Monday 8 / 6 / 07

CONVERGENCE is taking huge amounts of our time at the moment, as we nail down the latest screenplay, but we’ve still managed to bring you this marvelous transcript, which is great for newcomers! 


David Wilcock on Law of Attraction Radio

Sunday 7 / 8 / 07


Host – Julie Johnson

Guest Host – Andy  



David:  Hey, how are you doing?

Julie:  Oh David, we‘re so thrilled to have you on here!

David:  Well, it‘s thanks to my psychic ability that it happened. I had fallen asleep in my recliner and I got psychically awakened. [laughs]

Julie:  When? Today?

David:  [Just three minutes ago.] I had a really late night last night hanging out in Santa Monica with my friends. Then today I was reading up on some screenwriting stuff, and I just passed out.

I [was psychically awakened, and immediately] called you guys up. [On the phone, I overheard you saying just before the show], “Oh my God, is he going to call? ” And I managed to call exactly at the right time!

Julie:  On the dot.

David:  I literally ran into the kitchen, slugged down this super-green drink which should be kicking in, in about five minutes, and then I‘ll be going really fast…

Julie:  [Laughs]

Andy:  It does give you an advantage when you‘re psychic, huh?

David:  The only reason why I‘m here is because I‘m psychic. I‘m telling you!

Andy:  Thank God for that.

Julie:  Well, I appreciate that, I truly do. But still, I have just got tons of questions to ask.



I have got to tell everybody that I just listened to three hours of the most incredible CD, and that‘s The Science of Peace.

David, I‘ve got to tell you, you are an absolute genius… [the Science of Peace series] is so life-changing for me. It took every piece of the puzzle and put it all together in an understandable form. It‘s just pure clarity for me. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.



So after listening to The Science of Peace, on how we can make all the world an absolutely fabulous place, and [considering] all the scientific data [you put together in the series], how does that fit in with the ‘Law of Attraction‘?

David:  Well, that‘s a good over-arching question we can jump off from.

I want to back up just a bit and make a clarification. These were originally intended as CDs. They are only available now in MP3 form, which you can download instantly from my website,



They are designed — this is another thing you didn‘t explicitly say, so I‘ll just mention it…

Julie:  Oh please, yeah.

David: The recording was actually done in January, 2005. Then in February, 2005, I delivered a lecture in L.A. at the Science of Mind Church. I believe it was near Pasadena. [At the time I did not live in LA and therefore wasn‘t really paying attention to the location.]

There was a guy there [Billy Blake] who happened to be a Hollywood film producer. [He walked up to me at the end] and said, “If we took everything that you just said in this lecture and turned it into a film, it would be completely amazing. ”

That‘s what led to CONVERGENCE: The Movie getting started.

So, shortly after we finished this [Science of Peace] project — and I‘ll explain a little more about the project in a second – we realized that the material in the CD series appeared to conflict too strongly with what we were doing in CONVERGENCE. So we had to essentially embargo The Science of Peace for over two years.

Julie:  Wow.

David:  It was only because of literally arguing with the lawyers [that we were able to release the Science of Peace series at all.] [We figured] out that in the two years since this started, the project has evolved enough now [that the Science of Peace series didn‘t spoil the film.]

[CONVERGENCE has] become more like a ‘DaVinci Code‘ dramatic thriller, in which the information is presented in the context of a mystery narrative, rather than a straight-ahead documentary.

Only then were we actually able to say, “All right, we can release this, ” which I was very thrilled about.

So given the fact that CDs are now just about dead, and it‘s much more difficult [and time-delaying for us] to do the shipping and so forth, we figured, “Hey, why not offer everything as a download? ”

Julie:  Absolutely!



David:  Anyway, I got on ‘Coast to Coast‘ with George Noory and Art Bell in 2004. [There were] three shows in a short span of time; one was about Cayce, one was about interplanetary climate change, which we are going to discuss as we go on. I think I did one by myself that was an overview show.

A number of people signed up for psychic readings, which I was doing at that time, [as a result of those shows.]

One of [my clients] was this guy [named] Larry Seyer. He called me up on the phone in January and said, “I‘ve got nine Grammy‘s ”, and in my classic Southern way, I was like, “Well, how many Pappys you got? ”

Julie:  [Laughs hysterically]

David:  I knew what he was talking about and it shocked me. I said, “Why do you want to work with me? ” [He believed in the message of my work very strongly and also liked the music I put in the “What is My Purpose ” CD, which is also now available only as a download.]

Larry asked me if I wanted to do music with him and I said, “Of course! ” Right after I got off the phone with him I booked an airplane ticket. I went to his studio in Austin, Texas which is called ‘Electric Larryland‘.

I don‘t know if I should admit this or not, but you can back me up, Julie. I literally just sat down and delivered three lectures of material. I didn‘t have notes or preparation. I just said what needed to be said.

Julie:  Well, you couldn‘t tell that. It was just so perfect with the music in the background. I‘ve gotta tell you, it was brilliant!



David:  Well, that [music] was what took so much time.

I got there at night and then the next day, I sat down and we did three lectures in a row, each of which are like sixty-six, sixty-seven minutes long. So, each was a perfect CD length.

Then, the whole rest of the time, the real work was going in and composing music behind every little nuance of what I was saying — just populating the whole series with music.

This went right down to where the chord changes would go, what instruments we would use, what kind of song we would use, what‘s the tempo — I mean everything! The music is perfectly built around the lectures.

There‘s really, as far as I know, nothing else like that, where somebody in the metaphysical field has worked with such a high-profile musician and put something like this together.

It is available on my site. It‘s $39.99 if you just want the three lectures with the music in the background. It‘s $59.99 if you include two more CDs [worth of MP3s], which is all the music [and additional tracks and enhancements you do not find on the CDs].




Julie, you haven‘t actually heard [the two music albums] yet.

Julie:  No, I want to get them!

