Today, October 30th, 2018, “Above Majestic” enjoys its worldwide debut.

The Secret Space Program, Q Anon, elongated skulls, ETs, the Cabal and so much more have all been rolled into one film for the very first time.

David Wilcock has top billing and extended screen time in the movie, making it a “must-see” for all fans of this website and our overall body of work.

Not surprisingly, Fakebook has declared our movie to be “Fake News,” and has already created an absolute ban on any and all advertising or discussion of it.

That’s how you know we are doing something right. This makes it all the more imperative that we speak up and support the cause.

Amazingly, despite this obvious shakedown from the Powers that Were, the film is #1 in the Itunes Documentary category!

[UPDATE: We are now up to #1 on Amazon as well, and in the top 20 of ALL films on Itunes, actually beating the new Star Wars. Scroll to the end for the latest updates.]

As a gift to our audience on the day of this new career “first,” we have written up an extensive and interesting discussion of topics related to this film. Enjoy!



Never before have we had a film that blows the lid off of the Secret Space Program, ET life, the crimes of the Cabal, beings with elongated skulls, Q Anon and much more.

On the day before release, Orchard Entertainment got a letter from Fakebook saying that our movie was “Fake News,” and no advertising whatsoever would be permitted.

Nonetheless, we debuted first at #4, and then rose to #3 in the Documentary category — truly a stunning achievement!




The paid trolls are already striking, with a “Most Helpful” review of one word and one star, by a certain “Mage,” as follows:



Yes, Gray’s Mage. Seriously.

Reptilian Draco ETs do run the planet but you’ll be OK, I promise. This film helps to ensure their defeat.

[And how did he get in on October 29th to sling hate when the movie didn’t go live until the 30th? Hmmm.]

Please jump in and make sure your voice is heard in the reviews section so the “paid trolls” can’t artificially drive down our ratings. Thanks!

I also just checked and we are already up to #10 in the Documentary category on Amazon as well:



As I was writing this article, we shot all the way up to #1 in the Itunes Documentary Category! Thank you all for making this happen!



This, despite the message Orchard Entertainment got when they tried to advertise the film on Fakebook:



Guess we are “Not Authorized” to discuss “politics and issues of national importance.” Oh well.



We all have Project Camelot to thank for helping to usher in a new era of disclosure in the UFO community that is still moving forward.



This began with their debut insider in May 2006, “Mr. X,” who added intriguing new weight to the 2012 investigation.

Sadly, Mr. X died suddenly of a stroke at age 48, on December 13th, 2008, when he had a new baby and was about to come out with significant new information.

This did not appear to be an accident, as it was very sudden, completely unexpected and timed very closely with his imminent re-emergence as an insider after two years.



Mr. X’s data from top-secret government documents revealed that ETs reserved the right to reveal themselves to humanity during the 2012 timeframe.

Despite the benevolent ETs’ strict adherence to laws of free will, they made it clear that once this “end time” event happens, they are showing up en masse.

This was shared with the US government at the highest levels in various secret meetings, such as with President Eisenhower.

The big event itself obviously has since been delayed, and appears to be correlated with the “solar flash” many insiders now anticipate:

B: Was there anything that you read at that time in the 1980s that pertained to what then was in the future?

X: Yes. There was talk about what was described as a mass landing, in 2012, at the end of the year….

B: And that was a date that you read in the documentation?

K: And was that going to be something that the aliens were telling the Americans was going to happen? Or was it …

X: Well, they were telling them it was going to happen regardless of whether they wanted it to or not.

K: And was there a reason why they were choosing that year?

X: For a long time, I just think there were a lot of civilizations that were on this planet, maybe still are, but some that were and are not any more, that knew of that day and why it was so important.

B: So there’s a sense of an inevitable future that will be approaching.

X: Yes.


Many people feel that since “nothing happened” at the Mayan Calendar end-date, the entire prophecy was a bust.

[Something very big did happen to a star right next door, as we will discuss in just a minute.]

I certainly endured a great deal of flack online for having discussed the science of this cycle with no apparent change resulting at the end of 2012.

Nonetheless, the science associated with this prophecy is extremely deep, complex and compelling for those who study it.

I have spent much of my life working on this and am still having astonishing new breakthroughs.

Each of my three published books has delved into this with extensive technical detail.



Most amazingly, our closest large stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri, did indeed have a ‘solar flash’ in the year 2012.

