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4. Betcha Like It — Jazz Ascension (David Wilcock and Larry Seyer — from Science of Peace Cosmic Combo Pack)

5. Meditation 1.8.4 (David Wilcock — from What is My Purpose?)

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The talk itself was just done today, without any written script or pre-planning. We also did not edit any of it except to add a few pauses — so if David stumbles over his words (which happens at least once,) you hear it exactly as it happened! There are also a very few scrapes and bumps to the microphone, but none causing a violent clipping sound.

Once our transcription volunteers do their magic, we’ll include the written version for a more in-depth presentation. Don’t expect to follow every word on the first pass… it’s OK if you zone out.

For now, this is yet another way to educate yourself and relax into the flow of the music and David’s enlightening thoughts.

Enjoy it!



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Earthforce, one of our many discussion group members (we have over 60 participating at any one time, 24/7) was kind enough to write up a summary of our talk.

We used this as a jumping-off point to do a rewrite, summarize the contents of the MP3, and present links for more info:



Image someone suggesting that the planets are living entities. Then imagine hearing that an intelligent energy force is responsible for species evolving on Earth, every 26 million years.

Even better, imagine that this same force may be pushing us to a new level right now — fulfilling many ancient prophecies of a coming “Golden Age” in the process!

What could be further from the typical media diet of an average human being during his or her daily life?

In this talk, David begins explaining how the entire Universe is really One life force.



A variety of technologies have been suppressed by Big Oil. They obviously are making a tremendous amount of money from selling oil and gas.

If everyone could have access to unlimited energy — without having to pay for it — that would obviously put a lot of very powerful people out of business. 

These technologies are real — though completely ignored by the mainstream media.

For example, beginning in the 1940s, Prof. John Searl (http://www.americanantigravity.com/searleffect.html) designed a magnetic disc that created free energy and anti-gravity effects:




If you want to know more, here’s a one-hour video of a lecture Prof. Searl gave in 1994, where he gives a concise but detailed summary:


Link to Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8635897559220353909


Obviously this is great if it really works… but how does it relate to human evolution? That takes a bit of work to explain, but bear with us.



As you can see in the previous picture, Searl’s device uses magnetic rings and magnetic rollers on the inside to provide its power source.

This next video clip shows you a recent, small recreation of a real Searl ring-roller system… which in this case is not powerful enough to create anti-gravity. (Ultimately you need three interconnecting sets of rings and rollers to get the effect to work.)

However, when the device is powered up, the rollers soon begin moving at a tremendous speed. If you harnessed this speed like a generator, you would discover that it is creating much more energy than it takes to run:

Link to Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3473771435147524141


The key is that each magnetic roller has two different sets of north-south magnetic poles built into it… one going top to bottom, the other left to right. Searl built in this cross-current through a special technique as the magnets were being manufactured.

These perpendicularly-arranged magnetic fields, when rotated, begin churning an energy field (unknown to most Western scientists) much like a propeller churns water, causing gravitational thrust.

In the West these unseen energies are called Dark Matter, Dark Energy or Zero-Point Energy, whereas the Russians call them Torsion Fields. Historically, it was called “Aether.”

This cosmic energy field is harnessed to create the anti-gravity and free energy effects in the Searl Levity Disc.

Now… what if our mind could also gate directly into this free energy? That is precisely what David will demonstrate in his upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE.

We are living in an “energetic” universe. We, by thought alone, can affect real change in our lives. The connection between this cosmic energy field and consciousness has repeatedly been verified, as David’s other works such as The Science of Peace demonstrate.



Searl’s anti-gravity device was duplicated by two Russians, Godin & Roschin: (http://www.americanantigravity.com/godinroschin.html).




They combined existing magnets together and noticed a gravitational reduction in the lab, under very controlled conditions.




“Domain walls ” surrounded the device once the machine was turned on. They could be measured by their strong magnetic fields and a corresponding drop in temperature. These walls formed spheres within spheres surrounding the device itself — much like the layers of an onion:




Most of these spheres could not be seen, but a donut-shaped pink plasma was observed surrounding the device itself when it was running.

David suggests this energy pattern is the key to understanding structures throughout the universe, at all levels of size. This includes: 

* the “orbitals” of electrons in the atom;

* the different layers of tissue within fruits: core, seeds, fruit, pericarp, skin;

* the layers of core, mantle, lithosphere and crust within the Earth;

* the force that holds the planets in their orbits (before being deformed and elongated by the pressure of our Sun’s movement through the galaxy);

* galactic energy fields, measured as discrete changes in microwave frequency.

