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God, in ordinary consensus reality, is found in a variety of things that are surprisingly mundane. It’s not easy being one of God’s Betrayers – presenting new answers to the corrupt, rotted-out projections of God that have sustained humanity for so long, and are now teetering on the brink of collapse.

You can more or less gauge how I was feeling about my work by the frequency of my posts – and there is no accident that 1999 was by far the strongest year. I was living alone, not in a relationship, and highly motivated to reach a larger audience. It was only after I started getting more involved with other people, in various relationships, that the basic essence of the information I bring forward would lead them to turn on me, again and again – I was betraying their own subconscious projections of God, unknowingly. I’m only just now at a point where I feel clear enough to again pick up the pen reliably – or the keyboard, in this case. 

Before my deeper psychic work ever got started in 1996, I already had three years of heavy-duty UFO and metaphysical research under my belt, thanks to getting an insider disclosure in 1993 that made me realize the Roswell crash was real, and we had ‘inherited’ many of our modern technology toys by reverse-engineering the crashed discs.

That knowledge compelled me to research this issue as if nothing else could be more important, and then all the related areas of metaphysics floated up from the context. It was clear that these guys, whomever they were, had been coming here for a long, long time, and were of no threat to humanity – if anything, they were uniquely responsible for guiding and protecting us. It was obvious that many of these ancient stoneworks, for example, could not have been created with any technology available to humans at the time – we still did not have cranes large enough to move those multi-ton rocks, never mind positioning them with such incredible accuracy. 

The Internet was still a cool, new thing in the realm of total geekdom – in fact, Windows hadn’t fully taken over the PC yet, and you still needed to know DOS if you wanted to run certain programs, like PKZIP, the first program that allowed you to compress your files. I was terrified of DOS, since I’d never been trained in it, having stayed on the Apple route up until then, but Windows 95 soon took over from Windows 3.1, and made DOS unnecessary. 

My first connection to the Internet was via AOL dial-up, in 1995, at 3000 bits (3K) per second. It was abysmally slow but so cool that I didn’t even care. I was dazzled to discover, after a few months, that my housemate’s modem could actually DO fourteen THOUSAND, four hundred bits per second – it was a 14.4, the best you could get at the time. Then that became 28.8, then 33.6, then 56, and after that the whole thing went broadband and blew these speeds out of the water. 

Soon after getting online, I discovered that the two magic words for anyone interested in UFOs and metaphysics were “Art Bell,” and I was even more delighted to discover that Richard Hoagland, who had written “The Monuments of Mars,” a book I’d been studying with fascination for the past three years, was now a regular guest on the show. (I discovered Jeff Rense around the same time, which was initially Sightings.com, and became Rense.com later on. I appreciated Jeff’s contributions so much that I signed up with The Host Pros, his own service provider, for many years of my own website’s service.) 

It wasn’t uncommon for me to educate fellow college students about the Face and Pyramids on Mars in my last two and a half years I was there – 94 and 95 – and when they wanted pictures, out came the Monuments book. Most of them were dazzled, but a few had a total meltdown from it and came back the next day having totally demonized me, writing off the whole thing as a hoax to preserve their own ‘grip’ on reality. One attractive girl even asked me if I was a member of some weird cult.

People really like to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of knowing what’s going on, and if you give them too much that is “outside the box” at once, they feel like they don’t know anything, and they have a break with reality, to some degree. This is precisely why our government insiders have been loath to release the UFO information to the public… fearing major economic upheaval – but events like the recent O’Hare UFO sighting are changing all of that.

A Public Acclimation Program has been underway for many years now, so that by the time The Information comes out, everyone has already educated themselves from the multiplicity of “leaks”, TV documentaries and the tongue-in-cheek “everybody knows this stuff is real” content in so many films, like MIB. Drudge Report is bar none the biggest news site on the Internet, and thanks to O’Hare, lately it seems that ANY sighting in the Western world is getting front-page publicity… so things are about to get a lot more interesting. 

Once I knew that top NASA insiders were highly educated about the real story of UFOs, I realized it was only a matter of time before it became far more widely known… and I wanted to help shape that movement in society somehow.



At this point if someone is still denying that UFOs exist, don’t get sucked in by their excuses that it is because of how intelligent they are, that they have been able to think critically, and that you’re the one on the fringe. This level of denial is truly a psychological process, an inability to relinquish intellectual control over the world, and reality, as they know it.