The light took the normal 4.2 years to arrive here, and the light from the “superflash” appeared to us as of March 2017.

[This next article erroneously lists the year as 2016, but the and NRAO articles below have it as 2017.]

The study, titled “The First Naked-Eye Superflare Detected from Proxima Centauri”, recently appeared online….

And while multiple studies have been conducted that have explored low- and moderate-energy flare events on Proxima, only one high-energy event has even been observed.

This occurred on March of [2017,] when Proxima Centauri emitted a superflare that was so bright, it was visible to the naked eye.



This data was covered in far more detail in Season 29, Episodes 18 and 19 of Wisdom Teachings and at my recent all-weekend conference in Estes Park, Colorado.

The WT episodes in question were “An Imminent Warning from Proxima Cenaturi,” and “Solar Flash: Ascension Energetics.”



The two other articles I drew off of for all the best scientific details in these presentations are as follows:

2/28: Superflare Blasts Proxima B, The Nearest Exoplanet, Dimming Hopes of Life

The flare boosted Proxima Centauri’s brightness by a factor of 1,000 over a 10-second span, the researchers said.

“March 24, 2017, was no ordinary day for Proxima Cen,” MacGregor said.

2/26: Powerful Flare from Star Proxima Centauri Detected With ALMA

At its peak, the newly recognized flare was 10 times brighter than our sun’s largest flares, when observed at similar wavelengths.


This is obviously not a “supernova,” but perfectly fits the ancient prophetic descriptions of the “solar flash” we are expecting.

As I have said before, the Hindus called it the Samavartaka Fire, the Zoroastrians called it Fraso-Kereti, and the Greeks called it Ekpyrosis.



How close did this next-door solar flash come to the Mayan Calendar end-date? Very close, as it turns out.

The Mayan Calendar end-date was in 2012. Let’s take that year as our starting point.

Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years away — our closest large neighbor. So let’s start with 2012 and add four years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Then the remaining 0.2 years is a total of (12x.2)= 2.4 months. Subtract the ten days after December 21st from 2.4 months and we have February 1st, 2017, if our starting point was January 1st, 2012.

A superflare from March 24th, 2017 would therefore have occurred (28+24)= 52 days after January 1st, 2012, which is about February 21st, 2012 — if you don’t mess with leap year. Otherwise it would be around February 20th.

Therefore, if our current reckoning of light speed is accurate, our solar system’s largest close neighbor had a massive solar flash within ten months of the predicted 2012 end-date window.

If both stars are moving into a giant galactic energy cloud, as our model suggests, then this cloud would be much bigger than the puny 4.2 light years of distance between our own star and our closest neighbor.

Proxima Centauri therefore had its flash right on time as it moved into this cloud… whereas ours hasn’t happened yet.



This is a truly stunning advancement in the scholarship of this entire subject. I first mentioned the Proxima flash publicly at New Living Expo in April.

The astronomers assume that these flashes are happening all the time, but they have no solid evidence to support that. This was the first time such an event was ever observed in the history of the telescope.

In light of all the supporting data we have assembled about the science behind this event, the likelihood that this epic solar flash is a “coincidence” is very small.

We are already seeing the charge-up in our solar system that we would expect to precede an epic energy release from the sun.

In a more honest and advanced society, the discovery of this nearby superflare, in direct correlation with ancient prophecies, would be the biggest story of the millennium.

Bear in mind that this event was so intense it would create a total transformation of the biosphere of any planets within that system.

Things have been so crazy this year that this is the first time I have had a chance to write about this stunning correlation on this website.



Corey Goode began having his own contact experiences slightly over two years after the 2012 end-date.

The contacts began just four months after he and I started sharing insider info on a daily basis in November 2014.

Goode’s alleged contacts revealed that very advanced and powerful ETs are holding off our own “solar flash” event, unlike what happened at Proxima Centauri.

This was done with the use of giant spheres that I was aware had been coming into our solar system since the late 1990s, from leaked NASA / SOHO imagery. They were called “Sun Cruisers” at the time.

These giant spheres are partly a type of technology, while also apparently being super-advanced life forms.

Invisible to the naked eye, they created a grid pattern in our solar system that could hold off the solar flash until the appropriate time.

Fluctuations in the solar output that would have led to the flash were carefully modulated and distributed throughout our system by the spheres.

The spheres were also able to absorb and hold back energy that would have severely affected our consciousness in ways we were not yet ready for at the time.