Searl’s device, by tapping into “free energy”, is duplicating the basic engine at the core of every atom, every planet, every star and every galaxy. Therefore, we find the same energy fields at work in each of these systems, including Roschin and Godin’s device.



In conventional astronomy, we measure how far away something is by the microwave frequencies it gives off. These frequencies are called “Redshift.”

According to Dr. Halton Arp and others, the “Redshift” model is fatally flawed — as it would mean the Earth is at the center of the Universe:




If each “redshift” number was a distance, then there should be a nearly infinite variation in the numbers we actually measure.

This is not the case.

Only certain numbers appear — and they are evenly spaced apart from each other.

Dr. William Tifft discovered that these microwave frequencies are “quantized,” as he called it… spaced evenly apart, with nothing in between:




In much the same way, an electron is either in one orbital or another. You cannot see that it is building energy to pop into the next frequency until it actually happens — POP!

If the conventional Redshift model was true, then each galaxy should obviously only have one number… since it should be a fixed distance away from us.

It doesn’t.

When Dr. Tifft and others turned their telescopes out to hundreds of different galaxies, they found that each galaxy had multiple “quantized” frequencies.

They were arranged in concentric layers, spreading away from the center — exactly like the spheres within spheres we’ve been discussing!





Spheres within spheres of microwave energy within galaxies? Who cares?

Now we bring in Dr. Harold Aspden of http://www.energyscience.org.uk/.

On this website he builds a completely new model of the “aether”, based on still-in-use electromagnetic equations going back to Maxwell (http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~…s/Maxwell.html ) and Heaviside (http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~…eaviside.html.)

Dr. Aspden discovered that the ‘aether’ — this same cosmic energy field the Russians call torsion fields — is not uniform in its thickness. It naturally separates into different levels of density.

On an esoteric level, these different “densities” might actually be different planes of existence —  different “dimensions” as most people might think of them… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

How did Aspden calculate the ‘density’ in a given area of the universe?

He measured the frequency of microwave energy there!

Sound familiar?  

When Aspden discovered Dr. Tifft’s work, he was shocked to realize that Tifft had found the exact same frequencies… as distinct, spherical walls in galaxies!

Tifft’s frequencies measured the theoretical predictions in Aspden’s equations… down to the last decimal point!



Why should you care about any of this?  

Here’s why.

Dr. James Spottiswoode discovered that ordinary people become 400-percent more psychic when they are aligned with the center of the Galaxy.

He found this by combining together 2500 different laboratory studies of ESP, spanning 20 years!

[To be more precise, Spottiswoode found people were 400 percent more psychic during a certain moment of Sidereal Time, which measures the Earth’s movement in relation to the center of the Galaxy. Spottiswoode himself did not directly suggest the Galactic Center was responsible for the effect.]

This effect peaks at 13:30 Local Sidereal Time. The full study can be found at http://www.jsasoc.com/docs/JSE-LST.pdf.



Your local sidereal time (LST) shifts by four minutes per day, so you have to check it about once a week if you want to experiment with this. The easiest calculator to use is here: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/sidereal.html.

As you can see from the graph, the best window to work in is from 12:00 to 14:00 LST, as it quickly drops off thereafter. 



Sidereal time — and its connection to the galaxy — was first discovered in 1931, as it was causing great, unexplainable radio interference: 


In 1931 Karl Jansky of the Bell Telephone Laboratories was carrying out experiments with an advanced radio antenna to track down all the noise sources causing problems for the newly developed shortwave radiotelephone systems.

One perplexing source of radio static could not be explained… until Jansky made a key observation. The static would steadily peak four minutes earlier day after day.

The unknown radio source was keeping perfect time not with some daily occurrence on Earth, but with the passage of the stars overhead, reaching a maximum every 23 hours 56 minutes, once every sidereal day.

What Jansky was measuring turned out not to be coming from the Earth; it was radio emission from the center of the Milky Way galaxy passing overhead every 23 hours and 56 minutes.

His observation of a precise correlation between sidereal (star) time and his mystery source gave birth to radio astronomy. (emphasis added)

So, once you calculate your starting time on a given day, you simply subtract four minutes for each new day afterwards.

