Tuesday 5/1/07 

We’ve been writing about Sun-driven climate change since BEFORE 9/11… but the latest news is convincing even the hardened skeptics.



This IS an article about global warming on Mars… but in order to fully appreciate the story, a wider context must be considered first.  Ultimately everything is interconnected on a level that most people would deem impossible. 

Honestly, so much news relevant to the alleged 2012 “quantum leap ” is coming out recently that we can’t adequately cover it. Thankfully, you can hit the “New Sciences” section of our online discussion forum (as a guest if you don’t wish to register for free) and track most of the latest developments. We seem to be catching everything, as a group, within a day or two of its release, and I’m very proud and grateful to all of you for participating. 



One thing our moderators do NOT pass through to the discussion group is conspiracy talk, as this is precisely what keeps us from devolving into being just like every other metaphysics / new consciousness forum online. There are at least 30 or more new articles of conspiracy content emerging on a daily basis, and once you wake up to what’s going on, it has a very real way of overtaking your information diet if you’re not careful.

Nonetheless, if you hit Prison Planet and Rense every day, TBR News on Saturday and Wednesday, and Drudge Report each day for the occasional leaks the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see, you’ll never miss ANY significant development in that field.

The reason why we moderate out this content is that in almost every case, the writers do not support a Law of One perspective, in which all these events are seen as part of a perfect plan now unfolding on Earth — a plan in which higher forces are working very intricately to insure that we will never meet with more than we have invited… by our own collective free will. The world is very precisely tuned to become our mirror. Only once we see our own reflection can we heal the parts of ourselves it represents.

Nonetheless, in over 99 percent of all cases, an “Us and Them” mentality exists in conspiracy articles, creating an ever-present undercurrent of fear and separation. 

Only this morning did I figure out why I have had ongoing poison ivy trouble with my hands — even after I thought I’d cured it. Problems like this, in my case, tend to be metaphysical in nature. Now that I’m writing more frequently, I have a strong responsibility to practice what we preach — and that means to never denigrate or demean ANYONE, as all souls are of the One Creator and none are higher or lower.

Periodically some bias, scorn or derision towards others (on the service-to-self or ‘negative’ path in particular) has emerged in my articles, and more often in my conscious mind — and actually on a few occasions in the last few weeks I had written a long piece only to have it deleted, by an apparent ‘mistake,’ before I could post it. The “Transcending Grief ” article, for example, was originally Part Two of something else I’d written, continuing on the VT massacre / mind-control thread.

Now I know that the stakes are so high here, my physical body will actually be damaged if I don’t present a spiritual perspective aligned with the Law of One philosophy.  The hands are a warning shot for something that could be worse — a LOT worse — if I’m not careful. The part of my body most needed for writing ends up getting scorched, in a matter of speaking. 

Allow me some additional detour time to flesh this point out (pun intended) before we get back to the disappearance of Mars’ southern polar icecap — as it IS ultimately all relevant. 



Sunday night I was having thoughts where I was not seeing all as One, but clearly pigeon-holing certain others as being ‘less than’. My hands were afire with poison ivy, as has been the typical case off and on since mid-February, more or less. When it was almost over, but there was one pesky spot, I used a health-food-store anti-itch gel that turned out to have extract of nettles in it — and inadvertently restarted the whole reaction all over again. 

I was starting to get frustrated enough that I was asking, more intensely than ever, “Ok, WHAT is going on, WHAT am I not seeing, WHAT am I supposed to be learning from all of this?”

The Universe’s answer came… in the form of a RAT!

As I sat in the chair, I heard some noises in the kitchen. My first thought was that it was the ghost — as there HAVE been such events in this house before. The guy who built the house passed away eight years ago, and I have reason to believe he still visits. So first let’s fill in THAT backstory. 



The first night I was in my bedroom after moving in, I had a VERY frightening encounter with someone who barged in uninvited. In that in-between state of waking and dreaming, I was very well able to see and hear him in the room — in fact he was the one who woke me up. He was confused and disoriented at the time, as if he’d been drinking. He was clearly very lonely, crying out, and I ordered him out.

