Tuesday 3/27/07

[Updated 3/28, 29] 

The preachers of the “Law of Attraction” are missing key elements. My own recent experiences, and those of my family, help close the conceptual gap, and reveal the deeper keys to awakening…

Having my hands covered in poison ivy, lots of meetings to attend and ongoing hoops to jump through with the restructuring of this website’s payment gateway, I got a brief case of Da Vinci Syndrome, i.e. the father who abandons his children. I’d promised daily updates and I blew it, taking a four-day weekend off.

Let’s see how it all traces back to a childhood discovery… and my own thoughts about why “The Secret” is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem. 

[I know about the Saturn Polar Hexagon and will post about it soon… thank you for the flood of emails informing me!] 



As you may already know from earlier chapters of David’s Blog, I moved to LA to work on a film of my life’s work… CONVERGENCE the movie… and had quite an experience adjusting to the fast pace and coldness of Santa Monica. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I still longed for the country I had to give up to get here. I had never lived in anything even resembling a city before — it had always at least been suburban, if not straight country. 

Psychically it’s much quieter when you’re in isolation — there is much less work in making a connection to your own Higher Self because you don’t have all the interference from others’ minds to contend with. 

My lease was ending in Santa Monica, and I was dead sick of where I’d been living. It was an old, rickety building, so you heard every footstep of the person above you. No sunlight got in so it was always dark, day or night. I had nasty carpet fumes, equally choking pollution from being next to the constantly-in-use laundry room, and a cacophony of noise from all my neighbors — including extremely discourteous drunken and drugged revelers, sports enthusiasts, screaming children, barking dogs and wailing babies. 

I didn’t realize exactly how bad it was until I got back into the country… going back to stay with my mother at her little rented house in New York out in the middle of the woods. I had gotten extremely ill before I left — the weather was getting colder and I couldn’t leave the windows open, thus forcing me to breathe the toxic fumes from my carpets.

As I returned to health in my mother’s home, I realized that my sickness was emblematic of a much larger problem… the whole nature of living in a condensed urban area, and the effect it was having on my heart, mind and spirit. I did journal a bit about the chaotic thoughtforms of the LA group-mind in my David’s Blog post “Servings from the LA Soup Kitchen” — how there are so many people out here with the same dream, and how few of them ever actually “make it” — thus leaving them constantly starving for the energy of others. And even those who do “make it” are typically struggling as well, in their own ways — only a very small number of people get consistent work, and enough money for an ongoing stable lifestyle.    



Nonetheless, I still had to live in LA, because I’m here for a film… and everyone said Santa Monica was the best choice you had. So, I got back to Santa Monica just after New Year’s Day, and I was totally on a mission: get the heck OUT of this horrible, toxic, dark apartment and find something better.

However, after two weeks of intense searching in January, I was extremely frustrated. Nothing seemed to be working.

Every time I thought I’d found the right place, the owner would rent it out from under me, or I’d get some ominous synchronicity that made it clear I shouldn’t go there — like the sound of a bird being killed by a cat outside my window right after thinking I’d found the right place. Scary stuff like that… we’re not talking mild or easily debatable ‘omens’ here, we’re talking right-between-the-eyes warnings. 

I had been trying to find the same deal everyone else in Santa Monica seemed to want — either close to Montana Avenue or the Promenade, which also got you close to the oceanfront. Peace and quiet, guaranteed parking, laundry on site, two bedrooms, upper level, 2000 or less a month (which is NOT expensive for LA, unfortunately). Every time I seemed to get close, I hit a dead end.

“Guest houses” were tiny little boxes nestled in so tightly that you could literally open the window, stretch out your arm and touch the house next to you.

Apartments were hive-mind complexes where even if you went for an “upper,” you were still contending with people on either side of you, AND below you.

If you did manage to find an “upper corner” or “upper rear” apartment, so you weren’t completely surrounded, then as soon as you looked out your bedroom window, there were power lines right in your face.

I know well enough to be aware that strong electromagnetic fields have a scrambling effect on psychic sensibilities, so that wouldn’t work either. If you went for “upper front,” then your windows opened out to the noise and pollution of the traffic going by.

