Thursday 3/29/07

[Updated 4/2/07] 

In Part One we talked about the archetype known as “The Lovers” or “The Choice Between Two Paths”. We showed how the film “The Secret” is presenting a message that inadvertently aligns with the negative, or left-handed path… by inspiring you to approach your Higher Self as if it were a prostitute.

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“The Secret” teaches you to approach your Higher Self and tell it what you want, how you want it, where you want it, how much you’re willing to pay for it and what you expect to do when it’s over.

This philosophy elevates the ‘ego,’ and it’s own demands, to a Godlike level… as if you should go forth and seek whatever your heart desires, no matter how big the price tag, because the Universe is basically built to satisfy you… like a giant “cosmic gumball machine”.

If the world’s most powerful people are ALREADY using this Secret, so the philosophy goes, then why shouldn’t you? The problem, as we explained in Part One, is that the world’s most powerful people are doing a lot more than sitting and meditating for prosperity… they are killing, starving and exploiting untold numbers of people to maintain their vast riches.

Anyone who does this will be subject to the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as the Choice Between Two Paths archetype explains. I have now seen very clearly in dreams that ALL the people doing the greatest wrong in the world at this time will be held publicly accountable for their crimes… and I expect this will happen well before 2012, on the totally visible world stage. 




The opposite approach — that of the positive path — is to approach your Higher Self as if it were a maiden. 

Let’s say you’re the guy, and you want to ‘get lucky’. With the prostitute you go, pay the fee, and get exactly what you want from her… but since it is illegal, you may end up getting hit with a few arrows as well.

If you want to connect with the maiden, it’s not so simple. You have to LISTEN to her.



You have to dance with her… explore her needs… find out what she wants… and be willing to move with her own free will, so that the two of you can COMBINE your visions into a MUTUAL view of what you want.  Only then do you consummate the relationship.



The problem with philosophies like those in “The Secret” is they assume the ‘ego’ IS the Higher Self. There is no other authority to look to. You know what you want, and therefore that is what God wants. End of story!

This error in judgment is a classic mistake. This materialistic oversight is an experience that we are all  intended to have, as it is written into the mind of the Galaxy. It is a growth experience we ALL must go through. 

The Secret is at least teaching people to get to the point where they are aware of their power, and even though it nudges you towards the negative, I know for a fact that this film has had a positive impact on many people… namely because they read their pre-existing positive biases into it, though messages of service-to-others are strongly diminished, if not nearly eliminated in the actual finished product. 

As you can see from reading my own life story, in “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” and throughout this Divine Cosmos website, the Higher Self is far from a passive participant in your life. What most people think of as the ‘self’ is a vastly insufficient explanation of their true identity.

To really ‘get’ what spirituality is about, part of that awakening is realizing that all time is ultimately simultaneous. Your brief lifespan on Earth in this incarnation is but a microsecond  in your overall cosmic evolution. You have multiple incarnations, with very definite lessons to learn, and if you don’t ‘get it’ in one lifetime, then you’ll come back and repeat the class in future lifetimes, again and again, until the truth sinks in.



Furthermore, these lives become more and more interesting as you travel into the future and advance through the basic grades. Right now, Earth is moving into the next grade.

[This grade, or level, is called “fourth-density” in the Law of One series, a phrase that was coined years before other channelers borrowed the same lingo without crediting the original source.]

Whether you ‘get it’ or not, this event is coming… and an ever-increasing body of evidence supports statements in the Law of One series that 2011-2013 is the turning point for when this literal reality shift  will take place. It is said to be a worldwide hyperdimensional event most people could never even begin to imagine, since it is so far outside the ‘box’ of what they already KNOW is ‘real’.

[The phenomenon of interplanetary climate change is one of the strongest physical indicators that a huge energetic surge is, in fact, getting ready to happen — and I will soon have a page on this site that goes into the most concise synopsis of “the case” yet. Once you see how the same energy affects physical matter, AND living entities, AND the level of spiritual vibration and / or soul evolution, it becomes clear how an apparently uncorrelated physical event like an interplanetary climate shift could also be having an effect on many other levels we think of as spiritual.]

All you have to do, in order to qualify for life on Earth in 4D, is love people. Consistently. That’s it.