His wife had moved into assisted living only a month and a half earlier at the time. Ghosts often experience a reality where they only exist for, say, a half-hour a day — whatever time of day is the most emotionally significant for them. (Often it’s the time of day when they died.) In their perception they skip from one half-hour to the next as if it were a continuous timeline, and have no awareness or existence in the gaps in between.

So if his wife had just left a month and a half ago, 45 days, it may have only been just under 24 hours of his time since she’d gone missing. He may have been spending a long time, in his terms, trying to get her attention. He may even have realized he’d passed, and was trying to look out for her from the other side, not realizing you can do a lot more once you’ve crossed over.

My room had been her office before she moved — and suddenly all her stuff was out of the room and my stuff had been moved in. By his terms it could have happened in a matter of hours, since the room was only cleared of her things a couple weeks before I moved in.  

Bear in mind this was no “maybe” — this was me getting up in bed and seeing a full-on apparition in the room, moaning and lost. I think he was wondering why the room had changed so suddenly, as he doesn’t seem to know that he’s passed — at least in that mode. 

Now he doesn’t scare me — I think he predominantly hangs out in the basement, which still has all his workshop stuff in it basically as he left it. His sons and daughter are going to clean it out fairly soon, and it will likely help him cross over and find peace.

There was one night where I was sitting with my housemate at the dinner table and the front door opened, by itself, at a VERY synchronistic moment while we were talking about him. I actually said hello to him then and welcomed him, then went and closed the door. There have been other occasions where I’ve strongly felt his presence, and we’ve both gotten over the initial shock reaction from that first night.



I actually called out ‘hello’ to what I thought was the ghost when I first heard noises in the kitchen… but the mystery didn’t last long once I saw a decent-sized brown rat run straight from the kitchen, down the hall and into my bedroom, which is on the first floor. I immediately realized it must have gotten in through a small hole in the screen door in the back, which I’d never thought much about before. Later I confirmed the hole had widened.

At first I had a typical reaction. I yelled in anger, disappointment and frustration. I also didn’t get out of the chair right away. The rat knew it was “busted”, and tried to run back out of my bedroom while I was still sitting in the chair. I must admit to some comic relief in seeing how it navigated a 180-degree turn at top speed on a tile floor.  Had I a video camera in my hand it would have been a YouTube moment for sure.

My first impulse was “go into the basement and see if you have any rat poison. Fight back. Hit it hard. No mercy.”

I quickly decided I didn’t want to poison the rat, but I did want it gone. I went and got a broom, hoping I could shoo it out of my room and back to the door, which was still open.

Again, for a few moments the thought crossed my mind of savagely whacking the rat with the broom and killing it, since it obviously was slow enough that it could be hit on the run — and if the first didn’t work, the second or third would finish it. Potentially messy, but effective — no different than a mousetrap. Part of spiritual enlightenment is weighing out ALL choices you have, and then making a decision one way or the other. 

The savage thought was nothing more than a brief two-second flicker. After years of spiritual practice, I quickly released it, and decided that no matter what, I would handle this problem in an ethical fashion — ethical by the spiritual standards I try to teach others. 

So, I went in and tried to shoo the rat back out to the door it came in from. I was a little freaked out and adrenaline-charged in this process. When it finally made a run for it, it was faster than I was. I assumed it went out the door and escaped. Problem solved. I closed off the door for the night (despite being guided to leave it open just that once) and thought nothing more of it.



Then last night, I was literally sitting right here at the computer desk, and there it was, literally 12 inches away from my left foot, staring up at me… almost like it was begging me for food! “Hey you! Buddy! Down here! Yeah you, the guy who was chasing me around last night. Could you eat a little more sloppily, or just throw something down, please! I could use a little help! Getting hungry here!”

