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First, the most important news. I will be speaking on the Sedona Lights Radio program tomorrow night, Sunday December 2nd, 2007, from 8-10pm PDT, 11pm-1am EDT. 

You can visit their site at, and we are the cover story as of this time.



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Veterans of this site should be forewarned that both shows want to discuss the Cayce reincarnation story. That means there WILL be repeated material. Radio presentations always amount to an introductory course — and you should respect the fact that I do try to always add in new things, but there is invariable — and necessary — repetition.



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It was only just over a month ago that Southern California had a fire disaster that caused the largest number of displaced American refugees since the Civil War:



As I wrote in “Wildfire Update,” one of those fires was in Malibu, and it was close enough that I actually watched fire slowly consuming the adjacent mountainside while I sat eating dinner with my father. 

Dad had just arrived the day before for a vacation with me, and we ended up having to spend the entire time in a hotel. We were two of the numbers responsible for that record-breaking grand tally of refugees.

Dad arrived on Saturday. The winds were so ferocious it felt like the house was going to get ripped right out of the ground. With all the spooky wind noise and darkness, Dad commented that the house would make a great setting for a horror movie — and I said, “No, the only real horror movie we’d ever have here is if there was a fire.”

The fires started that night and were already visible when we got up the next morning, along with the fact that the power was out. We evacuated that same Sunday night, after returning from a day at Universal Studios Theme Park — determined not to let this disaster disrupt our plans.

I took him to the airport, minus one suitcase, on Wednesday afternoon. You couldn’t access the house from the roads going in, as they had blocked everything off to fight the raging inferno… so I had to ship his belongings back to him later on.



Thankfully we dodged a bullet on that one. For those who worry about my well-being, I should also point out that the house I’m living in has a metal roof and fireproof coating, and it also has enough of a clearing of brush and trees around it to be safe. It actually was surrounded by flames in the 1993 fire and was never damaged.

Furthermore, I did not get any dreams or visions suggesting imminent danger to my person or belongings prior to the event — and I would imagine that if something that major was going to affect me directly, I would have been warned. This trust in the reliability of my intuition, and of my protection, led to a serene calm about the whole thing that my father found quite mysterious.

A true student of esoteric science will be able to see and accept what is, even if it does involve the loss of material things or even the loss of life. It takes many, many cycles of repetition to become that balanced about things that others find extremely traumatic… such as living year after year in total financial uncertainty.

The ideal is to move through your experiences without being attached to them. Let them inform your journey of self-awakening, while avoiding taking things personally, trying to fit in with what other people want you to be, giving in to fear, et cetera. It is possible to see the love, to see the good in every situation, even the most unpleasant and terrifying.



A threatening event of that scale has a very clarifying effect. Among other things, the wildfire epidemic brought back memories of the trip I had with my father to Cape Cod just before I entered college, in the summer of 1991. In fact, Dad’s recent visit was the first proper ‘vacation’ we had taken together since that fateful week in ’91.

A big hurricane was coming up the East Coast, and I knew it was going to plow right into us.  We evacuated once it became clear that it really was going to hit — but I saw it coming two days in advance. We ended up holed up for days in a big inland hotel while sheets of water pounded against the plexiglass roof in the main hall.

Our particular cabin, back in Cape Cod, was the only one in that set of properties that had a working gas stove, apparently. So, we were surprised — that’s a good word — upon our return to discover that everyone was cooking, eating and hanging out in our formerly locked, private cabin while we were gone.

That was a really powerful time in my life. Our drive back to Cape Cod from the hotel was like a scene out of a horror movie. There were upturned trees everywhere — just the total power of Mother Nature unleashed. We were slack-jawed in amazement at the endless waves of disaster scenes in the window as we got closer and closer.



I had to leave the ‘vacation’ before everyone else did, which involved taking the bus from Cape Cod, Massachusetts all the way back to Schenectady, New York, with a transfer in Albany. The first two hours of that bus ride again was like a tour through hell. Some of the sights were just astonishing in the scope of devastation I witnessed.

My mother then drove me, along with all my stuff, down to New Paltz to start college. It may not sound like much, but that bus trip was actually the first time I’d ever traveled alone. There were inevitable uncertainties in such a process — you become convinced that you’re on the wrong bus, or the whole system is going to break down just for you — and it was a definite initiation into adulthood.

All at once, I was leaving home for the first time, preparing to live independently for the first time, traveling alone for the first time, traveling on a long-distance bus for the first time, and dodging a major natural disaster for the first time. 