David:  You can buy the music separately for $29.99. [Ordering our products is] a great way to help serve this work that we are doing.



[The Science of Peace series] is the primary thing we‘re offering to people as a way to be able to fund our operations, because it keeps our overhead low.

We don‘t really have to do much except keep the web site running, so my film producer calls it a license to print money.

Julie:  [laughs]

[Most of your book or CD orders are funding middle-man corporations like publishers and distributors, and the artist only gets a meager percentage of the overall price. When you order a product from Divine Cosmos, you are directly maintaining our stability and productivity on this site, and a lifetime of hard work went into the finished product.]

David:  But [everyone who buys it says] it‘s so worth it. It‘s premium content, and we put an enormous amount of time into it. [The Science of Peace series] basically represents what I feel to be the most important statement I‘m here to give humanity.

Julie:  Exactly! And as I said, it is very profound, very life-changing. It puts all the pieces together so you can understand it. The message is outstanding, and I urge everybody to just go and get that. You will not be disappointed!



David:  Well, let‘s talk a little bit about what that message is, and really answer your question. I don‘t want to just sound like I‘m promoting a product without really saying why it matters!

What we are learning through [this new] science is [this]. The ancient mystery teachings have long said there is a harmony between the observer and the observed. In other words, the illusion of separation is just that; it doesn‘t exist.

There is only unity. There is no ‘I‘ and ‘you‘, there is only ‘we‘, which is actually a Oneness. There is no separate identity.

There‘s no separate identity between physical matter and your Self. So, on some level, you are the chair you are sitting on. You are the walls you are looking at as you listen to [or read] these words.

The reality that you perceive as yourself [in the physical body] is a distortion of the way the universe really works. In fact, you are a part of this living, omniscient intelligence that is largely shielded from your conscious mind.



It‘s very important to draw a distinction [between your conscious mind and the Higher Self]. This is what I do in my article The Deeper Secret in David‘s Blog, which describes why a lot of the ‘Law of Attraction‘ stuff is still a partial teaching and not a completely enlightened teaching.

[The idea] is that your ego is not God.

If you‘re using a strict ‘Law of Attraction‘ modality, what you are saying is, “Because my ego wants this, it must be what God wants for me. Therefore I‘m going to say I want this, and then it‘s going to happen – I‘m going to get it. ”

Julie:  Right.

David:  [However,] until you de-fragment your personality, which means deal with traumatic issues that happened earlier in your life, your ego may be desiring particular outcomes that are not in alignment with your purpose on this planet.



The only other musical product with voice behind it I have on the site is called “What is My Purpose ”, [and it goes into this exact point repeatedly].

[This is] the one question everybody would call and want to know about [when I was doing intuitive readings professionally.] I stopped doing readings in August, 2005. I had 500 clients during the last seven years before that, and everybody asked the same thing.

It got to be like a running joke after a while. I would feel bad, because people were calling me and asking me to tell them what their life‘s purpose was.

I [would tell them,] “It‘s your life! What do YOU want to do with your life? What thrills you beyond imagination? You tell me, and then [we‘ll] find a way to make that passion something you can live with. ”

That‘s what you guys are doing with this show. It‘s a drive we all have in ourselves — to excel in a way we really are passionate about.



Andy:  Do you believe that [desire to excel] is because of pre-conditioning? As you‘re growing up, people put thoughts in your mind that are not your own thoughts. [This might] bring you to a point where now you try to manifest things you THINK you want.

David:  I think that‘s how some of the less healthy desires are formed. I also believe in a destiny that is not related to the influences of our upbringing.

If you look in the cases of reincarnation, some of these children come in and they‘re flying on the piano. We were actually considering watching a movie that came out yesterday, called Vitus, which is about this child-prodigy genius on the piano.




Julie:  Oh, right.

David:  And then [the drama in the movie is that] he doesn‘t want to play the piano, right?  That‘s the whole point of the movie. If you watch the trailer, he‘s [not at all happy about playing the piano, despite how good he is,] and then his father [says], “I know, we‘ll make you a pilot. ”




I saw one of these kids in Japan. I was on a three and a half week tour of Japan, and walked into this guy‘s house [who I was working with]. There was this little bitty girl on the piano, and she was on fire.

I [couldn‘t believe my eyes, but] they didn‘t even think it was a big deal. They [said], “Oh come on, come on, come on, ” and I said, “Wait a minute, hold on here, this is [incredible]. ”

Apparently over there, there are a lot of these kinds of kids. They didn‘t even think anything special of it, because she wasn‘t in the absolute, virtuoso, top level. [Nonetheless], I couldn‘t believe what she was playing.

So it‘s a tangential answer to your question, Andy. The short and sweet version is that we arrange a life for ourselves, in my opinion, before we come into this incarnation.

That is an esoteric viewpoint. It means we have already chosen who are parents are going to be. We‘ve chosen to be born at a certain time, where we have a planetary alignment that will determine the influences our personality has as we grow older.



In fact, [just recently] I was going back through readings I did when it first started back in November / December 1996. There was a line in there I had ignored, because I have reams and reams of this stuff where it was allegedly my Higher Self talking.

[This worked] much in the same way that somebody like Esther Hicks channels Abraham, which has become the foundation of the Law of Attraction movement.

[The key line said “You played Virgo too loud. ” I always thought it was talking about a jazz tune named Virgo, since I had been in a jazz band earlier that same year. We never played that song but had heard of it.

Just recently I went back through my early transcripts and re-read this line. I realized it could have astrological importance, so I went back to my chart and researched what planets and aspects I had in Virgo.




[Comedy image deliberately focusing on the negative… no offense intended!] 


It turned out that ALL my most challenging aspects — things I thought I had dealt with in high school but had resurfaced again in a new way — hinged on a planet in Virgo! After all this time I figured it out.

