Monday 7/23/07

[Updated Tuesday] 

This show will be permanently available as an MP3 download, but why not listen live tonight and join in the fun! 


‘Odyssey’ was one of the first of an ever-expanding melange of programs on, an entire site dedicated to metaphysical talk radio that streams online.




Their particular focus, as you can see on the site, is ancient civilizations. Mike Schultz called us on the phone last night and ran through the list of questions he wishes to cover over the course of one hour, and suffice it to say it will be VERY interesting to see if we can get through all this material!

We look forward to meeting the challenge to the best of our ability. Stop in and see how we do!

Hopefully a transcript will soon follow, but you’ll be able to download the MP3 whenever you want! Isn’t it exciting to keep having new material emerging?  



The MP3s from this show are not available without first downloading and installing a 10-meg piece of software called VideoLAN, followed by a subscription to their archive, with rates beginning at a 4.95-a-month recurring fee. We did not realize this before we went on and apologize for the misunderstanding. 

We did manage to do an overview of several key topics in our allotted 40 minutes, and we hope to have a transcript available for you soon.