Thursday, February 22, 2007 – 

Before you can truly experience Spirit, you have to move from an animal / groupthink perspective to an “individuated” perspective – meaning that you learn to think for yourself.

Britney Spears’ recent, extremely public experiences are giving all of us an opportunity to observe this in action, as she moves through the archetype known as the Dark Night of the Soul.

My plans for today’s entry on this topic – originally just called Thinking for Yourself – were informed by the terrifying dream I just woke up from. In this dream, I was still living in the city of Santa Monica. (As my winding narratives will eventually reveal, I’ve recently moved up into the mountains and am much happier and psychically healthier in seclusion.)

It was nighttime, pouring rain outside. I felt devastatingly tired and quite miserable. I only had access to street parking – which if you’ve ever lived around here, you know is extremely competitive, almost impossible at certain hours of the day.

My car was parked a half-block away from my house, but now there were spots available that were much closer. As I got into the car, I was thinking about the fact that I always went into my house by the front door at night, never the back – it made me safer from criminals who might hide in the dark places.




As I was getting into my car, I noticed some guy at another car halfway up the street. I sat down, reached for the keys, and my car door was still open, along with the window rolled down. The rain was pouring in and it was miserable.


Link to original art: 


Suddenly there was a flash of light, like a camera flash going off. In a seemingly impossible move, the shadowy guy had run over 50 feet, from his car to mine, in just over one second! I saw the whole thing in my mind, as if he was on a video that fast-forwarded.

Now this man was right at the window, staring at me with a sardonic grin, as if to say, “You know what’s next.” I had to “give him the money”, and probably the car too. I was certain that he was carrying a gun, though I did not see it.

I was absolutely terrified, felt helpless, and had no idea what to do – I felt the only option was to just hand over whatever he wanted, because I was too weak to do anything else. I felt as if I were in free-fall.

Here’s the punchline. I got a quick but perfect look at the face of the mugger. You and I know him as Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex-husband.


As of this morning (4:44 am Pacific), Federline is about to file an emergency paternity suit to try to get full custody of Britney’s kids. Just like in the Anna Nicole Smith debacle, with paternity comes all the money that goes along with it. Lots and lots of money.




Like I said in my inaugural post, the purpose of this blog is to be a “Cosmic Perspective on Daily Events,” and in this case I had no intention whatsoever to write about Britney’s personal affairs – just some words on thinking for yourself, which is the next stage of evolution out of animal-level groupthink.

However, since we are all One, and I have this ability to enter into ANYONE’S dream space and experience their own dark night of the soul, which I wrote about in the first entry, this morning I happened to have blended with Britney Spears. This is not uncommon – I just haven’t been writing about day to day things like this in public, before now.  

Whether someone is a celebrity or not makes no difference – I am above no one and below no one.” Telepathically, every living being is open-source, to use cyber-geek’s lingo. Privacy is only a convincing illusion of our reality – yet people believe they can do things or think things, and not have others know about it, all the time.

(However, if you go deliberately snooping around in people’s minds without their permission, you are violating free will and are treading on the negative path. In this case the whole story is very, very public, therefore there is no infringement in writing about it.)

The gossip sites have suddenly been making Kevin out to be the good guy – Britney’s doing hard drugs, Kevin only smokes pot, Britney’s a totally chaotic mess, Kevin is pulling it together. Perez, in his inimitable style, went ahead and quite literally labeled her – which I find very sad – but remember, if as many people are now hitting this site as Drudge Report, then he represents mass consciousness – and most people can’t help but have a guilty laugh: 



Kevin also just had a highly influential commercial air during the rain-drenched Super Bowl, in which he is portrayed as a rap superstar in his own music video… only to find out at the end that he is actually a Mickey-Dee’s-type fast-food grunt having a fantasy of being rich and famous.



My informal survey of the chatter shows that 90-95 percent of the people writing comments on this are supporting the idea of Kevin getting sole custody of the kids – and therefore the money as well. Consciously their arguments seemed to make good sense to me, so I was going along with it… and then this dream crashed in.

I already knew last night that our topic would be “Thinking For Yourself” – and in this case I was not thinking for myself – I was going along with what everyone else was thinking, namely that “K-Fed” was the lesser of two evils.