We are told by alleged ET sources that this solar flash will not occur until we are properly ready for it as a planet, or at least as close as can be feasible.

Even with that in mind, the “Guardian” ETs are not anticipating that this event will happen any later than 2029. That’s really not very much time.

We have a LOT to do in order to be ready by that date, particularly since the truly critical period occurs in just the next two years (See update at the end.)

No one really knows when the flash will occur — and a 17-year delay from 2012 is inconsequential when looking at a cycle with a 25,920-year span.

This 25,920-year cycle is something I have researched and written about extensively, with references from many different sources.



In physical terms this cycle appears as the “Precession of the Equinoxes,” which causes all stars in the night sky to drift by one degree every seventy-two years.

360 degrees times 72 years is how you get 25,920.

As Santillana and von Dechend revealed in the epic Hamlet’s Mill, fully 35 different ancient texts had these “precessional” numbers deliberately encoded into them — worldwide.

This appears to be the work of ET races who very much wanted us to investigate this cycle, since the end of the cycle gives us quite the surprise.

These prophecies very often describe an epic advancement of human evolution at the end of the cycle, as well as a massive solar event.



The science behind the exact timing of the flash, according to Secret Space Program insiders, is that it will only happen at a Solar Maximum or Solar Minimum.

There is a regular, predictable 11-year cycle between each minimum or maximum that has been observed since the dawn of the telescope.

At Solar Minimum, the sun has a spotless surface, and at Maximum we see a wildly churning surface riddled with sunspots.



The sun appeared to be hitting its Solar Minimum in 2017, but has defied all expectations by continuing to have 132 spotless days in 2018 as of mid-August.

NASA scientist Tony Phillips was saying we were still in a Solar Minimum as of September 27th, 2018, causing global cooling effects.

As an example, when I stayed in Canada this September, it turned to bitter cold and snow by mid-September — a full month ahead of time.

Eleven years after the still-visible minimum of 2018 puts us into the year 2029 as the new expected window. This is really not very much time.

Again, classified scientists and ETs have somehow calculated that the “solar flash” cannot occur unless the sun is at a maximum or minimum.

I had clear prophetic dreams giving me this exact window of time — roughly 2029 — before Corey Goode got the same thing from his alleged ET contacts.

I found interesting to say the least.



This prophecy of a solar flash becomes far more compelling when you read how extensively it appears in various ancient texts.

This includes the Old Testament, New Testament, the Qu’ran and many other sacred texts, including Hindu, Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman.

There are a wealth of modern prophecies about this that I still need to summarize and disclose in future efforts.

Bear in mind that the ETs who gave us these ancient prophecies apparently have time-travel capabilities.

Therefore, they could be having secret meetings with world leaders today and then jumping back a few thousand years to plant the appropriate prophecies.

The modern prophecies, like we see in the Law of One, can be far more specific than some of the ancient ones that are partially encoded in mythology.

There is widespread consensus in these prophecies that the sun gives off a blindingly brilliant flash of light, and we are transformed in the process.



The prophecies indicate that this is a type of spiritual graduation for those who are ready for it. I have always called it Ascension.

All the benevolent ETs have a central goal: to help us awaken to the fact that we are in a spiritual classroom, whether we realize it or not.

For most people reading this site, the idea of karma being an “absolute law” is so basic that it is foolish to even discuss it.

Yet, we must not forget that there are many, many people who are still grievously uninformed about this most basic of spiritual principles.

In a more enlightened society, we would all be very well aware of the absolute futility of trying to manipulate, control, deceive, betray or otherwise hurt people.

Sure, you can do it and think everything is fine in the short term.

However, without fail, your life will soon have “bad luck” that precisely balances whatever you created for others.



I became very aware of karma at an early age. My mother had informed me about it ever since as early as I can remember.

I remember my aggressive buddy Brad one time jumping out of his car in the snow to beat up a kid who threw a snowball at us on the way home from school.

He had the kid on the ground only to discover that it was his buddy Ed’s little brother. He didn’t beat him up. It was very strange… a little too weird.

It really didn’t take very long for me to figure out how reliably I would get injured or otherwise disrupted if I did something selfish or harmful.

This became far more obvious once I went completely sober in 1992. I have seen many thousands of very obvious karmic events ever since.

We also tend to forget that good karma is equally as immutable of a universal law as bad karma.

In other words, higher angelic beings are required to manifest positive events for us when we create more love, peace and happiness around us.



