Tuesday 3/25/08

David here… I want to make sure you don’t miss these two radio shows I just did, as both of them turned out exceptionally well! 



It’s starting to sound too cliche’ to say that I had a great radio show, because honestly they have ALL been great! I have been encouraged by your many, many letters and it has inspired me to become even more focused and dedicated in what I do.



I have now successfully cleared the time — requiring outrageous personal effort — to focus in on our latest CONVERGENCE rewrite, which will dramatically improve the overall vision and story, with a focal point of mid-April for completion.

This is coinciding nicely with potential opportunities that are rising into view to complete the financing of the film, and if the synchronicity that has blessed our project up until now holds, everything will “click” at just the right time.

Once we have The Script — meaning a finished draft that finally passes the muster of multiple ‘readers’ while also conveying the science to the best of our ability — it will be a lot easier to secure the budget. I know we are getting very close now.

I will continue to update this site in the meantime as I am able to — including a full transcript of 2012 Enigma for those who don’t have broadband, thanks to our excellent transcription team — but I have made a conscious decision to pull back on email responses, since it literally can take all my available time just to try to give two-sentence replies to the ones that jump out.

Since many of you write me, I do want to keep the lines of communication open and let you know what my situation is so we don’t have any misunderstandings.  



Bear in mind that I am not exaggerating when I say that I’m now getting an average of 120 emails a day, and this does not include spam. This all has happened since the latest conferences and the 2012 Enigma video, so I’m definitely adjusting to the change. Even with some advanced routing tricks, emails are getting buried if I don’t take action on them within half a day.

Some people would call this a “happy problem,” because it means our exposure is growing, but on my personal level, feeling genuine appreciation and love for you, it’s hard not to see it as a crisis. If you read this site for a while, you know me as well as any other close friend in your life, and that definitely enhances the sense that we should have a private connection. I get it… and I do appreciate your positive vibes.




Everyone wants to engage more deeply — why not lobby to ask questions, call on the phone, or meet up in person? Why not push for me to read this book, see this video, visit this website, attend this conference, et cetera? There are multiple emails per day asking for these things, and have been for some time.

Long ago I set a blanket policy. I never call on the phone. I never meet privately. No secret exceptions are being made — everyone is treated equally and fairly. I can’t be bought out of this policy either. That’s how I deal with it as an honorable man.

Now I’ve realized things have shifted to the point where I cannot reliably answer email either… if I want to get anything else done. It’s a question of how to best balance my time to help the greatest numbers of people.

For now the best way to really feel involved is to attend a public event, as the sense of community is much more palpable. You will see me there in close proximity, may get to shake my hand and say a few words, and will definitely meet many amazing people, hear me speak live and be part of that group energy.



If you come to the Mexican Riviera cruise, you’re far more likely to have a personal experience than my other public appearances since the numbers will be smaller and we have an extended block of time together.

So far, I have managed to have private conversations with every person on every cruise. One or two people complained that they wanted more of my time than they got, and this is unavoidable — we are not guaranteeing any private meetings — but almost everyone comes away very satisfied.

By all means send an email if you feel moved to. I always read the first 2-3 paragraphs. Long emails going into detailed personal issues and experiences are usually not read through, as again it’s just overload — but contrary to the sentiments of many people writing in lately, your letters are NOT being filtered — yet — by some other staff person. I do see them all. This may change in the future and I will announce it when it does.



I do want to remind you that our discussion forum has turned into quite the amazing place. Though I might not have time to read more than the first paragraphs of your letter, you can write the same thing into the forum and potentially get multiple answers to your questions and / or share your experiences with others.

We do not allow for advertising on the forum, and we also discourage fear-oriented political material about the Illuminati and so forth, unless there is a clear understanding of the “big picture” in which this is all part of a sacred healing process the Earth is moving through at this time. Other than the obvious, these are the two most frequent areas people stumble over in trying to post.

I know that many forums are crowded with hecklers and poorly-written chicken-scratch posts that may reek of schizophrenia, but we’ve built a true online oasis by having a team of multiple moderators who ensure that the typical attacks that destroy forums do not happen here. The quality, in turn, draws out very good material from the participants. 

I have said it before, and will say it again: I am very impressed, and deeply honored, by the quality and the consistency of your posts. It’s a truly safe place where you can speak your mind and not worry about being shamed, ridiculed or attacked. If someone were to try to hurt you or insult you, they’d never make it through, but our moderation load is surprisingly light — everyone ‘gets it’ and we have a harmonious community.