This was when I determined, by observation, that it was a female, clearly clean and not suffering from rabies, and she was obviously going hungry from being in the house, after I’d just cleaned up the typical diet of seeds and lettuce debris that falls to the kitchen floor from time to time. Rats need to consume a third of their bodyweight in food each day and there was definitely nowhere near that much on the floors — nothing, in fact.

My first reaction, again, was something like “Oh my GOD,” and a sudden, jolting movement in the chair away from the rat. This naturally freaked her out as well, and her large brown body made a run for it and hid behind a plastic filing box next to my music sequencing studio.

I grabbed and emptied out my trash basket, hoping that if I was quick enough I could toss it over her and humanely capture her, so I could release her back outside. I cleared the whole area where the ‘game’ would happen, and then at the right moment I pulled the file box back from the wall.

She was cornered. She saw the bucket. Either way she tried to run I could get her. I had almost enough of a clear shot to capture her before she made a run for it, but the problem was that it was very likely I would damage her physical body — either crushing her head or her tail — in the process. I’d already decided we were not going down that road. 

While all this was going on, I had a long time to stare at this creature as it sat there, basically blind (they really don’t see well) and cornered. I psychically tuned into her and entrained with her emotions — feeling the fear, and also noticing the real personality that was there — much like you’d sense from a house pet. Here we were, playing this dance together in which she was the “bad guy” and I was the “victim”. She really WAS trying to ask me for food, and reaching out to me for help — but now she was terrified of me once again.

I didn’t want to cause her harm, and I knew I could get MOST of her body with the bucket but not ALL of it, and the result could be fatal. So, I goaded her into getting into a clearer spot, hoping for a better angle, but she made a break for it and we were back to the same old game again… a running rat slip-sliding away down a tile hall. 



After this event — in which she had appealed to me for nourishment at my feet, and I then freaked out and snapped into the role of “you’re dirty and evil, I want you OUT” at first, I had an opening to love — a melting of the “icecap” around the planet of war in my heart. I researched rats to learn more about them, and get a download on their possible symbolism. 

I found out that poison — the first option that crossed my mind in the initial panic on Sunday night — causes a protracted, agonizing death. Whatever you measure out to others is measured back to you — and animals DO count as ‘others’ in the Law of One spiritual philosophy and most others like it.

I found out that people widely trapped rats for sport and occasionally took them as pets in the 19th century, and that they actually have so much personality that pet owners can easily tell them apart by their mannerisms. They are considered extremely affectionate and loving towards humans, once the bond is established.

I remembered a fairly recent study where it was proven that rats actually laugh, in a very high-pitched squeak, when tickled or experiencing pleasurable events. If we could properly interpret their signals, there would undoubtedly be the equivalent of a smile as well.

I found out that no other species has been more exploited in cruel, sadistic laboratory experiments than rats — especially the breed that was in my house, the Norwegian (even though they have no actual connection to Norway). We see these creatures as ‘other,’ as expendable, and great cruelty has been brought upon them as a result.

Then I looked them up in terms of symbolism… and this is likely based on what spiritual mystics gathered from entraining themselves with rats and forming a psychic bond. First, the Chinese Zodiac:

“People born in the year of the rat are devoted to their families. They are collectors and hoarders with an eye for a bargain. The rat is very sociable, quick-witted with deep emotions despite their cool exterior.  They will always stand by their friends and expect the same loyalty in return.  They will also use any means at their disposal to their own advantage.”

Then, from the Humane Society

“In Japan, the rat is honored every 12 years as a symbol of wealth. Egyptians honored the rat as a symbol of destruction, but also wise judgment because rats would only eat the best food. And followers of Hinduism believe the rat is the living representative of the goddess Karniji of wisdom and prosperity. There is even a temple in Deshnok, India, dedicated to rats.”



After taking in this synchronicity, I awoke with a dream this morning that was a very powerful statement about really honoring the Law of One perspective on ‘negative greeting’ — which in simple terms could be called Love with Boundaries. You send love to the ‘attacker’, while also having good boundaries and not allowing your free will to be infringed upon.

