Wed. 7/11/07 

As a gesture of our deep thanks and gratitude for your support, we’re giving away a CD-length reading as a free MP3 download!  



Today is a magical day — 7-11-7! 

Thanks to your increasing participation with this site, we’re finally able to pay our bills from all the hard work we’ve been putting in here! We are so grateful for your continuing help in making this possible!

The peace of mind that came with finally getting some financial stability also paved the way for a fine reading to come floating in — so everybody wins!

MANY fascinating topics were covered and the voice speed is actually a nice, slow, meditative cadence so you can really relax into it. Our recording techniques also allowed us to have an almost 100-percent noiseless recording without any ‘artifacts’ of digital noise reduction bleeding through. 

The source made it clear, once the reading was underway, that this one was intended to be offered as a free download for everyone who comes to the site — and particularly as a big, surprise THANK YOU to all of you who have been supporting us with your thoughts, letters, participation in the ever-expanding discussion group and downloads of our MP3s! 

You will also hear the complete introductory movement to “The Journey — Extended Version” at the beginning, as David introduces the reading. That complete piece of music, which we wrote earlier this year, is available as a stand-alone download on this site or as part of the impressive music compilation from our Science of Peace Cosmic Combo pack:





At the same time as we continue to grow stronger, it appears the old ways are gently but definitively collapsing at a faster and faster speed. If you’re paying attention to the alternative or even mainstream media at all right now, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

We like the idea of being a phoenix in the ashes in a positive sense.

The reading goes into this, to a degree, by explaining the difference between negative seeking and positive seeking. We also discuss many intriguing aspects of the consciousness science model that are feeding into making CONVERGENCE: The Movie.

No matter how you slice it, this one is definitely an instant classic!



Right click on this link, click “Save As,” figure out a folder to put it in, and go! You can then go into Itunes and import it so you can listen on your Ipod. It weighs in at a perfect CD-length 67 minutes and 15.6 MB, so even on dial-up it won’t be an eternity. On broadband, the blazing speed of our server can bring it in to you in less than 30 seconds flat! 




Enjoy this gift as a gesture of our thanks and gratitude — and welcome to the Divine Cosmos family!

If you would like to transcribe this reading for us, let us know your intention in the discussion group so we don’t repeat everyone’s effort. It’s slow enough you can knock it out in a single pass.

Once we have it, we’ll edit it and post it here!

Now sit back, relax and prepare yourself… then feel free to send the MP3 link to anyone else you might think would be interested in hearing this message!