Every place I went to seemed to have some fatal flaw. There was one apartment I really loved — easy parking, upper corner, hardwood floors, gorgeous 30s-era accoutrements and flourishes inside, decent amount of trees nearby, close to Montana (albeit up in the 20s, street-wise)… but those power lines were not even 10 feet from the whole side of the apartment where the bedrooms were. No deal.

I had never experienced more difficulty manifesting something in my entire life.



Devotees of ‘The Secret’ would say I just didn’t want that apartment badly enough. I wasn’t good enough at using the “Law of Attraction”, and therefore wasn’t getting what I wanted. 

BZZZT! Wrong answer. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I’ve been aware of these concepts my entire life. My mother had already read some of the Carlos Castenada books on shamanism before I was ever born — books which constantly stress the power of your intent.  Most people believe themselves to be powerless, in the grips of forces beyond their control… and the shaman Don Juan’s classic line in response to this is “You indulge like a son of a bitch!” 

The idea is that the power of our intent  is so pervasive, so obvious, that to NOT accept it is “indulgence,” where you are reveling in being the victim, blaming other people, or unseen, nasty forces, for your misfortune. Don Juan actually says the entire UNIVERSE is created by ‘intent’, and this mirrors all the cosmic teachings I would be introduced to later in my path — and eventually assemble the scientific case for in The Science of Peace and my CONVERGENCE film trilogy. 

Mom also got into the Jane Roberts “Seth” books by around 1980. Her particular favorite was “The Nature of Personal Reality,” which endlessly clobbers you over the head with the same message: “You Create Your Own Reality”.

Thus I had a full, ongoing course in this from the time I could first put words together. 



I didn’t always buy into these concepts as a child, though my mother was really into it.

I remember one time we were vacationing in Cape Cod before my parents divorced. We usually stayed in Dennisport, on the south central part of the Cape, but were visiting friends up in the “bicep” part of the flexing arm, in Brewster, near Dennis and Hyannis. It was a gorgeous day and the tide was out, so you could walk a long, long way in the sandy bay wiithout hitting deep water. 

There were these razor-sharp, blade-like, long thin shells poking up out of the sand all over the place. They were everywhere. A little research just now showed that this species is called the “Atlantic Jackknife” or Atlantic Razor Clam — they have extremely sharp edges, and they do flourish in shallow, sandy areas, just like that bay in Cape Cod.



I was already quite agitated — having the area between my legs worn raw from salt and sand, and the extra weight I’d started putting on causing them to rub together as I ran around… but my bad attitude plunged over the top when I stepped on one of the razor clams. The blade sank into my foot enough to pierce my flesh, causing me great pain and drawing blood, which quickly faded as it hit the salt water. 

I had been walking with my mother and brother, already had been pissed off, and now this happened. I demanded that we go back. The next injury could be even worse. Fear, fear, fear — defend, defend.

Nonetheless, they were in a good mood and I wasn’t, and they did not want to turn around. It was, in fact, a very beautiful day — almost supernatural.  



Rather than reacting with fear, my mother said we could do “Will Walking” with our ‘intent’ — all stuff straight out of her Castenada books.

“What in the world is Will Walking?” I asked, with a rude tone of voice.

“It’s a special way of walking that shamans use,” she answered. “It comes from the power of our intent.” 

“I don’t get it,” I answered, not expecting anything good.

“We can will  ourselves not to walk on anything that will hurt us. If we simply stay in joy and goodness, we can go wherever we want… and we will never step on a razor-clam or anything else that could hurt us.”

I was horrified. “No way. You’re crazy. I’m not doing that. This is a very dangerous area!”

“I’ll do it,” my brother said. Ugh. Figures. 

“Come on, let’s go,” my mother responded. I was shocked. I felt totally betrayed. They were insane!

“David, are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“Absolutely not! I’m going to carefully walk back to the shore, where I know I will be safe… one step at a time. And I’m gonna make damn sure I don’t step on any more of these razor-sharp clam shells. You’ll be the next one bleeding, and you won’t like it very much in salt water, I can tell you that.”  

I was very angry at this point. This was real danger, I was already hurt, and my own mother was putting me at even more risk with this hokey shamanism crap.

