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This show covered more than we usually ever get to say during one program — and we added in new details while we edited through the transcript. Excellent support for the video!

David Wilcock on Odyssey Radio

July 28, 2007


[Note: We will probably add graphics and topic headlines later on to break it up and enhance comprehension, so this is a preliminary posting.

Mike had an overwhelming number of questions he wanted to cover in 45 minutes, so this had the energy of a frenetic tap-dance — but that often brings out really good performances.

Unfortunately we had no warning for when the show suddenly ended, so we didn’t get the chance to make a summary statement — it just plunges over the cliff. The missing pieces can be found in our Project Camelot video and elsewhere on this site, as well as earlier in the same interview.]


Mike: We have a very interesting guest for you tonight. His name is David Wilcock, and we‘ll be pondering all sorts of deep questions as to the nature of reality and the nature of the universe.


Let me tell you a little bit about him. He has a great web site called He has written a book called The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, and he has brought forward a lot of evidence that he is indeed the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. We will be directing you to the site to see his picture, and you can compare for yourself. It‘s going to be really amazing. He also has a new film out about group consciousness called ‘Convergence‘. 

Welcome to the show, David Wilcock!


David: Mike, it‘s a pleasure to be here, I thank you for inviting me on.

Mike: Thank you so much. Okay we‘re going to dig right in to some of these topics tonight. Now a lot of us feel that we‘re individuals: we have free will, a private mind and private thoughts… but you want to talk about the Law of Oneness, and group consciousness. Why don‘t you talk a bit about that for starters?


David: Well, from a philosophical perspective, ancient mystics have often said that we are interconnected — more than just bodies that are separated from each other by the air. There is some sort of energetic field, if you will, that connects us together. Various ancient traditions have had different names for it. The Indians called it ‘Prana‘, in China they call it ‘Chi‘ or ‘Ki‘, and the Tibetans have a special name for it. Almost every ancient civilization has some sort of message about this oneness.

The Law of One series, which you suggested in your question, was a series of materials channeled in 1981. Up until that point in my research, I had not taken channeling seriously, but I had three years of research of ancient civilizations, UFOs and so forth under my belt. When I found this material, it tied in so many of the topics I thought I had independently discovered on my own that I realized there was some sort of genuineness to it. 


So Oneness is actually a philosophy with a physics background. The other aspect of your question is how we can prove Oneness in the sense of actual science — and that‘s where we tie into the movie and all this other stuff.

Mike: Okay, great. So why don‘t you lay out the philosophy of how the Law of Oneness works in our daily lives?


David: Well, once again — a very broad question that has several layers of meaning.

On the most metaphysical and spiritual level, oneness actually does mean that the physical body itself is but a projection of spirit. In that ultimate sense it is illusory, for we are all actually distortions of intelligent light, which is a unified consciousness. 


Now on a more physical level, it appears that the earth is a school with a particular purpose in mind for everybody who lives on it. That purpose is the evolution of consciousness.

Most of the people on this planet are here to learn a very simple lesson at this stage, which is basically to love and support others, rather than manipulate and control them. What we now are seeing in laboratory research is that the consciousness field is directly interfacing with DNA. When a person feels love, their DNA actually unwinds and expands. If the person is feeling hatred and anger, their DNA contracts and shrivels up. This was proven by Dr. Glen Rein.


So what we now have is a biological, scientifically-measurable marker to prove that love is the operative quality of this consciousness field that interconnects us.

Mike: That is amazing. So you talk a bit in your articles I have been reading about service to others. Is that the ultimate lesson – that we are supposed to be serving other human beings

David: Actually, when you get really deep into esoteric metaphysics, service to others is also a distorted path. The positive path is service to others and the negative path is service to self.

It‘s when you get up through higher levels of learning, what would be called sixth density, where service to self and service to others – negative and positive – have to merge. You have to balance your shadow side with your good side – as we would normally think of the term ‘good‘. So, at this stage of evolution, it is very important that we learn service to others – and that it becomes our primary focus.