Even better, when I studied up on what these aspects meant, I was dazzled by how utterly current they were in terms of my life issues today! It answered some deep questions that had only arisen as a product of intense soul-searching in the preceding 2-3 weeks.

The timing of this discovery seemed to be far too perfect to be a coincidence. I went back to the original transcript and wrote about this with great excitement. Who would think that ten-year-old transcripts could have such immediate value to issues I was facing right then?

Now get this. The VERY NEXT LINE of the original reading said, “We have planned out the next 10 years of your life, starting now! ” Here I was, reading it 10 years later!

I had no idea that was in there. It was incredible! It proved to me that there is a great deal of behind-the-scenes planning for the events that unfold in our lives. I‘ve been too busy with the film to write this event up as a proper article thus far.]



I woke up on November 10, 1996 and tuned in for the first time. I paid attention to this still, small voice that sounds like your imagination in the background. I just started to take dictation and write down what it was telling me.

I didn‘t want to understand it. I didn‘t make any effort to try to understand it. That‘s a very, very important point. If you understand the words, then you are doing it incorrectly. So, I just wrote down whatever [it said,] and the more crazy and weird it sounded, the better. I just wrote it all down.

I [eventually] got done and it was this phenomenal, sometimes very cryptic, very difficult to understand material. It started to do things like predicting the future and giving me guidance about my diet. The source, whoever was speaking, said [my diet] was clearly not in alignment with what my highest goals would be.

One of the first things that they wanted me to stop eating was butter and dairy products.

Julie:  Really?

David:  Yeah. So I use this product called ‘Earth Balance‘, which is an [organic, non-hydrogenated] butter substitute. It‘s really good.

Julie:  Right. Yeah.

Andy:  So prior to ‘96, you must have still had a sense [that you were psychic]. You just became more aware of it in ‘96. Reading your biography, when you were growing up you knew there was something going on.

David: Right. That‘s back-story, [and] I have been criticized by some of my readers for going into it too much. I am trying not to have this content be the same as other content.

The very short, abstract version is that I had dreams of UFOs and so forth [almost] since I was born. [I was] two years old [when] I had the first one I can remember.

When I was five years old I had an out of body experience. By [the time I was] seven years old I was reading books on how to develop your ESP, strengthen your ESP. I was like one of those little piano prodigy kids, except I was trying to do it with ESP.

I was very accelerated in my reading level, which is why I was able to read adult books at age seven. I was disappointed because the ESP books were saying, “You‘re not really going to be that good unless you start practicing at a young enough age. ” I was thinking, “Ah, I should have been doing this since I was two years old. I’m already seven! Now I‘m never going to be any good! ”

So then, after age seven, by the time I was in junior high I had researched things like body language and palm reading. I got into Tarot cards. I had a little stint with the Ouija board. By the time I was a junior in high school, I was doing lucid dreaming, which was kind of like the fulfillment of my desire to have another out of body experience like I did when I was five.



Then I got into college, and had a disclosure about UFO reality. A friend of mine had a college professor who said he worked for NASA through the 70‘s. [The professor told him] it was common knowledge in the higher echelons that UFOs had landed — the Roswell crash being one example.

Technology was developed out of that crash which led to all sorts of things we have [today], including bullet proof vests, laser lights, LED lights, infrared night vision, Velcro and Teflon — which is in everything, by the way: motor oil has Teflon, non-stick cookware, surgical instruments, machine parts… all kinds of stuff has Teflon in it now.

The most important technology [we got from the UFOs was] computer chips.




So, I was left gob-smacked when I learned that we would not have a significant portion of our technology, anywhere near as quickly as we did, if it were not for this ‘celestial endowment‘ we have been granted.



That takes a whole different perspective on why are we the way we are. How could we have resisted a world totalitarian government that is trying to form if we didn‘t have the Internet at the end of this cycle?

Imagine what these guys would be able to do right now if we didn‘t have the technology that we have to be able to actually subvert the media machine.

I can tell you guys basically anything I want, and nobody is going to suddenly [be saying], “Hello? Hello? Are you there? Are you there? ” You know, it‘s not going to happen. We can do whatever we want. The technology has given us freedom, and that‘s a very important point.

So it‘s not like you can say these ETs are out there to try to have a cosmic barbecue party on earth, with humans being on the menu. That‘s not what this is about. It‘s about beings who are a lot more evolved than we are, who are trying to make sure that we don‘t destroy the planet.



There‘s a major, major event that‘s happening right now, which involves the earth itself starting to form a telepathic unity. We are starting to break down the walls of separation from one mind to another, and have more and more telepathic interconnectedness.

A lot of the listeners tonight are probably experiencing things like synchronicity. One example is where you look at the clock and it says 11:11, 4:44, 3:33, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 5:55 – all these kind of things.

Julie:  Yes!

David:  And you may be seeing it on license plates, you may see it on your odometer, you may see it just about anywhere.

The idea here is not that you‘re deliberately looking for it. Let‘s say you‘ve been reading a book for three hours in your recliner, like I was today. And then, all of a sudden, in my case I was synchronized [to wake up at just the right moment] so I wouldn‘t miss this show.

In other cases you are suddenly influenced to look at the clock, and then you see these digits. You haven‘t looked at the clock in so long that there‘s no way that you could have known it was going to be that time.

Julie:  Right. And this means…?

David:  Well, this is a very important thing. Part of what it does is it helps you to step out of being the experiencer and into being the observer. You have to kind of step back for a moment from your life, and say, “What I was just thinking about right before I saw this synchronicity? ”

Julie:  Ohhh.

David: And that‘s the trick. The trick is, you always want to be able to rewind your thoughts, so that when the synchronicity happens you can say, “All right, what was I thinking before this happened? ”

In the beginning it‘s hard to do that, because you say, “Oh my God, there it is again! So cosmic! ”

What you want to do is be able to say, “Okay, what was I just thinking? What was just happening? ”



I have had very, very strange ones which you can read about on my website. [In one case,] I was driving to a gig in Poughkeepsie, at Duchess Community College. I was doing a recitation of Threepenny Opera.

