Thursday 5/3/07

[Updated 5PM PST]

Brace yourself for this one. The “Henry Deacon” updates have been the most amazing part of Project Camelot thus far. Today we found a fascinating new update… and have reason to believe it is entirely accurate!



This is the hinterlands, the farthest out on the limb you can go in black-ops insider-leaked UFOlogy. I’ve obviously been collecting each of the Deacon updates and integrating them into the overall picture that is 2012, for the upcoming book. As of the last update they said more were coming, but then it was strangely silent.

After posting this we had a dream, showing that it needed a few chiropractic adjustments… so bear in mind that from a Law of One perspective, this is considered ‘transient’ material — little factoids in the big football game, if you will, of what goes on with the man behind the curtain.

Nonetheless, it has some value in terms of building a critical mass of data, especially considering how there are so many commonalities between the different whistleblowers — things that aren’t even public.  

I was ‘guided’, if you will, to check the Project Camelot site this morning, even though I’d just been there, and lo and behold, there was the update. You’ll need a very open mind to take this in, and it’s sort of a data quilt more than a pre-digested narrative.

Nonetheless, I have multiple points of correlation — some of which are still not public — that jibe with most of the things Deacon is saying in all three of these updates. Some of this IS disturbing material — and I have no direct insider testimony about whether 9/11 was an inside job, for example — so you should exercise discernment when reading it and not get overly sucked in.

The point is not to see this all as truth, but expand your mind and take in the possibilities. Most UFO-oriented material has disinformation mixed in. I don’t personally think that’s happening here, but admittedly there is no way to prove otherwise.

I do recommend reading the updates in order if you haven’t already done so, and all the links are available at the latest page:


This is more of an advance glimpse at some data I will eventually work into a well-written narrative… but for now you’ll have to endure the process of sifting through it, probably laughing at how outrageous a lot of it sounds, and making up your own mind. 

If this guy is for real, and again we have a lot of cross-overs suggesting he is, then there was one part that was particularly interesting. He dropped a direct link back to the article I co-wrote with Richard Hoagland on interplanetary climate change, when you click on his name, even though it’s been almost completely ignored in the conventional alternative / metaphysical world.

Someone purportedly ‘in the know’ gave this article a lot of weight — obviously because he claims to know that something ‘big’ is going to happen in 2012, and the interplanetary climate change represents the precursors to that event, as we see the solar system experiencing a consistent energetic charge-up. Indeed, that’s why I pursued this course of research in the first place:

Important contacts

Henry on several occasions referenced and strongly recommended the work of Bernard Pietsch, Stan Tenen, and Richard Hoagland. He maintained that Pietsch knew everything there was to know about the Great Pyramid; that Tenen was an inspired genius; and that Hoagland knew a very great deal of accurate information about the solar system.

We didn’t need to be told our information was accurate — it’s the kind of thing that becomes obvoius the more you go into it — but it’s great to be acknowledged as “the real deal” by such a potentially high-ranking insider nonetheless.

It’s still a bit disappointing that we didn’t get named, considering we did most of the research — a one-foot-thick stack of books printed and bound from various websites — to boil down to that article. The key to the formula was that it had to be mainstream Western science. 

There still has never been anything else that even comes close to the level of thoroughness we brought to bear on that article series — at least not in public-domain — and we’re very close to releasing the ‘sequel,’ if you will, which will discuss issues regarding the Earth itself. 

Richard praised us for this fastidiousness when we did the radio show together, and here was our key quote about it, from Part Two of the transcript:

Where we stand tonight is truly a magnificent place, because Richard essentially gave me an assignment [a couple months ago] … and I completed the assignment … and it’s an astonishing body of data that we’ve [now] come up with — which is showing that the entire solar system — not just at any one point like 19.5 — but the planets themselves, and in many cases their moons, are showing dramatic signs of energetic increase.

This includes increasing atmospheric pressure, increasing brightness from the Aurora Borealis, increasing magnetic field strength … increasing “cataclysmic activity” in many cases. I can stand here tonight and basically say to you, “Name a planet and I’ll tell you what’s changing about it. It doesn’t even matter which one you pick, because we’ve got data for every single one.”