In light of how obvious and exacting karma can be, it is ultimately wise to have a healthy fear of it.

The more you experience this, the more you understand that you absolutely cannot and will not “get away” with anything.

No matter how clever you might think you are, even if you can completely deceive someone in physical terms, it will come back in some other form.

You can lie, cheat, steal, verbally abuse, physically abuse, betray, manipulate, control and torture, but everything you do is guaranteed to return to you.

It doesn’t always happen right away. According to the Cayce Readings, part of why we reincarnate is that it can take lifetimes to work off significantly bad karma.

The folks in the Cabal genuinely do not believe in the Law of Karma. They often equate themselves to natural forces like wildfires.

It doesn’t work that way. Fire is an element. We are human beings, subject to very specific and exacting spiritual laws.



Becoming aware of karma is a very intrinsic aspect of the Ascension process.

You are breaking down the notion of a conventional, materialistic “real world” in which there is no cause-and-effect relationship between your actions and your subsequent experiences.

It has never ceased to amaze me how many people, in my own private life, have scoffed at me for my belief in karma, and how precisely I believe in its effects.

Synchronicity is another very obvious clue that helps you understand the seemingly “magical” law of karma, and to navigate your process of Ascension.

If you keep doing hurtful things, experiencing karma and having no insight into the connection between your actions and experiences, you have “True Helplessness” in Law of One terms.

You probably won’t start to get synchronicity in a case like that. At the very least you have to become aware that your “bad luck” has a direct cause — namely you.



In the previous article, I quoted from writer Adam Stenbergh, whose research concluded that Facebook / Instagram was the perfect “Sadness Generator.”

This is obviously due to the incredible hatred we all face on these platforms. The Cabal obviously has had a huge involvement in the development of social media.

A total Wild West environment has been created, in which you can slander, defame, threaten and abuse anyone with almost no visible repercussions.

The police will actually tell you, “Call us when someone appears at your door trying to murder you.” It’s that bad.

People can seemingly “get away” with whatever they want online. We see outrageous hate come in on a daily basis across all of our platforms.

You don’t have to like me, the message I share or the way I share it. Nonetheless, it is very sad to see how much needless karma is being generated.

A person who routinely attacks and “trolls” others online is going to have a horrible life, and the karma will prevent them from ever getting out of it.



The Law of One describes how the world we are living in is a carefully-crafted illusion, in which the Law of Karma is not obvious.

Most of us have to go through many lifetimes of suffering needlessly, from our own hand, before realizing why all this “bad luck” keeps happening.

Now that we are at the end of the cycle, you may well be experiencing wave after wave of seemingly “bad karma” even if you are being very precise in your positivity.

Using the terms in the Law of One and the Cayce Readings, you may well be working off debts from other lifetimes.

As we get closer and closer to the epic turning points, including the mass exposure and arrest of the Cabal, more and more karma will be worked off.

I have certainly noticed intensive challenges this year despite being very careful not to create any new karma. Old stuff is definitely being discharged.

So again, I would advise you to embrace these experiences, no matter how difficult they might be. That is the key to preventing their repetition.



Not everyone will go through Ascension at the end of this cycle. In fact, the sources usually agree that most of us will not be ready for it.

The Cabal controls the media, and you hardly ever see any “entertainment” that accurately describes the Law of Karma and how exacting it is.

One movie and TV show after another demonstrate people who completely “get away” with hurtful acts and have no repercussions.

This is fiction. This is not reality. People who manipulate, control, dominate and abuse others end up in absolute misery before long.

The key quality for preparedness is a loving, forgiving, patient, open-hearted “service-to-others” perspective, while also being adept at lovingly maintaining your sacred boundaries.

The people who are not ready to evolve into the next level will end up being safely transported to another planet that is at the appropriate “vibrational level.”



The ancient prophecies also make it very clear that there will be a mass appearance of ETs when the solar flash happens, just as Mr. X’s classified documents revealed.

This is the great secret of Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha and so many other masters.

Certain modern Christians have attempted to demonize all ET life as negative. Yet the word “Angel”, or the Greek “Aggelos,” simply means “Messenger.”

Anyone identifying as Christian who thinks all ETs are evil should definitely study in detail, for an awakening experience.

This site is written by a Christian and clearly shows how there are good ETs, or angels, and bad ETs, or demons, in the Old and New Testament both.

