of physics confirms this space/time — time/space model with extensive scientific proof that it must  be the way things work.

A form of this same science is well-known and studied in classified top-secret programs.

Larson solves all the problems of quantum mechanics by positing the existence of three-dimensional time  just as the Law of One series described it.

This is very different than Einstein’s conventional model where he only gave time the “fourth dimension” and left it at that.

The Ra group said Larson’s model was fairly accurate.

Matter and energy as we know it is created by a constant exchanging flux of energy between space/time and time/space. 

[5/12/15: I explained this far more thoroughly in the second half of The Source Field Investigations, and am quite proud of it.]



Several other sources of data, including ancient Hindu, Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Biblical and Islamic scriptures, suggest that this “quantum leap” will be triggered by a monumental blast of energy from the Sun.

[5/12/15: This is precisely what all the highest-level insiders are expecting to happen as well. However, they erroneously believe it will be an epic disaster.

What they do not see is that a “density shift” occurs. Life on earth is up-leveled to a plane we cannot yet see. This plane experiences no negative effects from the shift.

It appears that most people on earth will be up-leveled into this new reality. It could be seamless enough that we do not even realize what happened.

Only the most negative, self-serving and “evil” folks will remain on the 3D timeline where they experience an epic cataclysm. This is all they will know.

Those who survive will either experience a Mad Max type of post-apocalyptic earth, or will be forced into underground or off-planet bases.

The Law of One explains that this “split” is perfectly sacred. Those who have accrued massive negative karma will have the opportunity to work it off.]



The Mayan Calendar, according to the Law of One series, was a highly accurate system for measuring these natural cycles in the earth, sun and galaxy. 

The basic 5,125-year cycle measures out one-fifth of the 25,920-year “major cycle” that is so extensively discussed in the Law of One series.

This calendar was given to the Mayans by another sixth-density group assisting humanity thousands of years ago.




[5/12/15: Again, this is far more thoroughly explained in The Source Field Investigations, which is much more advanced than what I put together here.]



This is a quite spontaneous and unexpected event when it happens.

Given its prevalence in so many religious teachings, we can assume that almost all ETs visiting us are well aware that this will happen.

This event will pop us into time/space, similar to the experience of going through the Bermuda Triangle while it is active, and / or traveling through a ‘stargate.’

In this case it is as if the entire planet has gone through a Bermuda Triangle-style activation all at once.



Apparently the energetic upgrade is not at all painful. It may be like the equivalent of a sudden dive into a pool of cold water.

This will apparently be the most spiritually ecstatic moment we will have ever experienced.

The Law of One also tells us that beings at a spiritual level equivalent to Jesus will appear when this happens — and guide us through the process.

Ancient mystics eagerly looked forward to this epic transformation many thousands of years ago, knowing only that they would see it in a future lifetime.

I am always reminded of Robert Plant’s lyrics in the Led Zeppelin song Kashmir: “They talk of days for which they sit and wait, where all will be revealed…”

Bum, bum, bum, bum, bab-bum  bum, bum, bum, bum, bada-bum….



If you do graduate, you will most likely move into “fourth-density space/time” and stay with the Earth in this totally new plane of existence that is now about to be born. 

The Law of One explains that all the same stuff we have here in 3D will be there. This includes the buildings, the trees, the land, your computer, you name it.

In fact, we may not even realize that anything has happened at first.

If you do not graduate, you end up in Earth’s third-density time/space — what most people call the ‘astral plane.’

Your next life will be on another third-density planet, custom-built for everyone on Earth who will still need it after the end of Earth’s third-density cycle. 

[5/12/15: It appears that even people who are not graduating will still see the beginning of 4D earth as this transition starts to occur.

They will simply die at a normal time, in a normal way, and then reincarnate elsewhere in their next life.]



Only recently have we discovered that apparently a small number of people stay in “third-density space/time” — i.e. the physical Earth as it exists now — after the quantum leap.

These will most likely be people involved in secret government programs and leaning towards the negative path.

Some of them will relocate to underground bases while others tough it out on the surface of the Earth. 

According to the Law of One, this level of the earth experiences a 21-degree pole shift, creating a truly apocalyptic event.

Going through a catastrophe of this nature allows them to balance out their karma — which could include being responsible for the deaths of thousands.

Some of these people also evolve into fourth-density negative, in Law of One terms. After thousands of years living underground, their eyes become much larger.

Witnesses who have interacted with these “future human extraterrestrials” — including Dan Burisch in private conversations I have had with him — describe them as being threatening and fear-invoking.

This is vastly different from how the Law of One series says it feels to connect with a fourth-density positive being.



Again, the whole game on Earth is about spiritual growth. That’s what we’re here for.

The hope, from the higher perspective, is to cultivate an environment where as many people will ‘graduate’ as possible.

It should be obvious that this election is of critical importance.

This elected leader will run the most powerful country on Earth — occupying 190 other countries as we speak — for the entire remaining time before the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21, 2012.

Think about this: the Mayan Calendar end-date will arrive just 47 days after the next election on November 4th, 2012. 

[5/12/15: Again, new insiders revealed that a “quantum leap” event, involving a massive release of solar energy, is expected some time in or around 2017-2018.

There are many ongoing signs of an ever-increasing energetic increase at the time I am writing this comment. It is all building up to something huge.]



Here come the ‘ifs,’ since there are many potential timelines we could experience in the next four years: 

If the American federal government holds together through the ensuing period…

If the elected President does not die by natural causes or assassination…

If the President is not forced to step down by impeachment, public uprising or military coup…

…then whomever wins this election will still hold office as the Mayan Calendar end-date arrives.

The winner of the 2012 election will not be inaugurated until January 2013.

Since the impending reality of the 2012 event is well-known at the highest levels of the American military-industrial complex — the so-called “Rockefeller Faction” — this election is obviously of extreme importance.

[5/12/15: I was one of those who had high hopes for Obama, and it is clear that he was heavily opposed and compromised by the existing secret government power structure.]



I have become rather uniquely involved in this story by some astonishing manifestations of synchronicity in my own life. 

It weaves together crop circles, the Law of One series and even the exact timing of my birth as it relates to pivotal world events.

These are arguably the most substantial manifestations of synchronicity I’ve ever had.

These synchronicities out-do the innumerable, stunning cases we’ve already documented throughout this website, the Project Camelot video and the 2012 Enigma video.

As you work through this article series, our conclusion will be that strongly negative aspects of the world government are falling apart as we speak.

Incredible synchronicities have been given that dovetail with hard data to validate the point.



So, if you’re worrying about how things might turn out, relax your mind.

There will be various events that create shock, of course, but the overall trendline will continue flowing in a more and more positive direction.

This is all part of the “shift” that is taking place.

In Part Two we will go into the crop circle formations that recently appeared, and how they redundantly pinpointed August 16th as a very important date.

We will look at what this means and why it is important. 

We hope to have Part Two finished very shortly — so keep checking back!



In the meantime, I covered about 90 percent of what the rest of this article series will go into.

Plus there is a lot more background on the secret societies that I won’t be going into — in this two-hour radio show I just did with Project Camelot yesterday.

Here’s the writeup as it appears on their site, followed by the link to the audio itself:

This is a blockbuster of a two hour phone conversation with David Wilcock, focusing on immediate current events but spanning time travel, the Freemasons, the Anunnaki, the Nazis, WW II, advanced technology, the Roswell crash, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the war in Georgia, the coming US election, Benjamin Fulford’s testimony, and what may or may not happen in the coming few weeks and months.