I was playing drums in the pit band, and I was on the way to the show. I was running a little late. I was thinking, “You know, I really shouldn‘t be afraid of performing in front of audiences. I should just relax and go into it. I‘ve really got to let go of my fear. ”

Just as I had this thought, I looked at the clock. The clock said 5:55. I looked at the odometer, and the [last three digits of the] odometer said 333. Then it started pouring rain at exactly the same moment!

So three different completely isolated events [occurred], each of which wouldn‘t necessarily be as impressive by themselves, but they all synchronized at once.

I had several of these kinds of things happen in the early days, before I started to do the readings. This was part of what led to the telepathic contact being formed.

An extra-physical reality began intruding into my life more and more.

When these intrusions are happening, you can‘t be content with saying, “Oh, this is just coincidence. ” It begins to break down the conditioning.

We have this conditioning that says, “You‘re here in a body. All you have is this life. Then you are going to die, and that‘s it. ”



So, Andy, getting back to your question for a bit – the question being, “Are the things that you want [being] influenced by what people told you to want? ”

The synchronicity intrusions start to sculpt how you think about what you want. They will only happen when you‘re on the right track, for whatever your Higher Self wants you to be doing.

If you start getting locked up in a pursuit that‘s not in alignment with your Purpose, then you‘re going to notice the synchronicities will wear off. They won‘t be happening anymore.

Andy:  So [your desire] won‘t manifest then.

David: [Generally not, because you are being signaled that your desire is not the best course of action.] Synchronicities are showing you that you‘re on the right track. They‘re showing you that you‘re doing what your [highest and best] Purpose has in mind for you.

Therefore, it‘s a really important thing to use them as a gauge, to assess how close you are to what your soul‘s purpose is. When you‘re on track with your soul‘s purpose, you can expect synchronicities to happen almost on a day to day basis.

Andy:  Yeah, they happen really fast.

David:  It‘s a subjective, individual proof, [which does not violate your free will. You can choose to accept it or reject it as you see fit.]

There are higher beings out there. They do exist. It‘s preposterous, once we get into the science of consciousness, to think that [they wouldn‘t.]



If we are immersed in a living consciousness field, which has properties that clearly demonstrate it exists throughout the entire known universe, it becomes extremely ridiculous to think that we‘re the only sentient organism in that universe. The universe itself has conscious properties.

One of the things we talk about in The Science of Peace series is that DNA itself is actually a wavelength in the field.

The DNA molecule is shaped out of otherwise inanimate matter on a given planet [by these hidden waves, which the Russians call “torsion fields ” and are NOT electromagnetic in nature].

Now that‘s a very heavy thing to say, but that‘s exactly what the research has shown us. [We have experimental proof that life can form spontaneously from ‘inorganic‘ material, which I discuss in The Science of Peace.]



Andy:  Going along these lines, you know, everybody talks about 2012, and where we‘re going with this. I would just like to know what your feedback is on 2012: what you think is going to happen BETWEEN now and 2012, and what you think is going to happen IN 2012.

David:  Well, I can actually bridge the momentum I started on the DNA and take it right into that. That‘s a good segue.

To understand 2012, we‘re dealing with a very complex series of statements. A lot of people say, “Who built the pyramids in Central America and Mesoamerica? Who designed the Mayan Calendar? ”

I‘ve actually had some people call me a racist for saying that it was not designed by humans, but I‘m okay with that. The fact of the matter is that nobody has the level of expertise, even now, to be able to fully understand even what the pyramids are for.

[Furthermore, we don’t know how huge stones could be levitated into position, nor] how you would construct a calendar which just so happens to have all these synchronistic connections to other things, [including long-term cycles of solar activity, a 26,000-year wobble in the Earth‘s axis, and a series of cycles recently discovered by Dr. Sergey Smelyakov that all ‘implode‘ into December 21, 2012].

The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. Their equivalent of cuneiform [and hieroglyphic] writings are called ‘codices‘. The [codices] basically describe that at the end of 2012, we will enter into what they call a ‘fifth root race‘, or a Golden Age. And, you know, ‘root race‘ implies a biological change – some kind of actual organismic change in how we look, how we function and how we think.



There‘s a variety of data from a variety of ancient civilizations, each of which independently seems to confirm that we are now in a phase of our evolution where there‘s a great deal of upheaval and turmoil in the Earth.

Things will look really scary and negative, but it‘s all part of a cleansing, which is essentially bringing forth subconscious material that we‘ve not yet dealt with on an individual level.

By [this material] coming out on a collective level, we then get to experience a projection of our individual disharmony, by seeing it outside ourselves.

This is a very important point. This is how we typically heal.



It‘s very rare, until you become really advanced on the path of enlightenment, to experience a true awareness of your subconscious material, by yourself, in meditation, or just in contemplation.

So, if you are a person who is habitually self-denying and lacking in self-esteem, do you honestly think that means you‘re going to attract someone to yourself who is going to just love you and treat you wonderfully?

Julie:  No.




David:  That‘s not the way it works! It‘s the other way around.

We are, on a subconscious level, pathologically driven to keep seeking out the embodiment of our shadow. We attract these specific people into our lives, so that either they rise with us in vibration or we reach a point where we have to get away from them… and that is the lesson.

They will typically embody our shadow aspects in an exaggerated way, so that [their reflection is] worse than how we [really] are. These people will typically drag us into great levels of despair. We actually refer to this as the Dark Night of the Soul.



So, if you look at the world political stage as if it was a movie or a narrative, there‘s an ever-increasing tension in the narrative right now.

Julie:  Yes!