Of course, things totally changed after that trip. Given the sheer volume of hard-partying students at a New York State university (the freshman class is 2000, the graduating class 200, if that helps,) I descended into the darkest, deepest grips of my addiction. Free from any parental oversight or constraint, I reveled in my newfound ‘freedom’. 

Yet, I’d been overweight up until my senior year of high school, and I’d never lost any of the issues that came with it… including this feeling that a friend must be preserved at all costs, as otherwise I wouldn’t have any. So, I put up with all manner of injustices, hoping that my positive attitude would win out, and ultimately up-level their interaction with me into a lifelong bond.




It did work with my best high school friend Jude, who I did all my earliest music projects with… and that became my archetypal formula. Tolerate the ‘initiation’ and eventually they will love you.

As you may know, I had a fondness for marijuana but really never was into alcohol, as I got sick almost every time I drank it, even in smaller amounts. That, along with my super-healthy diet — no coffee, no cigarettes, no dairy, no processed or ‘fast’ foods, no intoxicants, et cetera — may explain why I’m about to turn 35 next year and still get carded when I buy a bottle of sake for cooking stir-fry.

[Incidentally, I did eat a fast-food item at Universal Studios with my father, out of desperation since there was no other choice. Within minutes I developed an unbearable migraine headache from the huge amounts of MSG, which lasted for six hours straight.

That was part of what made me hold out so long once we got home, watching the fire while we ate. Every sound and movement hurt, and that was the condition I was in when we had to evacuate… utterly devastated. The last thing I wanted to do was move one arm, never mind move everything I couldn’t afford to lose into my car in the whipping winds and choking smoke.]  



The friendships I developed in school turned out to be quite transient, as they centered around the partying. I was so emotionally crippled that I was only just starting to become aware of the fact that everyone I knew would take advantage of me, depending upon their particular taste… and the ‘friendship formula’ I was living with was actually a debilitating addiction — a mental illness — called codependency.

I also “just happened” to have landed in the single most alcoholic suite on campus, as the RA’s later informed me. 

Everyone would trash the suite on a nightly basis, leaving all the cigarette butts, mostly-empty 40-ounce malt liquor bottles and decaying food waste sitting around. Every morning I would awaken to a scene just like the natural disasters I’d traveled through to make it to school in the first place.

I had been raised in a situation at home where my mother was very particular about cleanliness, and I would be confronted if I left a crumb on the kitchen countertop. Resistance was completely futile, and the best way to adapt to it was to emotionally desire that same level of cleanliness myself. Each parent had quirks that made my adolescence positively unbearable, paving the way for a strong addiction… and the “neat freak” role was my mother’s gig.

I would invariably be so disgusted with the alcoholic mess in my suite that I’d feel I had no choice but to clean the whole area. I simply could not live in filth, and if I didn’t clean it then they were perfectly willing to start the whole game again the next night, putting new filth on top of the existing filth. A week-long experiment convinced me that this literally would never change.





The white tile floor was literally black from spilled beer, and you could not walk without peeling up your shoes as you went along, making a noticeable adhesive sound with every step. Hence someone rolled a red carpet in the party area to soak up the beer.

Every morning, I’d hit the carpet with a push-broom to grab up all the ashes, food crumbs and butts, after I’d pulled in the garbage barrel to get rid of the mountains of $hit they dropped behind.

Then it was like the heavens had parted for them — a consecrated space — so they’d drink even harder the next night, and the cycle repeated itself. I tried to get them to pick up after themselves, and once in a great while it worked, but they were quite happy to have a slave on hand… and made sure to manipulate me, by whatever means necessary, so I’d keep doing it.

In the second semester there was a new guy who had shaved both sides of his head, spent a half-hour at a time staring fondly at himself in the public mirror, blasted “Blood Sugar Sex Magick” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers every day on his stereo, loved to womanize, had real aggression issues and was as wasted as everyone else.

One night our friend actually hurled a malt liquor bottle right at my face, simply because he saw me… and the only reason why it didn’t hit me is I somehow managed to duck fast enough to avoid it.

I was so afraid of living in the same suite with someone in gross conflict that I literally just ran out of the room… and we never talked about it again.  

As Axl Rose said, “You’re in the jungle, baby!”

Thankfully, the others stood up for me and confronted him. After all, they didn’t want to lose their housekeeping service!

[Obviously I’m exaggerating here. People can be very manipulative towards you and sincerely love you at the same time, to the extent they are capable of it. Such is the inherent confusion and distortion of third-density existence. It doesn’t mean you have to play along… or should.]