Nonetheless, she and Michael went along and did it, and it actually worked! They were walking through a veritable field of landmines — blades poking up all over that were as sharp and potentially dangerous as broken glass — and yet, they never looked down, never cared about whether there might be danger there. They kept the vibes high, and sure enough they never got hurt! 

I must admit I felt a great deal of animosity towards them… downright disgust… as I watched them do this. I took it personally and muttered “Lucky… very lucky… and very stupid” to myself for why they didn’t step on anything. 

I share this story with you to show that I wasn’t “born ready” or anything… at a younger age, I did go through my periods of doubt… thinking that these concepts weren’t really true, they didn’t really work, and there were forces you were simply helpless against. I still wouldn’t do ‘will walking’… if I’m in an area with sharp things on the ground, I keep one eye to the ground… in the sense of “Trust God and Tie Your Camel.” 

Nonetheless, I would have many more opportunities to learn about intent as I got older. Please also note that I am NOT advising you to try things that could physically endanger you as a means of testing your “Will”. 



My mother’s perspective got even clearer once she got into the Seth books… so the catch-phrase “You Create Your Own Reality” was a common household term by the time I was seven or eight years old.  

A woman named Ester Hicks had the honor of sitting in on some live Seth readings, was a big fan, and ended up breaking through to her own channeled contact she called Abraham, obviously inspired by this exposure… and the same point was stressed in her readings, which she dubbed “The Law of Attraction”. Phrased more simply, it would be, “You Create Your Own Reality… by what you focus on, by what you attract”.

JZ Knight’s channelings of an alleged entity named “Ramtha” took Gary Zukav’s revelations from the 1978 book “The Dancing Wu-Li Masters” and made it into two films entitled “What the Bleep Do We Know?”. The first film was an unexpected monster success, but the second film took the same scenes, the same plot and the same information, and re-did the interviews into a more linear and scientifically-structured pattern. It was more of a “Director’s Cut” than a new film in its own right — and a bladder-blaster at almost three hours in length. 

Unlike the first Bleep, the expected profits from the second film went ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ and never came back — generating a mere $138,913 in domestic box-office gross. Hardly anyone even knows there WAS a second film… and it effectively destroyed the franchise, making it a phenomenon that came and went, sort of like ‘virtual photons’ in quantum physics. [This is why we have structured CONVERGENCE as a film trilogy, so that each film keeps building on the one before! In fact, there is enough material for a whole series of films, should the opportunity arise.] 

Ester’s readings took one key element of the Seth message and showcased it in ‘The Secret’ . At least this was the case in the first version, but a strange legal dispute erupted that led to her being edited out of the current version, and denied the stupendous profits now being made from a film built entirely around her message.

Ester’s original contract promised 10 percentage points of profit share. Now that the film is going gangbusters, far outstripping “Bleep” in its level of buzz and sales, she is losing milliions of promised dollars in revenue — which, of course, would also help her further spread her source’s message. Remember, again, that this 10 percent was originally promised because she was the star attraction — no one else got a deal like that — and the film was largely structured around her message.

Ironically, when I first saw “The Secret,” I said to the people I was with, “If I were Ester Hicks, and this were what they did with my message, I would have sued them to remove me from the film.”  I did not realize, at the time, that lawsuits WOULD be threatened, and in fact she WOULD be removed from the film. As we go on, I’ll explain why I had such a strong opinion. Apparently Ester felt similarly, as the New York Times article suggests. 



Getting back to my own history with the power of intent, my exposure to the concept wasn’t just limited to hearing my mother rave about the Castenada books and The Nature of Personal Reality. Even when I read my own first adult book about ESP, “How to Make ESP Work For You,” at age seven — right around the same time Mom got into reading Seth — Harold Sherman mentioned how our attitude and focus creates manifestation.

I got a fresh reminder after reading “Secrets of Shamanism” in high school, and that’s where the next “really cool story” shows up. 

At the time in high school, my life was a mess. I was totally out of touch with myself as a result of feeling severe dissatisfaction with my home life, and equal dissatisfaction with school.