All of this ties back in with the points I’ve been developing here in the last few days – namely that we all have a “God Reflex” that is absolutely, constantly and compulsively looking for ‘God’s presence’ – which is usually nothing more than safety, comfort, warmth and love – from our environment.

I also showed how all these basic needs arise from an infantile level. This doesn’t make you an infant for having such needs, but it does show how they all trace back to your earliest days of infancy. Yet, these are the very drives that most inspire our actions!



This is as far as I’d gotten before I went back to sleep this morning. I did not know what would become of Britney, though the dream certainly shed a fascinating new light on Federline’s possible motivations. I then had another dream upon awakening again at 9:30, where once again I apparently blended with Britney and experienced her life through my own eyes.

In this case, I was working with a group of people in a community. It was clear that we had some ties to the entertainment industry. We all lived near each other, were all pulling together and there was a sense of working through very serious problems and healing them. Some of it was indoor, some outdoor. Our living quarters were fairly modest.

After I had my first dream about the mugging, Britney apparently woke up this morning and decided she would have a final go at rehab. (The center is only a few miles from my house.) My Higher Self obviously thought this was the most useful thing I could be discussing today. The terrifying mugging of this morning’s dream was not her only future – she had one last chance to solve it. I experienced her memories of the rehab and desire to give it one more shot, as if I were making the choice myself.

Again, before this morning’s terror, I was predisposed to see Federline as having the children’s interests in mind like everyone else seems to be. That may be true – this morning’s dream may only have been Britney’s private thoughts, not the truth, and there’s no way to really know for sure – at least not yet.

However, given the widespread reports that Federline already has two children from another marriage that he has more or less given up on, the question becomes: is he more concerned about the custody of these children because of the financial aspects involved?

Did his Super Bowl commercial cut closer to the wound of being a “failed rapper” than most would ever admit – the corporations themselves using him as a laughing stock, and him going along with it for a needed infusion of cash? Either way, he did say he was sorry, as this AP article tells us: 

Kevin Federline ‘sorry’ about Super Bowl ad

Updated Fri. Feb. 2 2007 9:16 PM ET

Associated Press

NEW YORK — Kevin Federline has something to say to those who are offended by an upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring him as a fast-food worker: He’s “really sorry.”

“The commercial is completely intended for me, making fun of myself and my own situation,” the aspiring rapper, 28, told Associated Press Television in a recent interview. “It has nothing to do with anybody in the fast-food industry at all. So, you know, if we’ve offended anybody, I’m really sorry about that.”

National Restaurant Association President and Chief Executive Steven Anderson said last week that the ad amounts to a “strong and direct insult to the 12.8 million Americans who work in the restaurant industry.”

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.’s 30-second spot shows Federline performing in a glitzy music video. However, the punch line is that he’s daydreaming — while cooking french fries at a fast-food joint.

It’s a “‘Saturday Night Live’ skit on myself. … Maybe it’ll land me some good roles in Hollywood,” said Federline, whose debut rap album, “Playing With Fire,” has had dismal sales since its release last fall.”


Either way, Britney was very, very lucky. In my nightmare it seemed like there was no way out, but by agreeing to go to rehab, a court has delayed Federline’s imminent threat to her paternity status. However, if she bails out on the program like she did the last two times, he gets his hearing right away:

“TMZ has confirmed Britney Spears is back in rehab.

We’re told the singer is hoping three times is a charm. The emergency custody hearing that Kevin Federline wanted has been cancelled because of the new development. There will be no custody hearing today.

Sources tell TMZ Federline is concerned for Spears’ welfare and wants her to get the help she is now seeking. We’re also told this will be Spears’ last chance — if she leaves rehab before getting full treatment, Federline will immediately go to court seeking orders allowing him unquestioned full custody of the children.

We’re told Spears showed up at Federline’s house to see the children last night and he wouldn’t let her in.

Sources say the kids are now in the custody of Federline, and have been since last week.

TMZ has just confirmed Spears’ inpatient rehab program is supposed to last between 30 and 45 days.”


It probably seems impossible to most people that Britney could ever pull out of this. Anna Nicole Smith just died of apparent drug-related complications, and most people fear Britney will be next.