Most skeptics have unwittingly allowed their own intellect to become the subconscious equivalent of God – all the mysteries are solved, we’ve conquered our world, everything is basically buttoned down and there’s only a few more little odds and ends to work out scientifically. “Heavier than air flight is impossible,” the top minds proudly announced in the likes of Scientific American magazine, after photographic and eyewitness evidence of the Wright Brothers’ accomplishment was already public domain. There is a smug arrogance and satisfaction that comes along with this “know it all” personality, and it’s the same dynamic that you see in far-right-wing news coverage like on Fox, which is now being so successfully lampooned by the likes of Steven Colbert.

If you present these “highly intelligent skeptics” with something that upsets their complete control over Knowledge, then to them, subconsciously, you are killing God… and they will fight against The Information with every fiber of their being, at a level of nastiness that is shockingly brutal. Saying that 9/11 was an inside job is a perfect example. They may not like the government that much, but to go the final mile and say they were RESPONSIBLE for this disaster happening? Forget it. Does not compute. A fatal exception error has occurred – your session will be terminated. 



My research has definitely revealed that ALL human beings, even the most avowed atheists, have an instinctive “God Reflex” that they have to project SOMEWHERE. It is this reflex that keeps us from feeling alone, which is the deepest terror in the mind of any being in the entire Universe, and the core motivating factor of all spiritual quests, works of art, and social accomplishments.

When we feel the God Reflex, we feel safety, comfort, warmth and love.

Yes – I’m saying that any time you feel safety, comfort, warmth and love, subconsciously your biological mechanism is tying it in with the notions of a Higher Power, a Force, a Supreme Being… God.

You can deny it consciously if you want to, but an impartial study of human beings reveals its truth again and again, and some people are already using this fact to do highly unscrupulous things. You can become a very successful womanizer if you understand these principles, and how heavily they are rooted in the animal consciousness, (and many have, not knowing the extreme karmic penalties involved,) but I’m talking about something that has now permeated through our entire society – not just on a person-to-person level. 

All of us start out by projecting our God Reflex onto our parents – Family. Then once we have to start going to school, the God Reflex projects onto the System as well. The System is Father, Mother, Provider, Protector, God. The system is not LIKE family, the system IS Family.

We also worship Food  from a very early age – as a baby we adore the banana goo and revile the Green Pea goo – so we clamor like crazy to get the things we get the biggest God-rush from. ‘God’ brings safety, comfort, warmth and love – remember that. We wave our arms, widen our eyes and get excited for the banana goo, and pinch our faces, clamp our mouths, turn away and cry in disgust when presented with the Green Pea goo. 

Toys also become our introduction to a fascination with Stuff… Things, Gadgets, Goods, Products.

Bright colors, fun shapes, rattly sounds… it all begins before we can ever articulate speech. The more Stuff we have, the more God – in this case through the projection of Family – loves us. When we are punished, God takes our Stuff  away, and now we feel alone. Desperately alone. Terrifyingly alone. No colors, no shapes, no sounds – just the four walls of the crib, which becomes like a prison cell. [Hence we are terrified of the idea of an economic upheaval or nasty Earth Change. We do not want to lose our toys… any of them. Lose the oil, lose the economy, lose the toys, so go blow up the guys who have the oil if they won’t give it to us.] 

Then when we start having hormones, our God Reflex gets projected into the desire to breed – the next stage of the grand circle of God that is Family.

Food  betrays Family, because if your body looks fat, you cannot select the best mates for breeding. So a logical step of evolution in the creature consciousness is to turn your back on the God of Food  in favor of the God of Family. Exercise and diet might be painful, but it is all part of working to earn God’s love.

For most guys, naked supermodels become the ultimate projection of God, in the circle of Family, and their quest is to find one of their own that matches the image of God as closely as possible. The best-looking ones become Celebrities, and this is the Family we adore most, chasing them around on any number of mainstream and alternative media outlets. They also become the largest targets of our hatred – as seen through certain websites like Dlisted.com and Perez Hilton.com, and the unbelievable public comments that appear after each post. 

We follow the most ridiculous details of the lives of our Family, because we so desperately want God to love us, too. Britney shaves her head and EVERYONE knows about it – she has removed the image of God from herself by her own free will, an act of self-murder – killing God. Everyone worries about her, calls for Mother to rescue her before she kills herself. Lopping off the hair is practically suicide already – she has defiled the image of God, because she was tired of being that person and having everyone want to touch her robes. 