I had gotten a class ring in the hopes that it might throw signals that I was “on the market” for a girlfriend… but when my mother and I went to the jewelry store to pick it up, the woman behind the counter said to her, “And this ring is for your DAUGHTER?”, nodding towards me! I had long hair and was overweight, and this was a great shock to my masculinity… the ring was a man’s ring and was engraved with ‘David Wilcock, Class of ’91’ inside.



Then, just months after I got the ring, (which was pretty expensive — an investment in my hopeful future, in the early, socially-acceptable prelude to the exchange of rings in marriage), it inexplicably went missing. I could not find it anywhere, and I scoured through all my stuff — repeatedly! This problem went on for months. The investment had been wasted… just like I was. It was the only way I could cope with all the stress… or so I believed. 

Then I found the Shamanism book, started reading it, and got to the part where it was talking about how our consciousness puts an “energy” into the things we own… and with the right focus, if you’ve lost something you can call it back to you.

I had to try it. Following the protocols in the Shamanism book, I visualized my lost class ring very intensely… including having all the positive emotions of the thrill that I got it back. I put a great deal of intent into this. 

Just days later, my mother miraculously found it… while cleaning out the bottom of the baseboard heater in the kitchen!



To the average person, this was just another “coincidence”… something without meaning… but in my case it happened so fast, and so totally unexpectedly, that I could not deny that the power of intent… or the “Law of Attraction” as everyone now calls it, thanks to Ester Hicks… really worked!  

Had I inspired my mother, on a subconscious level, to do that cleaning? On the level of the ‘consciousness field,’ was the exact location of the ring already known?

Apparently so. The entire Universe is created from intent, including all physical objects — so you can intend anything to yourself if you put enough focus into it. 

For some people, just now turning on to a film like The Secret, this is amazing new stuff. For me, this is old-hat… just the kindergarten stages of my metaphysical awakening. I also read “Autobiography of a Yogi,” by Paramahansa Yogananda, and he stresses repeatedly that you don’t want to get hung up on phenomena, on ‘tricks’ — even including things like telekinesis and quite literally manifesting things out of thin air — as the great yogis see this as a distraction on your path to enlightenment… a distraction that can end up totally throwing you off track. 

As a result of numerous testimonies like this I’ve been exposed to, I never thought the class ring story was important enough, compared to what came later, for me to discuss it… until now. Soon after this “ring incident” I was doing out-of-body experiences and things that made the simple calling in of a manifestation seem to pale by comparison… and the weirdness factor would just get more and more intense as I got older, started reading about UFOs and Atlantis, et cetera. 

Furthermore, “Secrets of Shamanism” also made the very clear point that the Law of Karma was real — and I immediately started noticing it in action, seemingly wherever I cared to look.



I had another very powerful experience with intent in my junior year of college. After a night’s training at the suicide hotline, I came home to Bouton Hall and found that this guy Gregg I knew, somewhat, had left his guitar in the piano room of the main study lounge. Then when he came back later, realizing what had happened, it was gone… to his utter horror. He was now in an advanced state of distress, and was making ‘LOST GUITAR’ signs with friends on colored construction paper.

For some reason, I had a dead-on psychic hit that he was about to get it back, but had to learn the karmic lesson for why he lost it first… and also get a lesson in the power of intent.

I explained to him, with great confidence, that the person who had his guitar might be on the fence about whether to return it or not, but with the power of our consciousness, we could tip him or her back in the direction of returning it — and it wouldn’t even take very long to get results. 

I told Gregg that his ‘energy’ was in the guitar, as a result of the intense focus he’d poured into it. Since the person who had the guitar probably had it right near them, we could use the guitar as an ‘antenna’ for the power of our consciousness to help this person feel compassion and want to return it.  All we had to do is visualize the guitar being returned, and feel the emotional satisfaction of it being returned.

If we said “I WISH it were back,” that wouldn’t cut it. Wishing is a projection into the future, and thus the fulfillment of the wish will always REMAIN in the future. As we move through the present, the wish keeps moving ahead, staying in the future. So instead, we create the present by experiencing the emotions of having already succeeded… right now.  This is the secret (ugh, there’s that word) that most people miss for how to get this to work. 