David:  I don‘t see it as [being a] bad [thing]. I‘m not outraged, but there‘s a necessary stage you have to go through where you are. The more outrage is formed in the collective consciousness, the less tolerance there will be for these behaviors to continue. So now you‘re seeing subpoenas being handed out like Pez dispensers.

Julie:  Right.

David:  And it‘s not going to stop! We are going to see a revolutionary change in how things are being dealt with on the planet, before 2012. The media itself is going to have to perform an act of contrition, and begin acting more responsibly, because otherwise, their going to lose their advertisers.




The people on the Board of Directors of these corporations are going to say, “I don‘t want to be pouring our advertising dollars into something that‘s obviously hypocritical, ” which everybody can see is not telling the truth.



Andy:  So, let me ask you a question. As we approach this 2012, will there be a separation of consciousness, like there‘s a separation of class, where the more enlightened ones will be around the more enlightened ones, and the ones that aren‘t will be around [others like themselves?]

David:  Well, that starts sounding like evangelical bible-thumping.

Andy:  I understand. [The other scenario is, will] everybody evolve at the same time, at the same rate?

David:  It doesn‘t really work that way either.



There is a certain presence of mind to be said for things like the ‘Hundredth Monkey Effect.‘ In Japan there were these islands where they threw sweet potatoes down to feed the monkeys. As the sweet potatoes hit the ground, they‘d be covered with sand, and the monkeys couldn‘t eat them.

After a hundred of the monkeys on the various islands discovered how to wash the potatoes — when that critical number was reached — suddenly it was like a Windows Update that downloaded the data to all the monkeys overnight. They all learned to wash these potatoes simultaneously, out of nowhere.

So it seems as if, to a certain degree, there are behaviors and characteristics that will download into people‘s minds, as enough people become aware. That would be the collective idea, or a more socialist idea of Ascension. However, the universe doesn‘t just hand out party favors if you haven‘t done the work to earn them.



And so, we are in a situation on the planet at this time in which people are being asked to draw upon their internal resources, and find the love and the compassion, the service for others. That‘s what the Earth school is really about.

There are a lot of people here who don‘t need that level of tuition. There‘s approximately anywhere between sixty to maybe even 120 to 200 million souls on the planet who are Wanderers — souls of an angelic essence who have volunteered to be human.

They know they will [have to] give up their identity and forget who they are, and go through one or even a series of human lifetimes, for the sole purpose of trying to up-level the vibration on the planet.

Most of the people who would bother to listen to this show are these angelic souls. They‘re not going to need the basic level of information about, “Oh, I need to be more loving. I shouldn‘t be manipulating and controlling people. ”



The basic level you need to reach, to be able to graduate into the fourth dimension — or fourth density, as it‘s called — is to have a higher priority on being loving towards people than on manipulating and controlling them. And believe it or not, that‘s a very difficult thing for the average person on this planet to achieve.

The reason why it‘s so difficult is again because there‘s all this shadow material buried in the subconscious mind. This is not something people have conscious awareness of. It‘s something that stays locked up inside.

People say to themselves, “No, I‘m a good person. I‘ve never abused my kids. I‘ve never hit my kids. ” Well, you [may not] realize the psychological abuse you might have done. People have an affair or something, but they block it out of their mind. They say, “No, I love my wife. ”

So there are things we do that are intrinsically self-serving, in which we‘re manipulating others for our own benefit.

Julie:  Yeah.

David:  Then we wallpaper over them as if they‘re not there. [It’s a lot more fine-tuned than just child abuse and marital infidelity. There are many ways in which we play games, or even harbor thoughts about others that never turn into action. That’s a milder problem but can still cause karmic trouble, since your Higher Self knows everything you’re thinking, just like Santa Claus.]

So, the 2012 thing is not a cosmic light switch that‘s flipped in 2012. It‘s an active process that we‘re going through now, which is essentially fomenting the self-realization. It‘s forcing us into it, whether we want to see it or not.

Bear in mind that if we don‘t choose to change, we don‘t automatically get shipped into a higher level of vibration.



Some people on the planet are pursuing a negative spiritual path, a service-to-self path. That is your Illuminati or ‘New World Order‘ type. They also may be able to graduate into fourth-density negative, which is sort of the equivalent of dropping into a ‘Hellraiser‘ movie.




That‘s not any place I‘d want to go, but there are some people who choose that. [In the Law of One philosophy, negative and positive cannot co-exist on the same planet after third-density. The Earth is moving into a fourth-density positive level. New graduates into 4D negative enter in at the bottom of the pecking order, and are abused by everyone above them.]

By the time you get up to the sixth density level, you can‘t really maintain the negative path very long; your [body and] soul literally starts dissolving.

The universe itself is biased toward the positive, but it allows for the negative to exist. In the early days of the universe, we didn‘t have a negative path; we only had unity. It was actually really bad in terms of the level of evolution; people were not growing and accelerating because there was nothing to work against, there was nothing to strive against.

Julie:  Hmm!



David:  So, evil was created as part of the Creator‘s will. [It was designed] to essentially inspire us to grow, to change and to evolve.

So, right now it appears as if really terrible things are happening on the planet, very scary things.

Julie:  Mm-hmm…

David:  What that‘s really doing is increasing the sense of jeopardy.

Now that I‘m working in Hollywood, I‘m really deep into the meat of how these films are being constructed on the inside; all the stuff you‘re not supposed to know about inner symbolism, secret metaphor and all this stuff.

The number one thing you‘ll hear in an insider conversation about film, and writing a good film, is “We need to have a mounting sense of jeopardy.”

That‘s how you construct a good story. That‘s what it‘s all about — increasing jeopardy, which is then resolved at the end of the film somehow.

Andy:  And that keeps you involved in the movie?

David:  Exactly.



So what‘s happening is you have all these people who have been locked up in narcissism and a lack of self-reflection, distracted by the mundane pleasures of physical existence.