Then, when we realize that God is no longer in Britney, Perez writes “CRAZY” under her bald pic, starts comparing her to Bat-Boy and pasting her head on Alien Baby in a Jar. If we thought you were God and then you turn out not to be, you are the Impostor, the Betrayer… and the penalties for having fooled us are huge… including symbolic death, which used to be literal not long ago. It is the archetype of the Sacral King – we see the King as God, but when the country goes down the tube, we sacrifice the King, kill the Impostor, and restore God’s graces to our land.  

At least temporarily. 

In our private lives we seek God in a partner. God is a supermodel. Each person wants to find God and create Family… though for more and more guys, children are seen as a nuisance and they would like to keep Family constrained to the man-woman relationship. The underlying biological drives, and the archetype of Family as God, remain constant. 

Aloneness is terrifying – to the animal mind it means there is no God. The fear of rejection is a fear that God will reject us. Yet the fear of Aloneness is even worse than the fear of rejection.

We make another stride in our evolution when we face the fear of rejection, allowing the greater fear of aloneness to win out instead.

This means we are willing to see God in more than one person. Dr. Phil, on Match.com, won’t give you the opportunity to refund your money after six months unless you try to hook up with five different people every month. Then once you find God, Phil can keep your money… but you probably won’t cancel your account anyway, just in case. 

We settle on a compromise, out of fear, knowing that bringing God into our lives somehow is better than nothing – we do not want to keep “playing the field” indefinitely. Given the ongoing presentations of God that are superior to our own choice we settled on – the Family of supermodels – we feel perpetually abandoned. God was not kind enough to us this time around.

Then our partner becomes the Betrayer of God. They go from being worshipped like the banana goo to being hated like the Green Pea goo.

A torrid extramarital affair signals God’s return. Bright new colors, shapes, sounds and tastes.

Clearly this flies in the face of religion’s version of God that we were taught, but the animal side wins out. We divorce, we remarry, the kids are shuffled around, and the cycle repeats itself: Food, Stuff  and Family.

Many people stay in Food, Stuff  and Family  for the rest of their lives, which is still essentially an animal level. Intrinsic in Family is System. The President, there on TV, is Father, Provider, Protector, God. The animal kingdom, in its higher levels, is all about projecting the God Reflex onto an alpha male and clustering around him for protection.



To some degree, skeptics have seen through the animal game of Food, Stuff  and Family, and look down upon those who stay rooted at this level. Statistics show that, in gross generalities, higher-IQ people wait longer to have children. They bypass the drives of the body and become obsessed with The Beautiful Mind.

They ‘know’ their mind is not like everyone else’s – they have poured untold thousands of dollars, and many hours of time, into CREATING that mind into what they feel is a well-oiled, flawless machine. It is a great irony that those who worship Science often use that knowledge to create superior Stuff, and advances that upgrade Family.

The ultimate site on the Net now for the web’s intelligentsia is digg.com, and a surprising majority of the articles you find there are all about Stuff. Granted, it’s high tech geek stuff, but it’s still Stuff just the same. With great relief, an article showing that the BBC ‘debunked’ 9/11 conspiracy theories recently made it almost to the front page – everyone was “digging” what that article had to say. Our skeptics become the purveyors of God’s Stuff, and must protect Him, just like the priesthood used to do.  You digg?

Every piece of knowledge they drop is like money in the bank, and they consider themselves very wealthy – they have an answer for everything. They cultivate ‘critical thinking,’ meaning that they read a variety of opinions on an issue and ultimately side with the one they KNOW is right. Intelligent, well-written, critically thinking presentations of things like the UFO issue are few and far between, whereas the skeptics use God’s Way – the art of Science – in every passage. Or so they think. Discarding evidence that does not fit your preconceptions is not science, but it feels better when what you are really doing is protecting your own idea of what God is. 

Science is God… and God is revered, loved, bought and paid for, hard-earned from years of plowing through fine-print books well into the night, huddled in libraries and sucking down coffee to help the time pass productively, as the hair tumbles from your stressed-out skull. Science becomes the ultimate projection of the God Reflex in our society, for many – even higher than religion, because it unifies all races, colors and creeds.

Those who have the greatest knowledge of Science also feel that they are the closest to God. Albert Einstein, in validating his own research, said “God does not play dice.” Science is the study of God, and a scientific education is the worship of God. Lord Einstein said so himself.

So what happens when the God Reflex, the projection of humanity, turns out to be old, worn-out, bloated and expired? 

God has become weak. God has become the underdog. God needs our help. God needs to be protected. At any cost.