Furthermore, we visualized whomever had the guitar having a strong moral urge to return it, realizing that it was not his, and more importantly, realizing what devastating emotional pain the person who lost it must have been going through. We very clearly wanted that person to feel that pain as if it were their own. I carefully guided them through this as we meditated.

Soon after Gregg, his two friends and I started meditating, a short guy with long, blonde hair came by with a guitar that looked almost exactly the same… but it wasn’t the right one. Gregg had a momentary high followed by a devastating low. For a moment his faith in this process seemed to be shattered. 

I remained absolutely confident. “This is a symbol,” I said. “It’s a sign that the guitar is very close to being returned to you. We’re starting to attract it very strongly, and so we’re seeing other guitars showing up that look just like it.”

Then I continued with the more important part: “What we now need is for you to figure out exactly why you lost your guitar. It was not random. It was a lesson. There was something you needed to learn by losing it. Find out what that lesson is, make a genuine commitment to apply that lesson to your life, and the guitar will come back to you… faster than you think.”

Gregg then admitted that he knew he had been smoking too much pot lately, that he had been feeling the urge to cut back, but the desire to stay high was stronger. He had been high in the piano room, and that was what led him to leave the guitar behind in the first place.

“I get it,” he said. “I really need to cut back on the pot smoking, as I’ve already promised myself I would do.”

“That’s just about it,” I replied. “Do you NEED to do it, or are you DOING it? And when?”

“I AM cutting back… starting right now. I get the point. I get the lesson.”

“Great,” I said. “Now let’s blast whoever has the guitar with another big surge of energy, and in a few more minutes they should arrive, guitar in hand.”

It didn’t even take that long. Within two minutes, a guy walked through the front door of the dorm, right where we were sitting and meditating, with Gregg’s guitar in hand! Everyone was astounded that I had been right, and that the process had worked really well. The amazement in the room was quite a palpable energy that you could really feel. It was like electric fire going through your entire nervous system. 

We asked the guy with the guitar to ask us what had happened, in as much detail as possible. Everyone was on the edge of their seat.

“Well,” he said, “I found the guitar earlier in the piano room. It was gorgeous and I was very excited to find it lying there, unclaimed. I don’t own a twelve-string myself, but always wanted one. Then I started walking to a party I was invited to, and brought it along with me.”

“What happened to make you bring it back?” I asked.

“Well, I never even made it to the party,” he replied. “I got about halfway there, and all of a sudden I started getting all these powerful thoughts and feelings about how awful the guy who lost it must feel. The emotions became so strong… and I felt so guilty for walking with it and not trying to find him… that I just turned right around and started walking back.”

“When did those feelings start coming in?” I asked.

“About fifteen minutes ago,” he answered.

“That’s exactly when we started meditating and sending you that very same message,” I replied.

Even though I was absolutely confident through the whole process, once it really worked, I was so blown away that I convinced everyone to stick around and wait for me to write the whole thing up by hand, on a piece of loose-leaf paper. I had everyone sign it on the back and agree that I could publicize the story. “Someday, many other people are going to benefit from this,”  I said… and this is the first time I’m using that particular piece of information in this much detail.

At the time I thought this might be the most important ‘proof’ of the power of intent  that I had ever experienced… hence I was very keen on documenting it and having witnesses sign it. Nonetheless, it was only the beginning of an increasingly amazing series of events in my life… to the point that even now I’m having trouble finding the signed paper amongst boxes and boxes of files.

For some people this might be their crowning story… a tired old canard they bring out for years to come, in order to legitimize themselves metaphysically when talking to new people… but as you move through “Ascension” in your own life, you learn not to get so caught up in phenomena. Instead, you focus on Oneness… making your own Higher Self connection.  

Getting back to that night, Gregg said that his “brother was into this stuff” and he was, to some degree, himself, but he’d never seen anything like this before. None of them had.

“It’s just science,” I answered. “It’s a science most people know nothing about, but it is very real, and it works. Matter itself is made from an energy that is indivisible from our own consciousness.”

Thankfully, years later I was able to explain this science, in detail I had never dreamed of having back in those days, in a single entertaining and enlightening package… the Science of Peace series I did with multiple Grammy award-winner Larry Seyer. And it goes a LOT farther than just telling you how to “shake riches from the Cosmic Tree”. 