We wouldn’t have found out about interplanetary climate change in the first place, and had such accurate insights, had it not been for the Law of One series — the Ph.D. of all ‘channeled’ material — turning us on to the truth in the first place, followed by a complete obsession with scientific research to support that core as time went on. We will try to get the Law of One Study Guide fully cleaned up and ready for presentation today.

Bear in mind that even though we see ‘climate change’ going on throughout the Solar System, the Law of One model does NOT foresee this as a disastrous event for humanity. Just the opposite. None of the data we’re sharing with you today should change, one iota, our basic points. Laugh if you will, throw tomatoes, et cetera, but this is what the highly accurate, integrated Law of One philosophy actually says is going to happen:

  • 2012, or thereabouts, represents a POSITIVE moment of humanity’s future.
  • If you are afraid of it, you simply don’t understand the ‘big picture’. Ra said the earth changes are “very, very transient”.
  • Our solar system is moving into a higher-level zone of energy in the galaxy.
  • The shift will affect matter, energy, consciousness and biological life as we now know it.
  • These effects have been felt more strongly since 1936.
  • This energy is where “thoughts become things,” and that partially explains the rise in cancer — people’s unhealed anger is projecting as tissue growth.
  • The Earth itself is a sentient being and is undergoing a graduation into the ‘fourth density’ positive, which is a realm of ‘unconditional love’. 
  • Humanity on earth will move into a realm that is one HUNDRED TIMES more harmonious than it is now.
  • We will have Ascended abilities such as levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, instant healing, time travel, et cetera.
  • All you have to do to ‘graduate positive’ is be slightly more interested in helping others rather than controlling them.
  • If you think this is difficult, or you might not ‘make it,’ simply start being friendlier and more loving towards those around you. Very easy.
  • The 2012 shift itself is painless — akin to moving through a stargate-type vortex. Exhilarating yes, painful no.
  • The Law of One suggests EVERYONE on earth will flash into the ‘astral’ plane — a flash that is potentially two-way, allowing you to come back in a typical case — around this time.
  • It is NOT death in the standard sense of the term, since you have Ascended and brought your body with you.
  • It appears that most people will spontaneously re-create the Earth, a’ la the Matrix, once they go over.
  • Those who do not go to 4D positive or negative will eventually start again on another Earth-like planet, in 3D.
  • The ‘cycle repeaters’ have NOT been sent to ‘hell’, and they have NOT been ‘punished’ — they simply go to the area where they can still learn the most on the spiritual level. Until you make “the Choice” between service to self or service to others, you still are gaining benefit from third-density, and will continue reincarnating there. 

What happens to those who Ascend to 4D positive, you might ask, as they go through the process — according to the Law of One philosophy? 

  • Those who Ascend will first meet with a thoughtform entity — taking the form of whatever is calculated as being the most inspiring to that person.
  • You move into your indigo-ray body, what the Egyptians call the “ka”. This is the Higher Self.
  • You are then brought before your violet-ray body — a level even higher than the Higher Self, called the “Guardians” in the Law of One series. This is the last level you get to before you rejoin with the Oneness at the ‘Octave’ point, or eighth dimension.
  • At the end of a typical life you review that life and plan out the next.
  • At the end of an entire CYCLE, like this, you review ALL of your lifetimes — and come up with an overall level of evolution that you attained during all your lifetimes.
  • Right now, today, you have the power to change how ALL your lifetimes will ‘weigh’ in this process — simply by engaging yourself in your spiritual process and striving for the highest levels you can. 

Given this overview, (which perhaps should be at the END of the article), let’s proceed. When I look at these pieces of data, I don’t see them as complete in and of themselves — I see them as puzzle pieces in a larger framework that is becoming clearer and clearer with time. The list I just gave is not likely to change, to any substantive degree — only become clearer. 



The reason why we trust Deacon’s data is that it correlates with a HUGE variety of things we know, many of which we have not gone public with yet. This includes detailed testimony from ‘Daniel,’ who worked at Phoenix III / Montauk, and does not wish to come forward publicly.