It took many years before I really “got” that the Law of One message was indistinguishable at its core from that of Christianity.

The scientific proof of Ascension is truly deep, and takes these ancient prophecies and breathes significant new life into them.



I have no doubt that a solar flash / Ascension event of this nature will happen. The science and prophecies are irrefutable.

And right up until it does, very few people will be aware of what is going on, just as the prophecies said.

The reason benevolent ETs had to hold this event off at the end of 2012 is that we were completely unprepared for something like this to occur at the time.

It is absolutely necessary that mass disclosure, and a visible defeat of the Cabal, precedes an event of this nature to help usher in a planetary awakening.

Otherwise, not enough people will have had the opportunity for a massive spiritual awakening, and the “graduation numbers” would be far too small.

Thankfully, “Above Majestic” is a “red pill” disclosure capsule about the Secret Space Program, the Cabal and Q Anon that is ready for mass consumption.



The entire focus of the Law of One series is on increasing our graduation numbers in the short time we have remaining.

Spiritual beings like you, as you read this, are very likely volunteering here to help increase the graduation numbers, from a Law of One perspective.

Although the solar flash will be a planetary event, we are also going through very intense personal experiences as it gets closer.

All you really have to do to fulfill the mission, at the core, is to “radiate the realization of Oneness with the Creator” to others.

This is easier said than done, as we are constantly assaulted with provocations that intend to destroy our peace of mind.

You may not believe that anything will be happening over the next ten or eleven years, but I still feel it is a very good idea to prepare for it anyway.

The worst thing that could happen to you is that you become a much nicer, more agreeable and friendly person. How bad could that be?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in doing 25,000 more years in “third density.” I’m done.



One of the next Camelot witnesses, very early along, was “Henry Deacon” in September 2006, who talked about working at a base on Mars.

He used a portal technology called “The Corridor” to travel via teleportation to Mars, from a military base in the UK.

He specialized in repairing certain types of classified, advanced equipment, and never revealed to me exactly what it was.

Deacon seemed surprisingly disinterested in what he had done. It was difficult to get him to talk about any of it.

He described how much of his time was unstructured, and thus he spent a lot of time playing ping-pong with other employees on Mars.

He also mentioned that the Mars base he worked at had 200,000 “personnel,” and only 10,000 of them were Earth-born humans.

Deacon met many different types of humanlike ETs in the course of his work — and UFOlogy would never be the same after his testimony.

Deacon was very impressed with my work on interplanetary climate change, and knew how accurate it all really was.



I joined up with Camelot soon afterwards in 2007, and traded information about my Montauk Project insider “Daniel” in exchange for access to Deacon.

[Some of these stories are shared in the Special Features section of the new movie.]

Henry Deacon and I were soon speaking regularly, for two hours at a time. I quickly learned that we did indeed have a vast “Secret Space Program.”

Somehow, this knowledge had remained almost completely hidden from the public — even from most dedicated UFO researchers.

If information of this type becomes public knowledge, it will vastly enhance the likelihood of a mass, collective awakening.

Deacon came to the July 2009 Zurich conference anonymously, under the cover-story of being my “Uncle Mark.”

He was inspired to get up on stage during NASA astronaut Brian O’Leary’s main talk, at the 58:05 minute mark in the video:



Deacon did not go into very much detail about his off-planet experiences in this unanticipated and frankly shocking public debut.

To me, this only enhanced his credibility, as a person making up stories for fame and recognition would have gushed with all of his best stuff.

Nor has Deacon ever made a single dollar off of being a Secret Space Program whistleblower.

No one knew he was planning on doing this until right before he said he wanted to get up on stage.

Deacon further surprised everyone by holding up his “OFFICIAL” US passport, which was brown instead of blue.

I visually inspected it myself, on stage, and confirmed that it appeared to be completely genuine by any conventional measure.




Not long after meeting Henry Deacon, I got introduced to Jacob, whose knowledge and experience of the secret space program went much farther.

Jacob claimed to have visited approximately two thousand different off-planet locations, mostly via portal travel.

He claimed to be working at the very highest levels, directly with the Rothschilds, but also was not happy about what was going on and wanted to share secrets.

Almost everything Jacob told me was not intended for public consumption, and went very far beyond what anyone was hearing in the public.

The information was vastly complex, and I kept it strictly hidden for many years as a way of preserving confidentiality and assessing new insiders.

Pete Peterson and Emery Smith appeared in 2009, and both added significant new details to the story that I had been missing.