Once you have been exposed to the information and it becomes a part of your knowledge base, almost as if by ‘magic’ it starts working for you… and that gets back to the ‘Gnostic’ idea that the information itself is alive.  In some future blog entry I’ll write more about that “living information” concept.



Fast-forward to January. I’ve spent a whole year in Santa Monica, and increasingly realized that I absolutely hated the living conditions in and around my apartment, and I needed to get out… as soon as possible.

Time and time again I have used the power of intent to insure that I would have what I need, when I needed it. You don’t necessarily become rich, but the important part is that you can follow your dream and make it a reality — rather than be trapped in the lifestyle most people endure, where they only see their work as a means to an end — a necessary burden for survival of the physical body. 

Now I knew I had to move… with absolute certainty. I had TONS of intuitive signals telling me this. Dreams, messages, synchronicities, and my own ever-increasing, strong  irritation with my surroundings. 

So, I was stating exactly what I wanted, where I wanted it and how much it was going to cost me. Upper corner, no power lines, quiet and secluded, guaranteed parking, laundry on site, two bedrooms, less than 2K, near Montana or the Promenade. I was meditating, focusing, visualizing and experiencing the emotional rush of the success as if it had already happened — all according to the formula — but still I kept hitting brick walls. 

“The Secret”… did NOT work. At least not in this case.



It wasn’t a whole lot longer before I started to “think outside the box”. I remembered that there were only 22 experiences we ever needed to have in our entire spiritual awakening, known as “archetypes”… and these were written by the mind of the Galaxy long before we were ever created. I covered this in earlier David’s Blog entries dealing with Britney Spears and the like, while she was going through the one often called “The Dark Night of the Soul”. 



The Law of One series had very interesting observations about the archetype known to Tarot readers as “The Lovers”. In the Rider-Waite version pictured above, like most others, the Adam and Eve storyline is brought in. The way you are told to read it is that Eve (the Inner Feminine) can see the Higher Self (the angel), but Adam (the masculine or ego) must look to Eve (the inner feminine) to access the Higher Self. 

The Law of One series completely deflated the credibility of this model. Though it is a useful metaphysical teaching in its own right — stressing the importance of the subconscious mind in accessing the Higher Self — it had become greatly distorted from its original focus. The original archetype was apparently called “The Choice Between Two Paths”.


In the corrected version of how it was originally drawn, as you see here, you have a man who is being equally pulled on by two women. The woman on the “left hand path,” i.e. the path of service to self, or the negative, has her breasts exposed.  There is also a strange, impish creature with a bow and arrow, the arrow drawn back and ready to fire towards he who strays into the left-hand path. 

The woman on the right-hand, or service to others path, is the maiden. There is no danger, no coiled arrow ready to fire, when you walk towards the right side.

Again, this archetype is called “The Choice Between Two Paths.” Ra explained that this archetype details how you approach your Higher Self — the choice between one path or the other. 



One choice is to approach your Higher Self as if it were a prostitute. “This is what you’re going to do for me,” you say. “I ask you for this and you will give it to me. I want a big mansion, I want a BMW, I want a basic living budget of 50 thousand dollars a month. I want, I want, I want, I want.” This is precisely what you learn in “The Secret”… with seemingly endless repetition!

Sure enough, you CAN use the “Law of Attraction” and get this “cosmic welfare system” to work. You can approach your Higher Self like a whore, tell her what you want her to do, how you want her to lie there, how much to undress, what you’re willing to pay, how long you want it to take, and what you’re going to do after you’re finished with her. You may feel you’ve found a great Secret… THE Secret. And it may work… for a while.



Some people become high priests of this philosophy — and charge exorbitant fees to teach it to others. People are inspired by their own greed, thinking they will make similar amounts of money, and thus pay these speakers the fees they ask. There is a deep belief in the human psyche that the more you pay for something, the more it is worth. Seems to make sense, right? Thus, the speakers make substantial profits from their followers, and appear to be living proof that the philosophy works.

If you are NOT willing to pay the exorbitant fees, then like any good cult, the devotees will accuse you of having “issues with prosperity and abundance”. In fact, I’ve had MULTIPLE, very sad encounters where people defend this film, and its philosophy, with all the vigor of members of a fundamentalist religion. They become angry… even exasperated… that I would dare to say the film presents a corrupted message. 