If you want to get technical, and split hairs, then you need to be just slightly above 50 percent more interested in serving and helping others (love) than in manipulating and deceiving them for your own gain (control).

How many times each day do you think about others, rather than putting your own needs first, at their expense? Wouldn’t it be a shame if you were so focused on making money… the Law of Attraction, applied towards the satisfaction of your physical desires… that you missed out on a much greater opportunity? Namely, to escape the mill of 3D reincarnation and GRADUATE from this difficult classroom you keep being born into?

[Many people DO get trapped in the material, accrue karma, and then require some very difficult lifetimes to try to re-balance themselves before the cycle ends. Hence you have large bodies of population you can incarnate into where you can have a very hard life and quickly burn off huge burdens of karma, which you probably accrued in the first place by manipulating, deceiving and controlling others for your own gain.

This is one way in which “bad things happen to good people”, and why there is “wrong in the world”. This absolutely does not make it ‘right’ to oppress people, though — you will still be accountable for any time you infringe on the free will of others.]  



Even AFTER you make it to 4D, (and everybody eventually does,) you’re still not fully enlightened… just farther along on the path. 4D is typically a realm of unconditional love, but that love is not ‘informed’ by wisdom. Many people on Earth fall into this trap, believing themselves to be very loving towards everyone… but never realizing that they have stopped loving themselves in the process.

If you are lettting other people manipulate and abuse you, then your love is not ‘informed’ by wisdom… and you will still be getting ‘bad karma’, because there IS someone out there who you are hurting, mistreating and disrespecting… namely yourself! 

In 5D you gain wisdom… but it can make you so inwardly focused that you inadvertently become less interested in loving others. Wisdom is a great path fo find yourself in, one with continuing rewards… but in and of itself it is not enlightenment either.



In order to graduate to 6D (which is possible, to some degree, while still in human form) you have to UNIFY the previous paths of love and wisdom — by making a solid commitment of your life to spiritual service.

At this stage, you fully see the problem — namely how separated everyone feels from their true identity — and you spare no expense in doing whatever it takes to help. Now you are also wise enough not to sacrifice yourself in the process. You have Unified love (4D) and wisdom (5D).

6D is the path of Unity — and it is from this level that you merge back into your own identity as the Higher Self. 

Think about it. There already IS a part of you that exists now, millions of years in the future as you would think of it, (in 6D), that has full time-travel capability. It can go to any point of your entire evolution, study it in minute detail, and affect the outcome. It knows what lessons you need to learn to get from here to there — and its primary goal is to increase the speed with which you make that journey. 

To that end, every single second  of your life is being studied and analyzed, in far more detail than you could ever imagine… constantly waiting for that pivotal moment when you will have a breakthrough and really “get it.”  The simple fact that so many people are so wildly asleep on this planet, at this time in our history, means that you can make enormous strides in your spiritual growth very rapidly.

It is an opportunity unlike any other you will ever have in the Cosmos. Growth that would take you hundreds of thousands of years in higher realms can be accomplished in one key turning point, when you simply decide you’re not going to indulge in a self-destructive behavior anymore… you’ve moved on, and are claiming back your self-respect and power.



The sixth-density curriculum is all about combing over your entire past… again and again… so that you really UNDERSTAND yourself, and have tried to help yourself evolve in as many ways as possible, all throughout the curriculum of your evolution, lifetime to lifetime.

Eventually, you reach a point where you have completed this path, and done as much as you need to do. If you were naive, and made mistakes in how you guided yourself, you keep doing the work until all those situations have been rectified, and you leave everything in a perfect balance.

Now you know you’ve done the best you can do. You’ve accepted and forgiven yourself, made the best effort, and insured that any and all harm you may have caused has been fully balanced out. Now you’re ready to graduate into seventh density.

In seventh density “the looking backward is finished”. At this point you don’t NEED to analyze your many experiences, as a multi-dimensional soul, any longer. You become aware of what is called the “Law of Foreverness,” which in fact is a HIGHER law than the Law of One. (The Law of One is the path of sixth density; the Law of Light (wisdom) is fifth, and the Law of Love is fourth.)