[They are] locked up in their own world, in which they have a box that they live in, a box that they‘re entertained by. They go to work in a box; they work in a cube farm, one cubicle at a time. It‘s all boxes: four walls, shielding us from other people.

When there is the perception of a unified threat, and a vehicle of communication which is the internet, e-mail, and instant messaging — cell phones and all that — people have an opportunity to break down their sense of isolation and say, “My God, you need to see what‘s happening here! ”

Julie:  Yeah.

David:  It pulls you out of this ‘Chicken McNugget‘ life and into sort of a, “Wow, we‘re all in the same restaurant here! ” [And you realize] you don‘t like what is being served!

Julie:  Yeah, that‘s a really good point. My question [is this.]



We‘re doing the World Joy meditation in which people from all over Africa — everybody is tuning in to hear this, and it is based on joy. So we are hoping to uplift people. Is this correct? Should we be doing this? Is this going to make a difference?

David:  Right.

Julie:  Will it make a difference if people come together? In the Law of Attraction, it is basically about you and how you feel as a person — not really connecting with other people, if I‘m understanding the Law of Attraction right. So you can understand my little bit of confusion here.

David:  Sure. I‘m glad you asked me that, Julie. You apprised me of this issue in an e-mail before the show, and I wanted to make sure we hit on that. So that‘s very good.



There are problems, to put it bluntly, with the Law of Attraction model. We are getting back to an archetype which I explain in my article series, The Deeper Secret, about how you approach your Higher Self.

A strict interpretation of the Law of Attraction, as seen in the auxiliary materials and in the movie ‘The Secret’, implies that the universe is an instant-gratification machine.

Julie:  Um hmmm.

David:  [It implies] that the purpose of the universe is to basically be there to indulge your desire. It‘s a very narcissistic view of the cosmos.

It essentially implies that you‘re like a child walking through the grocery store: “Mommy! Mommy! I really want the marshmallows! ” [Then the Universe, as Mommy, says,] “Okay, okay, you can have the marshmallows. You really wanted it, really bad. You attracted it, so here you go. ”

That‘s not how it works. The people who make the most money off of the Law of Attraction teachings are the people who are charging exorbitant amounts of money to sell the knowledge to others.

Andy:  I agree wholeheartedly on that. All they‘re doing is filling their own pockets.

David:  Without naming names, there is a particular individual who is on the ‘Secret‘ film…

Julie:  [laughs]

David:  I saw one of his lectures, and he openly acknowledges he is charging people twelve hundred dollars to take him to dinner, and talk to him for half an hour…and he gets it!

I mean, he has somebody who pays him for that, every single show, every night he speaks!

Julie:  Oh, my goodness.

David:  He runs weekend lectures in which there‘s one full day and one half day in one location, and people are paying sometimes over nine hundred dollars to go [just in a pure speaker fee, at an ordinary hotel conference room, not including travel, hotel or food].

Andy:  I‘ve heard it‘s as high as two thousand.

David:  Well, yeah, some of them have raised it. In fact, I remember hearing not too long ago that he has now raised the rate because he was getting too much demand. He had to put it up even higher!

Julie:  So this is…

David:  The reason why people would want to sign up for something like that is unremitted greed. It‘s basically them thinking, “This guy is going to sell me something that‘s going to be able to make me money like he‘s making it. ”

Julie:  Exactly.

[DW: Furthermore, in so many of these cases the speaker promises that attending one conference will resolve all your dreams and desires. The people who attend often end up getting addicted, repeat their patterns, and keep feeling as if they have more work to do.

They are never fully satisfied by the process, and if they complain, the answer is always that they should just keep doing more conferences.

I do believe in the value of a reasonably-priced conference as a source of inspiration, but the real work is a day-by-day process. You do need to take responsibility for yourself, rather than expecting someone else to do it for you. Realizations you have at one point can easily get blown away if you don‘t keep up with the program.]



David:  And that‘s the definition of the negative path. The negative path says, “Accept my enslavement over you, so you may in turn learn how to enslave others the same way that I‘m doing ”.

Julie:  Mmm.

David:  And it‘s a very scary thing. That‘s what‘s really happening here.

So there‘s two ways to approach your Higher Self; you can approach the Higher Self as a prostitute or as a maiden.

The prostitute part is where you go up and you say, “Okay, Higher Self, this is what I want you to do for me: I want you lie there in this position, put your leg up on top of the bed. Here‘s the silk handcuffs — let‘s go for it. ”

The maiden is somebody who may be a virgin, or just has a virginal mind, who‘s not just going to sleep with you because you want them to. You need to actually have some game; you need to be able to experience the sharing of laughter and communication, go on dates with this person, and build a criteria for why you end up being romantically involved.

Julie:  Right.

David:  This is a much healthier approach.



So, the problem with the Law of Attraction belief, which is endemic of our society, (and that‘s part of why ‘The Secret‘ got to be so popular as a film,) is that it enshrines the ‘egoic‘ mind as God.

It says, “Whatever my ego wants must be the right thing. ”

Part of the 2012 experience we‘re going through is shedding that illusion that our ego is the full definition of who we are.

Synchronicity is a very important part of that. Synchronicity intrudes on complacency, because synchronicity is not just positive; synchronicity can be very abruptly karmic events, too.



Karma is part of the manifestation of the Higher Self when you realize, “My gosh, why did this terrible thing just happen to me? Why have I just gone through the same pattern with this person again, when I said I never wanted to experience abuse again? ”

When you really understand esoteric knowledge, there is nothing in your life that is not a project of very high magical intervention on behalf of your Higher Self.

Every day, you are experiencing the most significant, the most poignant experiences [that will] propel you into self-knowledge and enlightenment.



Julie:  So, is it true that there is nothing more important than feeling good? What is that statement, then?

David:  It is true that we are here ultimately to be experiencing Oneness with the Creator. We do not want to experience separation.