Then they automatically assume they are better or more evolved than I am, because I’m not “with it”. They tell me that I am the one who has the problem, because I am not “claiming my abundance.”



Many times I’ve been told I should get back into doing clients and charge anywhere between 500 to 2000 dollars for a reading; charge 700 or more dollars for a weekend workshop without lodging included; and begin “claiming my abundance.”  If I give away all my writing for free on this website, then I clearly am “blocking the flow of my prosperity” because I don’t “believe in myself” enough to “claim my own worth” and “pay myself first”. 

They could get the brilliant idea that I should be taking each David’s Blog entry, like you’re now reading, turn it into a PDF file, and charge two to three bucks for it, so I have new products coming out every day. I entice people with a teaser and then they pay the rest of the way. Get ’em hooked so they keep on paying in. Before you know it I’m flush with cash. 

By this same logic, the people who DON’T want to pay are “interrupting the flow of the Universe” and therefore will continue to be poor, because they are “attracting” poverty by not “paying themselves” through investing in products like those I offer. If they don’t want to pay, or can’t afford to pay, then they’re probably too far gone to be helped… so I shouldn’t worry about them, as I don’t want to “attract” their “poverty consciousness” to myself anyway. 

I personally know for a fact that one of the speakers in “The Secret” will charge you 1200 dollars to sit down and treat them to a half-hour dinner engagement, where you can chat them up about whatever your heart desires — and a two-day workshop where you’re nestled in with a big group of people isn’t a whole lot less. 

Bear in mind that when I shut down my readings business in 2005, I was still only charging 150 dollars a client for something that took an entire day of my vital energy, one hour of time for documenting the dream, and two hours on the phone to complete.

Since I made barely enough to afford my lifestyle, even though I was taking as many clients as I possibly could, I probably should have raised the rate. I admit that. If I were to ever do it again (and I don’t plan to), I wouldn’t go for less than 300, considering that it’s a whole day of my time that I lose. But the idea of having some guy pay me 1200 dollars to sit there and chat me up over dinner is patently ridiculous.

Nonetheless, my own example shows that you can have SOME benefit from reflecting on these concepts and increasing your sense of self-worth — but films like “The Secret” take this to very exaggerated extremes.

I also know that another prominent speaker in “The Secret” has now been guided to break off from the whole media machine that was created around it… because his original intention was to teach how this can be used for positive purposes, but he sees that it has become a legitimization and sacramentalization of greed instead.



The film “Bruce Almighty” blows major holes in the credibility of the underlying premise in “The Secret”, that if more and more people learn the “Law of Attraction,” there will be more and more resources that become available.

In this movie, Jim Carrey takes over God’s job for a day. God is played by Morgan Freeman in the movie, which I found very entertaining.



‘God’s’ best line in the movie is when he warns Bruce, “Just don’t mess with free will.” In fact, a good study of the Law of One tells you that free will is the MOST IMPORTANT law in the Universe, after the Law of One… free will is the “first distortion” of the Law of One.

Bruce eventually decides to answer everyone’s prayers, which come in the form of an enormously full Inbox of emails. Everyone prays to win the lottery, so they all do… and as a result, each person ends up winning one or two dollars!



This just goes to show how if everyone wants the same thing… i.e. a much higher share of the total resources of the planet… then it ends up watering down the ‘payoff’ for everyone. There is obviously more to life than just ‘stuff’ — but many people get stuck there. Tell them that their favorite obsession is a spiritual path, and you’ve got the makings of a cult movement.



The most sickening part of “The Secret,” when I first watched it, was when one guy actually looks you in the eye and says, in so many words, “The world’s most powerful people are using The Secret all the time… so why shouldn’t you?” I almost projectile-vomited when I heard this line… I kid you not. By the time the film was done I felt as if I had been severely beaten on a psychic level. 

Obviously this man did not know about or understand the Illuminati, what is really going on in the world, and HOW they are able to become so wealthy. It goes far beyond sitting there and meditating for prosperity… it involves a hyper-complex web of intrigue, deception, war, assassination, manipulation, economic enslavement and global empire-building.

