Thursday 12/6/07 

Stationed in Sweden, this was another instant classic radio show for David. Download and listen to the first hour — absolutely free!



The Red Ice Creations website popped up on our radar recently due to some unique research we found on there in the course of routine Google searches. The quality of information was unusually high, and the look of the site was quite slick, showing a high production value. 



Recently we were invited as a guest on the radio show, and it all happened fast — but that’s OK. Fredrik, the host, brought a highly ‘crystallized’ intellectual focus to the conversation — and this created a space where a truly amazing amount of information could come through in a relatively short time.

We even got our own graphic made up for being on the show, as you can see here… not bad, although we’d never throw an ‘aura’ around a head shot for risk of appearing to be too self-promoting and / or Messianic. Nonetheless, it’s OK if someone else does it:





Ah yes… before we forget, here’s everything you need. For the next week, we are the cover story on the main page, We will always be featured on the following information page, which includes a writeup and streaming-audio links:


If you are interested in downloading the MP3 directly, (and who wouldn’t!,)  here’s the link:


Everything you hear in this show fits nicely with the 3.5-hour Project Camelot video we did, and is also a great introduction to our Science of Peace series. You might want to check out the information page, as it also contains links to several of the things we discussed on the air!







Ordering the Science of Peace is a gift on multiple levels — for yourself AND for everything we do.

First of all, you’ll be plunging into a very unique experience, where the music and the information blend together to really help you integrate this knowledge of the science of consciousness — the hidden mysteries of how your own mind truly functions every moment!

Second of all, you are helping fund what ultimately amounts to a political campaign to change consciousness on this planet, every bit as important for humanity’s future as, say, the Ron Paul candidacy… only we have far less PR, and therefore far less support, at the present time.

That may change, but right now we really do need you — and want you to know how deeply we appreciate your generosity!




If you already have experienced Science of Peace, you will undoubtedly benefit from its less-expensive ($17.99) companion project What is My Purpose, also featuring a psychedelic, transcendent musical soundtrack.

And if you’d like to hear a great archive of readings, radio-show appearances and public lectures, you can subscribe to our MP3 Archive — which will undoubtedly see many new files uploading in the coming year!

Definitely listen to this Red Ice Creations show no matter what, as the first hour is totally free and believe me, we covered TONS of fascinating subjects!

The momentum is building… and we thank you for being here to enjoy it with us!