An easier method is to update yourself to the LST clock once or twice a week. Here in Los Angeles the peak hit at about 7:30 this morning.



Isn’t it amazing to realize that this has been happening to you, every day, for your entire life, but you never even knew about it?

Sidereal time is entirely created by our movement through the Galaxy — so it is obvious that our position in the Galaxy causes our minds to change… quite dramatically!  

If you were studied in the laboratory, you would get 400 percent more accurate on simple ESP tests during 12:00 to 14:00 LST… every day!

[Note: Richard C. Hoagland calculated the position of the Galactic Center and said it was 60 degrees offset from the “High Noon” position. We just found a study at http://www.miqel.com/reading_library/archived_stories/psychic_siderealtime.html that confirms this effect does not occur at “Galactic High Noon”.

Since this effect occurs near the horizon, it could simply have to do with the most favorable harmonic relationship between the Galactic Center and the earth’s magnetic field. 

The 60-degree angle is also important, because many other “hyperdimensional” effects are seen at this angle relationship — including the astrology aspect known as the ‘sextile.’ This is due to the ‘tetrahedral geometry’ of 60 degrees. In our other works we describe the geometry of the ‘aether’ in detail.]



This raises another question.

Given the great masters we’ve seen on the Earth, with their stunning ‘psychic’ powers, isn’t it logical to conclude that we are not yet at the pinnacle of evolution?

Isn’t it safe to say that as we continue evolving, more and more people will be able to use their ESP?

Now we know that the Galaxy has a direct effect on how well we can use our ESP.

Therefore, it appears that the energy of our Galaxy is directly tied in with the evolution of the human species… by raising its level of consciousness!



This is an astonishing scientific validation of material given in various esoteric teachings regarding the idea of “Galactic Chakras” — halos of energy in the Galaxy that affect all life within it. 

We now can prove that galactic energy affects our ESP… but what about the evolution of our DNA?

David reminds us that Dr. David Raup and James Sepkoski discovered a 26-million-year cycle of spontaneous evolution in the fossil record: 




In David’s harmonics model we learn that the spheres of energy in the galaxy should be evenly spaced apart.

If these spheres are then expanding away from the center of the galaxy at a fixed speed, then what would happen?

Think about it. Evenly spaced apart, moving at a constant speed.

Each sphere would collide with our Solar System in even cycles of time.

Say, every 26 million years!

Now check out Edgar Cayce reading 1602-3, question 8, which was dealing with earth changes such as tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions:

“(A) In 1998 we may find a great deal of the activities as have been wrought by the gradual changes that are coming about.

These are at the periods when the cycle of the solar activity, or the years as related to the sun’s passage through the various spheres of activity

become paramount or Catamount [?] [Tantamount?] to the change between the Piscean and the Aquarian age. (emphasis added)



Our passage through these “spheres of activity,” as Cayce’s source called it, appears to be the real cause of the sudden, spontaneous evolutionary changes we repeatedly see in the fossil record. 

Most researchers try to blame it on a large body such as the proposed “Nemesis” or Planet X.

We are dealing with intelligent energy, patterned and programmed by the Galaxy itself as a sentient being… slowly evolving all the star systems within itself at a fixed speed.

That is the real secret of 2012, which may be the critical dividing-line between one density of energy and another. Esoteric materials including the Law of One series outlined this model, and David subsequently discovered the scientific case to support it.



David has found extensive NASA proof that our entire Solar System is undergoing climate change… not just the Earth. His definitive statement on the subject can be found here:


David’s research was inspired by Russian scientist Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev:


This same model… galactic energy fields causing interplanetary climate change… appears to have been given to both the Americans and the Russians by ETs no later than the mid-1950s, as reported in George Hunt Williamson’s book “Road in the Sky”.




This next image shows you the dates of publication for this book, establishing its original publication date of 1959… well before any of these Solar System changes were so visible:




These next two excerpts are from the book itself. They reveal what the ETs that had contacted Williamson and others were saying, way back in the 1950s! As you can see, it perfectly fits with our model. The first two excerpts are sequential, from pages 231-232:






Next we see how Williamson ties in this data with the “big picture” that his ET contacts in the 1950s had revealed to him:






The Biblical concept of a “trumpet blast” is very likely a metaphor for a higher harmonic frequency that our Solar System moves into at the end of this Age. After all, a harmonic is nothing but a vibration… just like sound! 