I obviously do not have the time to add content to Divine Cosmos on a daily basis, but if you start following the forum, you will find that there is more than enough new material to keep you entertained and engaged each and every day. This can be a valuable part of your daily routine, keeping the vibes high and your focus positive.

I will never attempt to profit off of our forum by making it monthly-subscription-based, even though that would strongly help pay the bills. It’s your content, your hangout, your gathering, and you decide what, how, and when it all happens.

Your product orders are what stabilize this ship enough that we can continue sailing into the uncharted realms without capsizing, and our satisfaction rate approaches 100 percent!



The first show you can check out was done with Margaret Wendt on March 13, 2008 at 5PM PT. It was posted as of about 7PM that night. Unfortunately there is no direct download link, and our show is contained within a list of many others available as streaming audio.

You can log in and create a free account to listen at http://www.margaretwendt.com. Once you’ve created your own account, look under “Other Radio Shows” and you’ll see my name in the list.




Margaret has a strong background in the Cayce material, and that includes being acquainted with his son Hugh Lynn, who ran the A.R.E. for many years, and Jess Stearn, who wrote some of the most important Cayce books ever.

We did have a bit of an argument at the beginning… she was pushing for me to really stake my claim as Cayce’s reincarnation and I was dodging and weaving, growing increasingly frustrated with these attempts to call me out on the carpet.

Then her computer literally died, 20 minutes in, and we had to start over. She said this had never happened before in all the shows she’s ever done, and it definitely surprised her! It was a blessing in disguise, as by the time we restarted we were all fired up and harmonizing with each other on an intellectual and spiritual level. That’s the point at which this interview begins.

Margaret has said she would like me to appear as a regular guest on her program, and I liked her interviewing style, so I have tentatively accepted her offer. She can keep up with the furious pace that my mind races at once my pineal gland is fully up and running, and that makes for a very lively discussion. 

We also may launch a television project together. This is in the very early stages at this point. We have a series of connections and people who are on the periphery, know of us but have not yet made their direct approach. I’d rather get to choose who we do this with, as opposed to having to sort through various offers that may have catches and problems in each case.

It will probably be a special rather than a series, as right now a series could easily consume all my available time and energy — and a film is still the single best way to reach the largest potential audience. I do feel we need to get this material out to everyone who wants to hear it.  



I was originally scheduled to appear on Tom Murasso’s radio show, Myth or Logic Radio, on Thursday, March 20th. I had very much enjoyed my first appearance on his program, and your comments indicated that it has become a major favorite on everyone’s list.

Remember how Margaret’s computer was attacked and caused us to lose the first 20 minutes of our interview? Well, guess what… the same exact thing happened on Tom’s program. In this case, the entire TalkShoe server — running ALL the various shows — experienced a complete system collapse just MINUTES before we were scheduled to go on.

I waited for some 15 minutes in the hopes that Tom would call back with good news, saying we could proceed, but this was no easy problem to solve. Their server literally died and had to be resurrected.

Again, isn’t it a little bizarre that BOTH of these shows had massive computer attacks? Negative greeting is no joke!

We rescheduled our show to Monday, March 24th at 5PM PT. Quite honestly I have been so preoccupied with everything going on as I dig into the script rewrite process that I totally forgot about the show.

However, it was perfect timing, as I’d just been moving bulky items around the house and was aimlessly poring through my daily diet of websites, trying to stay informed on current events, but not really finding much of interest.

Suddenly the phone rang and it’s Tom asking me if I was having “trouble logging in,” and I laughed. He realized that I had forgotten and I admitted it. Nonetheless, I am ALWAYS ready to have a discussion about this material, and it ended up being a great show!

Normally Tom only does one hour, but this show ran for a solid two. I covered new material that I have not yet aired publicly before, including my take on the current Presidential election drama going on here in the US. I do feel there are valuable connections that can be made to the overall 2012 phenomena, and thus far very few people seem to be talking about it.

Here is the direct link to Tom’s radio show page, with streaming and download links included:

Link: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=59174&cmd=tc




If you’d like to grab this file for your hard drive, go ahead and right-click on this next link, select “Save As,” make sure you put it somewhere that you will remember, and go for it:


OK…  to use some 80s parlance, I’ve gotta jet, but we’ll talk soon. Check out these shows… you will not be sorry!