Nonetheless, we have highly detailed information — beyond anything else we’ve ever seen publicly — that validates the earliest Montauk data — the video interviews (which used to only be available via black-ops insider channels) and the first book in the Montauk series. (After that, Daniel says the books aren’t worth reading due to the excessive distortions. The videos are above 90% accurate.)

Bear in mind that I originally saw these videos when they were still completely unavailable to the public — and I was gratified to see them ‘leak’.  

Video Links: (you’ll need more than 2.5 hours to watch this, and at times it can be slow going)  


Daniel’s testimony also includes some amazing things about Atlantean ruins found under the ice in Antarctica, an ancient intergalactic ‘stargate’ system that only allows living material to traverse, (seemingly different than the Burisch and Deacon testimony, but somewhat related), what it was like working in the midst of a real time-travel technology being used, et cetera.

My interactions with Daniel have utterly changed my life, and provided the ‘tipping point’ where I really knew 2012 would be ‘it’… sorry to be so enigmatic, but more is on the way soon. 

Daniel is TOTALLY unwilling to come forward publicly, or reveal his identity, but I will have more to say — providing that none of it could be used to hurt people, and none of it can — in the upcoming 2012 book, and perhaps some future updates that are more detailed than I can go into here.

Suffice it to say, if you want a glimpse of the future here at Divine Cosmos — a looking glass, let’s say — then read all three of these updates! Drop them some ‘green energy’ for this outstanding work if you feel like it… and let them know where most of the solar system research they just cited came from!  Our “Hyperdimensional Nebulae: Cubes in Space and the 2012 Case ” piece should be, uh, “interesting” to the insiders…



Some of the stuff you might stumble over in these updates could leave you feeling a little weird if you haven’t ever seen it before. Bear in mind that we see a fundamental incongruity in these visions of the future.

Namely, those on the service-to-self (negative) path only see one set of timelines for Earth’s future. The Law of One series never went into detail about what a movement into 4D service-to-self would be like — but there are indeed a small amount of people on earth who might qualify. With the time-viewing devices, there is an interaction with the mind of the operator that preserves free will — so they will only see THEIR potential timelines for the future, not the ones that are outside their vibrational structure. 

The interest, for me, in this data is seeing it from the opposite side… and the picture is becoming clearer and clearer, and there are so many shared points with the Law of One material that it is truly fascinating.  

Thus, again, the “fourth-density positive” timeline for those who Ascend — all the people moving into Unconditional Love — will be invisible on devices like the Looking Glass if the viewer isn’t heading that way, thanks to Universal law. There is so much evidence supporting the Law of One model of ‘Ascension’ that we are convinced the insiders have totally missed the point, because they only see realities that apply to the future of those on the ‘service-to-self’ path.

I HIGHLY recommend reading about Howard Storm’s near-death experience as an antidote after the Deacon updates — or just for your own edification. Rarely do we see such a marvelous account. If only this were the normal type of content you find online!

Of course, Storm is coming at it from a Christian perspective, and in the beginning he experiences a ‘shamanic death’ at the hands of negative / trickster entities. Notice how they lose interest in him once they can’t feed on his fear anymore. Suffice it to say that this account is LOADED with cross-overs to the Law of One philosophy, and is a marvelous inspirational / spiritual read:

Enjoy the day! I consider a Deacon update to be a major event for celebration — as well as this Howard Storm account!

We are NOT familiar — yet — with the work of Pietsch that Deacon endorsed… so that’s next on the ‘digest’ list…  



As an appendix, here’s a short timeline list we compiled based on data from the first Montauk book combined with Daniel’s testimony and a few others. It’s just a gross, short-hand overview of the project itself:

List of Advanced Projects and Intelligence


Project Rainbow / “Philadelphia Experiment”

  • Minesweeper IX-97, not USS Eldridge
  • Electromagnetic “bottle” for radar invisibility
  • Led to actual space-time displacement of matter
  • Drastic negative effects on personnel (transdimensional disorder)

Project Looking Glass

  • Counter-rotating electromagnetic coil device from visitor ship
  • Created OBIT – Outer Bands Individuated Teletracer
    • Small luminous sphere – window into other times
    • Ability to enter and control minds of people in other times
  • DCTP – Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox
    • LG device not able to see future past 2012