The symbolic equivalent, in my house, was the “hole in the armor” of the screen door in the back. Like many things, it’s easy to overlook these weak points, or think that they’re no big deal… but now, just as people are discovering that there are shenanigans going on in the government, I have a rat appear in my house to personalize the same issue for me, so I can write about it in this blog.

The reason WHY these conspiracies can happen in the government is that we all have “holes” in our astral bodies that are created by a lack of love… for ourselves and for others. This creates a window in which negative greeting can infiltrate our ‘home’, to the deepest womb where we sleep, live and work.

By strictly focusing on love, and trying to see it in every situation, adapting an attitude of acceptance, forgiveness AND healthy boundaries, we can avoid having to repeat these experiences.

Furthermore, once we heal the ‘holes’ in ourselves, the ‘rats’ will be purged from the ‘house’ — in a symbolic and not-so-symbolic sense. 

Remember — in my case I ended up seeing the rat as a creature of God, not as an ugly, despicable, evil thing. To maintain the Law of One perspective, this is what we have to do. 

So, this all ties back in to why we need to avoid posting typical conspiracy articles. This was the one missing link that was causing my hands such trouble, because it’s a prominent part of the Law of One philosophy — really the spiritual core of it — and I wasn’t following it.

I had a very intense dream this morning that confirmed I was right — and really made the point clear. I also saw in the dream that even though we are well advised to view these people with love, we also understand that the Law of Karma really works… and they will be held accountable for every infringement upon others they have created.

So, from that perspective, I’m going to share an observation before we get into the story of Mars. It is obvious that prior to 2012, we are going to see a MASSIVE accounting, reckoning, payback… whatever financial metaphor you want to use for the old “what goes around comes around”. Synchronicity is giving us unavoidable messages in symbolic form of what will happen. 



Fans of conspiracy articles are having a field-day with all the anti-administration mainstream media leaks that are emerging. It is very clear that the tide of media coverage has turned against the Powers That Be, and we can expect it to get nastier and nastier until the objective — i.e. ‘regime change’ — is accomplished.

This “DC Madam” story, for example, is the next step up in the PR war, with potentially huge repercussions — given that there are ‘thousands’ of phone numbers on the client list for ‘escort’ services that “could embarrass more the a few of the US capital’s high-fliers”, as the articles state.

Foreshadowing is used all the time in film and literature to signal the importance of an event in the storyline that you might otherwise overlook. I can’t help but notice that on the same day this news of widespread prostitution really impacted, there were two simultaneous — and allegedly totally unrelated — fires at key historic sites in Washington, DC: (emphasis added)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Two fires ravaged historic sites in the nation’s capital Monday, one gutting part of the 134-year-old Eastern Market and the other destroying irreplaceable documents and art at the Georgetown public library branch.

Fire Chief Dennis L. Rubin said there was absolutely no suspicion that the fires were related.

The first blaze tore through the southern half of the Eastern Market, a Capitol Hill landmark. The city-owned building was empty at the time and there were no injuries, Rubin said.

Hours later, a blaze rushed through the D.C. Public Library’s Georgetown branch, which was undergoing renovations. There were no injuries.

Many library employees cried at the sight of the flames, including Jerry McCoy, the archivist who oversees the Peabody collection of artifacts. “This is stuff nobody else has, not even the Library of Congress,” McCoy said, weeping with his head against a tree.

“I’ve always feared this was going to happen. This is my worst nightmare come true,” he said, lamenting the lack of fire sprinklers or a fire alarm

“It looked like the flames of hell,” said Kyle Burk, 31, who lives two blocks from the market. 

The “worst nightmare come true,” something that was “always feared this was going to happen,” like “the flames of hell,” could very well be related, by synchronicity, to the impending threat of a Who’s Who list of top Republican and Democrat prostitution customers being released. It may well have just about every name you could think of on it — and one man has already resigned because of it, as the articles reveal. 