I forgot about this act of violence very quickly, and it got buried into my subconscious. The addiction kept me so numbed out that I just crashed through life without paying much attention to where I was going, and not remembering much of how I got there.  



Thankfully I was wise enough to sign up for one of the “study” dorms the next semester, and it was a whole new scene. Now that I was in a peaceful, non-toxic environment, I became aware of the fact that all the horror was really in my own mind.

The previous year in the nursery of filth had only been an externalized projection of the issues I was dealing with inside, albeit in an exaggerated form… I just hadn’t healed them yet. The drugs papered over the problems just enough so I didn’t see them most of the time.

[If you think this has any relationship to the current socio-political issues in the world, and the way the media covers them up and denies reality, then you have “penetrated the outer teachings” of esoteric knowledge, my friend.] 

It took hitting the ‘bottom’, so to speak, to pull me out. That was when I realized that I had become chemically handicapped by substance abuse. Getting sober was the only way I could regain normal tranquility and happiness, as otherwise I had to be intoxicated just to feel some semblance of pleasure in my life.

Six months after I got clean, I was initiated into what NASA really knows about UFOs… and my life’s passion and mission started taking shape. I just “followed my bliss,” and now 14 and a half years later, here we are.


I knew that very powerful energies were shifting when my father visited me for the first time in years, and then this Biblical disaster started up in California that same night. I wasn’t sure what it meant at first, except that it was really big, big stuff. I did notice how it seemed to complete a cycle that started all the way back with my entrance into college.

The script rewrite we’re about to get back from our writer could be seen as the completion of the whole “student” cycle of my work, plunging me into the “graduate” category at last.

CONVERGENCE: The Movie represents the culmination of everything I’ve been working towards all this time, including the whole reason I went to college in the first place, which was to better serve humanity. I majored in psychology, and that knowledge definitely affects what I do now.

It’s been a long, difficult battle to get this film made, and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. There have been many upsets, false starts and disasters along the way, most recently including our new writer badly injuring his foot almost as soon as he went home to start working on the rewrite. The doctors told him “two months to two years” for him to walk again, depending on the injury, but thankfully he bounced back in less than three weeks!

At this point we do need to raise both short-term AND long-term capital to finish out the process, as you need short-term financing to make the final sprint to the big players. We have an intriguing lead on our long-term financing, which has been hanging out on the periphery since last summer, and I had two dreams in a row on Thanksgiving Day that strongly indicated it’s going to happen.

Let me just say that if this is true, we are blessed with a synchronistic miracle beyond our wildest imagination… and that would be nice! Hopefully we’ll see something emerge within another month or two at the most, if it IS actually going to happen. There are several other hot leads as well, and we’re weighing each one individually. No firm decisions have been made.



The fire during my father’s visit was such a huge event for me that it took a while for the meaning, impact and scope of it to really sink in. Even still, it wasn’t quite there… more in the subconscious.

I did a renewed vigor to get back into the things that mattered most. After all these dreams suggesting it was time to go back to “college,” so to speak, I was inspired to do a complete re-auditing of the entire Law of One series — book by book, page by page, taking copious notes.




I haven’t written anything yet, but believe me, I’m seeing all sorts of amazing opportunities that are going to totally blow your mind once I get them written up. I know, you want the details, everybody does, but it’s too complicated to go into details right now. When all is said and done the Study Guide will enjoy an “extreme makeover.” 

As is always the case with the Law of One, the material is so dense that you invariably discover new things every time you read it. The benefits I have enjoyed from getting back into it have been tremendous, and I recommend visiting to read the full, uncut, validated transcripts of the original material, going back to the source tapes for precision.

Carla and Jim, the surviving team members, have their own informative and engaging website at, and I highly recommend you order your hard-copy versions of the five books from them rather than reading it all online, as it gets you away from the computer and you can highlight, write margin notes, et cetera. They remain among the most valuable books I own.

I really do feel as if my whole mindset has been transformed by re-reading the material from where I am now, as I’m studying it with the complete intent to master every aspect of knowledge it presents so I can teach it to others, not just focusing on the things I found the most interesting.

The perspective of the Ra group is very useful when you’re in the midst of troubling times. It’s good to remember that the Original Thought of the universe is love, and that by aligning ourselves with that Original Thought, we are harmonizing with our true identity… as the Creator.

One of the pieces of self-forgiveness you eventually work, when moving into the indigo-ray level, is forgiving yourself for not having seen and treated yourself as the Creator — a being of “infinite worth.”



By the time I got the ‘news’ on Thanksgiving that our long-term financing might be solved entirely, thanks to this one intriguing situation, I was in a truly exalted consciousness. Things seemed wonderful, and I kept on reading.