[Without service to others as your starting point for self-integration, you‘re either stuck in ‘indecision‘, which does not promote spiritual growth, or you‘re walking on the negative path, which is much more difficult due to the karmic repercussions of controlling and manipulating others.]

This ascension that I write about on my website, which we can go into a lot more detail about in our 2012 discussion, appears to be sort of a reward for people who have graduated from the basic curriculum that the earth is here to teach us, which is to be loving and supportive… [pause] Hello?…


Mike: Yeah, we‘re still here. Go ahead.

David: Okay. I heard a beep, that‘s all. Maybe that‘s our CIA friends listening in on our conversation.


Mike: Well all right! Come on in. So anyway, you were saying…

David: It‘s funny because I have met people from black ops, and I have heard more than one person on the inside tell me they are dazzled with how I came up with all this stuff. They don‘t know how I did it.


I had a black ops guy at one of my conferences say, “Well, you‘re 85% correct. ” The other 15 [he proceeded to fill me in about.]

Mike: We‘re talking about ascension, and this whole concept about how it might be a group reward.


David: That‘s correct. So the idea here is this. Imagine that you are born with wealthy grandparents, let‘s say. You go through your whole life, and you never knew you had this huge inheritance waiting for you. Then, all of a sudden, bam! You discover you have been propelled into a life unlike anything you could have imagined, as a result of this inheritance.

The earth appears to be ruled by cause and effect, and simple Darwinian evolution where random mutations have created us to be where we are now. That‘s old-world thinking. 


The new-world thinking is much more in line with systems theory, complexity, chaos theory, and consciousness as a unified field, in which the human body itself is an interface with some sort of cosmic consciousness that‘s much bigger than we are. In that sense we share an identity with the earth, with the sun, and with the galaxy — and we‘re all energetically interconnected.

In fact, Dr. James Spottiswoode came out with studies where he took 20 years‘ worth of ESP research and looked for a universal factor, in time, of how people‘s ESP worked. And what he found was that if you measure sidereal time — the position of the earth to the center of the galaxy — then when your position on the earth is aiming you at the center of the galaxy, your ESP ability goes up by four hundred percent!


You can imagine the center of the galaxy sort of like a hairdryer, and it‘s blowing this hot air at you. Your position on the earth is only going to rotate you in front of that hot air once every twenty four hours. When it does, your ESP is four hundred percent more effective!

If somebody wants to find out when that is, you can look up sidereal time on the internet. Look for fourteen hours and thirty minutes of your local sidereal time. That‘s when your psychic ability will be the strongest, because you‘re in alignment with the galactic energy. [It does shift slightly each day, so you have to keep checking if you want to work with this concept.]


So this is very measurable. I mean this is scientific — hard science!

Again, it‘s like we are standing on the renaissance of consciousness and science as we know it. What it really does is strip away much of the veneer that has kept us from seeing our own divinity.


There do appear to be control groups in power on this planet, whose specific objective is to try to keep people in fear. They don‘t want this kind of information getting out, because people lose that fear very quickly once they realize the implications of this science.

Mike: Let‘s talk briefly about this group. Some people call it the ‘Illuminati‘, and say they are working towards a new world order – a global government. Can you tell us a little bit about what they are up to, and their objective?


David: Well I‘ve actually had a personal conversation over e-mail and a little bit on the telephone [while she was a guest on Greg Szymanski‘s radio show] with a woman who was in the Illuminati. She calls herself Svali, and she has written a lot of material on the internet. She has gone out as a contact. She may have been assassinated — I don‘t know. Nobody has heard from her for about a year now.

Mike: Right.


David: She did escape the group and survive. She described something that‘s very highly organized — like a multi-level marketing corporation, for example. You have European banking families who then migrated to the U.S., beginning in Pittsburgh, to offset the American Revolution, which was actually an anti-Illuminati revolution in the first place.

[I should qualify that this particular point is my informed opinion, not something I remember Svali saying in particular. Scholarship on this group continues evolving as more and more information becomes public.


It appears that Illuminist elements set the stage for a successful infiltration of the US government in the federalizing of the US after the Civil War. Lincoln did not seem to be directly involved in this, but was more of an unknowing puppet, and that might explain his assassination. He was, however, aware of larger forces manipulating events, and pinned the blame on the Jesuit Order, as Greg Szymanski‘s other Illuminati survivor Leo Zagami also has.