I quickly learned that any one high-level insider you meet will have areas of the story that overlap with others, as well as unique and fascinating new items.



Long before the term “LARP,” or Live Action Role Play, appeared on 4Chan, I was seeing many people make up stories based on these witness reports.

It was very, very common for me to leak some small aspect of new information, only to have it appear in the alleged testimonials of others a week or two afterwards.

In most of these cases, the information I provided would be wrapped up in a host of fantasy information that the person had clearly fabricated.

Real insiders, by comparison, would not make obvious mistakes, such as blatantly contradicting other, unpublished data I knew to be true.

One of the reasons I withheld so much I was hearing from Daniel, Henry Deacon, Jacob and Peterson for all those years was to be able to quickly identify LARPers.

There are still many specific details that are not public, which make it easy to spot fakes.



In almost all cases, my policy is to say nothing — neither good nor bad — about people like this.

As I always tell my audience, if someone has been out there for more than a couple of weeks and you don’t ever hear me talk about that person, BELIEVE ME, I know who they are.

Every example of someone trying to put out information like this is sent to me very redundantly, in hundreds if not thousands of messages.

I try not to get in the way of people saying whatever they feel like saying, under most circumstances.

Even in cases of being directly attacked, I usually will still maintain silence. Few of the LARPers ever last for very long. They get identified or otherwise flame out.

The karma for making up stories like this and misleading the public is swift and severe, to say the least. It will be a very hard road for that person.

My guess is that these people don’t really believe the insider testimonies are true, and therefore want to jump in on the fun and make up their own stories.

I simply put out the message that I believe is the truth, and leave it up to you to decide what to do with it.



I was a student of the Law of One series ever since 1996, and in fact built my entire spiritual and scientific focus off of it.

It never ceased to amaze me how many overlaps there were between the Law of One and the testimonials of genuine insiders.

L/L Research published a series of redacted excerpts as Book Five in 1998. There were many precise references to what we would call a secret space program therein.

There were mentions of bases underground and off-planet, as well as reverse-engineered craft and ET interactions.

This was in 1981, long before UFOlogy had any idea that these things might exist — and the questioner Dr. Don Elkins had a hard time with the new data as a result.

This content was so far-out that L/L Research kept it unpublished and invisible for 14 years — until Book Five emerged in 1998.

These sessions have all been properly re-integrated into the whole on, which is free for you to read.

Invariably, each new authentic insider I met would have data that overlapped with this — and especially Corey Goode once he emerged in 2014.



So again, I live a life that would be very mystical for most people. I have written my dreams down every morning for 26 years now.

I understand the language of dreams and I am able to decipher them, getting at least one or two “readings” a day on how to proceed.

I was having amazing dreams about this coming Ascension event long before I found the science and prophecies to prove it.

Each new twist and turn in this investigation has been met with absolute fascination. The Secret Space Program has been one of the most stunning aspects of all.

The ETs who are working with our high-level insiders, behind the scenes, are absolutely aware of what we are heading into.

One key element of Corey Goode’s testimony is that we will inherit all of these underground and off-planet facilities in the secret space program after we go through the Great Shift.

The future is very bright and exciting indeed. We just have an incredible amount of spiritual work to go through in order to get there.



Above Majestic has multiple witnesses and scholars coming forward to discuss this very interesting subject.

And in light of Q Anon confirming the existence of secret space programs on September 19th, and going silent since October 9th, this film couldn’t be more timely.

I mentioned that Montauk Project whistleblower Preston Nichols died less than a week before, on October 5th, 2018.

Then Karl Wolfe died suspiciously on October 10th, followed by Bob Dean the day after, on October 11th.

All three of these men are high-level insiders who would have been invaluable to the disclosure effort in a post-mass-arrests society.

The timing is suspicious, to say the least. And now our movie gets banned by Fakebook.



After publishing my last article, my original Montauk Project insider Daniel revealed that he also nearly died on October 10th.

This strained the idea of “coincidence” even further.

Here is part of what he just told me:


“I almost died on October 10th from anaphylaxis, caused “out of the blue” by a doctor-recommended, $7 over-the-counter pain med from Wal-mart.

My tongue tripled in size and got hard as a rock, my throat swelled up and cut off my air. You can’t call for help when you can’t breathe, and there is not enough time to “text.”

Fortunately my early survival training got me through it. You know me… I’m not allergic to anything, so this caught me totally by surprise.”