As we head closer and closer to 2012, there will be ever-increasing ‘synchronicity’ — as we are seeing thoughts become things. The science to explain this apparently open-ended speculation has been well laid out, with a soundtrack I composed with nine-time Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, in our MP3 series The Science of Peace.



The scientific discovery of the first Earth-like planet outside our own solar system got enormous media attention, and increased the ‘odds’ of finding ET life by 1000 percent in the mainstream world.

We took that opportunity to spell out what the Law of One series tells us about the staggering number of inhabited planets in our Galaxy, and the 16 different ‘planetary races’ that were combined together — not even including the three main groups of ET souls or ‘Wanderers’ in the last 25 thousand years — to populate the Earth. 

In a discussion I had on the phone with Richard Hoagland, he pointed out how the scientists on the “New Earth” piece rushed to judgment on several key issues — all the more evidence that there is a time-table at work, and steps are being made to turn people on to a new perspective. 

Last week there was a mainstream science article saying that traversible wormholes may be able to be used for interstellar travel. It described the work of a scientist whose physics model solves problems better than the mainstream — even though such science has been available for years, only now is it starting to get media attention.

Wormhole or ‘stargate’ travel, whatever you want to call it, has been used by ETs since time immemorial. This is another key finding that comes out from consulting the Law of One series and the ancillary materials it endorsed as being valid — such as “Road in the Sky” (another name for interstellar traversible wormholes) by George Hunt Williamson.

So far, our own insiders haven’t been able to use the ‘starways,’ as they’re also called — they have been frustrated by the ‘quarantine’ that is in place from higher forces like the Ra group. This ‘quarantine’ doesn’t allow us to travel much outside the Earth, Moon and Mars at this point, perhaps through the Solar System by some accounts but not any farther.  

The real intentions behind “disclosure” are to never formally announce anything — but at the same time to ‘leak’ articles like this in such great profusion that a groundswell of interest leads to it becoming ‘common knowledge’ anyway. Lots of powerful information is being released all the time, and more is on the way… including some really fascinating things I’ll be disclosing on this site in the relatively near future.  



Of course I was deeply gratified to see the latest Mars article. It’s clear that the ‘timetable’ is being pushed forward… a MAJOR effort is underway to leak stories to the news media, almost on a daily (or at least weekly) basis, to step up the intensity of disclosure and awaken the public.

The Martian polar icecaps do rise and fall in size on a ‘seasonal’ basis — and the argument for ‘global warming’ on Mars has always been that the icecaps keep getting smaller at the same periods of time during each ‘season.’ Now there is a threat that the planet is warming SO much that the southern cap may disappear entirely, as this article suggests.

Far more fascinating is the 293 comments users have posted to this article since it first went up. Our informal survey concludes that roughly 90 percent of them are directly or indirectly supporting an interplanetary climate change model. Don’t forget that Hoagland and I wrote the definitive piece on this subject back in 2004, and no one paid attention back then.

Here’s a typical example of a user comment:

Let’s see now. What do Mars and Earth have in common? HMMMM, the SUN!! Now, the SUN has had increased solar activity for the past 40 years, which is very likely to affect ALL the planets, and vary based upon the distance FROM the SUN. Maybe our problem is this is too simple an explanation for those who have donated $$ to greenie corps. They’re being duped and too embarrassed to admit it!!

K.C. Hull, Anchorage, Ak / USA

Even though “[the heat will] vary based upon the distance from the sun” part is incorrect, based on the fact that planets have an internal ‘hyperdimensional’ heating system that is far more active than what we get from visible sunlight, this person has it on the ball. Many others have written the same thing, more or less, often with a great degree of sarcastic humor.

This is almost all thanks to the immensely popular “Great Global Warming Swindle” video that you can find easily on YouTube, and was linked prominently on the front page of the Drudge Report. The expanded DVD version is soon to be released. Hoagland and I are soon going to post a major update to our interplanetary research database, and you can bet this new Mars finding will be mentioned. 