The Illuminist plan really kicked into gear when these same elements gained control of the American financial system, via the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. According to new data from Benjamin Fulford, this takeover was supported and financed by European Illuminati families. Almost immediately they triggered an allegedly staged event – the sinking of the US ship the Lusitania – to propel the US into World War One in 1914.


Since that time, and particularly beginning in the 1940s with the UFO cover-up, the American banking families – headed by the Rockefellers according to Fulford – have steadily grown more and more distant from the European families, headed by the Rothschilds. The European families were unaware of the degree of power the American faction would gain by being put in control of the oil system, and marrying the world‘s oil economy to the dollar.


Most of the technology derived from the crashed discs was hidden within the American faction. There was a begrudging truce between Europe and America in place for many years, and it appears that they are increasingly growing apart and competing with each other since the Iraq war. The European side is allegedly trying to disrupt the American control of the oil system by heavily promoting anti-global warming news and blaming the problem on our industrial emissions. There is also an ever-increasing attempt to completely ridicule and bring down the US government.

Bear in mind that neither side could be considered a “good guy ”, as both of them believe themselves superior to most people and both appear to have similar goals for large-scale world population reduction.]


So the Illuminati got here shortly after the American Revolution. They set up in Pittsburgh, and their Western center is now in San Diego.

Long ago, they inherited ancient mystery-school wisdom and then were persecuted by Christians. So, they came to the conclusion that whoever the Christians said was thrown out of heaven must have been the good guy, because of how people were persecuting them in the name of Christianity.


So that in turn led to the refuting of Christian dogma and the embracing of what they felt Luciferian philosophy meant. Then there was a melding of Luciferian doctrine, basically the idea of wisdom and science and so forth, with ancient mystery school traditions that primarily trace back to Egypt.

This is where the path gets really complex in the sense that the Law of One series in 1981 is a source that claims to be Ra, claims to be this extra-terrestrial group that was in touch with the ancient civilization we call Atlantis. Ra provided the Atlanteans with philosophical as well as technological assistance, including the fabrication of the Great Pyramid, as it now stands.


If you look at the Edgar Cayce material, his past life allegedly was Ra-Ta — the Atlantean priest who interfaced with this extra-terrestrial group so as to engender these social advances. This included the knowledge of pyramid technology, the Global Grid, anti-gravity technology, time travel technology… all these things were being shared with humanity back then.

And then this priest Ra Ta got corrupted by his own shortcomings. The danger you always run into, when you try to do a mission like this for the planet, is being corrupted by your own shadow side and your own natural proclivity towards feeling separated, and therefore indulging in behaviors that are not healthy.


So his problem was being essentially a polygamist, and wanting to have multiple wives. Apparently because he refuted his own doctrine about monogamy, that was sufficient karmic load to force him to have to go through a series of reincarnations which would not have distortions towards power anywhere near to the degree he had in that lifetime. That apparently included his life as Edgar Cayce.

Then you start dove-tailing the astonishing physical resemblance between my face and Edgar Cayce‘s face, and the fact that I was born in the only time in 127 years after Cayce‘s death where the birth planets in the astrology sense line up almost one for one, all across the chart. It is literally billions to one against chance that this could have happened by coincidence. 


Mike: I think it is time to direct people to your website, to  I know you‘re all on the computer, because that is how you‘re listening. Go to It says ‘Start Here‘. I want you to click that tab, go down to ‘Articles‘ and find the article on Edgar Cayce. Then you will see a black and white photo of Edgar and then the photo of David Wilcock, and you can compare the two for yourself. It‘s absolutely mind-blowing.

So I want to remind all of our listeners there are many, many books and articles for free at, and you can read much more from David Wilcock. 


So let‘s get into the history of humanity on this planet. My understanding is that there are three cycles of 25,000 years. Why don‘t you talk about the whole history of human beings on this planet?