It has also emerged in paparazzi news that Britney made two suicide attempts on the same night she shaved her head – she tried to step out into traffic first, and then tried to take pills.

Not knowing these other details, I looked at the events just hours after she shaved her head and actually emailed Perez Hilton, trying to get him to realize that his own negative gossip might be responsible for her committing suicide in the imminent future.

Here’s the unedited letter, complete with a grabber subject heading to get him to pay attention:


—–Original Message—–
From: David Wilcock
Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2007 6:42 AM
To: ‘[email protected]
Subject: Britney Spears = Kurt Cobain… SUICIDE WATCH

Hey Perez,

I was trained as a suicide counselor and can tell you that Britney is EXTREMELY high risk right now. This should be realized and dealt with before it actually happens.

Here are the ten questions that you ask someone to determine the level of risk:

1. Are you thinking of killing yourself? (Britney said she was “tired of everyone touching her” and “just wanted to be left alone”. Shaving her head won’t do that. This is the latest and most violent of a sequence of quasi-suicidal, career-destroying acts.)

2. How long have you been thinking of doing this? (Her self-destructive tendencies have been building up over at least a year now.)

3. Have you ever tried this before? (This we don’t know – but her behavior IS part of an accelerating pattern.)

4. Do you have a plan as to how you would do this? (It could likely be a drug overdose but we really don’t know.)

5. Do you have the means to do this? (She certainly has access to drugs and alcohol.)

6. When are you thinking of doing this? (Britney seems to want a final solution to the problems of celebrity, so it could be very soon.)

7. Do you know anyone else who has done this? (Anna Nicole Smith just died last week amidst major suicide speculation, and she was also in a situation that caused her great stress and felt hopeless.)

8. Any change in your drug and alcohol use recently? (Absolutely.)

9. Do you feel hopeless about your problems? (It certainly appears that she does.)

10. Do you have a friend who can stay with you tonight? (Given the loss of any solid relationship, she may not.)


The “score” is determined by how many of the questions have a solid answer. Anything 3 or over is considered a suicide risk. In this case, even the most conservative estimates would be a 6 or 7 out of 10, thus making Britney extremely high risk of suicide.

David Wilcock”


I sent this email the very next morning, just hours after the news first appeared – in fact I could not go back to sleep until I knew I had at least let him know she was an extreme suicide risk, given that his site has suddenly grown as popular as the Drudge Report, with almost five million hits a day on peak events.

For most people it would seem impossible that Britney could ever pull out of her predicament where it is now, and therefore she has no business trying to raise children. Like is so often the case with this celebrity-obsessed culture, the private lives of our “Family” create real-life “reality TV” – and in fact Britney and Kevin DID have their own reality TV show not long ago.

Out of 41,299 votes on, at the moment I checked the statistics after waking up with a dream suggesting she’ll get through this and complete the rehab, 79 percent wanted Kevin to get the kids, and only 21 percent thought Britney could make it:




What we may not realize is that Britney is going through an archetype – variously called things like Lightning, The Lightning-Struck Tower, Primordial Darkness or the Dark Night of the Soul. This is an experience we all have to have – it’s written into the basic fabric of reality as we know it.

If you have a Tarot card deck, then you may recognize the Tower card as the one where it is very dark, you have a high, narrow tower that has been struck by a huge bolt of lightning, and the King and Queen are both seen falling to their deaths. If you get this card in a spread, it is interpreted as “the total collapse of the materialistic life.” Again… everyone will have this experience, sometimes repeatedly.


The Law of One material, which I use as my philosophical base due to the hundreds of ways in which I was able to validate its words and concepts from the early 1980s, says that there are only 22 basic experiences, or “archetypes,” that we ever go through.

Only 22 experiences. On any planet. Any planet in this entire galaxy! 

These 22 experiences were given, by the group consciousness known as Ra, to the ancient Egyptians as the 22 cards of the “Major Arcana”… in what we now call the Tarot.

Our galaxy, which Ra refers to as the Logos, is said to be an intelligent super-creator in its own right. Everyone – on any inhabited planet in this galaxy – must repeat these 22 experiences, again and again, until they are mastered.

This means that any and all ETs that may have ever visited our planet have gone through these 22 experiences… many, many times. Just about everyone visiting us is from within our own galaxy, as apparently inter-galactic travel is extremely rare and quite difficult.