There is no accident that the UFO and government conspiracy data have always gone hand in hand. Both of them show that the conventional human being’s God Reflex is totally out of sync with reality. How can God be in Food, Stuff and Family – including our celebrities and leaders – if there are beings out there so much more evolved that their relationship to us is like our own relationship to the animals? How can God be in Science, the Mind, if the visitors’ scientific knowledge leaves us in the dust? How can God be in the System, in our Family, if the System is rotten to the core? 

Where is God when we know that Food  is killing us (e.g. diet soda has Aspartame, the best-tasting food makes you fat), Stuff  is killing us (your cell phone might give you a brain tumor, cars and airplanes crash) and Family is killing us (the System sends us out on stupid, pointless wars, refuses to disengage, and may be far more evil than we could ever possibly imagine)? 

We desperately want to believe that if we turn on the TV and watch the news, we are being told the truth. We desperately want to believe that the American President is a basically good-natured guy, perhaps a little slow but certainly a thinking, feeling, compassionate person.

We are heading towards a breaking point – a dividing line between the old and the new. There is no accident that ancient prophecies from all around the world spoke of these exact times we are now in, and said that it would be very difficult, but we would eventually enter into a Golden Age that would seem almost unimaginable to the people who lived before it started. At least two of these prophecies – the entry into the Age of Aquarius and the end of the Mayan Calendar – cluster around the same year, 2012, as being the key dividing line. Many people, myself included, got sucked into the year 2000 hysteria, but in retrospect it really seemed like more of a warm-up for what is now happening, and appears to be gravitating towards this not-so-arbitrary focal point in our imminent future. 

This type of speculation (and the science behind it, which I will reveal in fascinating detail in my new 2012 book) is a horror-show to those who have invested thousands of dollars and even more thousands of hours into building A Beautiful Mind for themselves. You try to take away their toys, to tell them God is a fraud (at least the God they created) and they get very, very pissed off. They will defend the projections of God they have chosen to the bitter end. This is precisely why we have moderators on my discussion group and do not let people write whatever they want.  

Back in 1996, I gravitated towards Richard Hoagland’s discussion group because it seemed like the best place to stumble over fascinating new information. Lots of people were participating, it was totally free, and it moved fast. I soon got the article-writing bug myself, and there was a healthy sense of competition – if I wrote an article that was catchy enough, a few people became interested in it and started talking about it, thus pushing up its position on the list so it didn’t get hopelessly buried.

Right from the beginning I was introduced to the phenomenon of people who will spend hours of their time each day writing the most vicious things imaginable about public figures. One “troll,” as they are often called nowadays, can create far more disruption and ‘noise’ than many positively-oriented people. I marveled at how Hoagland could have all these things said about him and keep on going. The guy is a human being, complete with strengths and weaknesses, and you may not agree with everything he’s said or done, but we all have contributions to make.

The lack of solidarity in the UFO / metaphysics field is certainly part of why it has not gained greater traction thus far. For this same reason I was gratified to see Jeff Rense and Alex Jones join forces and refer to each other’s work, and by extension Alex Jones is working with George Noory on Coast to Coast as well – so everything is starting to knit together. Rense has become a legend for the simple fact that every single day he’s pumping out link after link to all sorts of new articles about UFOs and conspiracy – the two sides of the coin that has been tossed in the face of God’s Reality, as projected in our society’s comfortable illusions. 

For myself, as the years went by, I often felt totally alone in my quest to share this new perspective. The people I was living with didn’t want to help unless it was on their terms. Making the decision to start writing something for my site every day like this has not been easy, because to many I am one of God’s Betrayers. Each person I’ve mentioned, and many others like them, are bringing in the knowledge that forces people to completely rethink everything they instinctively know about God, and that can be a painful process. Now I’ve given you a much better criteria to understand why it hurts them so much.

Tomorrow, we’ll get more into the details of what can come in to replace the apparent losses you endure when you realize that your projections of God are just that – projections, shadows, unrealities. We have to completely dissect this whole idea of being “alone”, since it’s at the root of all our dysfunction.

The real story is far more interesting, and mysterious, than you may have ever allowed yourself to imagine. We live in a highly structured reality, so much so that the “highly intelligent skeptics” seem like mere infants when you discover how little they really understand. Even so, we should never cop an attitude of smug superiority towards them – just put the information out there for those who want it, and strive to understand, but not to criticize, those who are not interested. 

They’ll come around.