We discussed how each of these events have “plausible deniability,” in that they seem to have a conventional explanation.

Karl Wolfe’s was the least “deniable,” as he got struck by an 18-wheel truck while he was riding his bicycle and died from the trauma.

In this case, any number of strategies could have been used to “spike” Daniel’s reaction to the seemingly benign over-the-counter pain medication.

Daniel agreed with me, after some discussion, that this was very suspicious, particularly due to the timing.

The Cabal may have wondered if he would ever come forward publicly, which he has never yet agreed to, and they tried something like this “just to be on the safe side.”

Daniel also revealed that Duncan Cameron, the other key Montauk insider, is also now on his death bed.

All of this suggests the Deep State is fearing an imminent disclosure event, perhaps soon after the November 7th elections, as we discussed previously.



The Above Majestic film doesn’t really get into Ascension, the solar flash, or the deeper esoteric studies therein. I am presenting that info here for context.

It is important to keep these greater spiritual concepts in mind, from a Law of One perspective, when seeing a movie like this.

What the film does do is present a very interesting and compelling narrative about the Secret Space Program, the Cabal and its ET roots.

I really “went for it” by putting in as much information that would expose the Cabal as possible. In that sense it is a very brave film.

It is no wonder that we got banned from Fakebook immediately. “Quick, Quick!!!” We still made it to number one anyway, thanks to you.

Since our team is fighting and dying on the front lines here, we really do need your help by diving in and getting involved in this stunning disclosure initiative.



Here is the official Itunes link that is now up and running, so you can see the movie right now:

As with any film, you can buy the movie to watch it as many times as you want, in this case for 14.99, or rent it to see it once, starting later this month.

With everything now going on, this might be one movie you actually want to own.

It is so jam-packed with amazing info that it will likely take a few different viewings, in different states of consciousness, to really take it all in:


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Orchard explained, “Of the three bonus features, we have a three-hour interview of [David Wilcock,] which is unreleased and absolutely amazing material!

The interview is cut into part 1 and part 2. I would think your fans would be thrilled to have this interview.”

Again, thank you for supporting this work and those of us who are still alive to carry it on.

We do need your help right now in making sure the Deep State doesn’t Deep Six our disclosure effort.




We are happy to report that we are now up to #7 on Amazon, in addition to being #1 on Itunes in the Documentary category:



And right now as I am here to make this update, I also came in right on a “quad” of numbers — in this case 6666.



This seems appropriate given how well this film exposes the negative agenda on Earth, and the secrets that are being hidden.



I also forgot to mention that these numbers are still not fixed. They have already fluctuated since we started bringing out this material.

The fluctuations have to do with our collective consciousness, which ultimately determines how ready we are and how much time we will need.

Another seemingly “fixed” date in our future timeline is late 2020.

Right up until the immediate past, the Anshar have been telling Goode that we have another nexus-point of very major significance in late 2020.

In fact, if we haven’t “gotten it together” by then as a planet, we will have far less success with what comes later as of 2029.

For this reason it is very important that we focus hard in the next two years and really push for Full Disclosure.

This film certainly is a useful tool to help that process along, and I am proud of it for that reason.

Lastly, if you are in a country where you are not getting it on Itunes or Amazon, please use Vimeo instead:

Vimeo link:



As I write and add to this update, (including fixing the pub date to 10/30,) the hit counter is going crazy.

We got two more synchronicity numbers along the way — 6060 and 444:




And of course, another one right after I hit Publish:




Our film has also just broken into the top three on New and Noteworthy, which everyone sees on Itunes or Apple TV:



Your support is what has made this possible, so we do thank you. Please leave comments on the movie to help fight Deep State trolls.

As I made this announcement and then checked the page, there was a synchronicity — 3344:



I popped in here to make the update and it was up to 72,722:



And hey, look at the total number of comments for the site:



I guess I should go to Vegas!

Thanks again for all your help in making this miracle happen for Disclosure. And a word count of 6666!




So much for the “perfect score” of 6666 words… this one is too good not to add.

I just got word that the film has now shot up to #3 on Amazon as well, as of 1:16 PM PST. Take a look:



This is also the fastest-growing article we’ve ever had in terms of views. We just topped 100,000 and it’s only been up for about three hours.



Thanks again for making this such an exciting launch of a worthy Disclosure initiative!