However, that Friday morning I had two nightmares in a row, both again suggesting my house was threatened. The winds were really strong that day — strong enough that it felt like the house was going to be ripped right off the ground. The wind was whistling, the windows visibly bowing in and out.

Then I awoke with another strong dream Friday night / Saturday morning, at 3:30 am. It was totally dark outside, and here I was, documenting even more troubling visions. What is this?

I do have a lovely view from the windows flanking my desk, and as I kept working on my dream I noticed the sunrise. Right out there — on the western side of the mountain.

You know, that warm orange glow there behind the mountain… flickering in intensity against the morning clouds.

At 3:45 am.

Oh shit.



I checked the Internet, as I seemed to remember seeing wispy smoke-like clouds from that area the day before, but thought nothing of it. Had I been seeing something coming and just didn’t pay enough attention?

I looked and looked. No articles about a fire. However, the glow was undeniable — and then when I saw a fire helicopter going through it, and the smoke visible in the light from the helicopter, then I really knew.

Since it was still dark, I needed to use infrared night-vision on my camera to catch a picture of it. The fire was licking right at the base of a big set of radio towers for police, fire and ambulance… and was directly to the right of where the other fire had already burned:




By the time the sun came up, we were dealing with an enormous, terrifying situation. It was the largest natural disaster I’d ever seen in my entire life. The only thing I could compare it to was the video I saw of the clouds that erupted as the Twin Towers came down on 9/11.

There was an incredible amount of smoke, and it looked like a gigantic mushroom cloud. I’d never seen such a high, huge and awe-inspiring amount of smoke in my life. It was something I never expected I would see, unless it was the “end of the world.”

I believe the sudden terror of people evacuating and losing their homes just a few miles away was what woke me up in the middle of the night. It turns out that the fire officially started at 3:30 am… which is precisely when I woke up. 

What was troubling about this fire was that it was moving much, much faster than the previous one, which had a slow, lumbering gait that allowed me to very precisely calculate how far it would go, and how long it would take to get there. This new fire covered an incredible amount of acreage and was totally out of hand by the time the sun came up, after only three hours’ time.

Thankfully, California learned its lesson from the last time around, and 23 airplanes worked around the clock with 1700 firefighters. At any one time I was seeing five aircraft circling the blaze, which was safely on the other side of the mountain and — thankfully — never broke over the ridge.

Nonetheless, once again here I was, faced with the possibility of an imminent evacuation. Maybe the previous message wasn’t strong enough… now I was being offered the same catalyst to mull over once again, but with an even more threatening appearance.



By sundown the smoke had already stopped and there were no more planes visible in our airspace. They did a fantastic job putting it out, but not before well over 35 homes were destroyed — seven times more than the previous fire in our area — and many more damaged.

It came and went quickly, but it had quite an impact on me. I tabled the Law of One re-read, midway through Book Three after just one week, and suddenly became aware of a greater need.

Much like the aftermath of a natural disaster, the CONVERGENCE books — the crown jewels of my incredibly voluminous research into science and spirit — have been in a shambles ever since we converted over to our new Divine Cosmos content-management system in November 2005. All the italics were lost, and the paragraphs were huge, unsightly chunks of text. 

Pictures were not centered, excerpts were not properly indented, headlines were not bolded, and the chapters did not link back to the previous chapter, the next chapter, the index or anywhere else. The books sat like this, in an unreadable condition, for two years in a row.

I was so wrapped up in one aspect of my career — the film — that I had neglected the homestead. Now I was worried about my house burning down, when the reality was that it already had… I just was so distracted that I never took the time to rebuild. I decided that before the end of the year I’d get the whole thing cleaned up.



After I survived Round Two of the wildfires, I had ANOTHER round of dreams in which it seemed my house was threatened. This caused me to spring even more into action. I’d had a psychic vision of what my book covers might look like, and literally in the span of less than five minutes, before I’d even finished typing in that ‘disaster’ dream that featured my CONVERGENCE partner Billy, I designed and finished all three of the covers — and they looked great!

Ever since then, I’ve been working like crazy to get these books looking fantastic before I would announce what I was doing. The vast majority of our new website traffic comes from people doing Google searches about things they’re interested in, and we’ve written so much, on so many different topics, that it’s really important that every page looks great.

So, the CONVERGENCE series now has snazzy book covers, making it clear that each page is part of a great body of work. Each volume is formatted so you can click easily from one chapter to the next, access the previous chapter, access the Index, et cetera.