[The Law of One says there can be staggering differences in how each galaxy sets up its own archetypal mind, or its “personality,” let’s say. Nonetheless, the basic formula of 22, with the seven of mind, seven of body and seven of spirit, is a basic template every galaxy in the Universe has adopted, soon after this cycle began. The nuance and variation of each individual archetype, within this 22-fold pattern, can be quite different from one Logos to another.]

Therefore, here in the Milky Way, we share much more in common with each other than we realize – Britney included. It’s pretty trippy to realize that you’re only really ever going to have 22 experiences, and everyone else you will ever meet, ETs included, has been through – or will go through – exactly the same things you have been through, or will go through.

So what are these 22 experiences, these archetypes, exactly?  

First you have the Fool, or Tarot card number zero. This represents you at the beginning of your path of seeking – wide-eyed, enthusiastic and totally naive.



Then, the first seven of the archetypes involve the evolution of the mind, the next seven are for the body and the last seven are for the spirit. The Tower is stage 2 of the seven-stage evolution of Spirit – namely number XVI, or 16.

For most people, the concept of “Rehab” is dark and terrifying, to say the least. It is quite literally “hell.” Though they don’t realize it, subconsciously they think of a trip to rehab as voluntarily ruining your relationship with ‘God,’ and condemning yourself to the darkness.



Remember – most people are constantly, compulsively seeking what they consider to be God – this, again, I refer to as the God Reflex – and ‘God’ is only found in those basic elements of life that bring them a feeling of safety, comfort, warmth and love.

For many people, mind-altering chemicals become their primary means of feeling the “Presence of God” in their lives.



The trick is that if you want to feel safety, comfort, warmth and love – i.e. the Presence of God to most of our sleeping world – you need chemical secretions in your body to fire off. These chemicals include things we’ve all heard of before, like dopamine and serotonin, and less-familiar names like oxytocin.

You only have a finite amount of these chemicals in your body. If you don’t have any of them left, you will not feel safety, comfort, warmth and love – you will not feel what you usually think of, subconsciously, as God’s Presence.

When you use a drug, you fire off far more of these chemicals in a short time than is natural or healthy… even more than you typically would in a peak experience, such as strong athletic exertion or an amazing, electrifying sexual encounter with someone things have been building up with for quite some time.

There is nothing special, unique or wonderful about getting high. All it means is that you’re taking, say, two weeks worth of your normal happiness and blowing it off in a few hours or less.

The problem is that for those ensuing two weeks, you will feel much less happiness than you normally would… subconsciously, you will feel as if ‘God’ has abandoned you.

What’s the answer? Why, you get high again – and bring God back into your life once more. Again you are in heaven, walking on water, on top of the world – but only for a short time. Then you crash once again.

Eventually you have to get high just to feel ‘normal’ – and if you are not high you are terribly, dreadfully depressed. I should know – it happened to me with marijuana during the last year before I quit on September 21, 1992.  


Remember that fully SEVEN out of the 22 most important experiences you will ever go through involve the understanding, balancing and healing of the body. If you get all caught up in the mind and feel like you can ignore your body, your spiritual growth process will be permanently stalled.

In order to balance and heal the body, you must understand the body – and learning about how your emotions are chemically-driven is VITALLY important in this process.

When you are using drugs, you are not thinking for yourself. The drug is doing the thinking for you – or, more precisely, the drug tricks your body into doing the thinking for you. The drug becomes the MAIN way in which your God Reflex is satisfied. It may seem hard to believe, but it has a way of creeping up on you and taking over – which is why I call marijuana the Five-Leaf Lesson. 


Turning your back on that Paradise (which is a hell in disguise) requires enormous strength. Obviously, hardly anyone thinks Britney can do it.

And she might not… but my dreams give me reason to believe that she can. And, if she does, she is fulfilling a critical cycle of the Hero’s Journey archetype, which in its simplest form represents the successful navigation of these 22 experiences, arriving at a point of complete healing and spiritual enlightenment.



This is one of several key aspects of thinking for yourself, each of which are vitally important to know… as this is the core to breaking out of the animal-mind groupthink and moving towards actually gaining real access to Spirit. So, we will pick up this thread again tomorrow.