LRM ONLINE has gone live with their exclusive clip from ABOVE MAJESTIC. Please find links and screenshots below!

LRM Online – Homepage:
LRM Online– Twitter (18.1k Followers):




We just found out that we hit Number One on Amazon’s Hot New Releases for the Documentary category:



Very exciting. Thanks again for your help in making this happen!

We are also a minute or two away from hitting 150,000 views already in only four hours:



And this right after posting the above:



And then this as soon as I posted the above:




In addition to hitting #1 on Itunes and Amazon both, we have now already exceeded the total view count from our previous article — in only six hours.

I would definitely recommend reading “MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discusses Secret Space Program” if you haven’t already done so.

The hit counter has risen faster than in the entire history of this website. Thank you, Fakebook, for banning our movie and proving we’re on to something!

As I checked on the numbers, yet more synchronicity appeared. First, a quint in the comments:



Then when I loaded the front page of the site, we had a 111 as the hit counter screams towards 200,000 in only six hours:





Somehow after I posted the above, which was only in a few minutes, it immediately went from 196,111 up by another 20,000-plus views:



This is obviously not a synchronicity number, but we’ve had so many others that I’m just including this one to document how fast the counter went up.

This means we hit 200,000 views in UNDER six hours. Truly amazing. We greatly appreciate your support and interest!

What is happening? As soon as I posted the above, which was only about two minutes, it went up another 20,000 to more than 237,000:



Right now we are apparently getting five to ten thousand hits a MINUTE. That is a career first for sure.

I just got locked out of the site for a couple minutes after posting the above. We are having very high traffic. As soon as I got back in, we were up by more than 20,000:



I’ve honestly never seen anything like this. The site is still online, so this is where it pays to have such expensive monthly fees, I guess.

I just came back in after a few minutes to take another look, and now it has gone up by another 22,000 — and it had a 111 in it:




I had some dinner, came back and we are now at an astonishing 304,796 views in less than eight hours, and still climbing fast:



I have TWO video interviews I am filming for tomorrow, so this is just the beginning. Lots more is on the way!

Thank you for your support in helping this truly grassroots effort gain traction and pave the way for Full Disclosure!



Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we have now hit another milestone.

Somehow, we have beaten the new Star Wars film and the new Duane Johnson film as well as all but the top 18 movies on Itunes!

We are directly next to Ocean’s 8 and Iron Man, and surpassed the 275 million-dollar Solo at number 20.

Look in the middle of the second row in the next image. There are no other documentaries in this entire list.

It is exceedingly rare, almost impossible, for any documentary to achieve this feat. Check it out:



We are also now the #1 Documentary on Amazon, as well as being the #1 Hot New Release in the Documentary category. Sorry, Ruth Bader Ginsburg:



Also, in less than 24 hours, (about seventeen and a half,) we are already on the verge of 350,000 views, and with more number patterns:



Hitting #1 on the two top streaming video platforms in our category, as well as the top 20 against all theatrical movies on the main platform, is an awesome accomplishment.

Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you again for making this miracle happen for the Full Disclosure initiative!



I spoke with Orchard today about various things and let them know we had certain people complaining that the volume of the music was higher than the voices.

The film is going to be re-mastered to make the voices easier to hear by turning down the music and boosting the voice audio where needed.

It will then be re-uploaded with this new fix included. Orchard was aware of these comments and already working on it when I brought it to their attention.

We did cross the 350,000-view mark within the first 24 hours, making this the fastest-growing “viral” article in our site’s history.

Earlier today, Above Majestic went up from #19 to #18 on the Itunes Most Popular list. This is “nearly impossible” to achieve for a documentary.

Thanks again for all your support in helping get the truth out!



Another frequent request that was coming in was for foreign subtitles on the movie.

Orchard just contacted me and let me know that we will have subtitles for Spanish, German, French and Italian hopefully within the next week.

There was a major rush to get this film out fast, in time for the scheduled release date, but the subtitles ARE coming.

I am also happy to report that in the last two days, I shot HUGE interviews for two leading YouTube channels in the UFO genre.

These are shot with nice locations, two camera angles, good lighting and good sound — and I did my best to avoid overlapping content.

The raw footage for one weighed in at about 90 minutes, and the other slightly over two hours. They will be post-produced and uploaded soon enough!

Orchard is very pleased with these videos and they may well get added to the special features for an added bonus if our viewers don’t watch YouTube.

Thanks again for making this successful launch possible!