If we create God as some sort of entity that we have been abandoned by, which is what most people are subconsciously doing, then it implies that we‘re aspiring to something that is other than ourselves, [outside ourselves]. That‘s the illusion.

The truth is that we cannot be divided from the Oneness. We cannot be separated from the Oneness. We are fully and intrinsically One with all others.



We should not look up to celebrities as being better than ourselves. In fact, in the last few weeks in Hollywood here, I‘ve met several celebrities in person. I didn‘t treat them like celebrities. Why would I put them on a pedestal and say that this man or this woman is better than I am?

Julie:  Mm hmm.

David:  Neither should you look upon someone as less than. When I walk out of the health food store and somebody says, “Could you give money to the homeless ”, I usually give it. And if I don‘t feel like giving it to them, I‘ll go out the other door, because I‘d rather do that than look this person in the eye and deny them what they‘re asking for.

I really do try to be balanced in terms of seeing everyone in compassion, truth and love…

Julie:  Right.

David:  That can be a very difficult discipline.



I‘m sensing what some of the callers would be asking [right now]. They‘re wondering what‘s going to happen, what this 2012 thing is really about…

Julie:  Right.

David:  Telepathically, I‘m starting to get some of these questions…

Julie:  Yeah, our lines are, heh, heh…

David:  In another couple of minutes I think we should open them up, because I did promise that we would do that. In the five or ten minutes before [we take calls], let‘s kind of re-orient ourselves to what the big game is here, what this is all going towards.

We‘re going to experience, in my opinion, a discontinuous event, in which the nature of matter, energy, and consciousness will shift, in a sudden moment.

This gets back to what is really going on in the atom.



The atom is not a little nucleus, with little electrons flying around like a solar system; that‘s the old Rutherford/Bohr model of the atom, which has scientifically disproven in so many different ways.

Anyone who‘s seen “What The Bleep Do We Know ” knows how extensively they drilled that into you: that there‘s an ‘uncertainty principle.‘ [An electron] looks like a wave sometimes, [and] it looks like a particle sometimes. A particle and a wave are two very different things.

[The solution is found with] scientists such as Dr. Robert Moon. I only learned about how he factored in more recently. He was a government scientist who discovered that what was really going on in the atom was geometry — a harmonic geometry.




Dr. Moon’s science was [apparently] brought into the deep black and kept secret. When you understand geometry, you understand the secrets of things like anti-gravity, free energy, the real nature of DNA, the real nature of  how proteins are synthesized, which is how our bodies are constructed.

The same harmonic geometry underlies the synthesis of DNA in your body. The same geometry can be seen as a global energy grid over this planet.

Every single one of four thousand different pyramids, standing stones, Stonehenge, et cetera, are built precisely on the nodes of this grid, or the lines of the grid. The ancients knew about this geometry.

It‘s the same geometry we see in the galaxy.

It‘s the same geometry we see holding super-clusters of galaxies together in a giant egg-carton configuration.

It‘s the same geometry that we see in the background dust from when the universe was formed. The whole universe has a soccer-ball geometry, or what we call a dodecahedron.

That same geometry governs how your proteins are synthesized, in your body.

That starts to break down the idea that there‘s any separation. That same geometry makes matter; it makes atoms and molecules, and it‘s based on frequency.



If you play a particular sound frequency, like ‘C‘ on the piano — middle ‘C‘ for example — and then you take that waveform and you project it into a liquid that has some fine particles in it, like sand, the fine sand in the liquid will arrange into this geometry.

That‘s been proven by a scientist named Dr. Hans Jenny, and then by another scientist named Dr. Buckminster Fuller [who used a vibrating balloon in a bath of dye], among others.




The ancient esoteric knowledge says the universe is created from the AUM, the primordial sound. That‘s actually true. The universe is essentially a frequency. That‘s why when we‘re talking about ‘Raise Your Vibration‘, it‘s actually a very real thing.

There is a certain geometric frequency the Earth grid has, right now, which is sort of an isocahedron-dodecahedron combination.




Of course, in order to know what I‘m talking about, you‘re going to have to go to the website. You can see an article on my site called, “Hyper-Dimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space in the 2012 Case ”…

Julie:  Yeah.

David:  That gives you all this information I‘m saying right now.



Anyway, the geometry of the Earth‘s grid is changing, and that‘s why there‘s probably going to be a magnetic pole shift. When the geometry changes, the axis of the Earth will change, because the [higher] geometry has a different [rotational] axis. [Two other nodes on the older geometry form the north and south pole of the new geometry.]

So, it‘s not like we‘re going to avoid all these Earth changes from happening. However, in the process of the Earth geometry changing, we get a global effect that‘s similar to the Bermuda Triangle, in which each person will experience a shift over into what we now think of as the astral plane.

So, by decoding this Law of One material, which is sort of the undergirding architecture of where I‘ve put all this stuff together from, we can see that 2012 appears to be this shift in matter, energy, and consciousness, which will propel us into a multi-dimensional state.

Even though the Earth will experience sort of an upheaval, none of us are going to be here for it.



Now that gets into [Andy‘s earlier] question. Everybody is going to experience [the 2012 shift]. Whether you will actually stay on the Earth for much more than another 100 to 700 years in this astral plane, before you reincarnate back into the physical plane, depends on your level of consciousness.

So, there are some people who, once this shift happens, will immediately be propelled into what we could call the Ascension. This is sort of like an overall soul review of all your past lives. All that gets [synthesized] together [into a single, precise level of vibration, determining exactly how much progress you made in the Earth school].

Other people will kind of hang out in the equivalent of the astral plane, sort of like the afterlife. They won‘t realize that the Earth has changed; they won‘t realize that this event has happened. They will forget that there was a change, and they will assume everything is normal.



Julie:  So, so you‘re saying that in the year 2012, we are no longer going to exist? The end of the world happens?