The simplest problem with this line of reasoning is that our population, worldwide, does not have enough resources to survive. The Western lifestyle takes an abnormally large bite out of our total resources, and this is the result of careful global manipulation and downright ‘evil’ activity… such as the Wal-Mart sweatshops that create modern-day slavery in Southeast Asia so we can have ever-cheaper goods… giving us the illusion that ‘inflation’ is not occurring and that we are getting a “good value”. 

Also consider the testimony of John Perkins, in his “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” work. Here’s a 10-minute clip of him explaining the whole thing — rapidly enough that you should probably watch it twice — to Amy Goodman:


Perkins explains how a worldwide empire has been created through financial manipulation… getting poor countries to accept unbalanced loans that they then cannot pay back, putting them in the economic stranglehold of the Empire. Leaders are bribed into supporting the goals of the Empire, and assassinated if they do not.

If you think this is all BS, or just a fantasy distortion of truth, then you’re not paying attention. As Perkins says, war is only the last resort that is being used in the current global empire. Countries are allowed to maintain their own apparent sovereignty, national identity and currency… but in reality the vast majority of them have already been absorbed into a global empire, and suffer very strong economic enslavement.

Since you are reading this article on the Internet, you are also someone who is benefitting directly from this artificially-created economic inequality. Granted, according to the Law of One series, the higher forces DID try to give us free-energy technology, so that people in the world wouldn’t have to work to earn money and could instead focus on their spiritual path… but the New World Order forces wouldn’t have it, and made sure to stop any and all inventors from releasing a product, through the same means as John Perkins outlines in this video.

Getting back to the world stage, let’s say you’re the democratically-elected new leader of a small country. First they send in the “economic hitmen,” like John Perkins used to be, to talk to you about accepting these loans that will enslave your country to the Empire. He will say, “In this pocket I have millions of dollars for you if you go along with us… and in this pocket I have a gun, for you and your family, if you do not.”

He doesn’t literally shoot them… though in some cases he did bring a gun. If his threat didn’t work, then the higher-ups send in what he calls “the jackals”… highly trained assassins who get the job done, fulfilling his “gun prophecy”.

Then, if the jackals can’t get to the leader either (such as with Saddam Hussein, as Perkins reveals in a much longer video elsewhere), then THAT is when the military gets called in… and only then do you have a war, as most people now think of it.

John Perkins did not rank highly enough, in his job, to know that a few levels above him, he was working with an organized, negative spiritual group that calls itself by various names, including “Moriah”, or “The Order,” or “Family” or “Illuminati”… but as I’ve documented in The Revealing series, other whistleblowers have come forward… with remarkably inter-linking storylines… and they all are saying the same thing.

Let’s hear that line again… “The world’s most powerful people are already doing it… so why shouldn’t you?” After you’ve watched the above video, and done the necessary research to prove that John Perkins is telling the truth, you can never again hear statements like that the same way.



When I saw The Secret, I realized the problem with it that, at the time, very few others were seeing, and most still do not see. Namely, people are reading in their own pre-existing biases to the film. They take in their love, their open heart, their desire to help others, to heal the world, feed the children, save the whales, et cetera.

However, if you actually watch the film WITHOUT reading in personal biases, it could just as easily be shown to train people on the negative path as the positive. There is little, if any, mention of love or compassion, nor is there any discussion of karma — the fact that free will is the highest law that is balanced in this Universe, and if you infringe on free will, you can ‘attract’ all you want, but the karma will still be returned to you.  

Getting back to the Law of One version of “The Lovers” or “The Choice Between Two Paths,” the original image associated with this archetype has the ‘second-density’ creature — a nasty-looking imp — ready to fire off an arrow at he who ventures to the left-hand path.



Unexpected disasters happen. You don’t get the money you think you’re going to get. You try the same formula again and you end up losing everything. You become addicted to the game of striving, and inadvertently your whole life becomes one of material pursuit. 

In Part Two we will explore the archetype of the Maiden… which is how you approach your Higher Self WITHOUT getting blasted by bad karma… and go into more detail about how all this reflects back into my own personal journey…



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