David: In order to do that, we should widen the aperture a little bit about this group that we were talking about – Ra. Although their work with the Atlanteans occurred 11,000 years ago, that‘s very recent history in terms of what they have been doing.


When you get into this Law of One series — which, again, has multi-plexed itself through so many scientific areas that were able to be validated upon later analysis — my conclusion is we are dealing with an actual Galactic history.

So when you really dig into that material, what you find out is that humanity on this planet is an aggregate of civilizations – each of which did not Ascend on their own native planets. In fact, it appears that we have some thirteen different civilizations that have been blended together. [This number is not exact – there is reason to believe it could be 16 civilizations, based on other material from LL Research‘s “Secrets of the UFO. ”]


The galaxy itself, in Law of One philosophy, is a sentient organism – and it has a series of archetypal experiences it sets up that we have to go through. There are a total of twenty-two: twenty-one of which are divided into three sets of seven. You have seven Body archetypes, seven Mind archetypes and seven Spirit archetypes. These represent natural journeys we go through in balancing body, mind and spirit, essentially.

So each planet is given a certain set length of time for the entities on that planet to learn the basic lessons of loving and supporting others, which is what third density is all about. The Earth is in third-density now. After three cycles of roughly 25 thousand years, if you haven‘t gotten it together by that point – if you are still kind of confused about whether you manipulate people or love them – then you basically have to re-cycle through third density again, by moving to another third density planet.


Mike: Okay.

David: So Ra is apparently a group within a larger group called the “Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator ”, or the ‘Confederation‘ for short. This consists of some fifty-three different civilizations, spread out over more than two hundred planets. They are much more evolved than we are now, and they have worked together to “manage and transfer planetary populations ”. That‘s their primary role. 


So they actually shuttle people from one planet to another when these recyclings happen. The Confederation apparently had a number of planets in which the groups of people on those planets were very small in number – not enough to warrant terra-forming a whole new planet just for them.  

So they said, “Wow, we‘ve got this great idea. Why don‘t we take all these different groups of people and put them all together on one planet. Won‘t they all be so happy! ”


Mike: [laughs] It didn‘t quite work out that way, did it?

David: No, it didn‘t. And so, again, we have three cycles of twenty-five thousand years. The typical estimate is that after the first cycle, fifteen to twenty-five percent of the people graduate from the planet. At the end of the second cycle you get sixty percent or more of the population graduating. If anybody is left at the end of the third cycle, then you pretty much mop up and finish the job.


Well, in this case, on earth nobody graduated at the end of the first cycle. Only a hundred and fifty people were ready to graduate at the end of the second cycle. Those are referred to as the elders – and they became immortal beings such as St. Francis of Assisi and St. Germain. A lot of people have heard of that.

Mike: That makes sense. Sure.


David: That is where a lot of these ancient legends come from. In addition to that, the ET‘s themselves, in the fifth and sixth-dimensional levels, were now karmically responsible for having made a bad judgment call in terms of throwing all these people together on this planet.

In essence, the different planetary origins of people on earth led to different appearances of their physical bodies that we would call the races. It‘s very, very rare that entities would normally evolve on a planet with such different racial characteristics as we have. That‘s not normal; that is one of the things that makes our planet so unique in this galaxy.


Most of the internecine warfare we have had between civilizations has been over race, and people looking different. So it‘s a result of that imbalance, and the wars that have been created in the name of God – whatever people see God as being – that these beings twenty-five thousand years ago had to volunteer, as a collective, to begin taking on human incarnation. They would forget who they were, forget where they came from, and volunteer to basically be alien anthropologists, parachuting down into the jungle and playing ‘Gorillas in the Mist‘. 

Most of your listeners are these people. 


Mike: Right. So you‘re saying we are at the end of the third cycle of twenty-five thousand years on Earth?

David: 2012 is it. According to the Law of One philosophy and many other traditions, we are at the end of the whole game. That means everybody is here to try and get it together, and the decisions you make in this life reverberate through all your other incarnations. 


So this is a very heavy time to be here. Again, I want to stress the fact that most of your listeners will be in this category – what we call an ET wanderer. This means they have not fit in all their lives – they‘ve been a lot more sensitive, perhaps naÃ