David:  The Earth will not exist in space-time. The people on the Earth will not be living in the level that we now live in; they will be living in an inverted reality called time/space.

And again, this sounds very sci-fi, and probably makes me sound like a complete wacko. You really have to go so far into the [alternative] science to understand how this would even function.

The easiest way to explain it is the Bermuda Triangle, where you have multiple reports of planes flying through and disappearing, or ships coming out where there‘s nobody on the ship. This is part of a real science that our government has been hiding from us. When you raise the frequency high enough, you get a de-materialization.



This is all leading to everyone having a reality shift at the same time. When you go into this new reality, you will have the ability to do things that you never could have done before.

Regardless of whether you‘re on the positive path, the negative path or if you‘re indifferent, [after this shift,] if you try to levitate, you may discover that you are able to.

If you try to heal someone, you may be able to.

If you try to hear other people‘s thoughts telepathically, you may be able to.

Part of the problem is, “Do you even bother to try? ”

So, that‘s part of what‘s going to happen after 2012. Still, the criteria after 2012 is going to be, “Do you get it about loving and helping other people, or do you continue to manipulate and control them? ”

Andy:  Yeah, self-abundance, you know.

David:  Exactly.



We‘re heading into this phase of our existence where this is going to happen to everybody. It‘s an irreversible shift. There is no “Get Out of Jail Free ” card, so if you‘re afraid of it, I would recommend meditating on, “Am I really loving others? Am I really serving others? ”

There‘s no reason to be afraid. That‘s probably another one of the standard phone calls that we have – [people saying] that this sounds terrifying. There‘s really nothing terrifying about it. It‘s a consciousness shift that requires our participation.

We have to co-create the reality that we‘re going into. That‘s really the Law of Attraction you want to focus on: “Am I attracting good karma by being of service and by loving other people? ” When you do that, the manifestations you seek will begin happening. You will be given what you need to fulfill your service.



Well, let‘s at least toss in a few calls here, cause that‘s [what we promised we‘d do]…

Julie:  Okay, we‘ve got just a couple of minutes left, so I‘m going to open up one call here, and see what happens.

David:  Okay.

Julie:  [Long pause] They probably have been hanging on so long there. I can‘t get it. Here we are. Hello there. Are you still there? Area code 310? Nope, they‘re not there. We have had all of the lines going and they just… I just lost them all.

David:  Okay. In that case, since we don‘t have much time, let‘s try to create a summary statement. Is there anything that you feel I should cover that I haven‘t already said?



Julie:  I do want to know, when we have the ‘World Joy‘ meditation, what should we be focusing on?

David:  That‘s a very good point. This ties back into the Science of Peace material you were so excited about at the beginning.



We are already experiencing a reality in which the thoughts we have in our conscious mind are not our own thoughts only. We are constantly being influenced by other people‘s thoughts. It is a scientific reality.

It‘s been established as a statistical reality that a small group of people in meditation, under the same roof in that case — seven thousand people in one auditorium — were able to reduce global fatalities, acts of terrorism and acts of harm to others by seventy two percent.

That means that three out of four people who would pick up a gun and shoot someone DIDN‘T DO IT during this meditation.

There are experiments in Russia where they took these giant, steep pyramids, with seventy two degree slope angles and 144 feet tall, and put salt and pepper in them. They then distributed that salt and pepper to various jails in Russia.




The prisoners suddenly got much nicer to each other, healed from addictions and stopped acting violently. The pyramids also were able to reduce or eliminate Earth change activity; they reduced earthquakes, severe weather, closed ozone holes, purified water, et cetera.



This is a consciousness science that shows that how our individual self has an effect on the level of cataclysms on the Earth, the level of war on the Earth. That‘s why a global meditation is so important. You can think of it like a room, where the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. As the temperature goes up, people get more and more irritable. They yell and scream at each other.

Julie:  Mm-hmm.

David:  The meditators are like these blasts of air-conditioning that cools everything down.

So, a world-wide meditation has the objective of basically injecting that, cool energy — chilling people out. [Our language seems to have subconscious clues like this in it – “hot under the collar ”, “chill out, ” et cetera.]



You want to focus on the highest frequency that you can. You want to be in an ecstatic blissful state. You don‘t want to let your ego chatter. You want to try not to think anything — just experience extreme gratitude. Gratitude is really the key word to focus on.

Julie:  Wow!

David:  That frequency of gratitude is an energy that‘s of the higher vibration, which actually can correlate with a higher geometry. It helps our planet get through this change.



All the earth changes are a function of disharmony being projected out into the world; it‘s not a function of collective unity.

The earth changes wouldn‘t be happening if we didn‘t need that as a metaphor of our own [internal] storm.

So, when you see a storm or when you see a heat wave, which is happening now, it‘s collective paranoia, anger and fear [projecting into the world].

We can move into trust and into a greater acceptance, that we‘re not in an Armageddon; we‘re in a collective awakening. This is actually a wonderful time to be on the planet, not a terrifying time.

Julie:  Yeah.

David: When you can have that shift, then you‘re beginning to take mastery over your life, and not letting life master you.



Julie: And that‘s a perfect place to end it, ‘cause we‘ve got thirty seconds, I couldn‘t stop you, it‘s just too fascinating. David, thank you so much, you‘re wonderful! I‘ve got to get you back on so we can continue this conversation. You‘re bringing a real exciting message to all of us.

David:  Both of you guys brought in a great counterpoint, so I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you; it was my pleasure.

Andy:  Hey, David, one more quick thing. I‘m trying for co-host of this show, [laughter] and I know you have like, three million followers, so if you can kind of like cast your vote before you leave, you know, in the box that says Andy Avva (ph) I‘d really appreciate it. And if your three million people would do the same, I would really appreciate it, Dave.

Julie:  Hah, Hah, Hah, he‘s got to get that in. Thank you so much, David.

David:  It‘s my pleasure, and you guys have a great night.