At this stage you become aware of ‘the void’ — of no-self, no-time, no-space. You are finally able to see “the sacramental nature of all things” — how the negative and the positive polarities dance together to promote soul evolution throughout the Universe. This does not mean that you go wantonly infringing on free will… but you do understand why it is necessary for spiritual growth, and exactly how it should best be meted out in difficult situations.

Another gift you give, at this stage, is the creation of a vast database, if you will, of everything you’ve ever learned and gathered on your path. This becomes very much of a virtual, living and thinking computer in its own right, which entities at the Higher Self or sixth-density level can then draw upon when they are in a situation requiring difficult, precise decisions to be made that they may not otherwise be clear about.  

Once you’ve created this living treasury of information — your own Hall of Records, if you will — then you begin accruing more and more ‘spiritual mass,’ which actually pulls you back towards the center of the Universe like a gravitational force. It has a self-accelerating quality, so that the path actually becomes easier and eaiser the more you work it.

Eventually you collapse fully back into Oneness, or “intelligent infinity,” in which you have no memory, no identity, no sense of past, present or future, just Oneness. However, this is a Oneness that has evolved — and it has brought untold new riches back to itself, thanks to the soul’s journey.

Utimately this is where we’re all going… and if you are an ET soul, who volunteered to be human though you didn’t NEED such simple lessons, then you may be a lot closer to graduating into 7D and completing the process of “looking backward” than you may have ever realized. 



Sadly, for most of us, we have to get hundreds, even thousands of jaw-dropping miracles and synchronicities before we even BEGIN to seriously consider the idea that we live in a Divine Cosmos… that there is more to this world than random cause and effect… that we all have a Divine Purpose to fulfill, and each of us has a unique gift to share that is unlike what anyone else brings.

This gift you have goes way beyond how you look undressed, or any other phenomena associated with the material side. By “gifts” I mean qualities of the soul that shine through when you really follow your bliss, engage in your truest passion and radiate it to others. The more you realize that you were never abandoned by the One Infinite Creator — that you ARE One, and therefore you cannot be abandoned by your SELF — then the more you are living in the fulfillment of your spiritual path. 

If you DON’T see your Purpose, if you become confused between service to self (negative) and service to others (positive), and lean too heavily towards the negative, your Higher Self is perfectly willing to trash the physical body — even end your incarnation entirely — to steer you back on course. That’s the archer that will fire arrows at you when you steer to the left in the Tarot archetype of “The Choice Between Two Paths”. 

It may piss some people off to realize that they are not fully in control… that some part of themselves is calling the shots, and will shoot them down with arrows when they steer into the left-handed path… over and over again, until the lesson is learned. After a while it becomes a lot easier to just “get it” and not resist… there is a bigger plan at work, and it IS in your highest and best good… and that’s when everything starts to radically transform for the better! 



Can you ever become perfectly enlightened while on Earth, and master this game so you don’t keep having to learn new lessons?

Apparently not… the physical body is an instrument for your experience that is too limiting to offer a complete unveiling of the Great Mystery. The whole reason why we’re here is to make growth… but not to complete the process of growth. That work is done in higher realms where it is much easier.

We can, however, hammer out a great number of the kinks while we’re here, so the work in the higher realms is only the fine-tuning and refinement, with a part of our being that has vastly greater resources than we do at present. 

Again, no one expects you to be perfect. One of my favorite Law of One quotes says that “It is entirely necessary that an entity consciously recognize that IT DOES NOT UNDERSTAND in order to [make the Ascension].”

That means you can embrace your confusion rather than running from it. There is great folly in looking to someone like myself as a flawless being, and persecuting us if we don’t match up to your expectations. Even those already in the higher realms, not in human form, are learning, and are quite capable of making naive mistakes. It’s very difficult for them to understand the level of confusion and negativity that is on this planet. Decisions that they think people would make without a second thought prove to involve an inordinate number of repetitions of the same lesson before they translate into true changes in attitude and behavior.



You have a Purpose to fulfill here, and ultimately that Purpose may require you to have more financial success than you do at present… but the financial success in and of itself is NEVER the focus of a Higher Self. It is only the MEANS by which the Purpose might be fulfilled more expediently.