Phoenix Project I

  • Reich / orgone / DOR energy – radiosonde device
  • Merged with Project Rainbow data – Dr. von Neumann, Brookhaven Labs, Long Island
  • Discovery and understanding of zero-time (universe rotates around zero time)
  • Why human beings have time-reference problems in EM fields
  • Stabilizing zero-time reference (ZTR) of affected Rainbow personnel
  • ZTR generator first built by Tesla in 1920s
  • Relationship between physical (space-time) and non-physical (time-space)
  • Started in 1948, developed in 1967 – Congress disbanded 1969
    • Congress concerned about provable EM effects on consciousness, wanted it stopped

Phoenix Project II

  • Sage Radar – Montauk AFB – decommissioned 1969
  • Re-establishment of base 1970-71 – finished by late 1971 – Sage experiments
  • 1972-73 – consciousness effects derived from new technology of non-burning radiation
  • Mind-reading chair originally developed with cooperation of Sirians
    • Developed by ITT in 1950s – 6 channels – displayed what subject was thinking
    • 22 base harmonics of brainwaves (Daniel, Russian data)
    • Eventual 3D representation of audio-visual aspect of thoughts on monitor and printout
  • Procurement of ITT/Sirian chair by Phoenix personnel
  • Interfacing of Sirian chair with Sage radar
    • Chair had to be moved to ITT center in Southampton, Long Island
    • Transmitter eventually projected thoughtforms of psychic in chair (~74)
    • Early 1975 – glitches in flow of time would cause connection to break up
    • Mid-75 – Discovery that ITT chair not exact replica of Sirian original
    • RCA came up with winning bid for new chair
  • Transmitter (Delta T) – Helmholtz coils
    • Solved problem of keeping all equipment at Montauk AFB
    • New chair immune to signal from antenna
  • Transmitter functional by 1976
  • 1977 – Transmitter reproducing thoughtforms without glitches at high fidelity
    • Psychic concentrated on solid object and it would manifest physically
    • Sometimes only ghostlike thoughtform image
  • “Seeing Eye” – chair operator able to project into a person’s thoughts with lock of hair, etc.
  • Consciousness research continued until about 1979
  • Discovery in 1979 that psychic’s thoughts could slip out of normal time stream
    • Phoenix scientists may be able to bend time with transmitter
  • 1979 – Sigma conferences – held near Olympia, Washington
    • Subject of time functions and collaborating to find out how time works
    • Need for antenna much more effective in creating time potentials
    • Study of pyramid-based geometry for bending the time field
  • Orion Delta T Antenna (octahedron)
    • Huge underground octahedral antenna (100-150’ tall)
    • Orions had own agenda for helping us
  • Chair was placed under transmitter and above Delta T antenna at null point
  • Very stable time reference was required to make psychic transmissions time coherent
  • Time coherence achieved late 1979
  • Sage radar no longer used by 1980 – two newer transmitters used
  • Psychic would concentrate on an opening in time from 1980 to, say, 1990
  • Time portal would appear in center of Delta T antenna – could be walked through
    • Time portals would drift at first – portal would not appear where it should be
    • Possibly 3-10,000 people total lost in time and space – not abandoned deliberately or carelessly

Phoenix Project III

  • February 1981 to August 1983
  • Most technicians decommissioned as time function was stabilized
  • New “Secret Crew” brought in (contact “Daniel” brought in at this time)
  • Time portal stable and predictable by end of 1981
  • 20-year Earth harmonic cycle used for anchor points of time vortex – 43, 63, 83
  • Examinations of past history and of the future
  • Travel through twisting, corkscrew vortex similar to depictions in “Contact” and “Stargate SG-1”
  • Discontinuity or “bump” in December 2012
    • Traveler would experience “FULL OUT” – feeling of cosmic consciousness, complete Oneness with galaxy
    • Everything post-2012 appeared as a projection of experiencer’s mind
    • Precisely measured in time by 20-year sine wave that was used as a time reference from chair printouts
    • Possibility that 2012 is zero-time-reference for Earth in a new birth (4D)