I still haven’t created a new “Books” page for them, with the covers on each one so you can click directly into it, but that’s next on the list. Right now it’s still buried as a page within a page within a page.

Inside the books themselves, I’ve spaced the paragraphs out to fit with modern Web formatting, making them easier and more attractive to read, and in keeping with the rest of this site.



And now for the best part. If you haven’t read CONVERGENCE before, you are in for a treat, as each volume is loaded with outrageous breakthroughs you won’t see anywhere else. Even if you’ve read everything in David’s Blog, you’ve still only seen a small percentage of what there is to know.

For those who ARE in the Divine Cosmos graduating class, there is a LOT of new material going in… particularly to Shift of the Ages beginning in Chapter 14, halfway down the page where it says “Cuba’s Atlantis:”



My hope is to get each book fully updated and modernized, as suddenly I’m getting lots of requests for foreign publication rights, even though the bigger media breaks haven’t even hit yet. I do not yet have the time or the ability to take these offers, but I am documenting them for later correspondence. I would very much like to have these books be a finished work that reflects the sum total of the vision I’ve put together during the last 15 years.  

These updates are a work in progress that I expect will continue through until the end of this year. Once I’ve reached a point where these “dynamic updates” are reasonably complete, piece by piece, I will announce it… so if you only want to read it one time through, you might want to wait until then.



I awoke from the nightmare, did the book covers in five minutes, and plunged myself back into the CONVERGENCE updates more than ever. Then Billy, my co-executive producer for the film, called me.

Once again, he had something that he wanted to see if I could pick up on psychically. I didn’t feel psychic at all — I had been working really, really hard — so I turned him down.

Eventually I caved in, but what came through was an intriguing little reading of material that ended up being personal for me. It is definitely telling me things are about to get much larger around here, for the positive, and advising me as to how to navigate through it for the best effect for all involved.

I am being told that I am experiencing a final dying-off of the old part of myself, the formerly drug-addicted aspect that still holds onto its self-deprecating negativity, to fully clear the way for the sacred new self to assume its responsibilities — without being harangued and impeded by my own subconscious resistance.

The “he” the reading was talking about was me, and I did not figure this out when it was coming in — only later on. That’s one of the classic ‘encryption’ methods that have been used to sneak data past my conscious mind.



After I pulled in all this data, I read it back to Billy. He didn’t see any immediate, obvious connection to his own story. And what a story!

The night before, he and Peggy were lying in bed together when she saw a huge, white flash outside the window. He ran and opened the front door, only to see a “wall of fire!”

It turned out that a transformer blew right over his house, and downed power lines were sparking. Both his and the neighbor’s rooftops were blazing with fire!

I know… it seems almost impossible that all this could happen in such a short time, but this is all true.

Billy grabbed the hose and was amazed at how instantaneously it extinguished the fires on both rooftops. The only thing that burned was the surface layer of paint. He was very, very fortunate. He did lose telephone service for a little while, but that was about it.

I told him something like this would obviously be telegraphed in my dreams.

Sure enough, the nightmare I’d had that same morning involved a War of the Worlds-style invasion of “Cylons” from the early-1980s version of Battlestar Galactica. They were raining down energy weapons on houses as they flew over them, causing them to burst into flames. They were also releasing cyanide gas into people’s houses.

There I was inside the homes, very calmly telling people to evacuate, to grab their wallet and keys and forget the rest, as there simply wasn’t enough time to grab anything else. It was very intense. I then saw Billy at the end of the dream, and he was giving me gifts that symbolically related to this utterly complete transformation I’m making in my basic personality and character at this time, to fully pave the way for a whole new life.

Now the dream made sense. I do not believe we are due up for any actual ‘alien’ invasion — it was just a metaphor for what had already happened to Billy that night. It also made the fires even MORE personal for me, and got me even MORE focused on what all of this must be about.



If you are familiar with my story, then you’ll know that at key moments in my life where I was having major breakthroughs and character transformations, fires would erupt nearby.

I’ve seen some people assert that I “caused” these fires to happen, but I’ve never said that… nor has my Higher Self. Major events like a fire can be seen far in advance, their causes clearly building up over a long period of time… like a furnace getting ready to blow, or a power line getting ready to fall onto a bed of leaves, et cetera.

Therefore, it would appear that my Higher Self carefully guides me into certain pivotal realizations so that the timeline of inspiration and sweeping change then dovetails with these large external events. One obvious example was the Cape Cod trip with my father. When that whole scenario holographically repeated after he came to visit me for the first time since I started working on this film, I knew something really profound was going on. 