Now let’s read the article itself: (emphasis added)



April 29, 2007

Climate change hits Mars

Mars is being hit by rapid climate change, and it is happening so fast that the red planet could lose its southern ice cap, writes Jonathan Leake.

Scientists from Nasa say that Mars has warmed by about 0.5C since the 1970s. This is similar to the warming experienced on Earth over approximately the same period.

Since there is no known life on Mars, it suggests rapid changes in planetary climates could be natural phenomena.

The mechanism at work on Mars appears, however, to be different from that on Earth. One of the researchers, Lori Fenton, believes variations in radiation and temperature across the surface of the Red Planet are generating strong winds.

In a paper published in the journal Nature, she suggests that such winds can stir up giant dust storms, trapping heat and raising the planet’s temperature.

Fenton’s team unearthed heat maps of the Martian surface from Nasa’s Viking mission in the 1970s, and compared them with maps gathered more than two decades later by Mars Global Surveyor.

They found there had been widespread changes, with some areas becoming darker.

When a surface darkens it absorbs more heat, eventually radiating that heat back to warm the thin Martian atmosphere: lighter surfaces have the opposite effect. The temperature differences between the two are thought to be stirring up more winds, and dust, creating a cycle that is warming the planet.

Even though this article gives a rather silly explanation — the idea that it is all caused by dust on the planet itself, and not by solar activity, the public clearly  is seeing through it. Go read the comments for yourself… it’s like a tidal-wave of interplanetary climate change supporters! Here’s two more examples of many: 

Why is it that it must be dust storms on Mars that is heating that planet up, instead of what it really is: A SUN CYCLE. All of the solar system is heating up, and the last I checked, we were not on any of them with our terrible SUV’s, Big Trucks and industry. Give me a break.

Mark Shaw, Alcoa, Tn

We knew this months, if not years ago. It’s just the media and the social scientists that constitute the “consensus” on man-made global warming have intimidated and censored the opposition to their politically motivated power play.

Warming is happening on Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. How did Americans pollute those other planets? I really want a great climatologist like Al Gore, Heidi Cullen or Sheryl Crow to explain that one to me.

Cheryl, Austin, TX USA

Actually, the Cayce Readings said that sunspots were caused by human disharmony. My Science of Peace series I mentioned earlier ALSO goes into detail on interplanetary climate change, as well as Earth Changes, and explains how we ARE causing these effects — through the disharmony we experience, and create, as a planet.

If you start reading through the articles on this site associated with The Science of Peace series, and listen to some of the free MP3 samples we have, you’ll start seeing — and hearing — what I’m talking about, and see how it’s all tied into a POSITIVE shift that is happening in and around 2012.

The problem is that our original ‘definitive’ article series about interplanetary climate change, proving this change is happening on every planet except Mercury, is still unknown — but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been out there all this time. A major appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noory will probably happen soon where we will go into detail about this ‘big picture’, and hopefully spread public knowledge about it far and wide.

I also am planning on doing a free YouTube video where I run through my whole interplanetary climate change presentation, as no one seems to read anymore — but make a video about it and everyone will see it. I don’t feel, at this point, as if this material is worth trying to make a “film film” out of… but an online video? Absolutely.

[I probably shouldn’t have said anything as now everyone will ask when it’s coming… so please be patient. It’s one of many things on the to-do list, and I have all the necessary equipment to do it in-house on my own.]

In the meantime, I see how the ‘ice’ is melting around the war-making impulse of humanity — the effects of Mars, in the astrological sense. Our hearts are opening. Spiritually speaking, that’s the REAL story of what’s going on here, and that’s why this climate change story is so holographically tied in to everything else!

Send the negative elite love, while refusing their service as not useful to you on your path.

If I can remember to do this myself, I probably won’t have rats in my house and my hands will be nice and clean. That will be a relief!