Elsewhere in the book, Williamson hints that the Russians received the same information from the ETs as his team was getting. He does not name the country, but given the furious space race between the US and Russia at the time — particularly since Russia made it first with the Sputnik probe — it’s not hard to figure out:






This ET contact may be how Dmitriev and the other Russian scientists were tipped off to study this phenomenon in the first place. Dmitriev’s paper represented the best Russian scholarship on the topic as of 1997, and we substantially advanced the model forward with our paper in 2004.



So, if this is what’s really driving the evolution of species on Earth, we’d need some sort of physical proof that DNA could change by a strictly energetic process.

This can be found in the work of Dr. Peter Garaiev. He was able to completely transform a frog embryo into a salamander… simply by shining a non-burning laser through a salamander embryo and then redirecting it into the frog embryo.

No other processes were necessary… and the transformed creature grew into a full adult salamander, with none of the problems normally associated with cloning.

What is required for this DNA change is two things:

1. A DNA pattern transformed from a “particle” (the molecule) into a “wave” (the light beam);

2. A sufficiently large source of energy to transmit the information (the laser beam).


What we are saying is that these Galactic Chakras, these “spheres of activity,” these “domain walls,” are ultimately the creation of an intelligent, living Galactic Creator.

They contain the pattern to transform all DNA on the planet, and they provide a sufficiently large source of energy to enable the transformation to take place.

This is what is happening to us now. It appears that the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 — the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius — represents the “tipping point” from one density to another.



David recognizes this information and knowledge is too important to be left to just the few that can pay. We are providing this MP3 to anyone who is concerned about their lives and/or the strife that some predict will occur before the entry into a Golden Age of Enlightenment on Earth.

You can change your consciousness, change your perspective, actualize your full potential and become the person the Creator wants you to be.

There is no place outside the Creator. Everything is God. Everyone is equal. Much of this came from the 1981-83 Law of One readings. ( www.lawofone.info )



Various people tap into what David calls “Ageless Wisdom .” Spiritual and religious movements come about as a result. Each person may have certain biases that affect how they access “intelligent infinity”, thereby causing differences in the teachings from one culture to another.

Your pre-existing beliefs about God may also come through in your channeling of this intelligent infinity. So researchers should be aware there is always some personal bias that accompanies the channeled material.

David suggests everyone should navigate their own path. This is a time where each person can gain their own information, rather than relying upon existing teachings. Reading the best of this material does have a value, as it can help “tune” your mind to be able to experience higher consciousness directly. 



Furthermore, he suggests we do not need to dwell on negative story lines. If you find yourself gravitating towards the negative, understand that everything happening to us is part of a Perfect Plan for humanity.

Its purpose is to help us graduate into the next major evolutionary level — with ‘Ascended’ abilities much as we see in the legend of Jesus and other “Ascended Masters.”

The most credible sources of esoteric philosophy, such as the Law of One series, consistently encourage us to realize that the worst Earth Changes will not occur until AFTER everyone (or almost everyone) on Earth has transmuted to a higher frequency. At this higher frequency level you will not be affected by these cataclysms in any way.

We may have help in this process. “Mr. X,” the first Project Camelot witness, said he saw documents of conversations between the US secret government and ETs, where the ETs informed them that they were going to make a mass landing in 2012… and there was nothing our governments could do about it.

See our previous entry in “David’s Blog” for more details on this story, and for instructions on where you can see David speak live and in person!



The Planet X model should be laid to rest, as it is deeply flawed. The Sun contains 99.86 percent of all the mass in the Solar System, leaving 0.14 percent for ALL the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and dust.

Even if the proverbial Planet X were the size of Jupiter, its effect on the Sun would be very, very small… akin to trying to move a parked car in neutral with a refrigerator magnet.

You have now seen a consistent body of information, going back to the early 20th century with Cayce Reading 1602-8 and the 1950s with the George Hunt Williamson material, describing what is really happening.



Humanity is moving into a state of “Unconditional Love”, irrespective of what has happened previously.

You can be a part of the cleansing reality… and this free MP3 presentation is a wonderful step in aiding you to do that!

In case you haven’t yet grabbed it, here is your download link. (PC users right click and select “Save Target As”.)