Such a synchronicity has the effect of bringing your mortality clearly into focus — and that tends to make you very motivated, as you are just happy to be alive.



The first “fire synchronicity” was when I had started reading Seth Speaks after breaking into my own channeling ability in November 1996. I was amazed to see how precisely the book’s information correlated with the things that were happening to me on a psychic level.

This proved to me that something I thought was a personal, isolated event was actually part of a careful program of initiation, which many others have been through over the aeons.

I had dreams of fire that turned out to be extremely prophetic, as I woke up one morning with images of fire and a vision of firefighters all standing around outside on the street.

When I finally realized that the chainsaw sound I was hearing was firefighters cutting through the roof of the next door neighbor’s house to ventilate the smoke, I walked outside and saw precisely the same scene as I’d just witnessed in my dream.

Then, I called the power company to report an outage, and remained on hold for over a half-hour. At the exact second that the operator took my call, the lights came on — and all I could do was laugh. We ended up having a short conversation about synchronicity, and she had been experiencing similar things in her own life recently.  



The second major event like this occurred after I had a substantial breakthrough in my research that led to my re-envisioning the data into a whole new book. That was what became Divine Cosmos, the third volume of the CONVERGENCE series. I suddenly saw how all the material could fit together in a way I’d never envisioned before, and it was very exciting.

At the time I had this vision, I was living in low-income housing right in the flight path for all the F-18’s in Virginia Beach. I eventually found out that my next door neighbor would read the newspaper in bed and then just toss the papers over the side, day after day. 

Now that I was feeling better about myself, seeing this new vision of research, I was ready to confront him over a long-standing issue. I wrote him a letter and put it in his mailbox, asking him to please not leave his trash can by the roadside all week, as the children in the neighborhood would get frustrated with it and knock it over, spilling the trash everywhere.

That day, he wrote me back a very self-deprecating reply, with an almost military degree of precision and regret, going into a story about how hard he had been working, his lack of discipline, et cetera.

I found out later on that he polished off an entire bottle of whiskey that night. He fell asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand. The cigarette tumbled over into the masses of dry newspaper that lined his bedroom floor, and the whole place went up. He ended up evacuating in his underwear, with nothing but his wallet and keys, and retreating to his office. He never returned to the property, as essentially everything he owned was destroyed. 

You may have seen these before, but I did take pictures of what the house looked like in the aftermath. He lived on the top floor before this had happened:







This last image shows how the fire got so close to my own house (on the right) that the vinyl siding had actually started puckering out:  



I’d had all these dreams and visions about fire, fire drills in college, et cetera, so when I heard what sounded like firecrackers going off outside, I was influenced to get fully and warmly dressed before going outside to look. When I opened my front door it was just a sheet of smoke, and then I saw my neighbors running around outside in blankets, screaming.



I moved into a new apartment and was three quarters of the way finished with writing Divine Cosmos when it happened again, this time across the street. In this case we had smoke come into the house, and I had to evacuate that day.

This time it was only one of a series of outrageous things that were happening, which all together did add up to the darkest times of my entire life. My companion Sabrina had already been struck by a car while crossing Atlantic Avenue, and was still in recovery when we had to evacuate from the smoke. 

I did manage to finish and post Divine Cosmos as of April 2002, but my life had become so complex and difficult that it took Wynn Free pressuring me like crazy for me to be involved in another book, which was The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?.

To our delight, it became a best-seller for Frog, holding true as their third-top-selling title for a good length of time — while I pushed it hard on my website. We were consistently bested by Walter the Farting Dog, but he wasn’t someone you wanted to get too close to anyway.

The relationship came to a natural conclusion after Sabrina recovered enough from the car accident to be fully able to walk and function normally, and I moved in with Carla and Jim of L/L Research in Kentucky, where I stayed for the next two years. 

I honestly was too independently-minded to really handle living in a group community where someone else owned the house, and therefore made the rules. The age difference also set up an inevitable parent-child dynamic, which further exacerbated my own issues.

More importantly, my own ‘addict’ patterns were still there, only they’d now morphed into extreme codependency. Unfortunately there was constant gossip, triangulation and hidden agendas, and our frequent group meetings were not sufficient to balance everything out.

The bottom line was my personality is more of the maverick, self-starter, totally independent worker, and I really couldn’t integrate with a group where I wasn’t the one setting the agenda. I had a very specific idea of how things were going to go when I went there, but the reality was that I worked even harder, and had even less time, than I did when I was alone.



I definitely have “given back” to L/L Research in my appreciation for their work in a way few others could… not just by paying rent and a healthy profit share from my sales while I lived there, but also by putting in an incredible amount of effort to totally remodel their basement with the help of an experienced carpenter, plumber and electrician.