The Deeper Secret, as I might call it, is that when you find out what your True Purpose is, and dedicate yourself to that Purpose in mind, body and spirit (a decision that must be made with great care and reflection, due to its potential consequences if you renege on the deal later on), the prosperity will flow in kind. The more you stick to your Purpose, the more manifestations you will attract… WITHOUT trying to specify exactly what you want, when you want it.



Now that we’ve taken a grandiose overview of the ultimate point of spiritual evolution, let’s parachute back down to terra firma. You can know all these things, live all these cosmic truths, be aware of the vastness of your own multidimensional identity… but your physical body is still a suit you must wear each time you ‘wake up’ into the third-density illusion. It’s like putting on a pair of shoes you leave by your bed when you get up in the morning. 

You perceive a continuous sequence of events in your ‘waking life,’ and most people discard the times they’re asleep completely. As soon as you get up in the morning, your mind threads the needle wtih whatever was happening to you the night before… and you throw away anything that might have happened in between.  

In fact, your life in the higher realms is much more ‘real’ than the life you have here. Those times you’re asleep might be the most valuable times you have… and yet you may not even know anything about them.

Right now, as you read these words, you are in a dream. This is not the ultimate reality… it is an illusion. You have the illusion that you are separate from others, but you’re not. You have the illusion that you are separate from the One Creator, but you’re not. You have the illusion that you are tossed around by random forces outside your control, but you’re not.

You DO create your own reality. This IS a Conscious Universe, a Divine Cosmos.

You can know all that, but then you STILL have to manage your life as a physical body. That’s where the painful part comes in.

Many of us, upon learning these Great Cosmic Truths, lose all interest in the care and maintenance of the physical body. Work a job? Yeah, right. Just get the money flowing, because I don’t want to worry about it. I’m in pursuit of Something Higher, and the physical is just a distraction.

This is an outrageous mistake. Part of being here on Earth is accepting that you DO have to play the game. Certain blood types (mine included) become very weak if the physical body is not given animal protein. I tried to be a strict vegan for seven years and eventually had to give it up. 

One day I finally realized that I’d been going about my house-hunting all wrong. I had been saying what I wanted, what my ‘ego’ wanted… i.e. to be close to Montana or close to the Promenade. Finally I realized that what I SHOULD have been asking, if I were treating my Higher Self as a maiden, was “Where should I move if I want to serve the Work most effectively… to be the best spiritual servant for my fellow human beings that I can be?”

Within less than an hour of setting this intention, I remembered that in the Law of One series, when the original group asked Ra how effective their new residence would be for the Work, the answer was that it would be great… because it was in a “sylvan” atmosphere, meaning there were a lot of trees around.



Larry Seyer got me to download Google Earth — and I started looking at every place I’d tried to rent from the overhead satellite-picture view. Sure enough, NONE of them had trees around them. Santa Monica was a complete sprawl.

However, once you veered north into the Santa Monica Mountains, there WERE in fact places where there were residences surrounded by nothing but trees.

Then I FURTHER remembered that mountains act like naturally-occurring pyramids, and obviously the best place to be was on top. This is where the ‘torsion fields’ are most focused, beaming upwards with the strongest frequency. 

I realized that I had the answer… and sure enough, my dream the next morning said that not only was this a good idea, it was absolutely necessary. If I had signed another year’s lease in Santa Monica, it could have had such a damaging effect on my psyche that I might have completely lost track of my mission here on the planet. I would have still been able to get some important things to occur, but I would have been at a strongly diminished effectiveness.  



As we head into Part III, we’re going to take a look at the first public unveiling of some secret wisdom teachings I received roughly three years ago… which went into detail about the spiritual significance of money. Though they were written in the early 1960s, groups teaching the same principles as ‘The Secret’ were alive and well.

Though the author goes into detail about how to approach your Higher Self as if it were a maiden, rather than a prostitute, this point is never spelled out in so many words. Nonetheless, this excerpt will answer many questions you might have about how to get the flow of the Universe working in a positive direction for you… without compromising your spiritual truth.

This section will be soon followed by Part IV, where we’ll go into more personal detail about my move into the mountains and how it all relates to the concepts we’re discussing…  


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