During the course of our work, we found two amazing things side by side. One was a slow but definite gas leak… and then just a foot and a half away, we found exposed, bare electrical wire from a conduit that had frayed! It was a total disaster waiting to happen, built up over many years of time. No wonder Jim was so obsessed with checking the smoke alarms… on some level, he knew.

Thankfully, we completely re-wired the basement, which would have cost over 10K alone to have done professionally, as well as creating four finished rooms down there where none had existed before… probably saving another 20-30K in contracting fees in the process.

This did go a long way towards healing the difficulties that had arisen from the perception that I didn’t want to be part of the group or help out in a substantive way.



I excused myself from the basement duties as they neared completion so I could plunge into my next book-length effort, which came out in an extremely condensed form as the “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow” research paper I co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland. There is more than enough material for that to expand into a whole book, as well as a large portion of material that has not yet been published.

I found incredible amounts of data proving that our entire Solar System is undergoing an energetic transformation, thus making the Earth Changes only one aspect of a much larger phenomenon. There are over 120 references in that piece, and all of them were taken from mainstream scientific sources… nothing ‘fringe’ at all.

As I got to work on this project and became really inspired by it, one of Carla’s friends stayed with us for a while, and it did unfortunately strain our group harmony once again. Soon after she went home, while I was really in the most inspired part of my writing process, the house next door to HER burned down. The phenomena was still there, but now it seemed to be more at a distance.



I moved into my own place in October of that year, and immediately was able to get a lot more done by being alone, with no responsibilities other than the ones I chose for myself.

I decided I would never try to start a group of my own, as I tend to be a very solitary person by nature — and if I’m feeling too much pressure from others, even if we’re working on something together, it has a cumulative effect over time that becomes quite disruptive. I function best with long periods of time alone and undisturbed, so I can focus on the most direct connection with Source as possible.

Just three months after I moved, I met Larry Seyer and we did the Science of Peace series together, which is now the flagship product on this website… summarizing all the information I had not yet put into a book.

This was my best material yet, the strongest arguments for Ascension I had ever found in all the endless amounts of research, and it was further hammered out by all the lectures I had been doing since The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? came out.

The musical soundtrack Larry and I scored for Science of Peace was really second-to-none, given that Larry is a nine-time Grammy-winning musician and I’m a life-long composer myself… and it remains one of the primary ways in which you can help us out and benefit from it in the process:






Within two weeks of finishing this project, I delivered the same information in a lecture in LA, and Billy, who soon became my co-producer, was in the audience. He immediately pitched a film concept to me where we did a documentary based on this material, given the unexpected success of What the Bleep Do We Know?!, and I was hooked.

I realized immediately that I’d have to move to LA, even though that was the last place I ever thought I would go, with the earthquakes, wildfires and so forth. I had also fought bitterly with my ex-girlfriend about LA, because she wanted us to move there and I said I would NEVER go. On that level I felt like quite a hypocrite, but the Universe had other plans for me!

Unfortunately, as I have said so repeatedly, I had to sequester Science of Peace from publication because it would destructively interfere with the film — revealing all the ‘crown jewels’ of my research that had not yet made it into any other form. We had to preserve the ‘buzz’ of what our documentary was going to talk about.



It was only early this year that I convinced our team that things had evolved enough that we could release the product, and it has been a great blessing that the sales have been sufficient, each month, that I could pay rent and meet my minimum basic expenses.

I made a massive effort to learn the craft of screenwriting, and assimilated 10 books worth of data in less than six months. I then made a total sprint to write an entire screenplay for CONVERGENCE as a Da Vinci Code-style doco-thriller, and that again was as much or more effort as writing an entire book. The sheer complexity of adhering to filmic “structure” was staggering, while also trying to buck the system enough to work in all the data we wanted to convey… but I did it.



We hired Tom Avitable, a screenwriter with 15 years of directorial experience — mostly in commercials, where you have to tell a story in 60 seconds or less — to do a polish and rewrite. My version of CONVERGENCE was good, but still getting “less than” reviews from our professional readers.

Tom is an old friend of Billy’s from New York, and has written a book called The Eighth Day that Borders Books is releasing next summer, to much planned fanfare. [It is not being publicized yet.] Bear in mind, this only happened after we hired him.

Borders only releases two books a year on their own label, so they choose very carefully. They are calling him a new Tom Clancy, are thrilled to have discovered him, and they plan on displaying The Eighth Day in every Borders store window in the world this summer!

One of the more amazing people whose work I covered in Shift of the Ages is Bruce Cathie, who discovered the cube-octahedral phase of the Earth’s energy grid. He then assembled a complete system of harmonic physics to explain it. I had a lot of trouble following Cathie’s material, as it is very mathematical and technical.

To my amazement, Tom not only had studied and understood Bruce Cathie’s work, he got his hands on one of the original galley proofs of Harmonic 33 back in 1968. At the time, the “powers that be” were keen on NOT having this information get out to the public, and unfortunately the people who got those original proofs were harassed.

Tom has the scientific mind to handle the CONVERGENCE material, being a total techno-geek himself. He actually designed his own computer in the 1970s that fit into a briefcase! 

Getting back to our film, since Tom is not a WGA member, we were not crippled by the recent writers’ strike. Production is ongoing and the reciprocity that we have with Tom is fantastic.

The ‘problem’ was that I wrote a very cool, very intricate script that really needed 175 or more pages for all my scenes to be properly executed — but you can’t go over 120 in writing a screenplay.

Now that Tom is about to finish, we’re at a major turning-point… everything we’ve been building up to for all these years is finally coming to fruition. In fact, I’m racing to finish this now because I need to call him to address a list of last-minute questions he has before he finishes the whole thing.



It’s not surprising that the fires coincided with all of this, as it has the effect of getting me to look at my life from a very long-range perspective. I’m only now seeing how I’ve always been my own worst enemy, by failing to forgive and accept myself for my confused, lonely past.

I also had major issues with my Higher Self for knowingly putting me through one devastating initiation experience after another. I always knew it was for a higher purpose, but at the same time the old ‘me’ bitterly resented what my “parents” wanted me to do. 

So, on some level I was simultaneously doing this work and sabotaging it at the same time. Now I’m finally finishing out the growing-up process, and realizing that, in this case, I Am My Parents. 

I finally can see now how even the worst things I endured were all necessary to have me fully prepared for what is coming in the not-too-distant future.

The first step of any such process is you may not like it, but you at least have to accept that it happened, and / or is happening to you. Denial is the key to fragmentation and separation, and acceptance is the key to unity.

In the ‘newly refurbished’ phase of my character, I accept the things that happened in my past, forgiving them and releasing them, so I don’t hold onto any emotional charge. That’s Law of One 101 in action… and it’s the only way you can make a shift to a brighter, better future.

You are the one sabotaging yourself, allowing people to hurt you, not loving yourself enough to walk away when you know something’s wrong. 

There were only two techniques ever given in the Law of One series that were said to create exponential increases in your spiritual growth:

Seek the love in the moment. Each additional seeking creates an exponential increase.

Reflect on your past. Keep bringing up more and more memories of past events that shed light on your present circumstances. Each additional memory you can bring up creates an exponential increase in your vibrational level.


I hope that reading this has helped you in the same way that writing it has helped me. We were granted a merciful soaking rain yesterday, which should significantly decrease our potential fire hazards. I see where I am, where I was, and where I will be, and I like that place.

We also did a massive housecleaning and purging of no-longer-needed kitchenware yesterday. It may come in very handy to those in need at this time, and we had a surprisingly large amount of it. 

In the same way I hope you have appreciated the “cookies” I baked up for you today. It’s all in preparation for the big “Green Ray” party we’re having some time after 2012.

Be there or be square… sacred-geometrically speaking, of course!



P.S.: The issue came up in the discussion group about whether I may need financial help. This time of year is always bad for orders, and this past month I only met the rent payment with 50 dollars to spare. So yes… if you have the idea, now is probably the most urgent time to put thoughts into action!

I do expect to be updating the MP3 Archive a lot more. Already it has more than 10 readings in there, several public lectures I have done, as well as several different radio show appearances. It is my own fault that we don’t yet have a decent page worked up to extol its virtues… such is the intensity with which I have pursued all these new avenues.

In the coming year I’m intending to really load up the archive with new material. I am planning on doing books of the readings, and each page with each reading will have a link where you can either download it as a stand-alone product or subscribe to the archive, where they will all be featured together. A 72-dollar subscription entitles you to a full year of unlimited downloading.

It does not feature What is My Purpose or Science of Peace, as those are our only other stand-alone downloads that we put out there to diversify our income… but the archive is already filled with priceless material… and more is on the way. Right now there’s no way to see it without subscribing, which I admit is a problem!

I’m happy to have you here reading and enjoying this material no matter what. Your thoughts and positive energy are the most important gifts of all, and that’s really the key of what this ‘science’ is all about!

– David Wilcock